Pack Horse Inn - Purves, Hal

PACK HORSE INN English Street; in local directories to 1882
CP 08.12.1821 p2d For sale

PACK HORSE INN Newtown/ Colin Street; in local directories until 1870
1861 census Matthew Armstrong, aged 27, innkeeper, born Holme Low
CN 28.05.1982 Advert with photo for sale of 131 Newtown Road
CN 24.01.1992 p4 (illus)

CJ 09.1858 Ad;To let Pack Horse, Water Street
CJ 03.05.1861 p5 Murder and suicide-William Horsley and Jane Davidson

PACK HORSE LANE So named on Wood’s 1821 map of city
McCarthy,M; Roman and Medieval Carlisle, Southern Lanes; back cover illus
1891 census; 49 people listed as living in Pack Horse Lane
CN 29.05.1964 p12 Illustration of 1895 and 1964


PADDY’S ROW; Kingstown; so named on 1901 census

CN 28.07.2000 p1 Detectives probe Carlisle porn links of depraved paedophile
CN 28.07.2000 p12 Let Cumbria see this child rapist’s face-editorial
CN 06.09.2002 p1 Challenge to judge’s sentence on child sex offfender

CJ 04.05.1928 P.G.Hudson’s costume designs
CJ 08.05.1928 P.G.Hudson’s costume designs
ENS 06.08.1928 p2 - Civic week
ENS 07.08.1928 p2 - Civic week
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p112 Photo of opening by Lord Lonsdale
Carlisle People and Places p68 2 photos of Lord Lonsdale at opening; p118

CN 02.08.1947 p3 To be held in 1949

Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p113 Photo of group of performers

PAGEANT 1977 - Silver Jubilee Historical
CN 05.11.1976 p10 CN 19.11.1976 p11 CN 03.12.1976 p14 CN 10.12.1976 p32 CN 04.02.1977 p3 CN 25.03.1977 p3 CN 07.04.1977 p3 CN 06.05.1977 p9 CN 20.05.1977 p17 (illus) CN 19.08.1977 pp1,6-7
CN 26.08.1977 p1 CN 02.09.1977 pp1,3,4,8-9 (illus)
ENS 10.03.1977 p4 800 wanted
CN 09.09.1977 p4 (illus) History in Carlisle

ENS 13.12.1976 pp6-8 Ad
CN 01.02.1980 p9 (illus)

PAINTER’S ARMS Stanwix; in local directory for 1855


CN 02.07.1999 p19 Ad
CN 20.02.2009 p15 Beein in the Lee family for 60 years

PALACE THEATRE / CINEMA Botchergate; building began on 29.08.1905; opened as music hall 10.03.1906; closed as a theatre in May 1932; reopened as cinema 10.10.1932; closed December 1957; reopened 03.11.1958; closed 25.04.1970; re-opened as the Studios 14.08.1970; demolition of building summer 2004, completed by August of that year
See also STUDIOS
CD 1931 Ad p 30 Variety and musical shows
CN 03.09.1954 p10 CN 24.09.1954 p10 CN 05.11.1954 p8 Cn 26.05.1967 p12
CN 13.06.1969 p1 CN 07.06.1974 p6
CJ 06.03.1906 p4
CJ 01.09.1905 p5a Building began
CJ 06.03.1906 p4 Opened 10.03.1906
CJ 11.09.1906 p4 Lockhart’s elephants, 4 in number; orchestra and Pepiscope as usual
CJ 15.01.1907 p4 Boswell’s stud of educated ponies; Pepiscope and orchestra
CJ 08.03.1907 p5 Complimentary benefit for Signor Pepi
CJ 30.04.1907 p4 Florrie Ford at Palace; ‘Down at the Old Bull and Bush’
CJ 23.07.1907 p5 Fred Karno’s comedians appearing in Mummy’s Birds [Charlie Chaplin played a minor role in this]
CJ 13.08.1907 p4 Palace staff outing. ‘`three cheers for Mr Pepi and management’
CJ 30.08.1907 p5 Mr Pepi opening Hippodrome at Darlington, already has Tivoli at Barrow
CJ 23.07.1909 p4 Lease secured by Mac. Vaudeville Circuit
CN 20.05.1911 p6 Ad for George Formby appearing at Palace
CN 19.04.1913 p6a Wee George Wood appearing at Palace
CJ 22.11.1927 p4 Death of Signor Pepi, born near Florence
CJ 13.01.1928 p7 Rino Pepi, former lessee of Palace left £11,127
CJ 08.03.1946 p1 Illustration of staff at opening
CJ 08.03.1946 p1 (illus) Anniversary and history
CN 24.09.1954 memories of Charlie Chaplin appearing at Palace
Carlisle an illustrated history p79 Painting in 1955 by Charles Oakley
CJ 17.12.1957 p5 Closing
CJ 20.12.1957 p8 Closing
CJ 27.12.1957 p6 Closing
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p23 Two photos prior to closure
CJ 10.01.1958 p8 Closing
CN 14.02.1958 For sale
CJ 09.09.1958 City cinema acquired by Rank
CN 12.09.1958 p1 Re-opening
CN 28.03.1969 p15 Taken over
CN 24.04.1970 p1 Closing
CN 07.03.1986 p4 Sale as old theatre celebrates
CN 29.12.1989 p4 Circus days popular with city
CN 19.01.1990 p4 Entertainment at old Palace turns full circle
CN 25.10.1991 p49 Palace of varieties
CN 02.04.1993 p4 Will Fyffe promoted city boy violinists
CN 02.08.2002 p8 Music Hall days at the Palace; first manager Rino Pepi
CN 30.04.2004 pp,1,2 Palace gutted by fire; block of flats may replace building
CN 28.04.2006 p7 ‘Takies’ neon sign restored; 40 liuxury flats being built on site
CN 13.04.2007 p6 40 luxury apartments at Old Palace; prices up to 245,000

PALMER, George Shoemaker, died 21.05.1813 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

PALMER, Ian Eden Place
CN 16.04.2004 p5 Grocer’s shop in Stanwix closes after 22 years

PALMER,R Botchergate
Boot and shoe maker
CD 1952 Ad p80

PALMER, Stan and Sons
CN 26.07.1991 p10 Ad

PALMER, Thomas Nailor of this city, died 11.04.17??; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard

PALMER, Thomas, Draper, aged 26, employing 7 men, home address 3 Henry St, born Lazonby [1851 census]; aged 36 ,draper, employing 2 men and 5 boys, born Lazonby, home address Henry St [1861 census]

PALM-PRO Signwriters
CN 21.10.1994 p14 Ad signs of the times
CN 23.02.1996 p6 Ad

CD 1961-62 Ad p95

CN 25.09.1998 p3 City’s pantomime bigger and better
CN 08.01.1999 p1 Panto future hangs in balance

PAPE AND SIMPSON Milbourne Crescent
CD 1902-03 Ad p177
CD 1905-06 Ad p102
CD 1907-08 Ad p198
CD 1910-11 Ad p147
CD 1913-14 Ad p12

PARACHUTES W.H.Shipley made a parachute descent over Carlisle on 01.07.1890
P.Connon In the Shadow of the Eagles pp8-9 2 photos and description
Carlisle Express and Examiner 05.07.1890 p5 escription of first jump
Carlisle Express and Examiner 02.08.1890 p4 2nd visit to city

PARADICE Field in Harraby so marked on 1610 Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984];

PARADISE COURT So named Paradyse in 1380

CN 15.08.2008 p23 Ad

PARHAM BECK Is called Poddon Beck on Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle and environs; is called Paddon Beck on Asquith’s 1853 Survey and Parham Beck on the 1865 Ordnance Survey map; rises at GR 3654 5597, near Sandsfield Rd
City Minutes 1899-1900 p344 Culvert over Parham Beck near Peel Street
City Minutes 1926-7 p349 Repair work on culverts approved

PARHAM BECK ADULT SCHOOL AND READING ROOM Established 1853 (Whellan 1860 p131)

CJ 03.07.1934 p4 Parishes
CN 23.12.1950 p4 Origins

PARK, Christopher, draper, aged 39, employing 2 men and 5 boys, home address Spencer St, born Carlisle [1851 census]

CN 01.12.1989 p9 Two schemes to ease traffic
CN 08.12.1989 p11 Slow start for park and ride
CN 08.12.1989 p12 It’s back to the buses
CN 29.12.1989 p3 Plan flops
CN 03.10.2003 p3 Christmas Park and Ride scheme from Kingmoor
CN 21.11.2003 p6 Disappointing numbers use buses; letter p13; no use
CN 28.11.2003 p 7 Scheme under used; 441 passengers in last month
CN 05.12.2003 p Letter; research should ahve been done beforehand
CN 30.01.2004 p5 Ran for 53 days and attracted 2,892 passengers;
CN 13.08.2004 p5 Scheme will not run again this Christmas

City Minutes 1924-25 p92 Licensed to operate bus Town Hall to Longsowerby

PARKER, John Gades Ironmonger, died 07.04.1895 [Monumental Inscription 26/22]; in directories in Botchergate from 1870. After death of J.D.Gaddes the business was carried on by his wife and son until at least 1934. A cut throat razor marked J.D.Gaddes, Cutler, called the ‘Eden Razor’ has been noted
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p76 photo
CN20.12.1913 p1f ‘Eden’ safety Razors. Parker ironmongers

PARKER, Joseph Wilsons Court, London Road, Dalston Road, Bog Road; Devonshire Street
Coal and coke merchant
CD 1884-85 Ad p277
CD 1893-94 Ad p56
CD 1902-03 Ad p288
CD 1905-06 Ad p96

PARKER, Robert Botchergate
CP 25.12.1866 p1b Takes over grocery business from George Turner

PARKER, Thomas Dalton
City Minutes 1926-7 p632 Licensed to operate bus service to Silloth

PARKERS COURT, Charlotte St So named on the 1861 census, John Parker and family, cotton dyer, resident here then

PARK GATE West Tower Street
Electrical engineers started 1947
CD 1966-68 Ad p264
CN 24.06.1988 p16 Ad

PARK HOUSE Kingstown
24.07.1825 Alexander Stephenson of Park-house, Innkeeper [Baptisms and Burials of St Michael’s Church, Stanwix]
CJ 22.10.1886 p1 For sale
CJ 03.01.1919 p8 Sold
CJ 07.01.1919 p5
CJ 18.01.1927 p1 For sale
CN 11.03.2005 p 16 Parkhouse Business Park; Atlantic House, first phase finished
CN 20.05.2005 p18 Solway Business Centre opens next week; £3m
CN 25.11.2005 p1 Gallo Rosso, ex Parkhouse Hotel, for sale; ad p56; picture

CN 13.07.2001 p3 Fine for disabled driver
CN 30.11.2001 p2 Clampdown on double yellow line parkers
CN 25.01.2002 p15 Disabled drives wants change to new Lanes parking scheme
CN 26.04.2002 p3 Did city councillor get parking ticket quashed? Opinion p 12
CN 13.06.2003 p2 Cars parked on pavement put blind at risk
CN 25.07.2003 p13 Letter concerning disc parking; no clear signage
CN 03.06.2005 p1 Top 10 places for illegal parking
CN 08.09.2006 p3 Grass verges to be ripped up for parking bays
CN 22.09.2006 p13 Letter; not up to council to provide paking; problems of illegal parking

1829 Directory p 162 John Parkins, Fish hook and tackle makers, Storeys Lane, Scotch St
1847 Directory p160 Three Cannons Lane, Fish hook and tackle maker

CJ 26.06.1877p4 Death of Sarah wife of Thomas Parkins, fish hook and tackle maker
1847 Directory p160 7 Peascods lane, Fish hook and tackle maker

PARKINS, William Butcher, died 10.03.1871 [Monumental Inscription 59/22]; in directories from 1851

PARKINSON, F Castle Street
Building and civil engineers
CD 1966-68 Ad p255

CN 01.02.2008 p22 New WI set up; letter page 13

PARKLAND VILLAGE The Story development at the former Garland Hospital. Includes new houses and conversion of former hospital buildings including the Chapel [CN 29.04.2005 Story Homes Supp. p5]

Carlisle Octocentenary booklet pp68 -71 Parks and open spaces 1BC 352
CN 31.01.1925 p9 CN 09.07.1976 p6
CN 08.09.1989 p4 Plans for city park included a ferry
CN 29.11.1991 p11 City parks safe
CN 10.01.1997 p4 (illus) Waterloo shaped woodland, and lots more you never....
CN 05.01.2001 p8 Parks department aims for a Green Flag award
CN 15.07.2005 p3 Steve Crabtree, head of Parks, retires

PARLIAMENT 3 Held in Carlisle by Edward I; 28th June - 7th July 1298, 1300 ; first two more councils and that held in 1298 is putative; third assembly, the Carlisle Parliament of the Statue Book of 1307
J.Duckworth Lecture on the Carlisle Parliaments of Edward I, 1930
CJ 09.04.1965 p8

CN 23.03.1990 p4 Reform bill celebrated by artisans

D,Perriam Carlisle Remembered p122
CJ 13.12.1946 Formed
CN 25.01.1947 p6 Revival

PARLIAMENT BAR Lonsdale street
CN 21.12.1986 p16 Ad feature; opening

CN 25.09.1981 pp26-7 Ad

PARTRIDGE PLACE Named after council member A.H.Partridge

CN 29.03.1947 p5
Cumbria Life issue no 33 March/April 1994 pp16-17 2A 9
CN 14.04.1995 p12 Easter eggs made Cumberland famous

CN 29.02.2008 p19 New office at Kingmoor busy start

PATENTS LIBRARY In West Walls in 1855
CN 03.12.1971 p16

PATERNOSTER ROW Number 3 probably early 18th century; number 7 late 18th century; number 9 and 42 Castle St 1799 deeds with later alterations; Wall surrounding Cathedral rebuilt on 28.07.1808; heightened 1838 to prevent bodysnatching; demolished 1930
Mary Slee Older Carlisle p18 (illus)
CN 12.11.1949 p5
CJ 23.03.1855 Construction of no 4 and 5
1930 Carlisle in Camera 1 photo of street in 1930; Cathedral wall undemolished
City Council Minutes 1930 -31 p98 Scheme for widening road and taking down wall
CN 14.04.1960 p8 (illus) About 1900
CN 15.01.1965 p12 (illus) Wall surrounding Cathedral
CN 20.08.1971 p7 (illus) Garden

PATERSON, J.Rutherford Devonshire Street
Wine merchant
CD 1902-03 Ad p2

CN 11.01.2002 p14 (illus) Official opening of the call centre

PATON, Mr and Mrs D
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p9 Deportment, dancing, pianoforte

PATON’S Rosehill
Mercedes Benz dealer
CN 04.05.2001 p16 Top selling Mercedes Benz car dealer
CN 15.02.2002 p20 Paton’s Mercedes dealership is to change hands

PATON’S GARAGE Blackfriars St
CD 1961-62 Ad p286
CJ 19.10.1962 p13

CN 05.03.2004 p13 Letter claiming St Nicholas city’s patron saint

PATTINSON, Ann Grocer, aged 44, employing 14 men and boys, home address I George St, born Mporland, Wetsmorland [1861 census]

PATTINSON, Daniel Common Brewer, West Walls [Jollie 1811 pp83, xviii]; Wood’s 1821 map shows Messrs Connell and Pattinson’s Brewery below West Walls
CJ 13.08.1817 p1 Common brewer bankrupt

PATTINSON, Edward and Co Warwick Road
Iisurance brokers
CN 26.02.1999 p12 Ad
CN 26.01.2001 p3 Insurance broker goes into liquidation
CN 20.05.2005 p4 Obit of D.Pattinson; firm started 1968 sold 1995

PATTINSON, I and M New Market
Florists, fruiterers
CD 1952 Ad p300
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p242
CD 1955-56 Ad p244

PATTINSON, J.H. St Nicholas
Boot and show repair depot
CD 1920 Ad p231

PATTINSON, James Joiner and cabinetmaker, aged 46, employing 4 men and 2 boys, born Carlisle, home address4 Bartons Court [1861 census]

PATTINSON, John Caldewgate
Cotton manufacturer
CJ 12.08.1826 p2b Cotton manufacturer and grocer; stock in trade for sale

PATTINSON, M.H. The Crescent
CD 1893-94 Ad p4

PATTINSON, Richard Caldewgate
M442 p49 Business label for grocer and druggist

PATTINSON, Simon Druggist, resident at Brunton Place, aged 44, born Carlisle, employing 2 apprentices [1851 census]

CP 16.12.1870 20 children attending, A.J.Pattinson mistress

PATTISON, Daniel Brewer; died 13.01.1818; Monumental Inscriptions St Cuthbert’s Yard

1820 see G.Topping Memories of Carlisle pp134 Caldew cobbles in Botchergate , footpath flagged
City Minutes 1922-23 p 671 Wood block paving at St Albans Row removed
CN 25.08.1928 p9 Paving and lighting 1860s
CN 31.03.1995 p10 150 years ago - wooden blocks

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

PAYNE-MIX Concrete producer; formed 1996
CN 28.03.2003 p22 Ad feature

PEACE CELEBRATIONS; WORLD WAR ONE; 19.07.1919 official day of celebrations throughout the district
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p 48 photo of Charlotte St celebrations
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p112 St John’s Upperby celebrations photo

PEACE MEDALS; given to Carlisle children on 18.09.1919
City Minutes 1918-19 p363 produced by Elkington and Co
CN 07.11.1969 p14 (illus)

CN 23.04.2004 p4 Obit of Caldewgate butcher

PEARS, John Currier, died 02.07.1809 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

PEARSON, James H. Old Post Office Court
Stocks and shares
CD 1902-03 Ad p229

PEARSON, Robert Currier, died 22.12.1816 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 107]

PEARSON, T and Co Annetwell Street
Electrical engineers
CD 1952 Ad p292
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p236
CD 1955-56 Ad p238
CD 1961-62 Ad p270
CD 1966-68 Ad p264

PEARSON, Tom Crown Street
Tailor and clothier
CD 1893-94 Ad p58

PEARSON, William Tailor, aged 24, employing 3 men, home address Castle Street,born Carlisle [1851 census]

PEARSON AND VIPOND Old Post Office Court
Shipping and emigration agents
CD 1924 Ad p16
CD 1927 Ad p14 (Established 1879)
CD 1931 Ad p108

PEARSON’S Old Post Office Court
Travel agency
CD 1920 Ad p9
CD 1934 Ad p120
CD 1937 Ad p100

PEARSONS English Street, Scotch St, Globe Lane
Wines and spirits
CD 1880 Ad pxxxiv

PEASCOD’S LANE English Street; so named on Wood’s 1821 map of city
CJ 20.04.1822 p2d Houses in Peascod’s Lane to be sold
1851 Report of General Board of Health....Carlisle; R.Rawlinson 1BC 625 p52; drain from a slaughterhouse runs into

PEASCOD’S LANE New lane opened 26.10.2000

PEATTIE, Andrew Brewer, aged 49, employing 5 men, born Scotland, home address English Damside [1851 census]; brewer, aged 61, employing 6 men, home address English Damside, born Scotland [1861 census]; Morris, Harrison and Co’s 1861 Directory p34 refers to Andrew Peattie, brewer, West Walls Brewery; Andrew Peattie of the Meadow Brewery died 14.05.1865, aged 64 [MI 96/4]; Isaac Peattie of Meadow Brewery, Carlisle, youngest son of Andrew Peattie died 22.11.1881 aged 37 [MI 96/4]

PEDESTRIANS ARMS Newtown Road; by this name in local directories from 1921; formerly called the North British Railway Inn
CJ 05.01.1968 p3 (illus)
CN 11.02.1994 p4 City pub sign seeker

CN 24.08.1973 p8 (illus) CN 11.07.1975 p3 CN 18.07.1975 p1
CN 01.08.1975 p32 CN 10.10.1975 p27 CN 12.03.1976 pp1,11- plan
ENS 30.03.1976 p4 (illus) CN 23.07.1976 p17 CN 01.10.1976 p9
CN 17.12.1976 p9
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p75 photo of 1976 work
CN 15.07.1988 p9 Scheme would hit business
CN 12.05.1989 p5 Work will mean city traffic no-go area
CN 19.05.1989 p3 Trees moved in city scheme
CN 02.06.1989 p3 City stores fear pedestrianisation
CN 10.11.1989 pp1,52 Hitting traffic chaos for six
CN 10.12.1989 p1 Warden goes to war
ENS 02.04.1996 p6 (illus) How do you want city to look? asks council
CN 12.05.2006 p22 Plans to make Botchergate a pedestrian area on Saturday night

CJ 23.07.1836 p2 Set up in business as jeweller and optician in market place
CJ 27.08.1836 p2 Lists his stock

PEDRONE, Ludivico
J.Penfold Clockmakers of Cumberland p70
M442 p3 Business card for L.Pedrone; optician, looking glasses, barometres...
CJ 20.06.1829 Ad; jeweller, optician opening
Caumberland Pacquet 29.05.1832 p3 Married at Preston Lodivico Pedrone, jeweller, to Miss Lucy Jutice of Preston
CP 04.10.1834 Ad About to decline business

PEEL, Thomas 78 English Street
1847 Directory Thos. Peel, 87 Market Place
1861 census Peel, Thomas, Draper, aged 53, home address ‘s Peile’s Court , English St, born Wigton
CP 10.01.1863 Ad; Drapery business for sale; conducted for upwards of 26 years
Monumental Inscription in Caldbeck graveyard records a Thomas Peel, draper of Carlisle, died 04.03.1863 aged 59. By this stone’s proximity to John Peel’s stone and other Peel stones I would suggest he is a member of this family.

Carlisle Examiner 21.09.1858 p2c In Carlisle

City Minutes 1898/99 Approval for 12 houses
City Minutes 1925-6 p62 36 council houses rehousing Queen St and Rigg St

PEIL’S COURT, Water Street
City Minutes 1932-33 p68 Four tenements unfit for human habitation

CP 23.09.1887 p6 CP 30.09.1887 p6 CP 11.11.1887 p7

PENDRICH, J Sherrington’s Court, Scotch St
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p 10 Joiner and builder

CN 27.02.1970 p1 Merger?
CN 25.06.1971 p21 Takeover?
CN 15.09.1972 pp1,3 (illus) Fire
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p158 photos of Penguin fire
CN 22.09.1972 p3 Fire
CN 23.08.1991 p11 City factory hopes for sweet news
CN 10.12.1999 p3 Hopes rise
CN 26.05.2000 p21Ad Success is sweet for Penguin
CN 17.11.2000 p14 Penguin back in receivership
CN 01.12.2000 p1 Hopes rising for Penguin jobs - 48 potential buyers
CN 22.12.2000 p5 Bright future for rescued factory; buyers House of York
CN 12.02.2003 p2 Up for sale, 85 jobs safe; Fravigar offer
CN 23.01.2004 p14 Penguin factory potential buyer is taken over
CN 30.01.2004 p5 Set to shut down at end of March
CN 03.03.2006 p15 Senator homes begin demolition of ex Penguin works
CN 28.04.2006 p6 Demolition continues as ‘urban village’ planned on site.
CN 17.11.2006 p9 Rejection of flats plan at Penguin site; plan ‘too intensive’

PENNINE WAY SCHOOL - Pennine Way Infants and Pennine Way Junior schools were both opened on 20th May 1958 by Sir Edward Boyle MP. Infants and Junior merged to form Pennine Way Primary School 31.09.1997
CN 23.05.1958 p3 Opening of new school
CN 18.01.1991 p9 Share head bid for city school
CN 20.03.1992 p3 Parents cash bid in school crisis
CN 15.05.1992 p1 Cash or quit school threat
CN 19.07.1996 p1 Schools to merge
CN 07.02.1997 p6 School goes to the races to raise cash

Carlisle Examiner 23.11.1858 p4b Ad
Carlisle Examiner 29.03.1959 p2c



CN 28.06.2002 p1 Cumberland, Metalbox, Pirelli shut salary schemes;opinion p12

CN 07.02.1992 p23 City firm back in business

CN 31.07.1992 p27 Pets charity anniversary funds bid
CN 21.08.1992 p11 Incredible journey to raise funds

Women’s fitness club
CN 24.05.1996 p2 Ad Supp

PERCIVAL, R Ltd Lowther Street; started running services on 02.07.1921
Coach trips
City Minutes 1921-22 p556 List of omnibuses with plate numbers
City Minutes 1923-4 p589 Licnesed to operate bus services Carlisle/Brampton...
City Minutes 1926-7 p632 Licensed to operate bus services
CD 1924 Ad p264

PERCIVAL, Richard Crown Street
Coal merchant and furniture remover
CD 1893-94 Ad p84

PERCIVAL, S.R. and J Crown Street
Coal merchants and haulage contractors
Leading Trader of the City  p61 Ad A616

PERCY ROAD First noted on electoral register for 1923; land in this area was formerly owned by the Dean and Cahapter and streets were named in honour of Bishops of Carlisle and Chancellors of the Diocese, in this case Bishop Percy

CN 13.08.1971 p12 Old periodicals

PERKINS Fish and chip shop Portland place/ Cecil Street; George Perkins took over the business in 1918 from his father John who founded the business here in 1912; taken over by George’s son Leslie, who died in 1967; then moved out of family when sold to Harry Tinnion, potato merchant [CN 11.11.2005 p4]


PETRIANA Roman fort unearthed at Old Croft, Stanwix
CAIH p7 Stanwix Fort
CN 04.10.1940 p1 CN 07.09.1940 p5 CN 28.09.1940 p4
CN 28.06.1947 p5

PETROL CRISIS September 2000
CN 15.09.2000 p1,4,5 (illus) Details concerning local blockade and effects
CN 10.11.2000 p1 farmers and hauliers scrap city fuel protest
CN 17.11.2000 p3 Protest was a success says Carlisle man (rally in London 14.11)


CN 03.02.1995 p5 Paramedics warn of in petrol station scheme

CN 26.05.2006 p17 Opens doors tomorrow

Carlisle in Camera 1 p41Photo of river near pumping station
City Minutes 1894-95 p180 Instruction to straighten river from Pumping Station
CN 08.09.1961 p9 (illus) Improvement scheme
CN 23.02.1968 p10 Bridge

PETTERIL BANK Erected 1829 for John Fawcett; 1886 bought by Ralph Littler, Cb, QC, of Palmer’s green Middlesex; later leased by Lady Gillord 1907-23; bought by Captain Frederick Francis Parker; 1936 bought by council along with 6 acres of land; evacuees used house during the war; 1942 - 1948 childrens home, transferring to Aglionby Grange; acquired in 1951 by County Council; disabled workshops
CJ 14.11.1829 Theft of tools from workman ‘now working on a new building’
1851 census John Fawcett, aged 54, barrister at law, born Carlisle
East Cumberland News 02.10.1909 Petteril Bank Estate for sale
CN 10.09.2004 p8 Lady Gillford took house in 1907 until 1923; history
CN 18.02.2005 p6 Plan to move Archives Office here

PETTERIL BANK So named Petterall-Bank in 1695
CN 24.09.1999 p8 When Carlisle went to the dogs
CN 25.02.2000 p15 Petteril Bank revamp talks

CN 10.05.1991 p8 Ad

PETTERIL BANK ESTATE This council estate was laid out in the 1930s and early 1940s; Welsh Rd, Lightfoot Drive and Haig Rd first appearing in the 1938-39 voters’ list. [Elizabeth Welsh and George Lightfooot were local councillors]. In the Carlisle Directory for 1940 Burnett Rd, Gillford Crescent, Blundell Road, Hayton Rd, Harris Cres, Semple Rd and Baird Rd first appear [William Harris and Joseph Hayton were local councillors’ James Baird was Deputy Town Clerk, Allan Semple Carlisle Medical Officer and J.E.Blundell the recently retired Gas Engineer to the City]; In the voters’ list for 1946-7 Atkinson Cre first appears [ Herbert Atkinson was a local councillor]; in 1947-48 Dale End Rd, Woodsghyll Drive and Ridgemount Rd first appear. Holmacres Drive appears in 1948-9 and Meade Rd appears in 1963-64. George VI postbox stands in front of the row of shops on Petteril Bank
CJ 02.11.1937 p3 Haigh homes for ex servicemen; 6 ready at Petteril Bank
CJ 24.09.1937 p1 Opening of
CJ 06.05.1938 p9 Shops at Petteril Bank
CJ 14.04.1939 p4 City council’s dilema
CJ 21.04.1939 p9 Reasons for empty houses at Harraby; too far from city
CN 02.03.1979 p7 Playsite
CN 09.12.1994 p18 Down your lane

PETTERIL BANK SCHOOL The school was originally housed in collection of prefab huts [because of shortage of materials] put up in 1943 with a life expectancy of 10 years; in 1972 the huts were still in use; Miss Eite who taught there for 37 years recalls that when the wind came from a particular quarter rain would come straight through the window frames of the huts; the school opened on 11th October 1943 with 255 pupils on the roll. The new school opened, on the same site, on 6th December 1972 with 338 pupils on the roll; when the new school was opened rain immediately came throughy the flat roof in places. Miss Hamilton was the first head followed by Mr R. Howe was the head from 1953 until at least 1967, followed by Mr N.Vipond, then Mr J.Baxter
Educ. Com. Pro 16.11.1943 item 25 4 acres on Burnett Rd for site for Harraby Sch.
CN 10.09.1954 p1 First day at school
Carlisle Journal 26.05.1967 Feature on the school; overcrowded, poor toilets, makeshift buildings; 350 pupils in school
CN 29.01.1993 p9 School gets new classrooms
CN 28.03.1997 p1 Parents petition to remove 5 year old boy
CN 25.07.1997 p3 Petteril Bank School; what the inspectors said; failed Ofsted
CN 25.07.1997 p1 Failed school pledges discipline crackdown
CN 10.07.1998 p5 Head says fond farewell
CN 09.10.1998 p17 Fortune favours the bold
CN 28.03.2003 p15 Continued improvement for once failed school
CN 05.12.2003 p12 Positon in school tables; school details contrasted with Scotby
CN 14.10.2005 p3 Official status as extended school

CN 27.12.2002 p2 Youth Club temporarily shut for 2 months

see also Botcherby Bridge; Harraby Bridge
CN 23.02.1968 p10

PETTERIL BRIDGE INN Warwick Road; in local directories from 1855 to 1914
1861 census Joseph Glaister innkeeper, aged 32, born Carlisle
1891 census Charles Barker, aged 54, vitualler, bn Todmorden, Yorkshire
CN 10.01.1992 p4

PETTERIL BRIDGE TERRACE Dated 1895 and so named on plaque; now a part of Warwick Road, being the first block over the River Petteril on the road to Newcastle
CRO Ca E4 14223 Plans dated 19.11.1894 for 12 new houses on Warwick Rd for the Carlisle Steam Laundry Co; Johnston brothers architects

CN 16.10.1992 p4 Coping with wartrime food rationing

CN 24.04.1987 p40 opening
CN 10.12.1993 p1 Dogs patrol OAP home

CN 16.01.1943 p5 Opening
CN 06.03.1943 p5 Second British restaurant to be opened in Carlisle

City Council minutes 12.01.1883 18/570 approval for laying out new street; same minute gives approval, also to Mr Ferguson, for laying out of the adjacent River Street

PETTERIL TERRACE Now part of Warwick Road, but place name still in evidence 2005, being house opposite Greystone Rd as it debouches into Warwick Rd; only one dwelling listed under Petteril Terrace on 1891 census

PETTERIL TERRACE London Road; first mentioned on 1881 census; built by the Midland Railway for their workers along road to their Durranhill engine shed; general view in Carlisle in Camera 2 p 24; part of street also known by name Midland Cottages between 1902 - 1933

PHEASANT INN Church Street; originally row of three houses of late 18th century date, now with extensive alterations; appears as The Pheasant in 1873 Directory
Olive Seabury The Carlisle State Management Scheme, 2007 p69 for 2 photos; p70-71 for ground and first floor plans
26.05.1917 opened for business; no formal ceremony
31.05.1917 Mayoress was invited to open first floor reconstruction
ENS 17.01.1990 p12 Ad feature; refurbishment
ENS 21.01.1999 p1 Japanese bank now owns pub
ENS 25.10.2000 Closed pub is to be restaurant; pub closed for more than year

PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY Founded 1839; folded 1841?
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 1 p79-81
CJ 09.11.1839 p2h Carlisle Philharmonic Society; first concert

See obituary of W.W.R.Binning CN 25.01.1936
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p129 Montage photo of cast for 1891 show

PHILLIPS, James Bonnell’s Lane; Lowther’s Lane, English St
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p12 Aerated waters moved from Bonnell’s
1861 census James Philliips, aged 44, soda water manufacturer, employing 4 men and 2 boys, home address 10 Chiswick St, born Carlisle

PHILLIPS, M and E Botchergate
Wool shop
CD 1952 Ad p398

Aerated water
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1884-85 Ad p259

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

PHILLIPSONS TOWER, City Walls Used to house plague victims in 1597/8 [CWAAS 1971, Vol 71 p59 and map opp p52]; ‘must be at the angle where the north and east curtain walls used to meet, and where East Tower and Lowther Street now meet [CWAAS OS Vol 13 p189]

PHILP, William S Moorville Garage
Motor engineers
CD 1952 Ad p343
CD 1955-56 Ad p264
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p261

PHOENIX INN Rickergate; referred to in Memoirs of Mrs C.Deans p16, kept by Nathaniel Jeffferson

Post Office Directcory 1873 p56 Ad A28
CN 20.12.1913 p1c To sell or let Phoenix Leather Works, English Damside

CN 20.08.1993 p8 Ad

PHONOGRAPH Demonstrated in city in 1890
CN 16.09.1988 p4 Phonograph was a marvel of age

See also, Andrews, Bannister, Bell, G, Burns, Butt, Caledonian Photographic Company, Cochrane, Creighton, Dodgshon, Fisher, Higgins, Hornsby, Lamonte, Little, R, Monk, Morrison, Murray, Ostell, Rae, Benjamin Scott, Smith, H.W., Stoud, J, Tassell, Taylor, Warwick, Wilkinson,
CN 09.09.1950 p5 CN 16.09.1950 p5 CN 23.09.1950 p5 CN 14.10.1950 p4
CN 21.10.1950 p5 CN 28.10.1950 p4 CN 04.11.1950 p5 CN 11.11.1950 p4
CN 03.03.1967 p12
CJ 23.09.1843 Ad ‘For a short time only’ Daguerreotype at 38 English Street
CJ 20.12.1845 Daguerreotype equipment for sale; apply Mr Fisher, Athenaeum
CJ 04.08.1849 p2 Ad for itinerant photographer Monsieur J.J.Ponder in city
CJ 05.09.1851 Mr Tilloch, photo. artist opened at Mr Sewells, 61 Scotch St
Carlisle an illustrated history p74 copy of 1857 street photo, earliest surviving
1861 census Matthew Fisher, photographic artist, aged 32, Caledonian Tce
CJ 28.02.1881 p1 Photographic studio at Denton Holme for sale

PIANO SHOP Crosby Street
CD 1952 Ad p353

PICKERING, Joseph London Rd
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p2 Sculptor and ornamental carver

Engineers and millwrights
CD 1880 Ad pxxxi
CD 1884-85 Ad p246

PICKFORDS West Tower Street
CD 1952 Ad p301

CN 22.07.1988 p25 Ad

A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p41 Photo of sweet shop of Denton St
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p104 photo of ice cream seller

Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen pp21, 34 Description and photo 1920s
CN 07.09.1984 (illus) Family had fish and chip shop in suburb since 1917

PIERRE’S BISTRO Lowther Street
CN 08.06.2001 p14 Bistro for sale; Mr and Mrs Stewart heading for Spain
CN 30.04.2004 p18 Sold to Elizabeth Noble and Helen Nugent
CN 25.06.2004 p3 Restaurant opens on Monday

CP 04.11.1892 p7 Carlisle Dog, Poultry and Pigeon Show; 3rd in 10 years
CN 28.07.1972 p6 In Denton Holme
CN 14.04.1995 p3 City Hall in flap over pigeon feed
CN 05.01.1996 p7 Stiffer rules to ban pigeons from city
CN 05.04.1996 p13 City research may help cure rare lung disease

CN 06.06.1997 p4 Pass through Carlisle
CN 13.06.1997 p9 Tony helps run big pilgrimage

PILLAR BOXES First in country, Botchergate 19.10.1853 (CAIH p63)
CN 15.04.1955 p8 CN 27.05.1955 p8 CN 15.08.1958 p8 CN 28.12.1962 p8
CN 31.07.1964 p10 CN 28.11.1969 p14
Carlisle Examiner 03.02.1859 p2e Pillar post box from Charlotte Street to Scotch St
City Minutes 1923-24 p72 Approval for box corner Bank/Lowther Streets
CN 18.12.1987 p4 City scored a postal history first
CN 22.12.2000 p15 Lismore Street Victorian post box and other boxes

CN 07.02.1942 p5 Direct communication with city police HQ
CJ 10.02.1942 (illus) How to use them
CN 14.02.1942 (illus) Direct communication with city police HQ

At the bottom of Well Lane, Stanwix, a WWII pill box covers the Brampton Rd

PILLORY Removed from near Market Cross 1790 (CAIH p24 with illus)
09.08.1684 ‘Two Scotch pedlars pillory’d’ Bishop Nicolson;s Diaries;CWAAS NS Vol 1, 1901, p16
Smith, L Carlisle Directory and Guide...1792 p10
CAIH (illus) p24, p39 shows pillory on city map of 1560s
Nelson, Elizabeth Around Carlisle p4 photograph 1BC 9
CN 18.08.2006 p11 Used in April 1814 in city


PINEGROVE HOTEL London Road; dated 1877 with initials SB on the facade. The SB stands for Sam Boustead who owned the Red Lion Hotel and ran a bacon curing business
CD 1961-62 Ad p278
CN 03.02.1995 p4 Hotel plans to expand
CN 12.09.1997 p15 Ad The Pinegroves Hotel’s Wedgwood suite is perfect.

PINK PANTHER RECORDS Globe Lane; Chapel Street
Set up by Tom and Dave Foster; taken over by Keith Jefferson
CN 09.05.2003 p3 To let sign goes up at long established record shop
CN 25.07.2003 p8 Owner urges prospective buyers to step forward

PIONEER Printed and published in 1818 and ran to 4 numbers

PIONEER FOODS Started 1878 by Robert Thornburn; Burgh Road; Fisher Street; Devonshire Street
Wholesale food distributors
1879-1979; 100 Years with Pioneer
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p248
CD 1952 Ad pp272, 308
CD 1955-56 Ad p3
CD 1961-62 Ad pii
CN 01.11.1963 p12
CN 17.09.1938 p19 (illus) Ad
ENS 05.10.1963 p1 New warehouse may have to be demolished (Burgh Road)
ENS 21.10.1963 p1 City food firm in takeover
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p50 Photo of Fsher Street shop
CN 08.11.1974 pp15-17 Ad
CN 27.03.1987 pp26-27 Ad feature
CN 15.04.1988 p16 Ad feature Pioneer spend £100,000 on new look centre
CN 31.01.1992 p1 £300,00 Euro Bill dished up, p12 comment
CN 25.09.1992 p3 Family affair for city firm
CN 16.10.1992 pp4,6 Supplement; Conty firm hooks a contract
CN 27.11.1992 p7 Food firm £300,000 expansion
CN 05.03.1993 p3 Exhibition on the menu
CN 28.05.1993 p24 City food firms growing market
CN 16.07.1993 p13 Pioneer on trail of new standards
CN 15.10.1993 p11 Firm expands
CN 19.11.1993 p25 City food firm wins top contract
CN 18.02.1994 p9 Big new contract brings more jobs
CN 15.07.1994 p3 £500,000 expansion
CN 07.10.1994 p5 City firm clinches schools contract
CN 10.03.1995 Supplement
CN 17.03.1995 p4 Firm tastes success on a plate
CN 24.11.1995 p1 Turkeys for free
CN 26.01.1996 p15 Pioneer - food firm can’t stop blazing trail
CN 05.04.1996 p1 New jobs at Pioneer
CN 05.07.1996 p9 (illus) Pioneers Harry picks winner
CN 26.07.1996 p6 Pioneers clean bill of health
CN 03.01.1997 p12 Inspectors praise Pioneer standards
CN 17.01.1997 p3 (illus) Midnight butcher hangs up his apron
CN 06.06.1997 p1 14 new jobs on menu
CN 19.12.1997 p12 3 straight ‘A’s for Pioneer
CN 17.04.1998 p9 Pioneer beats beef crisis
CN 24.07.1998 p14 Pioneer to open new £1m depot
CN 18.09.1998 p16 Pioneer expands again
CN 05.03.1999 Supplement
CN 03.11.2000 p14 23 new jobs created as pioneer wins contracts
CN 09.03.2001 Supplement; 12 pages
CN 29.11.2002 p17 Andrew Jenkins steps down as MD in favour of son
CN 07.03.2003 Pioneer Supplement; celebrating 125 years; founded 1878
CN 22.08.2003 p18 Employs more than 250 people

See also; Samuel Hamilton; John Murray; James Pringle;
1811 Jollie’s Directory pxvi Mason and Rennison, pipe makers
CN 04.02.1972 p12 List of
CN 23.01.2004 p7 D.Perriam article about local clay pipe manufacturers

PIPER, E.T. Lowther Street
Estate agent
CD 1880 Ad pvi

PIRELLI Dalston Road
Slippers, tyres
CJ 19.08.1966 p12 CJ 26.08.1966 p9 CN 26.01.1968 p5
CJ 02.02.1968 p11 (illus) CN 23.02.1968 p3 CJ 23.02.1968 p23 (illus)
CN 10.10.1975 p15 (illus)
CN 15.07.1966 p20 Opened in city
ENS 10.08.1966 p1 Go-ahead for site
CJ 12.08.1966 p3 Factory near Cummersdale
CN 12.08.1966 p20 (illus) Factory near Cummersdale
ENS 16.08.1966 p1 Go ahead for site
CN 16.09.1966 p1 Objections
CN 16.09.1966 p8 (illus) General
CN 14.07.1967 p11 Contract
ENS 21.09.1967 p7 Illustration of building - part built
CN 17.11.1967 p1 Nelson Street
ENS 15.05.1968 p11 New factory (illus)
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p45 1968 and 1969 photos of factory
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p46 Photo of slipper department
ENS 25.11.1976 p1 New jobs blow
CN 29.06.1973 p1 Proposed social club
CN 14.12.1973 p4 (illus) Opening of social club
ENS 04.08.1977 p1 Pirelli dispute at the double
ENS 08.08.1977 p1 (illus) Tyre men in walk out again
ENS 15.08.1977 p1 Pirelli faces mass lay-off
ENS 16.08.1977 Safety boost for Pirelli
ENS 13.09.1977 p11 Strike
ENS 19.09.1977 p1 Pirelli peace
CN 06.07.1990 pp7-9 Tyre giant with a firm grip
CN 16.10.1992 Supp p8 Survivors of stormy days
CN 22.01.1993 p20 Factory blaze
CN 29.07.1994 p3 Carlisle man to head tyre giant
CN 13.01.1995 p5 Efficiency - Japanese style
CN 19.05.1995 pp1,10,12 Pirelli tyres tread road to fortune
CN 06.10.1995 p12 (illus) Tyre men win top Japanese award
ENS 20.04.1996 p7 (illus) Watchdogs take a healthy interest in tyre plant
ENS 23.07.1996 p1 Pirelli boss death threat
CN 23.08.1996 p1 Pirelli cash for United
CN 24.01.1997 p1 Pirelli workers strike vote over ‘100 time’ row
CN 07.02.1997 p12 New Pirelli man - John Nixon
CN 14.02.1997 p30 Pirelli pin-ups palazzo parade
CN 28.03.1997 p12 Markets left stunned as profits leap
CN 29.08.1997 p1 Pirelli double boost
CN 03.04.1998 pp1,12 Plants victory
CN 13.11.1998 p4 Your workers are wonderful
CN 05.02.1999 p1 Pirelli lay off 450 for one day
CN 01.12.2000 p14 CBI group tours Pirelli factory
CN 23.03.2001 p5 Customs raid Pirelli; smuggled cigarettes
CN 22.06.2001 p14 (illus) Pirelli to spend £7m on extending factory; first sod cut
CN 03.05.2002 p20 TUC boss John Monks visits factory where 900 work
CN 24.05.2002 p1 Pirelli plan to built massive warehouse on Dalston Rd challenge
CN 21.06.2002 p5 50 new jobs at Pirelli warehouse; planning permission given
CN 09.08.2002 p6 Archaeological dig at site of new development
CN 17.01.2003 p14 £5.8 expansion at Pirelli plant; first sod
CN 28.02.2003 p16 Pirelli wants 6,500sq feet extension to factory
CN 01.08.2003 p14 Warehouse opened; factory specialises tyres for 4 wheel drive
CN 04.03.2005 p1 Plan to build 120m metre high windmill
CN 11.03.2005 p13 Leters concerning proposed turbine
CN 15.04.2005 p1 Pirelli’s plan for factory in Romania no threat to Carlisle
CN 03.06.2005 p5 12 objectors and 99 supporters for giant wind turbine
CN 15.07.2005 p8 Independent report backs wind turbine
CN 19.08.2005 p 13 Letter concerning letters of support for development
CN 26.08.2005 p 13 Letter saying decision to allow turbine a massive error
CN 17.02.2006 p5 Site needs to cut costs to remain competitive
CN 26.05.2006 p1 Go ahead to erect 45 m mast to collect wind data for proposed turbine
CN 30.06.2006 p6 Photo of 45m mast which will measure wind speeds
CN 02.02.2007 p23 Wolfgang Meier, head of Carlisle operations, speaks
CN 30.01.2009 p14 Pirelli shuts factory Feb 24 - March 4th; global economic crisis

CN 31.08.2001 p21 Rally switched to Gateshead after 24 years based in Carlisle
CN 20.05.2005 p10 10,000 motorfans expected in city for Rally

24.06.1814 Rulkes agreed upon at meeting in Crown and Mitre
CP 15.05.1819 p1c Sixth anniversary of Pitt Club will be celebrated
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 3 The Carlisle Pitt Club pp 51-56

PIZZA EXPRESS Lowther St; opened summer 2000
CN 28.05.2004 p4 Carlisle chef judged 2nd best in whole chain

PLAGUE According to a plaque in St Andrews Church, Penrith 1,196 people died in Carlisle during the Plague of 1597/98, this figure probably includes an area surrounding the city as the city’s population was only about 1300
J.Hughes The Plague in Carlisle CWAAS 1971, Vol 71 pp 52-63

CN 03.06.1977 p6 Up his a down date


PLANT, W.M. Rosehill Industrial Estate
CN 18.06.1999 p19 Ad

Joiners and funeral furnishers
CD 1884-85 Ad p271
1891 census; Joseph Plaskett, 37, builder and joiner, home 4 London Rd

See also City Council-plate and insignia
Ferguson, R.S. Old Church Plate of the Diocese of Carlisle pp285 -91 Plate belonging to the Guilds of Carlisle A16

City Minutes 1920-21 p 646-651 Provision of playing and recreation grounds
CN 22.06.2001 p17 Carlisle may get playground for disabaled children
CN 30.08.2002 p7 Plan for Stanwix playground scrapped because of ‘flashers’
CN 06.09.2002 p13 Letter concerning the siting of playgrounds
CN 01.10.2004 p8 Vandals target Kingfisher Park playground

CP 02.07.1897 p3g Annual trip to Isle of Man


PLOUGH INN Botcherby; in local directories from 1869 to 1873

PLOUGH INN Caldcotes; in local directories from 1850 to 1914
CN 14.01.1950
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916, 2004 p37-8
1861 census Margaret McCutcheon, innkeeper, aged 47, born Scotland
1901 census; Robert Burns, victualler, aged 49, bn Scotland
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p110 Photo in 1902; Robert Burns licensee
Topper Off Easter 1950 p48 Old plough now Carrs men’s and pensioners ‘ club
Topper Off Summer 1955 (illus) Demolition of Old Plough
CN 22.11.1991 p4 (illus)

CN 10.01.1992 p4 Thoughts of Spring

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

PLUME OF FEATHERS Scotch Street/ Plume of Feathers Court; in local directories to 1869

PLUME OF FEATHERS COURT Scotch Street; in the directories between 1844 and 1858. Its exact position is shown on the fold out map in the back on Robert Rawlinson’s Report to the General Board of Health...Carlisle, 1850

CN 06.01.2006 p3 Photo of shop front in 1957

CN 29.01.1988 p40 Pocket Theatre on stage county wide
CN 02.11.1990 p1 Drama out of Pocket
CN 21.12.1990 p9 Curtain falls on grants row
CN 18.01.1991 p23 New director
CN 13.03.1992 p8 Pocket launch for new work
CN 17.07.1992 p10 Living in each others pocket
CN 04.12.1992 p1 Threat to city theatre
CN 30.07.1993 p10 A final curtain fear facing theatre world
CN 29.10.1993 p6 Letters
CN 29.10.1993 p12 Comment
CN 29.10.1993 p3 Stabbed in the art
CN 26.11.1993 p6 Pocket Theatre; why grant axed - 3 letters
CN 17.12.1993 p1 Stars back Pocket money appeal
CN 17.12.1993 p10 Comment
CN 23.12.1993 p7 Arts board rejects pleas for Pocket
CN 12.08.1994 p8 Show still goes on

POETS CORNER Local name for area in Caldewgate; Byron Street, Milton Street, Burns Street and Scott Street; all demolished in slum clearance and industrial development, save for one house on Byron Street (March 2001).

POINTER DOG Kingmoor; in local directories from 1869 to 1876; also called the Dog

POINT ON TRACKWORK Rail maintenance business
CN 30.06.2000 p16 (illus) Expansion


POLICE Carlisle City Police Force established 1827 (CAIH p24); merged with Cumbria police force 01.04.1967
Chief Constables Benjamin Batty 1827-1831; Robert Brown 1831-1839; John Graham 1839-1844; John Sabbage 1844-1857; George Edward Bent 1857-1873; Walter Hemingway 1873-1876; George MacKay 1876-1904; George Hill 1904-1913; Eric Herbert de Schmid [later called Spence]; Archibald Kennedy Wilson 1928-29; Andrew Alexander Johnston 1929-1938; Wiliam Henry Lakeman 1938-1961; Frank Edgar Williamson 1961-1967
See also Crime; Closed circuit television; Riots
Carlisle Octocentenary Booklet pp 49-53 The Watch Committee 1BC 352
CP 06.01.1821 p2c Ad Men for police officers for city; by order of magistrates
CP 06.01.1821 p4 letter; necessity for police establishment in this city
CP 03.02.1821 p2f Establishment of public office for protection of property, peace
CP 22.12.1821 p1f Considering continuing Police Establishment for another year
13.07.1827 Police Act put into execution; Mr Batty superintendent [P&W 1829 p130]
Cumberland Pacquet 17.07.1827 p3 John Kent son of West Indian slave appointed a policeman in city
CP 09.02.1939 p1b Advert for people desirous to be police officers
Carlisle Examiner 27.09.1859 p3b letter ‘Where’s the Police?’
Carlisle Examiner 04.10.1859 p2e letter in responce to letter of 27th september
City Council Minutes 1898/99 p236 Rates of pay for constables, sargeants...
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p63 Photo of police band 1905
City Minutes 1915-16 p143 Names of 40 city policemen serving at front
CN 25.08.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CN 01.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CN 02.02.1946 p5 History
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p155 Photo police motocyclists in 1950s
ENS 28.03.1962 p1 More police for Carlisle
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p155 Photo police on parade 1962
CN 10.06.1966 p12 (illus) About 1893
CN 17.06.1966 p12 About 1893
CN 16.09.1966 p1 (illus) New beat system
CN 31.03.1967 p8 (illus) History
CN 28.04.1967 p1 (illus) New badge
CN 10.01.1969 p12 (illus) Band about 1905
CN 04.01.1974 p4 (illus) Band circa 1890
CN 10.06.1988 p4 Watchmen were start of police
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p156 photo of armed police outside courts
CN 20.04.1990 p4 Police were targets of rioting
CN 20.04.1990 p4 Birth of an effective city force
CN 29.07.1994 p10 150 years ago
CN 26.08.1994 p7 Call for reunion of old city police
CN 16.09.1994 p7 Officers on patrol down Carlisle’s memory lane
CN 24.02.1995 p3 Police ignoring Raffles claim
CN 11.10.1996 p1 Five police calls a night about pests
CN 21.02.1997 p3 Cumbria police use C.S.spray ‘every dat for two months’.
CN 05.09.1997 p4 Police promise to frightened witnesses
CN 03.10.1997 p5 (illus) Police chief outlines vision of future
CN 17.10.1997 p4 Comunity bobby back call for city skatepark
CN 02.01.1998 p4 Business as usual at Christmas for the emergency teams
CN 16.01.1998 p5 (illus) Force’s very special man (and woman) hunt
CN 30.10.1998 p1 Terror on the streets
CN 19.11.1999 p1 Extra police promised after 3 nights of violence
CN 04.02.2000 p1 New powers to chase gangs off streets
CN 22.12.2000 p10 Policewoman on duty at Christmas
CN 30.11.2001 p1 review of decision to close police station from 8pm - 8am
CN 07.12.2001 p12 Policing situation in city
CN 15.02.2002 p5 Hours station opened to be increased
CN 29.03.2002 p9 Black railway policeman (1841 census)
CN 05.04.2002 p5 Carlisle police station stays open till midnight from Monday
CN 16.01.2004 p3 Police back on bikes after 25 years
CN 13.02.2004 p5 PC Mac Maguire, community policeman, moves into College
CN 26.03.2004 p1 New police stations in Morton Sch and Harraby
CN 27.08.2004 p3 Community police station opened in Harraby
CN 08.10.2004 p5 First street wardens; Police Community Support Officers
CN 07.01.2005 p3 Community police station to open on Welsh Rd on Jan 24th
CN 14.01.2005 p8 The police in the great flood
CN 11.02.2005 p5 Portable cells being considered
CN 25.02.2005 p1 Cases dismissed as files lost in floods
CN 04.03.2005 p5 Rising city crime causes removal of chief Brian Horn
CN 24.06.2005 pp1, 12 police consider moving HQ to Houghton
CN 05.08.2005 p5 Second community police station opens in Raffles
CN 19.08.2005 p5 Shady Grove Rd police station opened
CN 07.10.2005 p1 1,000 objections to pland for police cells at Houghton
CN 21.10.2005 p 1 Councillors vote against police plans for cells at Houghton
CN 18.11.2005 p31 Letter concerning level of policing in city centre; from police
CN 10.02.2006 p9 Feature on Carlisle beat policeman who arrested 369 in one year
CN 12.05.2006 p6 Work to start on Poice cells at Rathbone’s brunt out factory, Durranhill
CN 14.07.2006 p3 Cumbria police merger with Lancashire off
CN 24.11.2006 p9 New police cells at Durranhill opened
CN 06.02.2009 p7 New city police station at Durranhill Ind Estate takes shape
CN 05.12.1997 p12 Police dog Rocky’s award from the guv
CJ 17.09.1897 p5 Grosvenor Hse sold to Chief Constable of County
CJ 14.01.1898 p5 Quit Lowther St HQ for Warwick Sq
CJ 25.07.1905 Gives date of move here by County Police HQ
CN 06.03.1964 p1 Closure
CJ 03.04.1964 p12 In Abbey Street closed 31.03.1964
POLICE STATION; RICKERGATE; Official opening 17.04.1941
CN 12.06.1937 p21 (illus) Sketch of proposed police and fire station
CJ 11.06.1937 p7 New police and fire station
CN 12.06.1937 p21 Plan
CJ 18.04.1941 pp1,5 (illus) Opened
CN 19.04.1941 p3,5 (illus) Opened
08.01.2005 Station flooded out
CN 09.03.2007 p2 Rickergate station sold to court services for £650,000
CJ 18.05.1839 p3 c Ad New police lock up and offices
CJ 18.05.1839 p3g Town Council Minutes:West Walls best location
CJ 13.07.1839 p 3a,b Police lock up and offices
CN 25.01.1963 p10 (illus) In West Walls
City Minutes 1916-17 pp82-84 Women patrols; policewomen sworn in
CN 16.06.1944 pp4-5 For Carlisle
CJ 07.07.1944 p4 Not for Cumberland

City Minutes 1911-12 p139-158 Further report on outbreak of 1910

CN 30.11.2007 p10 Polish deli opens in Fisher Street

CN 24.06.1950 p4

CN 04.12.1987 p3 Poll tax will cost city £500,000
CN 28.10.1988 p25 Another poll tax blow for the parishes
CN 14.10.1988 p40 City to take on staff for the poll tax
CN 20.01.1989 p1 Paying the poll tax
CN 20.10.1989 p27 Brake on city poll tax bills
CN 03.11.1989 p20 Attack on poll tax
CN 17.11.1989 p3 Tennants poll tax warning
CN 03.08.1990 p3 Poll tax crackdown
CN 10.08.1990 p7 Poll tax cases go to court
CN 02.11.1990 p5 Labour tax rebels row
CN 28.12.1990 p1 Labour tax rebels await boot
CN 25.01.1991 p5 Poll tax non-payers unite
CN 25.01.1991 p7 Tougher line
CN 25.01.1991 p13 A vote of confidence
CN 08.02.1991 p7 Resign call to poll tax rebels
CN 22.02.1991 p23 Decision on poll tax lvels
CN 01.03.1991 p23 £72 rise for city
CN 15.03.1991 p9 A poll tax puzzle
CN 24.05.1991 p9 Community charge explained
CN 31.05.1991 p1 Cost of poll tax blunder
CN 29.10.1993 p25 Poll tax crack down to collect
CN 17.02.1995 p3 Dodgers owe £1.4m
CN 29.08.1997 p2 Council writes off bad debts but chases half million pounds

Carlisle Examiner 27.07.1858 p3d Smoke nuisances in Carlisle
CN 14.10.1916 p3 Pollution of the Caldew
City Minutes 1917-18 p358 Continual pollution of Eden/ Caldew by dye works etc
City Minutes 1919-20 p233 Pollution of Mill Race with Morton’s dye water
Sanitary Conditions of the City of Carlisle for 1921 p74 Pollution of Dow Beck ...
City Minutes 1925-26 pp300-03 Report on smoke nuisance; railways and chimneys
CJ 19.12.1939 p4 Carlisle anglers complain of river pollution
CJ 20.08.1965 p7 Petrol leak in sewers
CN 11.10.1974 p40 City ignores threat of pollution
CN 22.11.1974 p1 Pollution could soar
CN 01.07.1988 p4 Council were forced into clean up
CN 06.04.1990 p1 Vandals blitz nature site
CN 15.11.1996 p16 Wakeful residents - can’t blame Metal Box for noise
CN 20.04.2001 p15 Air polluted by burning pyres; foot and mouth; letter
CN 21.01.2005 p5 Nitrogen Oxide exceeds limits on polluted Scotland Rd
CN 06.07.2007 p9 Nitrous Oxide gas from exhaust fumes on Scotland Rd above government levels
CN 17.10.2008 7 Traffic pollution rises in city. Warwick Rd new nitrogen dioxide hot post

See also University
CN 17.11.1989 p11 County poly hope
CN 16.03.1990 p5 No to county poly
CN 19.10.1990 p17 What a to-do over the poly
CN 23.11.1990 p12 Polytechnic nearer
CN 28.03.1991 p32 Clash feared over city poly
CN 31.05.1991 p3 Poly lecturers get a taste of Cumbria
CN 18.10.1991 p11 Deadline for poly
CN 14.02.1992 p13 New poly in print

CN 11.10.1996 p4 Pomeroys city bistro dishing up in style; p14 Ad

See also Handloom weavers; Weavers
CJ 17.01.1818 p2 Poverty in Carlisle; individual story
CP 27.10.1821 p3a Dreadful degree of filth in poorest houses
CJ 15.04.1826 p2a,b,f Ad for the relief of the poor; list of proposed work for poor
CJ 15.04.1826 p3a,b Report of meeting on behalf of the distressed poor of Carlisle
CJ 22.04.1826 p2f New road English St / Botcherby Bridge; relief of poor
CJ 29.07.1826 p2a Relief of poor; subscription list
CJ 29.07.1826 p2c,d,f, p3a,b Report of meeting for poor
CJ 23.12.1826 p3b Poverty in the city - beggars
CJ 24.07.1885 p6 letters concerning vile dens for poor
CJ 04.10.1895 p7 Letter concerning the poor in city
CN 03.05.1996 p5 Living costs force more OAPs into poverty trap
CN 26.09.1997 p4 MP drafted in to fight for a British Gas bonus for poor
CN 07.12.2001 p13 Letter concerning poverty in Carlisle; council failure


POOR LAW Carlisle new Poor Law Union came into being 02.05.1838

CN 12.08.2005 pp11, 29 7,000 strong crows for pop event

During the second and third centuries it would probably be safe to assume a non military [ie excluding the two forts in Carlisle and Stanwix] population as numbering in the hundreds rather than thousands [M.McCarthy, Carlisle history and guide p24]; 1377 plausible estimated population=1400/1500 (Summerson, Medieval Carlisle p308); 1534 = 1700 ‘ a not implausible figure’ (Summerson Medieval Carlisle p513); ‘In 1597 and 1598 it is stated that 1,196 persons died of the plague in Carlisle, being about one third of the whole of the inhabitants’ (Mannix 1847 p105) however CWAAS 1971, vol 71 p53 states population of Carlisle in 1597 cannot have been more than about 1,300, based on a city householders count of 323; CWAAS 1971, Vol 71 p53 quotes letter to Sir John Lowther dated 1685 that states the population was 1,790 in 309 households; 1688= 5,060 (Denton- Mannix 1847 p 105); 1716= 2,000 (Brown Willis- Mannix 1847 p105); 1763 = 4,158* (Hutchinson p667); 1772 about 4,000* ( T.Pennant; a tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides 1772 ); 1780=6,299* (Hutchinson opp. p674); 1796 = 8,716* (Hutchinson opp. p 674); 1801=9,521; 1811=11,645; 1821=14,531*; 1831=20,006; 1841=23,012; 1851=26,310; 1861=29,417*; 1871=31,049*; 1881=35,866*; 1891=39,176*; 1901=45,478*; 1911 = 46,420*; 1921= 52,710*; 1931= 57,304; 1951=67,798; 1961=71,101; 1971=71,582; 1981=71,493; 1991=69,831; 2001=68,280
City Minutes 1916-17 p215 Estimated yearly populations 1887 - 1916
CJ 17.12.1937 p5 Child population increasing
CN 28.11.1942 p5 Carlisle to lose County Borough status
CN 06.11.1992 p9 Spotlight falls on the county
* figures checked

CN 05.05.2000 p1 Porn factory in semi


PORTER, G and J.F Old Foundry
M442 p34 Advert for cast iron goods

PORTER, George Ironfounder and master, aged 42, employing 47 men, home address 3 West Walls, born Carlisle [1851 census]

PORTER, R.W. and R Blackfriars Street
Cast iron goods
1811 Jollie; Carlisle Directory p xviii iron and brass founders West Walls; p83
CP 03.06.1815 p1 Advert
CP 09.10.1819 p2e Ad; Commenced making gas light apparatus
1821 Woods map shows the foundry on West Walls
CP 09.06.1821 p1e Recently erected a forge
CJ 24.12.1831 p2 Bankrupcy advert

Ironfounders and engineers
CD 1952 Ad p293
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p239
CD 1955-56 Ad p241
CD 1961-62 Ad p271
ENS 12.07.1966 Supplement
CN 21.06.1996 pp16-17 Advert 1806-1996
CN 14.04.2000 p12 History

M442 p6 Business card for engineers
1851 Ward’s North of England Directory Ad p17; Old Foundry, Blackfriars St

PORTER, Misses 1-2 poplar Villas, St James Rd
CP 07.02.1896 p8a Girls boarding and day school; principals Misses Porter

PORTERS AND WAUGH, Messrs Wood yard near Scotch Gate [Jollie 1811 p82]

CN 16.09.1988 p15 Ad
CN 23.09.1988 p13
CN 02.06.1989 p21 Garden centre plan grows
CN 28.12.1990 p1 Super office plan for 600 job
CN 10.01.1997 p5 Club surrounded

CP 16.02.1850 p1 Ad; 12 new dwelling houses in Portland Place

CN 28.12.1990 p1 Super office plan for 600 jobs
CN 06.03.1998 p1 Daughter tells of worry at crashed Portland
CN 30.03.2001 p6 Collapsed firm fraud claims probed by police

PORTLAND SQUARE The square is shown as laid out on Asquith’s 1853 map but there are no houses built; No 27 dated 1864; No 15 dated 1881
CP 05.12.1873 p1 Ad; 9 Portland Square; recently built
CP 28.01.1874 p1a To be let a dwelling house; use of Square Garden
CP 21.09.1877 p1 Ad; To let no 3 ‘ also use of pleasure grounds in front’
CP 18.05.1883 p1 Portland House for sale; now ocupied by first tenant
ENS 12.04.1960 p7 Portland Square protest at car park scheme
ENS 13.04.1960 p3 One months reprieve
CN 14.04.1960 pp3,9 (illus) Car park in gardens
ENS 22.06.1960 p5 60 minute argument on Portland Square
CN 27.09.1960 p1 (illus) Car park in gardens

CJ 11.03.1870 Mayor inagurates by planting a tree in each corner
City Council Minutes Vol lxiii 1962-63 p70 Position concerning taking over
City Council Minutes Vol lxiv 1963-64 p579 Taking gardens over
CJ 11.03.1870 Records inaugral planting by Mayor of a tree

PORT ROAD Road leading to Port Carlisle; proximity to Carlisle Canal; so named on Asquith’s 1853 map
Carlisle in Camera 2 p27 View in the 1890s

CN 07.09.2001 p18 Business Park up for sale for £4.3million

CN 20.12.1913 p1c For sale old established milk business

CN 22.10.1965 p10 CN 29.10.1965 p12 CN 05.11.1965 p10

City Minutes 1902-03 p44 Narrowness of roadway a hazard; death of W.Rogers
14.06.1914 Old Port Rd railway bridge came down to be replaced
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p108 photo of railway bridge
Memories of Carlisle Chater 1 Photo of Port Road railway Bridge
CN 02.11.1973 p6 Bridge
CN 09.11.1973 p6 Poem about the bridge
CN 16.11.1973 p6 (illus) Bridge
CN 27.11.1992 p4 Rail bridge was death trap

PORT ROAD TANNERY Operated from pre 1880 [Mr Tinniswood] to about 1925
see Williamson Tannery
CN 08.10.2004 p6

CN 09.02.2007 p24 Building consultants in city help with design of new medical centre in Oldham; established 15 years ago by Mark Duncanson

POST, The Lowther Street; built 1863 for Her Majesty’s Office of Works; formerly Post Office; became the Gretna Tavern in 1916 then subsquently Shambles, Finnegans
CN 12.12.1986 Ad feature; Victorian style pub opens in city
CN 19.12.1997 p10 (illus)


POST CODES Introduced 19.01.1970

CD 1880 Ad pxli

POST OFFICE 1785 first mail-coach to run into Carlisle; Post Office in St Cuthbert’s Lane; moved to Old Post Office Court 02.05.1840; General Post Office opened 1863 on Lowther Street; extension into next door Athenaeum opened 26.01.1874; The Post Office began to operate the telephones in 1912 and new enlarged premises were required. Warwick Road GPO opened Sunday 27.02.1916; the new premsises were erected at a cost of 25,000 pounds, on a site formerly known as Barton’s yard. The main contract was awarded to Laings. Bob Franklin and his assistants in Laings Milbourne Street yard carved the fluted columns for the neoclassical facade. The front of the building faced with worked stone from the Blaxter quarries in Northumberland. The new building was to the designs of Mr Wilkinson of HIs Majesty’ s Office of Works. The public counter was on the ground floor in horseshoe form; the top of the counter being in fine mahogany. Warwick Rd GPO closed 2008 and opens inside WH Smiths
See also Belle Vue Post Office; Coaching; Pillar Box
CAIH p63 The Post Office
CN 31.12.1949 p3 CJ 18.08.1950 p5 CN 19.08.1950 p5
CN 26.08.1950 p4 CN 10.01.1975 p6
CPacquet 07.12.1785 New arrival and despatch of mails
1810 Picture of Carlisle and Diretory p 114 Post Master George Sewell
1811 Jollie p82 Post office situated in St Cuthbert’s Lane
1821 New Guide to Carlisle pp72-73 Arrival and departure of the Mails
CP 18.08.1821 p3c Post Office transferred to Blackfriars St, opp. Ferguson’s Lane
CJ 23.11.1839 p3b Carlisle post office premises
CD 1840 p61 New post office in course of construction in James Court
1842; Studholme’s map of city shows and names Post Office off Friars Ct
1860 Description of Post Office in 1860 p17 Round Carlisle Cross, 2nd Series p17
CP 25.02.1898 p4g Increased postal services
CJ 25.07.1899 Additional storey to be added in September
CJ 29.02.1916 p8 Openig with drawing of facade
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p87 Photo of Warwick Rd sorting office in 1924
CN 22.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CJ 11.02.1938 p4 Refurbishment of GPO
CN 19.06.1946 p6 Telegraph service and machines
The Philatelist Vol 16, no 11 August 1950 Carlisle Mails - history; RG Woodall
The Philatelist Vol 16 no 12 September 1950 Carlisle Mails - history; RG Woodall
ENS 21.05.1963 p1 GPO Carlisle - new look
ENS 19.11.1963 pp6-7 GPO facelift
ENS 21.09.1967 p7 Illustration of new building - partly built
CJ 23.02.1968 p12 (illus) GPO Repeater Station, London Road
ENS 19.08.1970 Supp p8 GPO has mini art gallery
CN 16.08.1974 p6 (illus) Band circa 1900 and general history
CN 18.12.1987 p4 New postal service at Christmas - parcel post
CN 25.01.1991 p23 City battle to save sub PO
CN 22.02.1991 p15 Post office reprieve
CN 05.07.1991 p7 Post Office axing sub office
CN 12.07.1991 p20 City joins fight to save Post Office
CN 04.10.1991 p1 Fight for Post Office goes on
CN 15.11.1991 p16 Pensioners at war over Post Office
CN 02.04.1993 p27 Benefits switch will hit sub Post Offices
CN 23.12.1993 p7 Christmas mail tops £16m
CN 11.03.1994 p10 How they bought the post to old Carlisle
CN 29.04.1994 p5 Changing times - foreign currency
CN 02.09.1994 p3 First class post - Denton Holme
CN 16.12.1994 p1 First class post
CN 23.12.1994 p3 It’s the mystery mail mountain
CN 25.05.2001 p1 Carlisle postal workers call off strike
CN 28.09.2001 p8 1848 envelope sent from Carlisle fetches £1,500 at auction
CN 29.03.2002 p22 Carlisle’s Travelling Post Office to be phased out
CN 14.02.2003 p7 Moorhouse Road post office earmarked for closure
CN 25.04.2003 p3 Moorhouse Rd Post Office closes
CN 25.07.2003 p5 Eldon Drive Post Office in Harraby closes
CN 31.10.2003 pp1,2 Botchergate and Stanwix post offices under threat
CN 07.11.2003 p13 Letter concerning threatened closure to Stanwix PO
CN 14.11.2003 p5 Newsagent bids to save Stanwix PO
CN 20.04.2007 p1 Close Warwick Rd Post Office and move services to WH.Smiths!
CN 27.04.2007 p15 Workers face redundancy or relocation to WH Smiths
CN 21.03.2008 p3 Botcherby and Denton Holme Post Offices to close
CN 23.05.2008 p3 Post Office opens in Smiths
CN 20.06.2008 p19 Botcherby PO only one saved
CN 01.08.2008 p11 Denton Holme and Lamb Street Post Offices close

POST OFFICE CLUB Lonsdale Street
CN 15.12.1978 p10 Re-opening
CN 21.11.2003 p1 Club bought by Ron Wood; to become a night club

To to completed January 1983
CN 15.08.2008 p6 Junction Street sorting office celebrates 25 years this week

ENS 05.11.1964 p3 (illus)
ENS 26.09.1964 p1 Rescue

POTTER, Edward Brushmaker, aged 42, employing 2 men, home address 24 Scotch St, born Taunton [1851 census]

POTTER, George Jewellers; next to Crown and Mitre
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 68 1930s view of shop front
CN 22.04.1960 p12

POTTER, J.J. Gawthorpes Lane, Bridge Street
Blacksmith; metalworkers
CD 1961-62 Ad p259
CD 1966-68 Ad p256

POTTER, John Corner of Duke St and Shaddongate
CD 1907-08 Ad p80
CD 1952 Ad p264
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p226
CD 1955-56 Ad p226
CN 12.09.1958 p2 Obit of John J.Potter; also author of ‘memories of Old Carlisle’
CD 1961-62 Ad p96
ENS 27.10.1994 p35 Picture of shop and feature; closed about 1967

POTTER, W Scotch Street, Lowther Street
City Minutes1921-22 p75 Hole in the Wall property recently acquired by W.Potter
CD 1952 Ad p192
V.White Carlisle and its villages, p5 drawing of Potters in 1981

POTTER, William
City Minutes 1924-25 p93 Licensed to operate bus Town Hall to Longsowerby

POTTERIES, The So named on 1861 census, four households, including occupations of ‘potter fireman’ and ‘potter’; listed after Harraby Hill Workhouse


POTTS, Joseph Grocer Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

POULTRY see DOGS-Dog, Poultry and Pigeon Show


POWELL and GAYNOR Devonshire Street
House furnishers
CN 25.01.1935 p11 Ad Shorly to open; for years with W.Wright, Highmore Hse
CD 1952 Ad p319
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p249
CD 1955-56 Ad p253
CD 1961-62 Ad p43

CN 15.02.1947 p5
CN 09.01.1998 p1 Power failure forces operations to be cut
CN 24.03.2000 p5 Power cut still a mystery
CN13.02.2004 p1 Hundreds of home in Kingstown blacked out twice
CN 20.02.2004 p3 Fifth power cut in city in fortnight

POWER STATIONS Electric Lighting Station, James St, switched on 11.05.1899; this closed when a new power station opened in 1927 at Willow Holme; Willow Holme Power Station demolished 1988
See also Electric light
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p125 Photo of interior of James St Power Station
Carlisle in Camera1 p36 Photo of James Street Station
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p160 photo of Willow Holme works in 1970s
CN 23.04.1999 p3
CN 16.04.1999 p3 Last gasp bid
CN 05.11.1999 p5 Fears over power station site
CN 28.04.2000 p3 Disaster waiting to happen

CN 29.05.1998 p12 Ad

CN 17.05.2002 p14 Third christian event at Sands on 19.05.2002
CN 24.05.2002 p23 (illus) Praise together event
CN 13.06.2003 p8 Event at Sands last Sunday
CN 14.05.2004 p17 5th Praise Together at Sands

PRATCHITT BROTHERS LTD Denton Iron Works; Blaylock and Pratchitt founded in 1859 on Long Island Ironworks site; later became Pratchitt, Blaylock and Pratchitt; 04.02.1863 purchase of new site in Denton Holme, which became Denton Ironworks; became APV Mitchell Dryers.
Pratchitt Brothers Ltd; 100 years of Engineering, 1959
CJ 07.01.1938 p10 CJ 05.01.1960 p4 CN 30.01.1970 p28
CD 1952 Ad p293
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p237
CD 1955-56 Ad p296
CD 1961-62 Ad p40
Carlisle Examiner 10.02.1859 p1a Ad Blaylock taken into partnership with Pratchitt
Engineer 01.04,1870 p188 Pumping Engine for Maryport Waterworks
ENS 12.01.1960 p2 History
CN 31.03.1967 pp10-11 (illus) Extensions
CN 20.05.1988 p4 Steam wagon built in city
CN 27.05.1988 p4 City firm who built steam wagon
CN 29.04.1994 p12 Firms buy out talks


CJ 27.08.1948 p1 Carlisle as venue for meeting
CJ 07.09.1948 pp1-2 Carlisle as venue for meeting
CJ 10.09.1948 p4 Carlisle as venue for meetings


CN 04.12.1998 p12 Ad

CN 03.06.1988 p25 Ad


PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Warwick Road; 26.09.1862 laying foundation stone; opened 10.05.1863; united with Charlotte Street Congregational Church to become United Reformed Church in 1973
see also United Reformed Church
CJ 12.05.1863 Opening of new free Church of Scotland on 10th
CJ 23.10.1945 p2 Mentioned in ‘The Bretheren’ by Beattie
CN 03.02.1961 p10 CN 23.10.1970 p10 (illus)
CJ 12.05.1863 p3 Opening
CJ 08.02.1867 p5 New minister
19.11.1918 Rev Howie Boyd dies, 45 years minister of this chapel
CJ 08.03.1921 p5d,e Mural tablet erected to war dead and former minister H.Boyd

See also Etterby Presbyterian Mission Hall; Fisher Street Presbyterian Church Newtown Presbyterian Mission Hall; Charitable Trust for Presbyterians 1 George IV, for Scotch Presbyterian Chapel 5 William IV [CWAAS ns Vol 2 p356]
CN 19.03.1949 p5 Fusion with Congregationalists

PRESCOTT ROAD First noted on electoral register for 1928-9; land in this area was formerly owned by the Dean and Chapter and streets were named in honour of Bishops of Carlisle and Chancellors of the Diocese, in this case Chancellor Prescott


CN 15.10.1999 p12 How press gangs stopped at nothing

PRESTON, Mrs 4 Victoria Place
1882 Porters Directory Ad p106 Millery and dressmaking

PRESTON, John Devonshire Street
Dress-mantle and millinery
CD 1893-94 Ad p10
CP 07.02.1896 p1f John Preston, late of Devonshire St, taking over the long established business of Mr Joseph Rome, 69-73 Scotch Street. Business will continue under the name of Joseph Rome

PRETTY THINGS St Cuthberts Lane
CN 04.07.2003 p3 To close down after 20 years in business

PRETTY WOMAN Corporation Road
CN 28.02.2003 p7 Jean Irving proprietor



PRIMROSE CAFE Stanwix Bank; opened 1946
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p272
CD 1966-68 Ad p258
CN 02.02.1962 p7

PRIMROSE LEAGUE (Conservative Party)
CP 13.05.1892 p5 Carlisle Primrose League annual meeting; 600 members
CN 20.03.1987 p4 CN 03.04.1987 p4
CN 30.04.1993 p4 Day that passed into history

City Council Minutes 10.06.1881 Approval for laying out new street

PRINCE OF WALES Denton Street; on the first edition Ordnance Survey sheet of 1865
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p121 Photo in 1902
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses, 2004, p50
CJ 22.04.1921 p7f Alterations
ENS 24.02.2000 Prince of Wales boss calls time on troublemakers
CN 17.09.2004 p17 Plans for demolition and replace with housing; owner D.Byers
CN 24.09.2004 p5 Artists impression of new development
ENS 17.03.2009 p1 Prince of Wales under demolition

PRINCESS STREET Botchergate; first noted in the 1837 directory; Lord, Court and King Streets all in this area
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p32 Photo of children playing in street 1960s

CN 08.09.2000 p4 Local volunteer force with a community mission

CN 20.03.2009 p7 Clothes shop closes

PRINGLE, John Pipe manufacturer, employing 8 men, aged 49, born Carlisle, home address Old Grapes Lane [1851 census]; in directories to 1897
CN 23.01.2004 p7 Clay pipe manufacturer in 19th century

CN 24.02.2006 p14 Print Graphic reopens after floods

PRINTING TRADE The ealiest examlle of printing which was definately produced in Carlisle is a large Bible produced by John Harrison of Scotch St. , who began printing it in 1776. The 92 parts were issued to subscribers over 2 years. Harrison soon moved to Newcastle and then London. J. Milliken, bookseller/ printer, Produced an important series of volumes, namely Dr Heysham’s ‘Observations on the Bills of Mortality in Carlisle.....’ published annually from 1782 - 88. J.Mitchell printer in Carlisle in 1798 and printed in that year an edition of Relph’s Poems with wood cuts by Thomas Bewick; appears to have moved to Newcastle [CWAAS OS Vol 14 p20]. In 1798 Mitchell began publication of one of the earliest Carlisle periodicals, ‘The Satellite or Repositoryof Literature’, but the venture proved short lived and only ran for 6 issues
See Dennison, Jollie; Harrison, John; Milliken, J; Mitchell, J; Thurnams, C
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp1-21 Chapbooks printed in Carlisle; earliest 1770
1811 Jollie’s Directory pxiv Alfred Henderson, printer and bookseller
CN 19.05.1923 p12 Annual meeting of North-Western Printers Alliance
CN 06.01.1990 Supp pxxi Printers pints kept the old presses rolling




PRIORWOOD CLOSE; Belle Vue On voters list from 1989; Prior Wood is a placename in this area on the 1901 census

City Minutes 1899-1900 p148 Approval for 20 houses

CN 25.09.1998 p14 Profile

PROBATION HOSTEL Lowther Street; formerly Bowling Green Inn
CN 26.11.1976 p10
CN 01.11.1974 p8 One time pub will serve the social misfits
ENS 01.11.1999 p25 Bowling Green Hostel 25 years old
CN 13.05.2005 p5 Only black probation officer in north Cumbria resigns after jibes

CN 05.02.1993 p10 Probation offices moving
CN 25.02.1994 p25 Community scheme needs more projects
CN 11.07.1997 p1 Probation service fails test
CN 07.12.2001 p8 Probation staff in city oppose new open plan office proposal

PROCTOR, William Plumber
CP 06.08.1847 p1 Ad; moved to 49 Scotch Street

CN 03.11.1995 p6 Ad

CN 14.04.1917 p5 City council and prohibition
CN 14.04.1917 p5 Vote for prohibition

CN 30.06.1995 p3 Centre of excellence
CN 17.04.1998 p7 Ad

PROSPECT PLACE; Stanwix On 1861 census

1851 census 10 prostitutes in Carlisle gaol [prisoners from wider area than city]
Carlisle Express 29.08.1865 p3 Brothel in Willow Holme
CN 18.09.1998 p3 Police keep watch on flat

PROUD, Edward Lancelot
City Minutes 1927-28 p628 Licensed to run bus service to Ainstable

PROUD, W and J West Tower Street; Joseph Proud, carriage builder, died 21.01.1893 [MI 97/1]
Coach builders
1861 census; William Proud, 44, coachbuilder, home 17 James St, bn Carlisle
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxxii; established 1770
CP 31.12.1891 Death of W.Proud, aged 82, acquired coach business of Mr Nixon who had previously succeeded a Mr Milburn, so nearly 100 years old
CN 18.04.1931 p10 Obit of W.F.Proud; business given up about three years ago

PROUDFOOT, Fred East Tower Street
Banana merchant
CD 1952 Ad p359

PROUDFOOT, James Fruitier
1891 census; aged 42, home 12 Lowther Street, bn Carlisle

Motor car proprietors; taxi hire
CD 1924 Ad p184
CD 1927 Ad p132
CD 1952 Ad p382
CD 1955-56 Ad p284
CD 1961-62 Ad p98

PROUD’S BUILDINGS, James Street Jane Proud, aged 60, widow bacon dealer, head of household in this building [1851 census]

PROUD’S COURT, James St so named on 1861 census; William Proud coachbuilder lives just around the corner on James St

CN 07.04.1967 p15 (illus) New offices

CD 1952 Ad p32

CD 1893-94 Ad p122
CJ 07.10.1921 p8 Opening on 29th September new offices in Carlisle

CJ 24.06.1938 p11
CJ 18.10.1938 p3 What Public Assistance costs Carlisle
CJ 13.12.1938 p4 County Public Assistance Committee facing rising cut relief
CJ 31.01.1939 p4 Carlisle Public Assistance Committee save half penny rate

PUBLIC HALL Chapel Street; Cinema opened 1906-1956; original building Roman Catholic Church built 1824
CN 10.08.1956 p8 CJ 13.11.1956 p5 CJ 16.11.1956 pp8,16
CN 03.10.1958 p1 (illus) CN 08.07.1960 p10 (illus)
ENS 10.11.1956 p1 Oldest city cinema to close
Memories of Carlisle, chapter 1 Photo of the Public Hall

See also Hotels and inns; Coaching inns; State management
CJ 04.11.1966 p18 (illus) CN 21.11.1975 p6
CJ 09.01.1894 Inn signs; letter
CN (?) 01.01.1938 p9 Signs
CN 10.06.1966 p8 Hirings etc
CJ 28.10.1966 (illus) Old public houses
ENS 07.03.1977 p3 No cheer for city’s pubs in Egons guide
CN 28.08.1988 p15 Pubs cool on longer hours
CN 01.02.1991 p4 Ale was a cheaper drink than tea
CN 20.09.1991 p4 Church wardens checked on pubs
CN 25.03.1994 p1 That’s the spirit
CN 13.01.1995 p16 Children in bars scheme
CN 23.05.1997 p10 Lets take the kids down to the pub
CN 18.07.1997 p1 400 back pub bid to keep late licence
CN 01.05.1998 p5 Drink drive limit nail in coffin
CN 30.10.1998 p11 Raise a glass to new guide
CN 05.02.1999 p12 (illus) Any builders in the bricklayers arms
CN 05.03.1999 p3 (illus) Cheers! it’s the week that’s set to change city pub scene
CN 21.05.1999 p1 Home Office praises policing of pubs
CN 04.06.1999 p1 Police warn keep thugs out or else
CN 23.07.1999 p5 36 hour Millennium party
CN 12.11.1999 p1 Pubs on alert as big match fans head north
CN 17.12.1999 p3 Pub cut backs hit police campaign
CN 14.04.2000 p4 Drinkers call time on local pub
CN 25.04.2003 p12 Changing face of pubs in Carlisle area; feature
CN 19.12.2003 p3 Australian style pub for Botchergate
CN 06.02.2004 p6 Round up of new pubs, refurbishments and plans
CN 16.05.2008 p7 12 Pubs for sale in city; smoking ban and cost of living blamed

Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 p165 details of the sign at the new Cumberland Wrestlers [1938]



Covers all 85 pubs and clubs in city centre; currently 28 people on banning list

PUGIN STREET So marked on Asquith’s 1853 survey; The Dixon family built this street in the early 1840s, at the time Pugin was building the Roman Catholic Church at Warwick Bridge, where the Dixons lived

PUNTON ROAD Family name of the Watts who owned the nearby Knowefield Nursery; see Little and Ballantyne


CN 10.08.1990 p6 Ad

PURVES, Hal Botchergate
Photographic specialist
CD 1966-68 Ad p291