Eagle Stores - Eyes


See CRO Ca 5/3/56 Articles of agreement between Mayor ...and Richard Eaglesfield... for a water pipe from city mill dam to his malthouse, 21.09.1694
CP 16.12.1870 Nos attending at Elizabeth Murphy’s School, Eaglesfield Hse=18
CN 01.02.1947 p5 Hannah’s Academy
CN 08.02.1947 p5 Hannah’s Academy
CN 01.05.1964 p12 (illus)

EARL GREY Botchergate; present building completed 09.07.1935 to the designs of Harry Redfern and built by J and R Bell; in local directories from 1844; also called Casablanca, Carlisle Rugby League Supporters Club, Rydal’s and lastly The Jester
Renaissance of the English Public House p75 layout plan of new pub
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p70
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 pp 162 - 165
1861 census Mary Hetherington, 20, victualler, born Croglin
M.Edwards Our City Our People p22 Short memory circa 1900
ENS 19.12.1960 p1 Gaoled for damaging two Carlisle pubs


EARL STREET Terrace mainly 1830s; Earl Street and Cecil Street named after the Lowthers, Earls of Lonsdale [CIC2 p52]; 1851 Report of General Board of Health....Carlisle; R.Rawlinson 1BC 625 p52 most offensive open drain
No 13 Built 1862; built as County Police HQ


CN 02.02.1968 p10

CN 03.03.1995 p5 Toy shop to take over
CN 28.04.1995 p8 30 jobs at new shop

EARTHQUAKE Felt in Carlisle on Boxing Day 1979
Jefferson, S; History and Antiquities of Carlisle, 1838, p87 Tremor on 11.08.1786
CP 17.03.1843 Earthquake felt in the city this Friday
CN 28.12.1979 p3
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p167 photos of earthquake damage 1979

CJ 21.09.1839 pp2h,3a Anniversary meeting on Castle Field
Carlisle Examiner 20.09.1859 p2f, 3a,b,c, Held on Castle Green
Carlisle Examiner 24.09.1859 p4b List of awards
CP 23.09.1865 p6a-b Report of annual show held on usual ground on Warwick Rd

EAST CUMBERLAND NEWS English St; 02.06.1883 - 25.06.1910 when merged with Carlisle Patriot to form the Cumberland News
CD 1893-94 Ad p100
CD 1902-03 Ad p159

Carlisle an illustrated history p84 Interior view of hall

EAST DALE STREET First mentioned in the diretory of 1884
CJ 21.11.1879 p5 East Dale St laid out in 1878
City Minutes 1928-29 p807 street formation of part of road

W.Farish Handloom Weaver pp16-7 Dressing up the children in 1820s
Carlisle Examiner 06.04.1858 p3e Easter festivities
CP 15.04.1898 p5a Easter festival
Round Carlisle Cross Series 3 p56 Children’s games at Easter
CN 28.03.1997 p1 Early start to celebrations
Cumbria Life March/April 1997 no 51 p54-55 2A 9
CN 21.04.2000 p3 Easter


Carlisle the Archive Photographs p75 photo 1895 Easter Sports, Edenside
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p76 1899 Easter Sports photo; wrestling
CP 15.04.1898 p2 Amateur cycling and athletic meeting at Easter Sports
CN 26.03.1964 p10 Easter games
CN 04.04.1985 p4 Easter games

EASTERN WAY New Durranhill Rd Bridge opened 31.01.1969

CJ 24.10.1865 p2

EASTMAN’S English St
CN 13.08.1949 p5 Portrait 1906

EAST NELSON STREET So named in 1880 Directory
Sale of houses 1,3 - 11; 01.10.1907 B/CAR 333.333 acc no 3238

EAST NORFOLK STREET First noted on the 1881 census
CJ 21.11.1879 p5 East Norfolk St laid out in 1878
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p27 Posed group of children in circa 1911

EASTON, Gordon Lowther st
Toy shop, sportswear
CD 1952 Ad back cover
CD 1955-56 Ad back cover
CD 1961-62 Ad back cover
CD 1966-68 Ad back cover
ENS 07.12.1977 p7 Ad

1829 Directory East Street, Botchergate
1847 Directory p150 lists it off 31 Botchergate
1853 Askews map of Carlisle. East Street is so named running south and parallel with Portand Place
05.09.1854 Baptismal Registers for St Cuthbert’s list James and Ann Campbell, labourer, East Street

EAST TOWER LANE New Lane opened 26.10.2000

EAST TOWER STREET Name is a reference to the towers on the city walls; this street built over with the Lanes Shopping centre northern extension. East Tower Lane was opened on 26.10.2000
V.White Carlisle and its villages, p12-13; drawings; Mission Hall/ Mungo Jaxx
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p52 1969 view down street

CN 19.11.1999 p12 The walls came tumbling down

CN 12.09.2003 p14 Jane Little set up hairdressing business in Kingstown

CP 18.02.1898 p5e Church extension in Carlisle

CJ 02.12.1826 p3a Eclipse of sun; poor visibility in Carlisle

CD 1880 Ad pii

EDEN BRIDGE [S] Roman Bridge; Medieval Bridge; 1601 Priestbeck Bridge, lengthened 1743; present bridge built 1812-15 to designs of Robert Smirke; keystone of first arch placed 05.06.1814; stone from Cove Quarry, Kirtlebridge; pedestrian tunnel 1902; bridge widened 1932, opening ceremony 27.10.1932; southern bridge demolished 1969 -70 to make way for inner ring road.
See also Millennium Fund; Roman Bridges
CAIH p26
CWAAS ns Vol 52, 1952 pp131-159 The historic crossings of the River Eden
CWAAS ns Vol 71, 1971 pp 248 - 259 The building of the new Eden Bridge
Hutchinson, Vol 2 p584, 1794, Bridge too narrow, several misfortunes
CP 23.09.1815 p3 Description of bridges
CJ 30.03.1816 p3 Investigation over new bridges
CP 10.02.1821 Letter saying following death the bridge must be lighted
City Minutes 1890-91 item 456 Steps from Eden Bridges to the Bitts approved
City Minutes 1919-20 pp529 -532 Proposed widening of Eden Bridge
CN 08.10.1927 p9 Extension under consideration
CN 02.11.1929 p12 (illus) Eden Bridge widening
CN 28.12.1929 p7 Widening of Eden Bridge
City Minutes 1929-30 p136 Resolved to pay £2,595 for terrace for bridge widening
City Minutes 1929-30 pp 289-94 Report on widening bridge;
City Minutes 1931-32 p 718 Old oil lamp standards are being refixed on parapets for sentimental reasons...tubes connected so they can be wired if required for ornamental lighting on ceremonial occasions
CN 15.10.1932 p12 New Eden Bridge - room for 5 lines of traffic
ENS 27.10.1932 p6 Reopening of Eden Bridges
175 Years of Carlisle p63 photo of widening work in progress
CJ 28.10.1932 pp4,6,7,9,(illus) Opening
CN 29.10.1932 p15 (illus) Opening ceremony
CN 05.11.1932 p11 Letters
CJ 09.08.1937 p5 A leap from Eden Bridge
CJ 22.03.1940 p1 (illus)
CN 26.11.1949 p5 (illus) Cottages at junction of Brampton Rd and Scotland Rd
CN 03.09.1951 (illus) Priestbeck Bridge pier found [originally reported as Roman]
CJ 04.09.1951 Priestbeck Bridge pier revealed
CN 08.09.1951 p5 (illus) Priestbeck Bridge pier [originally reported as Roman]
CN 10.05.1952 (Illus of Priestbeck pier)History of Eden Bridges
CN 31.05.1952 p6 History of Eden Bridges
CN 07.06.1952 History of Eden Bridges
CN 09.09.1952 Elizabethan pier to be removed to park
CN 11.10.1957 p10 (illus) in ‘Solway’
CN 27.01.1961 p14 History of the old Eden Bridge
CN 13.10.1967 p1 Report on new bridge for Eden
CN 29.03.1968 p12 in ‘Solway’
CN 11.04.1968 p10 (illus) By tram to Stanwix
CN 06.03.1970 p1 Eden Road Bridge no 2 planned to speed flow of traffic
CN 11.03.1988 p4 Bridge was a traffic hold up of yesteryear
CN 26.10.1990 p4 Cost delayed the city’s bridge works
CN 27.05.1994 p10 150 years ago - jump from bridge
CN 03.06.1994 p10 150 years ago - jump from bridge
CN 29.07.1994 p10 100 years ago
CN 17.03.1995 p10 Bridges over Eden since Roman times
CN 26.05.1995 p12 100 years ago - parapet removed
CN 25.08.1995 pp1,10 Eden Bridge busier
CN 11.10.1996 p3 Eden village pulls together to see its new bridge dream ...
CN 04.10.1996 p1 £2m lottery cash for new Eden bridge
CN 21.03.1997 p10 Sandstone blocks that bridge part of city history
CN 07.11.1997 p1 Architects battle for new Eden bridge
CN 09.10.1998 p18 Aerial view
CN 06.11.1998 p2 Burglars causeway fears
CN 04.06.1999 p1 Millennium bridge faces huge overspend
CN 18.06.1999 p11 Why build bridges just revive one - letters
CN 12.01.2001 p8 1806; controversy over plans for new bridge on Eden

CN 24.09.1976 p3

Sale of materials from, 08.08.1919 B/CAR 333.333 acc no 3238

EDEN BRIDGE HOUSE Lowther St; opened 18.09.1964
CN 21.08.1964 p1 CJ 18.09.1964 p10 CN 18.09.1964 pp12-13
ENS 19.09.1964 p4 Official opening

CJ 24.10.1950 p1 List of appointed officers

CN 14.05.1993 p17 Ad

CD 1966-68 Ad p256
CN 08.01.1993 p11 600 builders jobs under cloud
CN 15.01.1993 p7 D Day for crashed city firm
CN 15.01.1993 p9 Eden hope is lone light in jobs gloom
CN 22.01.1993 p9 Eden hope is lone light in jobs gloom
CN 12.02.1993 p7 Firm takes on few
CN 12.02.1993 p11 Takeover hits DSS facelift
CN 11.06.1993 p3 Firm on the way back up

EDEN COTTAGE, Stanwix 1861 census J.Davidson, civil engineer, aged 61, bn Scotland

EDEN COTTAGES, Newtown 1861 census

EDENFIELD, Etterby Close
CN 24.10.2003 p55 (illus) For sale £275,000 Georgian property

CP 22.04.1898 p6f Protest against extermination of otters
CJ 20.01.1942 p3 Fewer sea trout, destruction of cormorants, eels caught

EDEN FRUIT STORES English St; Bank St ; Founded circa 1900, closed 23.07.1960
CD 1910-11 Ad p147
CD 1955-56 Ad p244
CN 22.07.1960 p1 Closed


EDEN HEY, Stanwix 1948 Mrs Jocelyn Morton [CWAAS members list p239]

Carlisle the Archive Photographs p76 photo of Edenside Tennis Courts circa 1910
CJ 12.05.1939 p4 (illus) Pavilion opened

see also Grosvenor College
Sale B/CAR 333.333 (illus) acc no 3263
Stanwix baptisms 05.07.1826; Captain Thomas and Alice Reeves of Eden Lodge
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p122 photo of Eden Lodge about 1949
CP 16.11.1833 p1 Ad; Modern built house; late residence of Captain Reeves
CJ 09.01.1836 Eden Lodge to be let
03.01.1841 Thomas Jackson of Eden Lodge; Monumental Inscr. St Cuthbert’s Yd
1861 census John Stead
24.03.1892 died John Stead of Eden Lodge
1918 Electoral Register Francis and Hannah Robinson
CN 09.03.1946 p6 Obit of F Robinson, of Eden Lodge, founder of Robinson Bros
CJ 22.05.1964 p1 (illus) To be demolished

EDEN MOUNT First mentioned in 1847 Directory p207;
CP 10.01.1863 p1 Ad To be let no 3 Eden Mount
CJ 09.02.1866 p1 Advert; No. 3 Eden Mount to be let
CP 22.10.1869 p1c 3 Eden Mount to let
CN 20.04.2001 p40 No. 1 Eden Mount for sale (illus)
CN 30.03.2007 p70 Ad Ad grade 2 listed building for sale [photo]

CN 15.11.2002 p3 (photos) Bed and Breakfast award

CD 1952 Ad p345

ENS 13.10.1966 Supplement - Twinames

CJ 19.09.1941 (illus) pp1,4,5
CJ 04.10.1941 p1
CN 02.10.1992 p4 Eating house info sought

EDEN RESTAURANT English St/ Viaduct
CJ 05.01.1962 p9

See also Angling
CP 31.07.1819 p3a Boy drowned in Eden at Swifts
CJ 29.07.1826 p2e Drowning near Bitts Park of John Rogers of 98th Reg. of Foot
CJ 05.06.1847 p2a Patrick Walls drowns behind race course
CP 15.04.1892 p5 Boy drowned in Eden River
CJ 14.12.1943 p3 To restock or not restock?
CJ 24.10.1944 p3 Scheme to restock approved
1948 River dredged W.Graham Carlisle Angling Assn;150 Anniversary pp15-17
1963 River dredged W.Graham Carlisle Angling Assn;150 Anniversary pp15-17,39
CN 28.07.1978 p4 Poetry
CN 28.07.1978 p4 General
CN 10.03.1995 p5 Interesting site
CN 06.10.1995 p3 (illus) For sale; a prime stretch of superior salmon river
CN 10.11.1995 p1 Help save the Eden
CN 17.10.1997 p4 Eden was top river in England and Wales
CN 26.10.2001 p9 Four swans shot dead with air rifles on Eden

EDEN SCHOOL; Rickerby House School closed 31.08.1993
See also Rickerby House
ENS 05.06.1978 p5 (illus) A county school sheds its air of mystery
CN 11.12.1987 pp1,3 Closure threat
CN 22.01.1988 p13 Closure threat
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p86 Photo of Eden Key race winners
CN 09.07.1993 p17 End to historic race
CN 16.07.1993 p14 Goodbye to school for good
CN 23.07.1993 p4 Tiny general draw crowds
CN 13.08.1993 p13 School site move
CN 06.01.1995 p3 Stobart wants old school for new HQ
CN 07.04.1995 p1 Stobart’s forced into HQ rethink
CN 25.08.1995 p1 Soccer school
CN 09.02.1996 p1 Knighton’s cash for Eden School sport centre
CN 18.07.2003 p7 50 anniversary of school opening

Carlisle an illustrated history p82 Painting of cricket game in 1844 on Edenside
ENS 02.02.1977 p8 (illus) Skiing
CN 31.03.1978 p4 (illus)

CN 07.04.1978 p4 CN 31.03.1978 p4 (illus)

CP 29.04.1898 p5a Meeting to form new bowling green at Edenside
CN 28.04.1978 p16 (illus)
CN 20.05.2005 p25 Reopens after January flooding; pavillion totally submerged
CN 28.04.2006 p28 President of Club President of English Womens Bowls Assn.

CN 27.06.2003 p19 Ad feature; moves to new premises on Lancaster Street
CN 25.07.2003 p18 £2million contract to refit cruiser; firm set up 1994
CN 20.08.2004 p10 Ad feature


CP 12.11.1853 Ad; For sale newly erected house; 1 mile from city, Brampton Rd
CN 22.12.2006 p34 Article suggest Home Acres was Edenside

Florists, fruiterers, nurserymen
CD 1920 Ad p162
CD 1924 Ad p40
CD 1927 Ad p38
CD 1931 Ad p72
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad

EDEN STREET So named in the 1829 directory; demolished 1895; before the extension of Lowther St towards Eden Bridges, Eden Street extended down to Swifts Row and the Sands from Spring Gardens Lane, where Lowther Street ended
Slee, M Older Carlisle p2 (illus)
Carlisle the Archive Photographs, p54 photo of Eden Street
CIC p11
1829 Parson and White Mary Henderson, Eden Street
CN 07.12.1962 p10 (illus)

EDEN STREET, Eden Town, Stanwix So named on the 1871 census
CN 13.08.2004 p63 Rose Villa, Eden St, for sale £350,000
CN 30.01.2009 p57 No 30 for sale; photo

EDEN TERRACE Demolished 1932 for Eden bridge widening
Carlisle the Archive Photographs, p69 photo of terrace
Carlislein Camera 2 p62 Photo of terrace
CN 30.12.1958 p8 (illus) CN 29.03.1968 p12 (illus) CN 18.06.1971 p14 (illus)
CJ 15.12.1821 House at Eden Terrace to let
21.09.1825 Christopher Wannop, solicitor, of Eden Tce [Baptisms and Burials of St Michael’s Church, Stanwix]
CJ 02.12.1826 p2c Dwelling house to let
City Minutes 1929-30 p136 Resolved to pay £2,595 for terrace for bridge widening
CJ 21.04.1931 Eden Terrace partly demolished in photo

CP 28.01.1874 p1b No 1 Edentown to be let; Miss Vaux previous occupant
CP 07.05.1875 p4 Etterby Scaur and Edentown; building sites - report of sales
21.01.1884 Fanny Errington died North Villa, Eden Town [Monumental Inscription 75/38]

CD 1952 Ad p2
Cumberland Directory 1954 piv
CD 1955-56 Ad piv
CD 1961-62 Ad p302
CD 1966-68 Ad p302
CN 22.04.1985 Ad p3

EDEN VALLEY FINANCE LTD Fisher St Founded 1970
CN 07.08.1970 p17

CN 28.06.1996 p14 Ad

EDEN VEHICLE RENTALS Established by County Garage 1962; changed name to Custom Fleet in 2000
CN 14.07.2000 p14

EDEN VILLA, Etterby 1861 census so named

CJ 04.05.1962 pp1,9 (illus) Fire

EDGAR BROTHERS Lowther St, Crosby St; founded 1868
CD 1952 Ad p324
CD 1955-56 Ad p255
CD 1966-68 Ad p277
CN 17.09.1938 p20 Ad CN 23.05.1975 p4 (illus)
CJ 07.06.1968 pp17-19 (Illus) History
CN 02.11.1973 p4 (illus) Move to Botcherby

EDGE, The Chapel St
CN 16.07.2004 p19 Hairdressers moves next door

CJ 05.07.1963 p4

CN 04.10.1996 p5 Workers land £10,000 each from sale of firm
CN 29.06.2001 p1 Edinburgh Woollen Mill may revive plan for distribution centre
CN 03.08.2001 p1 100 Woollen Mill staff face move to Carlisle warehouse
CN 21.09.2001 p14 Edinburgh Woollen Mill sign up to open warehouse

EDMONDSON Denton Street
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p47, photo of cloggers

EDMONDSON, Thomas Castle Street
M442 p1 Business card for carver, guilder, upholsterer and paper hanger

CN 22.10.1999 p17 Ad
CN 25.05.2007 p 16 Took over Downs and Davis, Carlisle in 1969, the same year they moved to their Dalston Rd pemises

See also individual schools
See also Schools; Sixth Forms
1158 - 1958 pp 41 - 49 1BC 352
City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 pp 45 - 58 History of education in Carlisle
CJ 30.09.1938 p4
CJ 25.02.1938 p7 Cost of education
CJ 28.04.1939 p4 City education
CJ 29.12.1939 p1 City education hold up
Civic Affairs July 1966 p2 Proposals for Comprehensive Secondary education
Civic Affairs January 1967 p2 Secretary of States comments on proposals
Civic Affairs January 1968 p4 Revised statement; Comprehensives from Sept 1968
Civic Affairs October 1968 p1 28th August introduction of comprehensive education
Civic Affairs July 1970 p4 Comes to fruition
CN 17.05.1991 p1 Cash coming for city schools
CN 28.06.1991 p13 Counsellors agree new site
CN 05.07.1991 p11 School sure (Trinity) of opt out voting
CN 19.07.1991 p3 Parent poll backs opt out plan
CN 06.09.1991 p3 Trinity in opt out bid
CN 11.10.1991 p11 Trinity School opt out backed by Tory
CN 20.03.1992 p7 Education shake up rejected
CN 16.04.1992 p7 City schools shake up in balance
CN 16.04.1993 p7 Teachers lose out on jobs
CN 07.05.1993 p2 Ex counsellor hits out on education
CN 08.04.1994 p1 Cut backs hit Tech jobs
CN 03.05.1996 p5 City primary pupils under bar
CN 19.07.1996 p6 Schools wait for news of nurseries
CN 25.10.1996 p9 Young people act to reduce crime
CN 01.11.1996 p3 Bishop; Bring back proper school worship
CN 21.02.1997 p3 Swings and roundabouts over missing nursery voucher plan
CN 04.07.1997 p10 An inspector calls
CN 11.07.1997 p9 Students can stay at home to learn via electronic link
CN 25.07.1997 p2 Fees plan could slash county student numbers
CN 25.07.1997 p5 County jumps Government gun to pledge 1998 nursery place...
CN 15.08.1997 p3 A,A,A,A,A, for Zoe, Trinity School’s classiest act
CN 22.08,1997 p1 The forgotten high achievers
CN 05.09.1997 p10 Sweaty palms, pounding hearts, butterflies... and that’s just...
CN 12.09.1997 p4 Head questions society that values soccer above education
CN 09.10.1998 p12 University Challenge
CN 16.04.1999 p7 Estate residents (Currock) go back to school
CN 06.07.2001 p12 Will our specialist schools cream off the best kids? Feature

CJ 25.06.1937 p9
CJ 27.07.1948 p1 Development plans


CN 02.07.2004 p3 Opens selling houses in Spain
CN 23.07.2004 p6 Profile of Ken Edwards

CP 15.12.1871 p1 Ad; Sale 6 newly erected houses in Charles St and Edward St

CP 21.01.1898 p6d Promote election of Rev Travers

EGGLESTON, W.I. and W Friars Court, Lowther St; West Tower St
Joiners and cabinet makers
CD 1924 Ad p96
CD 1927 Ad p102
CD 1931 Ad p206
CD 1934 Ad p315
CD 1937 Ad p96
CD 1940 Ad p156

CN 12.04.1979 p4

City Minutes 1899-1900 Approval for 6 houses
CN 14.01.2005 p13 Eldred Street and the Great Flood

ELECTIONS First election by ballot in Carlisle municipal election 08.08.1872
CAIH p48
See also members of Parliament
Topping, G and Potter, J Memorials of Old Carlisle pp 73-80
CJ 21.06.1949 p2 CJ 28.06.1949 p2 CJ 05.07.1949 p2
CN 18.02.1950 p7
CN 01.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
ENS 03.11.1945 p1Results of City Council election of 01.11.1945
CJ 02.11.1945 p1Results of City Council election of 01.11.1945
CJ 12.06.1945 p2 History
CJ 05.11.1946 p3 Results of City City Council election of 01.11.1946
CJ 04.11.1947 p1 Results of City Council elections of 01.11.1947
CN 14.01.1950 p5 Prospective candidates for Cumberland and Westmorland
CN 28.01.1950 p5 Election Riots of 1868
CN 04.02.1950 p4 (illus) Campaign in city
CN 11.02.1950 p7 Election Riots of 1868
CN 24.02.1950 pp1-4 Results
CJ 12.05.1950 p1 Results of City Council election of 11.05.1950
CJ 08.05.1953 p1 Results of City Council election of 07.05.1953
CJ 13.05.1955 p1 Results of City Council election of 12.05.1955
CJ 08.05.1959 p1 Results of City Council election of 07.05.1959
CJ 13.05.1960 p1 Results of City Council election of 12.05.1960
CJ 12.05.1961 p1 Results of City Council election of 11.05.1961
CJ 11.05.1962 p1 Results of City Council election of 10.05.1962
CJ 14.05.1965 p1 Results of City Council election of 13.05.1965
CN 13.05.1966 p1 Results of City Council election of 12.05.1966
CN 28.05.1971 p14 (illus) Hustings
CN 15.02.1974 pp7,8 (portraits)
CN 22.02.1974 pp7,8 (portraits) Prospective candidates
CN 05.06.1987 p4 1922 General Election
CN 05.06.1987 p36 Local candidates
CN 12.06.1987 p1 Results
CN 27.04.1990 p4 Wicked goings on at old time election
CN 27.04.1990 p7 City’s election countdown
CN 04.05.1990 p1 City go slow poll
CN 17.05.1991 p4 Long march for women’s rights
CN 16.04.1992 p51 The fight is on for city seats
CN 22.04.1994 p3 Carlisle test opinion in 17 wards
CN 06.05.1994 p1 Labour broke poll rules
CN 12.05.1995 p8 Local election round up
CN 04.08.1995 p3 We’re not standing against Martlew
CN 12.04.1996 p6 Tory hopeful listed as ‘housewife’
CN 26.04.1996 p3 Government unpopularity... list of candidates
CN 10.05.1996 p8 Labour storm city
CN 25.04.1997 p1 Whistle stop Prescott buses into Carlisle
CN 25.04.1997 p3 (portrait) Constituency no 65? Then it must be Carlisle
CN 02.05.1997 p1 (illus) From 7am they queued in the sun to make their mark
CN 09.05.1997 p7 Jubilant Labour take control of county for first time in 10 years
CN 09.05.1997 p19 Election ‘97: more votes were cast against Mr Maclean than...
CN 01.05.1998 p5 18 council wards up for grabs
CN 08.05.1998 p1 Find the garage at no 60 (polling stations)
CN 15.05.1998 p3 City considers the mail order vote
CN 15.05.1998 p16 Results - apathy at poles
CN 09.04.1999 p3 King v Horne, head to head in Currock
CN 05.11.1999 p10 Half a year a long time in local politics - Mike Mitchelson
CN 12.11.1999 p1 Tory council leader in bid to oust Martlew
CN 25.02.2000 p3 Mike aims to topple MP Eric
CN 07.04.2000 p5 Election marriage go around
CN 28.04.2000 p12 Keep it in the family - elections
CN 05.05.2000 p1 Verdict on Tories - elections
CN 12.05.2000 p4 5 New kids on the block
CN 01.06.2001 p1 Misleading Tory election leaflet; General Election on 07.06.01
CN 03.05.2002 p2 Fears for lowest turn out in yesterdays local elections
CN 10.05.2002 p16 Election results from 09.05.2002
CN 25.04.2003 p1 City council elections next Thrsday; national Tory leaders in city
CN 09.05.2003 p3 Hung council as Tories lose 3 wards
CN 11.06.2004 p1 Postal vote doubles turnout for elections
CN 22.04.2005 p12 Feature on main parties in city for General Election in May
CN 28.04.2006 p12 Feature on why Carlisle people won’t vote in local elections

See also Burgess Roll
CN 01.11.1996 p4 Electoral review

City of Carlisle Yearbook 1930 p69 no of local gov and parliamentary electors

ELECTRICAL ILLUMINATING COMPANY Lowther Arcade; Warwick Road;Friar’s Court
Leading Trader of the City A616 pviii
CD 1913-14 Ad p70
CD 1920 Ad p50
CD 1924 Ad p292
CD 1927 Ad p302 Established 1904
CD 1931 Ad p96
CD 1934 Ad p136
CD 1955-56 Ad p238

CD 1952 Ad p12

ELECTRIC LIGHT In 1895Provisional Order was obtained by the City Council authorising them to generate and distribute electrical energy; 1897 Professor A.B.W.Kennedy designed and submitted a scheme which included a generating station on the north-west side of James Street; first electric street lighting 11.05.1899; application for supply were received at rapid rate and the City Council on 7th July 1899 decided to make an extension to the plant; applications for supply were being received from outside the city and on December 20th 1910 the Council decided to apply for a Provisional Order to authorise supplies to any place with a radius of two miles from the centre of the city.This Order received the Royal Assent on 18th August 1911; on 30th May 1911, in view of the rapid growth of the undertaking, the Council decided to purchase the Unitarian Church buildings which adjoined the site of the works; to meet ever increasing demand stage one of a new generating station at Willow Holme was oficially opened on 26th May 1927. This site had sufficient room for expansion and an ample water supply from the River Eden and railway sidings for handling coal; 11.04.1935 official opening of Electricity Showrooms on Castle Street, together with substation on adjacent site; 1938 extensions to James Street completed, James Street now being used for stores, garages, workshops and distribution; May 1940 - 1945 further extensive development at Willowholme Power Station, 2 additional 30,000kw sets installed, total manpower on this work rising to 632, the work being carried out in secret; consumers rose from year end of 1900 - 129 to 996 at year end of 1919, to 12,320 year end 1934 to 23,848 year end 1948; Willowholme Power Station was closed in 1985; 1986 new offices and depot opened on Nelson Street, at former Courtaulds Works; 1990 NORWEB plc establised following the privatisation of the electricity supply [B/ CAR 621.3 City of Carlisle Electricity Undertaking]
See also North West Electricity Board; Power Cuts; Power Stations; Street Lighting
CJ 26.07.1850 p3 CN 14.07.1934 p12 CJ 11.06.1937 p10 CN 27.08.1954 p10 CN 26.10.1956 p10 (illus)
24.07.1850 Electric light exhibited from Cathedral Turret Tower
CJ 02.08.1850 Electric light at Court House
City Minutes 1893-94 pp 444-449 Report on supplying electricity to city
City Minutes 1896-97 pp 236- 242 Report on electric lighting in city
CJ 15.01.1897 Electric light at Citadel Station
CP 07.01.1898 p5e Electric light
CP 04.03.1898 p5a Carlisle and electric light
CP 11.03.1898 p6a Electric lighting
CP 08.04.1898 p5b Electric light
CJ 15.07.1898 Cable routes
1911 Carlisle Corporation Electric Lighting Extension Order- for map of area covered see
City Minutes 1930-31, opposite p 538
City Minutes 1918-19 pp428-9 Growth of the undertaking 1899/1900 onwards
City Minutes 1920-21 p495 Annual Report; total consumers =1299
City Minutes 1920-21 pp553-580 Report on electric undertaking
City Minutes 1922-23 p92-97 Proposed new generating station
City Minutes 1922-23 pp635 -667 Report of consulting engineer
City Minutes 1926-7 pp576-7 Demonstration Hse; Better Home Lighting Campaign
Carlisle Electricity (Extension) Special Order 1930 - for map of area covered see
City Minutes 1930-31, opposite p 538
City Minutes 1930-31 pp550-51; nos. of consumers 1899 - 1931
CJ 14.10.1938 p12 (illus) Electricity Stores, James St
CN 15.10.1938 pp6-7,9 (illus) Electricity Stores, James St
CJ 14.10.1938 p12 New premises in James St
CN 15.02.1947 p5 Power cuts
CN 27.09.1947 p3 Power shortage in city
CN 04.10.1947 p5 Power shortage in city
CN 10.02.1951 p4 Public supply
CN 17.02.1951 p5 Electric light at 25 English St
CN 24.02.1951 p4 Public supply
CN 03.03.1951 p5 Public supply
CN 24.01.1969 p12 In 1850
CN 31.01.1969 p12 (illus) First shop to be lit by electricity
CN 20.10.1989 p4 A shining example of progress
CN 15.01.1993 p4 Shop steps into modern age
CN 09.01.1998 p1 Power failure forces operations to be cut
CN 24.03.2000 p5 Power cut still a mystery
CD 1927 Ad p68
CD 1931 Ad p248
CD 1934 Ad p104
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad
ELECTRIC LIGHTING STATION; James Street; switched on 11.05.1899
CN 29.04.1898 p5d Explosion at station
CP 12.05.1899 p5 Carlisle’s new illuminant opened
ELECTRIC LIGHTING STATION; Willow Holme opened 26.05.1927; station
demolished 1988
CD 1940 Ad p216

CN 06.12.1957 p12


Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p235
CD 1955-56 Ad p239

CN 21.01.2005 p 12 Feature on business devastated by flood

ELEPHANT VAULTS Botchergate; in local directory for 1884

CN 17.09.2004 p41 Artists studio opens on Dalston Road

ELGEY, J.T. Studhollme’s Lane
CD 1952 Ad p393

CJ 28.11.1947 p2 21st anniversary in Carlisle
CN 25.05.1990 p1 Churches big top

Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p 121 Photo of 1977 street party
CN 20.05.1977 p1 Celebrations - Jubilee
CN 20.05.1977 p2 Street parties - street closure list
CN 20.05.1977 p2 Commemorative crown pieces issue
CN 20.05.1977 p3 (illus) Jubilee appeal
CN 20.05.1977 p17 (illus)Brownies
CN 03.06.1977 p6 Carlisle in 1952
CN 03.06.1977 p15 Celebrations
CN 10.06.1977 Celebrations
CN 07.06.2002 pp1, 5-9 Golden Jubilee celebrations
CN 07.06.2002 p12 Royal Garden party at Carlisle Castle on August 5th
CN 02.08.2002 p3 Carlisle prepares for Queen’s visit
CN 09.08.2002 pp 1, 12,15,16,17 Queen at Garden Party

Civic affairs October 1966
CN 04.11.1966 p1 Opening
CJ 11.11.1966 p16 (illus) Opening
CN 11.11.1966 p10 (illus)
CN 16.04.1993 p3 Facelift home re-opens

ELLAMS Warwick Road
Ellam’s duplicator
CD 1952 Ad p289

CN 19.08.1988 p8 Ad

ELLIOT, A Denton St
Tailor and cutter
CD 1893-94 Ad p80
CD 1907-08 Ad p5

ELLIOT’S LANE The Lanes; certainly in existence by 14th century (Carlisle a frontier city p16); Elliott’s Lane, Scotch Street is so marked on Wood’s 1821 map of the city

CN 30.05.1997 p12 Foundations built on biscuits

ELLIOTT, D Castle St; Abbey St
Painter and decorator
CD 1955-56 Ad p272
CD 1961 -62 Ad pp x,291
CD 1966-68 Ad p289

ELLIS AND FOLLOWS Brook St and Scalegate Road
Painter and decorator
Cumberland Directory 1954 p 267

ELLSION and ANDERSON, The Misses; they are listed as running a nursing home at 6 Victoria Place in the directories from 1934 until 1940; they are not listed at this address in the previous directory of 1931 or in the next one which is 1952; they are listed at this address in the December 1938 telephone book although not in the July 1946 book; the 1936-37 Carlisle electoral register lists the following people at 6 Victoria Place - Annie Anderson, Jessie Ellison, Mary Nixon and Charlotte Maud Barclay; in the 1931 diretory Misses J.Ellison and A.Anderson are listed as running a nursing home at 30 Spencer Street; although not listed in the 1927 Carlisle Diretory 30 Spencer Street is given as a nursing home run by Miss Clara Elcoate

ELM STREET On 1871 census; a timber yard was formerly on the site of this street
CJ 14.04.1871 p3 report of death at 1 Elm Street

ELM TERRACE Newtown; named after row of elm trees in vicinity [Topper Off, March 9131 p2]; in Carlisle Electoral registers from 1900

ELSWORTH, T English St; Victoria Hall Buildings, Lowther St
Wine and spirit merchant
CD 1880 Ad pxxxvii
CP 18.08.1855 p1 Ad; Thomas Elsworth, 25 English Street
1882 Porters Directory Ad p64a; Victoria Hall Buildings, Lowther St
1891 census; Thomas Elsworth, aged 50, wine merchant, born Littlebone, Lancs., home 7 Lowther Street

EMBLETON and Co Grocers; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

EMERGENCY WATER SUPPLY EWS, painted in large yellow letters, may be seen on at least 5 walls [as at 2005] in Carlisle; the letters date from WWII and were to direct fire fighters to emergency water; the letters painted on St Cuthbert’s Lane have an arrow pointing westward along with a ‘65 yards’, 65 yards taking one to the churchyard of Saint Cuthbert’s, where, according to Denis Perriam, a large water tank was situated during the war; also on Dale Street, Norfolk Street beside the Mill Race,and Metcalfe Street, all in Denton Holme and all visible in 2005; also in 2007 noted EWS sign at the bottom of Etterby Street, behind signpost for Etterby Lea Crescent

EMERY, Carolina School
CP 16.12.1870 60 pupils at George Street School

CJ 11.04.1818 p2e 14 families proposing to emigrate from Caldewgate alone
CJ 20.07.1839 p3d Emigrants from Magdeburgh pass through Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 27.05.1858 p4b Australian emigrants letter to Carlisle
CJ 12.05.1863 Departure of operatives for Canada; Carlisle Emigration Comm.
CJ 15.12.1863 p3 Emigration of weavers

EMMERSON, Randolph
City Minutes 1927-28 p624 Licensed to operate bus service to Newcastle

CJ 17.07.1953 p5

EMPEROR’S PALACE Warwick Road [Grosvenor House]; opened November 1995
CN 14.04.2000 p5 Noisy restaurant appeal
CN 10.01.2003 p3 Wins back public entertainment licence
CN 17.10.2003 p3 Son’s drug bust; but restaurant not used for dealing says Palace
CN 01.10.2004 p8 Closes tomorrow; owner Tony Chung; p61 for sale

Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p77 photo 1938 parade at Robert Ferguson’s
CN 08.06.1990 p4 Tradition that has died away
CN 22.06.1990 p4 Empire Day
CN 13.07.1990 p4 Empire Day and wartime fun

EMPIRE ROAD Not listed on electoral register until 1925 although the city council minutes of 10.06.1904 record plans submetted to build five houses here and on Murrell Hill Rd, presumably those on Empire Rd were never built; the first owner of no 5 Empire Road was the aerated water manufacturer, Mr Underwood. He bought the property in 1925 from the builders John Laing
City Minutes 1903-04 p 369 5 houses Empire Rd and Murrell Hill Rd
City Minutes 1925-6 p439 Approval for 4 houses

CD 1907-08 Ad p100
CD 1910-11 Ad p122

See also Unemployment Grants Fund
City Minutes 1904-05 p46 Establishment of Labour Register for aiding unemployed
City Minutes 1905-06 p28 Number of unemployed workmen who have registered
City Minutes 1905-06 p247-9 Report on unemployed workmen
City Minutes 1919-20 p 140 Numbers of unemployed registered 05.12.1919
City Minutes 1920-21 p598 Work schemes for unemployed
City Minutes 1928-9 p13 Special [unemployment] committee appoinited
City minutes 1928-9 pp685-6 Schemes for unemployed; relaying gas mains
City Council Minutes 1930 -31 pp 68, 74 - 235 applicants for 5 lavatory attendants jobs
City Minutes 1932-33 p 129 - 133 Carlisle Unemployed Association
CJ 17.02.1939 p5 No child labour in Carlisle
ENS 18.02.1963 p1 Nearly 1,400 jobless in Carlisle
CN 04.11.1966 p12 Unemployment in the last century
CN 05.03.1993 p1 Tough task (Morton School)
CN 12.11.1993 p11 MP’s dole probe call
CN 19.07.1996 p16 Dejected and rejected
CN 26.07.1996 p2 Report traces boom and bust
CN 04.10.1996 p12 Regional job prospects improving
CN 03.01.1997 p12 Jobs optimism growing in the North West
CN 24.01.1997 p1 (illus) Man’s 10 mile walk to claim the dole
CN 14.02.1997 p5 County jobless total to fall despite recent ‘blip’
CN 16.05.1997 p1 £300,000 for 40 modern apprentices
CN 27.06.1997 p1 Hotel’s minimum wage
CN 25.07.1997 p1 Firms face unrest
CN 01.08.1997 p1 Jobless cost hidden
CN 01.08.1997 p9 Hidden unemployed
CN 12.09.1997 p3 Hotline brings benefit fraudsters to court
CN 03.10.1997 p4 Cumbria needs help to stop job losses
CN 15.08.1997 p13 Turkish delight for Risk centre
CN 28.11.1997 p3 City looks west for workers as food firms struggle to meet...
CN 05.02.1999 p1 £8m recession buster
CN 12.03.1999 p1 11th hour bid to rescue 224 print jobs
CN 19.03.1999 p1 I’ll bring back all 700 jobs (14 MU)
CN 12.10.1999 p7 We were cheated out of jobs - railway
CN 20.10.2000 p14 Boom city runs out of temps
CN 16.02.2001 p9 Unemployment down in January; 2,186 unemployed inCarlisle
CN 16.03.2001 p5 Unemployment in February rises to 2,198 in Carlisle
CN 16.03.2001 p7 Jobless weavers gave city a riverside walk
CN 18.10.2002 p7 August unemployment in Carlisle down to 1,487, 2.5%
CN 03.10.2003 p3 Cavray ship in Xmas workers from Portugal; rate 2.1%
CN 16.01.2004 p17 Unemployment rate for Carlisle District 1.9%, 1,151
CN 21.05.2004 p1 Cavray looks abroad for 120 temporary staff
CN 20.05.2005 p8 1,404 claiming benefit in city, 2.3% of workforce
CN 16.12.2005 p7 Review of job loses; Carlisle’s jobless is 1,291, 2%
CN 10.02.2006 p1 Eastern European workers flock into city
CN 04.08.2006 p3 Unemployment figures; 13.5% in Botcherby
CN 24.04.2009 p9 Carlisle District unemployment rises to 2,155



CN 19.10.2001 p17 (illus) Friends of Engine Lonning set up to protect haven

ENGLAND, H.V. Alton St
CD 1952 Ad p72

ENGLISH, R Blackwell Road, Scalegate Road
CD 1952 Ad p376
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p12
CD 1955-56 Ad p12

CJ 13.07.1943 p2
CN 13.07.1973 p6 1852 poem about
CN 24.08.1973 p6 Tallow candle fire on 06.07.1896
CN 11.09.1998 p9 ‘Dyeing ‘ Mayor gave city to the Scots

ENGLISH GATE English Gate was on the West Walls, adjoining the western bastion of the Citadels; before the reconstruction of the Citadels the southern entrance from Botchergate was around the massive Citadels complex and into the city via English Gate on the West Walls
Topping,G and Potter,J Memorials of Old Carlisle p27
CN 14.06.1974 p6
Cumberland Pacquet 19.03.1811 Demolition of English Gate
CJ 20.09.1817 Entire removal of foundations of English Gate
CN 15.10.1949 p5 In 1746

CN 16.01.2004 p62 New development ready for business

ENGLISH STREET Up to 1800 what is now called English St was called Botchergate: at first Botchergate simply, then Botchergate Within (the city) [CWAAS OS Vol 6 p147] So named on Smith’s 1746 map of city; road leading to the English Gate; number 11 late 18th century with later alterations
B/CAR 333.333 acc 3238 No 68 (By Highland Laddie Lane) For Sale 24.06.1919
CN 03.01.1958 p10(illus) CN 10.01.1958 p10 (illus) CN 24.01.1958 p10 (illus)
CN 14.02.1958 p10 (illus) ENS 13.02.1987 p4
CPacquet 01.07.1777p1a Large house for sale; 15 fine rooms
City Minutes 1925-6 p552 -3 Proposed reformation of prison site - 2 maps
City Minutes 1929-30 pp692-94 Street improvement; report on 63 designs
City Minutes 1931-32 pp28 - 31 View to erection of buildings on cleared Gaol site
Carlisle in Camera 2 p57 Photo about 1930 showing demolished Gaol Tap site
Carlisle in Camera 2 p59 Photo of street to Citadels in 1930
CN 04.06.1949 (illus) City Picture House and Ceylon Tea House in 1928
CN 19.11.1949 (illus) Gaol Tap
CN 28.05.1949 Benjamin Scott shop and printing office
CN 11.06.1949 (illus) New Bank Lane 1890-1900
CN 10.06.1950 p4 (illus) News Room and Subscription Library
CN 01.06.1956 p10 (illus) In about 1850
CN 03.08.1956 p8 (illus) ‘Shields’ - hatter
CN 03.05.1957 p10 (illus) In 1897
CN 27.04.1962 p12 (illus) In about 1920
CN 06.03.1964 p10 (illus) In 1887
CJ 05.11.1965 p6 (illus) Fire in empty shop
CN 05.11.1965 p9 (illus) Fire in empty shop
CN 23.07.1971 p14 (illus) About 1850
CN 07.12.1990 p4 Controversy over loss of lane
CN 28.08.1998 p9 Aerial view


ENNERDALE AVENUE On electoral register from 1933
City minutes 1931-32 p727 New street to be named Ennerdale Avenue
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p136 Photo in 1937; Coronation Party

ENSLEIGH GARDENS In Margery St area; on voters list from 1899 - 1909

City Minutes 1916-17 p234 Notified cases 1890 - 1916

CN 25.05.1990 p10 Ad Helping small business
CN 19.08.1994 p3 New name - Supplement

CN 25.03.1977 p23 CN 01.04.1977 p4
ENS 20.08.1975 (photo) Opening of The Enterprise Inn this afternoon

CAIH p79 Public entertainment
CN 03.06.1950 p4
CN 19.05.1989 p4 Contrasts in style of entertainment
CN 26.05.1989 p4 Memoirs of city theatre
CN 02.02.1990 p4 Newsreel made rounds by barrow
CN 30.08.1996 p4 Music and dancing in the streets

See also Conservation; Recycling, Solar Energy
CN 08.12.1995 p5 Green awards...

EPL ACCESS Formerly subsidary of John Laing
CN 17.05.2002 p14 Head office in Cambridge; Carlisle main repair centre

ERRINGTON, Donald Currier, aged 27, employing 7 men, home address 3 Lowther St, born Carlisle [1851 census]; aged 37, employing 6 men and 1 boy, born Carlisle, home address 3 Lowther St [1861 census]

ERRINGTON, E and Son Phoenix Leather Works; English Damside
Carlisle; Archival photographs p33 photo in 1890s;

ENS 16.06.1960 p9 (illus) Sheer neglect

ESK JOINERY Dalston Road
CN 24.07.1987 p18 Ad

CN 25.08.1989 p48 Brick firm sold

ESSO DEPOT London Road
CN 11.10.1963 p1
ENS 07.04.1964 Supplement

ENS 08.02.1967 Supplement

CN 09.06.1995 p4 Estate agents (Thomas, Roderick and Laurie) to give up house...

City Minutes 1905-06 p264 Approval for 6 houses
City Minutes 1933-34 p 307 Approval for houses

ETB Appliance repair James Street
CN 12.09.2008 p22 G.Hirsley and A.Wallce set up 15 years ago. Employs 7 people

Churn manufacturer and general cooper
1873 Directory p71 Ad A28

ETCHELLS, William Scotch St; West Tower St
Printer and stationer
CD 1880 Ad pxxvi
1891 census; William Etchells, 49, printer, bn Carlisle, home 1 Fisher St
North Cumberland Reformer 15.06.1893 p1 Ad Fishing Tackle Depot, West Tower Street
CD 1893-94 Ad p116 ‘Castle Printing Works’, West Tower St
1901 directory; William Etchells, 35 West Tower Street; printers,home 1 Fisher St

CN 23.07.1999 p10 Ethnic blending of the city
CN 29.03.2002 p9 Carlisle’s first policeman was black

ETTERBY So named Etardeby in 1246 after a personal name Etard which is of French or Germanic origin; became a part of the city in November 1912

ETTERBY COTTAGE So named on 1861 census; on 1865 OS map there is a property so named and a house of that name existed in 1829. Th 1847 Directory lists a Thomas Martson, hosier, home address Etterby Cottage. A typrescript history of the Martson family contains an illustration of the house in the 1860s [920/MAR]. The family history says that Thomas Martson and family emigrated to the USA in 1849. When sold in 1849 the new owner, John Forster, preferred the name Etterby Villa; Elizabeth Fortser changed the name to Etterby View; Etterby View sold in 1901 to Thomas Carr then to James Davidson and finally to solicitor FW Halton of Norfolk Rd who bought it around 1907-08. In 1915 he put the property up for sale ‘known as Grey House’. With no buyer FW Halton lived on here until his death in June 1965. The empty house was the subject of a public inquiry in January 1966. House demolished in 1967 and houses stand on site [CN 11.05.2007 p32 illus]

09.01.1910 Messenger Steel Cowen died Etterby Grange [SMI 62/2]

ETTERBY HILL 1861 census; William Patinson, aged 58

ETTERBY HOUSE 25.07.1898 sold for £1,600 to J.E.Thompson; became Youth Hostel in 1953
1861 census George Relph, Etterby House, magistrate anbd draper, aged 62, bn Carlisle
CP 24.03.1882 p1 Ad; To let recently occupied by Mr Relph
CN 20.12.1913 p1b To sell or let; 3 reception rooms, 5 principal bedrooms, fishing rights
22.11.1917 Rose Annie w of Dr Adam Clarke Burrows d Etterby Hse [SMI 174/1]
Cumbria June 1963 p102
CJ 12.04.1968 p11 (illus)

CN 27.06.2008 p19 Flood defences at Etterby Tce and Etterby Place finished

CJ 14.10.1919 Destroyed by fire on 11th Oct
ENS 31.01.1987 p4 Photo of Etterby Mission Hall demolished ‘about 17 years ago’

City Minutes 1924-25 p521 New LMS bridge inspected

ETTERBY SCAUR So named in 1794
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards, J.Templeton no.50 View of houses
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p70 Photo of Loshville
Carlisle in Camera 2 p47 photo of car outside Loshville circa 1905
Number 13 Herling House, formerly York Villa, completed 1877
CP 08.08.1857 p1Ad; Castle View, newly erected; occupied by George Relph
CP 30.04.1864 p1 To let house on Etterby Scaur
CP 02.09.1870 p1 Ad; For sale house lately occupied by Robert Patterson
CP 07.05.1875 p4e Etterby Scaur and Edentown; building sites - report of sale
14.03.1909 Bessie Little of Hopeton, Etterby Scaur died [Monumental Insc.95/33]
16.10.1918 Catherine Carlyle of Eden View, Etterby Scaur died [SMI 2/3]
175 Years of Carlisle p59 photo of houses 1920?
CN 23.04.2004 p58 Greensyke for sale; built circa 1897

Carlisle Directory 1837 Houses consecutive to no 17; on the south side of the street was a hawthorn hedge which stood until the 1890s when this side was developed; No 71 Etterby Street has a plaque outside “Border Regiment Cottage Home 1905’, topped off with the Border Reginemt Badge. This was built for soldiers disabled in the Boer War. The next house down was the lodge for the Duke of Devonshire’s private estate which he had developed along a line of Stanwix Bank, Etterby Street and Cavendish Terrace
CJ 29.07.1843 Building of houses on Etterby Street
CP 06.05.1865 p1d For sale number 17 Etterby Street
CP 17.03.1866 p1 For sale no 22 Etterby Street
175 Years of Carlisle p31 photo of bottom of street circa 1910
175 Years of Carlisle p47 photo of top of Etterby St 1920s?
Carlisle People and Places p 27; showing south side of street; 1920s?
CN 19.11.2004 p65 House on north side of street for sale; circa 1855; illus
CN 10.10.2008 p61 No 44 for sale at 204,950 pounds; feature and photo

ETTERBY TERRACE On the census from 1881
CN 14.01.2005 p13 Etterby Terrace and the Great Flood
CN 27.06.2008 p19 Flood defences at Etterby Tce and Etterby Place finished



ETTERBY WATH Ancient ford across Eden; shown on OS map; by 1899 considered ‘dangerous and impractticable’ CWAAS OS Vol 15 p130

I was selected for admission to Middle Street Techincal School [in 2004 this is Walker Technology College, Newcastle Upon Tyne] and I started on 21st August 1939. Having just adjusted to my new situation, war was declared and on the 1st September the school was evacuated to Carlisle, where we had to share on a half day rota Creighton Central School, Morley St, Denton Holme. We settled in fairly well but the facilities were very basic, it was an old Victorian built school, no playing fields or gymnasium, set in a crowded manufacturing area and on one side across the street a huge factory Teasdle and Co the sweet manufacturers. For sporting activities outside we had to carry equipment from the school to the fields verging the River Caldew, about twenty minutes walk involved. Overall the evacuation was a bit of a shambles and by the end of 1941 many children and adults had returned to their homes. and I was one of them.

On arriving in Carlisle the school was taken to dispersal points where we had to wait for hosts to come and make their choice, but small groups were taken by guides to various houses. There were no written lists of where we would be housed, so parents at home would wait some days before they were informed. My new abode was no 70 Westmorland St. Mrs Wood and her daughter welcomed me, and I settled in quite well and they loooked after me with great care. I must say that lodgings varied, some exceptional, some dreadful, majority acceptable. Creighton School was situated about five minutes from the house and the area surrounding was quite similar to where I lived in Newcastle so I adapted quite quickly and made many friends from the local boys and girls, joining in back lane games and many adventures which included swimming in the River Caldew and football etc in the local parks and woods. Our education was badly affected, lack of equipment, half day sessions, and changes in staff, made it more difficult. Nothing was wasted, note books cut in half as were pencils, even the ink was diluted with vinegar. Text books had to be shared, so blackboard and chalk were the main tools of our education plus dedicated teachers.Thank you Carlisle for all you did for evacuees. [memories of R.Richmond, evacuee, written in 2004]
CJ 15.09.1939 p6 CJ 03.11.1939
CJ 01.09.1939 p1 Leaving threatened homes
CJ 05.09.1939 pp1,2 More evacuees
CJ 08.09.1939 p1 More evacuees
CJ 08.09.1939 p6 ‘By the way column’
CJ 12.09.1939 p1 They come from afar
CJ 12.09.1939 p2 The week-end influx
CJ 19.09.1939 p1 Homes for 4,000
CJ 29.09.1939 p1 Doing fine
CN 07.10.1939 p5 Evacuees settling down
CN 07.10.1939 p10 Two sides of the picture
CJ 17.10.1939 p1 Footing the bill
CJ 24.10.1939 p3 Unclean evacuees
CJ 05.12.1939 p1 Ellen Wilson MP visits evacuees
CJ 08.12.1939 pp3,4 Jarrow MP visits
CN 09.12.1939 p5 Evacuees at Carlisle
CN 09.12.1939 p9 A message from Tyneside
CJ 15.12.1939 p5 Evacuees children in Carlisle will go home for Xmas
CN 16.12.1939 p11 Christmas exodus - Carlisle child evacuees going home
CN 23.12.1939 p3 A happy party
CJ 26.01.1940 p3 Camp schools for evacuated children

CN 15.09.1989 p1 How Gypsy Sid saw the light
CN 14.12.1990 p13 Christian school plan...
CN 11.01.1991 p5 1,500 flock to city service

CN 05.07.1996 p3 News and Star wins 3 top awards
CN 02.08.2002 p12 New web site for the Evening News< >www.newsandstar.co.uk>

City Minutes 1921-22 p556 Registered omnibuses
City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus service to St Ann’s

CN 11.07.2003 p18 Ten jobs will be created when firm sets up at Kingmoor Park

EWART, W English St
CD 1952 Ad p124
CD 1955-56 Ad p289

EWARTS Devonshire St
ENS 03.10.1962 Supplement
CN 06.02.1987 p15 To close



CJ 16.09.1947 p1 First meeting

CN 08.05.1998 Supplement
CN 15.05.1998 p4 Cocker hoop with success

EX-SERVICEMEN’S CLUB Exchange Buildings Lonsdale St; Albert St Founded 1921
City Minutes 1921-22 p 157 New club licenced 02.06.1921
CN 03.12.1971 pp18-19 (illus) 50th year anniversary
CN 21.04.1995 p1 Club gives beer to war heroes for VE Day
CN 05.12.1997 p12 (illus) Revamped city club at your service after £60,000 facelift

CP 16.11.1833 p1 Ad David Bell, MD
CD 1840 p66 Established November 1831 by Dr Bell

CP 31.03.1821 p1d Mr Palmer occulist from London in city for a fortnight
1847 Directory p155 Telford, Rd Davison, optician, 86 Market Place
CP 03.06.1854 p1 Ad; Mr Lizard taken appartments; visited city for 17 years