Tabernacle Church - Tyson, Peter


CN 26.04.2002 p23 (photo) Winners of Tables Bowls League; Ex Servicemen’s
CN 11.05.2007 p32 5 photos of of table bowles presentation, earliest 1967

TABRUM ,R.M. Willow Holme
Coach builders
CD 1952 Ad p281

TAILOR MADE WINDOWS Kingstown Industrial estate
CN 24.07.1987 p26 Ad
CN 29.07.1988 p8 Ad
CN 14.07.1989 p10 Ad
CN 05.10.1990 p8 Ad
CN 09.10.1992 p10
CN 08.10.1993 p8 Ad

TAILOR’S ARMS St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directory for 1855


TAIT, Chas W Greystone Road
Haulage contractor
CD 1920 Ad p207

TAIT, W.C. Greystone Road
Linton Holme a suburb of Carlisle p41 Photo of grocer’s shop

CN 07.11.2003 p4 Became White Elephant Shop

TAIT STREET Two streets named after Deans of Carlisle; Close St and Tait St, Tait Street is so named and laid out on Asquith’s Survey of 1853, with some buildings on the south side and none on the north side; it is not named on the 1851 census
CN 04.10.1957 p10 Origin of name
CN 22.11.1957 p12 In 1850

TAJ MAHAL Botchergate
CN 31.01.1992 p8 There are many happy returns

‘TAKE- OVERS’ Commercial
CN 28.02.1964 p8

TALBOT, Edwin Crosby St
CN 02.12.2005 p14 Retirement after 23 years in business; framers and art gallery

CN 08.06.1940 p5 CJ 26.07.1940 p1 CJ 17.09.1940 p1 (illus)
CJ 13.06.1941 p1 CJ 29.07.1941 p1 (illus)
CN 16.10.1948 p5 Rededication service revived

City Minuteds 1893-94 p 244 Approval for laying out new street and the 1899 Ordnance Survey sheet shows the street laid out and named, however no houses were built on Talbot Road as it first appears on the electoral register in 1924; the six houses on Talbot Road formerly numbered 1-6 were built by John Laing’s, they were renumbered 2-12 about 1957 when John Laing’s built houses on the other side of the street; the land for the houses was purchased by Laing’s at a cost of £1,700 from John Weddell Nelson, grandson of Thomas Nelson, contractor, on 30.11.1922; the six houses were built, apart from no 1 ,now no2, as the houses for the various departmental managers of John Laing’s who had their head offices on Dalston Road; No 4 was occupied by Mr Wardle, the Carlisle manager after Laing’s moved HQ to mill Hill in London, no 12 was occupied by Mr Morton who also worked for Laing’s; the house at no 1, now no 2, was built by John Laing for his friend David Beattie who was a local monumental mason, they both being members of the Hebron Hall Church on Botchergate. This house is totally different in layout and design to the other five Laing’s houses; No 1 was called ‘Kenilworth’ and there is a capping stone on the gate post with this name; when David Beattie retired circa 1958 be bought another plot of land on Talbot Road and John Laing built a bungalow for him on this site, this house now being numbered 14 Talbot Road, it was called ‘Meikleholm’ and John Beattie died there, the house passing to his widow and subsquently to his daughter Elsie Beattie; upon David Beattie’s retirement no 1 was sold to Fisher St Presbyterian Church who used it as their manse, after the Fisher Street church closed the house was sold back into private hands

Cumbria February 1996 p28 I want to tell you a story

CN 18.03.1988 p11 News for the blind
CN 24.10.2008 Talking newspapers for the blind 25 years old

See also One-O-One Club
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p107 Photo of Freddie Starr in club
CN 01.02.1980 p1 CN 29.08.1980 p6
CN 31.05.1974 p1 Mecca takeover?

TALLENTIRE, John Grocer of Rickergate, died 31.01.1795 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

TANK World War One tank stood outside entrance to the Castle 25.03.1920 - cut up 1938; 265 tanks were offered to towns in England and Wales of which only one at Ashford in Kent survives [2007]
Carlisle the archive photos, p46-47 Two photos of tank in situ
CN 29.01.1938 p10 CN 06.08.1965 p10
City Minutes 1919-20 p 92 Presentation of tank from National Savings Comm.
City Minutes 1919-20 p 146 Protests against the acceptance of the tank
CJ 21.01.1938 p1 Photo of cutting up of the tank
CN 23.07.2004 p6 D.Perriam; story of the tank

TANNER, J.P. Currock
Engineer and builder
CD 1924 Ad p303
CD 1927 Ad p132 Established 1868


CN 15.09.1989 p7 Tapistry depicts Cumbria’s work

TASSELL’S PHOTOGRAPHERS 10 Devonshire Street; Lowther St; Warwick Road; Spencer Street
Postward family portrait of Great War vintage has an address Devonshire Chambers
Leading Trader of the City A616 ppiv,v
1901 census; Frederick W.Tassell, 36, photographer, born Brighton
CD 1902-03 Ad p73
CD 1905-06 Ad pp 82,131
CD 1907-08 Ad p70
CD 1910-11 Ad p75
CD 1920 Ad p146
CD 1924 Ad p208
CD 1927 Ad p122
CD 1931 Ad p264
CD 1934 Ad p184
CD 1937 Ad p118
CD 1940 Ad p120
CD 1952 Ad p352
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad piv
CD 1955-56 Ad p275
CD 1966-68 Ad p290
CN 17.09.1938 p19

City Minutes 1929 - 30 p 664 Licensed bus services to Alston

CN 03.07.1937 p6 CJ 13.08.1937 pp3,4
CJ 17.08.1937 p5 Last of Tattoo
CJ 20.08.1937 p10 Last of Tattoo

CN 01.03.1996 p1 Taxmans takeaway
CN 07.03.1997 p12 Payroll chhief warns of ‘tartan tax’

TAXIS First in Carlisle June 1912
CN 13.07.1962 p12
CN 21.08.1992 p4 Early city taxis
CN 18.09.1992 p4 Taxi business could be first in city
CN 15.07.1994 p3 Taxi war fear
CN 16.09.1994 p3 New taxi ranks planned to cut violence
CN 18.11.1994 p15 Six new taxi ranks on way
CN 13.01.1995 p17 Taxi plan mystery
CN 19.01.1996 p1 Rankless cabbies set to strike
CN 19.07.1996 p5 Passengers put at risk
CN 24.04.1998 p12 Long battle to get shelter (1875)
CN 10.07.1998 p1 Cabbies face attacks
CN 09.02.2001 p4 Carlisle taxi drivers to face two part knowledge exam
CN 30.03.2001 p8 Carlisle first in taxi rule for guide dogs
CN 01.06.2001 p6 ‘Knowledge’ test for Carlisle taxi-drivers
CN 12.10.2001 p5 Cab fares to rise by 25%
CN 28.02.2003 p3 Carlisle taxis want fare increases
CN 13.08.2004 p6 Investigation into way taxi syatem runs in city
CN 26.11.2004 p6 Taxi fares to rise
CN 28.04.2006 p7 ‘Pink Ladies’ taxi cabs for women only

CN 04.12.1970 p16 CN 18.12.1970 p12
CN 11.04.1997 pp13,15 Ad

TAYLOR AND SON Kings Arms Lane
Joiners and funeral director
CD 1952 Ad p329

CN 15.09.2000 p22 Ad feature

TAYLOR, A and G Photographer
Carte de visite noted with the address of 18 Bank Street. They are a branch of a national chain of photographers
1884 Carlisle Directory 18 Bank Street
CD 1893-94 Photographer, 18 Bank St

TAYLOR, H Church Street
Boot and shoe repairer
CD 1952 Ad p263

TAYLOR, T.P. Dalton’s Mart Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p312

TAYLOR, William Lonsdale Street
Fishonger and poulterer
CD 1884-85 Ad p260


Taxi hire
CD 1952 Ad p88

CN 20.06.1997 p4 Biggest little shop closes


TC TEKNIK Shaddongate
CN 16.07.2004 p 20 Home sprinklers firm

TEASDALE, C Globe Lane
CD 1920 Ad p176
CD 1924 Ad p132

TEASDALE, George 56 Scotch St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p168 Draper

TEASDALE, J and S Greystone Road
Fruiterers and florists
CD 1952 Ad p299

TEASDALE AND CO South Vale Works; founded 1839 under T.Holstead; 01.02.1872 became Isaac Teasdale; incorporated as a private company 1898
See also Penguin Confectionery; Harradine
1901 census; Isaac Teasdale, 57, confectioner, homeNorfolk Rd, bn LittleSalkeld
CD 1927 Ad p92
All About Carlisle 1934 p94 Original company ‘Thomas Holstead’; 1872 Teasdale’s
CD 1952 Ad p283
CD 1955-56 Ad p237
CD 1961-62 Ad p266
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p30; trade stand photo 1928
CJ 07.01.1938 p10 Local trade in 1937
CN 04.07.1958 p12 Supplement - Teasdales still a family firm
ENS 12.05.1962 p1 Pays off workers
ENS 06.03.1963 p1 Closure threats
CJ 08.03.1963 p1 To close
CN 08.03.1963 p11 To close
ENS 14.05.1963 p1 Decision tomorrow
CJ 28.06.1963 p1 Goes into liquidation
CN 28.06.1963 p11 Goes into liquidation
ENS 03.09.1963 p1 Teasdales taken over
CJ 06.09.1963 p1 Taken over by J.Harradine and Sons
ENS 29.0.1964 p1 Teasdales creditors get 2nd dividend
CN 22.11.1968 p1 Penguin Confectionery merger
CN 25.06.1971 p21 Taken over by Armour Trust
CN 15.09.1972 pp1,3 (illus) Big fire
CN 22.09.1972 p3 Fire
CN 24.12.2003 p7 Potted history of firm

TECHNICAL COLLEGE Official opening of a new block on Victoria Place 18.02.1954; previously further education classed held in Tullie House; 1935/36 referrred to as ‘Technical School’; renamed Carlisle College; May 2007 opening of new refurbished buildings
Carlisle Technical College; a quarter century at Victoria Place, 1979
Memoirs of Carlisle One page at back of book 2BC 9
CN 16.08.1957 p1
ENS 28.11.1927 p2 A new technical school at Tullie House
CJ 10.10.1939 p1 Still learning
CJ 30.05.1947 p1 New building preparations
CN 18.03.1950 p7 (illus) Foundations
CN 02.09.1950 p5 Illustration of building in progress
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p76 photo of steelwork erection
CJ 19.02.1954 p3 (illus) New building opened
CN 20.02.1954 p1 and supplemen New building opened
CJ 13.11.1959 (illus) pp7-9 Official opening
CN 13.11.1959 Supplement
ENS 16.11.1959 p5 Second part of Technical College opened
ENS 27.10.1964 p7 Extension
CN 26.04.1974 p4 Extensions
CN 03.06.1977 p6 1912 Possible building via Mr G.Brown
CN 19.04.1991 p12 College is a ring to success
CN 19.04.1991 p11 Easing way for mature students
CN 26.04.1991 p14 It’s a major step on your road to success
CN 10.05.1991 p44 Go ahead for course
CN 10.01.1992 p11 College is set to go it alone
CN 15.05.1992 p10 College open day
CN 19.06.1992 p9 Move towards city’s technology centre
CN 06.11.1992 p7 Now you can see the difference
CN 13.11.1992 p13 College’s better by design
CN 18.12.1992 p19 College set to go alone
CN 19.03.1993 p13 Studying needs of disabled
CN 07.05.1993 p14 College just brimming with vitality
CN 01.10.1993 p31 College on course...
CN 18.03.1994 p8 Hi tech bus hits the road
CN 24.06.1994 p1 Way paved for city university
CN 01.07.1994 p17 Angry lecturers bin new work contract
CN 01.07.1994 p16 Carlisle College and university make history
CN 26.08.1994 p11 Supplement; Spoiling you for choice
CN 11.11.1994 p3 City lecturer set to go on strike
CN 18.11.1994 p5 New road scuppers hopes of peace
CN 17.02.1995 p3 Lecturers to strike
CN 24.02.1995 p5 College calls in lawyers over strike
CN 08.03.1996 p4 College’s nursery plan
CN 10.05.1996 Supplement
CN 15.11.1996 p4 College gets royal seal of approval
CN 31.01.1997 p9 (illus) Calling the keyboard girls of 40 years ago
CN 14.02.1997 p9 Queen’s award honour for transformed college
CN 14.02.1997 p19 Carlisle College advertisement
CN 14.03.1997 p4 Studying is childs play for young mums
CN 23.04.1999 p15 Ad
CN 23.07.1999 p18 College takes hi-tech lead in technology
CN 06.12.2002 p1 Head Julian Veneables leaves suddenly after difficult year
CN 23.04.2004 p1Secured funding for £10.5m rebuild on Victoria Rd site
CN 21.05.2004 p17 Moira Tattersall new principal
CN 18.06.2004 p3 £10m development programme revealed; artists view
CN 22.04.2005 p 9 New course on ‘control of infection and contamination’
CN 19.08.2005 p7 Artists impression of transformed Carlisle College
CN 25.05.2007 p25 Offical opening of new college; 7m cost

CN 29.11.1996 p6 Euro MP launches information link

TECHNOLOGY CENTRE; Richard Rose Academy will replacing NCTC and St Aidans School September 2008 on NCTC Harraby site where they will be based for 2 years before moving back to a new building on the St Aidans site. The Sixth Form is remaining on the city centre site. The Richard Rose Academy is also taking over Morton School
See also Harraby School
CN 01.06.1990 p3 School scoops award
CN 21.09.1990 p3 To manage new unit
CN 09.11.1990 p10 £400,000 hi-tech centre
CN 18.01.1991 p7 City techno centre wins MPs praise
CN 16.04.1992 p7 Technology Centre growing
CN 16.04.1992 p53 Beauty in the dragons lair
CN 01.05.1992 p3 Patnership forges ahead
CN 09.09.1994 p9 Local businesses give £105,000
CN 04.11.1994 p16 School leads the way in I.T.
CN 03.03.1995 p5 Minister to open school
CN 10.11.2000 p6 Bill Blakemore, Head, leaves after 13 years
CN 09.02.2001 p7 (illus) New school hall takes shape on paper
CN 04.05.2001 p17 (portrait) New head takes over; Judith Long
CN 04.05.2001 p17 Good teaching highlighted in NCTC Ofsted report
CN 16.11.2001 p16 New school hall and theatre just weeks away from opening
CN 30.11.2001 p8 (illus) Gladys Spedding Theatre opened
CN 09.01.2004 p1 Morton and Harraby may have to close because of falling births
CN 16.01.2004 p13 Letters concerning closure of two schools
CN 25.03.2005 p1 Mark Yearsley new head in September

City Minutes 1919-20 p520 Resolved name to be changed to Dalmeny Road


CN 17.05.1952 p4

CN 19.10.1946 p6 From 1870

TELEPHONE CONNEXIONS Burgh Road; established in 1989
CN 14.06.2002 p18 Carlisle phone firm links hospitals in Shetland

TELEPHONES First installed in Carlisle in 1882; 07.04.1890 Carlisle and Dumfries trunk line of National Telephone Co opened; first public telephone June 1905 in cabman’s shelter, Court Square; new exchangein Cecil Street opened 26.01.1957; trunk dialling inagurated 23.03.1961; Cecil St Telephone Exchange closed April 2005
CP 07.12.1877 Experiment with the telephone in city
City Council Minutes 09.10.1882 resolved to allow telephopne wire erection
City Council Minutes 22.04.1885 p14
City Minutes 1922-23 p411 Public phones at GPO, Citadel St. and Covered Mart
CN 03.05.1952 p4 CN 10.05.1952 p4 CN 17.05.1952 p4 (illus)
CN 28.05.1965 p8 (illus)
CJ 07.12.1956 p1 (illus) New exchange
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p17 Photo of new exchange; p18 interior
CJ 18.01.1957 p1 New exchange
CN 18.01.1957 p1 New exchange
ENS 26.01.1957 p1 Opened new exchange
CJ 25.01.1957 pp1,16 New exchange
CJ 29.01.1957 p5 New exchange
CN 01.02.1957 p2 New exchange
CJ 01.02.1957 p6 New exchange
CN 10.06.1960 p10 Early subscribers
CN 24.02.1961 p11 Trunk dialling inaugurated
CJ 10.03.1961 p5 (illus) Trunk dialling inaugurated
CN 05.05.1967 p1 Proposed new exchange at Harraby
ENS 02.02.1976 p1 (illus) New telephone exchange
CN 12.03.1976 p6 First in Carlisle
CN 12.04.1985 p4 History of telephones
CN 13.03.1987 p9a New style telephone kiosks
CN 06.12.1996 p14 Cellnet to rethink phone mast site as petition is launched
CN 07.03.1997 p14 It’s good to talk as phone as phone club expands
CN 19.02.1999 p1 Mobile phones banned from City Cinemas
CN 10.10.2003 p5 Objections to mobile phone mast in grounds of Austin Friars
CN 13.02.2004 p8 BT to close Cecil St call centre; 65 jobs go
CN 18.02.2005 p7 Objections to mobile phone mast at Morton
CN 03.06.2005 p7 Morton residents stop mast; but find it will be near library
CN 16.09.2005 p3 Former Cecil St telephone exchange mat be flats

TELEVISION See Border Television; British Broadcasting Corporation; Channel 5; Cable Television
Denton Magazine of Robert Ferguson School 1964-65 p33 First TV in house1956

CJ 30.01.1847 p1d Jeweller insolvent

TELFORD, Edward Watchmaker and clockmaker, aged 32, employing 6 men, home address Fisher St, born Manchester [1851 census]; The Carlisle Journal of 22.05.1894 p4 reports his death, saying Edward Telford, aged 75, auctioneer who began his life as a watchmaker, but about 30 years ago he took out an auctioneer’s licence and later established an auction mart in Earl Street. He fell upon evil days and had the unpleasant experience of seeing others step in and realise the fortune of which he had laid the foundations

TELFORD, Edward Earl Street Auction Mart; formerly Gibbons and Telford; Hetherington’s buy mart from Telford Dec 1878, reopens Jan 20th 1879
CJ 14.07.1876 Partnership dissolved. E.Telford carry mart on on his own

TELFORD, Fred Friars Court; Lonsdale Street
CD 1893-94 Ad p142 Successor to Edward Telford, established 1860
CD 1920 Ad p42
CD 1924 Ad p304
CD 1927 Ad p324

TELFORD, J Fisher Street
Radio and television sales and service; electrical engineer
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p272
CD 1955-56 Ad p278
CD 1961-62 Ad p50
CD 1966-68 Ad p264

TELFORDS Parkhouse
CN 10.03.2000 Ad p19 (illus)

CN 02.04.1993 p21 28 jobs go

S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p123-5
W.Farish Handloom Weaver p42 Conversion to Temperance in 1840; p61
CJ 01.09.1899 Report of Temperance meeting with Licensed Trade
CN 19.01.2001 p9 When down with drink became the battle cry
CN 16.01.2004 p 6 Story of temperance movement in city

TEMPERANCE HALL Caldewgate; built 1861 - stone on facade

Carlisle Examiner 02.07.1859 p2f Opening of new city temperance hotel

CD 1905-06 Ad p17 Northern Temperance Hotel


CN 14.04.1917 p5 City council and prohibition
CN 24.10.1942 p3 Aid Britain crusade
ENS 10.08.1984 p4 Vote for prohibition
CN 01.11.1991 p4 Tee-total rector bought the pub


See also; Eden Lawn Tennis Court
CP 28.07.1884 p2 Match between Carlisle and Maryport
City Minutes 1922-23 p 107 Proposed courts at Victoria Park
City Minutes 1929-30 p590 Silver cups to be offered for Municipal tournaments
City Minutes 1933-34 p 307 317 Davis Cup to be exhbited at Tullie House 3rd - 9th June 1934
CN 02.02.1946 p3 Tournament revival
CN 12.08.1960 p10 Edenside tournament started in September 1900
CN 25.03.1994 p7 Tennis club gets go ahead
CN 29.03.2002 p6 Refurbished Bitts Park courts to reopen this weekend
CN 14.03.2008 p9 Tennis dome in Bitts Park vandalised after 3 weeks

See also Hollywood Bowl
CN 24.11.1989 p27 Ten pin bowling plan
CN 23.03.1990 p3 Bowling licence

CN 30.06.1995 p6 Ad

CN 23.03.1989 p14 Help the TA appeal to employees

CN 15.10.1954 Photo of stone laying
ENS 31.01.1956 p1 Duke of Gloucester coming
CN 11.05.1956 pp6-7 (illus) and Supplement Opening
CN 16.12.1966 p1 Redundant

CN 09.08.1996 p5 Bomb alert system could save lives

TESCO STORE Viaduct premises opened October 1971; opened also at Rosehill
CN 03.07.1970 p9 Work to start
CN 29.10.1971 p15 Opened
CN 25.06.1993 p14 Superstore jobs booster
CN 01.07.1994 p10 Counter attack
CN 08.07.1994 p3 Tesco’s store tops £1m
CN 14.04.1995 p1 City’s Tesco’s shoppers spend £750,000
CN 16.02.1996 p15 Drop in at Tesco’s for eggs and butter
CN 29.11.1996 p17 Roof top team win craftmanship prize
CN 04.07.1997 p3 Fans roll up for late late show at Tesco
CN 09.10.1998 p1 Sacked worker - we didn’t steal
CN 05.02.1999 p1 Expansion
CN 14.05.1999 p17 24hour supermarket
CN 21.05.1999 p3 Tesco cures night starvation
CN 03.09.1999 p1 (illus) Council blast extension plans
CN 21.01.2000 p1 Children raid charity bin for clothes for drug
CN 18.01.2002 p3 Tesco and Asda plan extensions to their stores
CN 02.08.2002.p5 Propsed new Tesco supermarket on Viaduct; opinion p 12
CN 16.08.2002 p13 Letter against new Tesco store; no good for elderly
CN 04.10.2002 p1 Decision day for Rosehill planning application
CN 11.04.2003 p5 Big expansion starts at Warwick Rd store
CN 27.06.2003 p3 Proposed Lower Viaduct store ‘would be too big’ says MP
CN 05.09.2003 p1 New application for bigger store on Lower Viaduct
CN 20.02.2004 p5 Artist’s impression of new store
CN 05.08.2005 p1Permission for 40,000 sq ft but want to built one 71,000 sq ft
CN 19.08.2005 p13 Letters concerning proposed superstore develoment
CN 20.04.2007 p3 Tescos Viaduct store; planning enquiry takes place
CN 12.10.2007 p3 Tesco’s store on stilts turned down

CN 02.03.1990 p11 Clinic baby hope

CN 08.04.1988 p8 Ad

CN 20.11.1987 p13 Ad

CJ 15.01.1937 p4 Helping the textile trade

CN 25.03.2005 p15 Indian restaurant opened yesterday
CN 01.04.2005 p 6 Details of owner Kim Tadbir

THEAKSTON PUBLIC HOUSE 43 London Road; originaly house built 1830s/1840s; previously the Carleton Hotel; became Cranemakers in 1990
CN 03.07.1981 p9 New name
CN 17.07.1981 p7 (illus) Opening
ENS 30.05.1990 Carlisle pub changes name to Cranemakers
CN 01.06.1990 p3 New name for pub (Cranemankers)
CN 25.04.2003 p3 (illus) Cranamakers celebrates St George’s Day

THEAKSTON’S BREWERY (formerly Carlisle Old Brewery) Bridge Street
CN 03.05.1974 p17 Carlisle Brewery bought by Theakston
CN 17.05.1974 p4 Brewery
CN 14.11.1975 p10 (illus) Theakston beer
CN 16.10.1987 p9 Brewery closes
CN 27.01.1989 p3 City brewery plans unveiled
CN 23.02.1990 p1 Brewing up new homes
CN 10.04.1992 p7 New launch for former city brewer
CN 05.02.1993 p13 Hotel bid ends
CN 09.07.1993 p3 £2.7m hall for city’s student

See also Bijou Theatre; Centurion Theatre; Century Theatre; Green Room Club; Lonsdale Cinema; Macready’s; Matchbox Theatre; Miracle Plays; Palace theatre; Sands Leisure Centre; Stanwix Arts Theatre; Star Music Hall; Swifts Row
CAIH p78 Theatre
CN 19.05.1951 p4 CN 27.02.1954 p8 CN 30.12.1954 p8 CN 11.08.1967 p10
CN 02.08.1974 p8 CN 27.09.1974 p13 CN 04.10.1974 p1 CN 29.11.1974 pp 3,19 CN 06.12.1974 pp3,10 CN 13.12.1974 pp4,6,36 CN 20.12.1974 pp1,7
CN 27.12.1974 p20 CN 03.01.1975 p4 CN 10.01.1975 p6 CN 14.03.1975 p16
CN 18.04.1975 p10 CN 02.05.1975 p15 CN 16.05.1975 p8
1589 ‘his Majestes’ players in Carlisle [Records of Early English Drama; Cumberland, Westmorland and Gloucestershire, 1986 p65] Shakespeare may have visited the city. A letter from Lord Scrope of 20.09.1589’ says the Queen’s players had gone ‘to Carlisle where they are and have stayed for the space of ten days’; was Shakespesre amongst their number? Shakespeare’s whereabouts during this period is unclear[CN 07.04.2006 p10]
1602-03 to 1639 estimated that there were 34 visits from players to the city [Records of Early English Drama; Cumberland, Westmorland and Gloucestershire, 1986 p27]
CWAAS NS Vol 4p70 Reference in Bishop Nicolson’s Diary to Carlisle play, 1713
1810 Picture of Carlisle and Diretory p 88 Many unsuccesful attempts to establish theatre in city
CJ 26.11.1814 p1 New Theatre; Mrs Jordan from the Theatres Royal at Drury Lane
CP 13.10.1821 p3c Macready in city; love of drama not conspicuous in city
Carlisle Examiner 22.09.1857 p3 No theatre for Carlisle - no permission to build
Carlisle Examiner 26.09.1857 p3b No theatre for Carlisle - no permission to build
Carlisle Examiner 29.09.1857 p3d,e Mr Owen’s theatre granted licence
Carlisle Examiner 06.10.1857 p3e,f Letter concerning Mr Owen’s theatre
Carlisle Examiner 17.10.1857 p3c Mr Owen seeks new site
Carlisle Examiner 20.10.1857 p3d Letter from Mr Owen
Carlisle Examiner 02.10.1858 p2e Letter - why no theatre in Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 02.10.1858 p3b Comment on proposed theatre for Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 09.10.1858 p2f Letter concerning drink and theatre
Carlisle Examiner 14.10.1858 p2d Theatre for Carlisle - letter
Carlisle Examiner 21.10.1858 p2a,b Carlisle theatre movement
Carlisle Examiner 26.10.1858 p3b Theatre defended - letter
Carlisle Examiner 06.09.1859 p2e Application to erect theatre from Mr Holloway
CJ 18.10.1892 p2 History of the Matchbox Theatre and other theatrical makeshifts
CJ 25.10.1892 p2 John, Joe and James Holloway and Matchbox
CN 15.01.1965 p8 Possibility in Carlisle
CN 16.07.1965 p1
CN 09.02.1968 p22 Youth Theatre
ENS 16.09.1968 List of theatres in Carlisle with dates
CN 07.06.1974 p6 Plays presented in the 1920s
Cumbria February 1979 pp661-662 (illus)
CN 21.03.1986 p4 General
CN 10.03.1989 p4 Theatre blaze added to excitement
CN 12.05.1989 p12 The Cumbrian folk who stole the theatre stage
CN 22.11.1991 p4 Old theatre was built out of wood
CN 07.10.1994 p3 City plans a dramatic setting for Millennium
CN 04.11.1994 p10 150 years ago - Victorian theatre
CN 11.11.1994 p10 Sands history - theatre
CN 05.07.1996 p3 New theatre work could start by 1998
CN 19.07.1996 p17 Curtain raiser meeting for brand new theatre
CN 26.07.1996 p4 Stage is set for study into new theatre
CN 30.08.1996 p5 City bid for new theatre
CN 07.02.1997 p6 City theatre step closer
CN 25.07.1997 p3 Theatre green light
CN 31.07.1998 p2 Cash fillip for new theatre
CN 17.09.1999 p20 Plan hit by Lottery changes
CN 15.06.2001 p13 Letter; it’s shameful that Carlisle doesn’t have a proper theatre
CN 18.07.2003 p3 £3.8m city theatre planned for Lonsdale site
CN 10.03.2006 p12 Feature on the future of Theatre in city
CN 12.05.2006 p13 letter concering the need for a theatre in city
CN 19.09.2008 p12 Feature article; no theatre in city for 45 years

THEATRE; LOWTHER STREET - HER MAJESTY’S Erected 1874 as Victoria Hall; opened 26.10.1874; Re-named H.M.Theatre and Opera House in 1879 ;fire 15.09.1904; reopened 14.09.1905, when it accommodated 1,500; final closure 19.01.1963
CD 1920 Ads p162
CD 1924 Ad p104
CD 1927 Ad p114
CD 1931 Ad p42
CJ 11.11.1873 Contract to Messrs C and J Armstrong 6,798 pounds
CJ 12.12.1873 First stone to be laid by Mayor on 18th December
CJ 19.05.1876 p6 Long letter of complaint; ‘the accommodation for the public is wretchedly bad’ ‘People at the back can neither see nor hear’. Tempreature. 40f
CJ 19.03.1895 p2 Royston Cogan was allowed to alter building from Victoria Hall
CJ 24.05.1895 p5 Death of Mr Elsworth of Her Majesty’s
CJ 25.10.1895 p7 Licence renewed, Mrs Elsworth, widow of late lessee
CJ 05.11.1895 p3 Transfer of dramatic licence to Milton Bode
CP 22.11.1895 p5 M.Bode new lessee; Mr McKim resident manager; improvements
CJ 19.01.1897 p2 The cinematograph
CJ 12.05.1899 p5 Proposed reconstruction a big scheme
City Minutes 1903-04 pp265-6 Suggestion of fire safety improvements; pp,299, 402
CP 15.04.1904 p6c Alterations at theatre
City Minutes 1904-05 p50 Rebuilding of Her Majesty’s approved
CP 15.04.1905 p5 Death of manager R.S.McKim
cj 10.03.1905 p5 James Beaty commenced clearing the site of old building. Plans of Bendle and Hope, Newcastle, described
CJ 01.09.1905 p5 HM Theatre reopening 14.09.1905
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p60 Photo of interior 1907
Carlisle an illustrated history p78 photo of facade
ENS 11.10.1938 p4 Royal Bengal Circus
CJ 29.06.1945 p5 Theatre broadcast
CJ 17.09.1954 p14 A turning point in local entertainment
CJ 09.09.1955 p16 Theatre’s Jubilee - history
CJ 13.09.1955 p1 Jubilee week at the theatre
CN 25.11.1955 p1 Carlisle may lose its live theatre
CN 30.05.1958 p10 About closure
ENS 19.08.1959 p5 When HM Theatre caught fire
CN 24.06.1960 p1 Council will take over theatre
CN 16.09.1960 p1 Theatre trusts puts quality first
ENS 29.03.1960 p4 Negociations with council
ENS 13.04.1960 p1 Theatre potential
ENS 02.05.1960 p3 Curtain run down at HM Theatre
ENS 04.05.1960 p4 Will the curtain go up again?
ENS 23.06.1960 p1 City council to lease HM Theatre
ENS 30.06.1960 p4 (illus)pp4,13 Theatre new lease of life
ENS 14.09.1960 p7 Policy of quality
CN 07.10.1960 p1 Theatre off to a good start
CN 07.10.1960 p9 Puppets bring theatre to life again
CJ 05.01.1962 p1 Rep are leaving theatre
CJ 05.01.1962 p8 Rep to quit HM Theatre
CJ 25.01.1962 (illus) End of Her Majesty’s
CJ 16.02.1962 p6 The chopper is poised over HM Theatre
CJ 16.02.1962 p7 Theatre gets a month
CJ 02.03.1962 p1 Resign shock as HM Theatregets another reprieve
ENS 20.02.1962 p10 Border council to make grant to HM Theatre
ENS 22.02.1962 p1 Show switch as crisis hits theatre
CJ 16.03.1962 p6 Letter from trustees
CJ 24.08.1962 p1 Bowling alley plan
CJ 31.08.1962 p1 Bowling alley; new movesw to speed up negociations
ENS 18.10.1962 p4 (illus) To close next year
CJ 19.10.1962 p3 Civic theatre to close down after loss of £23,000
CJ 19.10.1962 p3 Carlisle theatre to close next year
CJ 19.10.1962 p p1 Theatre - traders fear losses
CJ 26.10.1962 p1 Theatre - new moves
CN 18.01.1963 p1 Palace may go live again
ENS 21.01.1963 p9 I’ll be back - producer
ENS 06.08.1963 p1 (illus) Bingo for HM Majesty’s Theatre
CN 23.06.1967 p1 Stage veteran plans to bring new life to theatre (Georgie Wood)
CN 30.06.1967 p1 Pop singer aids Wee Geordie (Joe Brown)
CN 30.06.1967 p13 Carlisle can be stage centre
CJ 30.06.1967 pp12-13 Even Sir Oswald appeared at Her Majesty’s
CJ 14.07.1967 p9 Wee Geordie sets the scene for theatre revival
Cumbria March 1968 pp582-3 (illus)
CN 03.10.1969 p14 Theatre in wartime
CN 30.11.1973 p1 Plan to turn theatre into office block
CN 16.02.1979 p5 £100,000 club plan
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p20 Drawing of facade
CN 12.04.1979 p15 (illus) Theatre faces final curtain
CN 04.05.1979 p15 The last act for city old theatre
CN 22.06.1979 p1 £50,000 theatre sold to unknown buyer
CN 27.07.1979 p1 Demolition
CN 03.08.1979 p1 City theatre to come down
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p20 Photo before demolition; p21demolition
CN 10.03.1989 p4 Theatre blaze added to excitement
CN 26.05.1989 p4 Memories of city theatre
CN 22.12.1989 p4 An entertaining Xmas
CN 29.12.1989 p9 A decade of change
CN 08.04.1994 p10 A night a traitor preached Nazi doctrine to the city
CN 14.10.1994 p10 History of theatre puts spotlight on night it burnt down in 1904

THEATRE LANE, Blackfriars St; so named on 1841 census

THEATRE ROYAL Swifts Row; reopened 15.05.1865
CJ 12.05.1865 p8 CJ 16.06.1865 p4
CJ 04.07.1865 p3 License granted

THIN, James The Lanes; closing down sale January 2002
CN 08.11.1996 p20 Opening
CN 22.11.1996 p14 (illus) Thin’s new Carlisle store is more than a bokshop

City Council Minutes 10.06.1881 Approval for laying out of new street
City Council Minutes 1890-91 item 130 Approval for laying out new street
City Minutes 1894-95 Approval for 15 houses

THIRLWELL AVENUE, Warwick Rd On electoral registers from 1914, terraced row immediately after Botcherby Bridge, on town side

THIRLWELL GARDENS; off Warwick Rd On electoral registers from 1899 - 1903 and reappears in register in 1972, although this latter case is a new row of flats beside football ground

THIRLWELL TERRACE, Warwick Rd On electoral registers between 1901 and 1912

THOMAS STREET, Denton Holme On the census from 1871

THOMLINSON, E and G. The Market
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p64
CD 1961-62 Ad p269
CD 1966-68 Ad p280

THOMLINSON, John Nelson Street
CP 22.03.1878 Building in Carlisle; new mill in Nelson St nearing completion
John A.Thomlinson built Atlas Works; Grammar Sch Memorial Register p119

THOMLINSON AVENUE Raffles; so named about 1928 after John Thomlinson who then represented the Newtown and Belle Vue ward
CN 27.07.2001 p12 The wastelands of raffles; most of Thomlinson Av demolished

THOMPSON, Miss Portland Square
Registry for Servants
CD 1893-94 Ad p136

THOMPSON, Alex Wigton Road
Carlisle in Camera 2 p26 View of provision shop in about 1910

THOMPSON, Andrew Chemist
CN 03.10.2008 p34 Took over in 1846 business of Mr Bonnell

THOMPSON, Christopher and Co Brewers Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

THOMPSON, E and H Castle Street
Fine art dealers and jewellers
CD 1955-56 Ad p221

THOMPSON, George English Street; taken over in 1889 by Robinson Brothers

THOMPSON, Henry Lonsdale St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p132 Joiner, cabinetmaket and undertaker

THOMPSON, James Painter and Glazier of this city died 30.11.1846; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard

THOMPSON, John Shoemaker of Castle St, died 16.04.1835 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

THOMPSON, John Master dyer employing 4 men, born Carlisle, aged 49, home address 5 Caldew Terrace [1851 census]

THOMPSON, M and Sons English Street; a Mark Thompson is noted as a coal merchant, 59 English Street, in 1847; by 1858 Maria Thompson and Sons is listed at 58 English Street, connected to the Naworth Collieries, Kirkhouse, run by the Thompson family; in 1873 Thompson, M and Sons, coal merchants, are listed at 54 English St, their agent being Samuel Jackson Binning, who had married into the Thompson family; in 1905 S.J.Binning is still listed as agent at 52 English Street for colliery proprietors Thompson and Sons; by 1907 Binning and Son, coal agent, 52 English St
Colliery proprietors
see also Binning and Co for later history
CD 1880 Ad pxlviii

THOMPSON, Michael Ltd Upperby
Public works contractors
CD 1952 Ad p363

THOMPSON, Richard Master butcher, aged 38, employing 1 man,home address 41 Blackfriars Street, born Penrith [1851 census]

THOMPSON, T.W. Nelson Street
Taxi hire
CD 1952 Ad p383
CD 1955-56 Ad p284

THOMPSON, Thos 54 Scotch Street
Draper, dressmaker, millinerry
1891 census; Thomas Thompson, aged 46, draper, bn Embleton, Northumberland
CD 1893-94 Ad p168

THOMPSON, W Printers; In 1797 W.Thompson of Carlisle printed an edition of the reverend Josiah Relph’s Poems [CWAAS OS Vol 14 p20]

Coke and lime works
CD 1893-94 Ad p76

THOMPSONS Denton Holme
CN 21.06.2002 Cobbler’s closes after 150 years

THOMPSON’S (Carlisle) Ltd London Road
Tyre hospital
CD 1952 Ad p391

City Minutes 1932-33 p 579 1,2, and 3 unfit for human habitation

THOMSON, Agnes Plumber, aged 46, employing 3 men and 3 boys, home address Bowen’s Court, born Scotland [1861 census]

THOMSON, David A coffin stone in the Churchyard of Kirkansrews on Esk, near River Esk, to David Thomson of Carlisle, plumber, bn Haddington 22.01.1804 - 28.03.1860

THOMSON, David Lowther Street; Newtown Road; established 1835
Plumbers and electrical engineers
Carleola (Carlisle High School Magazine) no 77 July 1969 pp9-11 Carlisle industry
Leading Traders of the City Ad p36 A616
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p37 photo
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p19 Plumber 64 English St, Barwise Ct
CD 1920 Ad p32
CD 1924 Ad p224
All About Carlisle 1934 pp86-87
CD 1940 Ad p321
CD 1961-62 Ad p294
CD 1966-68 Ad p294
CJ 14.05.1937 Supplement; List work done by company
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Advert
CJ 26.07.1949 p1 Take over by Newman and Watsons

CN 21.06.1991 p27 Auction firms plan merger
CN 09.06.1995 p4 Estate agent is to give up house sales in city
CN 11.05.2001 p5 Seven Pillars of Wisdom makes £15,500 at new saleroom

CN 17.05.2002 p9 Ad; opened 1880; formerly Thomson,Roddick and Laurie

City Minutes 1892/93 item 517 Approval for houses

THORNCLIFFE, London Road This house originally called the ‘Lancer Public House’, Gallows Hill and it is so listed in local directories until 1848; by 1865 called Hill Top Cottage and by 1898 Harraby Lodge; by 1901 Mrs Gibson is listed here, and by 1950 it is called Thorncliffe; deeds for the land go back to 1674 but there seems to have been no house on the land until late 18th century
CJ 06.01.1844 Lancer Inn to let
1861 census, Hill Top Cottage Edward Jopling, aged 57, born Farlam
22.03.1870 Edward Jobling died here, Hill Top Cottage, [Monumental Inscription 6/38]
CP 19.08.1898 Property sales; Mr Boustead buys for £800 Harraby Lodge
CJ 03.11.1905 p1 Harraby Lodge for sale
1918 Electoral Register Helena Young, John Collin [called Harraby Lodge]
CN 24.10.1997 Property pages; for sale, illus
CN 13.10.2006 p68 For sale; development at Chertsey Mount, including Thorncliffe
CN 23.02.2007 p 78 Thorncliffe House development for sale

THORNEY FLATT So named Thorney Flatt in 1570 [Dalston Road]; John Holstead of Thorn Flatt died 20.08.1842 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 178]
City Minutes 1903-04 p110 laying out of land for building purposes
1918 Elecoral Register Thomas Musgrave, Margaret and Thomas Snowden and Jane Howe

The Lanes Remembered pp7-8 Memories and photos

THORNTON ROAD, Stanwix Number 1 was the Stanwix Home of the Friends of Friendless Girls, opened by the Bishop of Carlisle in 1871; hme closed in 1912

THORPE AND CO 81 Scotch St
The Lanes Remembered p 39 photo
1928 Pageant Souvenir; ad for drapers founded 1895

THREE CANNONS Three Cannons Lane, Scotch St; in local directories from 1837
1901 census; Mr Thomlinson, aged 39, wine and spirit merchant
ENS 02.11.1916 Closed October 1916

THREE CANNONS LANE, Scotch Street In voters lists until 1937
1891 census; 21 people living in lane
City Minutes 1929-30 p789 One house unfit for himan habitation

Carlisle; Archival photographs p23 photo
1829 Directory p 164 Henry Barber
1841 census; Eliuzabeth Davidson, innkeeper, aged 55
1861 census Thomas Hudson, innkeeper, aged 44, born Mitcham
1891 census; Sarah Parker, 55, hotel keeper, bn Walton
1901 census; Andrew Raffel, spirit merchant, aged 49, born Scotland
28.10.1904 Elizabeth Wilson died Three Crowns Hotel [MI 75/57]
ENS 05.10.1916 Three Crowns to amalgamate with Wellington next door

THREE CROWNS HOTEL Rickergate; in local directories to 1914; closed 1916
1829 Directory p 164 Jonathan Casson
CP 05.12.1845 p1 Ad John Beck takes inn; John Bulman retiring
1861 census Thomas Stockbridge, innkeeper, aged 42, born Arthuret
CD 1880 Ad pxxxix
1891 census; Henry Loughran, aged 46, innkeeper, born Ireland
1901 census; William Macdonald, innkeeper, aged 38, born Carlisle
CN 31.05.1991 p4

THREE CROWNS LANE, English St So named on Wood’s 1821 map of city
1891 census; 41 people listed as living in lane

THREE HORSE SHOES Botchergate; in local directories to 1855
CJ 29.01.1858 Public house to let; old established; now being rebuilt
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 p155, [says the Cumberland Inn was the Three Horseshoes]

THRELKELD, John Whip manufacturer, aged 43, employing 1 man and 4 boys, born Carlisle, home address Rosemary Lane [1861 census]

THURNAM, Charles and Sons Devonshire Street; English Street; Lonsdale Street; founded 1816; publisher and bookseller, Charles Thurnam, aged 54, born Scotland, home address Market Place [1851 census]
Booksellers, printers and stationers; pianos; library
CD 1893-94 Ad p8
CD 1910-11 Ad p4
CD 1913-14 Ad pp 4, 51,134
CD 1920 Ad p3
CD 1952 Ad p361
CJ 10.02.1948 p2 CJ 20.09.1949 p2
CP 20.11.1819 p2d Thurnam to publish ‘Routiana’
1821W.Graham Collection of Epitaphs, printed and sold by C.Thurnam; pub 1821
CJ 04.05.1822 p3a Moving premises
CP 07.01.1854 p1 Mrs Thurnam exhibits at Athenaeum 3 painting by John Martin
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p9 Pianofortes; Devonshire St
CP 23.07.1880 p1d Extension of business
13.02.1903 Died Thomas Stordy, proprietor of business [CWAAS ns vol 3 p421]
CN 04.11.1916 p5 A well known Carlisle business - centenary
1928 Carlisle Pageant Ad opp inside front cover; Kings Arms Lane - drawing
CN 14.01.1955 p10 Library
CN 25.10.1957 p1 Moving to Lonsdale Street
Cumbria October 1959 p 185 Origins
CN 28.02.1986 p4 Private library proved to be popular
CN 25.03.1988 p8 Ad feature
CN 10.02.1989 p13 Chapter closes
CN 17.02.1989 p4 Closing the book on a service
CN 31.08.1990 p4 Library habit goes a long way
CN 05.07.1991 p4 City firm celebrates - 175 years
CN 04.10.1991 p8 Happy birthday to a city institution
CN 25.02.1994 p1 Jobs go as firm ends deal to supply schools
CN 08.12.1995 p2 Jacobites history marks book firms comeback
22.01.2007 Printing busness transferred to new Kingstown premises; Lonsdale Street shop closed down at about this time
CN 06.06.2008 p3 Thurnams goes into administration

TIFFEN, E.J. Irishgate Brow
Cycle maker
CD 1905-06 Ad p102
CD 1907-08 Ad p80
CD 1910-11 Ad p127
CD 1913-14 Ad p138

TIFFEN, Joseph Aerated waters
CN 13.02.2004 p7 History of business; finished by 1913

TIFFEN, T.B. Kings Arms Lane
Clog maker
Carlisle Examiner 20.08.1859 p4e Advert

TIFFEN, W.L. Lowther Street; the Crescent; merged with Whitehaven firm to become Tiffen, King and Nicholson in 1980s [CN 21.05.2004 p6]
Auctioneers, surveyors
1891 census; William Losh Tiffen, 33, auctioneer, bnCarlisle, home Brunton Pl
1901 census; William Losh Tiffen, aged 44, auctioneer, bn Carlisle, home Broad St
CD 1920 Ad p190
Carlisle Pageant Souvenir brochure1928 Ad; established 1883
CD 1952 Ad p318
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p250
CD 1955-56 Ad p254
CD 1961-62 Ad p258
CD 1966-68 Ad p265
CN 13.02.2004 p7 William Losh Tiffen; brief details of family

TIFFEN, W.T. Irishgate Brow
Cycle and motor cycle dealer
CN 17.09.1938 p20
Carlisle an illustrated history p94 Photo of shop facade on Irishgate Brow
CD 1920 Ad p44

TIFFEN AND CO Estate agents
CN 15.03.1991 p14 New outfit... Ad
CN 21.05.2004 p6 John Tiffen to retire; 3rd generation of local estate agents

TIFFEN, KING AND NICHOLSON Estate agents; formed by merger of W.L.Tiffen and Whitehaven firm [CN 21.05.2004 p6] ; became part of Nationwide Estate Agents
CN 03.04.1987 p3
CN 27.01.1989 p15 City firm in new merger

TIFFEN’S 42 English Street
1882 Porters Directory Ad p58 City Boot, Shoe and Clog Emporium

TIFFIN, Thomas Clogmaker, aged 33, employing 1 man and 2 boys, born Wigton, home address Kings Arms Lane [1861 census]

City Minutes 1932-33 p119 Accepted offer to purchase land situated at junction of Warwick Rd and Tilbury Rd and not required in conjunction with proposed junction

TILE TOWER or KING RICHARD III TOWER Irishgate; built late 12th century
CN 05.08.1950 p4

TIME BALL On Wheatley’s Shop, English Street; inauguarated 24.02.1871; dismantled November 1967
CN 17.11.1967 p12 (illus)



TINKLER, T,W, Castle Street
Jewellers and silversmiths
CD 1952 Ad p98

TINNING, Richard 1851 census has Richard Tinning, aged 58, whip manufacturer, living in Corporation Road, born Carlisle

CN 07.12.1990 p3 Old county car firm crashes

TINY COMPUTERS Devonshire Street
CN 27.08.1999 p21

TITHE BARN Built by Prior Gondibour in the 1470s, with later alterations and restored 1969-1971; square blocks of sandstone, some with masons’ marks; the northern side was originally thought to be open, so this was glazed in the restoration; the west gable collapsed in 1875 so this was replaced with painted breeze blocks in the 1969-71 restoration, since refaced in dressed sandstone
Slee, M Older Carlisle p10 (illus)
D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History p104-5
CWAAS Old Series vol 2 p104
CWAAS OS Vol 5 pp132-5 Masons Marks
CJ 01.09.1961 p7 CJ 10.08.1962 p1 (illus) CN 07.09.1962 p12 (illus)
CJ 17.01.1964 p5 (illus) CN 27.11.1964 p15 CJ 04.12.1964 p15
CN 04.03.1966 p13 CJ 11.03.1966 p7 CN 09.02.1968 p11 (illus)
CJ 05.07.1968 p17 (illus) CJ 12.07.1968 p3 CN 13.12.1968 p15
CN 02.11.1979 p10 (illus)
CJ 20.04.1839 p3a For sale
CP 22.01.1875 Destructive storm; slates odd; used as warehouse by E.Johnston
CP 09.04.1875 Letters warning against the destruction of the Priory Barn
ENS 14.01.1964 p5 (illus) Repairs to Tithe Barn
CJ 19.06.1964 p1 Taken over by city
ENS 19.01.1966 p1 Tithe Barn fires
CN 07.03.1969 p15 (illus) Restoration appeal
CN 01.08.1969 p1 Roof slabs wanted
CN 19.09.1969 p8 (illus) Restoration
CN 12.03.1971 p15 Festival
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p117 Photo of official opening
CN 07.05.1971 p32 (illus) Re-opened
CN 09.03.1973 p16 (illus) Civic Trust award
ENS 02.11.1979 p4 About tithes and barn
CN 28.07.1995 p6 The way we were - restoration
CN 07.02.1997 p14 Barn to be restored
CN 10.04.1998 p19 Art show honours Tithe Barn saviour Mary
CN 19.03.1999 p9 Tithe Barn became a parish hall
Cumbria LIfe no 65 1999 Supplement 2A 9

City Minutes 1895-96 p 71 Approval for eight houses

TITTERINGTON’S Truck and trailer service
CN 19.06.1998 p15 Ad

CN 08.07.1950 p5 (illus) CN 15.07.1950 p5


TOBY CARVERY, last building on Warwick Rd before Johnny Bulldogs
CN 25.02.2005 p3 Plans for new building revised; level of building raised


TODD, Jane Strawbonnet maker emloying 2 girls, aged 36, home address Fisher Street, born Dalston [1861 census]

TODD, Joe English Street
CD 1893-94 Ad p216

TODD, Robert and Sons Woollen spinners; Took over Dixon’s Mill in 1882; in 1975 Todd’s closed their Shaddongate Mill
CD 1952 Ad p399
Cumberland Diretcory 1954 Ad p285
CD 1955-56 Ad p293
CD 1961-62 Ad page back xxxvii
CD 1966-68 Ad p306
CN 07.01.1938 p10 CN 15.10.1965 p8 CN 04.08.1972 p24 CN 09.08.0974 p1 CN 23.05.1975 p1 CN 30.05.1975 p32 CN 06.06.1975 p32
CN 13.06.1975 p 4 CN 20.06.1975 p9 CN 11.07.1975 pp1,27
CN 01.08.1975 p11 CN 08.08.1975 p36 CN 15.08.1975 p5 CN 05.09.1975 p5 CN 19.09.1975 p19 CN 17.10.1975p11 CN 14.11.1975 p3 CN 21.11.1975 p1 CN 28.11.1975 p1 CN 13.02.1976 p1 CN 02.07.1976 p5 CN 04.09.1981 p10
1901 census; Robert Todd, woollen manufacturer, aged 75, home Rockville Goschen Rd, bn Scotland [1901 census]; Robert Todd and Sons, Shaddongate Works, woollen yarn manufacturers, home address of Robert Todd senior Rockville, Goschen Rd, and Robert Todd junior, 11 Chatsworth Square [Bulmer 1901]
CJ 18.10.1963 p1 Robert Todd and National Trust
CN 15.10.1965 p8 (illus) Housewives shift
CN 28.11.1975 p1 Sale
ENS 19.07.1986 p4 Ghost Mill

TODD, Thomas Master clogmaker, aged 39, employing 4 boys, home address Botchergate, born Penrith [1861 census]

TODD, W.D. Town Hall Buildings; Botchergate
Boots and shoes
CD 1893-94 Ad p6

Boots and shoes
CD 1880 Ad page back 2

TODD’S COURT, South John Street
City Minutes 1932-33 p68 No 2 unfit for human habitation

TODHUNTER, D Willow Holme
Motor engineers
CD 1952 Ad p343

Carlisle in Camera 1 p13 photo of mens’ urinal in Solway St circa 1902
CN 15.01.1988 p9 City caught short of loos
CN 05.08.1994 p1 City Super Loos (Lanes)
CN 23.12.1994 p6 New man loos
CN 31.08.2001 p5 Devonshire Street car park superloo: huge operational loss

S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 pp129-130

TOLL COTTAGES see Harraby Toll; Kingstown Toll

Jollie 1811 p82 At St Nicholas, elegant toll gate and porters lodge, lately put up
CP 14.04.1821 p2f Notice for improving the Glasgow to Carlisle Road

TOLLS Toll collecting suspended 1949
CAIH p20 City Tolls
CN 31.08.1946 p5 CJ 12.07.1949 p2 CJ 19.07.1949 p2
CN 15.03.1924 p9 18th century Carlisle
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection; p100 photo of new Irish gate Toll booth
CJ 03.07.1934 p4 Tolls
CN 12.04.1947 p5 Tolls and toll bridges
CN 17.09.1949 pp5-6 Council to suspend collection of certain tolls
CN 30.09.1950 p4 Toll on purchases
CN 06.11.1964 p12 Illustration of tolls board from Solway Terrace
CN 13.11.1964 p12 The shire toll
CN 01.08.1972 p6 Toll gates
CN 25.08.1972 p6 Illustration of Botcherby Toll notice
CN 18.02.1994 p4 Heated tale of toll bar turmoil
CN 01.11.1996 p10 (illus) 800 years on, Carlisle still watches its wallet

TOMMY’S Hairdresser, 6 Lowther Street [1st floor]
CN 13.02.2009 p17 Michelle takes over Tommy’s barbers

TONI AND GUY Globe Lane; opened November 2000
CN 26.07.2002 p 15 Advertising feature

CN 12.04.1996 p4 Really useful group

CN 13.12.1991 p10 Ad

TOPPIN, W. and Son Family linen merchant
Carlisle Diocesan Directory 1873 ; Joseph Romead late W.Toppin and Son

TOSCANA Crescent
CN 26.10.2001 p20 Italian bistro planned for Crescent

1850 General Board of Health Enquiry. R.Rawlinson p61 12th annual report 1848
Carlisle Examiner 09.01.1858 p3c
Carlisle Examiner 30.12.1858 p2e,f 21st annual meeting

CN 12.05.1995 p13 Cycle crossing

See also Town Hall Visitors Centre
CN 14.07.1972 p23 CN 17.11.1972 p3 CN 21.10.1977 p21 CN 29.09.1978 p44 CN 12.04.1979 p10 CN 03.07.1987 p10a
CN 22.07.1988 p3 Putting the jig-saw together
CN 15.09.1989 p17 Tourist boom in city
CN 05.01.1990 p1 City to point way
CN 20.04.1990 p11 City busy Easter
CN 27.07.1990 p15 Call of the wall brings tourists
CN 10.08.1990 p5 City tourist signs at risk
CN 17.08.1990 p13 Hope of tourist millions
CN 14.09.1990 p11 Tourist boom
CN 07.12.1990 p3 Selling city to the world
CN 15.02.1991 p6 More visitors in city
CN 28.06.1991 p14 City’s just great for tourists
CN 19.07.1991 p9 Tourism project voted a success
CN 30.08.1991 p23 Focus
CN 20.09.1991 p7 Tourist attraction
CN 18.10.1991 p14 County going places
CN 15.11.1991 p27 City wins a tourism seal of approval
CN 22.11.1991 p16 Tourism cash worry
CN 03.01.1992 p21 Festive tourism booster for city
CN 14.08.1992 p5 Tourism booster
CN 18.09.1992 p7 Guest houses weather storm
CN 04.02.1994 p 25 £92m boost for city
CN 24.06.1994 p2 Tourism boost would replace 14MU jobs
CN 08.07.1994 p5 High season
CN 29.07.1994 p5 Holidaymakers snub city sites
CN 09.09.1994 p5 Fury as Japanese brochure leaves Carlisle off map
CN 09.09.1994 p8 Lost city of Carlisle
CN 23.09.1994 p9m City’s joint tourism fails
CN 21.10.1994 pp1,10 City just booming as top conference spot
CN 17.11.1995 p1 Tourism is bright spot
CN 15.03.1996 p1 Carlisle tries to trap a better class of tourist
CN 26.04.1996 p3 Council under fire for failure to promote tourism
ENS 27.05.1996 p8 (illus) Greetings from Carlisle, the Lake District
CN 25.04.1997 p5 ‘Wish you were here’ with a video view
CN 14.08.1998 p5 It’s a beautiful city
CN 26.03.1999 p11 Priority for city centre
CN 14.05.1999 p4 Shake up is disgraceful
CN 25.06.1999 p1 Tourism boss quits over council’ shambles’
CN 30.07.1999 p12 Winning smiles - Tourist Information Office
CN 04.07.2003 p5 Tourism boom following opening of Hadrian’s Wall Trail
CN 23.04.2004 p1 Occupancy rates 21%, best fugures since 1996
CN 10.03.2006 p5 Tourist numbers down
CN 01.12.2006 p9 City hopes to attract 2 million shoppers to city this Christmas

TOWER LANE, Scotch Street
CN 07.02.2003 p18 Tower Lane to go as 42-48 Scotch St redeveloped


1958 Local Government brochure pp3-5 1BC 352

1860 Description of public bellman; Round Carlisle Cross 2nd series p17
Kelly’s 1873 Cumberland Directory p 827 Ebenezer Glencross - public officer
CN 26.08.1994 p1 Our Billy cries foul over Welsh usurper

TOWN CRIER INN St Cuthbert’s Lane; formerly Korkie’s
ENS 05.05.1987 Up for sale

TOWN DYKE ORCHARD Planted circa 1814; marks the medieval town dyke; car park conversion 1973
Civic Affairs June 1972 p4Town Dyke Orchard now in use; more work needed
CN 26.05.2000 p8 Dean who couldn’t stand the din
CN 19.12.2003 p13 Letter complaining against plans to extend car park

TOWN HALL Built 1668 - 69 on site of medieval Town Hall [ancient Town Hall depicted on Elizabethan map of Carlisle ] ; 1717 (dated) extension; 19th century alterations and additions, including 1867 alterations; central external serpentine stone steps to the upper floor council chamber added about 1825, to replace 17th century steps; at rear facing onto St Albans Row an original 1669 upper floor cross-mullioned window, now partly blocked, has been re-exposed
Slee, M Older Carlisle (illus) p13
CAIH p17 The Town Hall
CWAAS XC, 1990 pp 170-171
CJ 12.07.1938 p5 CJ 15.11.1938 p1 (illus) CJ 03.01.1939 p5
Jefferson, S HIstory...Carlisle, 1838, p285 Description of interior
CJ 30.04.1867 Details of alterations
CP 20.08.1886 p5 Fire of 19.08.1886
CP 11.02.1898 p7a,b The suggested new Town Hall
City Minutes 1902-03 p324 Memorial to Border Regiment in Boer War
City Minutes 1933-34 p271 Proposal for a bus shelter along Town Hall
CN 09.04.1936 p12 New Town Hall
CN 16.05.1936 pp12, 17 New Town Hall
CN 23.05.1936 p12 New Town Hall
CJ 09.11.1937 p1 A novel view - photo
CJ 03.01.1939 p5 A history of Carlisle Town Hall
CJ 29.04.1947 p1 Tower being painted
CN 26.05.1951 p5 (illus) Suggested alterations
CN 21.06.1957 p1 New Town Hall
ENS 15.12.1962 p1 A music house?
CN 10.11.1967 p8 (illus) Old Town Hall
CN 12.03.1976 p1 (plan) Pedestrianisation scheme
CN 14.10.1977 p4 (illus) Chancellor Ferguson’s plans for enlargement
CN 20.03.1987 p11 (illus) New weather vane
CN 05.06.1992 p4 (illus) Town Hall plan of 1886
CN 14.02.1997 p10 Old Town Hall still stands, despite fire and the hammer

TOWN HALL BELL Old Market bell removed from Town Hall 30.03.1863
See also Muckle Town Bell
Slee, M Older Carlisle
CWAAS Old Series Vol 7 p238 Old Market Bell dated 1584; replaced by new bell over the Town Hall
CN 03.05.1947 p5
City Council Minutes 1881 p78 Square belfry added
CP 20.08.1886 p5 Bell cracked in Town Hall fire of 19th August
City Council Minutes 12.10.1886 p266 Replacement of bell

TOWN HALL CLOCK Clock Tower extension is of 1717
J.B.Penfold Clockmakers of Cumberland pp18-22; Muckle Bell was the bell on which in later years the town clock struck the hours, this bell was made about 1400, but a clock is first definately mentioned in 1651; a new clock was ordered in 1722 from John Sanderson of Wigton and this was in use for the next 180 years, when Potts clock replaced the old Sanderson’s one; the Muckle Bell was still the bell on which the town hall struck until at least 1883
Jefferson, S History...Carlisle,1838, p285 Four dial clock illuminated by gas
City Minutes 1898/99 p227 Accept tender from Potts of Leeds for new clock
CN 06.07.2007 pp1,3 Repair of Town Hall Clock by Jopsons

See also Market Place; Pedestrianisation
ENS 19.12.1962 p8 Town Hall square improvements

TOWN HALL VISITORS CENTRE Tourist Information Centre established by Carlisle Council of Social Service in 1965
CN 11.09.1992 p27 (illus) Article

TOWNHOUSE COFFEE ROOMS Lowther Street; previously called John Watts Victorian Coffee Shop
CN 25.05.2001 p4 Gregor Fisher opens new cafe

CN 23.12.1950 p4 Origin

TOWNSON, Joseph Grocer, in 1858 and 1861 directories; following the death of his wife Joseph emigrated to USA where he died 30.08.186? [Monumental Inscription 31/38]

CN 28.03.1936 p19 CJ 26.02.1937 p7
CN 24.08.1990 p33 (illus) Marking a guild’s landmark

CN 26.01.1973 p4

TOY TOWN Lowther Street; formerly Beattie’s toy shop
CN 16.11.2001 p1 Toyshop refuses to sell Harry Potter toys; encourage occult

TRACT SOCIETY Carlisle Tract Society started 1813

CN 18.12.1948 pp6,9
CN 14.12.1946 p5 Cumberland News annual report

CJ 06.11.1953 p1 Building vanishing

TRADES COUNCIL Established 1889 as Carlisle Trades and Labour Council; reorganised February 1891
Amalgamated Soc of Railway Servants 1911 Brochure p26 Foundation
CN 25.05.1973 p6 Foundation of
CN 21.07.1989 p19 Trades Council century old

CN 18.01.1947 p5 CN 25.01.1947 p5 CN 01.02.1947 p5 CN 22.02.1947 p5
CN 01.03.1947 p5 CN 08.03.1947 p3 CN 19.10.1956 p10 (illus)
CN 04.08.1989 p4 Business signs and added attractions


CN 17.01.1997 p1 (illus) Complaining customer wins refund - then gets barred
CN 17.10.1997 p4 Trading Standards department set to expand in County
CN 05.03.1999 p5 Ruby scam

CN 23.07.1999 p17 Ad

TRAFALGAR STREET First notes on the 1871 census; may be related to Nelson Street, which had of course had nothing to do with Lord Nelson
CJ 21.11.1879 p5 Plans for laying out Trafalgar Street St in 1879
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p121 Photo of 1977 Jubilee street party


CN 10.07.1998 p12 Car problems 1911 style
CN 03.09.1999 p13 (illus) When high speed was a problem on Kingstown Road

See also Park and Ride; Roadworks
City Minutes 1925-6 p103 Congestion of traffic in Botchergate
CN 26.02.1988 p10 Editorial
CN 08.04.1988 p10 Editorial
CN 10.11.1989 pp1,52 Hitting traffic chaos for six
CN 17.11.1989 p10 Keeping the city moving
CN 17.11.1989 p19 Police give up traffic struggle
CN 24.11.1989 p11 Engineers plan to stop traffic jams
CN 05.01.1990 p5 Time for a fresh look at driving
CN 05.01.1990 p11 New plan to cut city jams
CN 07.09.1990 p11 End to traffic jam in sight
CN 28.09.1990 p15 New traffic hold up
CN 08.11.1991 p1 £280,000 traffic log jam blasted
CN 29.11.1991 p5 Police action call on city’s traffic
CN 04.12.1992 pp9,12 It’s back to rush hour traffic chaos
CN 11.12.1992 p7 Schools in traffic jam talks in city
CN 15.10.1993 p1 Flood of traffic lights
CN 15.10.1993 p12 Editorial comment
CN 27.06.1997 p4 City car charges would take toll on business
CN 26.09.1997 p1 Traffic quesions
CN 26.09.1997 p3 Traffic gets worse say shoppers
CN 18.01.2002 p13 Letter saying Rosehill development will increase traffic
CN 04.10.2002 p1 Temporary lights snarl up traffic
CN 09.04.2004 p2 Grid locked in a decade; now 63,000 cars head to city every day
CN 23.04.2004 p13 Three letters concerning Carlisle’s traffic problems
CN 06.08.2004 p8 Traffic chaos as water pipes replaced
CN 29.10.2004 p1 Volume of traffic reaching breaking point
CN 26.11.2004 p13 Two letters concerning volume of traffic; tinkering with problem
CN 21.01.2005 p5 Nitrogen Oxide exceeds limits on polluted Scotland Rd
CN 11.02.2005 p1 No government money to ease problems
CN 22.04.2005 p 13 Letters concerning traffic management in city

TRAFFIC LIGHTS Switched on 25.05.1933
City Minutes 1931-32 p234 Considering erection of automated lights
City Minutes 1931-32 p 722 Tender accepted for lights at three junctions in city
CN 17.08.1956 CN 04.06.1968 p12
CN 06.04.1990 p7 Traffic lights the road ahead
CN 22.03.1991 p1 What a traffic circus
CN 17.05.1991 p7 Lights success down to driving
CN 24.05.1991 p60 Traffic lights are decreasing queues
CN 24.05.1991 p12 So far so good at the circus
CN 12.11.1993 p3 Lights are a clear success
CN 12.11.1993 p10 Comment
CN 03.12.1993 p1 Switch on soon for new lights
CN 11.03.1994 p5 Battle ends signal for Nelson Bridge
CN 15.04.1994 p1 Light load - Warwick Road
CN 03.06.1994 p19 Switch on for new traffic lights
CN 13.01.1995 p3 Liberal democrats bid to save traffic lights
CN 13.01.1995 p17 Lights shelved
CN 03.02.1995 p4 Traffic lights switch off has traffic in spin
CN 03.03.1995 p3 Lights plan to go ahead
CN 21.01.2005 p 5 Traffic lights to be kept off after floods for experiment
CN 04.11.2005 p1 Part time lights back at Harwicke Circus

See also Bypass; Botchergate; traffic
City Minutes 1924-25 p 685 Approval for white lines for regulation of traffic
CJ 13.04.1937 p4 Unilateral parking
CJ 23.04.1937 p11 Bad for shopping
CJ 14.05.1937 p8 Parking
CJ 11.06.1937 p8 Parking
CJ 22.10.1937 p1 Traders oppose one way system
CJ 22.10.1937 p4 City council’s solution
CJ 29.10.1937 p8 Opposition to plan
CJ 10.05.1938 p1 Proposed parking
CJ 13.05.1938 p4 Proposed parking
CJ 20.05.1938 p1 Proposed parking
ENS 01.07.1965 p1 Abandoned scheme
ENS 20.02.1966 p1 ‘Go’ for traffic plan
Civic Affairs 10/1967 pp1-3, map, Dealing with Carlisle’s traffic; one way system
Civic Affairs 1968 pp1-2, map, Future road system in city
CN 24.08.1973 p8 Map
CN 10.11.1989 pp1,52 Hitting traffic chaos for six
CN 10.11.1989 p52 (illus) The road ahead
CN 24.11.1989 p11 Engineers plan to stop traffic jams
CN 01.12.1989 p9 Two schemes to ease the traffic chaos
CN 08.12.1989 p48 Roads plan man invited to talks
CN 05.12.1989 p23 Call to reverse one way traffic
CN 19.01.1990 p15 Lights plan for traffic under fire
CN 03.08.1990 p3 Traffic protest at industry bid
CN 10.08.1990 p13 Residents fear road blockade
CN 16.11.1990 p1 Roadworks to order
CN 16.11.1990 p10 Roadworks go user friendly
CN 16.11.1990 p44 City industry protest grows
CN 06.09.1991 p8 City lines up a traffic survey
CN 11.06.1993 p3 New bid to cut traffic chaos
CN 26.06.1993 p3 Traffic battle looms in city
CN 13.08.1993 p5 Traffic congestion is city Tories worry
CN 01.10.1993 p1 Lowther Street next - 3 articles
CN 19.11.1993 p1 Revolutionary plan - Botchergate
CN 10.12.1993 p9 Pupils lives at risk if one way gets go ahead
CN 14.01.1994 p23 Road plan on hold - Strand Road
CN 14.01.1994 p23 We’re on bus route
CN 25.03.1994 p1 On yer bikes
CN 25.03.1994 p3 Leave cars at home
CN 25.03.1994 p5 Bridge work (Crown Street) to hit Easter trade
CN 18.11.1994 p3 Trams planned
CN 25.11.1994 p10 Taking the car out of Carlisle
CN 10.02.1995 p10 No minister you’re right off queue
CN 07.07.1995 p3 Park ride plan
CN 03.11.1995 p1 Doctors fight city route plan
CN 12.04.1996 p10 City junction prays for light relief - Victoria Viaduct
CN 07.06.1996 p6 Penalties for Carlisle fast drivers
CN 20.09.1996 p4 Danger spot crackdown
CN 20.09.1996 p1 Two city blackspots
CN 27.09.1996 p5 (illus) City camera-shy drivers kill their speed
CN 27.09.1996 p4 (illus) Parking hike would be suicidal warns councillor
CN 24.01.1997 p2 Shopkeepers fear that traffic plans will hit their trade
CN 20.06.1997 p5 Council consider charging to drive into city
CN 01.08.1997 p11 Bid to block traffic scheme fails
CN 08.08.1997 p5 Green light for city traffic
CN 19.12.1997 p3 Post Office parking made into traffic rank
CN 11.09.1998 pp12,21 A new dawn - plans for centre
CN 12.03.1999 p2 Plans to slow down ‘rat run’ - Denton Holme
CN 16.04.1999 p1 New micro roundabout
CN 11.06.1999 p1 Plan to make drivers pay to park on the streets
CN 11.06.1999 p1 Better public transport
CN 02.07.1999 p3 (illus) Future facing city’s drivers
CN 16.07.1999 p10 Botchergate
CN 13.08.1999 p1 Summer gridlock
CN 27.08.1999 p1 Back to school traffic adds 20% to jams
CN 27.08.1999 p12 Up Scotland Road
CN 10.09.1999 p5 Worst of roadworks over
CN 17.03.2000 p5 Danger crossing to be scrapped - Brampton Road
CN 25.08.2000 p3 Kingstown’s proposed new roundabout
CN 08.09.2000 p3 Estates get 20mph speed limits in new clampdown
CN 22.09.2000 p5 New one way system around Debenhams
CN 06.10.2000 p2 20mph speed limit comes under fire
CN 20.10.2000 p1 Double red lines at hospital
CN 20.10.2000 p1 Fears over Debenhams traffic as store opens
CN 01.12.2000 p5 Estates back 20mph plans
CN 29.12.2000 p2 £800,000 Kingstown traffic scheme; complaints
CN 11.05.2001 p5 Kingstown gyratory traffic scheme abandoned
CN 18.05.2001 p6 Harraby residents protest against speed humps
CN 25.05.2001 p7 Group of residents win campaign against speed bumps
CN 06.07.2001 p1 Two way traffic plan for Crescent
CN 20.07.2001 p13 Letter against proposed Crescent traffic plan
CN 28.12.2001 p3 New traffic schemes for Warwick Street and Drovers Lane
CN 18.01.2002 p5 Speed humps in Nelson Street relaid
CN 18.01.2002 p13 Letter saying developments at Rosehill will increase traffic
CN 01.02.2002 p3 Consultation over traffic shake up; two way Crescent traffic
CN 15.02.2002 p6 (diagram) New look plan for Crescent; consultation programme
CN 15.03.2002 p13 Letter against projected new traffic scheme for Crescent
CN 14.06.2002 p9 Bus and cycle lane on Botchergate to be removed
CN 13.09.2002 p1 Crescent traffic scheme on hold; opinion p 12
CN 11.10.2002 p1 Report on Carlisle traffic situation; opinion p12, letters p13
CN 18.10.2002 p13 Letters concerning traffic in Carlisle
CN 18.10.2002 p15 Crescent traffic scheme back on cards
CN 03.10.2003 p13Letter-proposed traffic scheme for English St/ Court Sq
CN 14.11.2003 p13 Letter against proposed 2 way traffic in Warwick Rd/Spencer St
CN 16.01.2004 p 5 Work starts on Crescent traffic scheme
CN 21.05.2004 p5 Crescent becomes 2 way last Monday

TRAFFIC WARDENS Started in Carlisle in July 1967
CN 19.05.1967 p1
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p68 Photo of new wardens in 1967
CN 15.06.2001 p1Plans for car park attendants; police traffic wardens cut last year
CN 08.03.2002 p13 Letter complaining about traffic warden
CN 31.05.2002 p13 Letters complaining about traffic wardens
CN 21.06.2002 p3 Crosby Street traders complain about traffic wadens
CN 26.07.2002 p6 Traffic Wardens told to go easy on disabled drivers; letter p13
CN 03.06.2005 p1 Top 10 places for illegal parking
CN 10.06.2005 p1City traffic wardens do have a quota
CN 16.01.2009 p4 Obit of man thought to be first warden; John Bushby

CN 23.08.1991 p16 ad

TRAINER, Peter Pavior, aged 35, employing 3 men, born Scotland, home address Charlotte St [1861 census]

CN 19.11.1993 Supplement
CN 30.10.1998 p13 Ad
CN 06.11.1998 p1 Senior managers axed

CN 14.06.1991 p7

1850 General Board of Health Enquiry. R.Rawlinson p60 Remarks on vagrants
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen ,p49, Dodie, tramp in 1930s
CN 06.02.2004 p1 3 Photo and remembrance of Irish Tinker from 1930s

TRAMS Laying of track began 04.09.1899; first tram ran 30.06.1900; trams withdrawn 21.11.1931; in December 1930 it was reported that there were 5.73 miles of tramway, of which 3.62 miles were single track and 2.11 double tracked; there were 14 cars with a total seating capacity of 592 people; the average speed of the cars was 7.1 mph and the average fare per passenger paid was 1.42d; total passengers for the last complete year were 2, 379, 023 [ City Council Minutes. 01.12.1930]
See G.S.Hearse Tramways of the city of Carlisle , 2nd ed 1978,1BC 629
Cumbria Volume 34 pp616-617
CJ 10.09.1937 p1 CN 07.04.1951 p5 (illus) CN 08.12.1951 p4
CN 24.04.1954 p1 CN 04.09.1970 p14 CN 15.10.1976 p10 (illus)
CN 20.11.1981 p4 (illus)
City Council Minutes 1878/79 pp 256 -
City Council Minutes 1896/97 pp 55 - 86 Report upon application for tramway
CP 14.01.1898 p6c Requesting consent to construct tramways
City Minutes 1899-1900 pp377- 380 Tramways; byelaws
City Minutes 1899-1900 p 440 List of Tramway Driver’s Licences; p441 Conductor’s
Beatys’ Northern Directory 1901 p13 Tramways Timetable
CN 21.04.1917 p3 Tramway strike
CN 28.04.1917 p3 Tramway strike
CJ 24.06.1921 p7 Eden Bridges
CJ 01.07.1921 pp6,9 Eden Bridges
01.12.1930 City Council minutes; report on tramway and problems
CJ 10.09.1937 p1 Lifting of tramlines
CJ 21.01.1949 p5 (illus) First day
CN 11.04.1968 p10 (illus) On Eden Bridge
CN 12.12.1969 p14 Breakdown service
CN 15.04.1988 p5 Plan to rescue old city tram
CN 24.11.1989 p4 Horses pulled first bus service
CN 19.10.1990 p4 When a city tram ride could be had
CN 30.08.1991 p14 City’s last tram may be saved
CN 22.11.1991 p12 (illus) Golden days or a golden daze
CN 18.11.1994 p2 Trams planned
CN 25.11.1994 p10 Taking the car out of Carlisle
CN 02.12.1994 p10 If Carlisle get its ‘peoplemovers’ it will be stepping back in time
CN 18.07.1997 p10 The rise and fall of the Carlisle tramways
CN 04.04.2003 p1 Part of tramshed burns down
CN 28.11.2003 p9 Article on tram accidents in city
CN 19.08.2005 p56 Carlisle surviving tramcar to be auctioned
CN 09.09.2005 p13 Letter concerning above sale

CN 27.11.1987 p5 Design business is in top gear

See also Airport; Bus Services; Canal; Coaching; Motorcycling; Motoring; Railways; Traffic; Trams
CN 07.06.1991 p5 Transport policy site call
CN 30.04.1993 p9 Bid to put city on the map

CN 03.11.1989 p9 City could lose transport relic
CN 25.01.1991 p4 Isolated city of cobbled streets
CN 16.12.1994 p10 Transport - horse carriages

TRAVEL TEAM, St Cuthbert’s Lane
CN 03.10.2008 p3 Merges with Key Travel


TRAEVL LODGE, Cecil street
CN 25.04.2008 p14 Opens in former GPO premises on Cecil Street

TREASURY COURT; between Scoth Street and Fisher Street. So named because the Corporation built their Treasury building here circa 1905, a large brick building which has a front onto Fisher Street and extends along the north side of the court
CJ 10.07.1903 p5 Town Council applied to borrow £6,500 for the purchase of Mr Baty’s property in Fisher Street. The surveyor submitted plans for the conversion of the premises into municipal offices at an estimated cost of £1,000
CJ 21.04.1905 p5 The new municipal offices in Fisher Street are expected to be finished in July. The property was purchased from Messrs Thomas Baty and Sons, cabinet makers and covers an area of 1,155 square yards, including the garden at the back, and has a frontage of 76 feet. It is not intended to alter the front [onto Fisher St] but the remaining portion of the property is being reconstructed in order to provide municipal offices
CJ 05.09.1905 p6 New Fisher St offices completed. The entrance to the Treasurer’s Dept., which occupies the whole of the old warehouse except the shop and the room over it in Fisher St, is reached by a passage from Fisher St. The Sanitary department, whch will be entered from Fisher Street, is in the old house, which was occupied by Mrs Baty

CJ 11.03.1870 Mayor inagurates Portland Sq gardens by planting a trees
CN 02.06.1989 p4 City planted trees to mark the big festival
CN 27.10.1989 p13 City centre tree scheme underway
CN 19.05.1995 p10 Commemorative tree planting - history
CN 29.03.2002 p6 Borderway Mart tree in memory of foot and mouth devastation
CN 06.06.2003 p13 Letter complaining trees have been planted on Castlegreen
CN 12.03.2004 p14 Two cherry trees planted in St Cuthberts Churchyard

Jefferson, S History...Carlisle,1838, p111 Mary Queen of Scots trees cut down 1804
Trans. of the Carlisle Natural History Society, Vol 5, 1933 Trees in Carlisle
CN 07.03.2003 p3 Diseased tree to be chopped down in St Cuthbert’s yard
12.07.2003 Tree in St Cuthbert’s yard now in logs
CN 02.12.2005 p7 Tree planting ceremony at cemetery to relacetrees lost in Jan.

CN 28.01.1994 p19 Cumbria’s Trefoil Guild celebrates a diamond year
CN 18.05.2001 p6 Trefoil’s Guilds AGM in Carlisle tomorrow; 1300 tickets sold
CN 25.05.2001 p16 (illus) AGM in Carlisle

TRENCH, J.W. Scotch Street
Shoe shop
CD 1952 Ad p264
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad inside front cover
CD 1955-56 Ad pii
CD 1961-62 Ad pxxii

TRENDIES BISTRO Kennedy Centre-Lonsdale Street
CN 22.08.1997 p1 New bistro treat
CN 10.09.1999 p5 Plans to make best nightspot in town


City Minutes 1891-92 p261 Approval for a new street
City Minutes 1894-95 p 302 Approval for 20 houses

1861 census 362 people living in Trinity Buildings
CP 24.12.1874 Ad; 80 tenements known as Trinity Buildings for sale

Carlisle Examiner 07.09.1858 p2f Carlisle Examiner 06.09.1859 p2d


TRINITY CHURCH SCHOOL Caldewgate, Caldcotes near site of railway bridge ; erected in 1842 (Mannix 1847 p139); and adverts in Feb 1843 for a master and mistress; closed 1915
City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 p2 iIllustration of school [erected 1842 - closed 1915] 1BC 370. Headmaster about 1847 Mr Smith and his assistant Tom Coulthard
CP 16.12.1870 Total nos on register 240, in attendance 178
CN 29.08.2008 p38 History by Denis Perriam

CN 23.11.1990 p3 Threat school wins accolade
CN 23.11.1990 p7 Bid to save school
CN 14.12.1990 p21 School fights shake up
CN 08.02.1991 p9 Head calms fears over city shake up
CN 17.05.1991 p1 Cash caining for city school
CN 24.05.1991 p13 School stays open pledge
CN 05.07.1991 p11 School sure of opt out voting
CN 06.09.1991 p3 Trinity in opt out bid
CN 11.10.1991 p11 Trinity School opt out backed by Tory
CN 29.01.1993 p9 £350,000 science lift for school
CN 19.05.1995 p3 Pupils mount campaign to save jobs
CN 09.06.1995 p1 School strife
CN 04.08.1995 p5 Trinity in the business of languages
CN 05.04.1996 p3 Sandstone menace closes school’s door
CN 13.06.1997 p10 When school days were ale and hearty
CN 12.09.1997 p16 School steps bravely out on a new mission
CN 21.11.1997 p10 If you don’t do your homework I’ll send you to the Chief Exec.
CN 19.06.1998 p17 Trinity awarded language centre status
CN 28.08.1998 p12 Comprehensive success - 30 years
CN 25.09.1998 p15 Old boys recall their days
CN 19.11.1999 p3 Radio station on air
CN 20.10.2000 p17 Bid to raise £35,000 for new library
CN 26.10.2001 p18 (illus) Gourmet school canteen
CN 25.01.2002 p3 Alan Mottershead new headmaster in September
CN 16.09.2005 p3 Trinity School Leisure Centre to be opened by James Hickman
CN 17.02.2006 p9 Sports hall reopens after floods
CN 21.04.2006 p1 Inspector’s report say school ‘satisfactory’; 1,850 pupils

Carlisle Examiner 30.12.1858 p2c Triplets in Caldewgate
Carlisle Examiner 04.01.1859 p2c Triplets in Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 06.01.1859 p3d Triplets in Carlisle
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p180 Wroe,Westmorland and Holmes;photos

TRITSCHLER, William English Street; William and brother Jacob, aged 32 and 24 respectively, born Germany, both jewellers, home address Peascod’s Lane [1851 census]
J.Penfold Clockmakers of Cumberland pp74-75 flourished in city circa 1847-77
CJ 05.06.1847 p2a W.Tritschler removed to 28 English Street
1851 Ward’s North of England Directory Ads p2
CP 03.05.1856 p1 Ad; Geneva watchmaker on premises
1861 Morris and Harrison Directory p2 28 English St
Carlisle Diocesan Diretory 1872; ad
CP 07.04.1876 p1a In liquidation; sale of goods
1891 census; H.Tritschler, widower, aged 65, employed as a working jeweller, born Baden Germany, home 19 Lowther Street, living with his daughter, Marie, aged 32, born Carlisle


TRUSTEES SAVINGS BANK Lowther Street;established ‘early 1818’
CN 31.07.1970 p1 Carlisle bank to be rebuilt
CN 26.05.1972 Supplement (illus)
CN 15.11.1974 p8 Ad
CN 28.11.1975 p17 Merger
CN 17.06.1988 pp14-15 Ad feature following restoration
CN 30.08.1996 p1 Bank acccused of killing market
CN 05.03.1999 p13 Carlisle’s Athenaeum


CN 20.06.2008 p16 Established 1978 by Jack and Joan North

CN 12.02.1993 p11 Celebrating 50 years
CN 05.03.1993 p4 Photograph

City Minutes 1913-14 pp590-595 76 deaths from all types in 1912
1931 Report of Sanitary Administration for Carlisle p 35-49
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1952 pp42-53 56 deaths in year
Medical Officer of Health Annual report 1969 pp 49 on Review from 1881

TUETHUR No 10 St James Rd; ‘Tuethur,’ built 1923; designed by Sir Robert Lorimer; James Morton stayed here Tuesday to Thursday, hence the name
Three generations in a Family Textile Firm, J.Morton, pp312-13 Description

TULLIE HOUSE MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY Dated 1689 on lead rainwater head for Thomas Tullie, later Dean of Carlisle; mid 18th century alterations and additions 12.08.1890 Tullie House presented to Corporation; foundation stone of extension laid 26.05.1892; 08.11.1893 extensions completed and opened as Museum and Public Library; redevelopment opened by Queen Elizabeth II 1991
See also Libraries; Guildhall; Museums
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp 344-64 Excavations of Roman remains at Tullie Hse site
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 6 Tullie House and Old Carlisle pp 31-41
CAIH p53 Tullie House; photo of extension in 1892
CWAAS 1988, Volume 88 Before Tullie House
CN 17.09.1954 p9 CN 24.09.1954 p13 CN 08.10.1954 p3 CJ 26.11.1965 p12
CN 03.07.1970 p8 CN 11.10.1974 p10 CN 20.08.1976 p21
CN 24.09.1976 pp1,8 CN 18.02.1977 p8 CN 13.05.1977 p7 CN 03.04.1978 p1 CN 19.05.1978 p4 CN 15.09.1978 pp1-3
City Minutes 1889-90 p 312 Subscription opened for purpose of buying Tullie Hse
CJ 10.11.1893 pp5-7 Opening ceremony
City Minutes 1924-25 p434 Carmichael Northumberland drawings sold to Laing
ENS 28.11.1927 p2 A new technical school at Tullie House
City Minutes 1927-28 pp250-255 Report on need for more accommodation
City Minutes 1928-9 p601 present accommodation; proposals
CN 26.10.1929 p4 Testimonial to a retiring curator (L.Hope)
CN 02.11.1929 p9 The fine arts in Carlisle a century ago
CJ 17.01.1939 p5 Famous artists secret signature (J.M.Turner)
CJ 16.11.1943 p2 50th Anniversary
CN 04.12.1943 p6 50th Anniversary
CJ 10.12.1943 p4 Notable Jubilee
CN 23.04.1949 p5 History
CN 21.05.1949 p5 (illus) Commerorative medallion
CN 28.05.1949 p5 Commemorative medallion
CN 18.04.1953 Successful attempt to restore atmosphere of Tullie House
CN 18.06.1954 Tullie House garden excavations; R.Hogg
CN 25.06.1954 (illus) Tullie House garden excavations; R.Hogg
CN 08.10.1954 p3 History of the house ands occupants
CN 15.07.1955 Excavations restarted in Tullie House gardens
CN 22.07.1955 (illus) Roman relics found under Tullie House gardens
CN 19.08.1955 Excavations at Tullie House are completed
CN 26.08.1955 Importance of Tullie House excavations; letter from Eric Birley
ENS 02.06.1956 Tullie House excavations-photo
CN 08.06.1956 Work restarted on final season’s excavations in Tullie House
CN 29.06.1956 Excavations in progress at Tullie House
CN 25.02.1966 Ernest Blezard, Keeper of Natural Histiry, to retire after 40 years
ENS 05.11.1966 p3 Give us our own museum
CN 11.10.1974 (illus) R.Hogg - Museum has been brightening its image
CN 31.10.1975 p6 Need for expansion
ENS 21.09.1976 Carlisle Museum bores people says city councillor
Cumbria May 1977 pp90-92 (illus)
CN 01.07.1977 p6 To charge entry?
ENS 28.01.1978 p8 (illus) Job creation scheme means better cataloguing
ENS 05.02.1979 Tullie House to get first full time arts and exhibition officer
ENS 11.08.1979 Complaint that museum displays nothing on city railway history
ENS 11.08.1979 Treasure hunter claims his coin donation not acknowledged
ENS 21.04.1980 Tullie House closes because of rewiring crisis; shut for months?
CN 23.10.1981 p26 Expansion
Cumbria Volume 36 No 8 p460 Proposed development
CN 21.02.1986 p4 Tullie Houe opening was red letter day
CN 12.05.1989 p4 Tullie House a vital part of the city
CN 12.05.1989 p1 Museum coins it in
CN 19.05.1989 p23 Tullie House plans
CN 28.07.1989 pp12,25 Wind of change - £3.6m
CN 04.08.1989 p4 City museum named after family
CN 01.09.1989 p9 Museum shuts the door
CN 13.10.1989 p12 Hitting the roof
CN 24.11.1989 p7 A look at ‘new’ museum
CN 15.12.1989 p4 Crowning a chequered history
CN 27.04.1990 p13 Finding museum exhibits on site
CN 04.05.1990 p7 City find is unique in Roman history
CN 02.11.1990 p13 City museum that’s right on scedule
CN 30.11.1990 p11 New look museum’s a winner
CN 14.12.1990 p23 Museum opening
CN 04.01.1991 p9 Museum entry cards
CN 11.01.1991 p5 Top royal visitor for £5m museum
CN 11.01.1991 p1 Museum aims to be pacemaker
CN 18.01.1991 p5 Queen aims to see city museum
CN 15.02.1991 p3 No space museum will store top pottery
CN 22.03.1991 p9 Gallery opens
CN 05.04.1991 p7 Tullie House gallery launch
CN 24.05.1991 p48 Museum show sparks protest
CN 24.05.1991 p10 Pull of city’s past pays off for the present
CN 31.05.1991 p5 Museum has treats in store
CN 21.06.1991 p27 New museum celebrates a century
Cumbria Life Feb/March 1991 no 15 pp38-39 2A 9
CN 19.07.1991 p1 Earl’s fury at museum snubb
CN 26.07.1991 p22 Leisure chief hits back in museum row
CN 02.08.1991 p5 Museum hiccup
CN 23.08.1991 p1 Train stop needed
CN 30.08.1991 p14 City’s last tram may be saved
Cumbria September 1991 p41
CN 22.11.1991 p1 Honour hope
CN 27.03.1992 p9 Windfall for city museum
CN 31.12.1992 p1 Louise picks a prize card
CN 28.05.1993 p3 Cash boost for gold neck ring
CN 15.10.1993 p9 Tullie House switch on means its going greener
CN 12.11.1993 p10 Celebrating 100 years dedication
Cumbria Life March/April 1994 Issue no 33 p72 2A 9
CN 25.03.1994 p12 Museum’s new ‘resident’ will guide blind visitors
CN 01.04.1994 p10 (illus) A little bit of history - old Tullie House facelift
CN 28.10.1994 p15 Museum sound guide
CN 02.12.1994 p3 Cuts face museum
CN 13.01.1995 p11 History of clocktower
CN 31.03.1995 p3 £70,000 arts plan
CN 07.04.1995 p13 Down the Roman altar
CN 24.11.1995 p6 Tullie House goes for hard sell
CN 29.12.1995 p1 Tullie House boss ‘on leave’ as chiefs look into marketing
CN 05.01.1996 p16 Happy 5th birthday
CN 12.01.1996 pp3,10 Council must act over Tullie House
CN 15.03.1996 p4 Arts show partners win award
CN 05.04.1996 p9 Hero garden gives rare flavour to museum
ENS 03.06.1996 p1 (illus) Tullie House name that confuses city tourists
CN 21.06.1996 p5 (illus) Tullie time project
CN 24.01.1997 p3 Museum’s sitting pretty with a loo of the year
CN 28.03.1997 p3 Grant
CN 15.08.1997 p16 Council’s blueprint for £8.5m ‘House of History’
CN 28.11.1997 p3 (illus) Timeless memorial for Jean
CN 03.04.1998 p1 Beatles guitar
Cumbria Life May/June 1998 no 58 p11Supplement 2A 9
CN 08.05.1998 p12 Sumptuos city home - Tullie family
CN 29.05.1998 p4 Museum joins UK campaign
CN 23.12.1998 p7 Saddle find
Cumbria Life August 1999 issue 65 p7 Supplement
CN 10.12.1999 p5 Carlisle’s unseen treasures
CN 04.02.2000 pp6-7 Ad
CN 03.03.2000 p3 Work of ‘light artist’
CN 09.03.2001 p5 Escalating costs of Rotunda and Millennium Gallery
CN 27.07.2001 p1 Millenium underground gallery to open on Tuesday
CN 03.08.2001 p3 (Illus) Millennium Gallery opens; first visitors last Wednesday
CN 28.09.2001 p3 (illus) Millennium Gallery Cursing Stone upsets vicar
CN 05.10.2001 p1 Bishop calls for curse to be lifted on Stone; letters p13
CN 12.10.2001 p3 Stone gives city council headache; letters page 13
CN 19.10.2001 p13 Letters concerning cursing stone
CN 26.10.2001 p13 Letters concerning the cursing stone
CN 05.07.2002 p3 Director of Tullie House,Sharon McKee, leaves
CN 27.12.2002 p8 Birth pangs of Tullie House; D.Perriam
CN 15.08.2003 p1 Tories vow that Tullie House stays public
CN 25.02.2005 p13 letter concerning cursing stone and recent local disasters
CN 04.03.2005 p1 Gordon Young, sculptor of stone, says blaming stone stupid
CN 04.03.2005 p13 Letters concerning cursing stone
CN 11.03.2005 p1 Bishop of Carlisle enters debate on cursing stone; opinion p12
CN 11.03.2005 p13 Letters concerning the curse
CN 18.03.2005 p1 Psychic astrologer exorcises stone
CN 14.03.2008 p11 New social history gallery opens
ACQUISITIONS; see also paintings below
1892 Acquire Fisher Collection CWAAS ns Vol 7 p33
City Minutes 1926-27 p445 Gift of Roman golden necklet found in city
CJ 17.11.1939 p1 Valuable acquisition of Barnacle Goose
CJ 23.12.1949 Silver cup donated by Major Salkeld
CJ 23.04.1950 Musical instruments donated by Mounsey-Heysham
CN 06.10.1951 Arms of Glovers Guild, circa 1899,given
ENS 15.02.1984 Dr Cherry gives collection of flints
CN 05.08.1994 p12 John Pell collection left to Tullie House
CN 22.12.2006 p31 Article on Amati violin
Cumbria April 1977 pp14-16 (illus) Clothes collection
CN 02.11.1929 p10 Exhibition of works
CJ 21.07.1939 p10 Rothenstein exhibition at Tullie House
CJ 12.01.1945 p3 Lists of artists exhibiting
CJ 09.02.1945 p1 Sokol, Czech cartoon exhibition
CJ 13.02.1945 p1 (illus) Sokol, Czech cartoon exhibition
CJ 27.02.1945 p1 Royal Watercolour Society art exhibition
CJ 13.03.1945 p1 Fritz Kramer art exhibition
CJ 20.03.1945 p1 Fritz Kramer art exhibition
CJ 30.08.1946 p3 British Textiles Exhibition
CJ 04.10.1946 p4 New Scottish Group art exhibition
CJ 22.10.1946 p3 New Scottish Group art exhibition
CJ 11.10.1946 p6 Exhibition of Community Association
CJ 28.04.1950 Exhibition by Theodore Major
CJ 19.05.1950 Exhibition by Theodore Major
CN 20.05.1950 Exhibition by Theodore Major
CN 16.09.1950 Exhibition by Leonard Appelbee
CJ 17.11.1950 Examples of Bantu art at Tullie House
CN 25.11.1950 (illus) African native art at Carlisle
CJ 01.12.1950 ‘Darkest Africa’
CN 17.11.1951 Exhibition of John Harden paintings
CJ 22.02.1952 Exhibition of French Impressionist aintings
CN 21.06.1952 F.G.Meekley’s paintings
CJ 24.06.1952 Meekley memorial exhibition opened
ENS 02.02.1953 p6 Exhibition by H.Daniel
CN 25.04.1953 (illus) Exhibition of local samplers
CN 09.01.1954 Exhibition of work of Charles Ginner
CJ 11.06.1954 9th Earl of Carlisle’s paintings on show
CN 11.06.1954 Pictures of 9th Earl of Carlisle on show
CJ 12.12.1954 Exhibition of Rembrandt’s etchings
ENS 13.06.1955 Norman Alford Exhibition
CN 17.06.1955 Norman Alford exhibition
CJ 17.01.1956 Local art students work opened by Mervyn Levy
ENS 08.03.1976 p8 (illus) State Management exhibition
CN 20.08.1976 p21 Wedding dress exhibition
CN 11.05.1979 p6 (illus) Buttons exhibition
ENS 01.10.1981 pp10-11 Exhibition of Glasgow prisoners art
CN 13.08.1982 Letters concerning ‘Presences of Nature Exhibition’
CN 20.08.1982 Letters concerning ‘Precences of Nature Exhibition’
CN 10.11.2000 p1 The beasts of Naworth are back on show
CN 15.03.2002 pp1,19 Turner’s Coniston painting on show in July
CN 29.03.2002 p33 Artist Ken Currie’s work
CN 12.07.2002 pp1, 12 Farming exhibition; Damien Hirst work
CN 19.07.2002 pp1,29 ‘Love,Labour and Loss’ opens tonight
CN 16.08.2002 p5 ‘Love, Labour..’ Exhibition gets national coverage
CN 06.09.2002 p17 Thousands flock to exhibition; 1,400 per week
CN 04.10.2002 p12 Anne Frank Exhibition
CN 24.10.2003 p13 Letter critical of Blue Streak exhibition
CN 07.11.2003 p13 Letter defending Blue Streak exhibition
CJ 22.03.1938 pp 3,6 CJ 25.03.1938 p7 (illus) CN 26.03.1938 p3
CN 09.10.1970 pp5, 14 Friends
CN 11.12.1970 p8 (illus) Founded
CN 30.04.1971 p15 Inaugurated
CN 22.12.2000 p11 Ralph May, 15 years as Chairman of FOTH
CN 30.06.1967 p22 (illus)
City Minutes 1889-90 Gift of birds from Rev Macpherson accepted
CJ 27.09.1938 p5 Increasing facilities for study of natural history
CJ 17.11.1939 p1 Acquisition of Barnacle Goose
CN 04.05.2007 p29 Feature on Stephen Hewitt, keeper of Natural History
PAINTINGS; Bewteen 1933 - 1975 Carlisle City Council gave £100 per year rising to £200 to a panel of artists to establish an art collection for the city; the advisers were Carol Weight, Sir William Rothenstein, Edward Le Bas and Roger de Grey; the collection they built up contains work by L.S.Lowry, Peter Blake, Lucien Pisarro, Stanley Spencer and Paul Nash
CJ 18.05.1894 p5 Display of 6 oil paintings by John White Abott; Provost’s
City miinutes 1932-33 pp 300-303. Details of new aquisition policy; adviser
Sir William Rothenstein
CJ 16.05.1952 Mayor’s portrait by H.Daniel hung in TullieHouse
CJ 31.05.1952 (Illus) Portrait of Mayor by H.Daniel defaced
CN 26.06.1970 p1 Art gallery - vandalised paintings
CN 07.03.1975 p9 Paintings stolen
Cumbria March 1977 pp702-03
CN 17.02.1978 Nutter paintings left by S.Graham to Tullie House
CN 18.08.1989 p11 Bid to throw new light on painting
CN 22.09.1995 p4 Rare painting comes to city - Nutter
CN 17.11.1995 p1 (illus) City hangs the hero Duke high
CN 23.09.2005 p3 128 major paintings in collection go on show
CN 21.10.2005 p13 Letter; paintings need permanent display
CN 11.11.2005 p13 Letters supporting permanent display
PORCELIAN COLLECTION - bequethed by J.Williamson of Seascale
CN 18.05.1973 p11 (illus) Arthur Negus says it’s is magnificent
CN 07.03.2008 p413 Letter concerning ‘hidden away’ collection
ROUTLEDGE COLLECTION OF STAMPS Belonged to George Routledge of Tarn Lodge Castle Carrock who died in 1934
ENS 13.10.1977 pp4-5 (illus) History of collection and future
Slee, M Older Carlisle and Round About p5 (illus)

TULLIE STREET On the electoral registers from 1894
CN 14.01.2005 p13 Tullie Street and the Great Flood

TUNNEL HOUSE In local directory for 1858

TURF INN Built 1839-40 as grandstand for race course
CJ 08.03.1968 p1 CN 12.01.1973 p15
CN 16.03.1979 p1 (illus) CN 30.03.1979 p4 (illus) CN 06.04.1979 p10 (illus)
CN 13.11.1981 p5
CJ 27.06.1840 Building almost completed
CJ 20.06.1846 Proprietor of Angel Inn and London Tavern taken Turf
CJ 27.02.1852 To be let for a term of 3 or 5 years
CJ 19.02.1858 Turf Hotel to let
1861 census Hugh Johnston, publican, aged 43,
CJ 03.07.1883 New stand at Swifts
1891 census, George Steel, innkeeper, aged 64, born Walby
CJ 07.06.1895 New addition to grandstand
CJ 05.01.1900 p6a Carlisle Race Stand Co
CJ 09.01.1900 p3b Carlisle Race Stand Co Annual Meeting
Carlisle in Camera 2 p40 photo of bowling green and facade of Turf Inn
ENS 21.08.1969 p6 Inn of Cumbria
ENS 26.09.1973 supp p3 Turf’s colourful history
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p35 drawing of Turf
CN 04.03.1988 p11 Old inn will get new life
CN 04.11.1988 p16 Ad feature - reopening
CN 25.08.1989 p18 Here’s a romantic setting
CN 15.12.1989 p4 Sporting memories of city eating house
ENS 12.04.2001 p5 Pub undergone £229,000 refit

CN 29.11.1996 p1 Record rush gobbles up birds



TURNBULL, George Spirit Merchant, died 21.10.1870 [Monumental Inscrciption 70/22]

TURNBULL’S Blackwell Road, Boundry Road
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p266

CN 17.01.1997 p1 (illus) Complaining customer wins refund - then gets barred

TURNER, George Botchergate
CP 25.12.1866 p1b; grocer relinquishes business after 18 years

TURNER, H Junction Street
Private hire
CD 1955-56 Ad pp 265, 286

TURNER, J New Market
CD 1952 Ad p162

TURNER, James Aerated water manufacturer noted in the diretory for 1897 at Rickergate. On the 1901 census he is noted again as an aerated water manufacturer, aged 65, born Scotland, living at 3 West Tower Street. I have seen a bottle embossed James Turner, Eden Vale Works, Carlisle, with their lily motif

The following Turnpike Trusts radiated from Carlisle; Newcastle-Carlisle Military Road, inaugurated 1747, dissolved 1877. In 1811 the Cumberland section of the road formed a separate trust and was subsequently called the Carlisle-Temon Trust, nearest Toll gate to city Crosby; Carlisle-Eamont Bridge Trust inaugurated 1753 dissolved 1883, nearest Toll gate to city Harraby; Carlisle-Skillbeck Trust inaugurated 1767, dissolved 1828, nearest Tollgate to city Cummersdale; Carlisle-Glasgow Trust inaugurated 1815, dissolved 1883; Carlisle-Cockermouth Trust inaugurated 1824 dissolved 1883; Carlisle-Brampton Trust inaugurated 1828, dissolved 1876, nearest Toll gate to city Botcherby.(Source L.A.Williams Road Transport in Cumbria...1975 pp214)

TURNSTONE PARK [Former Creighton Rugby Ground]
CN 18.08.2006 p73 Story Homes Development

TUSSAUD’S WAXWORKS In Carlisle 07.06.1828
CN 07.05.1965 p12 CN 02.04.1971 p14

TWEDDELL, Isaac Warwick Road
CD 1920 Ad p207
CD 1924 Ad p286
CD 1927 Ad p296

TWEDDLE, George; Junior English Street; Devonshire Street; The Crescent
Hatter; sportwear
Leading Trader of the City Ad p41 A616
CP 08.01.1867 p1 ‘Sign of the Golden Hat’; furs, hats
CD 1880 Ad pxvi
CD 1902-03 Ad p7
CD 1905-06 Ad p73
CD 1907-08 Ad p64
Carlisle in Camera 2 p54 photo of shop before 1910
CD 1910-11 Ad p57
CD 1913-14 Ad p86
CD 1927 Ad p232 Established over 60 years

TWEDDLE, Henry Painter and glazier, aged 52, employing 9 men, home address 5 Lowther Street, born Temple Sowerby [1851 census]; painter and glazier, aged 61, employing men and apprentices, born Temple Sowerby, home 5 Lowther St [1861 census]

TWEDDLE, Isaac Carter employing 2 men, aged 45, home address Sowerby Street, Botchergate, born Tarraby [1851 census]

TWEDDLE, Tom St Cuthbert’s Lane
Wine and spirit merchant
CD 1893-94 Ad p231

TWEEDDALE, Thomas Coach and harness maker
CJ 21.10.1826 p1c Ad

Coach and harness manufactory
1834 Pigot’s Diretory Tweedale And Barton, Blackfriars St, coach builders
CJ 20.02.1847 p2c Established 20 years

TWEEDY, J and Co Railway engineers; taken over by Tyer and Co in May 1898; 1927 Carlisle works closed
Carlisle an illustrated history p72 Staff photo during WWI
CJ 17.05.1912 Messrs Tyer and Co

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

TWENTYMAN, Joseph Manufacturer, died 09.01.1806 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 222]

See also Flensburg; Slupsk
CN 21.12.1990 p22 Pat on back for city

CN 26.11.1993 p40 Ad
CN 18.04.2008 p15 Twisted Wheel closes. Tom Foster opened as Pink Panther; renamed Twisted Wheel 4 years later

TWO CASTLES HOUSING ASSOCIATION Derives name from two castle in Carlisle and Newcastle; exists to provide and manage good quality housing; a non profit making mutual society
ENS 22.11.1977 p8 (illus) Sinclair Court
CN 03.04.1987 p40 Bishops Close opened by Princess Anne
CN 01.07.1988 p7 Flats scheme is underway
CN 01.09.1989 p13 City office plans turn to ashes
CN 11.10.1991 p23 New homes for the old folk
CN 24.04.1992 p1 £9m backing for 200 new homes
CN 30.10.1992 p27 Praise for housing group
CN 14.04.1995 p1 £20m homes plan
CN 09.02.1996 p12 Hi-tech castles help more homes
CN 22.12.2006 p4 Celebrates 40 years; now owns and manages 3,300 properties

CN 16.06.2006 p 16 Open in Lowther Street

2 FRUITS Botchergate
CN 14.11.2003 p14 Opens on Botchergate; fruiterers. M.Webster and M.McGuire


1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

TYLER, H.P. English Street; Botchergate
CD 1893-94 Ad page pink inside cover
CD 1934 Ad p116
CD 1937 Ad p96

City Minutes 1891-92 p 261 Approval for new street

TYPHUS FEVER In 1782 Dr Heysham published Account of Gaol Fever (otherwise Typhus) which appeared in Carlisle in 1781; In Carlisle October 1822
City Minutes 1891-92 p264-268 Outbreak of typhus; some historical detail
City Minutes 1907-08 p149-152 Remarkable; almost non existence; some history
City minutes 1909-10 p411-414 Typhus fever outbreak in city
CN 07.12.1929 p9 Carlisle’s old time diseases

TYRE SERVICES (Carlisle) Ltd Metcalfe St; Durranhill Estate
CD 1952 Ad p392
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p282
CD 1955-56 Ad p289
CD 1961-62 Ad p301
CD 1966-68 Ad p304
CJ 06.01.1967 p9 (illus)

TYRES (SCOTLAND) Blackfriars Street
CD 1952 Ad p391

TYSON, Peter West Tower Street
Television sales
CN 29.03.1974 pp16-17 (illus) Opening of new premises
CN 14.03.1997 p26 Surrounded by hi-fi