Robert Burns Inn - Rydal Street Methodist Church

ROBERT BURNS INN St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directories 1834 - 1837

ROBERT FERGUSON PRIMARY SCHOOL Foundation stone of Robert Ferguson School, Morley Street, laid 07.10.1879 (plaque); opened 03.11.1880; enlarged in 1885 and 1894; school moved to site of Robert Ferguson Secondary School on Denton Street; Primary School formed 31.08.1992 from the amalgamation of Robert Ferguson Junior and Infant Schools
CJ 05.11.1880 Opening of Denton Holme Board Schools
CJ 09.04.1897 p5 Obit of Mrs Brunt, Headmistress of school
CJ 29.11.1901 p5 Obit of Fred Brunt, first head of school
CN 09.01.1998 p8 Adult learners to benefit from school computer plan
CN 09.02.2001 p16 Ofsted report
CN 27.07.2001 p7 (illus) Most of former school at Morley Street demolished

ROBERT FERGUSON SECONDARY SCHOOL Opened 1904 as a Senior Mixed School, with Mr T Long as Headmaster, closed July 1970
CN 07.08.1970 p14 CN 21.08.1970 p12
CP 02.09.1904 p6 Opening school
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p77 Photo 1938 School Empire Day parade
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p78 Girls class photo 1940
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p 78 photo of W Eite headmaster for 31 years

ROBERTS, E.T. The Crescent; started 1928
Music shop
Carlisle in Archive photos, p87 1951 photo of facade
CD 1952 Ad p363
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p5
CD 1955-56 Ad p5
CD 1961-62 Ad p287
CD 1966-68 Ad p286
CN 17.09.1938 p19 CN 10.10.1980 p9
CN 24.01.1969 p11 (illus) New premises

ROBERTS, Edwin S Botchergate
Radio House
CD 1931 Ad p14

ROBERTS, Henry D.H. Ltd
Makers of cap peaks and chinstraps
CN 03.10.1969 p1 Review of Industry 2B 609

ROBERTSON English Street
Hatter, shirtmaker, hosier and glover
CD 1880 Ad page back 1
CD 1884-85 Ad p283
1890s photo Carlisle in Camera 1 p23
CD 1902-03 Ad p14

ROBERTSON, George C Holme Works, Norfolk Street
Joiners and building contractors
CD 1952 Ad p328
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p227
CD 1955-56 Ad p228
CD 1961-62 Ad p281
CD 1966-68 Ad p277

ROBERTSON, James 69 English St
Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p23; hat manufacturer; engraving of outside

ROBERTSON, R.S. 3 English St
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p11 Hat and cap manufacturer

See also Rathbones
CD 1952 Ad p260
CD 1966-68 Ad p253
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad CN 10.07.1981 p10
ENS 10.09.1977 p1 Bread strike
ENS 12.09.1977 p1 Break strile
ENS 13.09.1977 p1 Bread strike
ENS 14.09.1977 p1 Bread strike
ENS 15.09.1977 p1 Bread strike
CN 05.06.1987 p11 Ad feature
CN 07.10.1994 p3 Bakery sold for £750,000
CN 19.07.1996 p16 Bread, the stuff of life
CN 25.09.1998 p16 Tasty treat for 100th customer

CN 04.04.2003 p3 Closed cafe to become a cafe bar
CN 25.03.2005 p3 Cafe bar saved from closure
CN 08.04.2005 p2 Troubled bar closes

CN 14.05.2004 p14 New letting agency run by Mr and Mrs Roberts

ROBERT STREET Listed in Parson and White 1829 Directoryp154
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p127 Photo of street in 1927
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 Nos 4 and 8 unfit for human habitation

ROBIN HOOD INN Botchergate; in local directory for 1829

ROBINSON, Alexander and Sons Upperby
Linen man ufacturer
CN 16.09.1977 p4

ROBINSON, Craig Rosehill
CN 13.11.1998 p20 Ad Vets

ROBINSON, George Merchant Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

ROBINSON, George Draper, aged 48, employing 9 apprentices and miller, employing 9 men and 2 women, home address Spencer St, born Dalston

ROBINSON, H West Tower Street
Cycle mechanic
1901 census; Henry Robinson, cycle manufacurer, aged 40, born Coventry
CD 1902-03 Ad p18
CD 1905-06 Ad p88

ROBINSON, James Grocer, aged22, employing 2 boys, born Lazonby, home address portland Place [1861 census]

ROBINSON, James and Son Ltd Botchergate; James Street; Shaddongate (Eagle Stores); Lowther Street Business begun in 1860
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered p97 Eagles stores (illus)
CP 24.03.1882 p1 To let; James St ‘Eagle Mills’ recently occupied by J.Robinson
CN 10.12.1965 p1 (illus) Closing
CN 24.12.1965 p8 History

ROBINSON, John Grocer, aged 33, employing 3 apprentices, born Burgh, home address Chapel St

ROBINSON, John Warwick Road
Perambulators, bath chairs and safety bicycles
CD 1893-94 Ad p202 Established 1887
Carlisle in Camera 2 p53 photo of yard on Warwick Rd about 1904

ROBINSON, Joseph and Co Denton Mill
CN 21.07.1972 p10
CN 03.08.1990 p4 Making biscuits the speedy way

ROBINSON, Robert Brandy merchant Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

ROBINSON, Robert Wine merchant Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

ROBINSON, Thomas 125 Denton St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p 146 Grocer

ROBINSON BROTHERS LTD English Street; brothers set up shop in English Street in 1889; patnership later dissolved and Frank took over sole running; he retired in 1933 and Binns took over.
CIC p19 photo 1933 premises became Binns
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p45 photo of facade
City Minutes 1901-02 new premises English St/ St Cuthbert’s Lane
1928 Pageant Souvenir Ad inside front cover Carlisle and Dumfries; p14 unnumb.
CD 1931 Ad p44
CN 09.03.1946 p6 Obituary of Frank Robinson

1882 Porters Directory Ad p 146 Thomas Robinson, grocer, 125 Denton St
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p34
CD 1955-56 Ad p34
CD 1961-62 Ad p274
CD 1966-68 Ad p272
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p43 Photo of facade at 125 Denton St

City Council Minutes 1898/99 p70 Approval for new street; owner T.Robinson
City Minutes 1912-13 p585 Approval for 5 houses

Spinning Mill, Caldewgate, [A Picture of Carlisle and Diretory, printed for and by A.Henderson, in the Market Place, 1810 p 116]. Jollie’s 1811 Directory p84 cotton spinning mill lately burned down

Wholesale grocers
CD 1952 Ad p310

CN 17.09.1938 p19

ROBSON, George Tailor, employing 3 men and 3 boys, home address St Cuthbert’s Lane, born Carlisle [1861 census]

ROBSON, I.L. Warwick Road
CD 1952 Ad p210
Cumberland Direcctory 1954 Ad p231
CD 1955-56 Ad p235
ENS 04.11.1976 p17

ROBSON, John 53 English Street
M442 p24 Business receipt for sadler, trunk and harness maker

ROBSON, John Scotch Street
CD 1913-14 Ad p54
28.10.1915 John Robson, Pharmaceutical Chemist died [MI 203/64]
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p82
CD 1955-56 Ad p82
CD 1961-62 Ad p263

ROBSON, John T Kings Arms Lane
Linen and woolen draper
CD 1893-94 Ad p104

ROBSON, W Castle Street
CD 1910-11 Ad p13
CD 1913-14 Ad p76


CD 1893-94 Ad p150

‘ROCKET’ Stephenson’s
CN 12.10.1956 p10 Passes through Carlisle
CN 07.07.1972 ‘Rocket’ passes through Carlisle
CN 30.07.1999 p20 Rise and fall of the locomotive Rcket

ROCOCO The Lanes
CN 29.09.1995 p3 Boutique business man quits Botchergate
CN 27.10.1995 p12 Ad
CN 11.06.1999 p3 To add continental flavour to coffee and wines
CN 17.09.1999 p16 Ad
CN 08.09.2000 p20 Helen scents internet success

ROGERSON, Joseph Nelson Street and Blencowe Street
Leading Trader of the City Ad p37 A616
1901 census; Joseph Rogerson, 41, monumental mason, home Murrel Hill Ctge
CD 1907-08 Ad p8
CD 1910-11 Ad p112
CD 1927 Ad p132
CD 1931 Ad p88
CD 1934 Ad p76
CD 1937 Ad p60
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad
22.06.1939 Joseph Rogerson, sculptor, died [MI 18/56]

CJ 17.10.1950 p1 Hockey on roller skates introduced to Carlisle

CN 17.10.1969 p14 Rink in Drill Hall 1876
CN 26.06.1970 p14 At the Sands
CN 11.03.1988 p4 Blaze ended life of city skating rink

CN 01.11.1996 p3 (illus) 2,000 name roll of honour to be presented to Cathedral
CN 08.11.1996 p1 Cathedral to receive WW2 honour roll

See also Austin Friars, Durranhill Convent, Our Lady and St Josephs, St Margaret Mary’s, St Cuthbert’s, St Augustine’s, St Bede’s, Christ the King, Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, Saint Edmund’s, Saint Gabriel’s School
See K. Rafferty Portrait of a Parish 1798 - 1993 (Our Lady and St Joseph)
CN 08.07.1960 p10 (illus) CN 16.01.1970 p14 (illus) CN 06.02.1970 p12
CJ 11.11.1826 p3a Rev Fawcett sermon ‘replete with invective against Catholics’
Carlisle Examiner 19.10.1858 p2d Carlisle Catholic Church services - reopening
ENS 03.12.1959 p7 Site of new Roman Catholic Church discussed
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p118 Photo of Cardinal Heenan in city 1974
CN 28.05.1993 p4 (illus) Girls were first on school site
CN 27.08.1993 p51 Chapel offer to Catholics
CN 08.04.2005 p1 Romans Caholics celebrate life of Pope in Cahedral

ROMANS In AD 72 the Romans marched north from their newly established York base and entered Cumbria; they arrived at Carlisle and built in autumn/winter of AD72/73 a fort at the confluence of the rivers Eden and Caldew on the site now occupied by the Castle; [M.McCarthy,Mike Carlisle, History and Guide p1; map showing location of fort p4]; In the autumn/winter of AD 83 a major refurbishment of fort [Carlisle Millennium Project; excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001 p10]; AD 105 completely new timber fort constructed [Carlisle Millennium Project p14]; Carlisle was known to the Romans by the name Luguvalium [McCarthy p5]; a fort at Stanwix [usually known as Petriana] was built when the Roman Wall was constructed, [Wall begun in the 120s AD and still in progress when Hadrian died in AD 138]; the fort in Carlisle continued to exist [McCarthy p13]; this fort abandoned around the middle of the 2nd century [Carlisle Millennium Project p14]; stone fort built on site in AD200 [Carlisle Millennium Project p11]; Roman fort abandoned by the military 330-40 AD, but from coin and pottery finds it seems there was some form of occupation into the 370s but probably not much later, the fate of the Stanwix fort is unknown [McCarthy p27]
See also Stanwix Roman Fort
02.07.1829 Fall of earth during new cutting on Gallows Hill revealed a leaded coffin
16.07.1829 Other Roman finds during Gallows Hill cutting
29.09.1829 Sepulchral stone found at Gallows Hills [CWAAS OS Vol12 p367, illus]
CJ 28.05.1852 Finding Roman remains when digging foundations for Albert St
CJ 15.09.1854 p5 Workers excavating for the sewer inWillowholme have come across remains of the Roman Wall; dimensions and line of wall given
CP 26.03.1875 Two Roman vases and stone column found near Cowand Sheldon
Nov/ 1878 Monument found Murrell Hill; lady, child, fan [CWAAS OS Vol 12 p373]
24.04.1879 Coffin of Roman date found at Botcherby [CWAAS OS Vol 12 p373]
1887 Roman finds when building new covered market CWAAS OS Vol 12 p360
1890 Details of a Roman tile found in Fisher St; CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp280-2
CWAAS OS Vol 12, 1893, pp57 -59 details of Roman finds in city
CWAAS OS Vol 13 p 165-71 Discovery of 4th century tombstone in 1892
CWAAS OS Vol 13 p224 On two Roman inscriptions recently found at Carlisle
CWAAS OS Vol 13 p251-2 Barrow load of Roman red roofing tiles found Brook St
Oct 1894 Roman milestone in bed of Petteril CWAAS OS Vol 13 p437
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp344-64 Discovery of Roman Platform at Tullie House
1896 last week; north east side Botchergate urn remains CWAAS OS Vol 15 p43
CWAAS OS Vol 15 pp476 - 89 Roman remains found at Carlisle
CWAAS ns Vol 3 p408 opp; Photo of Roman head found in Castle Street
Charlesworth,D Roman Carlisle Archaeological Jnl, 135, pp115-37
Carlisle Millennium Project; Excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001, pub 2004
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp 1-10
City Minutes 1926-27 p445 Gift to Tullie Hse of Roman golden necklet found in city
City Council Minutes 1930 -31 p94 Roman find in Rickerby Park
City Minutes 1931-32 p297 Foundation of Roman Wall found when laying new sewer at the Sewerage Works, Willow Holme
CN 05.06.1937 p12 (illus) Kings Arms Lane
CJ 30.01.1953 Roman discoveries in Scotch Street; well found and rubbish tip
CN 09.05.1953 p7 Excavations at Cathedral
CN 30.05.1953 p7 Excavations at Cathedral
CN 21.05.1954 Excavations in Tullie House gardens finds Roman Road
CN 28.05.1954 (illus) Further Roman discoveries in Tullie House gardens
CN 18.06.1954 Dig in Tullie House gardens; R.Hogg
CN 26.06.1954 (illus) Tullie House excavations; R.Hogg
CN 15.07.1955 (illus)Digging restarts under Tullie House gardens
CN 22.07.1955 Roman relics found under Tullie House gardens
CN 12.08.1955 Tullie House excavation
CN 19.08.1955 Excavations at Tullie House completed
CN 26.08.1955 Importance of Tullie House dig; letter from Eric Birley
CN 08.06.1956 Work restarted on final season’s excavations in Tullie House
CN 29.06.1956 Tullie House garden excavations
CN 06.07.1956 (illlus) Tullie House dig; boot worn by Roman soldier and brooch
CN 04.07.1958 p2 Supplement
CN 09.02.1973 pp1,3 West Tower Street
CN 16.02.1973 p11 (illus) West Tower Street
CN 28.10.1977 p11 (illus) At Marks and Spencer car park
CN 23.09.1977 p10 (illus) At Marks and Spencer car park
CN 06.11.1987 pp1,5 Find of Roman Pottery in city attic
CN 13.11.1987 p19 Roman haul to stay in city
CN 13.05.1988 p7 Treasures among an attic find
CN 04.05.1990 p7 City find is unique in Roman history
CN 09.10.1998 p1 Carlisle Romans went to Botchergate
CN 23.10.1998 p1 Calls for more excavation work - Botchergate
CN 08.09.2000 p1 (illus) Roman Fort find on castle Green
CN 08.09.2000 p13 Letter concerning possible destruction of site
CN 15.09.2000 p1,3 (illus) More Roman treasures found under Castle Green
CN 15.09.2000 p12 Letters concerning Roman finds
CN 22.09.2000 p1 Possible destruction of Roman Fort - English Heritage speaks
CN 22.09.2000 p13 Letters concerning Roman finds and possible destruction
CN 22.09.2000 p12 Roman Gold
CN 29.09.2000 p1 Victory claimed in battle to save ruins
CN 29.09.2000 p12 Opinion concerning Castle Green
CN 29.09.2000 p13 Letters concerning Roman finds on Castle Green
CN 05.01.2001 p8 Roman finds from Castle Green suggest earlier date of fort
CN 27.04.2001 p5 (illus) Important discovery at Castle Green; Roman armour
CN 04.05.2001 p5 (illus) Castle Green finds could be important boost
CN 19.10.2001 p13 letter concerning Castle Green Roman remains
CN 26.10.2001 p5 (illus) Ex-dig boss fears for fate of Castle Green Roman stones
CN 02.11.2001 p5 Stones save says archaeologist advising council; letters p13
CN 09.11.2001 p13 Letters concerning Castle Green Roman stones
CN 23.11.2001 p13 Letters concerning Roman remains
CN 30.11.2001 p13 Letter concerning treatment of Roman finds
CN 21.06.2002 p1 Roman relics ‘missing’; police called in; opinion p 12
CN 28.06.2002 p13 Letters. Last week’s article inaccurate and unfair
CN 12.07.2002 p9 New exhibition of Roman finds at Carlisle Castle;
CN 12.07.2002 p9 Latest on missing finds; 99 recovered from missing 150
CN 13.08.2004 p6 Roman altar to Goddess of Good Fortune unveiled at BBC HQ
CN 29.10.2004 p5 Roman artefacts from Castle Green not displayed until 2009
2008 CWAAS 3rd ser. vol 8, Excavations of two Romano-British kilns at 7a Fisher Street
CN 23.01.2009 p34 D.Perriam; finding the Roman Wall in Stanwix an Willowhlome
CJ 31.08.1951 (illus) Dredging work uncovers Roman bridge stones
CN 01.09.1951 (illus) Roman bridge found at confluence with Caldew

City Minutes 1932-33 p173 Approved that Hodgson’s Lane and Hodgson’s Terrace be renamed ‘Romanway’ in view of the proximity of the site to the Roman Wall

ROME, Joseph Draper and farmer, aged 47, home address 35 Scotch St, born Newbiggin [1851 census]
CN 26.05.2006 p10 Built South Vale Mills; died November 1855

ROME, Joseph Scotch Street
Family linen merchant
Carlisle Diocesan Directory 1873 ; ad late W.Toppin and Son

ROME, Joseph Outfitters; forerunners of Studholmes
CP 07.02.1896 p1f John Preston, late of Devonshire St, taking over the long established business of Mr Joseph Rome, 69-73 Scotch Street. Business will continue under the name of Joseph Rome
CN 19.10.1973 p4 (illus)

ROME, Mary Toy shop keeper, aged 28, home address 14 Castle St, born Carlisle [1851 census]

ROME, Thomas Castle Street
Millinery; dressmaking
1891 census; Thomas Rome, 42, draper, bn Scotland, home 62-4 Castle St
CD 1893-94 Ad p64
CP 07.02.1896 p8g Brown and Stewart successor to T.Rome, 62 Castle St

ROME, Thomas and Joseph Scotch Street
M442 p3 Business card for Woollen and Linen drapers

ROME STREET So named on census from 1871

ROME STREET BRIDGE Bridge built over the Canal Branch of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway circa 1875
CIC1 p30 photo of bridge being built
CP 03.12.1875 Station extension; overbridge to Grassing in advanced state

CN 22.07.1977 p6


ROOK, Joseph Violin maker, Rickergate, Jollie 1811; musical instruments, aged 73, born Branthwaite, Cumberland, home 3 Mary’s Lane, Rickergate [1851 census]

‘ROOM AT THE TOP’ CLUB; Her Majesty’s Theatre
CJ 09.02.1962 p12 (illus)

ROPER LANE Mentioned in Brougham family deed of 1701 [CWAAS ns vol 67 p119]

ROSE AND CASTLE Finkle Street; in local directories to 1876

ROSE AND CROWN Caldew Bridge; in local directory for 1858
CP 08.08.1857 p1 Rose and Crown, Irishgate Brow, for sale

ROSE AND CROWN Lowthians Lane
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916, p87
CN 10.02.1912 Local Licensing session; Rose and Crown closed during year
CN 15.05.1992 p4 (illus)

ROSE AND CROWN Upperby; building completed 22.12.1930 to designs of Harry Redfern; building dated 1930 over door
Renaissance of the English Public House p68 layout plan; opp p69 photos
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 pp 169 - 173
CN21.10.1988 p4 Photo of outing
CN 28.03.2008 p11 Reopens under T and G Smith

ROSE AND THISTLE Head’s Lane; in local directories for 1850 to 1852

City Minutes 1931-32 p153 Permission given to erect 8 houses

26.11.1871 Catherine Hodgson died here [Monumental Inscription 9/38]

ROSEHILL Borderway Mart opens 23.08.1974
CN 12.06.1992 p3 No cash to ease traffic chaos
CN 17.07.1992 p24 Ad for industrial estate
CN 14.08.1992 p9 New look at city store plan
CN 17.09.1993 p11 City sells £1m mart site
CN 10.02.1995 p1 Mart hits back at claims of cruelty
CN 24.02.1995 p4 Mart’s safety switch
CN 16.01.1998 p1 IRA bombers bought cars in Carlisle
CN 21.12.2001 p5 (Plan) Plan for £11m business park at Rosehill
CN 18.01.2002 p13 Letter saying planned £11m development will increase traffic
CN 09.01.2004 p1 £11m four star hotel scheme could get go ahead next month

ROSEHILL HOUSE; Scotby Built circa 1820-30 on site of original farmhouse; built by the Bond family who were East Indian traders
CJ 24.05.1963 p11 CN 28.11.1975 p1
DX/1088/1 1848 Proposed layout of grounds by Joshua Major and Son, landscape gardeners, Knosthorpe, Leeds
CJ 30.05.1851 Marriage at St Cuthberts on 26th Henry Lonsdale to Eliza Indiana only surviving child of late J.S.Bond, Esq.MD of Rose Hill
CJ 26.03.1852 p3 Dr Lonsdale, Rosehill, a son born
CJ 02.02.1855 pp8 Death of Mrs Bond on 28th, relict of J.S.Bond
CJ 09.06.1905 p5 Mrs Lonsdale, Rosehill, death, aged 81, daughter of Dr Bond, married in 1851 Dr Lonsdale
CJ 23.08.1939p11 Death of Mrs Catherine Nancy Lonsdale, 82, of Whoof, widow of Horace Blamire Lonsdale of Rose Hill, survived by son and daughter, Henry Lonsdale of Rose Hill and Mrs Simpson of Woof
Cumbria Weekly Digest 23.11.1981 p7 £500,000 contract for old folks home
CN 29.10.2004 [illus] Residential home, with surrounding land, left by Amelia Lonsdale, in memory of her husband Henry as in her words she wanted to benefit Cumbria’s gentlefolk. She died in 1975 and on 29.09.1981 the Henry Lonsdale Trust opened its doors


ROSELAND TERRACE, Upperby. On 1918 Electoral Register, row of eight houses

ROSEMARY LANE So named in 1794; the dog leg shape of this lane appears to be described in a deed of 1201 [CWAAS vol 76 p95]
1850 Its exact position, and shops and dwellings, is shown on the fold out map in the back on Robert Rawlinson’s Report to the General Board of Health...Carlisle, 1850
CP 21.02.1873 p1 Ad; property for sale; dwelling house and bakehouse
ENS 08.03.1979 pp18-19 (illus) New lease of life

Agreement to make a park; City Council Minutes 02.04.1959 p982

CN 13.08.2004 p63 For sale £350,000

ROSEVILLE TERRACE; Edward St; so named on 1901 census; 4 houses

ROSS, C.B. Durdar Road
CD 1952 Ad p265

ROSS, William Woollen draper
CJ 04.04.1818 p1a Ad Giving up business in favour of brothers, James and Robert

CN 06.04.1990 p19 Ad

CN 08.08.1975 pp4,5 (illus)

ROTARY CLUB Carlisle club formed 1923; Carlisle South Club formed 1968
18.12.1922 first meeting of new Rotary Club; charter November 1923
CJ 08.07.1938 p5 Carlisle Rotarians new president installed
CN 18.06.1999 p3 Vote against women
CN 12.05.2000 p1 Rotary club admits women; Carlisle South
CN 29.06.2001 p5 Carlisle Rotary admits women for first time in 78 years history
CN 05.07.2002 p14 Good work of Rotary Club
CN 11.02.2005 p19 Rotary Way named
CN 20.06.2008 p7 New Rotary Club in city; Carlisle Castle

ROTHWELL, Messrs Cotton Manufactory see THE MAINS


ROUND TABLE Formed 1947
CN 29.01.1988 p11 40th Anniversary charter
CN 12.02.1988 p8 Round Table a square forty
CN 03.07.1988 p7
CN 14.03.1997 p15 Call goes out to see night of Round Table

ROUTLEDGE, A and Son English Street; Castle Street; Devonshire Street
Tailors and woolen drapers
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p19 53 English St Tailors
CD 1880 Ad pxlix
CD 1884-85 Ad p269
CD 1893-94 Ad p76
Carlisle Diocesan Calendar 1902 Ad; firm established 1815
CD 1902-03 Ad p286
CD 1920 Ad p297
CD 1924 Ad p144
CD 1927 Ad p164
CD 1931 Ad p72
CD 1934 Ad p56
CD 1937 Ad p48
CN 17.09.1938 p19 Ad

ROUTLEDGE, Adam English St
J.Penfold Clockmakers of Cumberland pp71-73 Taken over in 1912 by J.Grant
CP 19.06.1819 p2f Ad; commencement of business
1851 census, Adam Routledge, agd 56, watchmaker, bn Carlisle, home Spencer St

ROUTLEDGE, Andrew Master tailor and woollen draper employing 10 men and 3 boys, aged 68, born Stapleton, home address Meadow Terrace [1861 census]
CD 1893-94 Ad p76 Established 1815 Andrew Routledge and Son, 68 English Street


ROUTLEDGE, J.H. Costumiers
CN 17.09.1938 p18 Ad

ROUTLEDGE, Jas Tea dealer and grocer; 45a English St
1861 Morris and Harrison Directory; ad pp1, 6 adjoining the Bush archway

ROUTLEDGE, James Jeweller; established 1800
CJ 20.04.1880 p2f J.N.Routledge, jeweller - break in
CN 27.01.1967 p12

ROUTLEDGE, N and Son Brook St, Denton St, St Albans Row, Broad St
CD 1952 Ad p261
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p224
CD 1955-56 Ad p224
CD 1961-62 Ad p259
CD 1966-68 Ad p254
CN 25.07.1997 p4 (illus) Top quality baking is a family tradition

ROUTLEDGE, Richard Fishing tackle maker; died04.05.1885 [Monumental Inscription 156/14]

ROUTLEDGE, William Hill House, Union St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p140 Joiner and builder

CJ 24.04.1847 p2a Miliners shop, Scotch Street; to let

ROWELL, George Grey Goat lane
1851 Wqrd’s North of England Directory Ads p3; painter, glazier and paper hanger

ROWELL, J 7 St Albans Row Jeremiah Rowell, aged 37, fish hook and tacklemaker, employing 13 men, home address 3 St Albans Row, born Carlisle [1851 census]
Carlisle an illustrated history p37 illus of card for fishing tackle manufacturer
CJ 03.05.1845 p3 Anti Corn Law bazaar...also a variety of fishooks manufactured by Mr Rowell
CJ 31.05.1845 p2 J.Rowell has removed to 7 St Albans Row
CJ 15.07.1862 p2 1862 Exhibition Honourable mention
CJ 15.03.1970 p4 Death of wife Ann 55 St Albans Row

ROWELL, John Carpenter, aged 46, employing 4 men, home address 3 Eden St, Rickergate, born Nichol Forest, Cumberland, [1851 census]

ROWELL, Thomas
CP 08.08.1857 p1 Ad; painter and decorator declining business

ROWELLS (1924) Ltd Ashley Street
CD 1952 Ad p314

ROWLAND, Mr Woodyard near Swifts [Jollie 1811 p 82]

ROWLAND Green Market
Wool Shop
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p286
CD 1955-56 Ad p292

CN 10.11.1989 p8 Ad

ROY Engravers; 1834 Pigot’s Directory,John Roy, engravers 97 English St; shop clearly depicted on Nutters 1835 painting of Market Place [175 Years of Carlisle front cover]; John Roy, aged 39, engraver employing1 journeyman, home address 80 English Street [1851 census]; examples of Roy’s work can be see in Jefferson’s 1838 History of Carlisle, specifically opposite p180 where there is a fine Roy engraving of the brass plate to Bishop Robinson in Carlisle Cathedral. The original block was offered at auction in 2006 and bought by Canon Weston

ROY, John Ironmonger, employing 1 boy, aged 49, born Penrith, home address Milburn St [1861 census]

ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOWS 1855, 1880, 7th,8th,9th 10th July 1902
CJ 13.02.1880 p5 To be temporary railway station and siding along Caldew
CP 09.07.1880 p4f
CP 16.07.1880 pp6-7 and Supplement
CJ 17.09.1880p6 Temporayr bridge over Caldew to Sheepmount taken down
CN 25.03.1950 p4 (illus)
CN 29.06.1956 p8 (illus)
CN 05.02.1988 p4 City stages last of the ‘wandering’ shows
Carlisle an illustrated history p75 engraving of 1880 show ground on Bitts Prak

CN 12.10.1946 p6 Victory parade exhibits visit Carlisle
CJ 15.10.1946 p1 Exhibition in city
CN 07.03.1969 p13 Freedom of city
CN 13.11.1998 p7 RAFA fund raisers best in country

See Support in the Sky; history of No 14 maintenance Unit, RAF Carlisle, 1996
CN 06.09.1963 p12 CN 06.10.1978 p8
ENS 26.09.1959 p1 Celebrates coming of age
ENS 20.09.1960 p1 14MU closiong - rumour scotched
ENS 10.04.1968 p1 150 to be paid off
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p151 Freedom of city in 1996
CN 01.04.1988 p1 RAF Carlisle land £1.5 m
CN 30.09.1988 p5 Golden turnout honours 14 MU
CN 06.10.1989 p25 A guardian meteor taking flight
CN 27.10.1989 p12 An old aircraft taking flight
CN 26.01.1990 p3 Probe into danger drums
CN 04.05.1990 p11 (illus) New vehicles
CN 19.10.1990 p17 Thrifty RAF team take gas award
CN 04.01.1991 p1 MOD may sell off land
CN 17.05.1991 p5 Battle’s on to defend 14 MU jobs
CN 31.05.1991 p3 MPs move to save MU jobs
CN 21.06.1991 p13 (illus) Shakleton farewell to county RAF base
CN 28.06.1991 p13 14 MU wins award
CN 05.07.1991 p5 Shaks last fly past
CN 09.08.1991 p15 Jobs threat at 14MU
CN 05.03.1993 p1 Flying into the sunset
CN 07.05.1993 p5 Bashers fells celebration
CN 17.12.1993 p1 High noon in fight to save 750 jobs
CN 17.12.1993 p10 Comment
CN 07.01.1994 p3 MOD got it wrong says Labour chief
CN 28.01.1994 p5 Top talks on 14 MU
CN 04.02.1994 p5 Waste firm targets 14 MU site
CN 11.02.1994 p1 Experts check the sums
CN 04.03.1994 p7 Depots ready for jobs war
CN 11.03.1994 p10 Responsible trade unions
CN 18.03.1994 p2 10,000 sign petition
CN 25.03.1994 p1 A minus for RAF Carlisle
CN 25.03.1994 p5 16,500 sign plea to save 14 MU
CN 01.04.1994 p3 14 MU men honoured
CN 01.04.1994 p12 Labour leader backs fight to save 14 MU
CN 29.04.1994 p9 Public debate call..
CN 27.05.1994 p1 Scandal as 14 MU site out up for sale
CN 27.05.1994 p10 Comment
CN 03.06.1994 p3 No deal say RAF
CN 03.06.1994 p10 Comment
CN 17.06.1994 p1 To end 750 jobs
CN 17.06.1994 p10 Comment
CN 24.06.1994 p1 MP Eric attacks minister
CN 24.06.1994 p2 Tourism boost would replace 14 MU jobs
CN 24.06.1994 p11 Agenda
CN 01.07.1994 p17 Saving lives top priority
CN 21.07.1994 p3 RAF Carlisle report inaccurate
CN 29.07.1994 p1 No 14 MU turn
CN 12.08.1994 p5 Red tape blow to site sell off
CN 23.09.1994 p1 Councils in squabble...
CN 11.11.1994 p5 RAF denies £4m bill for radiation purge
CN 11.11.1994 p10 End of a proud line
CN 18.11.1994 p3 RAF 14 MU managers dragging heels
CN 24.02.1995 p3 Council backs RAF jobless
CN 17.03.1995 p1 Jobs under threat
CN 14.04.1995 p15 Rescue refuelling
CN 21.04.1995 p12 14 MU £15,000 bill
CN 19.05.1995 p5 RAF chief will take memory to grave
CN 26.05.1996 pp,18 Marketing bid
CN 14.07.1995 p12 Survey gives 14 MU plan green light
CN 22.09.1995 p1 More misery for 14 MU workers
CN 13.10.1995 p3 14 MU radiation and poison clean up would cost £18m
CN 13.10.1995 p3 RAF unions urge quick escape to beat redundancy tax
CN 20.10.1995 p1 RAF admit burying A bomb waste
CN 27.10.1995 p5 Talk snag hits 14 MU European Aid Scheme
CN 03.11.1995 p1 Long serving 14 MU workers too old; redundancy
CN 24.11.1995 p7 Mayor gets dressed to kill on final official visit
CN 01.12.1995 p3 City’s would be Tory MP pledges action over village cancer
CN 08.12.1995 p1 Peace groups welcome MU statements
CN 08.12.1995 p13 The Christmas Island myth
CN 15.12.1995 p3 Union may claim over death
CN 23.02.1996 p1 £19m plan for MU site
CN 03.05.1996 p15 Base depot workers make way for 14 MU
CN 31.05.1996 p1 Slaughter cows to be stored at 14 MU
CN 07.06.1996 p3 14 MU cow row
CN 12.07.1996 p1 Eddie Stobart targets 14 MU
CN 26.07.1996 p4 Last iem leaves
CN 23.08.1996 p1 Speed up plan to get firms on MU site
CN 27.09.1996 pp1,10 End of an era
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p154 Photo of official closing down ceremony
CN 11.10.1996 p13 (illus) Memories of everyday life at MU
CN 01.11.1996 p6 14 MU Euro cash bid is bungled
CN 08.11.1996 p5 University pledge - we’ll open in city
CN 06.12.1996 p1 With love from EU to MU £700,000 for delighted city
CN 07.02.1997 p11 Jet rejection; letter
CN 07.02.1997 p10 Comment
CN 21.02.1997 p14 Lasting legacy of 14 MU
CN 21.02.1997 p10 Sleeping giant spreads its wings
CN 14.03.1997 p12 More interest in site
CN 18.04.1997 p1 14 MU hold up won’t deter college
CN 30.05.1997 p1 Red tape delays college move
CN 30.05.1997 p2 90 home plan for MU site
CN 06.06.1997 p4 Firms fear of traffic congestion
CN 19.12.1997 p4 Councillor refused place on MU group
CN 27.02.1998 p3 14 MU pollution: Klippan shelves plans
CN 24.04.1998 p3 Our phantom home to stay
CN 08.05.1998 p2 New fears over development
CN 03.07.1998 p1 14 MU tycoon - why I’m putting £7m into Carlisle
CN 24.07.1998 p1 Firms queue up for former RAF site
CN 07.08.1998 p3 Ex RAF site to get Euro funding
CN 29.01.1999 p3 Race against time for project
CN 19.03.1999 p1 I’ll gbring back all 700 jobs
CN 19.03.1999 p12 (illus) New economic future
CN 21.05.1999 p15 (illus) Top rank army homes hit market
CN 11.06.1999 p9 We have site - bring on the firms
CN 27.08.1999 p21 Advert for Kingmoor Park busines site
CN 28.01.2000 p1 More jobs come to Kingmoor
CN 04.08.2000 p3 Woolen Mills threat to reconsider location for distribution centre
CN 25.08.2000 p27 Ad for new industrial estate
CN 10.11.2000 p14 Kingmoor arrival boosts hopes of call centre
CN 17.11.2000 p3 Wool board to have new depot at Kingmoor Park
CN 24.08.2001 p17 Kingmoor Park aims for rail freight terminal
CN 07.09.2001 p3 Capita dbs plan £3m futuristic business centre at Kingmoor
CN 09.11.2001 p5 New tenants expected; Stead McAlpin, Capita dbs
CN 01.02.2002 p16 Bottled water firm opens distribution centre at Kingmoor Park
CN 28.06.2002 p3 Capita dbs new building at Kingmoor Park
CN 30.08.2002 p20 5,000 jobs at Park by 2025
CN 22.08.2003 p18 5,000 jobs by 2013; ad feature p19
CN 05.09.2003 p14 Border to build £1.9m phase 2 for Capita
CN 19.12.2003 p14 Power shortage threatens expansion at Kingmoor Park
CN 09.07.2004 p18 Kingmoor Park wins award for creating 1,200 jobs, 150 firms
CN 06.08.2004 p17 Kingmoor Park electricity supply problem
CN 28.04.2006 p16 Kingmoor Prk to get 27 industrial units

ROYAL ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION; Carlisle and District Branch
CN 10.09.1949 p5 Own banner

ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB Visit to Carlisle for the Prince Henry Cup on 15.07.1911

CN 05.08.1977 pp8-9 (illus) Opening
CN 20.11.1992 p23 Banks jobs threat

CN 28.05.2004 p6 Charity shop closes after rent rises; open 5 years

ROYAL HOTEL Lowther Street
See also Royal Temperance Hotel; Royal Trevelyan Hotel
CD 1902-03 Ad p24
CN 16.01.2004 p62 Ad; former Royal Hotel for sale; consent for 13 flats

ROYAL HOTEL English Street; in local directories from 1844 to 1858; premises taken over by the Cumberland Union Bank
Carlisle an illustrated history p64 engraving of hotel
1841 census; James Birney, aged 30, innkeeper
CJ 21.03.1846 Ad; Royal Hotel to let after extensive alterations
CJ 01.05.1847 p1a Thomas Elsworth has taken over
1851 census Hotelkeeper Thomas Elsworth, 43, born Yorkshire
1861 Isabella Nicholson, Innkeeper, ‘White Hart and Royal Hotel’, aged 58
CN 19.12.1969 p12 (illus)
CN 01.06.1956 p10 (illus) About 1850
CN 03.11.1989 p4 Hotel for the coach trade
CN 21.06.1991 p4 (illus) Pubs of yesteryear
CN 02.08.2007 p34 D.Perriam; history of the Royal Hotel

ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY Lowther Street; opened 1901
CD 1902-03 Ad p249
CD 1905-06 Ad p45
CJ 27.03.1964 p5 (illus) New office

CJ 18.01.1946 p5
CJ 01.02.1946 p1 Banner presentation
CJ 14.05.1946 p2 Banner dedication
CN 18.05.1946 p7 Dedication of colours by Dean
CN 19.07.2002 p19 Carlisle branch of RNA to continue

CN 03.03.1972 p13 (illus) Opening
CN 03.03.1972 p20 (illus) Opening

ROYAL OAK Bridge Street, Caldewgate; James Armstrong, publican, aged 38, born Hesket [1861 census]; George Boak, Publican, aged 30, born Carlisle [1901 census]; in local directories ‘off sales only’ from 1920 to 1968
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916, 2004 p40 illus
ENS 02.06.1987 Off licence is sold and closed
ENS 04.06.1987 Graham and Bowness to demolish adjacent off licence
CN 13.12.1991 p4

CN 22.10.1965 p8
CN 12.07.1991 p15 Observer Corps dismay at axe
CN 09.08.1991 p15 Royal Observer Corps on parade for last time
CN 16.08.1991 p44 (illus) Observers see out 50 years
CN 20.09.1991 p12 Farewell to a jewel
CN 15.11.1991 p30 Seaside village tribute to Royal Observer Corps
CN 24.01.1992 p11 Their final parade

ROYAL SCOT Morton Park; opened 31.03.1960
ENS 15.08.1959 p1 New Morton pub; architects model
CN 08.01.1960 p1 (illus)
CJ 01.04.1960 p1 Opening
CN 01.04.1960 p1 Opening
CJ 05.04.1960 p5 (illus) Opening

CJ 16.04.1948 p1 Recruiting visit; illustration CJ 27.04.1948 p1

CP 04.11.1892 p6d Annual meeting of C&W branch of the RSPCA in city
CJ 11.01.1938 p1 Carlisle proposed as vet centre
CJ 28.01.1938 p11 Clinic opens in Abbey Street
CJ 01.04.1938 p11 RSPCA in Cumberland
CN 17.07.1987 p3 New clinic opens
Cumbria April 1993 p37 Carry on with good work

Beatys’ Northern Annual 1905 C3 p118 Carlisle branch completed 11 years work

Memories of Carlisle, Chapter 1 1920s photo showing Hotel on site of Royal Hotel
CD 1952 Ad p317
CD 1955-56 Ad p252

ROYAL TREVELYAN HOTEL (Hunters) Lowther Street; in local directories from 1880 to 1884
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxxxviii
CP 24.03.1882 p1 Ad; Trevelyn Hotel to let

CN 06.08.1993 p10 Dedicated to giving money away

ROYAL VICTORIA Irishgate Brow; in local directories from 1844 to 1876; also called Victoria Inn/ Victoria Steamer/ Victoria Steam Packet; Elizabeth Dawson, publican aged 46, born South Shields [1861 census]

ROYAL VISITS see separate personal name index


RUBMAN, A Butcher
Carlisle a photographic recollection; J.Templeton; photo of facade p 23
1891 census; A.Rubmann, widower, 36, pork butcher, 46 fisher st, born Germany

RUBY TUESDAYS Lowther Street; previously called Lanes Vaults, Fantasy
ENS 15.08.1992 Ruby Tuesday’s to open next month
CN 30.09.1994 p12 Club calls in receivers

RUDD, Thomas Joiner employing 3 men, born Seaville, Cumberland, aged 52, home address Caldew Terrace [1851 census]

RUDDICK, V.F. and C.W. Eden Place
CD 1952 Ad p308

CN 17.11.1967 p13 CN 24.11.1967 p14
CN 02.12.1988 p4 Last of the old time rudd sellers
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 10 photo of Rudd women
175 Years of Carlisle p6 Three photos of Rudd sellers at Market Cross

RUFUS HOUSE Castle Street; opened September 1966
CN 09.09.1966 p11 (illus) Opening
CN 30.10.1992 p11 £500,000 facelift
CN 12.02.1993 p11 Takeover hits DSS facelift

RUGBY LEAGUE Carlisle City Rugby League Team briefly played first class rugby league at Gillford Park before folding on Novmber 8th 1928, the final game beinga 36 -13 defeat by Warrington. Rugby League was re-introduced to Gillford Park when Carlisle Border Railders played here in the 1980s and 1990s.
CN 18.08.1928 p14 Report on Carlisle City
CN 10.11.1928 p18 Disbanded
CJ 07.07.1950 p5 Carlisle City formed 1928
CN 14.08.1981 p10 New opening season
CN 14.10.1988 p19 Life and death of a rugby club
CN 29.04.1994 p24 Kiwi flies...
CN 14.03.2003 p24 New club in city, Centurions, will kick off on May 3rd

CJ 28.10.1924 p5,a,b,c,d New Zealand ‘All Black’ team in Carlisle
CN 05.12.1969 p14 Visit of the Sprinboks South African team to Carlisle in 1906
CN 20.02.2004 p1 Rugby World Cup in Carlisle tomorrow

RUGBY UNION CLUB Inaugural meeting 09.10.1873 although first official game was against Langholm on March 28th 1873
See Carlisle RFC Centenary 1873-1973 B/ CAR 796.333
CJ 05.09.1947 p2 75th anniversary
CJ 09.09.1947 p2 75th anniversary
CJ 09.04.1948 p5 75th anniversary
CN 08.10.2004 p26 £150,000 Lottrey grant to upgrade facilities
CN 10.06.2005 p25 Set to return after Jan. floods; new facilities unveiled 20.06
CN 01.07.2005 p26 Club back in business
CN 19.10.2007 p4 New look grandstand unveiled

CN 15.11.1991 p13 Ad

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

CN 01.11.1974 p11

RUSHFORTH, D Lowther Street
The Lanes Remembered p 61 Photo of facade of toy shop

RUSHTON, John 50 Botchergate
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory Ads p 7; Cement and plaster of paris; 20 years est.
1851 census, cement manufacturer, aged55, born Lancaster, home Castle St

RUSSELL INSTITUTE, Max Brunswick Street
Typrwriting, shorthand and language
CD 1893-94 pp7,9,11,13,15,17,18,19

RUSSELL STREET, Botchergate First noted on the census for 1841; on electoral registers to 1914

CN 06.02.2004 p16 Ad feature

CJ 05.03.1943 p1(illus) Gift of mobile X-Ray from Carlisle citizens to Russian Arm
CN 06.03.1943 p7 Gift of mobile X -Ray

City Minutes 1898/99 p 192 Approval for 7 houses

RUTHERFORD, J Devonshire Street
Wine merchant
CD 1902-03 Ad p2

RUTHERFORD, T.V. Scotch St, Botchergate, Denton Street
Shoe shop
1891 censusThomas V, Rutherford, boot dealer, aged 35, bn Berwick
CD 1902-03 Ad p285
CD 1905-06 Ad p109
CD 1907-08 Ad p90
Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit p 58 Ad back page with portrait
CD 1910-11 Ad p150

CN 02.09.2005 p14 Carlisle based firm expanding
CN 30.05.2008 p18 HQ Chertsey House, run by R and K Polybank

RYAN and CO Devonshire Street
Pianos, photographers
CD 1893-94 Ad Pink page inside cover
CD 1902-03 Ad p14
CD 1905-06 Ad p10
CD 1907-08 Ad p117

RYAN, T Bank Street
Pianoforte and music warehouse
CD 1884-85 Ad p280

RYAN, Thomas 28 Bank St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p170 Dealer in works of art

RYDAL STREET Formerly called Union Street; upon slum clearance name changed
CJ 23.07.1937 p7 City asks for clean sweep
CJ 13.02.1948 p1 Building in progress on replacement of Union St dwellings
CJ 20.08.1948 p1 Reformed
CN 08.07.1977 p14 (illus) Opening of flats for elderly
ENS 19.08.1978 p1 (illus) Playground terror for pensioners
CN 31.10.2003 p13 Letter; Rydal Street Park; planning application for 7 houses
CN 24.06.2005 p62 Newly built mews properties for sale