Jack,Sam W B - Justices of the Peace

JACK, Sam W.B. Lowther St
CD 1905-06 Ad p130
CD 1907-08 Ad p125

CP 27.06.1840 p2c Miss Jackson sets up ladies seminary at 24 Abbey Street
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p3 Miss Jackson’s School; 7 Victoria Place
1861 census Miss Jackson’s School, Victoria Place, 12 boarders listed

CN 18.11.1988 p7 Law firms join forces

Cotton Mill
CJ 21.02.1818 To let; 6 storeys

JACKSON and SMITH Annetwell St
Electric light and power contractors
CD 1902-03 Ad p6

JACKSON, Alan Post Office and store, Morton
CN 17.09.2004 p4 Obit of Alan Jackson;

JACKSON, Hugh Cycle shop
The Lanes Remembered p15 Photo of shop on Lowther Street

JACKSON, J 92 English Street
Carlisle in Camera 1 p26 photo of shop in 1876

JACKSON, J.A. Botchergate
CD 1893-94 Ad p46

JACKSON, Peter The Lanes
CN 27.09.2002 p18 Jewellers take unit in Lanes

JACKSON, Richard Mercer; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

JACKSON, Richard Scotch St
CD 1924 Ad p232
CD 1927 Ad p240

JACKSON, Robert Woodbank Works
Artificial manure manufacturers
CJ 23.02.1877 p1 Sale of business

JACKSON, William Castle St, Green Market, Castle St
Basket works and bazaar
CD 1893-94 Ad p64

JACKSONS Fisher Street; former name Front Page
CN 02.02.1996 p4 Night Club; you are save with us
ENS25.07.1996 p26 Jackson’s bar is the front page news
CN 28.11.2003 p6 Into formal liquidation; club revert to formal name Front Page

JACKSON SAINT, J and Co Lowther Street
Accountant; No. 22 Lowther Street inscribed JJS 1892 for J.Jackson Saint. built by Johnstone Brothers
CD 1893-94 Ad p opp.16 and infront of 17
CD 1902-03 Ad p109

JACKSON COURT/PLACE, Milbourne St John Jackson, a clogger, erected a group of houses here [CWAAS ns vol 67 p218]; on the 1858 directory and listed up to 1940 directory

JACKSON’S PLACE; Botchergate; on 1851 census and listed on electoral registers to 1955
CJ 11.12.1863 p6 Sewerage
M.Edwards Our City Our People p24 Short memory circa 1900 [Botchergate]

JACKSON STREET Named after Margery Jackson, the Carlisle miser; adjoins Margery Street; BuildersWilliam and Matthew Johnstone, brothers, partnership dissolved in 1907 after close upon 20 years responsible for Margery St and Jackson Street ,[Obit of Matthew Johnstone CN 30.12.1911 p11]
City Minutes 1899-1900 p 77 Approval for 13 houses

JACOBITE REBELLION 1745 Carlisle came under siege from the Jacobite forces under Bonnie Prince Charlie on 10.11.1745, surrendering on 15.11.1745. The Rebels proceeded south leaving a garrison in the city. On 19th and 20th December the Jacobites retreated through the city leaving a garrison of 400 in city and a further siege commenced on 21.12.1745, the city surrendering to the Duke of Cumberland on the 29th December; Jacobite prisoners were tried and hung in the city in autumn 1746
CRO D/ SEN/ BOX 86 20.10.1746 Bishop to Humphrey Senhouse. Nine of rebels executed on Friday, my pretended successor one
See also Gallows Hill, Hangings, Siege Guns
Parson and White 1829 p121 Heads of executed preserved in spirit and sent into the country to be placed in carlisle and Manchester
Parson and White 1829 p123 The Scotch and English gates were long defiled with the revolting spectacle of the heads of some of those who espoused the cause of BPC
Mannix and Whellan 1847 p113 Heads of Hamilton and Coppock placed on Scoch Gate
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp 42-50 Carlisle medals of the ‘45
CWAAS ns LXI pp 271, 292 1759 reference to heads over south and north gates
CWAAS ns LXIV p327 Henry Howard recalls in 1766 two heads remaining on English Gate
Lonsdale’s Life of Dr Heysham p10 The heads of chiefs spiked on Scottish gates, with their faces pointe to their native lands
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 6 Calumnies Old and New on Carlisle in 1745 pp55-60
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 6 Carlisle Cathedral during the Forty Five pp 50-55
CAIH p31
Jarvis Collected papers Vol 2 p82 Henderson’s head spiked on the gate at Carlisle
Cumbria Vol 35 pp665 - 667 (illus)
Cumbria April 1995 p25 Prince Charles threat to the monarchy
CP 26.05.1821 p3c Basin of Carlisle Canal precisely on site of battery of Duke
The Citizen 20.07.1827 p117 Staying in Carlisle Thomas Scott views place of execution
CJ 23.03.1897 p2 Reference to sixteen graves for rebels at St Mary’s
CJ 26.08.1898 p6 Details of execution of Thomas Cappoch ‘Bishop of Carlisle’
CJ 15.09.1899 p4 Burial of Sir Archibald Primrose in 1746
CJ 19.09.1899 p2 Sir Archibald Primrose; notes on ancestry and place of burial
CJ 26.09.1899 p2 More on burial place
CJ 17.10.1899 p2 Burial of Charles Gordon after execution in 1746; details of execution and last letter also letter of 26.01.1747 concerning this gentleman
CJ 13.02.1903 p6 Relative of Lord Roseberry who was executed at Carlisle and buried in St Cuthbert’s
CJ 13.02.1917 p2 Old lady’s memories of the 1746 executions
CJ 15.07.1921 p5 Description of the hurdles for executions
CJ 04.02.1927 50 years ago, 30.06.1877, sale of Colonel Townley’s possessions including head in box recovered from one of the Gates in Carlisle
CN 04.11.1950 Details of heads on gates from an eye witness letter of Henry Howard
CN 17.11.1995 p1 (portrait) City hangs the Duke High (Tullie House)
CN 17.11.1995 p5 Jacobites to take over city centre
CN 17.11.1995 p10 Rebels fall to the butcher’s blade
CN 17.11.1995 p11 Letter
CN 29.03.1996 p3 (illus) Home at last
CN 25.04.2003 p9 Trial and execution of rebels; where buried

JAMES Scotch St
M442 p39 Business label for boot and shoe maker

JAMES, E and I Scotch St
M442 p1 Business card for Ironmongers, tallow chandlers

JAMES, Edmund Mon. Insc. St Mary’s Church [Cathedral] No10 died 01.02.1823, chairmaker of this city

JAMES, Edward Ironmonger, aged 59, employing 10 men, home address 55 Scotch St, born Stainton, Cumberland [1851 census]

JAMES, Isaac Iron merchant, Aged 44, living at 2 George Street, born Stanwix [1851 census]; 1891 census, aged 83, iron merchant, home 2 George St

CN 29.12.1989 p1 New hope for the battling children
CN 15.02.1991 p14 Cash aid
CN 17.05.1991 p9 More fun at school
CN 04.03.1994 p9 (illus) Tess lands another title
CN 31.05.2002 p14 Celebrates golden anniversary 1952 - 2002
CN 27.02.2004 p p5 Special schools could close in 2009 in shake up; 149 pupils
CN 05.03.2004 p12 Feature; assured it won’t close; p13 letter from Governors
CN 16.02.20073 Steve Bowditch retires after 26 years at school. School now has 134 pupils aged 3 - 19
CN 11.04.2008 p5 New wing at James Rennnie school

CN 29.07.1988 p20 Ad; Small workshops development
CN 19.05.1989 p8 City workshop complex off to a flying start
CN 31.05.1991 p12 Business booms...

JAMIESON and Co Friars Court
Wholesale merchants
CD 1924 Ad p64

JAMIESON, Archibald
City Minutes 1927-28 p625 Licensed to operate bus service to Liverpool /Glasgow

JAMIESON, Messrs I and E Botchergate
13.10.1921 Fire damage to the value of £850

CN 13.05.1988 p8

JARDINE, W.G. and Co English Damside
CD 1902-03 Ad p19
CD 1905-06 Ad p153
CD 1907-08 Ad p158

CJ 11.05.1962 p12

JEFFERSON, J.J. Scotland Road, The Market
CD 1952 Ad p272
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p230
CD 1955-56 Ad p231

JEFFERSON, Miss Fisher Street
Boarding School
CP31.08.1819 p1f Housev at foot of Fisher Stret to let; formerly school

JEFFERSON, S Scotch Street About 1836 Jollie’s bookselling and general printing business was sold to S.Jefferson; in 1838 Jefferson published at his Scotch St premises ‘Jefferson’s History of Carlisle’,in 1840 ‘The History of Leath Ward’ and 1842 ‘The History of Allerdale and Derwent’ CWAAS OS Vol 14 p19
CJ 02.08.1834 p3 Jefferson takes over premises lately occupied by Mr Cockburn and formerly Mr Jollie at 34 Scotch St
CP 02.07.1842 p1b Declining old booksellers business; Mr Whitridge taking over

JEFFREY, George Tithe Barn
Joiner and funeral undertaker
CD 1931 Ad p140
CD 1934 Ad p68
CD 1937 Ad pp124,292

JEFFREY,J.T. Old Bush Lane
Scalemaker and shopfitter
CD 1966-68 Ad pix

CN 09.12.1994 p17 Ad

CN 28.01.1966 p3 New Hall at Harraby dedication
CN 13.08.1971 p1 Move to Fisher Street
CN 22.12.2000 p10 Jehovah’s Witness at Christmas
CN 17.08.2001 p5 New place of worship planned for city on Durranhill Road
CN 14.06.2002 p29 New Kingdom Hall to be built at Pasture Walk, Durranhill
CN 30.08.2002 p15 New Hall built in two weeks; finished by next Sunday
CN 18.10.2002 p19 New kingdom Hall opened to public

JENK’S HOTEL English Street
Carlisle Diocesan Diretory 1872 Ad; extracts fron tarfiff

JENSON, J.A. Optician
CN 17.09.1938 p20 Ad

JESPERS English Street; shop on English St built 1883
Outfitters 1861 - 1962
Carlisle in Camera 1 p 17 late 1890s view
1901 census; Louis B.Jesper,40, tailor and clothier, bn Preston, home Meadow Tce
CD 1920 Ad p66
1928 Pageant Souvenir; ad engraving of shop facade
CD 1940 Ad p227
CD 1952 Ad p379
CD 1955-56 Ad p268
CD 1961-62 Ad p44
CN 17.09.1938 p18 CN 01.03.1947 p5 (illus)
CN 17.01.1948 p5 (portrait) T. Weeks managing director retired
CJ 16.01.1948 p1 (portrait) T.Weeks managing director retired
CN 19.01.1962 pp3,10 Closing
CJ 19.01.1962 p1 Sell up
CJ 09.02.1962 p1 Sell up

see F.Habbick; W.Nicholson; Wheatley;
CN 15.02.1947 p5 Handmade; Dalgleish, St Albans Row


JOBCENTRE Castle Street; Lowther Street
CN 02.11.1973 p9 Opening
CN 07.12.2001 p13 Letter concerning new computers at Carlisle Jobcentre
CN 01.11.2002 p13 Letter and photo; Cavray jobs were advertised by us

CN 14.04.1995 p23 Ad p23

JOHNNIE BULLDOGS LONNING Johnnie MacElroy who lived at the end of the Lonning owned a bulldog (circa 1880). D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered p10
City Minutes 1933-34 p 246 Reference to Johnny Bulldog’s Lonning
CJ 15.09.1967 p2 (Illus)
CN 13.01.1956 p10 Derivation of name
CN 13.04.1956 p10 Derivation of name
CN 20.05.1988 p4 Bulldog gave name to lonning

‘JOHN PEEL’ HUT Rickergate canteen
CJ 30.04.1940 p3 CN 02.07.1940 p1 CJ 12.07.1940 p1 CJ 19.07.1940 p4
CN 20.07.1940 p5 CJ 02.08.1940 p1 CN 03.08.1940 p5 CN 30.08.1940 p5 CN 30.08.1941 p5 CJ 04.07.1941 p2 CJ 25.07.1941 p5 CJ 22.08.1941 p1 CN 11.01.1947 pp5,6 CN 24.06.1977 p6 (illus)

CN 27.04.2007 p69 Advert for new houses; MacKnight builders
CN 02.05.2008 p10 Named after John Robert Aldersey, supporter of amateur football

CN 15.03.1991 p5 Award for city firm

JOHNSON, M 21 Mary Street
1882 Porters Directory Ad p52 Sanitary engineers

JOHNSON, W and Son Abbey St, West Walls
Drapers and clothiers
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxliii
CD 1884-85 Ad p259

JOHNSONS Warwick Road; Lowther St
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad
CD 1952 Ad p259
CD 1955-56 Ad p222
CD 1961-61 Ad p69

JOHNS PLACE; Denton Holme Shown on Asquith’s 1853 survey of Carlisle

JOHNSTON and BULMAN Lonsdale St;Lancaster St
Engineer factors of Carlisle
CD 1952 Ad p292
Cumberland Direc tory 1954 Ad p254
CD 1955-56 Ad p259
CD 1961-62 Ad p67
CD 1966-68 Ads pxix
CN 05.04.1974 p16 Ad Opening of new premises
CN 05.11.1993 p8 Keeping their quality promise

JOHNSTON and COURT Viaduct, Castle Street; Devonshire Street
CD 1920 Ad p84
CD 1924 Ad p204
CD 1927 Ad p212
CD 1931 Ad p60
CD 1934 Ad p44
CN 17.09.1938 p18 Ad

Mens wear
CD 1952 Ad p252
CD 1955-56 Ad p219
CD 1961-62 Ad p289
CD 1966-68 Ad p268

JOHNSTON and GIBBONS, Messrs Manufactory, near Scotch gate [Jollie 1811 p82]

JOHNSTON and LAMB English Damside Garage
Motor engineers
CD 1924 Ad p282
CD 1927 Ad p288

JOHNSTON, Miss Portland Place
Temperance Hotel
CD 1884-85 Ad p271

JOHNSTON, Mr 24 Portland Place
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p 17 Dentist

JOHNSTON, A Greystone Road
17.06.1920 Fire causing £1,400 worth of damage

JOHNSTON, Daniel Founded 1859 Blackfriars St and Norfolk St
House furnishers and ironmongers
1861 Morris, Harrison and Co ad p17 General ironmonger, BlAckfriars St
CJ 06.12.1957 p17 CJ 14.03.1958 p6 (illus) CJ 18.12.1964 p7
CN 26.11.1976 p9 (illus)
CN 28.04.1972 p12 (illus) Feature

JOHNSTON, Edward 9 Peascods Lane
1882 Porters Directory Ad p110 Auctioneer and house agent

JOHNSTON, J Castle Street
Photographic depot
CD 1905-06 Ad p82

JOHNSTON, J.D. Jackson St
Removers and storage
CD 1952 Ad p302
CD 1955-56 Ad p246

JOHNSTON, J Ferguson Durranhill Road
CD 1952 Ad p267
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p227
CD 1955-56 Ad p226

JOHNSTON, J.W. and Son Castle St; Devonshire St
CD 1910-11 Ad p20
CD 1934 Ad front cover
CD 1937 Ad front cover
CN 17.09.1938 p18 Ad

JOHNSTON, J.W. Viaduct; Castle St
Leading Trader of the City [1909] Ad pp 2,3 Established 49 years A 616
CD 1913-14 Ad p20

JOHNSTON, Joseph Tailor, aged 30, employing 1 man, home Baileys Ct, Castle St, born Carlisle [1861 census]

JOHNSTON, P Corner of Cumberland St and Norfolk St
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p38 photo of shop

JOHNSTON, Richard Plumber, aged 44, employing 4 men and 3 boys, home address Three Crowns Lane, born Ulverston

JOHNSTON, Robert English St, Citadel Row
Men’s wear
CD 1934 Ad p116
CD 1937 Ad p96
CD 1940 Ad p62

JOHNSTON, W Globe Lane
CD 1952 Ad p360
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p271

JOHNSTON, William Morell Auctioneer, died 01.01.1802 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

JOHNSTONE BROTHERS Sheffield St; Blencowe Street; Collingwood St
Monumental mason
William and Matthew Johnstone, brothers, partnership dissolved in 1907 after close upon 20 years; built row of artians dwellings in Fusehill St opposite the Workhouse, responsible for Margery St and Jackson Street and a portion of Greystone Rd, also built the offices of Mr J.Saint Jackson on Lowther Street [Obit of Matthew Johnstone CN 30.12.1911 p11]
1882 Porters Directory Ad p68 Sheffield St; CRO Ca E4 14223 Plans dated 19.11.1894 for 12 new houses on Warwick Rd [Petteril Bridge Terrace] for the Carlisle Steam Laundry Co; Johnston brothers architects
1901 Bulmer; Matthew and William Johnstone; architects, surveyors and engineers; home addresses Bruceville, Goschen Rd and Louisville, Goschen Rd; aged 47 and 49 respectively, born Scotland [1901 census]
CD 1902-03 Ad p176
CD 1905-06 Ad p4

JOHNSTONE, George Sybil Street
CN 02.11.2001 p4 George retires after 59 years

JOHNSTONE, Matthew Architect
see also Johnstone Brothers; after dissolution of company Matthew Johnstone designed the new Wesleyan Chapel at Currock and the new Presbyterian Chapel [Obit CN 30.12.1911 p11]

JOHNSTONE, W Blencowe St
Monumental sculptor
CD 1907-08 Ad p94
CD 1910-11 Ad p77
CD 1913-14 Ad p126

JOHNSTONE, William Blencowe St; sole contractor for Turkish Baths which opened in 1909

1858 Carlisle Directory Ad at back Operative dentist, 24 Portland Place

JOHNSTON’S TOBACCO STORES Devonshire St, Botchergate
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p34 photo
Leading Trader of the City Ad px A616
CN 03.10.2008 p17 Johnston’s cigarette cards found

JOHN STREET BOTCHERGATE WORKING MENS READING ROOM Established 1848 (Whellan 1860 p131); became the Lord Street Working Mens Reading Room

Carlisle Examiner 23.10.1858 p2c 11th Anniversary

CN 17.11.2006 p3 Suicide at 28 bed hostel

JOINERS ARMS Castle St; James Scott, new guide to Carlisle 1821; Joiner’s Arms, Market Place, John McGlasson, 1829 Directory

JOINERS ARMS Church St, Caldewgate
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916, 2004 p39
CPacquet 21.01.1789 For sale Joiners Arms, Caldewgate
1901 census; James Turner, publican, aged 57, born Carlisle
CN 10.06.1966 p8 (illus)
CN 17.06.1977 p1 Ghost
CN 18.10.1985 Ad for tenancy of Joiners Arms
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p29 drawing of pub in 1986
CN 15.03.1991 Called Blue Lugs after timber men at nearby yard
CN 28.03.1991Called Blue Lugs after veins on manager’s ears
CN 06.05.2005 p5 Pub will reopen on Monday after January flood

JOINERS ARMS English Street, in 1847 publican moves to new premises in Scotch Street, called the Black Bull but renamed by Mr Little Joiners Arms; in local directories to 1852
CJ 20.02.1847 p1a Ad. Mr Little removed from Joiners, English Street


JOINERS ARMS Warwick Road; only in local directory for 1852

JOLLIE, F Circulating library
CJ 12.09.1801 p2 Return of books

JOLLIE, Francis Francis Joillie, came from Redmyne Mains, 11/12 miles east of Montrose. Born 1755, died 27.08.1820. A Discourse Proving the Divine Prescience of Predestination....by William Graham Carlisle, Printed by F,Jollie, MDCCLXXXVIII [1788]; Reasons for Contentment...W.Paley, Carlisle, Printed by F.Jollie, 1792; in 1794 he published Hutchinson’s History of Cumberland in two large quarto volumes; 27.10.1798 he issued the first number of the Carlisle Journal at his Scotch St office; Jollie had 3 sons, Francis junior, James and Jeremiah; in 1819 the name of Francis Jollie junior and James Jollie superseded that of their father in the imprint of the Carlisle Journal and Jeremiah became the editor; In 1826 Francis Jollie junior died and the business was carried out by his widow, Margaret Jollie and by James Jollie, until November 1828, when the name of James Jollie disappears from the imprints of the paper and that of Margaret Jollie appears alone until 17.09.1831, when the firm became Margaret Jollie and James Steel. On 17.09.1836 James Steel became the sole proprietor and moved the paper to new premises in Peascod’s Lane. At this time or a little before, the bookselling and general printing business was separated from the newspaper and sold to S.Jefferson [CWAAS OS Vol 14 pp18-9]
CRO D/ FCCL7/ 3 vii Letter from Francis Jollie to congregation of Congregational Church 1814 giving account of himself and his faith
CJ 17.09.1836 pp 2,3 Margaret Jollie and James Steel, publishers of Carlisle Journal; partnership dissolved by mutual consent
CJ 07.10.1853 p4 Francis Jolly son of Francis Jolly candidate for provincial council in New

JOLLIE, John Bookseller
1818 Printed and published ‘The Reflector’ which ran to 20 numbers [CWAAS OS Vol 14 p21]
CJ 09.09.1826 p2c Ad. disposing of business to assitant H.K.Snowden
CJ 30.06.1832 p3 Death in Abbey Street, formerly a bookseller in this city

JOLLIE’S BUILDINGS So marked at the north end of Lowther Street on Wood’s 1821 map of the city
CJ 04.10.1895 p7a Letter concerning the poor of Jollie’s buildings


JOLLY BUTCHER Scotch Street; in local directories to 1834

CN 01.11.1991 p11 Opening



JONES, David John St
CN 22.03.2002 p6 Took over J.A.Buckle two years ago; now Buckle and Jones

JONES, T.J. Chemists in Botchergate
CN 15.07.2005 p4 Obit of Margaret Jones, who ran chemists with father

JOPSON BROTHERS Fruit merchant
Leading trader of the City Ad p45 A616
CD 1893-94 Ad page back pink

JOPSONS Lowther Street; Fisher Street
CN 15.05.1992 p8 Jopsons is a gem
CN 06.10.2000 p8 Moves to new premises in Fisher Street
CN 14.07.2006 p1 and p3 Restoration of Stanwix church clock by Jopsons

JORDAN, John Spirit merchant, employing 2 men, aged 33, home address English St, born Carlisle [1861 census]

JORDAN’S COURT, Broadguards
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 Nos 2 and 3 unfit for human habitation

JOSLIN, A Bank St; Globe Lane
Postcard photo of about 1920 bears the address 43 Bank Street
CD 1920 Ad p274
CD 1952 Ad p353

CD 1934 Ad p268
CD 1937 Ad p226
CD 1940 Ad pp150,178


JOVIAL BUTCHER Botchergate; appears to be the forerunner of Deakin’s Vaults; in local directories to 1884
CP 05.11.1831 p1 Ad Sign of the Jolly Butcher for sale

JOVIAL BUTCHER Kingstown; beerhouse in local directory for 1884; so named on 1901 census
CD 1893-94 J.Flynn, Wood
1901 Directory p 248 Matthew Graham, beerhouse keeper
CJ 06.08.1907 p6 Wm Rayson formerly kept Jovial Inn
CJ 27.02.1906 p6 Licensing session; to close beerhouse

JOVIAL HATTERS Address given variously as Wood St, Borough St and English Damside; also called Jolly Hatters; in local directories to 1894; named on the 1860s 50 inch survey of Carlisle and shown as on the north side of Wood Street
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p129 Pub token
1891 census; James Flynn, 43, hotel keeper, bn Ireland; address Wood St
CN 23.06.2006 p10 Denis Perriam on the location of the Jovial Hatter

JOVIAL SAILOR Caldcoats; in local directories from 1844
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916, 2004 p35-6
City Council Health Committee minutes 17.03.1902 Reconstruction appoved
CN 30.10.1952 1903 photo of Jovial Sailor
1901 census; John Nichols, innkeeper, aged 53, bn Yorkshire
CN 26.01.1968 p1 Fire
CN 06.05.2005 p5 Jovial Sailor reopens after flood; photo of landlady Pat Crozier

CN 27.08.1993 p3 Joy riders get ticket to drive

Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, pp 63-64 Memories of Jubilee celebrations


JUBILEE ROAD So named after silver jubilee of King George V
CN 12.01.2007 p16 Problems for environmentalist who wants to put up wind turbine on house on Jubilee Rd

JUDGE OF ASSIZE Originally lodged in Castle, then from 1812 Mushroom Hall in Fisher St; 1863-65 Tullie House, then for the rest of 19th century various houses including Thomas Nelson’s house on Lowther St; more permanent residence at St Ann’s Hill
Carlisle in Camera p53 Photo of Judges House in Lowther Street with coach
CN 28.10.1966 p12
CN 14.10.1966 p14 Illustration of a coach and pair
CN 21.10.1966 p12 Illustration of a coach and pair
CN 04.08.1967 p8 Lodging in Lowther Street - now part of Royal Insurance Co
CN 19.01.1968 p1 Footman
CN 08.03.1974 p6 Lodgings
CN 10.12.2004 p3 High Court Judge arives by horse carriage again
CN 29.12.2006 p4 Paul Batty takes over as resident judge at Carlisle Crown Court

JUDGES, County Court
CN 14.01.1950 p5 Previous five judges

CN 13.07.2007 p5 Kobayashi Kwai Judo Club celebrates 50 years; founded 1957 by Fred Salkeld and first to achieve Dan status was Steve Rogerson

JUNCTION STREET Noted on 1861 census; laid out in 1854 [CRO CA/E4-519]
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p43 1967 photo of street