Racecourse, Blackwell - Roan, J and E

Racecourse - Blackwell Moved from the Swifts to Blackwell where opened 28.06.1904
See also Racecourse-Swifts; Racing; Kingmoor Races; Markets -Sunday
CIC 2 p41 photo of grandstand circa 1910
CJ 24.06.1921 p5
CP 23.05.1902 p5 Plans for the new stand; drawing and description
CN 29.06.1929 p13 (illus) Tote built
CJ 13.07.1934 p5 Cumberland and Carlisle
CN 13.05.1960 p6 (illus) Alterations to racecourse
CN 02.03.1961 p1 (illus) Alterations to racecourse
CN 28.07.1961 p1 Alterations to racecourse
CN 29.09.1961 p1 (illus) Alterations to racecourse
ENS 18.01.1964 p1 Evening racing
CN 24.01.1964 p5 Night racing
ENS 20.02.1964 p1 Stalls at Blackhall
CN 22.05.1964 p11 (illus) New grandstand
ENS 01.07.1964 Supplement
CN 25.06.1965 p5 New grandstand
CJ 10.09.1965 p4 New grandstand
CN 18.03.1966 p30 Improvements
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p94 demolition of Tote buildings photo
CN 12.05.1972 p1 Starting stalls used for the first time
CN 28.06.1974 p18 (illus) First ladies race
CN 12.07.1974 p25 (illus) First ladies race
CN 30.01.1976 p6 (illus) Swifts
CN 13.05.1977 p5 Extension
CN 02.02.1979 p1 As leisure centre
CN 09.03.1979 p9 As leisure centre
CN 04.05.1979 p5 As leisure centre
CN 17.08.1990 p4 Preparing for war in city
CN 25.10.1991 p1 Racecourse rides into Sunday row
CN 01.11.1991 p14 Racecourse boss blasts car boot critics
Cumbria September 1993 p57
CN 29.04.1994 p10 Racing to ring the Carlisle bell
Cumbria Life May/June 1996 no 46 pp8-9 2A 9
Cumbria Life Sept/Oct 1998 no 60 pp40-41 2A 9
Cumbria Life August 1999 Supplement 2 A9
CN 10.09.1999 p24 Ad
CN 18.02.2000 p2 Race grandstand to reopen
CN 21.04.2000 p1 Under starters orders for Easter
CN 16.06.2000 p26 First Sunday race on18th June
CN 19.01.2001 p22 (illus) New manager Andrew Tulloch interviewed
CN 27.04.2001 p26 Councillors back new £3.5m grandstand
CN 25.05.2001 p28 Seventh meeting cancelled because of foot and mouth
CN 15.06.2001 p25 Carlisle Bell switched to Thirsk; Cumberland Plate to Gosforth
CN 10.08.2001 p24 £250,000 cost of foot and mouth to race course.
CN 17.08.2001 p26 Work set to start on new stand; demolition of old stand
CN 28.09.2001 p28 (illus) Demolition of historic grandstand; racing restarts 12/10
CN 12.10.2001 p12 Racing resumes for first time since 19th February
CN 17.05.2002 p29 £3.5m stand on schedule; photo. Named Jubilee Stand
CN 16.08.2002 p14 (illus) Grandstand almost ready; to open 26th October
CN 11.10.2002 p26 Race goers get first glimpse of new stand
CN 01.11.2002 p9 £3.5m grandstand
CN 18.10.2002 p12 Feature on new stand
CN 06.06.2003 p22 New manager John Baker
CN 01.08.2003 p31 Interview with manager John Baker
CN 10.10.2003 p23 £2.5m to upgrade racecourse
CN 23.01.2004 p23 Plan for new stables; other developments
CN 09.07.2004 p13 Letter critical of facilities and prices, toilets; p28 response
CN 07.01.2005 p2 Closure warning unless new stables built; land for housing
CN 10.11.2006 p25 £1.6m stables development opened 6 weeks ago wins praise

RACECOURSE - SWIFTS Horse racing held on Swifts since mid 16th century; 1612 reference to running of horses (VCH2 p442); Smith’s 1746 map shows the Swift’s course; course moved to Blackwell which opened 28.06.1904
See also Racecourse-Blackwell; Racing; Kingmoor Races; Turf Inn
CAIH p28 The Swifts
CN 14.02.1975 p6 CN 30.01.1976 p6 (illus)
Newcastle Courant 28.01.1737 p4b Advert for Carlisle races on Swifts
CPacquet 01.07.1777 p1b Carlisle Races on 13th August
CP 15.09.1821 p1a Advert for Carlisle races on 27th September
CP 29.09.1827 p3 Report on Carlisle Races
CP 27.09.1828 p3 Report on Carlisle Races
CP 26.09.1829 p3 Report on Carlisle Races
CJ 27.06.1840 Grandstand, now Turf Inn, almost completed
CP 27.06.1840 p2a New Grand Stand to be open during race week
CJ 08.07.1921 At Swifts
CN 30.01.1976 p6 (illus) Swifts
CN 29.04.1994 p10 Racing to ring the Carlisle Bell
CN 06.01.1990 Suplement 175 years pxv When horses raced by Eden’s waters

RACE FOR LIFE Money raiser for female cancer reserach
CN 13.07.2001 p3 Fourth year in Carlisle
CN 20.07.2001 p6 (illus) Report on Sundays race; 1,556 take part
CN 19.07.2002 pp3,17 Report on race of 2,200; letter p 13
CN 18.07.2003 p9 2,733 in Race for Life at Sheepmount
CN 09.07.2004 p 17 Report on last Sunday’s race

See Racecourse-Blackwell; Racecourse-Swifts; Kingmoor Races
1761 Jockey, W. Smith of Coverham, Yorks., buried in city CWAAS OS Vol 2 p349
CPacquet 13.06.1780 p3 Ad for Carlisle races on 3rd July
CPacquet 04.06.1782 p3 Ad for Carlisle races on 8th July
CP 04.09.1819 p1a Ad for 1819 races
Carlisle Examiner 09.07.1859 p2c,d Carlisle Race Week
CP 09.07.1880 p7a,b Reports and winners (Cumberland Plate; Victor Emmanuel)
CJ 24.06.1921 p5 Race Week
CJ 28.06.1921 p4 Race week
CJ 01.07.1921 p10 List of Cumberland Plate Winners 1842 - 1921
CJ 02.07.1937 p9 History of the races
CJ 29.06.1943 p2 Fire worship; Race Week
CN 01.04.1950 p4 Lady’s Plate 1726
CN 01.04.1950 p4 Illustration of racing prize won in 1726
CN 08.04.1950 p5 Illustration of racing prize won in 1726
CN 15.04.1950 p4 (illus) List of entries for race in 1722
Topper Off Spring 1960
CN 24.06.1960 p10 (illus) In 1814 - handbill
CJ 26.05.1967 pp11, 24 (illus) Lonsdale ‘Silver ring’
CN 19.07.1968 p12 Racing bell
CN 15.06.1973 p1 Crown and Mitre Christmas Handicap
CN 14.02.1975 p6 Stanwix Handicap
CN 15.12.1989 p4 Sporting memories of city eating house
Cumbria September 1993 p57 A day at the races
CN 29.04.1994 p10 Racing to ring the Carlisle Bell

RACING BELLS Elizabethan racing bells presented to winners, for illustration see Carlisle an illustrated history p28; Round Carlisle Crosss, 2nd Series p152; one of the Bells dated ‘1599 HBMC’, these being the initials of Henry Baines, Mayor of Carlisle in 1599, the other has the poem ‘The sweftes horse thes bel to tak for mi lade Daker sake’
Municipal Records of the City of Carlisle; p227 extract from deeds of 21.04.1619
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp 192-3 iIlustration of bells;
Victoria County History Vol 2 1905 p441
CP 25.10.1823 Rediscovery of Racing Bells
CN 19.07.1968 p12 Racing bell
CN 29.04.1994 p10 Racing to ring the Carlisle Bell

CN 16.06.2000 p13 Racist claims against Carlisle Sword, Morris and Clog Dancers
CN 25.01.2002 p3 3 on charges following racist attack at nightclub
CN 26.07.2002 p1 Chinese student in racist attack by 3 Carlisle youths
CN 28.11.2003 p3 Racism and intolerance blights county says Carlisle police chief
CN 05.12.2003 p13 Letter; Carlisle worst city for prejudice; musical taste, hair....
CN 05.03.2004 p1 Victims of race abuse in bars, clubs and streets
CN 28.05.2004 p1British National Party, Nick Griffin, to visit city; p12
CN 01.04.2005 p1 Racist graffiti on two takeaways in city
CN 13.05.2005 p5 Only black probation officer in north Cumbria resigns after jibes
CN 13.05.2005 p6 Mother alleges racial abuse and bullyig takes child fromschool
CN 20.05.2005 p Relief at end of 3 year ordeal; Kevin Mcknight jailed
CN 15.07.2005 p13 Racist abuse following London bombings; letter
CN 05.08.2005 p2 Community unites after race attacks folowing bombings
CN 12.08.2005 p1 Surge in race crime since bombings
CN 12.08.2005 pp12 Feature on Bangladesh businessman
CN 02.09.2005 p13 Letter concerning racist graffitti

CN 27.11.1987 p16 City bid to host rally

See also Chartists
CWAAS Vol 78 1978 The trade unon and radical activities of the Carlisle handloom weaves
CAIH p49 Radicals; illustration of 1819 banner
CP 25.09.1819 p2f Fine flag made in preparation for meeting
CP 02.10.1819 p3a Meeting to take place at Coal Fell Hill
CP 09.10.1819 p2e Ad Mayor begs non attendance at proposed meeting
CP 09.10.1819 p2f Radicals meeting; flags ready
CP 16.10.1819 p4 a-d Carlisle Radical reform Meeting; first meetin
CP 06.11.1819 p3a, p4 a-d Second meeting of Carlisle Radicals held
CP 18.12.1819 p2a Action against illegal training of persons with arms
CP 18.12.1819 p3d Swearing in of special constables; increase in cavalry in city
CJ 25.08.1838 Carlisle Radical Assn formed
CN 04.01.1985 p4 History of Carlisle Radical reformers
CN 11.01.1985 p4 History of Carlisle Radical reformers

See also CFM
CN 29.10.1949 p5 Illustration of first wireless installed in Carlisle
ENS 24.08.1960 Supplement p10 May have its own station in 5 years
CN 06.03.1998 p3 Raffles
CN 19.11.1999 p3 Trinity radio station on air

RADIO CARLISLE/ RADIO CUMBRIA Station lunched in 1973
CN 21.07.1972 p15 CN 20.07.1973 p1 CN 07.09.1973 p7(map)
Carlisle an illustrated history p91 Photos of preparing for station launch/ new HQ
CN 23.11.1973 p16 (illus) Opening
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p176 1975 photo fo transmitter
Cumbria September 1977 pp314-316 (illus)
CN 15.06.1979 p1 Cutbacks
CN 21.10.1988 p12 Editorial; a reply by the Beeb
CN 21.10.1988 p25 MP attacks radio changes
CN 30.11.1990 p18 Radio station wins top award
CN 15.03.1991 p23 New home for radio
CN 07.06.1991 p9 BBC new offices
CN 16.10.1992 p25 A new inage for county radio
CN 05.02.1993 p25 Countdown to the big switchon
CN 05.03.1993 p12 The voice shouting in unison
CN 05.03.1993 p 14-15 Switching to a bright radio station
CN 12.03.1993 pp9,10 Ad
Cumbria August 1993 p19 A microphone in Borrowdale
CN 24.02.1995 p3 Cash cuts threat to 5 jobs
CN 10.03.1995 p12 Radio jobs axe protest
CN 31.03.1995 p2 Maclean complains to Beeb
CN 15.11.1996 p1 Radio Cumbria to axe top producer
CN 22.11.1996 p1 Bishops back fight to stop BBC jobs axe
CN 22.11.1996 p11 Battle of wavebands
CN 13.12.1996 p1 Broadcasters lose jobs, despite public support
CN 03.01.1997 p4 Radio pair’s last chance
CN 04.04.1997 p2 Axed radio men must compete for a single job
CN 03.04.1998 p6 Ad
Cumbria LIfe Nov/Dec 1998 no 61 pp8-9 2 A9
CN 23.12.1998 p2 (illus) Radio boss denies ‘severe’ cuts claims
CN 08.01.1999 p6 6am religion slot - too early
CN 26.03.1999 p5 Radio output will not suffer
Cumbria Life no 69 pp18-21 2 A9
CN 16.01.2004 p1 Donald Scott sacked; fall in nos of listeners
CN 23.01.2004 p 13 Letters concerning the departure of Donald Scott
CN 30.01.2004 p8 Feature on morning radio show’s 10th anniversary; letter p13
CN 13.08.2004 p6 Roman altar to Goddess of Fortune unveiled at Radio Cumbria

Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p177 1979 photo of broadcasters
CN 30.04.1993 p13 Hospital DJ’s long service
CN 16.07.1993 p9 Hospital radio is 21
CN 13.08.1993 p25 Fund raising marathon
CN 05.08.1994 p3 Hospital radio outlaws song
CN 08.08.1997 p4 (illus) Hospital radio celebrates 25 years of cheering up patients
CN 15.08.1997 p12 (illus) Radio men reach dizzy heights on both sides of Channel

RADIO TAXIS Victoria Viaduct
CD 1966-68 Ad p300

CP 08.01.1867 p1 Clock and watchmakers opened shop at 15 English St

RAE, James Listed in the 1858 Carlisle Directory as photographic artist, Norman Street, Stanwix

RAFFLES So named on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle

M.Forster; Hidden Lives pp 85-88 Raffles description of new estate
City Minutes 1926-7 p100 216 houses in progress at Raffles; pp 450, 519, 585, 655
City Minutes 1927-28 p267 132 houses in progress; pp397, 555, 642, 700, 827
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 445 houses completed in year
City Minutes 1928-9 p188 approval for 133 houses
City Minutes 1929-30 p297 Contract for 138 houses in hand Raffles/Newtown
City Minutes 1929-30 p752 Tender of J and R Bell for 50 houses accepted
City Minutes 1929-30 p 752 purchase of land adjoining Raffles estate sanctioned
City Minutes 1930-31 p642 930 Corporation houses in Raffles , housing , 2,479 adults and 1,768 under 16s
City Minutes 1933-34 p 339 Provision of Community Centre on estate
25.08.1934 Raffles Community Hall opened; Carlisle The Archive Photos p103
CJ 08.03.1938 p1 Raffles Community Centre
CJ 11.03.1938 p5 Raffles Comunity Centre
CN 25.09.1987 p12 Editorial; problem estate
CN 26.02.1988 p20 Danger warning after city arson
CN 27.10.1989 p10 City homes boost
CN 17.11.1989 p25 City estate strives for a new life
CN 17.11.1989 p25 Hedge row storm
CN 23.02.1990 p7 Bid for a new estate spirit
CN 20.04.1990 p23 Rules change worry over homes grant
CN 04.05.1990 p27 Surgery will help Raffles
CN 18.05.1990 p3 Councellors slam Raffles delay
CN 08.06.1990 p1 Families flee estate of fear
CN 08.06.1990 p12Not just a local problem
CN 15.06.1990 p25 Call to use to watchmen on city estate
CN 27.07.1990 p7 City estate plan to have a bank
CN 10.08.1990 p3 Row erupts over Raffles project
CN 05.10.1990 p23 Church plan to help estate kids
CN 12.10.1990 p44 New look action groups
CN 16.11.1990 p20 Estate in bid to revive action group
CN 28.12.1990 p28 Rector has faith in city estate
CN 04.01.1991 p8 It’s the only answer for Raffles
CN 25.01.1991 p23 Battle to beat crime on estate
CN 01.02.1991 p3 Raffles security move
CN 15.02.1991 p6 Estate scheme underway
CN 22.02.1991 p5 £4m boost for estate
CN 05.04.1991 p11 Youth worker for city estate
CN 05.04.1991 p10 Graham faces a real challenge
CN 02.08.1991 p5 Housing unveiled
CN 18.10.1991 p7 £4m booster for estate
CN 18.10.1991 p25 Estate group re-launched
CN 22.11.1991 p3 Reign of terror hits city estate
CN 24.07.1992 pp1,14 Raffles residents branded
CN 16.10.1992 p2 Fighting back
CN 16.10.1992 p7 Raffles no go
CN 21.05.1993 p13 Breaks in fewer on city estate
CN 03.12.1993 pp1,12 Rafles fits the bill for carpets
CN 04.02.1994 p15 Safety scheme success
CN 25.03.1994 p5 Centre to go
CN 03.06.1994 p14 Protest petition over road closure plan
CN 29.07.1994 p3 Drug haven to go
CN 29.07.1994 p7 Joyriders fenced off
CN 19.08.1994 p14 Down your way
CN 11.11.1994 p10 Revival in Raffles
CN 06.01.1995 p5 Teachers snub £27,000 post as head of Raffles School
CN 20.01.1995 p5 Burglers ransack house
CN 24.02.1995 p3 (illus) Police ignore Raffles ‘claim’
CN 10.03.1995 p10 Spirit of Raffles
CN 17.03.1995 p4 Empty homes bill
CN 14.04.1995 p5 £2,000 house
CN 07.04.1995 p9 Home plans anger Tories
CN 26.05.1995 p4 Drivers seek to cut long way home
CN 16.06.1995 p1 Raffles revamp
CN 08.12.1995 p5 Raffles at ease with burglar alarms
CN 05.01.1996 p1 Repairs held up as £50,000 goes to Raffles
CN 12.01.1996 p1 One way road scrapped
CN 26.01.1996 p1 Council U-turn on £50,000 repairs
ENS 02.05.1996 pp6,7 (illus) Memory lane, Carlisle Carlisle
CN 31.05.1996 p1 £1m handout
ENS 01.08.1996 p6 Why did they send this killer to live next door to us?
CN 30.08.1996 p3 Team sets to work
CN 11.10.1996 p4 New bid for spy cameras on Raffles estate
CN 06.12.1996 p1 Howard in city for Raffles briefing
CN 31.01.1997 p8 (illus) Campaign to put pride back into Raffles
CN 07.02.1997 p3 Skip scheme
CN 07.03.1997 p4 Rural and city communities to benefit from CCTV grants
CN 02.05.1997 p5 Raffles residents split down the middle of street in war of words
CN 30.05.1997 p3 Raffles road show all revved up
CN 26.09.1997 p3 Demolition fears loom over empty Raffles homes
CN 10.10.1997 p1 Demolition scheme for empty Raffles homes
CN 31.10.1997 p8 Story of Raffles hits the highway
CN 21.11.1997 p5 Spy cameras roll in Raffles
CN 06.03.1998 p3 Radio
CN 03.04.1998 p5 Empty homes at heart of problem
CN 11.09.1998 p7 Aerial view
CN 04.06.1999 p3 Switched on
CN 19.11.1999 p1 Rock bottom in Raffles-semi sells for £5,750
CN 24.03.2000 p13 Photo - demolition
CN 27.07.2001 p12 Wastelands of Raffles; 123 empty houses demolished in 2000
CN 12.10.2001 p6 Report says estate only flourish with residents committment
CN 23.11.2001 p1 Raffles homeowners face loss after compulsory demolition
CN 01.03.2002 p25 Charles Shepherd opens boxing gym on Raffles estate
CN 06.09.2002 p5 Proposals to build 300 houses on Raffles estate
CN 06.12.2002 p12 Feature on £7.6m redevelopment of estate
CN 10.10.2003 p5 Detatched homes planned for estate by Lovells
CN 02.04.2004 p5 New houses could cause divide between rich and poor
CN 28.05.2004 p6 Foundation stone for first of new 92 houses laid today
CN 18.02.2005 p15 Raffles Advice Service to close as funds run out
CN 10.06.2005 p Update on £7.6m redevelopment
CN 19.08.2005 p5 Shady Grove Rd police station opened
CN 17.03.2006 p5 92 new properties built by Lovells to form the ‘Hawthorns’

CN 14.12 2007 p12 Feature on Family Centre which opened 6 years ago

RAFFLES ROVERS Football team, set up in 1944 by J.R.Aldersey [CN 22.08.2008 p13]

CN 22.10.1971 p16 (illus)

RAGGED SCHOOL see Caldewgate Ragged School

CN 20.08.1993 p9 New game gets off the ground

RAILINGS Removal for WW2 salvage
See Carlisle At War p26 1BC 9
City Council minutes 1940-41 28.02.1941 p141 Appeal
City Council minutes 1941-42 30.03.1942 p141 Complaint as to work
CN 08.03.1941 Iron railings wanted; request to private owners
CN 15.03.1941 Court House railings;war effort

CN 12.10.1940 p5 Church railings removal (railings around old graves; canon law of 1605)

RAILWAY COTTAGES So named on the 1861 and 1871 census; in the regent St area

RAILWAY HOTEL; Botchergate
1891 census; John Wallace, publican, 31, born Preston

RAILWAY HOTEL/ INN 104 London Road; built 1837 to serve the London Road Station of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
CJ 16.12.1837 ‘New’ Railway Hotel
1861 census William Johnston, hotelkeeper, bn Scotland, aged 76
CP 04.10.1862 p1 Ad;Railway Hotel to be let
1891 census; Jane Little, widow, 44, hotel keeper, born Carlisle
A photograph of circa WWI shows the building had a portico
1901 census; Jane Little, aged 54, hotel keeper, bn Carlisle
ENS 17.09.1970 p6 Inns of Cumbria and the Border; Railway Hotel

1901 census; James Layden, 53, innkeeper; bn Kirklinton

See C.C.Dorman Carlisle (Citadel) Railway Scene, 1971 2 BC 625
Carlisle 150 Years of Railways, Cumbria Railways Association 2 BC 625
P.Robinson Rail Centres; Carlisle, 1986 1BC 625
H.Routledge Steam City Carlisle. 2007 2BC 625
CN 05.01.1968 p8 (illus) CN 16.06.1978 p4
CJ 23.04.1875 Progress of the railway works at Carlisle; 13 new lines of railway
CP 23.04.1875 Progress report on vast works commenced on 05.10.1874
CP 03.12.1875 Progress report on the Carlisle Station extensions etc
CN 25.08.1928 p9 Railways in the 1860s
CN 05.10.1946 p7 History from 1838
CJ 20.02.1948 p3 (illus) Centenary of through travel
CN 20.03.1948 p5 Edinburgh to London centenary
CJ 08.10.1948 p1 (illus) Experimental diesel run
CN 01.10.1954 p10 (illus) First station
CN 15.11.1957 p10 (illus) First station
CN 04.07.1958 p10 Supplement
CN 04.08.1960 p12 Stations
CN 19.04.1974 p6 Early engines and sheds
CN 03.05.1974 p6 (illus) 19th century railway races
CN 24.05.1974 p6 (illus) 19th century railway races
CN 27.05.1977 p1 Link with Stranraer-Larne
CN 28.07.1978 p36 High speed train
CN 29.09.1978 (illus) p12 High speed trains
CN 20.03.1981 p18 History
CN 30.10.1987 p12 Editorial comment - future of rail services
CN 19.05.1989 p4 Victorian boost for city station
CN 28.07.1989 p 4 New rail link answer to travellers prayers
CN 02.03.1990 p4 Town hit by race riot
CN 09.03.1990 p10 We must not be forgotten
CN 20.07.1990 p4 Humble start to line
CN 24.08.1990 p4 Changing stations
CN 15.02.1991 p1 Axe threats to stations
CN 15.03.1991 p4 Railway boom time
CN 16.10.1992 p5 City railway depot tops for quality
CN 02.07.1993 p4 Railways role vital to city
CN 02.07.1993 p1 Paint your wagon vandals
CN 06.08.1993 p4 Railway line relied on real horsepower
CN 21.01.1994 p3 Pullman city link
CN 04.03.1994 p3 (illus) The crane is now arriving (Dalston Road)
CN 11.03.1994 p4 150 years ago
CN 25.03.1994 p3 Bridge work to hit easter trade
CN 22.04.1994 p10 Full steam ahead in Carlisle
CN 18.11.1994 p10 (illus) Ghost trains
CN 09.12.1994 p1 Off with a bang (starlings)
CN 30.12.1994 p9 On the trains
CN 30.12.1994 p8 150 years ago (new station opened)
CN 20.01.1995 p3 Rail study backed (Visitors centre)
CN 27.01.1995 p1 Rail jobs cut
CN 27.01.1995 p10 Centenary of great railway race
CN 10.02.1995 p4 Danger embankment ot be pulled down
CN 17.03.1995 p19 Full steam ahead
CN 07.06.1996 p2 Anniversary plans in train
CN 28.06.1996 p1 The train now arriving in city centre (150 anniversary)
CN 05.07.1996 p13 150th birthday treat in store for railway fans
CN 19.01.1997 p1 Cathedral train
CN 07.03.1997 p6 Steamed up over Carlisle’s 150th birthday
CN 01.08.1997 p5 (illus) Police to monitor railway bridge after yobs stone train
CN 08.08.1997 p1 (illus) Mayor’s row won’t spoil rail party
CN 08.08.1997 p2 (illus) Rail memorial gets a clean up
CN 15.08.1997 p10 Package holidaymakers took branch line to luxury
CN 10.10.1997 p3 Collectors hot on the trail of antique railway books
CN 24.10.1997 p4 (illus) City shops to lure Xmas shoppers with rail deals
CN 07.11.1997 p4 City’s rail history is theme of bonfire spectacular
CN 14.11.1997 p1 New rail freight line delayed by red tape
CN 28.11.1997 p2 Strained train bosses pledge to get better
CN 29.01.1999 p7 Day a train nearly killed a boy on Dalston Road
CN 28.05.1999 p12 Memories of the railway children
CN 11.06.1999 p27 (illus) Crowds stream to rail art show
CN 11.06.1999 p17 Rail bosses woo cyclist
CN 27.10.2000 p3 ‘We can’t cut fares, we are full’
CN 27.10.2000 p12 Steel/ railmen point the finger at neglect - massive disruption
CN 10.11.2000 p5 Rail misery continues for passengers - letters p13
CN 02.02.2001 p3 MP says Carlisle could be home for academy for railway skills
CN 29.06.2001 p5 Stone throwing incident in Carlisle; driver hurt
CN 07.12.2001 p3 (illus) Hogwarts Express pays a visit to Carlisle during test run
CN 11.01.2002 p13 Two letters concernning rotten rail service from Carlisle

CJ 16.02.1849 p3 a-f Accident near Rockcliffe on Caledonian line; 5 killed
CJ 23.02.1849 p2h, p3 a-c Accident near Rockcliffe; inquest at Carlisle
Manchester Guardian 08.04.1856 p3 Engine explosion at Kingmoor; two killed
Manchester Guardian 10.04.1856 p4 Full accont of accident, dead and injured
Manchester Guardian 25.04.1856 p3 Inquest on explosion of engine 76
Carlisle Examiner 15.10.1859 p3a Railway accident at St Nicholas
CP 02.03.1861 p4f Porter, John Turnbull, badly injured in Citadel Station
CP 01.06.1861 p5a Breaksman Joseph Porter killed on L&C near Upperby
CJ 12.11.1867 Accident of 01.11 at Canal Station; Joseph Bell, driver died 07.11
CP 03.07.1868 Supp. p1 Henry Rooke, 13, employed by M&C killed near goods st.
10.07.1870 Accident at Citadel Station; 5 killed
10.07.1870 Article by D.Perriam on accident [CN 17.10.2008 p34]
19.09.1874 Accident at Citadel St; PO sorting van involved
07.05.1875 Wigton Rd Railway bridge collapse causes accident [CN 27.03.2009 p32]
09.03.1875 Two men killed when working on Caledonian engine sheds
CP 09.07.1880 p5e Accident north of Carlisle Station
CP 19.08.1881 p6 London Road railway accident
CP 24.09.1886 John Sharp, railway shunter, killed by waggon at LNWR yard
CP 30.11.1888 Joseph Bell, telegraph clerk, killed by train on Caledonian line
CJ 07.03.1890 pp4-6 Terrible accident at Citadel Station (04.03.1890)
CP 07.03.1890 Engraving of and report of accident; 4 killed
CJ 11.03.1890 p3 Board of trade enquiry
CJ 28.03.1890 p6 Adjourned inquest
CJ 18.04.1890 p6 Adjourned inquest
CP 28.11.1890 p5 Engine thrown over an embankment - driver killed; engraving
18.04.1891 12 people injured at Carlisle Station
CJ 16.11.1894 pp4-5 Citadel Station
CJ 08.01.1895 p2 Citadel Station
CP 20.08.1897 p6f LNER worker falls to death from Citadel St roof; George Moffat
CP 20.08.1897 p6f Shunter killed at Citadel St; Thomas Blain
CJ 18.01.1898 Shunter killed in Saint Nicholas Yard
CP 11.03.1898 p5a Railway accident at Saint Nicholas
25.12.1902 Locomotice crashed into Milbourne Street
30.04.1907 Herbert Ivision accidentally killed Citadel Station [SMI 81/2]
City Minutes 1908-09 p146 Accident on 28.11.1908 at St Nicholas; sleepers on line
ENS 16.09.1913 p3 Goods porter killed
CJ 23.09.1913 p5 Accidents at London Road Station
CJ 15.09.1926 p2 Driver starts engine with fireman underneath - fatality
ENS 22.09.1926 p4 Express collision at Carlisle
CN 24.09.1926 p4 (illus) Citadel Station crash
CN/CJ? 24.09.1926 p7 Collision in Citadel Station
CN 07.10.1928 p8 Railway disaster
CN 07.10.1928 p16 Border train smash
CN 07.10.1928 p17 (illus) Victims of disaster
CN 03.11.1928 p6 City in mourning
CN 03.11.1928 p12 Govenment enquiry at Carlisle
03.01.1931 Carlisle in Camera 2 p37 photo of derailed engine
CJ 06.01.1931 pp4,7 (plan) Railway disaster at Willow Holme; 3 killed on 03.01
CN 03.07.1937 p3 Runaway trucks smash through Carrs into Caldewgate
ENS 14.01.1961 p7 City station rail crash
30.07.1966 H.Routledge Steam City Carlisle. 2007 2BC 625 p79 Photos of crash near Upperby yeard involving Britannia 70017 Arrow
01.05.1984 Runaway trucks destroy goods avoidance bridge in Carlisle
CN 25.11.1988 Runaway rail trucks (Caused Caldewgate chaos - 26.06.1937)
CN 28.04.1989 p4 Rail crash in city
CN 29.11.1996 p4 Train chiefs step up safety after rail death crash
CN 29.11.1996 p10 The guard who put his life on the line

RAILWAYS; AMALGAMATED SOCIETY OF RAILWAY SERVANTS First carlisle meeting held 01.12.1872; AGM of the National Society held in Carlisle 2nd-6th October 1911
Official Souvenir of 1911 AGM gives history of branch 1BC 625

see also BRIDGES
CN 27.11.1992 p4 Rail bridge was death trap

First engine Carlisle to Beattock 26.08.1847; Glasgow to Carlisle opened throughout 15.02.1848; Caledonian engine shed immediately below West Walls, was removed in 1875 when a new shed was opened at Kingmoor, new lines being laid on the old shed site as part of station development
CJ 11.09.1847 p3 b-f Opening of the Caledonian Railway, Carlisle to Beattock
CJ 18.02.1848 p3a,b Opening of the railway Beattock to Edinburgh/Glasgow
CJ 16.02.1849 p3 a-f Accident near Rockcliffe Station on 10.02.; 5 killed
CJ 23.02.1849 p2h, p3 a-c Inquest following accident near Rockcliffe
Manchester Guardian 08.04.1856 p3 Engine explosion at Kingmoor; 2 killed
Manchester Guardian 10.04.1856 p4 Full acount of accident, dead and injured
Manchester Guardian 25.04.1856 p3 Inquest upon loco 76 and explosion
09.03.1875 Two men killed when working on Caledonian engine sheds
CJ 19.04.1949 p2
CN 09.09.1994 p8 150 years ago - Lancaster, Carlisle, Caledonian

CJ 22.03.1834 To be let; masonary and works between Basin and London Rd; ad
CN 29.07.1950 p5 Canal Goods Depot to be closed
H.Routledge Steam City Carlisle. 2007 2BC 625 pp35 - 40 Photos of Kingmoor MPD in 1950s and 1960s
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p60 Wigton Rd and Denton Street bridges
ENS 24.06.1974 Denton Street railway bridge demolished on 23.06.1974
Cumbrian Railways Association Circular no 13, 1/ 1979 Canal Loco. Shed history
CN 03.04.1987 p21 Railway bridge over Caldew demolished (1984)
CN 29.01.1999 p7 Day a train nearly killed a boy in Dalston Road


See D.Perriam Carlisle Citadel Station, 1998 2BC 625
Opened 10.07.1847; first used by Maryport and Carlisle 02.04.1851; 1851 census James Spiers, Railway Station, Court Square, aged 45, Superintendent of Railway St, born Scotland; first used by Newcastle and Carlisle Railway 01.01.1863; enlarged station opened 20.09.1877; electric light installed 09.02.1899; roof glazed 1901; overall roof removed1957-58; ticket barriers removed in 1984; new ticket office opened 07.04.1989
Illustrated London News 25.09.1847 pp203-4 Illustration
CN 25.06.1954 p8 (illus) CN 02.07.1954
CJ 13.03.1847 p2e Foundation stone laid by Mr Hemberow; 300 men at work
CJ 10.09.1847 p2 Ad Citadel Station now open
30.06.1858 Katherine Jones born Residence, Citadel Stn [Mon. Ins. 127/37]
CP 02.03.1861 p4f Porter, John Turnbull, badly injured in Citadel accident
CJ 14.05.1861 Proposed extension of Citadel Station
CP 18.05.1861 p7a,b Proposed extension; Railway Bill, Select Comm. report
10.07.1870 Accident at Citadel Station; 5 killed
CP 19.09.1873 p4 Carlisle Citadel Station
19.09.1874 Accident at Citadel St; PO sorting van involved
CP 23.04.1875 p5d Extensions; vast scheme in progress
10.10.1875 Thomas Jones died at Residence, Citadel Station. [Mon. Ins 127/37]
04.03.1890 Accident at Citadel Station; four killed
18.04.1891 12 people injured at Carlisle Station
CP 20.08.1897 p6f LNER worker killed in fall from roof; George Moffat
CP 20.08.1897 p6f Shunter killed at Citadel Station; Thomas Blain
CP 04.03.1898 p3a Introduction of electric light
1901 census; William Haythornthwaite, Railway Superintendant living at Station
30.04.1907 Herbert Ivision accidentally killed Citadel Station [SMI 81/2]
CN 14.06.1947 p5 Citadel Station 100 years celebration
CN 21.06.1947 p5 Illustration from Illustrated London News
CJ 08.08.1947 p1 Proposal for centenary celebrations
CN 31.05.1947 p5 Proposals for centenary celebrations
CJ 26.08.1947 p2 History of railways in Carlisle
CJ 29.08.1947 p3 History of railways in Carlisle
CN 30.08.1947 p3 Centenary
CJ 02.09.1947 p1 Historic Exhibition - centenary celebrations
CJ 05.09.1947 p4 History of the railway in Carlisle
CJ 05.09.1947 p5 Celebration of railway men
CN 03.01.1948 p5 Citadel station nationalisation
CN 15.08.1953 Citadel conversion to electricity
CN 17.09.1954 p11 New roof
CN 24.09.1954 p11 (illus) New roof
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p143 Photo of Eisenhower in early 1960s
CN 12.05.1972 p1 Closing part
CN 10.11.1972 p8 (illus) Historical
CN 05.04.1974 p6 Citadel Station history
CN 11.04.1974 p6 Citadel Station history
CN 10.05.1974 p6 (illus)Citadel Station roof
CN 21.01.1994 p18 Carlisle railway station a winner
CN 16.09.1994 p10 Great debate 150 years ago where to site new station
CN 23.09.1994 p10 Hitches hit opening of station
CN 14.10.1994 p17 Station on track for major prize
CN 22.08.1997 p10 (illus) 300 navvies began the creation of a splendid station
CN 26.09.1997 p14 Saga of the station now standing...
CN 19.02.1999 p9 Rusty pipes leaking gallons at station
CN 04.04.2003 p7 Citadel clock fitted with radio receiver and automatic regulator
CN 16.05.2003 p13 Letter; clock 3 hours fast
CN 06.02.2004 p17 Pigeons trapped in nets allowed to starve to death

RAILWAYS; CROWN STREET STATION Opened 30.12.1844; closed 17.03.1849
Railway Magazine August 1963 pp 575 - 579 (illus)

CN 02.11.2007 p19 Talks over future of closed yard; work already transferred to Kingmoor

CP 22.07.1881

CN 15.02.1936 p19 To close

ENS 03.12.1959 p1 Rail engineers plan ahead
ENS 26.09.1964 p1 Electric trains for city
CN 10.04.1970 p8 (illus) Electrification
CN 26.03.1971 p3 (illus) Electrification
CN 03.12.1971 p8 (illus) Electrification

CN 10.05.1947 p5 CN 17.05.1947 p5

Junction with Caledonian line at Gretna opened 23.08.1848

CN 16.09.1977 p3 High Speed Trains
CN 29.09.1978 p12 (illus) High Speed Train

CJ 04.07.1950 pp1,3 (illus)
CJ 07.07.1950 p2 (illus) Brasses
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p41 1954 photo of railway horses

CJ 23.02.1962 p7 Fire

RAILWAYS; KINGMOOR RAIL DEPOT Motive Power Depot closed 1967; Traction Maintenance Depot opened 1968
CN 13.10.1967 p1 CN 27.10.1967 p5 CN 10.11.1967 p1
CN 17.11.1967 p1 CN 24.11.1967 p12 CN 22.12.1967 p1
CN 11.02 1994 p4 25 years ago lifting of rails
H.Routledge Steam City Carlisle. 2007 2BC 625 pp15-28 Photos of Kingmoor MPD in 1950s and 1960s

See also West Coast Main Line; Sunday trains; Upperby Shed
First sod cut 12.07.1844; trial 11.12.1846; opened 17.12.1846 to London Road Station; services transferred to Citadel Station 01.09.1847; 10.09.1859 meeting of shareholders of the L&C approve proposal to lease L&C to LNWR
CN 25.04.1953 p6
CJ 12.01.1839 p2c,d Penrith and Carlisle Railway; resolution and report of meeting
CJ 11.11.1843 p1f Ad; resolved the line by way of Kendal, Shap and Penrith; pp3,4
CP 18.12.1846 p4 Opening
CJ 19.12.1846 p3 b-g, p4 (illus) whole page; Opening
CJ 09.01.1847 p2a Carlisle to Penrith timetable
CJ 30.01.1847 p2g Slaughtered sheep to London market same day by L&C
CJ 13.03.1847 p2a,b Timetable alterations to L&C trains
CJ 10.04.1847 p2e Travelling Post Office in L&C on 8th May
CJ 19.04.1949 p2
CN 05.12.1969 p8 Building
CN 30.12.1993 p4 Carlisle-Lancaster 150 years
CN 09.09.1994 p8 150 years ago Lancaster, Carlisle, Caledonian
CN 20.12.1996 p10 The first train from Carlisle to Penrith - and it was late

‘City of Carlisle’ built 1939, withdrawn 1964; 01.05.1963 ‘Kings Own Royal Border regiment’ named; 07.12.1978 ‘City of Carlisle’ named; 20.09.1997 ‘Carlisle Cathedral’ named;
CN 09.06.1936 Naming of Border Regiment
CN 15.07.1988 p21 Naming ceremony ‘Carlisle Currock’
ENS 29.11.2000 p14 (illus) ‘City of Carlisle nameplate’ for sale by Crown and Mitre
CN 08.12.2000 p13 Letter concerning sale of nameplate ‘City of Carlisle’
CN 02.02.2001 p12 (illus) ‘City of Carlisle locomotive - D.Perriam article
CN 31.03.2006 p9 ‘Carlisle Cathedral’ name plate will be unveiled at Tithe Barn


RAILWAYS; MAIL TRAINS 22.05.1838 Post Office announces the mail to Carlisle to be despatched tonight for the first time by the London and Birmingham Railway
See also Travelling Post Office
The Philatelist Vol 16 no 11 August 1950 Carlisle Mails - history
The Philatelist Vol 16 no 12 September 1950 Carlisle Mails - history

RAILWAYS; MARSHALLING YARDS Kingmoor Marshalling Yard opened 1963; down yard closed 1972; up hump taken out of use 1982
See also Railways; Kingmoor Rail Depot
CN 03.11.1967 p15 CN 15.09.1962 p3
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p56 photo of levelling the site in 1959
CN 20.11.1959 p1 New marshalling yard
CJ 04.12.1959 p1 New marshalling yard
ENS 03.02.1960 p3 Marshalling Yard work at Kingmoor
CJ 18.03.1960 p9 (illus) New marshalling yard
ENS 12.11.1960 p1 £250,000 contract
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p57 Photo of progress in 1961
CJ 03.02.1961 p3 (illus) New marshalling yard
CN 03.08.1962 pp1,7 New marshalling yard
CJ 17.08.1962 p6 (illus) New marshalling yard
CN 17.08.1962 p11 (illus) New marshalling yard
CN 31.05.1963 p13 New marshalling yard
ENS 04.06.1963 p1 Yard open
CN 10.11.1967 p13 (illus) New marshalling yard
CN 11.09.1970 p1 (illus) Kingmoor Yard - clocking bell
CN 27.02.1981 p1 (illus) Kingmoor marshalling yard
CN 27.02.1987 p19 Planned closure
CN 16.06.1989 p13 Talks with BR on old yard
CN 23.03.1990 p16 Attack on rail sell off
CN 15.11.1991 p27 Railway sidings plan
CN 06.12.1991 p48 Marshalling yards plan on show
CN 24.07.1998 p5 Nuclear waste could be stored at yard

Wigton to Carlisle Bog Street opened 10.05.1843; opened throughout 10.02.1845; first used Citadel Station 02.04.1851
CJ 17.06.1921 p10 CN 10.10.1975 p6 CN 24.10.1975 p? CN 27.02.1976 p6 CN 05.03.1976 p6
CP 14.02.1845 p4 Opening of Maryport and Carlisle
CJ 06.02.1847 p3a Letter complaning about Martinmas hirings; no extra carriages
CJ 06.03.1847 p2g,h, p3 a-d Half yearly meeting; most populous ever attended
CJ 27.03.1847 p2b Timetable from 19.03.1847
CJ 27.03.1847 p2f Complaint; 3rd class carriages ‘cattle vans’
CJ 10.04.1847 p2e,f Report from Railway Times on M&C half yearly meeting
CJ 25.02.1848 p2c Arrangement for M&C to use Citadel St in next few days
CJ 23.03.1849 p2 Railway warfare at Crown St
04.10.1874 First sod of new Maryport passenger line at Carlisle cut
CP 03.12.1875 Carlisle Station extension; new engine shed constructed
CJ 27.05.1921 p4 Accident at Bulgill
CJ 23.07.1940 p2 Centenary
CJ 20.02.1945 p2 History
CJ 06.03.1945 p2 Railway relics
CN 20.07.1990 p5 Humble start to line
CN 27.07.1990 p4 Stephenson lines first engineer
CN 27.01.1995 p10 150 years ago Maryport and Carlisle
CN 10.02.1995 p10 A pioneer railway line
CN 17.02.1995 p10 Weather put a damper on celebrations

RAILWAYS; MISSION HALL East Tower Street; opened 05.02.1910; began about 1890 in the first class waiting room in Citadel Station
CJ 29.06.1894 p4 Railway Mission Meeting in City Hall; overflowing
CJ 27.10.1905 p7 Sale of work to raise funds; 400-500 people now members
CJ 17.09.1909 p5 Foundation stone laid by Mrs Chance
CJ 08.02.1910 p8 Opening of new hall
V.White Carlisle and its villages, p 13 drawing in 1978
CN 26.02.1960 p10 History of the mission in 1880s

CN 29.11.1947 p5 Nationalisation
CN 03.01.1948 p5 Citadel station nationalisation

See also ;Canal Branch
History of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway 1824 - 1870 Bill Fawcett, 2008
Greenhead to Carlisle, London Road opened 19.07.1836; opened throughout 18.06.1838; Newcastle and Carlisle Railway first used Citadel Station on 01.01.1863
CJ 05.04.1949 p2 CJ 12.04.1949 p2 CN 25.02.1950 p5
CJ 14.01.1826 p3d Letter concerning position of bridge over Eden
CJ 12.04.1828 p2 Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
CJ 21.09.1833 Ad Tender to form part of line near River Petteril
CJ 16.07.1836 Opening of line to Greenhead next Tuesday
CJ 23.07.1836 p3 a-f Opening of the line from Greenhead to Carlisle
CJ 12.01.1839 p2h Effects of high winds on railway
CJ 23.03.1839 p3,b,c Report of AGM
CJ 13.07.1839 p2g Increase in traffic astonishing; indication of pre railway traffic
CJ 04.05.1844 Explosion of boiler in station yard, London Road
CJ 20.03.1847 p1 Ad for tenders for portions of the line to Alston
CJ 27.03.1847 p3a,b N&C annual meeting
Carlisle Examiner 04.09.1858 p3c N&C and Citadel Station
Carlisle Examiner 16.04.1859 p3a N&C to use Citadel Station
CJ 03.05.1864 Serious fire at London Road Station
CJ 19.08.1881 Removal of first Carlisle railway station in order to make room for new offices and goods warehouse and engine shed which the NER are about to erect at London Rd
CP 19.08.1881 p6 London Road railway accident
City Minutes 1908-09 p146; 28/11/08 sleepers placed on line at St Nicholas
CJ 15.07.1921 p4 Proposed Carlisle Brampton Railway
CN 10.06.1988 p4 Historic day in local railway annals (150th anniversary)
CN 24.08.1990 p4 Changing stations
CN 17.03.1995 p19 Full steam ahead
CN 30.07.1999 p20 Rise ands fall of the locomotive Rocket
CN 21.07.2000 p9 Denis Perriam; London Road Station (illus)
CN 07.09.2001 p3 Driver shortage on N&C line leads to replacement by buses
CN 14.06.2002 p5 First class ticket Carlisle to Warden dated 1836 at auction
CN 16.04.2004 p14 Arriva Trains Northern lose franchise

RAILWAYS; POLICE 1851 census lists John Kent ‘Railway Police’, 44, home address 1 Crown Street, born Hesket, and William Armstrong, ‘Railway Police’ aged 44, home address Old Marble Works, Crown St, born Gibralter

RAILWAYS; PORT CARLISLE RAILWAY Opened to goods 22.05.1854; opened to passengers to Carlisle Canal Station 22.06.1854; services transferred to Citadel Station 01.07.1864; branch from Drumburgh to Port Carlisle closed 01.06.1932
See also Canal; Railways-Silloth
CN 25.11.1950 p4 CN 20.03.1964 p14 (illus)
CJ 23.02.1954 p1 Road widening
CN 27.02.1954 p3 Road widening
CN 13.08.1993 p4 (illus) Cottage memories
CN 04.02.2000 p16 Threat to Solway railway remains


CN 25.11.1933 photo of Driver Gilbertson and Fireman Jackson
CN 09.12.1933 p9, 18 (illus) Carlisle Fireman and Driver go to USA with Royal Scot
CN 21.02.1948 p4 Royal Scot - revival of name

Carlisle Examiner 04.09.1858 p3c,d Most dangerous to public

First passenger traffic 01.05.1876
CN 19.04.1974 p10 (illus)Settle and Carlisle line
CN 04.05.2001 p7 125th Anniversary
CN 22.02.2002 p6 9.49am Leeds Carlisle will not be restored until June
CN 16.04.2004 p14 Arriva Trains Northern lose franchise

Silloth to Drumburgh opened 28.08.1856; services transferred from Carlisle Canal Station to Citadel Station 01.07.1864; closed 06.09.1964
CJ 13.05.1921 p4
CJ 26.11.1954 p1 (illus) Diesel train to Silloth
CN 26.11.1954 p1 (illus) Diesel train to Silloth

City Minutes 1919-20 p231NER/Midland Slaughterhouses;license only to Dec ‘21
Sanitary Condition of City of Carlisle 1920 p 102
Sanitary Conditions of the City of Carlisle 1919 p99 Closed by Ministry of Food
City Minutes 1921-22 p92 NER/ Midland licence extended for 3 months; p352
City Minutes 1921-22 p487 Midland renewed; no renewal for NER
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1927 p82 Figures for last 5 years

CN 17.03.1995 p9 End of line for sleeper
CN 19.05.1995 p6 Sleeper to go

CJ 15.10.1965 p15
CJ 28.11.1947 p1 Acquisition of sports ground
CN 22.05.1948 p5 Gillford Park opened
CJ 25.05.1948 p3 Gillford Park opened

Images of Carlisle Cumberland p61 Photo of Jimmy Leslie, last stationmaster
CJ 28.07.1967 p2 List of stationmasters from Campbell-Shelley

CN 05.01.1968 p8 (illus) Last steam train

ENS 30.05.1955 p1 935 city railmen on strike
CN 12.12.1997 p3 Christmas shoppers face strike as rail union delivers ultimatum

Carlisle Examiner 04.09.1858 p3d,e
Carlisle Examiner 07.10.1858 p2d Sunday trains on the L&C
Carlisle Examiner 19.10.1858 p3b Sunday trains on the L&C

CN 31.10.1975 p18

Cumbria April 1967 p34 (illus) First ticket machine

CN 26.02.1988 p7 Big boost in train services (new timetable)

See also Mail Trains
CJ 10.04.1847 p2e Travelling Post Office in L&C on 8th May
1861 census W.Elphinstone, 30, letter sorter travelling PO, home 14 Portland Pl
CN 29.03.2002 p22 Carlisle’s Travelling Post Office to be phased out
CN 09.01.2004 p12 Last service tomorrow
CN 21.05.2004 p5 May return after problems with air and road deliveries; p7 pic

CN 10.11.1967 p1 CN 17.11.1967 p1 CN 24.11.1967 p12 CN 22.12.1967 p12
H.Routledge Steam City Carlisle. 2007 2BC 625 pp28 - 34 Photos of Upperby MPD in 1950s and 1960s
CN 05.01.1968 p8 (illus)
ENS 25.03.1963 p1 Closes
ENS 08.08.1964 p1 Rail crash
CN 21.06.1991 p19 Railway action
CN 28.06.1991 p3 Jobs safe - British Rail
CN 23.12.1993 p1 Standing station
CN 19.08.1994 p1 Fight is on for 100 rail jobs
CN 09.09.1994 p12 Freight hope for line
CN 11.11.1994 p1 Rail talks enter second day
CN 18.11.1994 p10 (illus) Ghost train
CN 18.11.1994 p15 Last ditch rail depot talks fail

Carlisle Journal of September 1847 mentions a Lancaster and Carlisle Railway Shed; roundhouse built 1948 and demolished 1978 [CN 09.09.2005 p6]
British Railways Illustrated Vol 14, no 10 July 2005 pp416 - 425 Rebuilding Upperby Shed [1940s onwards]

Carlisle in Camera 1 p48 Photo across yard

Opened 20.09.1877

See also West Coast Main Line
First Virgin cross country service in Carlisle from Edinburgh 06.01.1997
CN 10.01.1997 p5 When Branson’s Virgin rolled into Carlisle
CN 24.10.1997 p4 (illus) City shops to lure Xmas shoppers with rail deals
CN 28.11.1997 p2 Strained train bosses pledge to get better
CN 27.10.2000 p3 We can’t cut fares we’re full; Virgin
CN 10.11.2000 p5 Virgin hits back and gets its own fares wrong
CN 15.06.2001 p13 Letters complaining about Virgin service on West Coast Line
CN 13.07.2001 p1 Virgin cuts London fare
CN 13.07.2001 p12 140mph trains for 2002 on WCML; but present service awful
CN 03.05.2002 p3 Better service promised with Pendolinos, but prices will rise

First sod from Carlisle to Hawick cut 07.09.1859; 01.08.1862 line opened throughout; closed 06.01.1969
CJ 15.01.1861 Building of bridge over Eden
CN 14.10.2005 p13 Letter concerning reopening of line

See also Lancaster and Carlisale Railway; Virgin Trains
CN 31.05.1947 p5 (illus) Carlisle to Euston
ENS 26.09.1964 p1 Electric trains for Carlisle
CN 31.01.1997 p3 MPs alarm at tycoons bid for West coast line
CN 27.10.2000 p3 It’s time to renationalise Railtrack says MP after week of delays
CN 27.10.2000 p12 Story behind 179 cracks on Carlisle Glasgow line
CN 01.12.2000 p5 Only 5 Saturday trains to London from Carlisle - normally 10
CN 05.10.2001 p3 Glimpse of Virgin’s tilting train, Pendelino, at Citadel Station
CN 12.10.2001 p14 (illus) Tilting trains on trial in Cumbria
CN 21.06.2002 p3 Line closed after derailment at Gretna of timber wagons
CN 11.10.2002 p3 Decision to retrict speed to 125 mph after upgrade criticised
CN 03.09.2004 p1 New timetable on 29.09; Carlisle-London 3hrs 23mins
CN 31.03.2006 p5 Fastest Carlisle to London 3 hrs 13 minutes; but they want under 3 hrs
CN 29.09.2006 p20 New speed record; non stop Glasgow to London, 3hrs 55 mins

RAILWAY TAVERN Botchergate; in local directories 1869 to 1914; closed 1917
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916, pp76-7
CN 13.09.1991 p4 (illus) CN 29.11.1991 p4 (illus)



RAINE,R and Co Botchergate; Warwick Road
Gunsmith and fishing tackle [Robert Raine set up in business in circa 1915; after his death in 1943 the business was sold to C.L.Atkinson, who continued to trade under the name of Raine; Cyril Atkinson traded until 1990]
M.Edwards Our City Our People p23 Short memory circa 1900
All About Carlisle 1934 Ad p63 At the sign of the record Eden salmon 56 lbs
CD 1952 Ad p311
CD 1966-68 Ad pp96, 266


CN 24.11.2000 p2 Children’s home is closed down for refurbishment

RAMSAY, T 54 Castle Street
M442 p38 Business cards for chemist and druggist

RAMSHAY LANE, Botchergate On the 1851 census a William Ramshay, retired grocer, aged 71, born Alston, is living here; a Botchergate placename noted on the 1841-1871 census returns

RANDALL STREET So named in 1858 directory; Randall was the maiden name of Mrs Charlotte Dixon, who gave her name to Charlotte St
City Council Minutes 1898/99 p70 Approval for 6 houses

RANDLESONS LANE; Botchergate 1861 census Agnes Randleson, 39, living Randlesons Lane, proprietor of houses, born Longtown.

CN 20.07.2007 p 20 Leisure and garden centre to open on July 20th

CN 09.08.1991 p7 County rape crisis helpline

RAPER, Geoge Mon. Insc. St Mary’s Church [Cathedral] No68; builder of this city died 01.09.1820

RAPER, George 14 London Road
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p11 cabinetmaker, upholsterer
1861 census, cabinet maker, 20, employing 4 men, bn Carlisle, home London Rd

RAPER, Thomas Stonemason employing 2 apprentices, aged 45, born Carlisle, home address London Road [1851 census]; stone cutter, aged 55, employing 2 men, born Carlisle, home address London Road [1861 census]

CJ 22.05.1942 p3 Carlisle’s rat catcher ‘called up’

RATCHFORD,J.C. Newtown Road
Catering services
CD 1952 Ad p277
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p231

RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION Founded January 1963; disbanded February 1964
CN 28.02.1964 p3 CJ 20.03.1964 p8

See also Council Tax
CN 12.11.1938 p13 Letter complaining of high rates in city

RATHBONES BAKERY Duranhill; formerly Robertsons
CN 25.02.2005 p1 Bakery employing 196 burns down
CN 08.04.2005 p3 ‘Unfair dismissal’ claims
CN 07.10.2005 p3 Compensation for workers
CN 14.10.2005 p2 Staff may never get payout as bakers is in administration

CN 16.10.1992 p4 Coping with wartime food rationing

City Minutes 1920-21 p 627 Advertise bounty of 2d per rats head killed in city
Sanitary Conditions of the City of Carlisle 1930 p96 Rats and mice destuction in city
CN 31.10.2008 p21 Rat infestations in Carlisle up 142%

RAVEN, Dalton Attorney at law Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1784

City Minutes 1930-31 p323 Purchase of land at Raven Nook for £300
City Minutes 1933-34 p654 Erection of 28 houses at Raven Nook;Laing’s tender agreed

RAVEN NOOK WOOLEN MILL Greystone Rd; foundation stone laid 27.05.1850; 21.02.1851 machinery set in motion.
Carlisle an illustrated history p36 engraving of mill
North Cumberland Reformer 07.01.1892 p6 New Year festivities at Raven Nook Steam laundry
CJ 14.07.1893 p8 Raven Nook Mill to let, as occupied by Carlisle Laundry Company and known as the Raven Nook Woolen Mill
CN 02.11.2001 p7 Rise and fall of Carlisle woolen Mill

City Minutes 1891-92 p 306 Approval for new street
City Minutes 1898/99 p 342 approval for 13 houses

RAY, William Joiner, aged 29, employing 10 men, home address Etterby St, born Stanwix [1851 census]

RAYSON, George Joiner employing 1 apprentice, aged 29, born Dublin, home address Brook Street [1851 census]

RAYSON, George Soda water and lemonade manufacturer, aged 52, home address 133 Botchergate, born Aglionby [1851 census]

Whellan 1860 p 131
B.Graham Nineteenth Century Self-Help in Education - Mutual Improvement Societies; case study; the Carlisle Working Men’s Reading Rooms, 1983, 71pp
CN 11.08.1967 P10 CN 03.12.1976 P6
CN 13.07.1990 p4 Memories of reading rooms
CN 10.08.1990 p4 Reading room with a place in history

CD 1931 Ad p236
CD 1934 Ad p150

READS Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p78
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p264
CD 1955-56 Ad p268
CD 1961-62 Ad p290

CN 30.07.1971 p16 (illus)

CN 07.07.2000 p13 Three letters concerning availability of Real Ale in city

REAY, J Portland Square; Lismore Street, Broad Street;
Newsagent and stationer
CD 1902-03 Ad p288
CD 1905-06 Ad p130

REAY, J Lismore Street, Broad Street
grocer, baker and confectioner
CD 1905-06 Ad p13

REAY, John English Street, Lowthians Lane, Botchergate
Wine and spirit merchant
CD 1884-85 Ad p269

REAY and ARMSTRONG Denton Street
Newsagent and stationer
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p276
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p17; interior photo of Reay’s newsagents, 1951

CJ 21.11.1950 p2

RECORDERS Farrer Herschell 1873 - 1880; Leofric Temple 1881 - 1891; Alexander Henry 1892 - 1904; Ernest Page 1904 - 1929; Edward Wooll 1929 - 1963; Desmond Bailey 1963 - 1965; George Bean 1965 - 1969; Michael Maguire1970-71
Civic Affairs October 1963 List 2 BC 352; mentioned in Elizabethan bye-laws
CJ 25.10.1963 p8 CN 25.10.1963 p12 CJ 29.11.1963 p10 CN 29.11.1963 p10


See also Waste Disposal
CN 01.12.1989 p3 Recycling in pipeline
CN 23.02.1990 p12 City looking into waste recycling
CN 17.07.1992 p7 City set for recycling bonanza
CN 20.11.1992 p18 New recycling points in action
CN 08.04.1994 p7 Let’s recycle that fridge say council
CN 03.01.1997 p5 Turn your Xmas tree into compost
CN 11.07.1997 p15 Green groups waste warning
CN 14.11.1997 p1 (illus) Where there’s muck there’s grass
CN 28.09.2001 p9 Garden waste recycling scheme at Wilowholme
CN 25.01.2001 p6 ‘Green Box’ pilot scheme begins in Carlisle on Monday
CN 01.02.2002 p16 12 tonnes of rubbish recycled in one day with new scheme
CN 24.05.2002 p3 Greenbox scheme too successful; some cutbacks
CN 22.08.2003 p5 Expansion of green box scheme to 38,000 households
CN 12.03.2004 p7 Greenbox recycling scheme to be expanded
CN 26.11.2004 p6 First plastic recycling bank in city
CN 10.03.2006 p6 15,000 plastic bottles recycles per day
CN 04.01.2008 p 6 After Christmas 150 cars per hour at Boustead Grassing

CITY MINUTES 1893-94 p 346 sale to Glasgow and South Western Railway Co

City Minutes 1892-93 item 180; approval for formation of new road
City Minutes 1893-94 p 244 approval for 15 houses

RED COW Caldcotes; in local directory for 1858

REDCREST Coach holiday specialists
CN 12.01.1990 p8 Ad
CN 11.01.1991 p8 It’s a ticket to ride
CN 18.08.1995 p14 Ad
CN 16.01.1998 p18 Heading for the Costa Brava? Go by supercoach
CN 28.04.2000 p11 Families star in TV show
CN 19.08.2005 p 2 Calls in receivers with debts of £600,000

RED CROSS Day centres at Barn Close, Stanwix and Petteril House, Harraby
CN 24.04.1987 p40 Opening
CN 24.08.1990 p4 Volunteers manned the ambulance
CN 31.08.1990 p13 Hospital aid plea

REDFERN INN Etterby Opened 01.10.1940; named after State Management architect Harry Redfern; designed by Joseph Seddon and built by J and R Bell
CJ 27.09.1940 p1 Opening
CN 28.09.1940 p5 Opening
CJ 04.10.1940 p3 (illus) Opening
Renaissance of the English Public House pp77-78 layout plan of new pub
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p33 Drawing in 1988
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 pp 181 - 183

REDFERN PUBLIC HOUSES Harry Redfern was the Architect to the Central Control Board/ State Management Districts; he designed the following pubs in Carlisle; Apple Tree, Rose and Crown, Coach and Horses, Magpie, the Crown in Stanwix, Malt Shovel, The Crescent, The Cumberland, Horse and Farrier, Cumberland Wrestlers the Earl Grey and the new part of the Green Bank Carleton [Concerning Green Bank see Renaissance of the English Public House p69] ; the Redfern Inn was designed by Joseph Seddon, assistant to Mr Redfern

RED GABLES Chatsworth Square; built 1884 for William Hudson Scott, architect G.Dale Oliver; became a school which closed December 1966
CD 1952 Ad p370
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p275
CD 1955-56 Ad p282
CD 1961-62 Ad p296
CJ 30.06.1967 p1 CN 14.07.1967 p12 CN 10.02.1956 p8
CJ 01.05.1885 Acceptance of design for exhibition at the Royal Academy
Building News 13.11.1885 Illustration of design
1891 census; William Scott, 48, printer, bn Carlisle, 4 living in servants
CJ 18.01.1907 William Hudson Scott dies here
1928 Pageant Souvenir; ad Boarding and day school for girls aged 6-18 years
CJ 01.02.1963 p4 Nursery school
ENS 04.10.1966 p1 Red Gables to close
CN 07.10.1966 pp9,12 Closing of school
CN 02.06.1967 p1 For Technical College
CN 16.10.1987 p36 School reunion

REDHEAD late HODGSON Devonshire Buildings
Stock broker
CD 1884-85 Ad p258

RED LION HOTEL Botchergate; present hotel built 1894-96; renamed in 1990 County Hotel
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 27 photo of hotel circa 1900
CN 09.08.1974 p7 CN 24.01.1975 p17 CN 18.04.1975 p3
CN 09.04.1976 p1 CN 30.09.1977 p1 CN 20.02.1981 p11 CN 17.07.1981 p1
CN 20.03.1990p4 (illus)
1820 see G.Topping Memories of Carlisle pp132-3 for description in 1820
1829 Directory p164 Mary Boustead
Wards North of England Directory 1851; ad opposite p 386; Mr Birney
CP 23.12.1854 p1 Ad;Sam.Boustead entered in; hotel patronised for 40 years
1861 census Samuel Boustead, butcher and hotel keeper, aged 53, born Carlisle
CJ 14.09.1894 p5 Important hotel extension
1901 census August Krside, manager, born Germany
CJ 27.01.1967 p7 Hotel loses star in ratings
CN 28.09.1973 p6 (illus) Billhead
CN 15.03.1974 p1 (illus) Site redevelped
ENS 10.01.1978 p5 A piece of history
CN 14.08.1981 p20 Redevelopment
ENS 25.09.1986 p1 Quit threat to 40 tenants
ENS 30.09.1986 p1 (illus) Take over by finance company
ENS 22.10.1986 Bedsit tenants told not to pay any more rent to Peter Warwick
ENS 20.11.1986 p3 Owner of Red Lion pub owes £40,000; bedsits above pub row
ENS 08.10.1987 Red Lion sold for £250,000 to 3 local businessmen
ENS 14.04.1993 p1 Boarded up premises on Botchergate affect hotel business
CN 15.03.2002 p20 Sold to Cairn Hotel in 01/1999 after bankrupcy in 1993

RED LION PUBLIC HOUSE Without theEnglish-gates
CJ 27.06.1801 p3e Old accustomed house to be let

REDMAYNE, S and SONS Botchergate, Bank Street, English St; Carlisle shop opened 1878; trade name Durafit
1928 Pageant Souvenir p30 of unnumbered pp; founded by Samuel Redmayne
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p16; photo of English St shop circa 1930
CD 1952 Ad p77
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad pxvi
CD 1955-56 Ad p1
CD 1961-62 Ad p1
John Peel Jottings nos 42,43 1A 9
CJ 07.01.1938 p1


RED STAMP STORE corner of Denton St/ Thomas St
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p15; photo of interior

REED and BELL Annetwell Street
Department store
CD 1952 Ad p287
CD 1955-56 Ad p239
CD 1961-62 Ad p268
CD 1966-68 Ad p279

REED MILLICAN AND CO Glass merchants
ENS 12.08.1964 p8 CJ 14.08.1964 p10 (illus)
ENS 29.04.1957 p3 Fire

REED, J.H. and SONS Edward St, Howe St
Joiners, builders
CD 1931 Ad p279
CD 1934 Ad p128
CD 1937 Ad p110
CD 1940 Ad p50
CD 1952 Ad p328
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p252
CD 1955-56 Ad p258
CD 1961-62 Ad p281
CD 1966-68 Ad p279
May 1927 Responsible for joinery work at Apple Tree, Lowther Street

REED, John Butchers
Carlisle the archive photographs p53 photo of shop on 48 Lowther St

CN 30.04.2004 p18 Newsagents acquired by Mills Group

REEVES, W.H. and SON Scotland Road
Joiners; funeral directors
CD 1931 Ad p315
CD 1934 Ad p313
CD 1937 Ad p177
CD 1940 Ad p320
CD 1952 Ad p252
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p243
CD 1955-56 Ad p247
CD 1961-62 Ad p280
CD 1966-68 Ad p278

REFLECTOR or CARLISLE ESSAYIST Printed and published by John Jollie
CJ 04.02.1818 p1a Ad First issue to be published

CN 23.03.1990 p4 Reform bill celebrated by artisans

REFORMATORY Stanwix; Cumberland Reformatory opened October 1854; closed 1883
CP 27.12.1862 p5 CN 04.01.1957 p8 ENS 11.05.1984 p4
Carlisle Examiner 25.11.1858 p2d Details of Reformatory
Carlisle Examiner 28.12.1858 p3 b,c Christmas Day
Carlisle Examiner 05.07.1859 p2e Inquest on sudden death of Reformatory Master
CJ 04.01.1861 41 in annual visit
1861 census george Crowther, Governor, 40 inmates aged 13 - 18
CN 04.05.1956 p10 Built as reformatory for boys
CN 06.07.1984 p22 Reformatories were ruled with a rod of iron
CN 09.02.2001 p9 Story of Reformatory; article by Denis Perriam
CN 09.02.2007 p37 Stanwix Reformatory by Denis Perriam

See also Basques; Bosnian refugees
ENS 15.08.1945 p1 and following Photos of refugees arriving from Prague;
CJ 17.08.1945 p1 WW2; Child survivors of the Holocaust arrive at Crosby airport
CN 19.01.2007 p34 Holocaust refugee recalls his arrival at Carlisle in 1945 in film

CJ 16.11.1888 p5 Levelling of Bitts; tip for rubbish is now on the Bitts
Council Minutes 17.05.1889 item 214 p 147 1,690 ashpits in city
City Minutes 1903-04 p187 Brick fields, Botcherby and Sheepmount now used
City minutes 1910-11 p417 Areas refuse tipped
Sanitary Conditions of the City of Carlisle 1919 p 85 Deatils of refuse collections
Sanitary Conditions of the City of Carlisle 1930 p95 Removal and disposal of house refuse
1931 Report of Sanitary Administration for Carlisle p 76 Staff of 46 for refuse removal and dispopsal
CN 30.06.1989 p27 Fury as 70 jobs to go in bins
CN 17.11.1989 p1 Too few binmen claims ex-boss
CN 22.02.1991 pp1,10 Bin firm may dump Carlisle
CN 08.03.1991 p25 Bin cleaning won’t stop
CN 17.01.1992 p3 Law threat in battle of bins
CN 07.02.1997 p5 Skip scheme
CN 26.4.2002 p6 History of refuse collection in city
CN 30.09.2005 p1 Weekly collections may be scrapped
CN 07.10.2005 p13 Letters concerning threatened reduction in collection
CN 16.06.2006 p21 Switch to fortnightly collections from next year
CN 29.12.2006 p1 240 litre wheelie bins, fortnightly delivery; scheme start mid March
CN 12.01.2007 p17 6,000 city homes will still get weekly collection; terraced housing
CN 06.04.2007 p3 New rubbish collection routines; fortnightly wheelie bins

CJ 09.02.1962 p6 (illus) CJ 30.03.1962 p1
CN 07.10.1994 p12 Fury over nightclub plan
CN 14.10.1994 p13 Club plans dropped

REGENT STREET First noted on the 1851 census

REGENT TERRACE; by Gloucester Rd Noted on the electoral registers from 1895 - 1906

CN 16.08.2002 pp1,3 Carlisle would lose out in regional assembly for North West
CN 23.08.2002 p13 Letters concerning North East/ North West debate

CN 26.03.1993 p3 On the move
CN 18.03.1994 p4 Last wedding at old registry office
CN 01.04.1994 p2 Smart new registry office in business
CN 18.10.1996 p1 Rethink over register office closure
CN 13.09.2002 p4 Margaret Paddock leaves after 35 years as a registrar

REID, William Bank Street
Ladies and childrens outfitters
CD 1902-03 Ad p285
CD 1920 Ad p62
CD 1924 Ad p252

CN 06.02.2004 p14 New manager, Caroline Charlton, 2nd anniversary last month

CN 15.03.1991 p7 Marriage guidance aid plea
CN 03.03.1995 p14 Helping the young when parents split

CN 01.11.1996 p10 Young free and sad?

CN 18.09.1987 p4 An historic celebration


Carlisle Examiner 19.10.1858 p2f Religious make up of Carlisle in 1769 - letter
CP 10.01.1873 Statistics of Church and Dissenters in Carlisle
CN 25.06.1999 p2 Muslim plan for prayers

RELPH, George and Henry 68 Scotch St
M442 p23 Business receipt for linen and woollen draper

RELPH, Henry Linen and woollen draper employing 3 boys, aged 21, born Carlisle, home address Chapel St [1861 census]

RELPH, James Draper; son of Henry Relph, the father being for many years draper at corner of East Tower St and Rickergate Brow; son started business on his own in the English St former premises of Thomas Dugdale; died 29.05.1894 aged 45 [Obit of James Relph CJ 29.05.1894]; 1891 census James Relph , 42, general draper, home Victoria Place, born Carlisle

CP 13.11.1819 p2 Ad Woolen draper bankrupt

CJ 08.05.1942 p3 For Carlisle
CN 09.05.1942 p3 Provision for within the county

CN 03.06.2005 p2 Group make gadgets for disabled wins award

REMAX Lowther Street
CN 19.01.2007 p24 Opens; selling properties abroad


CN 27.01.2006 p1 Details of proposals to be unveiled by John Prescott
CN 03.02.2006 p3 Residents in Corporation Rd fear their properties will be demolished
CN 10.02.2006 p13 Letters concerning Renaissance Vision
CN 03.03.2006 p1 Public support for Renaissance proposals
CN 08.09.2006 pp1,3 and 12pp supplement Details of Renaissance plan unveiled
CN 22.09.2006 p6 Residents plead to planners, ‘Don’t knock down our homes’
CN 29.09.2006 p5 1500 people give views on Renaissance project;p13 letter against
CN 12.01.2007 p5 Corporation Rd resident won’t budge, even for the ‘Renaissance’
CN 02.02.2007 p14 Renaissance project plans unveiled
CN 09.02.2007 p5 Consultants raise doubts about council’s ability to carry through Renaissance project
CN 23.02.2007 p9 Rickergate residents fight to save homes from “Renaissance’
CN 07.03.2008 p45 Labour demand Renaissance rethink
CN 11.04.2008 p11 Government inspector’s report critical
CN 02.05.2008 p1 Council buys first properties under Reniassance scheme
CN 16.05.2008 p 12 Feature on Renaissance scheme
CN 18.07.2008 p1 New Reanaisance chief calls for rethink on plans
CN 15.08.2008 p5 David Cameron in city; he says ideas for reanissance should come from the people
CN 12.09.2008 p1 Save our Streets campaign. Confirmed that Renaissance scheme plans to bulldoze streets has been dropped
CN 09.01.2009 p12 Feature on what hapened to the Renaissance scheme

RENAULT TRUCKS CARLISLE Kingstown Industrial Estate
CN 16.02.2001 p14 named Renault’s Service Dealer of the Year

RENEE’S BEAUTY PARLOUR Junction Newtown Rd/ Lawson St
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p12; 1937 exterior view

Carlisle an illustrated history p37 illus of longcase clock by Rennie
1829 Directory p167 James Rennie, Scotch St., watch and clockmaker
1851 census, James Rennie, watchmaker, born Carlisle, home 11 Scotch St

1861 Morris, Harrison and Co ad p12 Established 1853, late Duncan’s
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 Nos 1,2 and 3 unfit for human habitation

CN 25.02.1994 p3 Manager sacked by his father

RENTS TRIBUNAL - for the North West
CJ 10.01.1947 p3 First sitting

Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen p21 1930s description

CN 05.10.1973 p6 Renumbering of houses in 1891
CN 31.05.1991 p4 Number changes

CN 11.10.1968 p12 (illus)


Round Carlisle Cross Vol 8 pp134-140
CN 15.01.1965 p12 CN 04.02.1977 p6
CP 29.11.1823 p2 Stanwix church yard
CP 13.12.1823 pp2,3 Exhumation of dead bodies
CP 20.12.1823 p3 Letter
CP 20.12.1823 p2 Resurrection men
CP 27.12.1823 p3 Leaving Carlisle
ENS 05.08.1978 p8 (illus) The grave robbers
CN 30.03.1990 p4 City on alert for body snatchers
CN 04.06.1999 p9 City’s own invasion of bodysnatchers

CN 24.05.1974 p6 In 1836

REX CINEMA/ BINGO Denton Holme; originally called the Star when opened in 1912. It became the Rex Cinema in 1938
See also Star Cinema
CIC2 pp42-43
CJ 21.06.1960 To close
CJ 26.01.1962 p1(illus) Bingo and cinema
ENS 02.04.1962 p1 Rex goes over to ‘Bingo’
CJ 06.04.1962 p9 Total bingo
CN 13.07.2001 p6 Carlisle woman wins £34,000 at Rex

RHYTHM OF LIFE Events Management Company
CN 26.08.2005 p 22 Turnover up 50%; founded 1997
CN 31.10.2008 p2 Becomes Rhythm Group after going into administration

RIBBLE BUS SERVICES Ribble arrived in city summer 1929; opened new bus station on Lowther Street 07.06.1935; new garage opened Willowholme on 05.11.1986; Ribble Bus Services taken over in city by Cumberland in 1986
City Minutes 1929-30 p661 Licensed services listed
CN 22.10.1976 p44
CN 16.01.1998 p11 A transport of delight for surviving Ribble drivers

CN 18.01.1936 p6
CJ 10.09.1948 p3 (illus) War memorial tablet

CN 05.08.1950 p4

RICHARD ROSE ACADEMY Replacing NCTC and St Aidans School September 2008 on NCTC Harraby site where they will be based for 2 years before moving back to a new building on the St Aidans site. The Sixth Form is remaining on the city centre site. The Richard Rose Academy is also taking over Morton School

RICHARDSON, George Timber merchant, aged 43, born Langley, Durham, home address St Nicholads [1851 census]

RICHARDSON, J Scotch Street
M442 p4 Business card for Tailor

RICHARDSON, J 3 Botchergate
CP 23.08.1872 p1 To sell business and stock of late Mr J.Richardson, watchmaker

RICHARDSON, J and R Devonshire Walk
CD 1884-85 Ad pvi
CD 1893-94 p214 Ad for C.H.Bray, Devonshire Walk, late J and R Richardson’s

RICHARDSON, John Winnowing machine maker employing 3 men and 2 boys, aged 36, born Chollerton, home address Brunton Place [1861 census]

RICHARDSON, John London Road
Corn and seed dressing machines
CD 1893-94 Ad p138

RICHARDSON, Joseph Warwick Road
Fish game and poultry
CD 1924 Ad p286
CD 1927 Ad p296

RICHARDSON, Joseph T Fisher Street
Upholsterer and cabinet maker
CD 1905-06 Ad p9

RICHARDSON, Thomas English Street
Ironmonger and jeweller
CP 31.07.1819 p2d Commencement of business

RICHARDSON, William Ironmonger, aged 43, employing 2 assistants, born Whitehaven, home address 13 English Street [1851 census]

RICHARDSON, William English Street
Ladies and Gents tailoring
CD 1902-03 Ad p32

RICHARDSON STREET First noted on 1894-5 electoral register; Carlisle Health Committee minutes of 23.12.1892 refer to J and M Richardson who were owners of land in this area
CJ 04.02.1876 p8 Tenders for making road 100 yards from Norfolk Street to foot of road to Carlisle Cemetery
City Council 16.04.1886 19/724 Houses on street to be called Richardson St
City Minutes 1928-9 p442Cemetery Rd to become continuation of Richardson St
Denton Holme Childhood, Babs Cullen photo p28-9 street in 1930s

RICHARD STREET Gave access from Milbourne Street to Brewery Row; in directories from 1858 and in voters’ list to 1960
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p117 Photo of slum property in 1937

RICHMOND, E and P Lowther Street
CD 1880 AD pxxviii
30.05.1884 E.P.Richmond died 76 Lowther St [Monumental Inscriptions 7/14]

RICHMOND GREEN Morton West Housing Estate
CN 06.08.1971 p1 (illus)
CN 02.09.1994 p11 Street row councillor may not stand again

RICHMOND HALL Fisher Street; built as Saint Mary’s Parish Rooms; named in honour of the late Canon Thomas Richmond, Canon Carlisle Cathedral.
CN 24.02.1951 p9 (illus) CN 04.11.1955 p10 CN 09.04.1965 p1
CN 04.12.1970 p16 CN 11.12.1970 p12 CN 13.10.1978 p4
CJ 07.12.1906 p6b Laying of foundation stone by Lady Kennedy
CP 07.12.1906 p3 Laying of foundation stone
CN 21.03.1997 p1 Late hours permit

See also Eden School; Rickerby Park
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 3 Rickerby House and Park pp46-51
Hutchinson Vol 2, 1794, p584 Mr Richardson built a neat house, laid out gardens
CN 24.07.1970 p14
CP 29.12.1821 p1e Mansion of Richardby to be let
14.06.1832 Sale at Bush Inn; bought by Mr Head
CJ 24.10.1865 p2 Owned by G.H.Head
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p77 photo of north lodge in 1835
CN 21.04.1923 Rickerby House and Park
CN 11.01.1957 p8 (illus) House
Country Life 31.08.1989 ‘Dukery of Carlisle’, A .Taylor
CN 29.08.1997 p4 (illus) Knighton’s plan for 15 new homes
CN 27.09.2002 p1 Rickerby House; housing development up for sale; ad p57
CN 08.11.2002 p49 Rickerby House gatehouse for sale
CN 14.02.2003 p8 Belgian refugees housed here; 26.11.1914 44 arrive
CN 28.03.2003 p3 Rickerby Gardens development; prices start from £175,000

RICKERBY LIMITED Botchergate; Currock; founded 1880 by Joseph Rickerby from Blennerhasset who worked for the firm of Haughton and Thompson, 14 Botchergate, which he eventually bought; 2005 head of company Paddy Rickerby
Agricultural engineers
CD 1955-56 Ad p220
CN 17.06.1977 p13 (illus) CN 30.05.1980 pp11-17 (illus) CN 04.12.1981 p12
CN 28.01.1966 Special supplement (illus)
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p48 Interior and exterior views of new works
CN 26.04.1985 p14 (illus) Horticultural department
CN 09.06.1989 p16 Ad The firm that helps growers harvest a profit
CN 08.06.1990 p10 Farming systems go on trial for all to see
CN 19.04.1991 p11 More city jobs in fuels move
CN 07.06.1991 p18 Story of success down on the farm
CN 25.10.1991 p50 All systems go
CN 25.06.1993 p22 Open day for cereal growers
CN 24.11.2000 p3 Rickerby’s fined £4,000 over safety
CN 02.02.2001 p18 Proposed restructuring
CN 27.06.2003 p18 Deals worth £1.25m; restructuring pays off; 120 year old firm
CN 11.03.2005 Supplement celebrating 125 years

RICKERBY PARK Bought for the City by Carlisle Citizens League 20.09.1920 ‘in memory of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918’.; Rickerby Park Garden entrance Memorial unveiled 21.12.1933
See also Cenotaph; Rickerby House; Suspension Bridge
Round Carlisle Cross 3rd series pp46-50 Rickerby House and Park
CN 17.09.1938 p17 CN 04.01.1957 p8
CJ 24.10.1865 p2 Owned by G.H.Head
175 Years of Carlisle p52 photo of entrance into Park from Brampton Rd 1910?
City Minutes 1919-20 pp146-7 Report on purchase of Rickerby Park
City Minutes 1920-21 pp77-78 Question of roads and other works
City Minutes 1920-21 pp 339, 595-598 Report on progress of works in park
CN 21.04.1923 Rickerby House and Park - including landscaping of park in 1832
City Minutes 1924-25 p644 Path to recreation field newly bought by Hudson Scott
City Minutes 1930 -31 p196 Entrance to Rickerby Park from Eden Bridges; E.P.Mawson
asked to furnish layout and plan
City Minutes 1931-32 pp17 - 27 Report from E.P.Mawson on the site and proposals
CJ 22.12.1933 pp8-9 (illus) Opening of Ornamental gardens
CN 02.12.1955 p10 Purchased 1920?
CN 09.12.1955 p10 Purchased 1920?
CN 24.07.1970 Discusses laying out trees in park
CN 14.08.1970 p12 Citizens League bought Park for City
CN 04.11.1988 p13 Treasure trove two set for a windfall
CN 22.02.1991 p1 Show moves to Rickerby Park
CN 19.07.1991 p1 Big show switches onto success
CN 16.08.1991 p3 No cash to buy ground
CN 23.08.1991 p13 Bids for park site
CN 08.01.1993 p7 Park’s jumps within the law
CN 10.06.1994 p1 Bid to revamp city’s Rickerby
CN 30.06.1995 p10 Jobless created city park 70 years ago
CN 01.11.1996 p17 (illus) City leisure boss angry over horse trial switch
CN 30.05.1997 p4 Speed limit
CN 11.07.1997 p15 Clean this muck from our lovely park, says locals
CN 07.12.2001 p13 (illus) Foot/ cycle bridge over Brunstock Beck in place
CN 05.03.2004 p3 Campaign to reduce speed limit through park
CN 14.11.2008 p7 Work underway to restore Eden Bridge Gardens

RICKERGATE In Vico Ricard noted 1206, from the personal name Richard; In the Middle Ages Scotch St was a part of Rickergate, which extended from the Market Place in the town centre to the bridge across the river Eden [McCarthy,M; Roman and Medieval Carlisle, Southern Lanes p65];February 1815 Scotch Gate taken down [CWAAS 1976 vol 76 p 192]
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916 p105-117 Pubs
Topping, G and Potter, J.J. Memorials of Old Carlisle p27
CN 02.12.1960 p12 CN 24.02.1961 p10 CN 14.06.1974 p6 CN 28.06.1974 p6
CN 01.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
City Minutes 1928-9 p361 houses unfit for human habitation
CN 12.05.1951 p5 (illus) In 1860
CN 25.11.1960 p12 Circa 1900
Images of Carlisle p9 Photos of Rickergate in 1960 and 1961
CN 10.03.1961 p12 (illus) In 1901
CN 13.03.1964 pp 4,6 Supp Early Rickergate; demolition for Civic Centre
CN 11.11.1966 p12 (illus) In 1901
CN 26.09.1969 p14 (illus) Early
CN 24.06.1977 p6 (illus) NAFFI Club and John Peel Hut
ENS 17.05.1986 p4 Illustrations
CN 07.09.1990 p4 Street was busy in times long gone
CN 18.01.1991 p4 Veterans memories of a busy old street
CN 28.10.1994 p19 Down your way

RIDGEMOUNT ROAD Harraby First appears on electoral register for 1947-48

Wholesale druggists
CD 1952 Ad p279

RIDLEY, Ashton Bridge Street
CD 1920 Ad p20

RIDLEY, Dawson Lazonby Terrace
Our City Our People p18/9 Description of shops

RIDLEY, E Castle Street; Rickergate
CJ 18.04.1818 p2c Ad, move from Castle Street from Rickergate

RIDLEY, Thomas English Street, Botchergate; Scotland Road
Leading Trader of the City Ad p30 A 616
CD 1893-94 Ad pp29-32
CD 1902-03 Ad p3
CD 1905-06 Ad p5
CD 1920 Ad p50
CD 1924 Ad p116
CD 1927 Ad p136
CD 1931 Ad p192
CD 1934 Ad p292
CD 1937 Ad p88
CD 1940 Ad p102
CD 1952 Ad p278
CD 1955-56 Ad p235
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p40
CD 1961-62 Ad p45
1891 census; Thomas Ridley, 35, chemist and druggust, home 9 English St, bn Hayton
CJ 14.05.1937 (Back of issue - with Coronation news)
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Advert
ENS 16.01.1961Supplement New home - history
CN 08.11.1991 p23 GP chemists hit by drug firm collapse
CN 08.11.1991 p11 59 jobs to go
CN 29.11.1991 p5 Redundancy cash for axed workers
CN 06.12.1991 p14 Job loss cash plan
CN 30.08.1996 p1 Old chemists dispense with city shop

RIDLEY, W.H. Mount Pleasant Road
CD 1952 Ad p308

RIDLEY ROAD In 1928 Ridley Road was named after Alderman Tom Ridley, the chairman of the Housing and Development Committee

City Minutes 1932-33 p578 Alterations; owner Mrs Alderson
CD 1952 Ad p315


RIGG, George Denton St, Butcher Market
CD 1893-94 Ad p72
CD 1910-11 Ad p110

RIGG, J.F. Castle Street
Umbrella and parasol manufacturer
1847 Directory John Rigg, umbrella manufacturer, 56 Castle Street
1858 Kellys Cumberland Directory John Rigg, umbrella maker, 56 Castle St
1873 directory James Rigg, umbrella maker, 50 Castle Street
CD 1880 Ad pxi; established 1814
Bulmer’s 1901 Directory Joseph Foster Rigg, umbrella maker, Brown’s Lane, Fisher St, home 3 Dixon St

RIGG, John Mercer of this city died 16.08.1820; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthbert’s Yard

17.01.1832 Elizabeth Robinson of Rigg Street; Stanix Death Registers
Carlisle in Camera 2 p28 View of street about 1900
City Minutes 1925-6 p62 Rehousing to Peel Street
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 11 houses completed
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 No 22 unfit for human habitation
City Minutes 1931-32 p357 Renumbering of houses in Rigg Street
CN 14.01.2005 p11 Rigg St and the Great Flood of 08.01.2005

Stores, furnishings, tools, machinery
CD 1893-94 Ad p2
CD 1902-03 Ad p12
CD 1905-06 Ad p110
CD 1907-08 Ad p136

RING ROAD Stage 1, Hardwicke Circus and Georgian Way, of the inner ring road began in 1969 and was opened in 1971; stage 2 Castleway was opened in 1974; stage 3 and 4 were abandoned after this
CN 07.11.1969 p2 (illus) CN 07.02.1975 p7 CN 14.02.1975 pp1,11
CN 02.05.1975 p11 CN 23.09.1977 p8 CN 07.10.1977 p8
ENS 18.10.1978 p10 (illus) CN 09.03.1979 p17 CN 16.03.1979 p3
ENS 02.04.1964 p1 Ring Road
ENS 16.05.1964 p1 City choc a bloc
CN 01.12.1967 p14 Inner
CN 18.12.1970 p1a New Harwicke Circus comes into use for the first time today
CN 03.11.1972 p7 (illus) Feature
CN 23.03.1979 p11 Plan
CN 25.09.1981 p3 Outer abandoned

CJ 20.11.1964 p7 (illus)

Cumberland Pacquet 04.08.1795 p2 Riot over price of corn
Cumberland Pacquet 04.08.1795 p3 Arrest
CP 10.06.1826 p3 Inquest on Isabel Pattinson and Mary Birrell
CP 23.09.1887 p6 Childrens riot
CN 28.12.1929 p7 A Carlisle riot (century ago)
CN 27.01.1989 p1 City riot case 4 found guilty
CN 03.02.1989 p4 Rioters took over the Market Place
CN 03.02.1989 p10 Keeping law and order
CN 03.02.1989 p14 Crackdown on the city rioters
CN 05.05.1989 p11 City police heroes are honoured
CN 20.04.1990 p4 Police were targets of rioting city mob
CN 17.08.1990 p4 Rioting children shocked city
CN 17.08.1990 p5 City riot in the 19th century
CN 24.01.1992 p4 A squalid life for weavers
CN 31.01.1992 p4 City election rioting quelled by army
CN 07.02.1992 p4 Repeat performance by rioting weavers
CN 21.08.1992 p4 Turbulent times in battle over wages
CN 19.11.1999 pp1,4 3 nights of violence - Currock

RIPPONS Warwick Road
Solicitors; established 1975
CN 15.06.2001 p1 Ceases trading
CN 07.12.2001 p1 Probe into Legal Aid money at Rippons; solicitor sought
CN 15.03.2002 p1 Carlisle solicitor claims his partner bankrupted him

RISING SUN Rickergate; licence expired Febraury 1907
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916 p106
CJ 29.01.1858 Ad;To let Rising Sun at lower end Scotch Street; open over 50 years
1901 census; Robert Thom, innkeeper, aged 35, born Scotland
CP 05.02.1907 Local Licensing session; 5 fewer pubs than last year
CN 19.07.1991 p4 (illus)

CN 23.08.1996 p7 Ad
CN 05.03.1999 p3 Award winning company goes bust

CN 21.05.2004 p8 Ad feature on new restaurant under Franco Bertoletti

CN 29.01.1993 p1 Franco plans a granda Roma

RITCHIE, George Howard Place; Etterby Scaur
Pianoforte specialists
CD 1952 Ad p212
CD 1955-56 Ad p277

RITSON and FOSTERS Henry Street, Warwick Road
Coal merchants and furniture removers
CD 1902-03 Ad p3

RITSON Toffee manufacturer
Carlisle Examiner 25.07.1857 p3c Carlisle toffee for Spain

RITSON, Fletcher Abbey Street
Chemist and optician
1901 census; Fletcher Ritson, 44, chemist, home nelson St, born Carlisle
CD 1902-03 Ad p174
CD 1905-06 Ad p109
CD 1907-08 Ad p117
CD 1910-11 Ad p86
CD 1913-14 Ad p78

RITSON, John 27 Fisher St
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory Ads p5; confectionery; late Mrs Hornsby

RITSON, John Crown St, Cecil Street
Coal merchant and removal vans
CD 1893-94 Ad p66

RITSON, William Basketmaker, aged 46, employing 1 man, home address Grapes Lane, born Carlisle [1851 census]; aged 57, employing 1 man, home Carlyles Lane, Castle St [1861 census]

27.04.1827 Mary Boyd of Ritson’s Lane; Stanwix Death registers

CN 21.02.1992 p4 (illus) Hunt for shop location
CN 28.02.1992 p4 (illus) Old city butchers shop is located

See also Caldew; Eden, Petteril
CN 14.10.1916 p3 Pollution of the Caldew
CN 30.08.1991 p23 Focus on rivers

CN 09.08.1991 p14 Ad CN 26.01.1996 p39 Ad CN 26.09.1997 p6 Ad
CN 07.09.2001 p17 Ad feature; 10 year celebration
CN 04.03.2005 p6Feature on Richard Dixon who runs compnay with Nick Stobbs
CN 21.10.2005 p 42-3 Feature on Riverside Recruitment
CN 04.11.2005 p14 New offices for business after flood

City Council minutes 12.01.1883 18/570 approval for layning out new street; same minute gives approval, also to Mr Ferguson, for laying out of the adjacent Petteril Street
CP 07.10.1887 For sale recently erected house

City Minutes 1924-25 p165 179 accidents caused by cars, carts; 5 fatal
06.09.1929 PC Bell run over and killed by car
Chief Constables Annual Report for 1932 p5 276 road accidents in city in 1927, 583 in 1932
CN 22.04.1994 p1 Action pledged on student death road
CN 22.04.1994 p10 Comment
CN 08.08.1997 p1 (illus) Second child on bike killed
CN 15.08.1997 p1 (illus) Two children dead in a week but road safety tests slip
CN 11.12.1998 p1 Teddies and tears in the rain
CN 23.07.1999 p4 Don’t let others suffer
CN 15.10.1999 p1 Cleaners told to scrub out tributes to Cheryl
CN 24.09.2004 p1 Child cyclist killed on Wigton Rd
CN 06.01.2006 p5 Lowther Steeet revamp after spate of accidents

ENS 02.02.1967 p9 Ad

CN 16.10.1943 p5 Roads link cultural centre
CJ 27.08.1948 p4 Old road better Carlisle and Penrith
CN 10.11.1989 pp1,52 Hitting traffic chaos for six
CN 10.11.1989 p52 (illus) The road ahead
CN 17.11.1989 p10 Keeping the city moving
CN 01.12.1989 p9 Two schemes to aid the traffic chaos
CN 08.12.1989 p48 Roads plan man invited to talks
CN 23.03.1990 p16 Cutting road toll
CN 05.10.1990 p5 City roads petition is growing
CN 16.11.1990 p44 City industry protest grows
CN 18.01.1991 p3 Snow snarl up sparks roads row
CN 21.10.1994 p1 Castle road tunnel
CN 02.12.1994 p13 Relief road gets go ahead - Botchergate
CN 30.06.1995 p5 Residents to protest - Stanwix
CN 14.07.1995 p4 Big roads change on way
CN 25.08.1995 pp1,10 Eden Bridges busier
CN 06.10.1995 p3 City’s road rage reserved for water workers
CN 13.10.1995 p1 Labour in bitter row over control of city roads
CN 22.03.1996 p3 City counil told whoppers to get cash
CN 04.10.1996 p1 First came road rage... new comes highway happiness
CN 13.06.1997 p1 Road plan privatised
CN 08.08.1997 p3 (illus) The day the bottom fell out of Harol Wilson’s car in Carlisle
CN 24.07.1998 p5 Road plans ‘threat’ to city centre traders

CN 26.01.1990 p1 Kids dice with danger on road
CN 15.08.1997 p1 (illus) Over worked police wind down kids cycle training

CJ 10.08.1948 p1 Proposal
CJ 13.08.1948 pp3,5 Proposal
CJ 27.08.1948 p1 Proposal
CJ 03.09.1948 pp1,2 Programme
CJ 17.09.1948 pp1,3 Programme
CJ 21.09.1948 pp1,3 (illus) Programme
CJ 24.09.1948 p1 (illus) Programme
CJ 28.09.1948 pp1,2 (illus) Programme

See also Traffic schemes
CN 16.11.1990 p1 Roadworks to order
CN 16.11.1990 p10 Roadworks go user friendly
CN 01.12.1989 p1 More roadworks to hit city
CN 19.01.2001 p7 Roadwork chaos as cable companies dig up roads
CN 16.08.2002 p1 Chaos on Warwick Road and Wigton Road
CN 06.12.2002 p1 6 weeks of road misery - major maintenance work
CN 13.12.2002 p5 major roadworks resceduled
CN 09.01.2004 p3 Three months of disruption; 2 way traffic in Crescent
CN 29.10.2004 p1 Road chaos following roadworks; more to come
CN 10.02.2006 p1 Major disruption as Lowther Street dug up; replacing Victorian mains

ROAN, J and E 63 Castle St
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory Ads p3; dressmaking, business of late Miss Watson