Factory and Workshops Acts - Fyne Paper

City Council Minutes 1896/97 pp164/65 Report fiollowing acts of 1891 and 1895

CN 02.03.1990 p7 Ad
CN 05.12.2003 p14 Factory Bedding in Denton Holme gone into liquidation

CN 21.01.2005 p6 D.Perriam article on the early morning call to work by hooter

FAIRBAIRN, E.F. and Sons Edentown
CD 1913-14 Ad p5
CD 1920 Ad p66

FAIRBAIRN,E.F. Caldewgate
Poultry breeders
CD 1952 Ad p360

FAIRBAIRN, George Nurseryman, aged 55, born Clapham, London, home Croft House, Botcherby [1901 census]

CN 24.08.1962 p1 Take over by Ross Group

FAIRLIE, Maria and Margaret School, Lowther Street
CP 16.12.1870. Nos attending school 26
1891 census; Maria M.Fairlie, schoolmistress, aged 49, bn Carlisle, home 8 Chatsworth Square, 8 boarding scholars listed aged 13 - 19

CJ 02.09.1853 p6 Sheep and cattle fair (historical description and decline...)
Carlisle People and Places p110 Photo of fair on Sands circa 1889
CJ 27.08.1946 p1 Toll proclamation
CN 31.08.1946 p5 Toll proclamation
CJ 02.09.1960 p4 Carlisle’s Great Fair
CN 29.08.1969 p12 Illustration of 1910
CN 07.04.1989 p10 A job for a professional
CN 09.04.1999 p5 Unwelcome; all the din of the fair
CN 17.10.2003 p3 Morton Fair funfair called off after complaints from locals

FALSTAFF EATING HOUSE Formerly King’s Head, Fisher St
CN 18.01.1974 p14 (illus) Opening

FAR BOOT Houghton
See also Near Boot
CN 17.07.1992 p4 Memories of

FARLAM, John 31 Botchergate
1882 Porters Directory Ad p168 Grocer

FARMER’S ARMS Irish Damside; in local directories 1837 and 1858
1861 census, Mrs Read, aged 47, Innkeeper, born Carlisle

FARMERS ARMS St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directories from 1855 - 1902/03
1891 census; Robert Bell, innkeeper and cowkeeper, aged 54
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916, p95, 101
Carlisle; Archival photographs p16 photo in 1902; Robert Lockerbie tenant
CN 15.02.1991 p4 (photo) Farmers Arms had a cowshed

FARMERS MARKETS For sale of local produce
CN 09.06.2000 p7 Council backs farm markets; likely to be in city centre

FARRAGHER, J Church St, Caldewgate
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p14; photo of butcher’s shop

FARRELL,A.W. Bakers founded 1953; Etterby
CN 19.08.1988 p11 Closure
CN 02.12.1988 p8 Take over - ad feature

FARRER, Joseph and FAULDER, Joseph Depot in South Henry Street which was taken over by the Caledonian in 1931
City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus service Carlisle to Dumfries

CJ 13.04.1934 Photo of Oswald Mosley at Carlisle
CJ 07.06.1935 p5 A visit to their HQ in Lonsdale St
CJ 27.09.1935 Photo meeting in Carlisle; blackshirts as stewards
CN 09.05.1936 p7
CJ 15.05.1936 Supplement photo of Oswald Mosley at Carlisle
CN 06.03.1998 p5 Day the blackshirts fought in Carlisle
CN 24.07.1998 p1 Fascists target county shows

CD 1966-68 Ad piv

FAT FINGERS Abbey St named changed to Fats
CN 08.08.1997 p3 (illus) Dean of Carlisle gives thumbs down to sign
CN 15.08.1997 p16 Vulgar sign banned
CN 15.10.1999 p3 Launch of bid for wine bar
CN 10.12.1999 p6 Controversial wine bar
CN 10.10.2003 p1 Fine for knocking down internal wall in listed building
CN 03.12.2004 p8 sold to Eric Cairns and Justin Tornberry by J.Van Leirop

FAULDER AND CO 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p 128 iron and brass founders, Willow-holme
Jollie’s 1811 Directory p84 Iron foundry

FAWCETT SCHOOL Foundation stone laid 04.02.1850; opened January 1851; took over the Central School buildings sometime before 1884; West Walls
CIC p58
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p73 photo of girls’ class
Carlisle an illustrated history p47 pre WWI photo of girls class
CJ 21.01.1853 p4 AGM CJ 26.06.1863 p5 CJ 31.01.1865 p2 CN 10.04.1959 p10 CN 18.09.1959 p10
Carlisle Examiner 29.01.1859 p2d Annual meeting of subscribers
CP 16.12.1870 Details nos on roll 404, nos attending 361
26.01.1908 John H Cotterill, 34 years teacher Fawcett Sch., dies [MI 158/14]
1914 photo of boys class 6 Carlisle in Camera p58
CJ 19.06.1966 p6 Site
CN 30.09.1966 p12 (illus) Pupils in 1897

1901 census; Michael Fay, aged 60, bn Ireland; 27 borders
City Minutes 1921-22 p42 Declared unfit for human habitation
Sanitary Condition for the City of Carlisle 1924 p64 Demolished

CN 20.01.1995 p1 Declared bankrupt

CN 12.06.1998 p7

FELL,Bryan Currock Road
CN 22.10.1999 p14 Ad


CN 04.02.1950 p9 To visit city
CN 25.02.1950 p6 Visit

FELL VIEW, Warwick Rd
27.04.1902 died Elizabeth Jennigs wife of Edwrad Jennings of Fell View, Warwick Rd
STanwix MI 121/1

FEMALE VISITING SOCIETY Relief of the indigent
1829 Parson and White p 142 details
Mannix 1847 p136 Founded 1803

CWAAS OS Vol 2 p349 Fencing master mentioned 1724 one Joseph Johnston

FENDLEY,G.H. and E. Carlyles Lane; Castle St
Carpet Manufacturer
CD 1927 Ad p186
CN 06.10.1945 p6 Obit of G.H.Fendley; founded han-tufted carpet factory with wife

FENDLEY,George H Lowther St; Warwick Road; All Saints Church, Calthwaite - choir stalls, lectern, and two angels looking over sanctuary were the work of woodcarver George Fendley, see Nigel Redfern All Saints Calthwaite, the story of the building, 1988 p9 for example of work and photo of Mr Fendley
Wood carving school
CD 1905-06 Ad p134
CD 1907-08 Ad p198
CJ 14.05.1918 p4 War exemption forMr Fendley; details of business
CN 06.10.1945 p6 Obit of G.H.Fendley; woodcaver, antique business, Castle St

FENDLEY, George H Warwick Road
Architects and contractors
CD 1910-11 Ad p110

FENDLEY, George H. Castle St
Furniture Store
CD 1913-14 Ad p166
CD 1927 Ad p186

Sale of garage by James Fendley in November 1922
Leading Trader of the City Ad pvi,vii A 616; established 1895
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p38 photo
CD 1907-08 Ad p142
CD 1910-11 Ad p140
CD 1913-14 Ad p98
CD 1920 Ad p316
CN 27.02.1959 p10 (illus)
CN 22.06.2001 p8 (illus) Fendley’s Garage; D.Perriam

FERGUSON, George Manufacturer in this city 21.07.1807; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard

FERGUSON, George Scotch Street
Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p22 Draper; late G.Hetherington; engraving

FERGUSON,H Milan Terrace
Caravan Manufacturers
CD 1952 Ad p276

FERGUSON, John Backhouse Walk
Textile manufacturer
CN 06.10.2000 p8 Textile brothers

FERGUSON, Messrs R.G. George St, hat manufactory [Jollie 1811 p 82]

FERGUSON, Richard Manufacturers; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784; Richard Ferguson, Manufacturer of this city died 28.12.1787; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard and inside church

FERGUSON, Samuel Denton St
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxlvii
1882 Porters Directory Ad p142 70 Denton St

1811 Jollie p82 Linen manufactory, English Street

FERGUSON AND SOWERBY, Messrs Woodyard near Swifts [Jollie 1811 p 82]

FERGUSON BROTHERS LTD Coffee tavern and reading room on Bridge Terrace for Ferguson workers opened January 1882; nearby recreation ground and bowling green laid out in 1881; works opened 1824; second mill opened 30.05.1865 with 1907 and 1913 extensions
See also Holme Head
See Centenary Ferguson Brothers, Holme Head works 1824-1924, 1924 B352
All About Carlisle 1934 p82 Messrs Ferguson
CD 1952 Ad p253
CJ 02.08.1949 p2 CJ 09.08.1949 p2 CN 24.05.1974 p23 (illus)
CP 30.04.1864 p1 Ad; erection by tender of cotton mill and weaving shed
CJ 02.06.1865 p6 Second large mill erected
CJ 31.03.1882 Coffee tavern opened in January of that year
CJ 24.03.1893 Specimens dispatched to world’s fair at Chicago
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p122 Photo of works about 1907
CJ 07.01.1938 p10 Local trades
CN 14.02.1948 p5 Increased production methods
CJ 07.05.1948 p1 Increased production
CJ 15.08.1948 p1 ‘Vertical’
CN 12.03.1949 p5 Increased production
CN 04.02.1950 p7 (illus) p2 Boiler plant opened by Lord Adams of Ennerdale
CN 04.07.1958 p13 Supplement Fergusons began as dyers
ENS 10.02.1964 p1 Carlisle firm in £1m merger
CJ 14.02.1964 p11 Merger with Viyella
CN 14.02.1964 p6 Merger with Viyella
ENS 11.05.1964 p1 City firm to acquire companies
CN 15.05.1964 p1 Expansion
CN 03.06.1966 p1 Extensions
ENS 18.01.1967 p1 Fergusons to lose 80 jobs
CN 20.01.1967 p3 (illus) Workpeople paid off
CJ 05.01.1968 p3 Repair of chimney
ENS 08.03.1977 p1 Jobs loss
CN 16.11.1990 p9 60 to lose jobs
CN 06.09.1991 p1 200 jobs hit by shut down
CN 13.09.1991 p19 Call for probe into axed jobs
CN 04.10.1991 p25 Advice on redundancy
CN 06.03.1992 p16 Bid to bulldoze
CN 18.12.1992 p3 Nicky’s stack of money
CN 22.01.1993 p13 Charity grows as chimney falls
CN 27.01.1995 p5 Homes for factory site
CN 19.02.1999 p3 (illus) How I made my first million
CN 12.03.1999 p6 Mills needs a history (redevelopment)
CN 19.03.1999 p3 (illus) Carlisle’s own ‘Docklands’
CN 20.08.1999 p10 Carlisle’s most desirable address
CN 01.10.1999 p1 City’s urban village

FERGUSON FOUNTAIN Erected at Malt Shovel in 1859; later moved to Court Square
CN 16.09.1966 p12

FERGUSON’S LANE, English St, linking Blackfriars Street and English Street. The lane is still there today. So named on Wood’s 1821 map of city

FERGUSONS PLACE Milboune Street; first on census of 1881 and on voters list to 1951
Carlisle in Camera 2 p31 view of court

FERGUSON ROAD First noted on electoral register for 1922; land in this area was formerly owned by the Dean and Cahapter and streets were named in honour of Bishops of Carlisle and Chancellors of the Diocese, in this case Chancellor Ferguson

CN 25.04.2008 p73 For sale

FESTIVALS see Blackwell Murry Neet; Carlin Sunday; Christmas; Easter Sports;


FEWIS HILL see also Fusehill
1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

Round Carlisle Cross Vol 9 Carlisle in fiction pp13-20

FIDLER, Alfred
City Minutes 1927-28 p624 Licensed to operate bus service to Wetheral

CN 27.05.2005 p 8 Film festival screens historic Michell & Kenyon film of city

CN 12.11.1993 p5 Sun sets sights on the movies
Cumbria Life no 49, 1996 pp38-39 ‘Action’ 2A 9
CN 16.05.1997 p10 How Mr Algie scooped the Royal funeral
CN 17.10.1997 p16 (illus) Here comes Carllywood

FINE FARE Botchergate
ENS 06.11.1962 p1 Opened

FINESSE Milbourne Street
CN 30.03.2001 p22 Ad feature

FINKLE STREET So named Fynkelstrete in1540; may mean street where fennel is sold or street with a bend
CIC2 p15 Photo of houses at junction with Corporation Rd, Castle side
Carlisle; history and celebration M.Constantine p35 view of back of houses
City minutes 1890-91 item 109 Improvement of Finkle Street; see CIC2 p12
Memories of Carlisle Chapter 1 Photo of street in early 1950s
CN 11.11.1966 p12
CN 21.09.1929 p4 (illus) Buildings opposite Castle removed
CN 23.10.1948 p5 (illus) Susanna Blamire’s House (Castle View House)
CJ 05.11.1948 p3 (illus) Demolition of houses
CN 18.03.1955 p10 Origin of name
ACADEMY OF ART Built in 1823; last exhibition in 1833, lessons ceased 1834 ; reopened as Carlisle School of Art in 1854; in 1877 Carlisle Museum established here; moved to Tullie House in 1891;demolished 1930
See also Art School; Museum; College of Art
CIC p56 photo in 1920s
CAIH p51
Slee,M. Older Carlisle (illus) p23
CN 29.01.1949 p5 (illus) CN 09.02.1952 p5 (illus) CN 12.12.1953 p8
CN 02.03.1962 p10 (illus) CN 04.03.1966 p12
CJ 12.08.1826 p3a Carlisle Academy of Arts; exhibition to open
CJ 26.08.1826 p3a Carlisle Academy Exhibition; list of exhibitors
CJ 16.09.1826 p1a ad 4th Carlisle Exhibition of Fine Arts at Academy
CJ 16.09.1826 p2b Carlisle Academy of Arts; list of subscribers
CJ 16.09.1826 p2e,f Report on Exhibition
1829 Parson and White p146 Details
CP 27.07.1877 p7c Carlisle Museum Finkle Street opened
CN 02.11.1929 p9 Academy of Art
CN 09.04.1999 p13 Fight to preserve city’s heritage
NUMBER 10; Susannah Blamire’s House
Memories of Old Carlisle, G.Topping p 131 photo of house
CN 23.10.1948 p5 (illus) S.Blamire’s House; Castle View House

FINLAY, John M. English Damside
Floor coverings
CD 1931 Ad p306

FINLAYSON, Bill Hairdresser
ENS 06.12.1976 p5 Ad

FINNEGAN’S WAKE Lowther Street ; formerly The Post
CN 19.12.1997 p10 (illus) Pints are now pulled where stamps were once licked
ENS 24.01.2001 p1 Pub boss jailed; takings gambled
CN 26.09.2003 p5 Pub will soon reopen after being bought by T and B Scougal

FIORI CASUAL WARE Scotch St; founded 1979
CN 27.07.2001 Fiori’s ex owner now runs The Officers Club chain of stores

Topping,G and Potter, J Memorials of Old Carlisle Fire of 1292
Topping,G and Potter,J Memorials of Old Carlisle p5 Fire of 1392
CN 15.09.1972 p8 CJ 20.03.1953 p1
CJ 05.12.1856 Dramatic fire at Mains Cotton factory
Carlisle Examiner 15.08.1857 p3 Fire in Scotch Street
Carlisle Examiner 20.11.1858 p2 e,f Great fire at hat manufacturer, Scotch St
CP 23.02.1861 p5b Donald’s Flour Mill destroyed by fire
10.01.1871 Slater’s Cotton Factory burnt down
07.04.1889 Fire at Infirmary
18.01.1890 Fire at Carlisle Castle
16.05.1914 Messrs Hayton, Botchergate; £1,760 damage after fire
11.09.1914 St Nicholas Firewood Co; £900 damage after fire
28.12.1914 Fire at Morton carpet factory; damage worth £50,000
20.02.1920 Fire at Carr’s Duke St building; £30,000 damage
13.10.1921 Jamieson’s of Botchergate; £850 damage
16.03.1922 Fire; £2,000 worth of damage
Chief Constables Annual Report for 1926 p13 Dates of 38 fires attended
09.11.1927 Stockroom at Crown and Mitre goes up; £4,500 worth of damage
07.11.1928 James Dias, Motor engineers, Warwick Road; damage of £28,000
CN 10.11.1928 pp16,17 Warwick Road
26.05.1929 Fire at Carlisle Bread and Flour Co; £10,000 worth of damage
24.08.1929 Fire at Creighton’s Saw Mill; £25,000 worth of damage
City Minutes 1931-32 p4Chief Constables Annual report. pp12-13 Fires in 1931
11.03.1953 Carlisle united’s Grandstand burns down
ENS 25.05.1957 Fire in Corporation Road
CN 02.01.1959 p10 (illus) Carr’s fire in 1920
CN 11.02.1966 p10 Slater’s Mill January 1871
CN 18.02.1966 p12 (illus) Theatre fire in 1904
CN 11.03.1966 p12 (illus) Skating rink in 1920
CN 18.03.1966 p14 Castle Street fire in 1885
CN 15.09.1972 p8 Historical synopsis of notable fires
CN 15.09.1972 pp 1,3 (illus) Penguin House
CN 22.09.1972 p3 Penguins fire
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p158 photos of Penguin factory fire
CN 04.05.1973 p7 (illus) Fire at Scotts leather goods
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p159 photo of Scotts fire
CN 06.07.1973 p1 After fire at Scotts
CN 24.08.1973 p6 English Damside fire of 06.07.1896
CN 28.06.1985 p4 Castle/ Fisher St in 1895
CN 25.03.1988 p4 Crowds lost senses at a big city blaze
CN 21.08.1998 p3 (illus) Arson Hotel (Warwick Road Hotel)
CN 09.03.2001 p1 Fire death in bedsit in Warwick Road
CN 05.07.2002 p5 Blaze at former day hospital on Newtown Road
CN 11.10.2002 p3 St Joseph’s home burns down
CN 17.01.2003 p1 Boy arsonist who burnt down St Joseph’s home says sorry
CN 04.04.2003 p1 Fire at Graham’s Garage closes London Road
CN 05.12.2003 p5 13 years for arson man, fire at James Tce, Tait St on 29.07.03
CN 25.02.2005 p1 Rathbones the bakery burns down at Durranhill
CN 16.12.2005 p1Fire rips through Chatsworth Sq flats

FIREMARKS Mark of the Newcastle Fire Insurance Co on upper outer wall of south east end of Fisher Street
CWAAS ns Vol 3 Photo opp p 409 of Newcastle firemark found in Castle St
CN 09.08.1974 p6
CN 29.03.1947 p5 (illus) Insurance fire plate

FIRE SERVICE Volunteer Fire Brigade formed 29.08.1866; at Council Meeting of 16.12.1904 it was decided to replace the Volunteer Fire Corps with a brigade operated by the City Police Force
M1045 p69
CAIH p66
Templeton, J 100 Years of Carlisle Fire Brigade, 1995 1BC 363.378
1158-1958 pp 53-56 1BC 352
CN 12.11.1954 p12 CN 19.11.1954 p12 CJ 24.04.1956 p8 (illus)
CJ 21.06.1806 p3b Use of fire engines
CJ 15.09.1868 p2 Trial of hand fire engine by Carlisle Volunteer Fire Brigade
CJ 18.09.1868 p5 Trial of hand fire engine by Carlisle Volunteer Fire Brigade
CJ 25.09.1868 p6 Letter concerning the above
CJ 21.11.1879 p3 Annual inspection
CP 25.02.1898 p6f Volunteer fire brigade annual meeting
City Minutes 1903-04 pp265-7 Suggestions for fire safety improvements to city halls
City Minutes 1904-05 p85 Appointment of permanent firemen
City Minutes 1904-05 p86 Resignation of members of Volunteer Fire Brigade
City Minutes 1904-05 p87 30th December 1904 Chief Constable takes over
City Minutes 1928-9 p235 Robert Gate appointed officer in charge of Fire Brigade
CJ 12.12.1939 p1 Proving their efficiency
CJ 16.08.1940 pp1,5 From Spring Garden Lane to Warwick St
CN 17.02.1940 p9 From Spring Garden Lane to Warwick St
CN 17.08.1940 p5 From Spring Garden Lane to Warwick St
CN 29.08.1942 p3 1st Anniversary of nationalisation celebrated in Carlisle
CN 05.04.1947 p5 Fire engines
CJ 14.04.1950 p2 Joint Fire and Ambulance service - segregation
CN 24.05.1952 p4 Illustration circa 1908
CN 07.06.1952 p4 Illustration circa 1885
CN 14.06.1952 p4 Illustration of volunteer brigade
CN 08.08.1958 p8 Volunteer Fire Brigade
CN 09.03.1962 p12 (illus) Spring Gardens Lane
CN 14.02.1966 p10 Volunteer Fire Brigade
CJ 09.09.1966 p11 (illus) History
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p157 1966 photo of engine outside station
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p157 1970 photo of engine
CN 22.05.1987 p4 (illus) Early days
CN 03.07.1987 p4 (illus) Early days
CN 02.02.1990 p11 Fire crews call
CN 02.02.1990 p10 Fanning the fire
CN 05.10.1990 p44 Council leads way on safety
CN 08.03.1991 pp1,3 Enter new fire fighters
CN 03.05.1991 p1 Red-hot that's firefighters
CN 31.05.1991 p23 Fire figures fast flare-up raises fears
CN 02.08.1991 p8 County fire fighters go green
CN 24.01.1992 p3 Firemans answer
CN 16.10.1992 p16 Big jump in house fire toll in county
CN 16.10.1992 p7 Firemen praised
CN 04.02.1994 p4 Volunteer fire service (100 years ago)
CN 18.10.1996 p3 Firemen fight back as spending axe hovers
CN 18.10.1996 p3 Brigade likes it hot - but it’ll cost the county £50,000
CN 07.03.1997 p10 The days when firemen who went to blazes were paid in ale
CN 25.07.1997 p1 Co-op blaze; firemen look again at arson
CN 26.09.1997 Supp. Fire chief praises drop in callouts
CN 10.10.1997 p4 Successful fire services faces cash cut
CN 02.01.1998 p4 Business as usual at Christmas for the emergency teams
CN 05.01.2001 p1 Carlisle moonlighting firemen face sack
CN 25.10.2002 p1Fire service strike looms; opinion p 12
CN 15.11.2002 p1 Fireman’s strike; feature page p12
CN 22.11.2002 p1 Firemens’ strike
CN 29.11.2002 p1 Dispute will go on; letters page 14
CN 25.06.2004 p1 Call for out of town fire station
CN 20.08.2004 p43 Day in the life of fire brigade man
08.01.2005 Fire station flooded out

FIRE STATION Spring Gardens Lane 07.11.1898 - 16.08.1940; Warwick St 16.08.1940 to date
CP 15.04.1898 p6 New site for fire station
CN 09.03.1962 p12 (illus)
CJ 11.06.1937 p7 New police and fire station
CJ 16.08.1940 New station
CN 02.02.1990 p11 Fire crews call
CN 02.02.1990 p10 Fanning the fire
CN 25.09.1992 p49 Calls for new fire station
CN 14.04.2006 p1 City gets two new fiore stations

Volunteer Fire Brigade Station opened 23.01.1885
CN 13.11.1981 p19

See also Gunpowder Plot
CN 25.10.1996 p1 Heat is on as clocks go back for winter
CN 13.11.1998 p19 £19,000 up in smoke
CN 03.11.2000 p1 Bridge shut for Fireworks
CN 02.11.2001 p1 Yobs cause misery with fireworks
CN 09.11.2001 p17 (illus) report on Bon Fire night show at Bitts Park
CN 01.11.2002 p3 Bitts Fire Bonfire tomorrow
CN 08.11.2002 p15 20,000 at fireworks show
CN 31.10.2003 p1 Could be a crowd of 35,000 for tomorrow’s fireshow at Bitts
CN 31.10.2003 p7 Feature on history of Fireshow; started in 1987
CN 12.11.2004 p 15 Fireshow; 35,000 crowd

CN 13.03.1998 p16 Ad

FIRTH, James Botchergate
Watchmaker, jeweller and optician
CD 1893-94 Ad p46

FIRTH, Mary Botchergate
M.Edwards Our City Our People p22 Short memory circa 1900 of confectioner

CD 1966-68 Ad p305

FISH Ferguson Lane; licence terminated 1907
1861 census Agnes Thompson, aged 76, innkeeper, born Carlisle
CP 11.10.1862 p1 To let; occupied by late John Thompson for upwards of 60 years
1901 census; Patrick Carr, aged 53, publican, born Wigton
CP 31.05.1907 The Fish Inn; licence considered

FISH AND DOLPHIN St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directories 1844 - 1913/14
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916, pp96-98
1847 Directory John Reid Innkeeper
1861 census Thomas Long, Innkeeper, aged 42, born Carlisle
1891 census; John Carrick, 40, licensed victualler, born Houghton
E.Nelson Around Carlisle pp12-13 Interior and exterior photos

CN 14.01.1966 p12
CN 01.09.2000 p7 Carlisle chippie in regional final; Holme Fryer

M442 p46 Business label for chemist and druggist

FISHER, G Devonshire Walk
Painter and decorator
CD 1955-56 Ad p272

FISHER, Henry Photographer
Portrait [circa 1900] bears the address Eden Studio, Stanwise [sic]. Another portrait of a similar date says ‘Eden Studio’, Etterby Street, Stanwix

FISHER, John 48 English St; Bank St
M442 p6 Business card for chemist and druggist
1858 Carlisle Directory Ad at back, 9 and 10 Bank St Fisher’s Ginger Beer, est 1815
Carlisle Diocesan Calendar 1868 Ad; established 1815
CD 1884-85 Ad p268

FISHER, Matthew Botchergate, opposte church
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p17 Photo artist

CN 31.03.2006 p5 Mike Fisher forms new legal firm; Spencer Street base

FISHER, T Castle Street
M442 p3 Business card for ladies and gentleman hairdresser

FISHER,T and Sons Castle St, Botchergate
Umbrella specialists
Leading Trader of the City p31 Ad A 616
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p35 photo
CD 1907-08 Ad p16
CD 1910-11 Ad p145
CD 1913-14 Ad p137
CD 1931 Ad p68
CD 1934 Ad p60
CD 1937 Ad p52
CN 12.08.1955 p1 Closing

FISHER’S Botchergate
Travel goods specialists
CD 1955-56 Ad p288

CP 16.12.1870 Details nos on roll 16, nos attending 16

FISHER STREET So named vico piscatorum in circa 1300; Numbers 31-33 dated 1776 with later alterations; numbers 35-37 late 18th century with later alterations; number 18 late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork, originally two houses of the same build, the sixth bay forming par of a separate house being entered from; numbers 19 -21 late 18th or early 19th century with later alterations, Flemish bond brickwork, formerly a house now two shops; number 23 dated 1776; Carlisle Working Mens Club, no 11, dated about 1800
CN 21.11.1958 p10 CN 28.11.1958 p10 CN 08.11.1974 p6
13.06.1762 St Mary’s Parish Registers, christening, John Bowstead of Fisher St
Cumberland Pacquet 3.10.1797 Freehold garden for sale upon which a dwelling house for a gentleman’s family may be built
CJ 01.06.1888 p1 For sale. Two large houses on Fisher Street, warehouses, dyeworks etc to West Tower Street ‘the property formerly belonged to the late firm of Messrs Peter Dixon and Sons and was occupied by them as offices and warehouses and was recently occupied by John Hutton Gillbanks’
CJ 28.10.1966 p3 Devonshire House
CN 28.10.1966 p13 Letter from Civic Trust concerning proposed demolition of face for extension
CN 24.11.1989 p18 Modern marketing in the ancient by-ways
CN 23.11.1990 p8 (illus) It’s off with the old
CN 20.01.1995 p16 Down your way
CN 01.12.2000 p9 History of number 34
CN 15.02.2002 p3 Firm plans 19 flats in street as town centre moves to Lanes
CN 01.11.2002 p7 Listed building collapses before conversion to flats
CN 14.03.2003 p3 Half of 24 unfinished appartments taken
CN 21.05.2004 p57 Spinners Yard, Fisher St; new house for sale
Number 7
CWAAS 3rd ser. vol 8, 2008 Excavations of two Romano-British kilns
at 7a Fisher Street
Number 11 See alsoWorking Mens Club;
J.W.Brown, Round Carlisle Cross, 1951, p114 Built about 1800 for Robert Ferguson
CJ 13.11.1888 p2 Death at his house of John Clark Ferguson
CJ 07.12.1888 p5 Property on Fisher Street left to J.C.Ferguson’s wife
CJ 25.01.1889 p3 Death of Anne Ferguson; wife of J.C.Ferguson
CJ 07.05.1920 p7 Devonshire House School; sold to client. The house at one time town house of Joseph Ferguson MP and his son J.C.Ferguson, from whomse representatives it was purchased by the late Messrs Atkinson and Davidson, coachbuilders
CJ 28.10.1966 p3 Devonshire House
CN 28.10.1966 p13 Letter from Civic Trust concerning proposed demolition of face for extension
Numbers 19-21 Late 18th or early 19th century with later alterations, Flemish bond brickwork, formerly a house now two shops;
Number 23 Former Friends Meeting House now cafe and shops; date of relocated keystone 1776 at rear; the original Quaker Meeting house on this site collapsed in 1775; an extension of 1864, dated on facade keystone, was built over the garden so the 1776 building is behind, partly knocked through; building sold by the Quakers in 1962
Numbers 31-33 dated 1776 on oval firemark of the Newcastle Fire Insurance Company, with later alterations
Numbers 35 - 37 Late eighteenth century with later alterations

FISHER STREET; PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Erected Fisher Street 1737 [P&W p140 says 1730]; location of church shown on Wood’s map of city of 1821; foundation stone laid of new church 19.07.1894; demolished July 1986
Jefferson,S History...Carlisle, 1838, p272 First Chapel near West Walls
CN 23.01.1970 p10 (illus)
CJ 20.07.1894 p7 Foundation stone of new church laid yesterday
Carlisle an illustrated history p42 photo of laying of foundation stone
21.12.1908 Rev J Christie died, minister of this congregation for 38 years [MI 91/1]
175 Years of Carlisle p70 aerial photo showing location of church
CJ 30.09.1947 p2 Tercentenary of church in Carlisle
CJ 09.04.1948 p3 Memorial window
CJ 13.04.1948 p3 Memorial window
CN 25.02.1950 p5 Pulpit desk dedicated
CN 26.03.1971 p14 Music in

CN 14.11.1975 p9 Merger with Church of Scotland, Chapel Street

See also KIRKBRIDE and SONS; Routledge, Richard ;ROWELL, J; NICHOLAS, PARKINS,
1772; T.Pennant; a tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides; ‘....here are also made most excellent fish-hooks...’
CN 06.10.2006 p30 History of fish hook making in city, D.Perriam

FISH MARKET Guardhouse turned into fish market 13.03.1833
CN 03.11.1978 p18

CN 05.07.2002 p5 Modern health club to open on Newtown Road site

FITZIMMONS Botchergate; Lowther St
Hatter and outfitter
CD 1907-08 Ad p106
CD 1910-11 Ad p114
CD 1913-14 Ad p130
CD 1920 Ad p46
CD 1924 Ad p252
CD 1927 Ad p256
CD 1931 Ad p32

CN 27.11.1964 p10 CN 11.12.1964 p5 CJ 05.02.1965 p1

CN 18.06.1993 p4 Mystery of city display (illus)
CN 26.06.1993 p4 City display for royal occasion
CN 02.07.1993 p4 Laundry painter to display date

FLEMING, James Grocer, aged 63, employing 2 men, home address Fisher St, born Scotland [1851 census]

FLEMING, John Tallow chandler, aged 27, employing 1 man and 1 apprentice, home address Fisher St, born Carlisle [1851 census]; grocer and tallow chandler, aged 39, employing 3 men and 2 boys, home address Fisher St, born Carlisle [1861 census]

FLEMING, Thomas M and Co West Walls
Woollen manufacturers
CD 1924 Ad p228
CD 1927 Ad p232

CN 23.03.1990 p52 Twin towns in the picture

Carlisle Examiner 10.09.1859 p2f Flogging of soldier at Carlisle Castle

Martin Daley The Carlisle Floods; one story. 2006
CJ 12.12.1856 p8 CP 13.12.1856 p8 CN 16.11.1929 p4
CJ 07.10.1938 p7 (illus) CJ 07.03.1941 p5 (illus) CN 22.10.1954 CJ 22.10.1954 ENS 28.08.1956 p1 CN 15.09.1962 p1 (illus) ENS 08.12.1964 pp1,7
CJ 11.12.1964 pp1,9 (illus) ENS 23.02.1967 p1 CN 17.03.1967 p14
CN 29.03.1968 p12 ENS 12.12.1972 pp1,11 (illus) CN 15.12.1972 p18 (illus)
1570-1 Breach of the River of Eden besides Carlisle [CWAASns Vol 3 p134]
Newcastle Courant 23.11.1771 Letter from Carlisle; Eden never so high
CPacquet 09.12.1794 p2 Eden at so great a height as can be remembered
CPacquet 07.02.1809 p3 Eden, Caldew and Petteril flooded; worst in memory
CPacquet 26.09.1809 p2e Caldew runs into Caldewgate
01.11.1815 Great Flood of Eden; waterup to the Three Crowns, Rickergate
CP 01.12.1821 p3b Eden swollen to a height ever scarcely seen
CP 09.02.1822 p3Storm and flood; exceeded blast of 1st Dec; worse than 1771
CJ 12.12.1856 p8 Great Flood at Carlisle; greatest flood since 1822
Manchester Guardian 08.01.1851 p3 Worse floods in Carlisle since 1822
Carlisle Examiner 14.10.1858 p2f,3a
CP 22.01.1875 Storm; great portion of Rickerby Park under water
City Minutes 1902-03 p242 27.01.1903 Eden highest level since 1874
CP 22.03.1907 Eden at Caledonian Bridge 17ft 10in high
16.09.1918 Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 63 floods at Botcherby
CJ 17.09.1918 p2 Flood records; Caldew 09/1892 one of worst floods
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p80 photo of floods at Stoneyholme in Sept 1918
CJ 02.01.1925 pp4, 8 (illus) Extensive floods
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p 109 Photo of Caldewgate flood January 1925
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards, J.Templeton, nos. 52, 53 1925 flood
175 Years of Carlisle p60 3 photos of 1925 floods
CN 03.01.1925 pp3,4 Flood of 1925
CJ 06.01.1925 pp2,5 Great storm and floods
CJ 09.01.1925 Supp (illus) Flood of 1925
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p100 Photo of flood in Caldewgate
CJ 21.09.1926 pp2,5 (illus) Flood of 1926; Caldewgate, River Petteril
CJ 24.09.1926 p4 (illus) Flood of 1926
CN 25.09.1926 p11 Flood of 1926
CJ 06.02.1945 p1 Severe floods - Eden
CN 19.01.1946 p6 River Eden scheme
CJ 17.01.1947 p1 (illus)
CN 18.01.1947 p5
CJ 24.01.1947 p4
ENS 18.10.1954 p1 Floods; 1,4 inches of rain in city in 24 hours
ENS 23.08.1958 p1 City homes flooded
CN 15.10.1965 p12 (illus) Flood of October 1903
ENS 16.06.1966 p1 Floods hit Civic Centre
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p165 Edenside flooded in 1967 - photo
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p 165 1968 flood Bowman Street - photo
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p 166 1968 flood Warwick Road - photo
175 Years of Carlisle p82 1968 flood in Willowholme
CN 21.02.1968 pp1,11 Protection against flooding
ENS 25.03.1968 pp3,10,11 Floods in city; 6,000 people hit by risng water
CN 29.03.1968 p11 (illus) Protection against flooding
CN 19.06.1970 p1 Scheme for prevention
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p168 photo Jan. floods Rickerby Park 1982
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p168 photo Willow Holme Floods 1982
ENS 28.03.1987 p4 (illus) Floods - Rickerby Park, Harraby Green
CN 27.01.1989 p4 When winters proved a washout
CN 05.05.1989 p4 The day Caldewgate turned into a lake
ENS 05.02.1990 p1 (illus) Rickerby Park flooded
CN 10.02.1995 p10 (illus) 22 feet and still rising
ENS 25.07.1996 p12 Flood alert scheme for 1,300 city homes
CN 21.02.1997 p1 Flood causes rail embankment landslip
CN 21.02.1997 p27 (illus) Water, water everywhere as floods hit Cumbria
CN 29.10.1999 p13 Mill owner fought back to overcome flood set backs
CN 03.11.2000 p1 (illus) Floods: are we next in line?
CN 01.12.2000 p7 Plan of areas in city at risk of flooding
CN 06.02.2004 p1 £20m upgrade of city’s flood defences planned
CN 26.11.2004 p3 Plans to guard 1,000 homes in Carlisle area
08.01.2005 Worst flood since 1822 in city; flood made national and internationl news; flood caused by a coincidence of unusual meteorological conditions, including exceptional rainfall in the preceding 36 hours, combined with very strong winds driving up already high tides; for a brief period record river levels were noted; for the lower Eden, these were 6 metres or more above more usual levels, the peak at Eden Bridge, Carlisle reached 15.37 metres above Ordnance Datum, exceeding the previous highest flood of 1822 by over a metre [Carlisle Naturalist Vol 13 Number 1]
CN 14.01.2005 pp 1-13 on great flood in Carlisle on Saturday 8th January
CN 21.01.2005 p1 £250m flood bill; other stories pp1-5
CN 21.01.2005 p3 List of peole nominated for their bravery in floods
CN 04.02.2005 p3 Psychological impact of stress on flooded homeowners
CN 11.02.2005 p5 Rented property prices rise sharply
CN 18.02.2005 p1 Flood banks plan to raise banks by 1 metre
CN 18.02.2005 p8 D.Perriam review of floods
CN 25.02.2005 p3 No guarantees can be given concerning new flood defences
CN 18.03.2005 p1 Experts attacks flood recovery operation
CN 25.03.2005 p5 New defences on show
CN 01.04.2005 p1 £1.5 milion flood aid for city
CN 15.04.2005 p13 Letters concerning insurance companies and flood claims
CN 22.04.2005 p1 Some looded areas no go areas with insurance companies
CN 22.04.2005 p 13 Two letters retelling experience dealing with insurers
CN 24.06.2005 p1 Work to improve flood defences will start; stop gap measure
CN 08.07.2005 p12 Feature on Carlisle flood family 6 months after
CN 15.07.2005 p9 163 page report on flood
CN 26.08.2005 p9 Flood victim died of pneumonia 6 weeks after disaster
CN 16.09.2005 p5 Coroners court on 2 women who drowned in January floods
CN 23.09.2005 p1 Hundreds of flood victims won’t be back for Christmas
CN 14.10.2005 p1 Blocked drains and not burst river bank flood streets
CN 21.10.2005 p 1 25m flood prevention scheme tabled
CN 21.10.2005 p3 Feature on 3 families returning home after floods
CN 21.10.2005 p 13 Letters concerning the floods
CN 06.01.2006 p1 One year after flood; plus 16pp supp
CN 13.01.2006 p7 Plaque unveiled on Eden Bridges showing height of water
CN 27.01.2006 p7 On Jan. 9th 2006 303 flood properties still empty
CN 28.04.2006 p9 Portable flood defences for Etterby Terrace
CN 12.05.2006 p9 Official opening of £12m flood defences16th May; completed in 2008
CN 19.05.2006 p9 2 schemes to prevent flooding; higher flood band or create temporary flood storage areas
CN 26.05.2006 p9 120 flood victims still not back in homes
CN 01.09.2006 p1 81 flood families still out of their homes
CN 08.12.2006 p1 Heaviest rain since January 2005 puts city on flood alert
CN 15.12.2006 p15 £20m flood protection scheme for Denton Holme, Caldewgate and Willowholme; flood protection scheme for Warwick Road area well under way already
CN 05.01.2007 p5 30 families still havn’t been able to return home after floods
CN 05.01.2007 p9 Seven feet Flood defence wall at Harraby Green underway
CN 21.03.2008 p9 Eden and Petteril 13 million pound flood defences finished
CN 27.06.2008 p19 Flood defences at Etterby Tce and Etterby Place finished
CN 23.01.2009 p11 New flood defences almost complete
CN 27.03.2009 p15 Plaque unveiled at Holme Head Bay marking flood defence work. Completition next year

CN 17.10.2003 p18 Carlisle based company £250,000 contract with Gleneagles
CN 05.11.2004 p20 Signs deal with Story Construction.; MD Richard Dixon

18.03.1901 died at Floal House Rev J.R.Gibson. Stanwix MI 98/1

FLOWER BOUTIQUE Botchergate, Lanes
CN 29.09.1995 p3 Boutique business man quits Botchergate


CN 04.09.1948 p3 Revived
CN 16.08.1974 p6 1913 show
CN 26.07.1991 p1 City flower show wilts

FLOWER STREET Orchard St and Garden Str in this area so called because originally site of nurseries of Hutton brothers

CD 1952 Ad p342

CN 16.06.1995 p2 Shop shutters down


CN 07.11.2003 p3 MP supports fluoride in water; in west but not east Cumbria
CN 14.11.2003 p13 Two letters against fluoride



CN 10.05.1947 p5 CN 17.05.1947 p5

FODENS COURT, Water Street
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 Nos 1 and 2 unfit for human habitation

see also Carlin Sunday
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p23, pies and peas takeaway in 1930s
CN 01.08.1997 p4 (illus) Suck it and see if it’s an insect

CN 24.09.1999 p12 A taste of excellence
CN 30.08.2002 p6 4th annual food fair

CN 03.04.1992 p6 Street stars limber up for store launch
CN 10.04.1992 p31 Reg and Vera open new store
CN 16.04.1992 p59 Rush to new store
CN 16.06.1995 pp1,10 Food Giant up for sale in secret

CJ 30.08.1949 p1(illus) Distribution

City Minutes1889-90 p105 Medical Officer’s Report; poisonous pork, 1 man died

See also Cumberland Show
CN 04.05.2001 p3 Carlisle hard pressed hotels boosted by influx of MAFF men
CN 04.05.2001 p3 More thaN 10,000 expected at Sping Show which goes ahead
CN 04.05.2001 p13 (illus) Operation to cull Cumbria based in Carlisle portacabins
CN 29.03.2002 p6 Tree planted at Borderway Mart in commemoration
CN 03.05.2002 p5 Foot and mouth enquiry at Kendal and Carlisle 28th - 31st May

FOOTBALL 15.06.1568 reference to Mary Queen of Scots watching football in city (VCH2 p276); 1610 reference to a ‘foat ball’ on Shrove Tuesday. [Records of Early English Drama; Cumberland, Westmorland and Gloucestershire, 1986 p71]; 1612 reference to foottball on the Swifts [CWAAS OS Vol 12 p195]; about 1874 occasional games of Association Football played in city but no organisation attempted; 08.09.1880 the Carlisle Club formed (VCH2 p491)
see also Carlisle United
CJ 16.10.1917 p3 Munition girls v Canadian lumbermen
CJ 19.04.1918 p5 Munition girls v Blyth Spartans
CN 21.01.1950 p3 England v Scotland Youth International match at Brunton Park
CN 17.06.1950 p4 Played in city 1568
CN 05.06.1987 p4 St Bedes AFC 1920-21 photo
CN 12.06.1987 p4( illus) Carlisle Caledonian Railway side 1919
CN 18.09.1987 p4 (illus) Red Rose FC 1902-03 season
CN 02.10.1987 p4 Red Rose FC
CN 12.02.1988 p4 Carlisle East End AFC 1927 photo
CN 26.02.1988 p4 Carlisle East End AFC
CN 22.12.1995 p7 City signs on to be Euro apres soccer centre
CN 12.09.1997 p4 Head questions society that values soccer above education
CN 26.06.1998 p1 World Cup cuts crime 20%
CN 07.05.1999 p3 (illus) Football team beats odds for Wembley
CN 12.10.2001 p25 Football coaching for girls aged 12-16
CN 27.02.2004 p12 Feature on violence in local Sunday league football
CN 01.10.2004 p1 9 months for assualt on local referee Peter Jackson

CN 09.09.1988 p10 Comment - Carlisle fans at York
CN 04.11.1988 p12 Comment - name ban wrong
CN 03.03.1989 p18 Soccer fan hurt in knife attack
CN 10.03.1989 p15 Custody for city gang members
CN 04.02.1994 p3 Police probe soccer violence
CN 04.02.1994 p12 Comment
CN 25.03.1994 p5 Police probe soccer violence
CN 12.11.1999 p1 City pubs on alert as big match fans head north
CN 08.03.2002 p3 Accused man at Brunton Park disturbance says he was victim
CN 15.03.2002 p5 Four Carlisle men cleared of Brunton Park violence against Hull
CN 16.08.2002 p1 Pledge to weed out hooligans after clashes at home game
CN 23.08.2002 p5 Extra police at Carlisle game after violent clashes
CN 30.08.2002 p5 Attempt to identify youths; hooliganism crackdown
CN 30.05.2003 p3 Carlisle fans before York magistrates; charge of affray
CN 06.06.2003 p1 Thugs banned for 5 years from Carlisle matches

See also Carlisle and District Footpaths Preservation Association; Walks
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 2 Public footpaths pp 114-124
CN 06.01.1956 p10 CN 13.01.1956 p10 CN 27.01.1956 p8 CN 09.02.1973 p6
CN 16.02.1973 p6 CN 23.02.1973 p6
CJ 15.04.1826 p2f Devonshire Bank/ Hissop Holm Well footpath; relief of poor work
CJ 27.12.1828 Letter on public footpath from Hyssop Holme to Gosling Sike
CJ 18.06.1858 Ann’s Hill to Eden Bridge - gravel laid, seats erected
CJ 07.06.1864 Repair of scaur walk
CN 30.12.1955 p8 List of
CN 22.07.1988 p4 City footpaths of long ago
CN 23.07.1993 p27 Paths campaign bearing fruit
CN 25.04.1997 p8 (illus) Champagne opening of path for disabled people
CN 23.01.1998 p1 Court reopens paths
CN 05.01.2001 p5 Planed footpath behind Coledale Meadows causes row
CN 02.02.2001 p7 Coledale Meadows footpath rejected by councillors
CN 23.11.2001 p6 Flight of steps behind Castle are a right of way

FORD, Harriet Emma School, 13 Chiswick St
CP 16.12.1870 30 children in attendance at Miss Ford’s School


FORGE GREEN, James Street So named on census from 1851 to 1871

CN 26.11.2004 p16; began in 1907 as gents hairdresser; for sale

Wholesale grocers and tea dealers and tallow chandlers
Business established in Botchergate in 1858 by Richard Forster and Thomas Short; 1872 removed to Scotch Street; 1881 Mr Short died and seven years later his son, Mr Thomas Short, and Mr Fortsres eldest son, Frederick William Forster, were admitted into partnership [ A Descriptive Account of Carlisle Illustrated, 1893, B/CAR 91 with detailed description of works]

Wholesale supermarket
CN 15.11.1968 pp (illus)11-12

FORSTER, Francis Master tailor, aged 35, employing 3 men, born Carlisle, home address London Road [1851 census]

FORSTER,H English St
Baby and ladies outfitter
CD 1880 Ad pxliv
CD 1884-85 Ad p279

FORSTER, J Bridge St
CD 1893-94 Ad p52

FORSTER, James Market Place
M442 p5 Business card for Tea dealer

FORSTER, James WASTELL, DONALD AND CO Printers and dyers
Cummersdale works established in 1801 by John Forster, banker, Carlisle, under the name of Forster, James and Co, aftrewards Forster, James, Wastell, Donald and Co, under the management of David Donald. The works continued under this name until 1817 when it ceased and for 17 years the works remained empty. At that time the place was taken by Thomas McAlpin and Co [1858 Carlisle Directory Ad at back for Cummersdale Works]
Jollie 1811 p 83, xiii calico printers Cummersdale

FORSTER, John and Sons Manufacturer; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784 [spelt Foster in 1781]; muslim and check manufacturers, Fisher St [Jollie 1811; Carlisle Directory p xiii]; 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p 127 John Forster and Sons, manufacturers, Fisher St

FORSTER, M London Road, Charles St
Furniture dealer
CD 1880 Ad pxiii
CD 1902-03 Ad p287

FORSTER, Robert Lowther St
Tailor and draper
CD 1880 Ad pxli successor to Cape and Son

FORSTER, Sandra and Associates
CN 28.01.1994 p14 A new name in property market

FORSTER, Thomas and Co Bankers; failed 18.11.1836; Number 19 Castle Street Dated 1798 on shared rainwater head, house of the Forster family of bankers; bank founded in 1792 , when a new bank opened in city in 1803 Forster’s became known as the ‘Carlisle Old Bank’ [CAIH p62]; location of Castle Street bank shown on Wood’s 1821 map of city
CN 06.09.1947 p5 CN 13.09.1947 p3 CN 04.10.1947 p5
CN 05.12.1953 p8 CN 12.12.1953 p8 CN 13.03.1970 p14 CN 20.03.1970 p14
1811 Directory p xiii James, Thomas and John Forster, bankers, Castle St
1829 Directory p 159 Thomas Forster and Co, Old Bank, Castle St
CP 26.11.1836 p2 After careful examination of the books accountants estimate there remains sufficient to pay all creditors at least 16 shillings in the pound. Loss not as serious as at first estimated
Bristol Mercury 26.11.1836 p1a Failure of a Carlisle bank. Stopped payment this Friday morning, unexpectedly and much to the surprise of everyone
Loans to trhe firm of Nixson and Denton [contractors on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway] contributed in large measure to the failure of the bank B.Fawcett History of the Newcastle and Carlisle railway 1824-1870 p58
Newcastle Courant 26.11.1836 p3a Failure of Messrs Forster, bankers, Carlisle occurred on 18th November. Within our remembrance no circumstances has occurred to create so strong a sensation in Carlisle. Firm established upwards 50 years in city
Champion and Weekkly Herald 04.12.1836 Bankrupts; Joseph Forster, John Forster and William Forster, Carlisle, bankers; 21st Dec and 13th Jan
Newcastle Courant 30.03.1838 p3c A dividend of four shillings in the pound has been declared on the estate of Messrs Forsters, bankers, Carlisle
Derby Mercury 14.04.1841 p3e The creditors of Messrs Forster late bankers of Carlisle have received 12 shillings in the pound and another dividend is on the eve of being paid

FORSTER, Thomas 29 Castle St
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory; ads p 20, watchmaker, jeweller

1811 Jollie p82 Wood yard in English Street

FORSTERS COURT, Church Street [behind Malsters]; on 1861 census and on electoral registers until 1955
27.04.1904 To be sold D/Mil/Mounsey/153/146 CRO sale notice and plan

1891 census; Ellen Forster, 37, fishmonger, 84-6 Botchergate, bn Scotland
1901 Bulmers Directory; Ellen Forster, 84-6 Botchergate, fish dealer
CN 15.10.2004 p4 Obit of Andrew Peat who owned shop; bought by his father
CN 19.01.2007 p9 A Davies bought dealership, moving to Kingmoor Park from Botchergate where they have been since 1881

CJ 27.05.1809 For sale

CP 15.05.1819 p4d letter concerning the new Carlisle Forum; literary society

FOSTER AND DOWNEY English St, Lowther St
Tea and coffee merchants
CD 1905-06 Ad p77

FOSTER BROTHERS Warwick Road, Crown St, South John St
Coal agents and furniture removers
CD 1905-06 Ad p5
CD 1907-08 Ad p156
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad
CN 24.06.1950 p7 Celebration of jubilee

Removers and storers
CD 1952 Ad p302

FOSTER FAMILY Carlisle clockmakers; Edward Foster came to Carlisle circa 1750s, dying in 1809; his son John took over the business in 1800 and he died in 1813; later in the century two other clockmaker Fosters worked in the city, possibly they were related
J.Penfold Clockmakers of Cumberland pp 46-48

FOSTER, J.J. Rickergate
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p42 Photo of shop facade

FOSTER, James Printer; letterpress printer, aged 44, employing 3 apprentices, home address Plume of Feathers Court, born Carlisle [1851 census] ; died 22.01.1858 [Monumental Inscription 50/33]

FOSTER, John and Sons Manufacturers see FORSTER, John and Sons

City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus service Town Hall to Kingstown

FOSTER, S.H. 14 West Tower St, Scotch St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p164 Dress and mantle maker

FOSTER, William Chairmaker, aged 44, employing 3 men, home address 49 Lowther St, born Rockcliff [1851 census]

CN 08.03.1991 p8 Ad

The second edition OS map of Carlisle shows an ornamental fountain in the Court Square Gardens. The fountain can be seen in various postcard views and is illustrated in D.Perriam’s book on the Citadel Station p22 and cover illustation. This fountain has long since disappeared. The Chinese Gardens contained a pond and ornamental fountain, but this has been drained for many years. In 2008 the only working ornamental fountain in the town centre is in the sunken Harwicke Circus Gardens.

FOX AND GRAPES Irish Damside; in 1847 local directory

FOX AND HOUNDS Jollie’s Lane; in local directory for 1829

FOX AND HOUNDS PUBLIC HOUSE Rickergate Closed 30.10.1960
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p108, 117
1861 census Margaret Smith, aged 50, innkeeper, born Cumwhinton
1891 census; William Smith, aged 46, innkeeper, born Carlisle
1901 census; William Walker, Aged 48, hotel keeper/ publican, bn Scotland
ENS 27.10.1960 p5 (illus) Last orders at the Fox and Hounds
CN 28.10.1960 p3 Closure
CN 18.11.1960 p21
CN 25.11.1960 p12

FRANCE, K Spencer St
CN 07.06.1996 p14 Ad
CN 25.10.2002 p20 Ad feature; 36 years in business; new shop in Brampton

FRANCES, Maria School of Dance
CN 26.08.1994 p10 Supplement

ENS 24.06.1986 p8
CN 13.09.1991 p14 Business as usual
CN 05.06.1998 p13 Ad

FRASER,J.G. Church St
CD 1952 Ad p87


FREDERICK STREET In voters list from 1901-02
Denton Holme Childhood, Babs Cullen p29 Photo of street in 1930s


FREEDOM NIGHTCLUB Former Pagoda Nightclub; Lancaster Street
CN 15.09.2000 p14 Super club ready for action - opens two weeks
CN 22.09.2000 p22, 23 (illus) Taste of Freedom for the clubbers

FREEDOM OF CITY Honorary Freedom of Borough Act 1885
13.08.1889 - date conferred on James Robert Creighton
11.02.1896 - date conferred on Richard S.Ferguson
14.12.1897 - date conferred on William Irwin Robert Crowder
13.06.1899 - date conferred on W.C.Gully, Viscount Selby
07.07.1902 - date conferred on Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein
11.09.1906 - date conferred on Benjamin Scott
09.06.1908 - date conferred on J.W.Lowther, Viscount Ullswater
27.12.1918 - date conferred on President Woodrow Wilson
18.09.1919 date conferred on Sir John Stevens Cowans
04.05.1921Sir Frederick William Chance
04.05.1921 Francis Peter Dixon
04.05.1921 George White
City Minutes 1923-24 p85 Freedom given to Alfred H.Collingwood, Town Clerk
City Minutes 1924-25 p 650 To be conferred on Ernest Page, Recorder
City Minutes 1925-26 p336 Joseph Pattinson Buck, JP, ex mayor; freedom of city
22.09.1927 Mary Ellen Creighton
City Minutes 1932-33 p261 Alderman Thomas Ridley, 26 years on council
17.05.1947 Field Marshal Montgomery made honorary Freeman of City
05.03.1952 William W.Edel made honorary Freeman of City
23.04.1960 Freedom of city presented to Kings Own Royal Border Regiment
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p151 Photo RAF 14 MU 1969
Prince Charles became freeman 29.01.1986
CN 23.09.1988 p7 Awarded to Lord Whitelaw and Ron Lewis
175 Years of Carlisle p104 photo of award to Ron Lewis and Willie Whitelaw
CN 02.12.1988 p29 Only other living freeman Prince Charles

FREEMASONS The first Lodge of Freemasons in Carlisle of which there seems to be any record was constituted in 1766, its number is given as 369; second Lodge opened in 1771, Harmony Lodge, no 422, and this closed down in 1851; in 1852 Victoria Lodge, no 882, was opened; Victoria Lodge closed two years after; in 1921 a second Harmony Lodge, no 4280, was founded in the city, no 4280; the third lodge to be formed in the city in 1785 was Union, no 216, and this was the forerunner of Union Lodge no 310; in April 1875 the Bective Lodge was consecrated in the city, no 1532; 08.05.1902 Border City Lodge, no 2906 consecrated; Carliol Lodge, no 4089, consecrated in February 1920; Hadrian’s Lodge, no 5216, consecrated 04.12.1930 and St Cuthbert Lodge, no 5294, 29.10.1931; Border Lodge of Installed Masters constituted 08.12.1932; Sir Galahad Lodge, 5897 constituted 11.11.1943; Abbey Lodge constituted 11.09.1947, no 6425; Luell Lodge, no 6482 constituted 18.12.1947; Edenside Lodge constituted 15.04.1948, no 6569; Creighton Lodge, no 8071, constituted 21.04.1966; St Michael’s Lodge, no 8454, constituted 05.09.1972;
24.04.1896 Formal opening of Lodge 310 premises in Fisher Street; lodges moved to Portland Square in 1934
R.A.Clarke Bried History of History of Union Lodge No 310 Carlisle, 1932
K.W.Bond The New History of Freemasonry in the Province of Cumberland..., 1994
CN 28.12.1946 p7 Founder of Sir Galahad Lodge
CN 23.02.1990 p4 Disaster struck at Masonic ceremony
CN 17.11.1995 p15 Freemasonry cares cash boost
CN 21.06.2002 p15 (illus) Open day at Masonic Lodge, 10 Portland Square
CN 02.05.2008 p32 Feature on Carlisle Branch of Lady Freemasons, Friendship Lodge 48, consecrated in 1992

FREEMASONS ARMS Annetwell Street; in local directories 1847 and 1848


FREER COURT On electoral register from 2001-02

FREER STREET Freer Street is listed on the 1908-09 electoral register but only one Freer St is listed until the register for 1934-5 when 18 houses appear
City Minutes 1932-33 p357 Approval for 18 houses; owner/ builder J and R Bell,

FREETIME Outdoor activity shop
CN 19.04.1996 p17 Ad
CN 21.03.1997 p6 New store

CN 30.01.1970 p17

19.05.1760 Death of Rene Suet a French prisoner upon parole; Stanwix registers
CWAAS OS Vol 2 p351 Details of French prisoners from parish registers
CN 20.08.1999 p12 French in Carlisle

Drapers and tailors
CD 1893-94 Ad p176

FRENCH HORN INN English Street; in local directories to 1837; Joseph Purdie kept the French Horn, died 10.07.1838 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

CJ 13.08.1946 p2 Dominicans (Black) and Franciscans (Grey)

FRIARS COURT Devonshire Court; near the house of the Franciscans
CN 24.08.1973 p6 Wine store

FRIARS TAVERN Devonshire St; in local directories from 1873
1901 census; Letitia Allmand, 30, Hotel Manageress, born Oswestry
CJ 06.11.1964 p10 Haunted
ENS 29.07.1970 Supplement p6 Friar’s customers can tell some spine-chilling...
ENS 27.11.1974 (illus) Pub reopens after facelift
ENS 02.08.1977 p1 Why I called time - pub man
CN 30.11.1990 p6 A new feel for an old friend
CN 30.09.1994 p3 Pub up for sale
ENS 11.02.1999 P 19 FT’s is Carlisle’s new cafe bar
ENS 14.07.2003 p7 Will become the Glasshouse after refurbishment

Carlisle Diocesan Calendar 1871; ad now opened


FRIENDS BURIAL GROUND Fisher Street; closed 1855; location at northern end of Fisher Street shown on Wood’s 1821 map of city
Letter by Hudson Scott in very large H SCO
1850 Report of General Board of Health; Rawlinson p86 Nos. of burials 1838-49
CN 12.01.1962 p11

FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE 23 Fisher Street; original building collapsed in 1775 and was rebuilt in 1776 (date stone); location shown on Wood’s 1821 map of city at southern end of Fisher Street; alterations in 1864 (date stone); new meeting house opened at north end of Fisher Street in 1963, on site of their old graveyard
Jefferson,S History...Carlisle, 1838, p273 Society here since death of founder Fox

FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE Fisher St; Opened 11.05.1963
CJ 10.05.1963 p3 CJ 17.05.1963 p9 (illus)

FRIGGATE WORKS Denton Holme; 1865 Ordnance Survey sheet so names ‘Friggate Works [confectionery and Biscuit]’, the firm of T.Holstead moving here in 1858
CN 24.12.2003 p7 A former field name; pre 1858 former dye and finishing works

see also Jacksons
CN 18.08.1990 p44 City club set to re-open
CN 30.05.1997 pp1,10 Nightspots win back licenses


‘FUNNY TIMES’ Periodical
CN 13.08.1971 p12

FUR SHOP Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p303

CN 13.07.1990 p8

FURNITURE EXPRESS, Shaddongate [Formerly Durham Pine]
CN 13.10.2006 p5 Store goes into adminsitration

City Council Minutes1898/99 p50, page 50 Approval for 7 houses
CN 26.07.2002 p7 Quality Street winner in best street competition

FUSEHILL STREET So named Fewshill [see above] in 1608; probably from fehus meaning cattle shed; Builders William and Matthew Johnstone, brothers, partnership dissolved in 1907 after close upon 20 years, built row of artians dwellings in Fusehill St opposite the Workhouse, [Obit of Matthew Johnstone CN 30.12.1911 p11]
City Council Minutes 15.01.1889 20/759 Recreation ground on Bowman’s Close
CJ 27.05.1892 Botchergate Recreation Ground opened
CJ 03.06.1892 p7a History of recreation groud scheme
CP 14.09.1894 p1 Ad For sale nos 6,7,9,10,11,12 recently built
City Minutes 1923-24 p593 Electricity transfomer station; permission
ENS 11.11.1959 p1 Damaged by traffic
CN 16.04.1992 p5 Hunts on for green boffins (Gardens)
CN 16.10.1992 p7 A new life for an old city green
CN 31.10.2003 p13 Letter objecting to plan to lease Park for medical centre
CN 27.02.2004 p5 Residents battle to keep gardens
CN 13.08.2004 p1 impression of proposed surgery; objections; letters p13
CN 20.08.2004 p9 Image of proposed medical centre; letters p15
CN 27.08.2004 13 Letters concerning proposed centre
CN 17.09.2004 p1 Medical centre gets approval
CN 17.09.2004 p6 History of playground/ recreation ground
CN 13.05.2005 p 13 Letter concerning neglect and decline of garden
CN 10.03.2006 p3 Medical centre to open at end of March
CN 24.03.2006 p 14 Fusehill Medical Centre opens on Monday
CN 21.04.2006 p18 Ad. featre on new centre


FUSEHILL STREET WORKHOUSE Opened for public inspection 16.01.1864; opened 02.04.1864 to inmates; separate chapel dedicated 17.01.1894 (the chapel was originally in the dining hall) Military hospital 1916; in 1927 deaths at the workhouse were recorded in the Richardson Street Cemetery registers as having taken place at 2 Broad Street, disguising the disgrace of having a relative die in the workhouse; under the Local Government Act of 1929, Boards of Guardians were abolished and the Fusehilll Institution was transferrred to Carlisle Corporation. The section of the Institution which were the sick wards were used more and more for general hospital purposes, and under powers contained in the Public Health Act 1936, the Corporation appropriated this separate building for hospital purposes and gave it the name the City General Hospital. Thus within the same curtilage was the Fusehill Institution and the City General Hospital, both administered by the Corporation. First matron of the City General was appointed in 1937. In June 1940, Fusehill Institution became an acute emergency war-time hospital catering soley for service and other war casualties; the chronic sick and non-sick cases in the Institution were transferred elsewhere. After the war the Institution resumed admission of the aged and chronic sick. In 1946 there was a greatly increased need for maternity beds in the area and the city council arranged for the ear, nose and thoat work and gynaecological work to be transferred from the City General to the Institution. The City General was then adapted for maternity cases and its name changed to the City Maternity Hospital; for a temporary period the name City General Hospital was not associated with any hospital building in Carlisle. The passing of the National Health Act in 1946 and the appointment of the Newcastle Regional Hospital Board resulted in both the Institution and the City Maternity Hospital being included in the group of hospitals placed under the control of the East Cumberland Hospital Management Committee whose administrative functions began on 5th July 1948. The change of control saw the disappearance of the title Fusehill Institution as the building was renamed City General Hospital; Buildings now a part of St Martins College
Bulmer 1901 Directory p881
Carlisle an illustrated history p44 photo of exterior of workhouse
Linton Holme a suburb of Carlisle pp27 - 30 photos and plan of womens’ ward
Plan of Workhouse; Appendix E The New Poor Law in Cumberland...2A 362.5
Carlisle Examiner 06.11.1858 p2d New Workhouse
CJ 08.01.1864 p5 New workhouse
CJ 22.01.1864 p5 Open to public
CJ 12.02.1864 p5 Official inspection
CJ 10.11.1871 p6 Workhouse funeral; letter
CP 02.04.1864 p8 New poorhouse
1891 census; inmates 118 males, 84 females, John Richardson Tiffin, Master
1901 census; 262 inmates, of which 94 women; William Scott, Master
CJ 20.07.1937 p5 Food at Fusehill
CJ 21.09.1937 p4 Diet of food at Fusehill
CJ 18.01.1938 p1 48 hours week
CJ 19.07.1938 p4 Pocket money for inmates
CJ 17.10.1944 p1 To be known as the City Social Welfare Home
CN 17.05.1974 p6 Photo of survivors of Quintinshill Railway accident
CN 21.06.1974 p6 Photo of patients in 1st World War
CN 23.08.1996 p10 Money for old rope
CN 24.03.2000 p8 How the palace of the poor became the City General

CN 20.07.1990 p6 Worth a lot on paper