McAlpin, Daniel - Myriorama

MCALPIN, Daniel Solicitor died 03.05.1875 [Monumental Inscription 85/33]

MCALPIN, James Hosier, dealer
CP 01.09.1821 p2d Bankruptcy of John Hart and James McAlpin

MCALPINE, Alfred Hillcrest Avenue
See also Senator
CN 15.03.2002 p20 Cumbria house builder sold and now trading as Centaur

McCAULEY’S MUSIC HALL Peter Street; demolished circa 1938
CN 12.04.1947 p5
CN 29.03.1947 p5

McCAWLEY, D Scotch Arms Hotel, Rickergate
CD 1893-94 Ad p174

CJ 10.04.1847 p2d Botchergate clockmaker, S.McClung, goes missing

McCONNELL, Alexander Jeweller of this city died 19.12.1792; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthbert’s Yard

MCCUMISKEY, P 60 Botchergate and 17 Collier Lane; moved to Crown Works in 1909, senior partner George Patrick McCumiskey died in 1923 [CN 20.01.2006 p 10]
1882 Porters Directory Ad p160 Rags, ropes, hare and rabbit skins

MCCUTCHEON, Henry L Ironmonger employing 1 apprentice, home address 31 Scotch St, born Carlisle [1851 census]

MacDONALD, P Botchergate
CD 1910-11 Ad p114
CD 1913-14 Ad p150
CD 1920 Ad p316

McDOUGALL, Rose Decorators’ merchants
CN 05.07.1991 p8 Ad

CJ 12.05.1863 Jem Mace’s Circus in Carlisle


CN 04.10.1991 p14 Ad

McGEARY Portland Place
CD 1893-94 Ad p182

McGIBBON, Edward Manufacturer of cotton goods, aged 49, home address 1 Lowther St, born Carlisle [1861 census]

McGLASSON St Albans Row
Fish, game and poultry
CD 1927 Ad p68
CD 1931 Ad p256
CD 1934 Ad p60
CD 1937 Ad p52
CD 1940 Ad p62
CD 1952 Ad p297
CD 1955-56 Ad p242
CD 1961-62 Ad p272
CD 1966-68 Ad p266
CN 17.09.1938 p19 Ad
Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p30 Photo of exterior
Carlisle an illustrated history p65 1924 photo of exterior

McGRATH,W.J. Lowther Street; Bank Street
William Joseph McGrath then bought by Colonel and Lady Stockdale then sold to Maisie Shiach whose son Callum is the current [2006] owner
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p62
CD 1955-56 Ad inside back cover vi, p62
CD 1961-62 Ad p260,back of inside cover
CD 1966-68 Ad front inside cover, p267
CN 21.07.2006 p10 Feature on assistant who has worked there for45 years

McHARDY, J.W. London Road
Taxidermist, gun and fishing tackle dealer [J.W.McHardy established a gunsmiths ans, fishing tackle and taxidemist business at 9 London Road in 1942, retiring from business in 1974 when the business was bought by a consortium of local business men
W.Graham Carlisle Angling Assn. 150 Anniversary p54 Two photos of shop
CD 1952 Ad p384
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p278
CD 1955-56 Ad p285
CD 1961-62 Ad p65
CN 12.03.2004 p Firm owned by John Park

MacINTOSH, Chas Scotch Street; English Street
Waterproof manufacturer; India rubber products
Leading Trader of the City Ad pi A616; established 1824
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p36 photo
CD 1893-94 Ad p180
CD 1924 Ad p24

MACKAY BROTHERS English Street; the Crescent
Travel agent
CD 1952 Ad p390
CD 1966-68 Ad p303

Devonshire Street
CN 04.10.1947 p5

CN 18.03.1994 p7 Design firm wins major award

CN 05.05.1972 pp12-13 (illus) Feature

MACKENZIE MOTORS Warwick Road; Willowholme
CN 02.11.1973 p8 (illus) CN 14.10.1977 p16
CN 29.05.1981 p12 (advert)

MACKERETH, Thomas Grocer and tea dealer, aged 31, employing 3 apprentices, born Coniston, home address 52 English Street [1851 census]; master grocer aged 41, employing 2 apprentices, home address English St, born Hawkshead [1861 census]

MACKNIGHT, Daniel 1834 Pigot’s Directory Daniel McKnight, dyers, Willow Holme and Scotch St; Master dyer, aged 69, employing 5 men, home address Willow Holme, born Scotland [1851 census]

MACKNIGHT, James and John Master woolen manufacturers, aged 31 and 30, empoying between them 16 men, both born Carlisle, home address Willow Holme [1851 census]
CJ 01.09.1865 p5 Fire at Messrs McKnight’s Mill, Willow Holme; not much damage

MACNIGHT BUILDERS; established 1965
CN 25.01.1991 p12 Rob’s the builder...Ad
CN 21.05.1999 p20 Bob makes quality and family business
CN 27.04.2007 p69 Advert for new houses; John Roberts Gardens; Dalston Rd

MACLEOD,George and Sons Castle Street
Scotch tweeds
CD 1893-94 Ad p60

CN 14.04.2006 p71 New Story development in Denton Holme to be named after Carlisle United footballer

MCMILLAN, James Engraver, died 27.05.1863 [MI 68/1] ;in directories from 1829 - 1861; W.Farish Handloom-weaver pp51, 65; 1851 census general engraver, aged 47, employing 1 man, home address 9 Grapes Lane, born Scotland
1837 John Kirkbride Northern Angler; 1855 ed opposite p81 plate of fish hooks engraved by Macmillan of Carlisle

MACMILLAN, John 2 Finkle Street
Furniture dealers
CD 1893-94 Ad p102, established 1840

MCPHERSON, James English St
1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p136 Carver and gilder
1811 Jollie’s Directory pxvi Carver and guilder

MACREADY THEATRE Blackfriars Street; built 1813-4; disused 185-; size about 20X16; photo of present day position Carlisle an illustrated history p79
CJ 02.07.1814 CJ 09.07.1814 CJ 16.07.1814 CJ 28.11.1829 p3
CJ 27.05.1921 p8 CN 08.03.1947 p3 CN 12.05.1951 p5
CN 18.07.1953 p6 CN 25.07.1953 p6 (illus showing a wall) CN 01.08.1953 p6 CN 22.01.1971 p14 CN 29.01.1971 p12 (illus)
CJ 26.11.1814 p1 New Theatre; Mrs Jordan from the Theatres Royal at Drury Lane
CJ 03.03.1821 p1 Advert for sale
CP 01.09.1821 p2e Theatre opened under Mr Alexander; newly fitted up
CP 13.10.1821 p3c William Macready plays at Theatre
The Citizen 01.05.1830 p679 Description
CN 02.04.1971 p14 Exhibition by Madame Tussaud
CN 15.04.1977 p17 (illus) Plaque to mark theatre
CN 16.12.1988 p4 Theatre closure is old, old story
CN 23.05.1997 p10 (illus) MacReady’s
CN 23.05.1997 p10 What did the hatters say to the bishop?


MCWILLIAM, AND CO Messrs Manufactory near Scotch St; Jollie 1811 p82

MADAME TUSSAUD Opened show at Carlisle 09.06.1828

MADDOCK, Samuel Master shoemaker, aged 35, employing 5 men, born Carlisle, home address Green Row, Shaddongate [1851 census]

MAGENTAS Fisher Street
CN 14.08.1998 p12 Ad
CN 13.08.1998 p12 Ad
CN 21.02.2000 p5 ‘Value for money’
CN 06.10.2000 p3 Restaurant in Good Food Guide
CN 26.10.2001 p1 Magentas for sale
CN 19.04.2002 p1 Magentas sold and to be called Lemon Lounge Bistro

CN 14.04.2006 p1 Opened in 2006 by Richard and Angels Barker
CN 30.06.2006 p5 Shuts down

Carlisle Examiner 29.03.1859 p2e 2 letters
CN 06.09.1968 p12 First lady magistrate - 1920
CN 27.09.1968 p12 Error put right
CN 23.02.1979 p11 New appointments
CN 09.10.1992 pp1,5,12 I quit - top JP accuses Whitehall
CN 23.11.2001 p6 City calls for extra JPs

CN 28.10.1988 p1 Verdict on courts ‘It’s like a toilet’
CN 28.10.1988 p6 Letters
CN 18.11.1988 p10 Not another carbuncle - comment
CN 04.11.1988 pp1,3,6 I don’t like court
CN 06.01.1989 p10 Defence on court design
CN 13.01.1989 p10 An agony award
CN 13.01.1989 p16 No backing for call over court
CN 24.02.1989 p23 More flack for a carbuncle
CN 03.03.1989 p10 Court found guilty again
CN 29.09.1989 p18 Court plans passed
CN 18.10.1996 p1 Cameras set to catch court vandals
CN 21.03.1997 p5 CCTV
CN 05.09.1997 p4 Boss faces chop....
CN 27.08.1999 p3 Courts get own bouncer
CN 12.01.2001 p5 First district judge to sit at Carlisle Magistrates Court
CN 09.02.2001 p3 Job axe; proposed changes; morale low
CN 21.05.2004 p9 Cumbria Magistrates service gets first full time resident judge

MAGNAY, R Swifts Row
Joiner; funeral furnishers; Robert Magnay, cabinet maker, died 24.07.1895; Monumental Inscription [41/8]
1891 census; Robert Magnay, cabinet maker, aged 58, bn Carlisle, home Solway Tce; also living Solway Tce Percy,Herbert, Percy and Robert, cabinetmakers
CD 1893 -94 Ad p172
CD 1902-03 Ad p224
CD 1905-06 Ad p136
CD 1907-08 Ad p129
CD 1920 Ad p44
CD 1924 Ad p76
CD 1927 Ad p80
1928 Carlisle Pageant Souvenir Brochure; ad established 1864
CD 1931 Ad p96
CD 1934 Ad p136
CN 05.05.1934 Obit of R.J.Magnay
CD 1937 Ad p110
CD 1940 Ad p50
CN 27.07.1940 Obit of Percy Magnay, joiner and cabinetmaker
CN 15.02.1941 Obit of Herbert Magnay, cabinet maker, last of 3 brothers

CN 23.07.1971 p16 (illus) Carlisle depot
CN 01.03.1974 p13 (illus) Showroom opened in Lancaster Street

CN 06.12.1957 p12

MAGPIE INN Victoria Road; opened 04.12.1933 to the designs of Harry Redfern and built by Laing’s
CJ 05.12.1933 (2 photos) Inside not very like a public house
Renaissance of the English Public House p71 layout plan of pub; photo opp p 76
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 pp 173 - 176
ENS 05.08.1971 Magpie has a truly rural atmosphere
ENS 05.08.1997 p5 Death threats force out mugged landlady
CN 15.08.1997 p1 Threats close pub

MAGUIRE, Annie Dressmaker, aged 37, employing 3 girls, home address 14 Portland Place, born Carlisle [1861 census]


1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

MAIN GUARD Market Place; built 1649; Guardhouse turned into Fish Market 13.03.1833; demolished 1855
Jefferson, S History...Carlisle, 1838, p282 Description; date of 1645 under arms
1835 Nutter’s painting depicts the Main Guard [175 Years of Carlisle front cover]
Topping, G and Potter, J.J. Memorials of old Carlisle p28
CP 27.05.1854 p5 Demolition begin at Martinmas; News Room to move
CJ 25.01.1949 p2
CN 10.11.2000 p9 Dating and demolition; Denis Perriam

MAINS COTTON FACTORY London Rd; Established 1799
CPacquet 07.02.1809 Floods carry away part of weir beloning to Rothwell and Co
1811 Jollie p81 cotton mill called Mains Rothwell and Co
CP 10.11.1821 p3c Rothwell and Co, Cotton Manufactory, the Mains
1829 Directory Rothwell and Co Mains
1835 drawing by J.Carmichael [in Tullie Hse] showing mill dominating landscape
CJ 06.04.1839 Accident at mill; 15 year old girl killed by fall into machinery
1851 census James Rothwell, aged 65, master cotton spinner, born Lancashire
Manchester Guardian 26.04.1856 p7 Ad Mains Factory for sale, 11,000 spindles
1858 Carlisle Directory Wm Parker and Co, the Mains, Cotton manufacturers
1861 census William Parker, cotton, gingham and check manufacturer,bn Flintshire
CJ 05.12.1856 Dramatic fire at Mains factory; history of factory
CJ 05.01.1866 Factory called the Mains to be disposed of
CJ 12.01.1866 Works transferred to John Thomlinson and Mr Buck of Dalston
CJ 24.04.1866 Strike at Thomlinson and Bucks
CJ 21.07.1893 Sale of portion of the mill plant
CJ 09.11.1900 Brown Tran and Co purchase the Mains
CJ 11.11.1913 Brown Tran and Co, Albion Mill, description of works
1918 Electoral Register Thomas and Annie Brown
CJ 03.01.1930 Thomas Brown and Co, Albion Works; new plant
Linton Holme; a suburb of Carlisle M.Dickens pp 9-12
Carlisle in Camera 1 p49 Photo before 1910
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p97 cotton factory under Brown, Tran, about 1907
CN 29.12.2000 p9 Mains Cotton Factory; D.Perriam

City Minutes 1900-01 p 326 Approval for new street
City Minutes 1922-23 p 393 Approval for 8 houses

MALOYS COURT; Grey St So named on local directories from 1880; on voters list ubtl 1973; on 1901 census Edward Maloy, grocer, living in adjacent house, no 10 Grey St

MALT SHOVEL INN Rickergate; present building completed 04.08.1928, designed by Harry Redfern; renamed Robbies, Adriano’s [Italian restaurant]
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p113
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 p136 -40, illus
CIC2 p14 Money from sale of pub provided funds for new public library
CN 24.02.1961 p10 (illus) CN 18.12.1981 p1 CN 19.04.1991 p4
1847 Directory Jas. Gilbertson
1861 census Letitia Gilbertson, victualler, 57, born Scotland
1891 census; Jane Little, hotel keeper, bn Irthington, aged 68
CJ 06.04.1894 Sale of pub; only pub owned by corporation
1901 census; Jane Little, aged 79, innkeeper, born Irthington
Renaissance of the English Public House p62 layout plan
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p132 1967 photo of beer delivery
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 p139 Details of tenant Mrs Matthews and her removal in 1926 for rebuilding and reinstatement in 1928
ENS 25.09.1969 p6 Inns of Cumbria and the Border
CN 29.03.1974 pp9-11 (illus) Became ‘Brew House’
CN 01.09.1989 p4 Malt Shovel memories
ENS 19.02.1998 p18 Hoppers nightclub added to Malt Shovel
CN 16.08.2002 p5 Landlord declared bankrupt; Robbies only just opened
CN 02.05.2008 p1 Council buys first properties under Reniassance scheme; Adriano’s, ex Malt Shovel

MALTSTERS ARMS John Street; in local directories from 1880
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p114 Photo in about 1902; demolished 2004
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses, 2004, p43
CN 22.12.1978 p 1 Bought by Jennings
CN 30.08.1996 Ad; for sale £109,000
CN 23.04.2004 p3 Closed for good by Mr and Mrs Pagan; to become students flats

Trans. of the Carlisle Natural History Society, Vol 5, 1933 Mammals in Carlisle
CN 16.07.2004 p3 Mink spotted in Carlisle

Carlisle Examiner 13.11.1858 p2c In Carlisle

MANDLE AND TINKLER Mary Street, Cecil Street
Coopers, engineers and millwrights
CD 1893-94 Ad p66

MANE-LINE Health and Beauty Centre
CN 16.09.1988 p8 Ad

MANKIN, William Lowther Street; Lowther Arcade
Tobacconist; hairdressing saloon and tobacconist
CD 1893-94 Ad p140
CD 1907-08 Ad p8
CD 1910-11 Ad p7
CD 1913-14 Ad p7

CJ 16.12.1870 Details nos on roll 33, nos attending her school 35

City Minutes 1933-34 p186 New street to be named Manor Place

City Minutes 1932-33 p 234 Agree to request that Cemetery Road, Upperby be renamed Manor Rd

MAPS Oldest map of city dates from 1542, this manuscript map published in 1815 in Magna Britannia; CWAAS 1971, Vol 71, opp. p52 carries a conjectoral map of city and environs in 1597; 1610 Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1]; 1610 inset 3D map of city appears in corner of Speed’s 1611 map of Cumberland; circa 1700 Meissner’s 3D map of Carlile in Anglia; first published map of city appeared on Hodskinson and Donald’s 1774 Map of Cumberland (surveyed 1770/71); other notable maps include Wood’s Map of 1821, Studholme’s map of 1834, Asquith’s Survey of 1853; Ordnance Survey surveyed Carlisle in 1865
CAIH p55
CP 01.09.1821 p1d Advert to view Wood’s Map of City
CP 07.01.1854 p1 Ad To be ready on 1st Jan map of city by Richard Asquith
CJ 25.01.1867 OS plan of city published at end of past year at 10.56 feet to mile
CN 07.09.1990 p4 A flashback to the 1920’s
CN 27.07.1990 p4 The maps that show what was there
CN 29.11.1996 p10 George Smith: 18th century double agent

McCUTCHEON, Henry L 31 Scotch St
1851 Ward’s North of England Directory ads, p12 ironmonger

1851 Ward’s North of England Directory, ad p9; porps. T and J Nelson

MARGARET CREIGHTON GARDENS Built 1932, named after wife of twice mayor Archibald Creighton
CAIH p89 Interior photo
City Minutes 1931-32 64 dwellings for aged persons on the Old Greystone site ‘nearing completion’
City Minutes 1931-32 p726 Laings the contractors; estate to be called Margaret Creighton Gardens
CJ 11.11.1932 Photo; civic opening 11.11.1932
City Minutes 1932-33 p114 Tender accepted for erection and furnishing of Recreation hut
CJ 26.03.1937 p7

MARGARET SEWELL SCHOOL Strand Road; named after Margaret Jane Sewell, member of the Carlisle School Board
For history pre 1940 see HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL; 15.01.1940 school transferred to new buildings of which first sod cut 07.05.1937 and foundation of boys school (Creighton School) laid 19.02.1938; official opening 17.04.1940; 01.09.1962 amalgamated with the Creighton School
CJ 19.04.1940 p5 CN 20.04.1940 p5 CN 27.04.1940 p5
CJ 16.01.1940 p1 Pupils occupying
CJ 19.01.1940 p4 Opening day
City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 p22, 24, 41 photos of school in 1958
ENS 12.03.1960 p1 M.S. girls join protest march
CN 08.04.1993 p9 Calling old class mates

CN 21.01.2005 p36 Feature; 35 years if success, run by Hardmans

MARGERY STREET Named after Margery Jackson, the Carlisle Miser; adjoins Jackson Street; Brothers William and Matthew Johnstone, builders, partnership dissolved in 1907 after close upon 20 years; responsible for Margery St and Jackson Street [Obit of Matthew Johnstone CN 30.12.1911 p11]
City Minutes 1898/99 p432 Approval for 14 houses

MARINA CRESCENT Named after Princess Marina who married the Duke of Kent
ENS 22.04.1996 pp8-9 (illus) Goodbye Beirut?
ENS 25.04.1996 p16 (illus) Groups have say in estates new look

MARK, John Nail manufacturer employing 12 men, born Thursby, aged 50, home address Russell Street, Botchergate [1851 census]; nail maker and iron merchant, aged 60, home 2 Russell St, born Thursby [1861 census]
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p 10 Iron merchant, 2 Mary St

MARK, Joseph Portland Place
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p90 Photo of butcher’s shop

MARK,W.D. Tyne Street
Ice and cold stores
CD 1905-06 Ad p101
CD 1907-08 Ad p6
CD 1910-11 Ad p8
CD 1913-14 Ad p6

MARKET - COVERED In 1799 Butchers Shambles moved to Old Bluebell Lane between Fisher Street and Scotch Street; [Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle marks this market] ; enlarged in 1854 to include butter and egg market; additions made in 1879; foundation stone of new market laid 20.12.1887; new market opened 02.10.1889; major refurbishment began in 1989, phase one opening on 14.08.1990
Local Government Octocentenary booklet pp 63-68 1BC 352
CIC2 pp10-11Photos of construction and Scotch St entrance
CAIH p41
Carlisle in old picture postcards view 30, 31 and 32
CP 09.02.1861 p1a Butter and Egg market move to New Market from 16th Feb
1887 Roman finds when building new covered market CWAAS OS Vol 12 p360
CP 23.12.1887 p6 Laying the foundation stone of new market
City Minutes 06.08.189 p 234 item 405 Clock for New Market from Potts of Leeds
CJ 04.10.1889 Opening of new market
City Minutes 1920-21 pp 331-2 Withdrawl of all restrictions on letting stalls
CJ 19.04.1938 p1 Illustration of interior - annual dog show
CJ 09.12.1938 p1 £12,000 improvements
CJ 13.12.1938 p1 Markets scheme explained (plan)
CN 14.10.1939 p7 Tenants vain protest of sunset closure
CJ 15.12.1939 p3 Market blackout problem
ENS 01.01.1960 p1 Market opened for poultry sales only
ENS 28.06.1960 p7 Plans for development of market’s west bay
ENS 07.01.1961 p1 ‘Basket Row’
ENS 10.01.1961 p3 Letter
ENS 11.01.1961 p9 Basket Row traders cannot go back
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p53 1966 and 1968 interior photographs
ENS 25.06.1968 Supplement
ENS 26.06.1968 Supplement Steel and sandstone shell
ENS 22.08.1968 pp13-15
ENS 17.10.1968 pp18-19
ENS 13.01.1975 p1 City markets hygiene shock
ENS 14.01.1975 p15 Traders hit back
ENS 28.01.1976 p1 Crisis in market place (rents)
ENS 02.12.1976 pp11-13 Adverts
ENS 14.12.1977 pp14-15 Adverts
175 Years of Carlisle p101 photos of interior in 1980s; p115 interior
CN 13.01.1989 p4 City’s new market a big step forward
CN 13.01.1989 p4 City riot of colour for Hall opening
CN 13.01.1989 p21 Stallholders at war over market plan
CN 20.01.1989 p8 Uproar in the market
CN 20.01.1989 p19 Shoppers split over city market plans
CN 03.02.1989 pp1,14 Market moves
CN 03.02.1989 p4 Victorian opposition to market plan
CN 10.02.1989 p1 New look for market plans
CN 10.02.1989 p4 City markets have long history
CN 17.02.1989 p5 Fighting on over plans for market
CN 17.02.1989 p10 It’d better be right
CN 07.04.1989 p3 Market decision is a blow or traders
CN 26.05.1989 p4 Rate rise hit market facelift
CN 09.06.1989 p1 City traders quit market
CN 21.07.1989 p9 Market deal is revealed
CN 18.08.1989 p4 Memories of market and Rickergate
CN 01.09.1989 p4 Malt Shovel memories
CN 06.10.1989 p4 A Victorian landmark
CN 19.01.1990 p1 Stalled by rent rise
CN 13.07.1990 p22 Market delay
CN 03.08.1990 p9 Attack on market stalls
CN 17.08.1990 pp10,23 (illus) Making the most of the market
CN 28.03.1991 p18 (illus) It’s a light in the dark
CN 12.04.1991 p6 Market crisis
CN 31.05.1991 pp1,10 City market rents shock
CN 05.07.1991 p1 Empty market in crisis
CN 12.07.1991 p3 Labour ‘market flop’ slammed
CN 30.08.1991 p23 Market mystery
CN 15.11.1991 p1 Fears for city ghost market
CN 15.11.1991 p12 Harsh truth about the market
CN 26.12.1991 p1 Market firm in takeover
CN 07.08.1992 p1 Breaking point at the market
CN 14.08.1992 p3 Another market trader pulls out
CN 02.10.1992 p1 Trader kicks up £20,000 stink
CN 09.10.1992 p3 City hits back in row over drains
CN 26.02.1993 p11 Boom time for city creche
CN 12.03.1993 p3 Council taken to task by Earl
CN 02.04.1993 pp1,12 City market counter attack
CN 15.10.1993 p11 New plans for market
CN 05.11.1993 p6 Secret plans to rescue market
CN 18.03.1994 p7 £1m rescue bid
CN 13.05.1994 p1 Market may get off ground
CN 01.07.1994 p17 Carlisle market plans rejected
CN 22.07.1994 p3 Too high rents drive butcher out of market
CN 19.08.1994 p5 Butcher closure blow to doomed market
CN 26.08.1994 p16 Shopping a pleasure (Ad)
CN 30.09.1994 p3 Up market university
CN 14.10.1994 p10 Cup of sorrow as market cafe closes
CN 13.01.1995 p5 Campus deal with market abandoned
CN 13.01.1995 p11 When sugar and spice and all things nice were at market
ENS 17.02.1995 p1 City market faces new row over hygiene
CN 21.04.1995 p5 Talks on control of market
CN 05.05.1995 p4 Market decision
CN 18.08.1995 p3 Riddle of markets closed shutters
CN 19.01.1996 pp1,10 Wrangle threatens market
CN 23.02.1996 p5 Market crisis grows
CN 15.03.1996 p3 Higher rents ‘ nail in coffin’
CN 29.03.1996 p3 (illus) City of future has stalls on streets
ENS 30.07.1996 p11 (illus) From covered market to new theatre?
CN 30.08.1996 p1 TSB accused of killing market
CN 27.09.1996 p3 Blow to market as banks snubs talks
CN 03.01.1997 p10 How Carlisle got its covered market after 100 years battle
CN 24.01.1997 p6 (illus) Traders welcome market moves
CN 01.08.1997 p1 Bring on the clowns
CN 08.08.1997 p1 In the market for fun
CN 27.03.1998 p12 Market Hall - spree for learning
CN 31.07.1998 p5 Campus expansion hits snag as US store gets market site
CN 07.08.1998 p3 Facelift to start this month
CN 27.11.1998 p11 (illus) Letters
CN 28.05.1999 p19 Revamp nearly done
CN 23.02.2001 p20 Aim to revive home produce stall holders on a Saturday
CN 03.08.2001 p16 Halladale Group takes over day to day operations
CN 01.03.2002 p3 Market Harbour, fishmonger’s stall closes down
CN 14.03.2002 p3 New business; computers, handmade textiles
CN 27.06.2003 p7 Bakers Bells pull out of market
CN 06.08.2004 p5 All 101 units will be taken by September
CN 01.10.2004 p18 Lease being sold by Halladale Haworth
CN 11.02.2005 p1 Lease sold for £8m-Modus Properties of Manchester
CN 12.01.2007 p24 Polish food store opens in Market Hall

Currently (January 2000) there is a bell hung in the Covered Market. Mary McBride, former Market Superintendent, recalls ringing this bell when a junior there (1950s/1960s?). It was rung 10 minutes before closing to get people out and at opening times to let people know the market had opened. It is now moved from its original position and is just for show.
CWAAS OS Vol 7 p238-9 Old Market Bell inscribed 1584; now in museum
CJ 11.03.1881 Concerning vote to abolish ringing Market Bell
CWAAS Old Series vol XIII p338 Ringing the Market Bell



CN 01.12.1978 p4 (illus) CN 08.12.1978 p4 CN 03.08.1979 p3
CN 01.12.1978 p4 (illus)
CJ 08.12.1939 p1 Problem of lighting
CJ 15.12.1939 p2 Market blackout problem
ENS 26.11.1960 p1 Storm over closure of markets west bay
ENS 03.12.1960 p1 Housewives found chaos
ENS 05.12.1960 p1 Market basket row
ENS 14.12.1960 p9 City market’s committee accused of highhandedness
CN 08.12.1978 p4 History
CN 24.06.1988 p11 Public get say in Market Hall plans
CN 12.08.1988 p9 Market firm chosen
CN 13.01.1989 p4 City riot of colour for Hall opening
CN 19.07.1991 pp8-9 (illus) An old favourite gets a brand new lease of life
CN 26.01.1996 p1 City rejects allegations of Market Hall ‘indifference’

Carlisle Examiner 18.11.1858 p2e Urinal

See also Pedestrianisation; Market-Street, Market-covered-bell
CN 27.01.1945 p5 (illus) CJ 15.04.1949 p5 (illus) CJ 22.11.1949 p1 (illus)
CN 16.05.1975 p6
CP 01.12.1821 p2d Sale 3 houses in Market Place, large shop; built last 25 years
1835 Nutter painting depicting Market Place [175 Years of Carlisle front cover]
Carlisle in old picture postcards views11,12 Market scenes
City Minutes 1901-02 p38 Approval for underground lavatory in Market Place
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection; p99 photo of urinals
CN 15.03.1924 p9 18th century Carlisle
CN 10.11.1951 p4 Letters concerning deterioration and lack of amenity
CN 04.07.1958 p9 Supp All through the ages the agricultural traders have...
ENS 19.12.1962 p8 Town Hall square improvement
175 Years of Carlisle p92 photos of Market Place in 1980s
CN 06.01.1990 Supp (illus) ppxxiii,xxiv When the country folks came to town
CN 19.07.1991 p4 Street stalls go back long way

CIC p7
M.Constantine Carlisle a history and celebration p52 illustration of market
City Minutes 10.10.1899 Potato market to be held in Tait St and Abbet St
City Minutes 1900-01 p538 Move from Abbey St to Market/ Peter St ; 12.10.1901
City Minutes 1905-06 p396 Removal of potato market from Tait St to Crescent
CN 31.08.2007 p34 Started some time after 1837in Castle Street, but there were other potato markets at the Crescent and Paddy’s Market; following the arrival of trams the it was announed in 1899 that it would move from Castle Street to three separate locations, Tait St, Cecil St and Abbey St ; later it moved [again] to the Court side of the Crescent where it went on until the late 1930s

MARKET - STREETS By tradition the market was held around the Carel Cross; the 1560s map of the city shows the butchers shambles to the east of the cross; open market around Carel Cross closed 28.09.1927 when all was moved to the covered market
CAIH p40
CIC 4-7
City Minutes 1925-6 p831 Part of Caldewgate known as Paddy’s Market tarmacked
CN 20.08.1965 p10
CN 04.07.1958 p9 Supp
1829 Parson and White p148 Market days Wed. and Sat; list of streets used
CP 09.02.1861 p1a Market for sale of butter, eggs move to New Market from 16.02
CP 09.02.1861 p1a Green/ veg. market in front of Town Hall from Green Market
CJ 26.12.1865 p3 Illustration of vegetable market
1877 photo of Lowther St poultry market; Carlisle in Camera 1 p6
City Minutes 1890-91 item 484 lists all street stalls, their business and location
City Minutes 1905-06 p396 Removal of potato market from Tait St to Crescent
City Minutes 1926-7 p699 No vending around the Cross from about this date
CN 01.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CN 09.06.1951 p5 Street markets
CN 15.11.1952 p11 Paddys Market again after 20 years
CN 20.12.1952 p4 (illus of Town Hall) Paddys Market and others
CN 03.01.1953 p4 Old Street markets
CJ 06.11.1953 p1 End Paddys Market call by traders
CN 14.11.1953 p7 Paddys Market doubt - is it legal?
CN 05.12.1953 p2 Paddys Market will continue
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p28 Photo of market
CN 05.08.1955 p8 Scattered markets, Shambles
CN 12.08.1955 p8 Markets - what was sold where
CN 16.03.1956 p10 Sands Cattle Market
CN 03.09.1965 p10 Illustration of vegetable market
CN 20.08.1965 p10 Illustration of potato market
CN 19.09.1975 p1 Brunton Park market
CN 19.12.1975 p1 Brunton Park market
CN 24.12.1975 p15 Brunton Park market
CN 06.01.1990 Supp xxiii When the country folk came to town
CN 19.07.1991 p4 Street stalls go back long way
CN 09.07.1999 p5 Farmers get own mart
CN 23.07.1999 p9 (illus) Back to future for farm foods
CN 09.06.2000 p7 Council backs farm markets; city centre likely
CN 06.04.2001 p9 History of Paddy’s Market
CN 05.04.2002 p9 Continental market in city centre
CN 03.05.2002 p13 Letter concerning continental market; was it properly licensed?
CN 29.08.2003 p1 Great Food Fair; continental and cumbrian market
CN 06.01.2006 p20 1954 photo of market

CN 02.11.1973 p16 Sunday market at Blackwell Racecourse
CN 16.11.1973 p1 Sunday market at Blackwell
CN 23.11.1973 p7 (illus) Sunday market at Blackwell
CN 18.01.1974 p7 Sunday market at Blackwell
CN 01.03.1974 p21 Racecourse market
CN 25.10.1991 p1 Rcecourse rides into Sunday row
CN 01.11.1991 p14 Racecourse boss blasts car boot critics
CN 22.11.1991 p1 Puting the boot in
CN 13.12.1991 p25 Boot them out - angry residents
CN 16.10.1992 pp1,12 Boot for bid to stop race sales
CN 19.03.1993 p1 Market ready for the off
CN 02.09.1994 p11 Sunday market scheme
CN 14.10.1994 p9 Sunday market nearer
CN 11.11.1994 p3 Market battle ahead
CN 09.12.1994 p19 Sunday markets backed
CN 16.12.1994 p13 ‘Yes’ to market
CN 13.01.1995 p17 3 market tenders
CN 24.02.1995 p12 8 bid for Sunday market contract
CN 17.03.1995 p5 Sunday market set to open next week
CN 31.03.1995 p5 Thousands visit market
CN 14.04.1995 p5 Rush to market
CN 10.11.1995 p17 Closure of Sunday market
CN 12.04.1996 p1 Sunday market hold up
CN 28.04.2006 p7 First Sunday market this Sunday at Rosehill Auction Mart

MARK LANE William Mark, proprietor of houses, is living on West Walls, immediately adjacent to Mark Lane, on the 1861 census

MARKS AND SPENCER First mentioned 1910-11 Carlisle Directory
CIC2 p58 Photo of facade 1930
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p46; photo of facade of old premises
CJ 02.10.1931 p10 Ad for move to new premises 44-46 English Street
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p39 assistants on mannequin parade 1954
ENS 13.08.1977 p5 (illus) A head start for the team who dig history
CN 23.09.1977 p1 Extensions
CN 21.09.1979 pp16-17 Extensions
CN 29.09.1995 p3 Top Marks...
CN 04.07.1997 p4 M&S chief comes home to his mystery birthplace
CN 18.07.1997 p5 (illus) M&S buys Littlewoods store
CN 08.08.1997 p1 Battle to save jobs
CN 28.11.1997 p1 Marks and Spence-oz
CN 13.03.1998 p1 M&S back the city (Millennium)
CN 28.08.1998 p1 New M&S
CN 09.10.1998 p1 £10m M&S ready for business
CN 16.10.1998 p3 Plenty to shout about (new extension)
CN 17.09.1999 p4 Stephen takes over M&S
CN 08.10.1999 p17 New boss
CN 17.08.2001 p6 80 seater cafe opened
CN 28.09.2001 p1 £2m revamp
CN 07.12.2001 p1 (illus) New range of M&S clothing takes Carlisle by storm
CN 12.07.2002 p1 Marks and Spencer lingerie boss sacked after lewd comments
CN 17.10.2008 p3 Marks celebrates 100 years in Carlisle

MARKS AVENUE In 1925 Marks Avenue was so named after the City Surveyor who retired in 9126

MARLBOROUGH GARDENS Land owned by the Duke of Devonshire and developed by his gardner Joseph Paxton; gates originally stood across the entrance to Cavendish Terrace. The Devonshire private estate ran up Stanwix Bank to Etterby Street, down Etterby Street to Etterby Terrace and back to Cavendish Terrace; street names show the family’s noble connections


CN 01.10.2004 p8 Woman arrested over fake marriage claims to immigrant

MARSDEN, William Machine and steamloom-maker, Damside, English-gate [Jollie 1811 pp83, xvi]

MARSHALLS Scotch Street
China and glass
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxxii
CD 1884-85 Ad p269
CD 1893-94 Ad p168

MARSHALL’S TOY SHOP Scotch Street ; founded 1864
CN 24.03.1961 p14 (illus)

MARSTON, Thomas Hosier of this city died 17.09.1812; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthbert’s Yard
1811 Jollies directory lists a Thomas Marston, stocking manufacturer, hosier and cotton yarn and commission warehouse, Castle Street (Removed from Strong’s Lane, English Street)

MARSTON, Thomas Merchant with a shop on English Street. The shop front can be clearly seen on W.H.Nutter’s 1835 painting of the Market Square
1829 Thomas Marston is listed as hosier of English Street amd Castle Street
1847 Thomas Martson, hosiery manufacturer, 6 English Street [home Etterby Cottage]
April 1849 Marston and family departs from Liverpool for the United States
01.05.1881 Thomas Martson dies in USA [see 920 MAR, Martson family history]

CD 1961-62 Ad p293


MARTIN, James 31, Botchergate;
Grocer, Tea Dealer
1851 Ward’s North of England Directory Ads p2

MARTIN, Sam Lowthians Lane; Warwick Rd, English Street
Betting shop
CD 1924 Ad p257
CD 1952 Ad p214
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p93
CD 1955-56 Ad p237

MARTIN, Thomas Devonshire Street
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178

MARTIN, William Rickergate; Gardenia Street; Blackwell Road
Joiner and contractor
CD 1907-08 Ad p117
CD 1910-11 Ad p8
CD 1913-14 Ad p8
CD 1920 Ad p284
CD 1924 Ad p255
CD 1927 Ad p277 Established 1874
CD 1931 Ad p68
CD 1934 Ad p60
CD 1937 Ad p52

MARTINDALE, Joseph Linen and woollen draper, employing 1 man and 1 apprentice, aged 35, born Dalston, home address 73-74 English Street [1861 census]

MARTINDALE, William Market Place
CP 29.01.1825 p1a Linen draper; ending of partnership with Mr Gale

MARTINDALE CHEMIST William R.Martindale, aged 62, Druggist, born Castle Sowerby, home address English Street [1851 census]
M442 p38 Business card for chemist and druggist, Market Place
1829 Directory p 161 Wm R.Martindale, chemist, English St
CP 20.12.1817 p2 Ad for W.R.Martindale, Chemist, Market Place
CN 21.05.1999 p12 (illus) City origins of author of pharmacist’s bible

MARTIN’S BANK English Street; built 1836
CD 1934 Ad p168
CJ 21.01.1938 p10 CN 21.07.1961 p10
CJ 22.01.1937 p8 Profit increase
CJ 27.01.1939 p12 Martins Bank - encouraging expansion

MARTIN’S LIVERY STABLES Eaglesfield Abbey, West Walls
1851 Wards Noth of England Directory; Ads p2 Elizabeth Martin for many years

MARTLEW, Thomas 9 English St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p162 Chemist


MARYPORT COTTAGES Railway housing was provided at Maryport cottages adjacent to the M&C line
CN 11.07.2003 p55 5 cottages for sale; need upgrading

City Minutes 1925-6 p719 Resolved to erect bridge in lieu of existing level crossing
City Minutes 1927-28 p462 Tender of Messr Markham accepted for footbridge

CN 03.08.1990 p8 Bringing back a taste of the good old times

MARY STREET, North East side of Botchergate; so named on Askew’s 1853 Survey of City
CN 02.02.2007 p p34 How street got its name; named in honour of Mary Snowden who lived here and whose brother owned the land

So named on Studholme’s 1842 survey of city

MASON AND RENNISON Brown’s Row, Watergate
1811 Jollie’s Directory pxvi Pipe makers

MASON AND WOOD Devonshire Street; Lowther Street
CD 1931 Ad p100
CD 1934 Ad p108
CD 1937 Ad p84
CD 1940 Ad p86
CD 1952 Ad p401
CD 1955-56 Ad p245

MASON’S ARMS Blackfriars Street; in local directory for 1847

MASON’S ARMS South John Street; in local directories from 1847 to 1907-08
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p57
1861 census William Forster, joiner and innkeeper, aged 30, from Carlisle
1891 census; John Robert Dalton, aged 50, innkeeper, bn Cockermouth

MASONS GARAGE Nissan dealership taken over by Benfield
CN 19.01.1990 Supplement
CN 20.04.1990 p8 The roots of success
CN 28.10.1994 Ad supplement

see also Cathedral, Tithe Barn
CWAAS OS Vol 5 pp132-5 Masons Marks at the Cathedral, Deanery

CN 01.12.2000 p3 Matalan store opens in the city

MATCHBOX THEATRES Sands; built 1858; taken over by Salvation Army in 1880; demolished October 1892 [CJ 18.10.1892 p2]
Carlisle an illustrated history p78 photo of Theatre when used by Salvation Army
Carlisle Examiner 06.09.1859 p2e ApplicAtion by Mr Holloway to erect theatre
CN 28.02.1958 p10 CN 26.06.1970 p14 CN 08.04.1971 p12 (illus)
CN 27.03.1987 p4 (illus) CN 03.04.1987 p4
CJ 23.03.1860 Erected by Joseph Holloway
CJ 18.10.1892 p2 History of the Matchbox Theatre and other theatrical makeshifts
CJ 25.10.1892 p2 John, Joe and James Holloway and Matchbox they built
CN 22.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CN 22.11.1991 p4 Old theatre was built out of wood
CN 05.11.2004 p9 History of theatre; D.Perriam

CN 14.11.2003 p6 Story of maternity homes and midwifery; D.Perriam

MATTHEWS, F and SON Scotch Street
Gents and boys outfitters
CD 1955-56 Ad p270

MAUDLEN CLOSE Situated near Botchergate Toll Bar; to be sold in 1825 for building [CP 31.12.1825 p1]


MAXWELL, J and W Fertiliser manufacturers
Carlisle Grammar School Memorial Register p152 John son of William Maxwell born 10.02.1851; John, Mayor of Carlisle 1902-03; John Maxwell lived at 2 Victoria Place from at least 1888 - 1915, inside this house is a glass window bearing his initials
1882 Porters Directory Ad p80 English St; Solway Chem. and Manure Wks, Silloth
CN 17.09.1938 p20 Ad

MAXWELL, R and E Warwick Road
CD 1952 Ad p212
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p224
CD 1955-56 Ad pviii

MAYBLINS Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p77
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p15
CD 1955-56 Ad p284
CN 29.03.2002 p7 Mayblins closes down

CJ 09.05.1939 pp1,5 (illus) May Day rally in Carlisle
CN 31.05.1947 p5 Harraby May Day-letter
CN 29.04.1988 p4 Bid to brighten up May Day in city
CN 28.04.1989 p4 City joined in rural celebration
CN 08.05.1992 p4 City May parade was short lived
CN 09.09.1994 p7 Distress call over May Day by bank management

City Minutes 1898/99 p 121 Recommended to accept estimate of £62

MAYFAIR, Stanwix 1948 G.W.Graham-Bowman. O.B.E.,M.C. [CWAAS members list, vol 48 p 236]

MAYFAIR CAFE, Scotch Street
The Lanes Remembered p 80 photo

CJ 11.11.1843 p2h Elecion of Mr Bendle as new Mayor
CN 13.05.1977 p4 (illus) Jim Long
CN 20.05.1977 p5 (illus)
CN 24.05.2002 p4 Alan Toole new mayor; Jack Charlton attends ceremony
CN 23.05.2008 p19 New Mayor Jacqui Geddes

R.S.Ferguson in his book “The Royal Charters of Carlisle’, CWAAS, 1894, says that the first mention of a mayor of Carlisle, in a document to which the Crown is a party, is in Quo Warrante of 20 Edward I, 1292, which is directed aganst the Mayor and commonality of Carlisle. But a subsquent charter of Edward II, in 1316, is directed to the citizens without any mention of the mayor at all , so that he may have been a mere spontaneous or voluntary creation of the citizens which the Crown did not recognise. The next charter which mentions a mayor is that of Edward III, 1353, which recites, among other things ‘...And a free guild and a free election of their mayor and baliffs within the said city....’’ The charter goes on to say that ‘the aforesaid liberties and quittances belonging to the said city they have had from time whereof memory is not,’ prescription. Now, legal memory begins from the first year of King Richard I, or 1189, and we may therefore suppose Carlisle had a mayor, bailliffs, and coroners at that time. Probably they had, or pretended to have; but they certainly had not got the full liberties claimed in this charter of Edward III, for in 1195 they are negotiating for liberty adfacienda sua negotia. A charter of the 9 Elizabeth states that it was agreed that the government of the city should be the mayor, with eleven worshipful persons of the city. That the mayor should not do any act without the assent of the majority of the eleven. The governing charter 13 Charles I, vested the election of mayor in the mayor, alderman, bailiffs and twenty-four capital citizens. He was to be elected from the aldermen. The office was annual and the election was to be on the Monday next after the Feast of St Michael the Archangel (29th September). The mayor got a yearly fee. The distinguishing mark of the Mayor of Carlisle is a white staff, which is carried to this day.
For list of Carlisle Mayors see 2BC 352 (vertical file)
1765-66 John Davison; 1766-67 Richard Hodgson; 1767-68 John Pears; 1768-69 John Pearson;1769-70 William Hodgson; 1770-71 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1771-72 Morris Coulthard; 1772-73 George Dalton; 1773-74 George Harrington; 1774-75 Richard Hodgson; 1775-76 William Kirkbride; 1776-77 William Hodgson;1777-78 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1778-79 Morris Coulthard; 1779-80 George Dalton;1780-81 Joseph Potts; 1781-82 Joseph Gill; 1782-83 Joseph Senhouse;1783-84 Joseph Gill; 1784-85 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1785-86 Richard Jackson; 1786-87 Sir Jospeh Senhouse; 1787-88 Joseph Potts; 1788-89 Richard Jackson; 1789-90 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1790-91 Richard Jackson; 1791-92 Morris Coulthard; 1792-93 Richard Jackson; 1793-94 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1794-95 Richard Jackson; 1795-96 Morris Coulthard; 1796-97 Sir Richard Hodgson; 1797-98 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1798-99 Richard Jackson; 1799-1800 John Richardson; 1800-01 Jeremiah Wherlings; 1801-02 Richard Jackson; 1802-03 Sir Richard Hodgson; 1803-04 Joseph Hodgson; 1804-05 Rev Thomas Lowry; 1805-06 Thomas Blamire; 1806-07 Joseph Dacre Appleby Gilpin; 1807-08 Richard Jackson; 1808-09 Rev Thomas Lowry; 1809-10 Thomas Blamire; 1810-11 Joseph Dacre Appleby Gilpin; 1811-12 George Blamire; 1812-13 John Hodgson; 1813-14 Thomas Lowry; 1814-15 Thomas Blamire; 1815-16 Sir Joseph Dacre Appleby Gilpin; 1816-17 George Blamire; 1817-18 John Hodgson; 1818-19 William Hodgson; 1819-20 Thomas Blamire; 1820-21 Sir Joseph Dacre Appleby Gilpin; 1821-22 John Hodgson; 1822-23 William Hodgson; 1823-24 Thomas Blamire; 1824-25 John Hodgson; 1825-26 William Hodgson; 1826-27 Thomas Blamire; 1827-28 William Hodgson; 1828-29 John Hodgson; 1829-30 John Hodgson; 1830-31 Rev Thomas Lowry; 1831-32 John Hodgson; 1832-33 William Hodgson; 1833-34 William Nicholson Hodgson; 1834-31.12 35 John Hodgson; 01.01.1836 - 08.11.1836 George Gill Mounsey; 1836-37 Joseph Ferguson; 1837-38 Peter Dixon; 1838-39 Thomas Coulthard Heysham; 1839-40 John Dixon; [09.11.1840 Joseph Ferguson elected Mayor but declined to make the necessary declarations]; 17.11.1840-41John Dixon; 1841-42 George Gill Mounsey; 1842-43 George Dixon; 1843-44 Robert Bendle; 1844-45 James Steel; 1845-46 James Steel; 1846-47 George Relph; 1847-48 William Stordy; 1848-49 George Dixon; 1949-50 Joseph Rome; 1850-51 John Hewson; 1851-52 Thomas Nelson; 1852-53 Peter James Dixon; 1853-54 Peter James Dixon; 1854-55 Robert Ferguson; 1855-56 Robert Elliott; 1856-57 George Mounsey; 1857-58 John Howe; 1858-59 Robert Ferguson; 1859-60 Robert Bendle; 1860-61 Isaac James; 1861-62 George Gill Mounsey; 1862-63 John Irving; 1863-64 Caleb Hodgson; 1864-65 Thomas Nanson; 1865-66 John Huthart; 1866-67 Robert Creighton; 1867-68 Isaac James; 1868-69 Alex Davidson; 1869-70 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1870-71 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1871-72 John Irving; 1872-73 Charles Penfold Hardy; 1873-74 Thomas Clarke; 1874-75 John Hargraves; 1875-76 Joseph Bendle; 1876-77 Samuel Jackson Binning; 1877-78 Samuel Jackson Binning; 1878-79 Thomas Milburn; 1879-80 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1880-81 James Robert Creighton; 1881-82 Richard Saul Ferguson; 1882-83 Richard Saul Ferguson; 1883-84 Francis Peter Dixon; 1884-85 Benjamin Scott; 1885-86 James Atkinson Wheatley; 1886-87 William Maxwell; 1887-88 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1888-89 James Robert Creighton; 1889-90 Richard Forster; 1890-91 Benjamin Scott; 1891-92 Benjamin Scott; 1892-93 James AtkinsonWheatley; 1893-94 John Corbett; 1894-95 George Coulthard; 1895-96 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1896-7 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1897-98 Francis Peter Dixon; 1898-9 George White; 1899-1900 Christopher Ling; 1900-01 John Hurst; 1901-02 Benjamin Scott; 1902-03 John Maxwell; 1903-04 Frederick William Chance; 1904-05 Francis Peter Dixon; 1905-06 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1906-07 William Irwin Robert Crowder; 1907-08 William Nanson Donald; 1908-09 William Bell Maxwell; 1909-10 William Phillips; 1910-11 Sir Benjamin Scott; 1911-12 Matthew Johnstone, died in office, Sir Benjamin Scott; 1912-13 Spencer Charles Ferguson; 1913-14 Spencer Charles Ferguson; 1914-15 Francis Peter Dixon; 1915-16 Walter Phelp Gibbings; 1916-17 Joseph Pattinson Buck; 1917-18 Betram Carr; 1918-19 Betram Carr; 1919-20 Thomas Ridley; 1920-21 Henry Kenyon Campbell ; 1921-22 Archibald Creighton; 1922-23 Robert Dalton; 1923-24 Hubert Woodville; 1924-25 Robert Burns; 1925-26 George Edward Edmondson; 1926-27 Archibald Creighton; 1927-28 Joseph Henderson; 1928-29 Thomas Gardhouse Charlton; 1929-30 Sir Robert Christopher Chance; 1930-31 Frederick William Tassell; 1931-2 Matthew Thompson; 1932-33 Herbert Atkinson; 1933-34 Ebenezer Gray; 1934-35 James Cuthbert Studholme; 1935-36 John Robert Potts; 1936-37 Richard Stanley Harrison; 1937-38 John Walker Osborne; 1938-39 Tom Dobinson; 1939-40 Matthew Thompson; 1940-41 Matthew Thompson; 1941-42 Edgar Grierson; 1942-43 Alexander C.G.Thomson; 1943-44 Alexander C.G.Thomson; 1944-45 Wilfred Goody; 1945-46 Mrs Isa Graham; 1946-47 Harold Greenop; 1947-48 Elizabeth Welsh; 1948-49 Elizabeth Welsh; 1949-50 Gerald Sheehan; 1950-51 Alfred Henry Partridge; 1951-52 George Henry Routledge; 1952-53 George Bowman; 1953-54 Alfred Clement Redvers Punnett; 1954-55 Thomas Dawson Lancaster; 1955-56 Harold Nelson Sutcliffe; 1956-57 Ritson Graham; 1957-58 Jessie Martin; 1958-59 Irving Burrow; 1959-60 William John Hunter; 1960-61 Thomas Souness; 1961-62 Thomas Logie MacDonald; 1962-63 Francis Derry; 1963-64 David Moffat Hamilton; 1964-65 Howard Glaister; 1965-66 James Smith; 1966-67 Gerard Joseph Coogan; 1967-68 Mary Kathleen Sibson; 1968-69 Joseph Jackson Bell; 1969-70 John Hayhurst; 1970-71 Noel Thomas O’Reilly; 1971-72 Herbert Fawcett; 1972-73 Archibald Caven; 1973-74 Hugh Little; 1974-75 Thomas Johnson; 1975-76 Thomas MacMillan Bisland; 1976-77 George Edward Dudson; 1977-78 James Frederick Long; 1978-79 Gordon Henry Griffiths; 1979-80 Joseph Norman David Weedall; 1980-81 Walter Sydney Bell; 1981-82 Alan Graham; 1982-83 Donald Fell; 1983-84 Trudy Whalley; 1984-85 Ian Stockdale; 1985-86 Keith Aitken; 1986-87 Harry Gallagher; 1987-88 Victor Davies; 1988-89 Cyril Webber; 1989-90 R.C.Hayhoe; 1990-91 John Amos; 1991-92 Elsie M.Coleman; 1992-93 Harold Evans; 1993-94 Jayne Armstrong Prewitt; 1994-95 James Paisley; 1995-96 Alfred Brumwell; 1996-97 Craig Johnson; 1997-98 John Metcalfe; 1998-99 Heather Bradley; 1999-00 John Collier; 2000-01 Ray Knapton; 2003-04 Judith Pattinson; 2004-05 Ralph Aldersey; 2005-06 Sandra Fisher; 2006-07 Peter Farmer; 2007-08 Elizabeth Mallinson; 2008-09 Jacqui Geddes
CN 24.11.1989 p4 Parish mayors excuse for making merry
CN 28.05.1993 p5 Mayor nomination debate rekindled
CN 07.04.1995 p3 Choice of mayor move
CN 12.05.1995 p10 Let the Tories into Parlour
CN 01.11.1996 p5 (illus) Row looms as city sets aside £4,000 for mayoral gifts
CN 26.02.1999 p1 Stay at home deputy mayor has let people down
CN 26.03.1999 p7 Elected mayor too powerful
CN 21.05.1999 p5 My goal for Carlisle (John Collier)
CN 01.09.2000 p2 City gears up for decision on an elected mayor
CN 08.09.2000 p12 Opinion Who wants to be the Carlisle Mayor?
CN 25.05.2001 p17 (illus) Doreen Parsons new mayor; 415th person to hold title
CN 24.08.2001 p3 Coucil joins race to have Lord Mayor; p12 opinion
CN 15.03.2002 p3 Bid for Lord Mayor fails
CN 05.04.2002 p7 The job of the mayor; what Doreen Parsons does
CN 02.05.2003 p9 Judith Pattinson, next Mayor, looks forward to her year
CN 09.05.2003 p13 Letters against Judith Pattinson becoming Mayor
CN 16.05.2003 p1 Race to be Mayor; letters page 13
CN 23.05.2003 p1 Judith Pattinson keen to prove she is more than shoes
CN 02.07.2004 p 5 Ralph Aldersey 419th mayor of city took office
CN 06.08.2004 p8 Article on new mayor
CN 27.05.2005 p4 New Mayor, Sandra Fisher, chosen
CN 02.06.2006 p10 Feature on new mayor Peter Farmer

CN 12.09.1975 p6

CP 27.05.1892 p6b Mayor’s Drive; new road from Bitts around Sorceries inspected

Civic Affairs July 1963 p1 Mayor’s Oath; certainly dates from 1561

MAYOR’S SERGEANT Matthew Hind who held this office for 40 years died 18.09.1815; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard; John Wales, late Mayor’s Sargeant died 27.02.1824 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 268]; 1841 census Thomas Graham, aged 50, home Old GRapes Lane

MAYPOLE DAIRY CO Corner English St/ Victoria Viaduct
175 Years of Carlisle p 16 exterior photo
Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p7 Exterior view of shop at 92 English St in 1913
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p43 Interior shop photo; moved to Botchergate 1927

MAYS, A.T. Travel Agent
CN 23.02.1990 p8 Ad
CN 29.07.1994 p18 Helping to ease holiday planning

City Minutes 1902-03 p461 Approval for 17 houses

CD 1952 Ad p338

MEAD, Edward 1 Botchergate
1882 Porters Directory Ad p156 Pastry cook

MEADE ROAD Harraby First appears on electoral register for 1963-64


MEADOW TERRACE So named on 1837 directory; on the voters list to 1902; on the 1901 census it is adjacent to Hartington Place

MEADS 7 Devonshire Street
CD 1884-85 Ad p272 Late no 1 Botchergate

MEAKIN,E.W. and SON Scotland Road
CD 1931 Ad p11
CD 1934 Ad p11 Catered for this area since 1899


MEARNS, William Barber of Scotch St; died 11.12.1806 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

Mon. Insc. St Mary’s Church [Cathedral] No5 16.03.1797 J.Harmer died of measels
City Council Minutes 1893-94 p106 ; 77 deaths in 1893; comparison over 20 years
City Minutes 1909-10 p372 Annual mortality 1874 to 1909
City Minutes 1914-15 p503-518 Outbreak; 33 deaths in first 5 months
City Minutes 1917-18 p 219-220 12 registered deaths

CN 24.05.1974 p1 Plans to move to Carlisle

MECHANICS INSTITUTE Established 01.12.1824; closed Nov 1831; reopened July 1833; removed from Athenaeum to Fisher Street 15.03.1850; 26.04.1853 foundation stone of lecture hall laid; 31.03.1891 Mechanics Institution and Library presented to Corporation
Mannix and Whellan 1847 p140
CN 21.11.1958 p10
CJ 27.11.1824 p3 Establishment of Mechanics Institute in city
1829 Parson and White p146 Occupies room in Castle St
CJ 13.04.1839 p3b AGM
CP 27.06.1840 p2a Library removed to Athaeaeum
Carlisle in Camera 1 p54 photo of Machanics Ins building on Fisher St [from 1850]
Carlisle Examiner 06.05.1858 p3d,e Annual Meeting
Carlisle Examiner 05.06.1858 p4a,b Meeting
Carlisle Examiner 20.05.1858 p3c Proposed reform
Carlisle Examiner 25.05.1858 p3f Proposed reform
Carlisle Examiner 27.05.1858 p2f Meeting
14.09.1858 Jane wife of John Morrison, Mechanics Instit Secretary died [MI 16/4]
Carlisle Examiner 14.05.1859 p2c Annual meeting
Carlisle Examiner 14.06.1859 p2d letter
Carlisle Examiner 26.11.1859 p 3a Annual soiree
CJ 01.05.1863 p5 Death of librarian
CJ 15.05.1863 p5 Annual General Meeting
CJ 28.04.1865 p6 Annual General Meeting
City Minutes 1889-90 p232 Offer of whole of property if city adopts Library Act
CP 04.04.1890 Home for Arts and Science
CJ 15.12.1922 p7 St Mary’s Gate, new street. Through Mr Clements property at the old Mechanics Institute, of recent years used by City Surveyor
CJ 15.12.1922 p9 Mechanics Institute had been given to the city many years ago as a present. Surveyor had it for some 30 years
CN 19.01.1990 p4 A pub show that went badly wrong
CN 05.03.1999 p13 (illus) Carlisle’s Athenaeum

MEDICAL OFFICER Firts Medical Officer of Health Dr Elliot 1874 - 1882
Medical Officer of Health Annual Report 1969 p 5

Used cars
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p262
CD 1955-56 Ad p265

CN 28.05.2004 p13 Letter concerning abandoned cars

CN 07.02.1975 p3 CN 12.09.1975 p32 CN 19.09.1975 p9
CN 26.09.1975 pp 3,12 CN 10.10.1975 p11 CN 07.05.1976

MELBOURNE ROAD I think Melbourne Road, when associated with Adelaide Street just around the corner, suggests an Australian connection. It wasn't uncommon to name streets after places in the Empire. In 1920 further streets were planed in this area, but never built. One of them was to be called Sydney Street. [see map at back of 1920 Carlisle Directory]The street was never built
City Minutes 1890-91 item 457; approval for laying out new street
City Minutes 1890-91 item 536; approval for 18 houses

MELROSE TERRACE Greystone Rd area; voters list 1894 - 1998

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT Before the Reform Act of 1832 the City of Carlisle returned 2 members. Carlisle retained this privilege under the 1832 act; 1832 William James and Philip H.Howard; 1835, 1837 and 1841 Philip H.Howard and William Marshall; 1847 John Dixon and William Hodgson; 1848 William Hodgson and Philip N.Howard; 1852 Sir J.Graham and Joseph Ferguson; 1857 William Hodgson and Sir J.Graham; 1859 Sir J.Graham and Wilfred Lawson; on death of Sir J.Graham Edmund Potter elected 1861; 1865 William Hodgson and Edmund Potter; 1868 Wilfred Lawson and Edmund Potter; 1874 and 1880 Robert Ferguson and Wilfred Lawson; by the Reform Act of 1885 Carlisle was deprived of one of its members; Robert Ferguson of Morton elected 1885; 1886, 1892, 1895 and 1900; W.C.Gully elected (Liberal); F.W.Chance of Morton elected 1905, 1906 (Liberal); both 1910 elections R.D.Denman (Liberal); 1918 W.T.Carr elected (Liberal); 1922 and 1923 G.Middleton elected (Labour); 1924 W.Watson (Conservative); 1929 G.Middleton (Labour) ; 1931,1935 E.L.Spears (Conservative); 1945 E.Grierson (Labour) ; 1950, 1951 A.Hargreaves (Labour); 1955, 1959, D.M.Johnson (Conservative); 1964, 1966, 1970, Feb 1974, Oct 1974, 1979 ,1983 Ron Lewis (Labour); 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2005, E.A.Martlew (Labour)
CN 03.01.1964 p10 CN 01.07.1966 p5

See Suspension Bridge

CN 24.06.1994 p2 Mencap opens city office
CN 22.02.2008 p19 Mencap celebrates 40 years in city

City Minutes 1926-27 p380-97 Institutional accommodation for mental defectives

MENZIES, John The Viaduct; East Tower Street
Wholesale booksellers, newsagents
CD 1920 Ad p132
CD 1924 Ad p140
CD 1927 Ad p160
CD 1931 Ad p152
CD 1934 Ad p280
CD 1937 AD p192
CD 1940 Ad p114
CN 07.02.1948 p5 Ex-manager A.Lawrence died
CN 10.03.1978 p9 (illus) Bookshop in Bulloughs
CN 30.12.1993 p1 New car park bid


MERCURY LOUNGE Kennedy Centre, Lonsdale Street
CN 10.09.1999 p5 New nightspot

MESIOLITHIC Evidence for this period in a few flints found in dig on Castle Green [Carlisle Millennium Project ; excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001 p 6]

METAL BOX James Street, Botcherby Founded 1921as Allied Tin Box Makers Limited, one of the four constitutent companies being Hudson Scott of Carlisle which started in 1799; 1922 name changed to Metal Box and Printing Industries Limited and in 1930 to Metal Box Company Limited; 1930 became a public company; first chairman F.N.Hepworth of Hudson Scott; site clearing for Botcherby factory September 1955; first line into production at Botcherby 19.11.1956; Jan 2004 Metal Box names disappears, the Botcherby plant called Crown Bevcan UK Ltd, the James St Fatory as Crown, Cork and Seal
See K.Rafferty Story of Hudson Scott and Sons, 1998 1 BC 338
See W.J.Reader Metal Box: a History 1BC 338
See also Hudson Scott
CAIH p70
CD 1952 Ad p386
City Minutes 1924-25 p644 Path to recreation field newly bought by Hudson Scott
CJ 09.07.1937 p3 A year of continual expansion
CJ 01.07.1938 p5 Bonus for shareholders
CN 14.05.1949 p5 150th Anniversary
CJ 20.05.1949 p5 150th Anniversary
CN 21.05.1949 p5 150th Anniversary
CJ 27.05.1949 p3 150th Anniversary
CN 28.05.1949 p6 150th Anniversary
CN 28.05.1949 pp5-6 150th Anniversary - pensioners celebrations and dinner
CN 18.06.1949 p5 Hand bills
CJ 27.09.1949 p2 History
ENS 12.01.1955 p1 Planning new factory
ENS 24.10.1955 p1 Metal Box holds safety week
ENS 06.02.1957 p2 New factory described
CN 04.07.1958 Supplement Now there are 37 Metal Box factories
CN 27.11.1964 p1 Botcherby extensions
CN 09.10.1970 p1 Reduction of design studio
CN 24.12.1971 p12 Illustration of 1900 South African box
ENS 07.03.1977 p11 Strike
ENS 09.03.1977 p1 Deadline
ENS 12.03.1977 p1 Deadline
ENS 21.03.1977 p1 Peace hopes fade
ENS 24.03.1977 p1 (illus) 400 laid off
ENS 28.03.1977 p1 7 week strike ends
CN 10.02.1989 p4 Humble start for a major city employer
CN 23.03.1989 p1 Tests go on for killer disease
CN 26.05.1989 p1 New city factory strike
CN 09.06.1989 p23 Hope of averting full scale strike
CN 16.06.1989 p22 Metal Box row talks cancelled
CN 30.06.1989 p5 Metal Box flexible in deadline
CN 22.12.1989 p1 New name
CN 12.01.1990 p4 Top city firm began in a ....
CN 21.12.1990 p4 Troops Xmas gifts
CN 28.06.1991 p7 Land sale anger
CN 27.03.1992 p27 Factory pay stays frozen
CN 06.05.1994 p2 £1.6m boost
CN 21.04.1995 p4 Soaring aluminium puts squeeze on
CN 06.10.1995 p1 Metal Box takeover ‘soon’
CN 08.03.1996 p1 More jobs could go
CN 15.11.1996 p16 Wakeful residents - noise
CN 06.06.1997 p14 McVitties £600,000 deal
CN 13.06.1997 p2 Factory to make way for £6m complex
CN 14.11.1997 p10 (illus) How they carried the can at Metal Box for 40 years
CN 04.09.1998 p10 (illus) Tin can dynasty
CN 01.10.1999 p1 Pay out to worker
CN 23.01.2004 p8 Name of Metal Box disappears

METCALF, Joseph Builder, employing 29 men and 4 boys, aged 36, home address Princess Street, born Carlisle [1861 census]

METCALF, Robert Builder, employing 23 men, aged 49, born Westward, home address Princess Street [1851 census]

CN 03.09.1999 p15 Ad

METCALFE, J. and R. Princess St
see Metcalf, Joseph and Robert
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p7 Builders

METCALFE, John Botchergate
Tobacconist, hairdresser, newsagents
Carlisle Museum has a shop sign in the shape of a Turkish gentleman smoking a pipe. This is described as coming from Metcalfe, Tobacconist, Botchergate. A coloured postcard is on sale of the figure [2009]
CD 1952 Ad p376
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p277

METCALFE STREET First mentioned in 1871 census; J and R Metcalfe were Carlisle buildres in this period; EWS [Emergency Water Supply] painted in large yellow letters date from WWII and were to direct fire fighters to emergency water Society
CP 23.08.1872 p1 Ad; To sell 2 newly erected houses
21.08.1902 Jane Young died Caldew View, Metcalfe Street [Mon. Ins. 24/28]
CN 09.09.1966 p1 (illus) Developed
City Council Minutes 1896-97 p408 Approval for 9 dwellings

METHODISM John Wesley visited Carlisle on the following occasions-1764, 1765, 1770, 1772, 1774, 1776, 1780, 1781, 1784, 1786, 1788 and 1790. On 2nd June 1790 he preached in Carlisle. In his journal he wrote of the occasion ‘house would not near contain the congregation, and the word of God was with power’. He also wrote ‘the work a little increases here’ [CWAAS ns Vol 47 pp195-7]; chapel built in Fisher Street 1785 (opposite side of street to present site); charitable trusts for the Methodists 43, 58, George III, 1 George IV, Primitive Methodists of Willow Holme 7 George IV [CWAAS ns Vol 2 p356]; new chapel built in Fisher Street in 1817 [Parson and White 140]
Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit Past and present 1807-1907 M760
CN 01.05.1954 p10 CN 29.11.1957 p10 CN 06.12.1957 p12 CJ 10.03.1967 p7
CJ 16.11.1839 p2g Primitive Methodist Chapel, Willow Holme - reopened
CJ 06.06.1902 Upperby Primitive Methodist Church; new chapel opened
16.06.1907 Camp meeting in city celebrating Primitive centenary
CJ 11.10.1932 p4 Origins in Carlisle of Primitive Methodism
CN 13.06.1958 p2 Circuit formed
ENS 07.11.1958 pp9,10 At Currock

METHODIST CENTRAL HALL Methodist Chapel opened 03.11.1817; new organ at Weslyan Church Fisher Street 21.10.1835; Fisher Street Chapel last service 22.01.1922; foundation stone of new chapel laid April 1922 ; Opened 12.04.1923
CN 27.12.1957 p6 CN 05.04.1963 p10 CN 11.09.1970 p10 (illus)
CN 06.04.1973 p13
Carlisle an illustrated history p42 photo of 1817 chapel
Carlisle Examiner 18.10.1859 p2d Weslyan Chapel Fisher Street reopening
Carlisle People and Places p97 Photo of laying foundation stone in 1923
CJ 13.04.1923 pp 4,7 (illus) Opening ceremony
CN 14.04.1923 p12 Opening ceremony
CN 10.04.1948 p5 25th anniversary
CJ 19.04.1948 p2 25th aniversary
CN 28.02.1969 p13 (illus) Redecoration
V.White Carlisle and its villages, p 11 drawing in 1987
CN 07.10.1988 p13 Plaque records history
CN 25.04.1997 p9 £90,000 plan to adapt church for disbaled on course
CN 02.12.2005 p3 Final service on Sunday; spiralling costs
CN 09.12.2005 p1 Last service in church pp1,3 [illus]
CN 22.06.2007 p83 City Methodist Hall for sale






METHODIST CHAPEL CALDEWGATE Opened 08.10.1865; became Methodist Church Wigton Road; see below
CJ 03.10.1865 p2
Carlisle in Camera 2 p32 view of Sunday School on outing

METHODIST CHURCH HARRABY Society was formed in 1946 and met in Cavaghan and Gray’s canteen
CJ 05.11.1948 p1 (illus) Prefabricate erected
CJ 16.11.1948 p1 Opening
CN 20.11.1948 p5 Opening
CN 12.03.1976 p1 Church Hall
CJ 17.06.1958 p1 New organ

CJ 20.12.1963 p6 (illus) Opening

METHODIST CHURCH UNION STREET/RYDAL STREET Foundation stone of Sunday School laid 24.09.1880; services held here until church built next door, foundation stone of which laid 31.07.1890; opened 1891; church closed August 1990 when the congregation merged with Methodist Central Hall, Fisher Street; building demolished October 1991
CN 03.02.1995 p4 Youth club gone but not forgotten
Over the Garden Wall; life of Donald Scott pp 9 - 11 photos and description

METHODIST CHURCH WIGTON ROAD Foundation stone 21.06.1928; opened 06.06.1929
See also above Methodist Chapel Caldewgate which was its predesessor
CN 05.05.1928 Artists impression of proposed design
CN 27.11.1998 p13 £150,000 appeal to chop top off leaky tower

METHODIST CHAPEL WILLOWHOLME 1825 scheme for launching erection of chapel in Willow Holme; chapel opened for public worship in 1826; congregation moved to new Cecil St Chapel in 1852 Charitable Trust for Primitive Methodists of Willow Holme, 7 George IV [CWAAS ns Vol 2 p356]
Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit Past and present 1807-1907 p18 M760
1829 Primitive Methodists have a small chapel in Willow Holme [P&W 1829 p140]
Jefferson, S History...Carlisle, 1838, p275 Small building
CJ 16.11.1839 p2g Primitive Methodist Chapel Willow Holme reopened

MFI St Nicholas Gate
CN 11.07.1997 p1 MFI’s Half million pound facelift

MICHELANGELO English Damside
CN 18.08.1989 p8 Ad
CN 16.07.1999 p16 (illus) Ad
CN 28.03.2008 p75 For sale; established 20 years

Coal merchants
CD 1934 Ad p324
CD 1937 Ad p270
CD 1940 Ad p144

CP 18.02.1898 p5b

CN 07.09.2007 p6 Business bought from Cyril Middleham by Kevin Bell and Scott Barton. Business began here in 1898 by Frederick Middleham

MIDDLETON, Isaac Whitesmith and grocer, aged 47, employing 5 men, home address 1 Crosby Street, bornCows Hall, Cumberland [1851 census]

MIDLAND BANK English Street and Court Square; English Street bank dated 1898 (refacing of 1849 building originally for the Carlisle City and District Banking Company which the London and Midland Bank took over)
For history of the Bank Street branch see David Carrick
CD 1931 Ad p320
CN 24.02.1951 p4 CN 26.02.1965 pp9-11
CJ 01.09.1865 p5 Court Square, new bank
CJ 31.07.1896 London and Midland Bank take over Carlisle City and District Bank
CJ 28.08.1896 London and Midland Bank take over Carlisle City and District Bank
CJ 26.02.1897 Planned alterations to Bank Street building
CP 17.09.1897 p6f Extensive alterations begin
CJ 23.06.1899 Reopening of Bank Street bank after alterations
CN 31.03.1928 p9 New office in Caldewgate
CJ 26.02.1965 Special supplement
CN 16.06.1967 p15 (illus) Alterations to English Street bank
CN 05.06.1970 p5 Court Square fire
CN 09.03.1993 p5 Ad
CN 13.09.1996 pp1,10 Midland turns its back on Botchergate

Footwear repairers
CD 1952 Ad p265

City Minutes 1929-30 p660 Licensed to operate to Glasgow and Blackpool


MIDLAND RAILWAY TAVERN Botchergate; in local directories from 1876 to 1894
CP 20.10.1893 Refusal of the licence of the Midland Tavern

MIDWINTER’S Portland Place; Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p261
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p224
CD 1955-56 Ad p224
CD 1961-62 Ad p263
CD 1966-68 Ad p260

MIDWIVES 1861 census - Mary Dodd, aged 62, midwive, home address 35 Water St

MILBOURNE, John Thomas Tailor, aged 41, employing 1 man and 2 boys, born Carlisle, home address Devonshire St [1861 census]

MILBOURNE ARMS INN Milbourne Street; built 1852-53 with later alterations
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses, 2004, p48
CIC p29 View in about 1902
CP 07.01.1854n p1 Milbourne Arms Hotel to let; newly erected
CD 1880 Ad pxxxviii
1901 census; George Edward Edmundson, aged 39, bn Liverpool
CN 29.07.2005 p5 Pub reopens after January floods; landlady Brenda Jardine
CN 14.09.2007 p1 Milbourne Arms closes; publican blames smoking ban
CN 13.06.2008 p3 Milbourne Arms reopens

CN 16.05.2008 p63 For sale

MILBOURNE CRESCENT Milbourne Dixon family of Denton Foot owned land in this area; so named on 1871 census.

MILBOURNE STREET The Milbourne Dixon family of Denton Foot owned the land in this area [CWAAS ns vol 67, 1967 pp206-228]; walking down this street we see on the left and right terraced housing, some of which dates back to the 1840s; many of the houses were built by speculatibve developers and you can easily detect the different builders work by roof lines, joins in the housing line and different styles of brickwork; most of the houses in the street were originally two dwellings, a central lane taking you through to the rear of the property, which had its own front door, each property having one room downstrairs and one room upstairs and today these have been knocked into one property; in the past these houses would share a common dry closet and common pump in the yard behind
CP 11.12.1852 Ad For sale 6 new houses in Milbourne Street
City Minutes 1893-94 p 334 Approval for corrugated iron mission hall
CN 14.01.2005 p13 Milbourne Street and the Great Flood

CP 07.01.1854 p1 To be sold 12 houses

CD 1966-68 Ad p286

MILBURN, Mr Coach builder Business taken over by Thomas Nixon and in turn by the Proud brothers so about 100 years old [CP 31.12.1891 death of W.Proud]

MILBURN, Thomas Builder, aged 36, employing 10 men, born Wetheral, home address Charles St [1861 census]

MILBURN ROW Shaddongate; so named on Wood’s 1821 map of city

MILES MACINNES COURT, Stanwix; built on site of Miles MacInnes Memorial Hall in 1987. Miles MacInnes lived at Rickerby House and was a director of the LNWR

MILES MACINNES MEMORIAL HALL; Stanwix Foundation stone 03.08.1910; opened 16.02.1911; hall closed 1986 and replaced by flats 1987. Miles MacInnes lived at Rickerby House and was a director of the LNWR
CN 18.01.1957 p8 CN 16.11.1962 p10
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p32 drawing in 1987
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p115 exterior photo

see Chadwick Auxiliary Hospital; Fusehill Hospital; Murrell Hill Auxiliary Hospital
The War Work of Auxiliary Hospitals..of Cumberland..., 1921, [F52]
CN 28.10.1916 p5 Government hospital at Carlisle
CN 04.11.1916 p5 Government hospital at Carlisle
CN 11.11.1916 p4 County staff required
CN 08.02.2002 p6 World War I military hospitals in city


Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p49 Martha Wilson delivery woman in 1930s
J.Templeton A Carlisle Lad, 2007 p10 photo of M.Mallinson and his milk delivery cart about 1932
CN 11.11.2005 p49 Photo of Sarah Hodgson on milkround in 1966

CN 01.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

MILLAR, James London Road
CD 1920 Ad p52
CD 1952 Ad p271
Cumberland Directory 1954 p226
General contractor for the Harston Wards which were opened at the City General Hospital 9th July 1954
CD 1955-56 Ad p226
CN 17.09.1938 p19 Ad

1882 Porters Directory Ad p162 Haberdasher


MILLBURN MOTORS Kingstown Trading Estate
CD 1952 Ad p280

See also Carlisle 2000
CN 24.08.1990 p9 Guiding city to greener future
CN 18.01.1991 p17 Cash cuts rejected
CN 17.01.1992 p7 Parishes call for share of cash
CN 23.09.1994 p7 Sky’s the limit
CN 21.10.1994 p10 2000AD
CN 13.10.1995 p10 Carlisle 2000, the dream takes shape
CN 08.12.1995 p6 City leisure plan backed
CN 22.12.1995 p4 Boost for £14m gateway project
CN 16.02.1996 p13 Carlisle towards the Millennium
CN 14.06.1996 p1 Council moves towards 2000
CN 26.07.1996 p5 Carlisle businesses pledge £200,000
CN 09.08.1996 p3 City appeal tops target
CN 22.11.1996 p3 £36m computer project crosses major hurdle in bid for cash
CN 21.02.1997 p5 Carlisle’s £6m scheme (jobs)
CN 05.12.1997 p10 (illus) Spanning the century
CN 12.12.1997 p5 Young architects’ bridge designs to go on display
CN 23.01.1998 p4 Millennium campaign angers counsellor
CN 23.01.1998 p4 Millennium Bridge (illus)
CN 27.02.1998 p3 David King’s 5 minutes of glory
CN 13.03.1998 p1 Marks and Spencer back the city
CN 17.07.1998 p1 King in new protest
CN 07.08.1998 p12 Whoever pays the piper
CN 14.08.1998 p10 (illus) 2000 and one space oddity
CN 14.08.1998 p11 letter
CN 04.09.1998 pp1,11 letters; King v Council
CN 28.08.1998 pp1,12 Ex colonel takes pot shot at plans
CN 28.08.1998 p13 letters
CN 04.09.1998 p1 King v Council
CN 04.09.1998 p11 letters
CN 11.09.1998 p1 Thousands vote in protest
CN 11.09.1998 p13 letters
CN 18.09.1998 p1 £5m U turn
CN 18.09.1998 p11 letters
CN 25.09.1998 p1 London talks over Millennium clash
CN 25.09.1998 p13 letters
CN 02.10.1998 p11 Letters
CN 16.10.1998 p18 Millennium controversy could bring in the punters
CN 30.10.1998 p5 You’ll learn to love the pyramids
CN 06.11.1998 p12 City of dreams
CN 13.11.1998 p1 Stone me a spire with a ...
CN 18.11.1998 p1 £5m U turn and Friday night pantomime
CN 18.11.1998 p11 letters
CN 27.11.1998 p3 Sponsors get a glimpse of Millennium ...
CN 15.01.1999 p3 ‘Friends’ fiasco refuel Millennium row
CN 11.02.1999 p1 Millennium row referee named
CN 19.02.1999 p1 Petition over Carlisle’s ‘pagan’ millennium logo
CN 15.03.1999 p1 Let’s bury the hatchet over project
CN 19.03.1999 p1 Bishop backs Millennium project
CN 19.03.1999 p2 Churches plan 23 feet cross near Border
CN 16.04.1999 p20 New bells will ring millennium
CN 21.05.1999 p2 Tory balancing act on pyramids
CN 28.05.1999 p1 Scrap glass cylinder
CN 04.06.1999 p1 (illus) Millennium bridge faces large overspend
CN 02.07.1999 p12 How to get rid of two bits of glass
CN 02.07.1999 p5 (illus) Knife edge decision over pyramid
CN 09.07.1999 p1 Millennium greenhouse as bad as pyramid
CN 16.07.1999 p1 Glass pyramid only option
CN 23.07.1999 p1 Decision put to people
CN 23.07.1999 p5 36 hour party
CN 23.07.1999 p10 comment
CN 30.07.1999 p1 (illus) Cathedral bells
CN 30.07.1999 p1 17 days to better the pyramid
Cumbria Life August 1999 issue 65 Supplement 2A 9
CN 06.08.1999 p3 New cost blow to projects
CN 13.08.1999 p2 Carlisle under siege
CN 10.09.1999 p1 (illus) Options revealed
CN 24.09.1999 p3 (illus) David King’s last stand
CN 01.10.1999 p3 Thousands state choice
CN 15.10.1999 p1 12,000 names reply
CN 08.10.1999 p1 9,000 homes respond
CN 22.10.1999 p1 King claims victory
CN 29.10.1999 p3 Millennium vote
CN 12.11.1999 p1 Race to get Rotunda ready before 2001
CN 19.11.1999 p3 After the pyramids - Irish Gate begins
CN 03.12.1999 p3 Cash aid unlikely for Rotunda
CN 10.12.1999 p1 £300,000 extra for bridge but none for Rotunda
CN 31.03.2000 p7 Giant crane to lift new bridge
CN 18.02.2000 p1 Magic wand for ‘rotunda’
CN 25.02.2000 p3 Sandstone covering for rotunda
CN 17.03.2000 p2 Rotunda changes on the agenda
CN 07.04.2000 p1 (illus) Mignight move (Irishgate Bridge)
CN 14.04.2000 pp1,11 (illus) Civic Trust slates bridge (Irishgate Bridge)
CN 15.09.2000 p1 More Roman finds; Millennium Gallery dig on Castle Green
CN 22.09.2000 p1 Millennium Gallery; English Heritage speaks out over dig
CN 22.09.2000 p13 Letters concerning Roman finds on Castle Green
CN 22.09.2000 p12 Roman Gold
CN 29.09.2000 p1 Victory claimed in battle to save ruins
CN 29.09.2000 p12 Opinion about Roman remains found on Castle Green
CN 29.09.2000 p13 Letters concerning Roman remains found on Castle Green
CN 20.10.2000 p3 Tories under fire over projected Hadrian’s Bridge
CN 27.10.2000 p5 Future of Hadrian’s Bridge in balance; letters p13
CN 08.12.2000 p1 Hadrian Bridge victim of revolutionary design; opinion p12
CN 15.12.2000 p3 Council agree to scrap bridge unless it can be built for £1.49m
CN 05.01.2001 p8 Letter from David King concerning Millennium debacle
CN 12.01.2001 p3 Bridge’s fate to be decided next week
CN 19.01.2001 p5 Council seeks formal approval to scrap Hadrians Brdige
CN 19.01.2001 p13 Letters concerning Hadrians Bridge
CN 26.01.2001 p3 District Auditor to study Millennium project
CN 26.01.2001 p12Leader on District Auditor and Millennium Project
CN 26.01.2001 p13 Letters concerning Hadrian’s Bridge
CN 02.02.2001 p7 (illus) Architect battles to save bridge
CN 09.02.2001 p1 Architect Richard Rogers makes plea for bridge
CN 16.02 2001 p1 Millennium Commission told city to try and build bridge
CN 16.02.2001 p12 Editorial
CN 23.02.2001 p3 Bridge will cost City Council £1.2m more than it has
CN 23.02.2001 p13 Letters concerning Hadrian’s Bridge
CN 02.03.2001 p7 Future of bridge to be decided next at Tuesday council meeting
CN 02.03.2001 p13 Letters
CN 09.03.2001 p5 Bridge finally scrapped; increased costs on Millennium Gallery
CN 06.04.2001 p5 Millennium projects; District Auditor says no one to blame
CN 20.04.2001 p9 District Auditor report a ‘whitewash’
CN 27.04.2001 p13 Letters concerning district auditors ‘whitewash’
CN 08.06.2001 p5 Rotunda lettering not ‘blasphemous’
CN 20.07.2001 p13 Why site investigations begin only as gallery nearly finished?
CN 27.07.2001 p1 Tullie House Millennium Gallery to open on Tuesday
CN 03.08.2001 p3 (illus) Millennium Gallery opens
CN 08.02.2002 p 13 Letter concerning the Gateway City Project
CN 22.02.2002 p13 (illus) Rotunda bland and featureless; letter

MILLER, F Port Road
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 72 View of shoemaker outside shop

MILLER, Jacob Crown Street
Scrap merchant
CD 1961-62 Ad p279
CD 1966-68 Ad p297

MILLER, John E Chapel Place, Milbourne Street
Demolition contractors
CD 1952 Ad p252
CD 1955-56 Ad p218
CD 1961-62 Ad p28

MILLER, Joseph Durdar, Long Island Yard
Horse slaughterer
CD 1893-94 Ad p56

MILLER, W.C. Lancaster Street
Dealer in horses
CD 1893-94 Ad p132

MILLER’S COURT/ MILLAR’S COURT Robert Street; first noted on the 1851 census and there until the 1937 Carlisle Directory; in 1851 a Sarah Miller, China dealer, aged 40, is head of household at 12 Robert St, immediately adjacent to Millar’s Court

City Minutes 1925-6 p121 Rehousing South John and South George Streets

MILLHOLME BANK So named Middelholm in 1377

MILLHOLME TERRACE So named on the electoral registers to 1935, after that became part of Boundary Road, being that part of Boundary Rd between South Dale Street and Millholme Avenue

MILLICAN, Jonathon Grocer, aged 34, employing 2 boys, home address 1 Wilfred Street, born Abbey Holme [1861 census]

MILLICAN, Joseph Shoemaker died 01.12.1807; [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

MILLICAN, William and Margeret
E.Nelson Around Cralisle p97 Photo of bus and East Tower St bus station
City Minutes 1923-4 p588 Licensed to operate bus service Carlisle-Hethersgill
City Minutes 1926-7 p631 Licensed to operate bus service to Hethersgill

MILLIKEN, J Market Place
Bookseller/ printer. Produced an important series of volumes,namely Dr Heysham’s ‘Observations on the Bills of Mortality in Carlisle.....’ published annually from 1782 - 88
Title page from ‘The Muse’s Pocket Companion’, 1782, 1785 [J 150]

CAIH p34 The City Mills
CAIH p35 Denton Holme Millrace
CN 20.08.1993 p4 memories of the Dam
CN 13.06.2003 p6 Polluted Little Caldew/ Denton Holme Millrace; history

See also Abbey Mill; Borough Mill; Botcherby Mill; Castle Mill; Corporation Mill, Denton Mill; Harraby Mil; New Mill
CN 17.07.1998 p13 Gretna wedding solves mystery of 2 Forsters
CN 29.10.1999 p13 Mill owner fought back - Denton Holme

MILL STREET On the census from 1851
CIC p33 photo
CJ 25.06.1852 Mill St suddenly sprung up into a sort of new town

MINERVA INN Court Square; in local directories 1834 to 1848

MINERVA INN Shadongate/ Caldew Brow; in local directories to 1858

MINGINS, George Hat Manufacturer, died 14.05.1862 [Mon Ins 42/38]; 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p136 G.Mingins hat manufacturer, Old Grapes Lane; in 1811 directory

CJ 29.08.1947 p1 CJ 02.09.1947 p1(illus) CJ 16.09.1947 p3

MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE ( Merged to become DEFRA) Eden Bridge House
See also Eden Bridge House; Bitts Park
CN 26.05.2000 p5 Threatened closure of Eden Bridge House
CN 16.06.2000 p5 Threat of closure of Carlisle office employing 250 people
CN 21.07.2000 p22 MAFF staff in Carlisle to learn of their fate
CN 28.07.2000 p28 MAFF looks to brighter future after winning survival battle
CN 07.09.2001 p1 DEFRA strike at Eden Bridge House

CJ 11.03.1947 p2 District office to be established in Carlisle

CN 16.07.2004 p3 First mink seen in Carlisle

MINNS, T Thomas St, Denton Holme
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p119 Photo of grocer’s shop in 1890s

MINNS, T. and J Lowther Street
Wine and spirit merchant
CD 1905-06 Ad page yellow 50
CD 1907-08 Ad p60

CD 1966-68 Ad p284
CN 30.01.1970 p1 CN 26.01.1990 p10 Ad
CN 08.12.2000 p14 40 jobs to go as Minories pull out of Carlisle

MINT From 1130s to 1208 silver pennies minted in city; coins also minted here,- David I of Scotland to 1153 when city in Scotland; 1247-48 and during the Civil War in 1645
CAIH p19, p30 illustration of 1645 coin
Carlisle; history and celebration M.Constantine p36 Illus of Henry I coin minted in city
CN 08.03.1947 p3 CJ 25.01.1949 p2
CN 24.03.2006 p52 [illus] Three rare Norman coins struck in Carlisle sold at auction
CN 29.09.2006 p14 2 silver pennies minted in city between 1136 - 1140s sell for £4830

MIRACLE PLAYS A performance of a miracle play is first recorded in the city in 1345, the reference to the play is an incidental one [Records of Early English Drama; Cumberland, Westmorland and Gloucestershire, 1986 p17]

MISON’S TV and RADIO Victoria Viaduct
CN 29.11.1991 p14 Ad
CN 25.11.1994 p21 Ad

See also Church Missionary Society
CP 22.04.1898 p6b Carlisle Association

Womens clothing
CN 26.05.2000 p2 Closing

CN 22.03.2002 p6 Closes down

MITCHELHILL, James Grocer and tea dealer, aged 39, employing 2 men, home address 60 English Street, born Longtown [1851 census]; aged 49, employing 1 apprentice, home address English St, born Longtown [1861 census]

MITCHELL, Hugh Mason, died 18.05.1836 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 151]

MITCHELL, J Printer in Carlisle in 1798 and printed in that year an edition of Relph’s Poems with wood cuts by Thomas Bewick; appears to have moved to Newcastle [CWAAS OS Vol 14 p20]. In 1798 Mitchell began publication of one of the earliest Carlisle periodicals, ‘The Satellite or Repository of Literature’, but the venture proved short lived and only ran for 6 issues

MITCHELL, John Butcher of this city died 23.10.1826; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthbert’s Yard

MITCHELL, BELL, DONALD and Co Calico Printers; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

ENS 11.04.1996 p3 (illus) Wagons Roll; Giant load to leave city
CN 25.08.2006 p15 Make industrial dryers; privately owned; Tom Fleming Managing Director

CN 30.10.1992 p14 Ad

MITTON REFRIGERATION Cecil Street;East Norfolk Street
On 23rd January 1950 the Carlisle City Council agreed to raise the restriction on the Cecil Hall for use only for religious purposes and permit the premises to be used as offices and other limited business purposes; Alf Mitton formed Refrigeration (Mitton) Ltd in 1950 - 'operating from the church premises which the firm still owns in Cecil Street, Carlisle' [1999]
CD 1952 Ad p365
CN 04.06.1999 pp14-15

ML SPORTS BAR Kennedy Centre, Lonsdale Street
CN 17.08.2001 p3 New bar opens with lap dancing



CN 03.10.1942 p5 Public appeal to be made
CN 10.10.1942 p5 Ideas for money raising
CN 14.11.1942 p5 Cheque handed over

CN 11.04.2008 p34 Mock mayors of Carlisle; D.Perriam

Wedding trousseaux
CD 1880 Ad p100

MOFFAT, J Beech Grove North
Private hire
CD 1952 Ad p382

MOFFAT’S YARD 1851 Report of General Board of Health....Carlisle; R.Rawlinson 1BC 625 p52 One privy for 28 families

MOFFATT,W Devonshire Street
Money lender
CD 1893-94 Ad p76 established 1860

MOFFET, John, and Son Lonsdale Street, Crosby Street
Joiner and cabinet maker; home furnishers
C/CAR 333.333 Sale of property 19.07.1910 (illus)
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory Ads p3; John Moffet; joiner, Annetwell St
1861 census, John Moffet, aged 42, born Carlisle, home Annetwell St
CD 1880 Ad pxlv
CD 1884-85 Ad p272
CD 1893-94 Ad p24
Whitehaven News Calendar 1901; ad p335 established 1835
CD 1902-03 Ad p290
CD 1905-06 Ad inside back cover
CD 1913-14 Ad p156

MOFFITT BROTHERS English Street; Scotch Street
Hosiery; ladies and gents outfitters
Carlisle in Camera 1 p17 photo of facade of Moffitt Brothers, 12 English St
CD 1937 Ad back iii
CD 1952 Ad p347
CD 1955-56 Ad p6
CD 1961-62 Ad p5

MOFFITT, Eric Cecil Street
The Man’s Shop
CD 1966-68 Ad display card

MONK, Joseph Photographer, aged 39, born Reigate, home 4 Devonshire Walk, son aged 20, Joseph W. photographic assistant, bn Reigate living at home[1891 census]; Photographer, aged 49, born Reigate, home address 29 Sheffield St [1901 census]
Carte de visite noted with the address Viaduct Studio, Charlotte Street
CD 1893-94 Ad p 68 , Viaduct Studio, CHarlotte Street

City Minutes 1899-1900 p148 Approval for 20 houses

MONKHOUSE Important family of clockmakers who were in business from around 1726 to 1819 when their English St shop closed; business taken over by George Moss but the Monkhouses still lived and worked in Carlisle in a dulsatory fashion until 1826, when James Monkhouse died
See J.Penfold ‘Clockmakers of Cumberland’, pp38-40

MONKHOUSE, Thomas and George Linen-drapers; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

City Minutes 1900-01 p 326 Approval for new street

MOOD Botchergate
CN 22.06.2001 p5 Named Britain’s Entertainment Venue of the Year


MOORE, J.H. Bridge Street
French polisher
CD 1952 Ad p87
CD 1955-56 Ad p242

MOORE, John Sodawater, lemonade and ginger beer manufacturer, aged 30, home address 3 Collier Lane, born Dalston [1851 census]

MOORE, Joseph English Street
Carlisle Diocesan Directory 1872; ad late James Routeldge

MOORE, W Bank Street
CD 1880 AD pxv

175 Years of Carlisle p43 photo of Moorville about 1910

A manuscript map of 1937 [C480] shows the location of and names Moorville Terrace

ENS 30.03.1976 Supplement Comes to Carlisle

MORLAND, J Newsagents
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p38 Photo of newsagent’s shopfront

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

MORLEY STREET So named on 1871 census
CJ 21.11.1879 p5 Morley St laid out in 1877
City Minutes 1890-91 item 193 Approval for 12 houses


MORMONS New chapel dedicated 20.08.1967 in Langrigg Road
CJ 28.12.1963 p4 CJ 13.05.1966 p7
CJ 20.09.1938 p1 Return to Carlisle
CN 12.09.1958 p10 Campaign of 1922
CN 30.10.1964 p10 (illus) Church building
CN 05.03.1965 p12 In 1845
CJ 25.06.1965 p1 (illus) Church building
CJ 18.08.1967 p9 New building
CN 25.08.1967 p12 New chapel
CN 13.09.1991 p2 Chapel jubilee
CN 26.02.1993 p23 Mormons aid family tree searchers

MORPETH, John Solicitor, died 16.06.1839 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 144]

MORPETH AND THOW Saw mill and bobbin manufactory; John Morpeth, aged 32, bobbin manufacturer, employing 6 men and 6 boys, born Carlisle, home address 5 John’s Place [1861 census]
CP 15.12.1871 p1 Their premises on South Henry Street to let

CN 09.06.2000 p1 ‘Racist’ Morris group could lose bookings
CN 16.06.2000 p13 Racist claims against Carlisle Sword, Morris and Clog Dancers
CN 23.06.2000 p13 Morris dancers not racist
CN 30.06.2000 p1 Morris men dance on after row over racism

MORRISON, H.J. St Nicholas Street
CD 1952 Ad p293
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p239

MORRISON, John Photographic artist
1855 Slaters Directory, Fisher Street
1858 Kelly’s Directory, Mechanics Institute, Fisher Street

MORRISON, William Botchergate
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory Ad p 13

CN 12.02.1988 Cash call over store misery
CN 02.09.1988 pp8-9 Ad feature
CN 15.12.1995 p1 Facelift for store
ENS 25.06.1996 p1 (illus) Big facelift in store for city supermarket
ENS 29.06.1996 p1 100 jobs in store
CN 27.09.1996 p13 (illus) Morrisons disturbing early morning peace
CN 07.02.1997 p12 Bobs back
CN 14.02.1997 p1 Getaway car spotted weeks before raid
CN 07.03.1997 p1 (illus) Video clue to the thugs in Morrison robbery

MORTON So named Morton in 1214 containing the two elements mor=moor, waste,upland,fen and tun=enclosed piece of land, homestead village

MORTON COMMUNITY CENTRE Official opening of Community Centre 29.4.1967
See also Morton House
1 BC 374 and B/CAR 374.38 Opening brochure
ENS 27.10.1966 p13 Morton Youth and Community Centre
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p31 Photo of opening ceremony
CN 25.01.1991 p6 Community folk on their toes
CN 13.09.1991 p6 Community Centre with something for everyone
CN 11.03.1994 p4 Presentation to public - 50 years ago
CN 04.08.2000 p15 Ofsted praise staff for nursery’s progress
CN 18.04.2003 p9 Hopes to restore parkland; reestablish paths, the ha-ha...

MORTON COTTAGE Mid 18th century with later additions. Originally known as Kell House but when it was offered to let with 60 acres in August 1827 it was referred to as Morton Cottage. The Gales took over the house in about 1831 and they were there until 1914. The house was then bought by Michael Young, a horse realer, previously of Currock House. He in turn sold it to Mr King of Wigton Hall and the adjoining farm, also called Morton Cottage, was let to Messrs W.Irving and Son. Later William Wilkinson lived there and in 1989 it became a residential care home
1829 Directory p 172 John Watson
1847 p 172 Directory Gustavus Gale Esq
CP 28.09.1850 p2a Farm at Morton Cottage to be let; convenient house
1851 census Morton Cottage Gustavus Gale, Proprietor and houses, aged 61
1851 census Morton Cottage James Errington, Farmer, aged 36
1861 census Morton Cottage Thomas Irving labourer, 41
1861 census Morton Cottage Gustavus Gale, retired draper, born Lowestoff
1865 Gustavus Gale died here; [Grammar School Memorial Register p 111]
12.02.1865 memorial inscription at Kirkandrews on Eden graveyard records death of Gustavus Gale of Morton Cottage and of Johanna Gale, his daughter, ot Morton Cottage on 03.06.1905
B/CAR 333.333 Sale of; 14.12.1914
CN 24.10.2008 p36 History of the house by D.Perriam

MORTON COURT 22 Flatlets for old people opened January 1967

ENS 22.08.1957 p5
ENS 20.03.1962 p1 Vandalism on Morton estate
ENS 03.02.1965 Supplement
Civic Affairs July 1969 p2 Housing development at Morton West
CN 03.01.1997 p13 (illus) Morton’s name goes back to mediaeval days
CN 07.03.1997 p14 Aerial view
CN 24.07.1998 p6 Aerial view
CN 23.10.1998 p7 Council braced for clash on homes
CN 03.09.1999 p5 Campaign steps up to fight against 1,000 homes
CN 10.11.2000 p1 Morton development of 2,500 housesholds - public consultation
CN 01.12 2000 p5 City councillors urged to acept Morton masterplan
CN 01.12.2000 p13 Letter against housing development
CN 08.12.2000 p1 Morton masterplan put on hold
CN 15.12.2000 p6 Morton plan; protestors scent hope
CN 22.12.2000 p1 Plans to build 1,000 new homes at Morton to go ahead
CN 12.01.2001 p5 Morton plan ‘ will hit city house sales’
CN 26.01.2001 p4 Councillors asked to approve 5 Morton planning applications
CN 09.02.2001 p1 Planning applications for 1000 new homes heard in 4-6 weeks
CN 09.02.2001 p12 Opinion on Morton Masterplan
CN 22.06.2001 p5 (plan) 1000 homes; council likely to take first step to approve
CN 20.07.2001 p13 Letter; Morton housing plan has implications for Denton Holme
CN 31.01.2003 p5 Councillors to study findings into 1,000 new homes scheme

1918 Electoral Register George and Mary Messnenger

MORTON HEAD Marked on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle
08.07.1762 Christenings, St Mary’s Parish registers; J.Gilbertson, Mortonhead
CPacquet 11.08.1807 p1 Ad Morton Head estate for sale; T.Snowden tenant
1861 census Robert Barton, farmer of 115 acres, 58, born Dalston
CJ 09.08.1870 p2 Morton Head Farm occupied by Robert Barton; farm north and west side of square, east and south are residence of Major Ferguson

MORTON HOUSE/ MANOR Built some time after 1807 for the Forster family who had banking interests in the city; sold 1837 following the Forster’s bankruptcy and bought by John Studholme; the 1837 advert described the property as ‘The Mansion, which comprises large Drawing and other entertaining Rooms, with numerous Bed Rooms, good Kitchens, Cellars, and other Conveniences, is situate upon a gentle eminence, with a Lawn in front of 12 Acres, commanding picturesque and interesting views (rarely to be exceeded) of the City of Carlisle, the vales of Eden and Caldew...and with regard the Shrubberies, Pleasure Grounds, and Gardens surrounding the Mansion, it is only necessary to say they were arranged under the direction of Mr Gilpin, the celebtaretd landcsape gardener’. 04.07.1853 bought by Joseph Ferguson, textile manufacturer. In 1828 he had established a dyeing and beetling [beetling was a process to obtain a soft, silky finish to cotton goods] works at Holme Head. The 1871 census records that Robert Ferguson, son of Joseph, was living at Morton with his sister and five servants. He is descrcibed as a Manufacturer (Ferguson Brothers) employing 436 hands. During the American Civil War Robert Ferguson paid a visit to the USA and there he became acquanited with the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, author of ‘The Song of Hiawatha’. On 11th June 1868 Longfellow paid a visit to Morton. Robert Ferguson was MP for Carlisle and Robert Ferguson School in Denton Holme was named after him. Robert Ferguson’s died in 1898 but before that date his nephew Frederick William Chance was living at Morton. In 1873 F.W.Chance joined the Holme Head business and in 1878 he became a managing partner. The 1881 census records his living at Morton, aged 28, with his wife Mary, a cook, a parlour maid, a house maid, a kitchen maid and a groom. By the 1891 census the household had expanded with fifteen people living at Morton. Robert Ferguson had moved back in with his nephew Frederick. Frederick and Mary Chance now had four young children, Andrew, Robert, Frederick and Eleanor. The rest of the household was made up of a governess, head nurse, under nurse, cook, upper housemaid, under housemaid and kitchen maid. F.W.Chance was also elected MP for Carlisle; In 1920 the house passed to Sir Robert Chance and on 26.02.1944 he offered it to the City for community use, one of the conditions of the gift being that the park should never be built upon; the Chance family stayed at Morton until Sir Robert died in 1960; On 29th April 1967 Lady Chance officially opened Morton Community Centre; the gardens had a magnificent display of daffodls, 10,000 in number, which were killed when the Corporation gardeners mowed them back as soon as they had died back. In the 1920s and 30s the narrow strip of woods extended down to opposite where Wigton Rd Catholic Church is situated today. In the park were cottages for the gardener and chauffeur. The building of Dunmail Drive by John Laing circa 1936-38 ended these woods [memories of gardens from A.F.S.Chance who was brought up at Morton]
See also Morton Community Centre
Citizen 01.12.1829 p578 Viewed with great delight the seat of the Forsters and its surrounding grounds and plantations
CJ 17.06.1837 Sale notice for residence of John Forster
14.09.1847 John Studholme of Morton Head, died aged 60; MI Grinsdale Church.
CP 30.04.1853; For sale on 4th July, owned by late Mr Studholme
CJ 20.05.1853 p1 ad For sale; pleasure grounds at Morton Head laid out by Gilpin
1861 census Robert Ferguson, aged 43, cotton manufacturer, born Carlisle
CJ 09.08.1870 p2 Morton Head Farm occupied by Robert Barton; farm north and west side of square, east and south are residence of Major Ferguson
CJ 13.03.1903 p5 Obit of John Studholme whose father moved to Morton in 1839 when he bought the estate from the Trustees of Messrs Forster; died New Zealand
02.08.1905 F.W.Chance of Morton died [MI 20/55]
CJ 04.08.1905 Death of Mrs Chance, lived at Morton for 30 years
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p123 photo of Mr Chance outside in 1909
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p31 Facade of house in 1961
CN 16.07.1999 p13 Morton’s key role in history of Carlisle

MORTON INFANTS AND JUNIOR SCHOOL Amalgamated to form Morton Park Primary School on 31.08.1993
City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 p2 Photo of Morton Park Primary School erected 1957 1BC 370
CN 22.02.1991 p1 Schools merge
CN 12.04.1991 p5 Parents win school fight
CN 27.02.2004 p5 Troubleshooter appointed for failed school
CN 07.10.2005 p8 Faces closure and merger with Newlaithes; only 88 pupils
CN 28.10.2005 p1 Morton Park faces closure; 76 on roll, 300 places
CN 11.11.2005 p13 Letter from vice chairman of governing body
CN 03.02.2006 p2 Inspectors say school has ‘deep-seated weaknesses’
CN 03.03.2006 p6 Morton Park to close in summer due to falling numbers
CN 09.06.2006 p5 Final school photograph; closes July 18th

MORTON LEA Wigton Road
CN 18.07.2003 p49 For sale £269,000; built in 1929 for local auctioneer

MORTON LODGE Beside Morton Manor on 1861 census; John Saunders, gatekeeper; 1901 census, no 1 Morton Lodge Joseph Steel, butler, no 2 William Hodgson, gardener, no 3 Joseph Bell, coachman


CJ 20.12.1963 p6 (illus) Opening


MORTON SECONDARY SCHOOL Opened 28.08.1968; September 2008 taken over by Richard Rose Academy; The new Richard Rose Academy was the first state school in England to be run by a person without teaching experience. Peter Noble was a former NHS manager [Daily Telegraph 23.01.2009 p2]
ENS 21.09.1967 p7 Illustration
CN 30.08.1968 p14 (illus) Opening
CN 20.09.1991 p9 Confidence booster for women
CN 25.09.1992 p25 Noel’s gunge tank claims its victims
CN 26.02.1993 pp1,3,10 172 in janitor job scramble
CN 05.03.1993 pp1,12 Tough task - janitor’s job
CN 08.07.1994 p5 School earns a new life line
CN 26.08.1994 p5 Supplement;Morton puts the community first
CN 18.12.1998 p10 Fighting back from failure
CN 16.04.1999 p1 Meningitis jabs for pupils
CN 07.05.1999 p10 Master motivator-Roger Ashton
CN 31.03.2000 p18 Ad
CN 29.09.2000 p1 New Head at Morton £70,000 job for Michael Bell
CN 20.10.2000 p12 (illus) A head’s start - Michael Bell
CN 24.11.2000 p1 Improving Morton taken off list of failed schools
CN 09.02.2001 p17 Bright future as Morton sails through Ofsted test
CN 23.03.2001 p17 Morton’s five most senior teachers fight to save jobs
CN 08.06.2001 p1 5 senior staff lose their jobs
CN 11.01.2001 p15 Morton school gets two new deputies
CN 17.05.2002 p1 Morton closes its lower sixth form; opinion p 12
CN 19.07.2002 p3 £750,000 mounting debt of school
CN 26.07.2002 p3 Charges for supply staff added to debt crisis
CN 09.01.2004 p1 Morton and Harraby may have to close because of falling births
CN 16.01.2004 p13 Letters concerning closure of two schools
CN 27.02.2004 p1 Morton head goes on sick leave after sacking two teachers
CN 26.03.2004 p1 Police station to be set up in school
CN 02.04.2004 p9 Headteacher Michael Bell resigns
CN 24.11.2006 p2 Morton School failed by school inspectors

MORTON STREET Plans agreed by council 13.06.1865

MORTON SUNDOUR LTD Established Denton Holme works in 1900
See also Courthaulds
See Three Generations of a Textile Family 1 H MOR
CD 1927 Ad page front iii
CJ 07.01.1938 p10 CJ 18.10.1949 p2 CJ 25.10.1949 p2
CJ 03.08.1928 Supp. Morton Sundour fabrics
CN 14.10.1950 New dyeing process
CN 16.03.1956 p10 Story of a challenge that was beaten
CN 04.07.1958 Supplement p13 Ayrshire weaver set up in Carlisle
ENS 18.03.1963 p1 Losses of £74,000
ENS 05.10.1963 p1 £136,000 takeover
CJ 11.10.1963 p5 Taken over by Courthaulds
CJ 13.12.1963 p10 Sports pavilion
CN 26.02.1965 p1 Amalgamations
CJ 26.02.1965 p1 Amalgamations
ENS 13.02.1967 p1 £250,000 expansion
CN 15.10.1971 p8 History
CN 29.07.1994 p10 Textiles success story
CN 20.07.2001 p9 (illus) Murrell Hill Colour Works; D.Perriam

City minutes 1903-04 pp268,334

MORTON, A Fire of 28.12.1914 causes £50,000 worth of damage at carpet manufacturers

MORTON, Joseph Attorney at law Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1784

MORTON, M and W.J. Globe Lane
Shoe repairers
CD 1952 Ad p373

MORTON,Thomas Morton Dentist died 24.11.1943 [MI 270/64]

MOSES, William Fuel injection specialists
CN 20.11.1992 p12
CN 18.03.1994 p14 Ad

MOSS, A.B. 71 and 73 English Street
CD 1880 Ad p1 back successor to T.W.Arthur
CD 1884-85 Ad p246

MOSS, Ann Pawnbroker employing 1 assistant, born Carlisle, aged 64, home address John Street, Bridge St

MOSS, William Chemist and druggist, employing 10 apprentices, home address 74-5 English Street, born Carlisle [1861 census]


CJ 04.10.1938 p5 400 women at Carlisle
CJ 07.10.1938 p6 (illus) 400 women at Carlisle

CD 1952 Ad p87

CN 16.04.1987 p4 Pioneering days
CN 03.07.1992 p3 Rules change hits city motorcycle company
CN 11.07.1997 p9 £2,594 for leukemia research
CN 19.09.1997 p1 Hopes for buried treasure
CN 10.04.1998 p18 Yamaha specialists Stewart roar into town
CN 31.10.2003 p8 Botcherby youngsters want own motocross course at Rosehill
CN 14.11.2003 p5 Botcherby Motor Project look at former rail freight yard by N&C
CN 12.05.2006 p9 Menace of motor cycles on fields behind Holme Head

MOTORING Registration ‘HH’ first used 01.04.1914
See also; Speed Limit; Road Accidents
1895 first car in city, steam powered designed by W.T.Carr and built by J.Sumner of Leyland (CIC2 p46) ; first car built in city by James Fendley
CN 19.06.1964 p10 (illus)
CN 03.09.1949 p5 (illus) 1st in Carlisle
CN 10.09.1949 p5 (illus) 1st in Carlisle

MOTORWAY Carlisle bypass section of the M6 Motorway ( Golden Fleece to Greymoorhill) officially opened 15.12.1970; Penrith Carlisle section opened oficially 01.07.1971
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News pp72-72 Photos of opening and building

MOTTO OF CITY ‘Be Just and Fear Not’; from Shakespeare’s Henry VIII; first suggested for city by G.G.Mounsey (RSFerguson’s ‘Hutchinson’, p729 - 2A 9)
Round Carlisle Cross 2nd series p153 origin suggested
CWAAS OS Vol 6 pp1-14 Armorial bearings of the city of Carlisle
CP 06.01.1821 p2d Quotation above banner of Carlisle Patriot

MOULDER’S ARMS Botchergate; in local directories to 1852

MOULDER’S ARMS Currock Street; in local directory for 1880; closed October 1916
ENS 02.11.1916 Closure
CN 03.01.1992 p4 (illus)

MOUNSEY, George Attorney at law 21.08.1762 St Mary’s parish registers, christenings, George Mounsey, attorney at law; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1784

MOUNSEY, H.W. Newtown Road
Stationer, newsagents, lending library
CD 1952 Ad p378

CN 26.02.1988 p11 Ad; amalgamation to become Mounseys
CN 05.12.2003 p14 Taken over by Crutes; Mounseys dates from 1730

CN 06.04.1990 p3 Bikers riding high
CN 12.04.1990 p21 (illus) Mountain bike club ride out in Lakeland


MOUNT FLORIDA, Botcherby So named on 1901 census

CN 08.02.1991 p4 Pub that had city’s last mounting stone

CN 05.04.1996 p14 Ad

CD 1880 Ad p100

MR CONSTRUCTION Established 2000
CN 16.05.2003 p16 Business goes into liquidation

CN 26.07.1985 p8 (illus) Opening
CN 30.10.1992 p9 Jim’s the man at the top
CN 18.06.1999 p16 Ad

‘MUCKLE TOUN BELL O’CARLISLE’ J.B.Penfold Clockmakers of Cumberland pp18-22; Muckle Bell was the bell on which in later years the town clock struck the hours, this bell was made about 1400, but a clock is first definately mentioned in 1651; a new clock was ordered in 1722 from John Sanderson of Wigton and this was in use for the next 180 years, when Potts clock replaced the old Sanderson’s one; the Muckle Bell was still the bell on which the town hall struck until at least 1883
CWAAS OS Vol 7 p239-44
CN 10.05.1947 p5

MULCASTER HOUSE Brampton Road; built late 18th century with early 19th century additions for James Mulcaster; 1821 map has the name of Mr Mulcaster next to it; the 1884 Directory lists the Misses Bell as householders; 1891 census Mary J Bell head of household. She is a spinster living with sisters and nieces, including a married sister Georgina Harrison. James son of late James Bell of Mulcaster House, died 28.11.1893 [Stanwix MI 162/1]Miss Bell is still head of household in 1901, aged 58, born Carleton, Cumberland. The 1924 Carlisle Directory lists a Mrs G.Henderson as the householder; 1934 Directory A.J.Caird, surgeon.
Newcastle Courant 22.08.1829 Married at Stanwix Henry Armstrong of this town to Elizabeth Musgrave daughter of late William Bell, Esq and grand daughter of James Mulcaster Esq of the former place

MUNCASTER, Edward Botchergate; English Street
Leading Trader of the City Ad pp58-59 A 616
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p32 photo
1861 census Edward Muncaster, Botchergate, plumber, aged 42, born Carlisle
1901 census; William D.Muncaster, plumber and ironmonger, aged 51, bn Carlisle
CD 1920 Ad p66
CD 1924 Ad p76
CD 1927 Ad p80
CD 1961-62 Ad p3
CD 1952 Ad p77
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p251
CD 1955-56 Ad p256
ENS 10.06.1986 p1 (illus) Closure

MUNCASTER PLACE; Upperby Noted in the directories between 1884 - 1902-03

MUNGO JAXX East Tower Street
V.White Carlisle and its villages, p12 drawing in 1998
CN 28.03.1997 p14 Hair salon shock

See also Archives
City Council Muniments Com. 08.11.1883 Report on finding records and papers
CN 30.05.2003 p8 Story of keeping public records

CN 04.07.1997 p13 (illus) Pupils capture city’s history on mural

See also Hangings
CJ 09.09.1826 p2f, 3a Murder of Mary Brown by Philip Tinning at St Nicholas
CJ 16.09.1826 p3a Murder of Mary Brown
CJ 04.11.1826 p2e,f Murder in Ritson’s Lane of Jane Myers by John Reay
12.03.1827 Execution in city of Philip Tinning for murder of Mary Brown
CJ 05.09.1835 p4 Inquest on Joseph Burney; charge of murder on John Dixon
08.06.1847 John Thompson arrested for murder of his wife
CJ 07.08.1847 pp2,3 Trial of John Thompson
CJ 14.08.1847 p2 Thompson confesses to murder
21.08.1847 John Thompson executed for poisoning his wife at Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 07.12.1858 p2c Newborn female - child murder?
12.04.1861 William Horsley murdered in the Pack Horse Inn, Carlisle
CJ 03.05.1861 p5 Water Street; W.Horsley and J.Davidson-murder and suicide
Round Carlisle Cross Vol.1 pp125-137 The Durranhill murder 22.11.1861
15.03.1862 William Charlton executed for murder of Jane Emmerson at Durranhill
14.11.1887 William Hunter executed for murder of Isabella Steel at Raffles
ECN 28.01.1888 p6,a,b; p8f Murder of Mrs Glaister; husband’s suicide
CP 27.01.1888 Wife murder and suicide; Richard Glaister and wife
CP 25.03.1892 p6 List of executions that have taken place in Carlisle since 1800
05.11.1910 Murder of Alexander Norval
CN 28.01.1911 Trial of Archhibald Norval for murder of father at West Walls
CN 12.11.1938 p13 John Daymond
CN 19.11.1938 p10 John Daymond
CJ 20.01.1939 pp1,7 John Daymond
CJ 23.04.1940 p1 Isaac J. Wardle
CJ 26.04.1940 p1 Isaac J.Wardle
CN 27.04.1940 p5 Isaac J.Wardle
CN 18.05.1940 p6 Isaac J.Wardle
CJ 21.05.1940 p3 Isaac J.Wardle
CJ 24.05.1940 p3 Isaac J.Wardle
CN 25.05.1940 p6 Isaac J.Wardle
CJ 28.05.1940 p3 Isaac J.Wardle
CN 19.01.1946 p7 Death sentence at Cumberland Assizes, Carlisle, on E.Prescott
ENS 15.04.1957 p1 City woman murdered in her shop (Jane Duckett)
ENS 16.04.1957 p1 Courting couple might have clue
ENS 17.04.1957 p1 Man accused of Tait Street murder
ENS 22.05.1957 p1 Vickers faces charge of capital murder
ENS 23.05.1957 p1 Vickers tells of encounter in cellar
CJ 24.05.1957 Trial of J.W.Vickers for murder in Tait St of Jane Duckett
ENS 27.05.1957 p1 Vickers; date of execution
ENS 23.07.1957 p1 Vickers executed at Durham
CN 16.08.1963 p1 (illus) Charles Street murder of 14.08.1963
CJ 16.08.1963 p1 (illus) Charles Street murder
CJ 04.10.1963 pp 1,5 Accident plea by defence in Charles Street murder
CJ 11.10.1963 p7 William Berwick sentenced to life for Charles St murder
CN 25.04.1980 p3 Mrs Sylvia Campbell
16.09.1980 Mysterious death of Sheila Nixon in city
ENS 04.01.1983 p1 Keith Nicholson charged with murder of Wendy Hall
CN 31.12.1987 p3 Murder of Lawrence Frith on Boxing night
CN 22.01.1988 p19 Murder of Lawrence Frith on Boxing night
CN 05.10.2001 p1 Scott Cassidy charged with murder last weekend of G. Cassidy
CN 17.10.2003 p8 Adrian Hull loses appeal 7 years after conviction for city murder
ENS 21.10.2003 pp1,3 Baby stabbed to death in pram in Scotch Street
CN 24.10.2003 pp1, 3 Shahajan Kabir accused of baby murder
CN 31.10.2003 p3 Accused in court; father of baby Hassan Dominic Martin
29.05.2004 murder of Emilio Herbert Schweighart at Lister Ct
CN 04.06.2004 p3 Murder charge man in custody
CN 02.07.2004 p1 Strangling of Lisa Flannagin on about 20th June
CN 23.07.2004 pp1,3 Kabir trial for murder of Hassan Martin
CN 20.08.2004 p1 Second post mortem on Lisa Flannagin
CN 10.09.2004 p1 Home Secretary seeks increase in sentence on Kabir
CN 17.09.2004 p5 Jimmy Atkinson, stabbed in Bitts Park. Grecian and Hanlan
CN 29.10.2004 p5 Kabir’s sentence increased
CN 05.11.2004 p1 Kieran Grieve charged with murder
CN 13.05.2005 p3 Trial of Hanlon and Grecian for Atkinson murder
CN 20.05.2005 p2 Further report on Grecian trial
CN 27.05.2005 p2 Hanlon and Grecian sent to prison for life
CN 27.05.2005 p John Sutton trial for murder of Emilio Herbert Schweighart
CN 03.06.2005 p15 John Sutton gets life
CN 15.07.2005 p2 Kieran Grieve on trial for murder of Lisa Flanagan
CN 22.07.2005 p2 Murder trial verdict on Mr Grieve considered by jury
CN 29.07.2005 p3 15 years for Kieran Grieve
CN 02.05.2008 p11 Edward Clemins of Carlisle on charge for strangling his uncle in Morton

Carlisle Diocesan Calendar 1872; ad

MURRAY,David London Road
Boot and shoe maker
CD 1893-94 Ad p138

MURRAY, Elizabeth Laundress, aged 55, unmarried, employing 4 women, home address the Hilltop, London Road, born Arthuret [1861 census]

MURRAY, Miss J 9 Lancaster St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p158 Dress and mantle maker

MURRAY, James Tailor, aged 42, employing 1 man, home address 5 Union Ct, Globe Lane, born Carlisle [1851 census]

MURRAY, John Clay pipe manufacturer
CN 23.01.2004 p7 First appeared in 1884 directory and there to 1906 diretory

CH 1893-94 Photographer 11 Close St

MURRAY, R Photographer
1884 Directory 11 Close Street

MURRAY, William Scotch Street
Ironmonger and plumber
CD 1880 Ad pxxix

MURRELL HILL ‘...granted to Morvin whose son Harvy gave the same in frank marriage to Gwercius Flandrensis with Muriell his daughter and therefore the demense was called Harvys Holme until the Dentons of Cardew became lords therof and the upper part of that demense is called to this day Murrell Hill from the said Muriell’ [CWAAS 1968 p73]

MURRELL HILL AUXILIARY HOSPITAL Opened 25.03.1915 closed 27.03.1919
The War Work of Auxiliary Hospitals..of Cumberland..., 1921, pp40-42

City Minutes 1901-02 p83

MURRELL HILL HOUSE Nelson Street; built about 1850 for Thomas Nelson; house appears on Asquith’s 1853 survey; 1861 census shows Thomas Nelson, aged 54, railway contrator employing 1,000 men living here; John Hewetson Brown died at his residence here in August 1898; acquired in 1900 by the Morton family; no one living here on 1901 census; 1920 became a recreation centre for Morton Sundour workers; demolished 1967 to make way for Courtaulds factory
CN 04.08.1967 p8 CN 11.08.1967 p10 CN 25.08.1967 p10
Carlisle in Camera 1 p28 photo of house in 1920s
CJ 14.07.1967 p12 Murrell Hill Gardens; bulldozers move in to reveal ruins which were once part of the original fabric of Carlisle Cathedral; suggested ‘ruins’ came here after 1850s Cathedral restoration; picture
CN 12.12.1997 p10 (illus) Muriel’s wedding gift decided name for hill
CN 28.07.2000 p7 (illus) Used old Cathedral stonework to build folly in garden

MURRELL HILL ROAD Road from Shaddongate south; now part of Dalston Road, but so named from at least 1837 to 1900


MUSEUM INN Belle Vue; in local directories from 1876
1930s description in A Carlisle Lad by J.Templeton, 2007, p8, photo circa 1908
ENS 19.02.1970 p6 Inns of Cumbria; the Museum
ENS 13.06.1989 p16 New look at Museum

MUSEUMS Carlisle Museum dates from 1835 when it was founded by Carlisle Literary and Philosophhical Institute; later transferred to Athenaeum; the collection seized in 1860 for non payment of rent; collection bought and given to Corporation who housed it in Finkle Street where it fell into disuse; in 1874 a committee of working men took it over; opened to public 24.07.1877; closed for cleaning and reopened 18.04.1878; 1891 transferred to the new building in Tullie House; no provision for its upkeep until the adoption of the Museums Act in 1900
See also Carlisle Literary and Philosophical Institute; Tullie House Museum; Finkle Street- Academy of Art; Guildhall
CJ 15.07.1864 p4 Watson’s in Rickergate; Johnstone’s in Botchergate

MUSGRAVE,E Court Street
Joiner and contractor
CD 1893-94 Ad p80

City Minutes 1933-34 p 307 Approval for houses Musgrave St and Esther St

MUSGROVE,E.S. English Street
Drapery establishment
CD 1884-85 Ad p266

MUSHROOM HALL Fisher Street; town house of the Earl of Lonsdale
Carlisle an illustrated history p52 1776 plan of house
CP 23.12.1887 p6a Demolition to give access to new covered market
CN 21.11.1958 p10

CN 23.10.1998 p27 Still in a song after 70 years
CN 27.07.2001 p13 Letter concerning the founding of the society
CN 17.08.2001 p14 Letter about the origin of the society; 2 so named societies
CN 10.10.2008 p7 Celebrates 80 years

CJ 12.05.1942 p1 Formed in city

MUSIC FESTIVAL Started 17.04.1896
CJ 08.06.1937 p2 CJ 08.04.1938 p7 CJ 12.04.1938 p5
CN 21.03.1958 p12 CN 10.03.1967 p12 CN 27.02.1970 p12
CP 29.04.1898 p7a,b Music Festival
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p85 phoot of festival in Drill Hall in 1909
14.09.1918 died David Hodgson, founder of Carlisle Musical Fest. [Mon Ins 163/23]
CJ 13.03.1931 p13-15 Photo supplement of various winners
CJ 05.02.1937 p10 Hunt for an adjudicator
CJ 19.03.1937 p12 Choirs and instrumentalists
CJ 23.03.1937 p2 Kathleen Ferrier winner of Rose Bowl
CN 11.03.1950 p5 Preparations for 50th anniversary
CJ 24.03.1950 p5 Jubilee
CN 25.03.1950 p9 (illus) Golden Jubilee
CJ 28.03.1950 p3 Golden Jubilee
CJ 31.03.1950 p5 Comments
ENS 19.03.1956 p1 56th Music Festival
CN 14.04.1972 p6 Illustration of Margaret Wakefield plaque
CN 17.06.1988 p1 City music festival face axe
CN 17.06.1988 p4 City festival had humble beginning
CN 24.06.1988 p15 Big rush to rescue festival
CN 17.03.1989 p3 Great start to music festival
CN 23.03.1989 p10 Festival ends on high note
CN 23.03.1990 p18 One of the best
CN 19.03.1993 p16 City music festival success
CN 26.03.1993 p16 City music festival results
CN 15.02.1996 p10 Joy across the generations
CN 21.03.1997 p2 Results
CN 06.03.1998 p5 Festival for young talent
CN 13.03.1998 p10 All the world’s a stage
CN 23.10.1998 p27 Still in song after 70 years
CN 12.03.1999 p10 Facing the music
CN 10.03.2000 p10 Tunes of glory
CN 17.03.2000 p14 Results
CN 15.03.2002 p9 Results; Festival cancelled last year because of F&M
CN 19.03.2004 p8 Festival in St Cuthbert’s Church last week
CN 18.03.2005 p6 Festival results
CN 17.03.2006 p6 Music Festival results
CN 14.03.2008 p24 Report
CN 13.03.2009 p6 Report

CN 25.06.1999 p2 Muslim plan for prayers
CN 04.11.2005 p1 Muslim group start breakaway mosque

Carlisle City Minutes, June 1880 p135 Formation of street

MYDDLETON STREET BOWLING CLUB Subscription Bowling Club moved here in 1879
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection; p107 photo of bowling green
CN 04.07.2008 p17 Old photo of club

CD 1952 Ad p340

MYHILL, S.F. AND SON Botchergate
Cycle specialist
CD 1952 Ad p84

CN 25.11.1994 p10 100 years ago citizens flocked