Dacre Street - Dynes

DACRE STREET Off Corporation Road; 1852 ‘some of the houses in Dacre-street were at that time nearly finished or building’ [Mary Smith Autobiography vol 1 p189]; so named on Asquith’s 1853 survey;
City Council minutes 03.06.1887 20/100 road to Abattoir to be called Dacre St
1930s My grandparents ‘lived in Dacre Street; it was classed as quite posh as it was a double fronted house. The door was in the middle corridor leading to the stairs. On each side was a door, one to the sittng room that was perfect, but only used on special occasions, the other was the living room with a big built in cupboard and drawers. From there you went into a kitchen, not a big one, and then downstairs to the cellar and war cellar. There were stone stairs down to it and there was a big black lead range, the cellar was just used for storage. Upstairs there were three big bedrooms and outside there was a big yard with a door to the lane and an alley to Corporation Road. Across the yard were three outside toilets. My grandma had the key to one, the other two were shared. In the yard there were two houses - one up, one down, the back door to the corner house and another two houses at the end of the lane. All these people used the other toilets. There was a tap in the yard and that was for water for the yard houses. My grandma had running water in her house. Then there was a wash house - you each had your own day to wash, bad luck if it was wet. There was a set pot that had to be filled and the fire set under it before you could start. There was a big mangle, poss stick - they talk about the good old days. My grandma’s house used to be a school before she moved in’ [Muriel Kemp remembers]

DAILY MAIL CIRCUIT OF BRITAIN AIR RACE First aircraft arrivals in Carlisle on 25.07.1911
Carlisle an illustrated history p83 Valentine’s aircraft near Sands

DAIRY CREST Caldewgate
CN 06.03.1987 p14 Unveiling heritage plaque at Bridge St
CN 29.01.1988 p21 Dairy jobs loss angers union boss

DALE COURT On electoral register from 2001-02

DALE END ROAD, Harraby First appears on electoral register for 1947-48

DALE STREET Laid out for the Cumberland Co-operative Benefit Building Society in 1853; [CRO CA/E 4 2107]; EWS [Emergency Water Supply] painted in large yellow letters date from WWII and were to direct fire fighters to emergency water Society
City Minutes 1899-1900 p 40 Approval for 5 houses
City Minutes 1932-33 p 67 Approval for 21 houses in Dale Street; owner Mr Scriven

DALGLEISH St Alban’s Row
CD 1952 Ad p395
CN 15.02.1947 p5 To make jewellery

DALGLEISH, W and Son Blackfriars St
Fruit merchants
CD 1902-03 Ad p10

City Minutes 1919-20 p520 Teck Street; name changed to Dalmeny Rd

Carlisle in Camera 2 p32 view of road in 1909
Carlisle in Camera 2 p35 view of signal box and crossing gate in 1929
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p59 1966 photo of level crossing
Civic Affairs 07/1969 p3 Railway lines over Dalston Road crossing shortly removed
CN 18.02.1994 p7 New retail park plan
CN 29.01.1999 p7 (illus) Day a train nearly killed a boy in Dalston Rd

DALSTON STREET First listed in the 1880 directory
CJ 17.05.1878 p8 10 cottages to be erected by the South End Cooperative
CJ 21.11.1879 p5 Dalston St laid out in 1878
CN 14.01.2005 p13 Dalston St and the Great Flood

DALTON AVENUE In May 1931 there were several reasons for so naming; James Gibson Dalton and Tinniswood Dalton were members of the city council and the City Surveyor at the time was Percy Dalton; in electoral registers from 1931
Carlisle The Archive Photos p104 photo in 1937

DALTON, Robert Finkle St; Castle St; Botchergate; Tait St
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pvi 10 finkle St
CD 1884-85 Ad p268, change of address, 8 Castle St
CD 1893-94 Ad p60
CD 1902-03 Ad p13
CD 1952 Ad p256
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p221
CN 08.03.1985 p18 (illus)
CN 09.08.1996 p1 Botchergate auction looks to close

DALTON, W.L. Port Road
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p75
CD 1955-56 Ad p75

DALZIEL, C.M. Brook St
Chemist and Optician
CD 1905-06 Ad p17
CD 1907-08 Ad pii
CD 1910-11 Ad p7
CD 1913-14 Ad p7
CD 1920 Ad p7
CD 1924 Ad p124
CD 1927 Ad p144



DAND,W English St; Devonshire St; English St; Botchergate; established 1877
Saddler and trunk maker; sports outfitter
CD 1902-03 Ad p227
CD 1905-06 Ad p13
CD 1907-08 Ad p10
CD 1910-11 Ad p8
CD 1913-14 Ad p58
CD 1920 Ad p270
CD 1924 Ad p264
CD 1927 Ad p152
CD 1931 Ad p48
CD 1934 Ad p40
CD 1937 Ad p40
CD 1940 Ad p40
CD 1952 Ad p375
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p276
CD 1955-56 Ad p283
CD 1961-62 Ad p299
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p40 photo of facade
CP 17.01.1896 Mr Dand buys old Subscription Library; intends to move shop here
1901 census ;William Dand, master saddler, 44, bn Carlisle; home Currock Villa

DAND’S Leather retailers
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad

DANISH BACON CO Kingstown Industrial Estate
CN 31.01.1969 Supplement

DARGAN, Charles Lorne St
Music teacher; instrument dealer
CD 1910-11 Ad p98
CD 1920 Ad p7

City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus service Belle Vue to Upperby


Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p134 Photo of darts match
CN 06.01.2006 p25 Professional dart player Peter Manley makes city his home

CN 14.04.1989 p18 Ad

DAVID’S Warwick Road
CN 03.03.2000 p18 Ad
CN 20.12.2002 p6 Review of restaurant

DAVIDSON, Alexander School, Bank St
CP 16.12.1870 Number in attendance 30

DAVIDSON, Ethel Botchergate
Ladies fashion
CD 1952 Ad p80
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p1

DAVIDSON, J Upperby Rd, Station Archways
Car hire
CD 1952 Ad p337

DAVIDSON, J The Crescent
Ladies fashion
CD 1952 Ad p288

DAVIDSON, James Boot and shoemaker, aged 49, employing 10 men, home address 3 Globe Lane, born Carlisle [1851 census]

DAVIDSON, James Henry Whittall Banker, died 18.08.1881[Monumental Inscriptions 82/17]

DAVIDSON, Percy Blackwell Rd
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p245
CD 1955-56 Ad p249

CD 1952 Ad p87

DAVIDSON’S GARAGE Fisher St; Rosehill Industrial Estate
Founded 1933
CD 1966-68 Ad p282
CN 08.07.1988 p8 Ad
CN 19.01.1990 p4 Photo recalls start of a city car firm

DAVIDSON/ DAVISON’S LANE, Botchergate Joseph Davison, retired grocer, aged 46, living at Davidson’s Lane, Botchergate, born Carlisle [1851 census]; Davidson/ Davidson’s Lane, Botchergate is noted on the 1841 census to the 1884 directory

City Minutes 1890-91 item 193; approval for laying out new street
City Minutes 1902-03 p494 Approval for 9 houses

DAVIS Lonsdale St
CD 1952 Ad p331

DAVISON, Joseph Retired grocer, aged 46, living at Davidson’s Lane, Botchergate, born Carlisle [1851 census]; Davison/ Davidson’s Lane, Botchergate is noted on the 1841 census to the 1884 directory

DAWSON, A Newtown Industrial estate
Wholesale provision merchants
CD 1952 Ad p310
CD 1955-56 Ad p249
CD 1961-62 Ad p12

DAWSON, Jacob Lowther St
Veterinary Surgeon
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178

1861 Morris, Harrison and Co ad p16 T.Carruthers successor to Dawson & Bushby

DB 700
CN 21.09.1990 p7 Ad Where shotguns reign supreme

DC Engineering Willowholme
CN 07.01.1994 p8 Ad

CN 01.12.1989 p9 Better TV for deaf call

DEAKINS VAULTS Botchergate; so called in local directories from 1880; closed 1917; previously may have been called the Jovial Butcher
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 ,p73
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p91 photo of pub; E.Bulman publican
CN 24.05.1991 p4 (illus)

DEAN, John English Street
M442 p3 Business card; linen and wool draper

DEAN, William Edward Started running services 27.02.1922
City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus service Belle Vue to Upperby


List of Deans of Carlisle to 1998 - see Weston, D,W.V. Carlisle Cathedral History, p 144, 2000
King Henry VIII re-founded the old Augustinian Cathedral Priory Church of St Mary in 1541 as the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, under a dean and four canons. Lancelot Salkeld, the last Augustinian prior, bacame the first dean. Thereafter a succession of deans followed, broken only in the Commonwealth period during which the dean and canons were ejected.
1542 appointment moved of Lancelot Salkeld; 1559 appointment moved of Thomas Smith; 1577 John Wooley; 1596 Christopher Perkins; 1622 Francis White; 1626 William Peterson; 1630 Thomas Comber - deprived 1642; 1660 Guy Carleton; 1671 Thomas Smith; 1684 Thomas Musgrave; 1686 William Graham; 1704 Francis Atterbury; 1711 George Smallridge; 1713 Thomas Gibbon; 1716 Thomas Tullie; 1727 George Fleming; 1734 Robert Bolton; 1764 Charles Tarrant; 1764 Thomas Wilson; 1778 Thomas Percy; 1782 Jeffrey Elkins; 1792 Isaac Milner; 1820 Robert Hodgson; 1844 John Anthony Cramer; 1848 Samuel Hinds; 1850 Archibald Tait; 1856 Francis Close; 1882 John Oakley; 1884 William George Henderson; 1906 Charles Ridgeway; 1908 William Barker; 1917 Hastings Rashdall; 1924 Henry Venn Stuart; 1933 Cecil Henry H.Cooper; 1938 Frederick William Matheson; 1942 William Cyril Mayne; 1960 Lionel M.S.du Toit; 1973 John Howard Churchill; 1988 Henry E.C.Stapleton; 1998 Graeme Paul Knowles; 2004 Mark Boyling
30.09.1684 ‘Dean installed’ Bishop Nicolson;s Diaries;CWAAS ns Vol 1,1901, p18
CJ 28.07.1967 p2 List of Deans from Henderson to Mayne
CN 02.09.1988 p4 The paths that led to Carlisle’s Deanery
CN 04.09.1998 p10 40th Dean follows on famous footsteps
CN 08.01.1999 p1 Full house greets new Dean (G.P.Knowles)
CN 12.12.2003 p9 G.Knowles leaves; fears of delays in replacing him
CN 09.04.2004 p5 New Dean appointed, Mark Boyling [photo]
CN 01.10.2004 p4 New Dean installed this weekend

Death rate 1842-8 General Board of Health Report, 1850, p28 1BC625
City Minutes 1908-09 p257 Death rate in city 1874 - 1908
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1923 p12 Deaths 1891-1923; rate/ nos.

CJ 03.07.1923 Garden party in Portland Sq; illus.

DEBENHAMS Opened 26.10.2000
CN 01.05.1998 p3 Big store leads way to job expansion
Cumbria Life 65 August 1999 pp12-13 Supp 2A 9
CN 04.08.2000 p14 Recruting 300 workers
CN 20.10.2000 p1 Fears over Debenhams traffic as store opens
CN 20.10.2000 p9 Changing the face of shopping in Carlisle
CN 27.10.2000 p1 (illus) Debenhams opens; opinion p12
CN 22.12.2000 p1 Debenhams bring Christmas shoppers into Carlisle
CN 26.07.2002 p16 New store manager Nikki Wilson-Cook
CN 18.11.2005 p3 Tills ring at pre Christmas sale

CN 24.06.1966 p12 Application from City Council for adoption in 1854

DEE - EM WINDOWS Kingstown
CN 18.03.1994 p15 Ad

CN 01.06.2001 p6 Photo of street and residents

CN 09.09.1988 p7 Ad

Not on first edition Ordnance Survey map surveyed 1863-64; 1873 directory - Captain Harrington ‘Deer Parks’; 1881 census for Stanwix - John Wilson, grocer. William Bell, cattle dealer, was there from circa 1910-11 until his death in February1930; up to 1940 W.E.Bell lived there. City Council minutes in that year approved the use of the house as a staff hostel, ownership of the house being given as LMS Ralway; the Carlisle diretory of 1952 lists Deer Park Hostel with F.W.Brown resident; by 1959 it had become flats [CN 24.08.2007 p36]
CJ 14.06.1872 Attempted robbery at Deer Park
CP 29.08.1873 p1a Ad; To let; recently erected mansion; built 2 years ago
CP 04.05.1877 p1c For let by Caledonian Railway Co; Deer Park House
1901 census; Thomas Atkinson, aged 34, living on own means, bn Carlisle
1918 Electoral Register Ann and Thomas Bell and William Ernest Bell, his son
27.02.1930 Died Thomas Bell of Deer Park, Stanwix [SMI 36/3]
CN 24.08.2007 p36 History and photo of house - Denis Perriam. Photo taken in 1971 shows the house in the background but it did not remain much longer

DEFRA (Dept. of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) see MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE

DEIGHTON, Robert H Lowther Arcade
Gents fashion
CD 1905-06 Ad
CD 1907-08 Ad p112

City Minutes 1902-03 p542 Approval for 4 houses

DE MELLO, Philip
City Minutes 1927-28 p623 Licensed to operate to Penrith

CN 31.10.1997 p14 Restaurant opening a real knockout

DENARD, J Lowther St
House and church decorator
Leading Trader of the City Ad p iii A616
1891 census; Joseph Denard, painter, 58, bn Carlisle, home 12 Eden St
1901 census; Joseph Denard, painter, 68, home 11 Lowther St
CD 1910-11 Ad p68
CD 1913-14 Ad pp 198,279
CD 1920 Ad p253
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered Letter from grandson and photo of shop

DENNISON, J Warwick Road
Carlisle in Camera 2 p6 Photo of shop facade, 21 Warwick Road
CD 1880 Ad pxiii 21 Warwick rd [sic] and 26 Arthur St, Penrith
Carlisle 1880 Directory 23 Henry Street [sic], res 6 Broad street
Carlisle Directory 1884 10 Devonshire Street, photographer, res 34 Broad St

DENNISON, M Printers
John Stagg Miscellaneous Poems Carlisle, printed by M.Dennison and Son at Shakespeare’s Head, 1790
John Fallowfield Miscellaneous Essays Divine and Moral, printed by M.Dennison and Son, at Shakespeare’s Head, Scotch Street, 1790

DENT,J.J. Warwick Road
Auctioneer and valuer
CD 1907-08 Ad p61

DENT, Joe Scotch St; South Henry St; Lonsdale St; Peter St
House furnishers and removals
CD 1924 Ad p282
CD 1927 Ad p10 (For over 30 years late of J.J.Dent and Son)
CD 1934 Ad p171
CD 1937 Ad p268
CD 1940 Ad p183
CD 1952 Ad p302
CD 1955-56 Ad pxiii
CD 1966-68 Ad p295

DENT, Robert English St
Linen and woollen draper
CD 1893-94 Ad p106

1834 Pigot’s Directory Thomas Sheffield, dentist, Abbey St
1851 Ward’s North of England Directory p 13 Ad; dental surgery Mr Lows
1891 census; Georgina Moffat, dentist, home Lowther St, born Scotland
CN 13.12.1996 p3 Schools urged; put pupils’ teeth first
CN 20.04.2001 p8 History of dentistry in Carlisle; D.Perriam
CN 22.08.2003 p1 Only one dentist in city accepting NHS patients
CN 07.10.2005 p1 Carlisle could be left with no NHS dental services
CN 11.11.2005 p1 Richard Wilson and partners, Warwick Rd go private
CN 06.01.2006 p 3 Westhouse dental centre, Scotland Rd, goes private
CN 27.01.2006 p3 Carlisle to get dental school after winning funding
CN 10.02.2006 p3 James and Susan Leigh go private
CN 17.02.2006 p1 £1m dental school for Cumberland Infirmary
CN 24.02.2006 p7 New dentists for city
CN 17.03.2006 p9 Another dentist quits NHS, Taylor and Campbell
CN 24.03.2006 p13 Letter defending dentists leaving the NHS
CN 27.02.2009 p2 Carlisle Dental Centre; new teaching facility opens behind the Cumberland Infirmary

DENTON, William Smith Sometime partner with Paul Nixson. Denton was a Carlisle builder; constructed the two viaducts at Wetheral on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway. He also built the road bridge at Warwick which opened in January 1835, the foundation stone having being laid in April 1833. See page 58 Bill Fawcett History of the Newcastle and Carlisle railway 1824 - 1870. [2008]
1829 Directory Nixon and Denton, builders Finkle Street
Jacksons Oxford Journal 10.12.1836 p4 Bankruptcy of William Smith Denton, Carlisle builder
Newcastle Courant 23.08.1839 p3a Denton Marble Mill and Quarries at Dent in Yorkshire for sale. Marble mills lately carried on by William Smith Denton, bankrupt

DENTON CRESCENT So named on 1881 census

CN 06.01.2006 p3 george Graham started 14 years ago; illus

DENTON HOLME So called in 1608; land owned by the Denton family
1610; called Dentone holme on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]
CAIH p35 Denton Holme Millrace
CWAAS 1967 vol 67 Denton Holme; growth of a suburb pp 206-228
CWAAS 1968 Vol 68 ...
CN 03.11.1978 p18 CN 12.01.1979 p10 CN 28.09.1979 p3
CJ 27.03.1819 p1 Print fields for sale - Denton Holme estate
CJ 25.06.1852 Several streets projected, several laid out
CJ 22.02.1867 Denton Holme estate; in 1848 all land SW side of Caldew grazing
CJ 21.11.1879 p5 laying out street in Denton Holme
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen; Life in the 1930s in this area
CJ 24.08.1943 p2 Development of Denton Holme
CJ 16.12.1966 pp10-11 Shopping
ENS 24.06.1974 p10 (illus) Demolition of Denton Street Railway Bridge on 23.06.
CN 16.05.1975 p11 Pelican crossing
CN 02.04.1976 p22 Cumberland Court
ENS 09.12.1976 pp6-7 Shopping
ENS 13.12.1977 pp8-9 Shopping
ENS 31.10.1978 p10 Backward area
ENS 10.12.1981 pp14-15 Photographs
CN 06.10.1989 p1 The street that died
CN 11.05.1990 p11 Flats plan for city
CN 25.05.1990 p1 Street battle with council
CN 18.12.1992 p4 Denton Holme mine located
CN 15.10.1993 p8 Time for change - Denton Holme Post Office
CN 22.07.1994 p18 Down your lane
CN 27.01.1995 p5 Homes for factory site
CN 24.05.1996 Supplement
CN 28.11.1997 p1 Residents only parking set for massive city expansion
CN 03.07.1998 p5 Thumbs up for new flats plan
CN 30.12.1998 Village community within the city - aerial photo
CN 19.02.1999 p3 Ferguson’s - housing
CN 12.03.1999 p2 Plans to slow down ‘rat run’ traffic
CN 19.03.1999 p5 Scheme for youth club runs into opposition
CN 04.08.2000 p17 Decision due on plans for 24 houses on old Morley St school
CN 20.07.2001 p13 Letter; Morton Housing plan has implications for Denton Holme
CN 25.06.2004 p12 Feature on Denton Holme

CN 06.01.1981 p10


CN 25.05.1962 p12
CN 30.09.1988 p4 Band played before the Queen
CN 23.04.1993 p4 Youth band played before Queen

CJ 01.09.1939 p3
CN 31.01.2003 p22 Denton Holme Cricket Club evicted from Rickerby ground
CN 11.04.2008 p7 Founded 1896; merges with Carlisle Cricket Club

CP 08.04.1892 p5 First annual meeting
CN 05.03.1965 p12

CN 15.10.1993 p8 Time for change
CN 26.04.1996 p2 - Lottery
CN 21.03.2008 p3 Botcherby and Denton Holme Post Offices to close
CN 01.08.2008 p11 Post Office closes last Tuesday

CN 04.04.1997 p1 Timber!
CN 04.04.1997 p14 Sawmill shows off its wares and creates six jobs

CP 07.02.1896 p4a Notice for 15th general meeting on 10.02.1896
CP 15.02.1907 AGM of the Denton Holme Working Men’s Conservative Club
CN 03.11.1978 p1
ENS 24.05.1997 p18 Club transformed with £143,000 facelift

DENTON INN Denton Street; in local directories from 1880 - 1924
CP 07.10.1887 To let, Denton Inn
Chief Constable’s Annual Report 1927 p34 Closed 17.10.1927

Blaylock and Pratchitt founded in 1859 on Long Island Ironworks site; later became Pratchitt, Blaylock and Pratchitt; 04.02.1863 purchase of new site in Denton Holme, which became Denton Ironworks

DENTON MILL Medieval water corn mill that continued in use into Victorian times; Denton mills marked on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle; Mon. Insc. St Mary’s Church [Cathedral] No81 W.Glendinning died at Denton Holm Mill 12.03.1830; painted by W.H.Nutter in 1863
Cumberland Pacquet 06.05.1789 To be let; ad
CJ 01.05.1819 Sale notice

CJ 22.02.1867 Denton Holme estate; Denton Corn Mill built in 1853
CP 24.12.1868 p1 Ad; Denton Mills erected 15 years ago; corn mill

DENTON STREET Street laid out in 1852-53 [Carlisle the Archive Photographs p121]; Asquith’s 1853 survey shows the street laid out and so names it but there are no buildings shown
City Minutes 1919-20 p42-43 Report on construction of 24 council houses
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 24 houses completed
Memories of Carlisle Chapter 1 Photo of Denton St Railway bridge
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p60 Denton Street Railway bridge
CN 14.01.2005 p13 Denton Street and the Great Flood

CN 07.11.2008 p7 Denton Street Cafe feature

Erected about 1881 and known by the name Church of Christ; demolished in 1966 when called Atlas Hall

CN 11.02.2005 p4 New business opens; boss Alan Stevenson

CN 03.02.2006 p4 Donald Stewart retires after 35 years in business

DENWOOD’S Queen St, Caldewgate Lemonade manufacturers
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad
CD 1952 Ad p254
CD 1955-56 Ad p220
CD 1961-62 Ad p15
CD 1966-68 Ad p252


City Minutes 1898/99 p 346 Approval for new street

Mary Ellen, wife of David Hodge, 4 Derwent Terrace, Moorville, d 11.03.1930 [SMI 239/1]

CN 07.04.1989 p8 Leading firm with designs on continual print success - ad
CN 29.12.1989 p10 Leading the way
CN 03.04.1992 p1 Blaze rips city print firm
CN 10.04.1992 p7 City print firm beats big blaze

Round Carlisle Cross 3rd series pp21-3 1827 satire upon recent developments
CJ 22.02.1867 Denton Holme estate; development of
CP 22.03.1878 Buildings in Carlisle
City Minutes 1902-03 p298-99 Number of new streets and houses 1881 - 1902
City Council Minutes November 1961 Central Area Development Report
Northern Architect May 1966 pp664-665 (illus)
CN 14.08.1964 p8 CN 21.08.1964 p8 CN 28.08.1964 p8 CN 04.09.1964 p8
CN 24.03.1972 p10 (illus) CN 02.11.1973 p10 (illus) CN 09.11.1973 p11 (illus)
CN 04.12.1964 pp1,13 City Surveyor’s 50 year plan
CJ 26.02.1965 p1 North Region Council
CN 26.02.1965 p1 North Region Council
CN 02.04.1965 p1 Central Area
CJ 03.12.1965 p31 Central Development Area
CN 03.12.1965 pp1,3 Central Development Area
CJ 10.12.1965 p27 Central Area
CN 10.12.1965 pp1,3,24 Central Area
CN 10.06.1966 pp1,22 Central Area; traders writ fears
CN 07.07.1967 pp10,11 Central Area; minister’s decision
CJ 05.04.1968 p3 Central Area
CN 12.12.1969 p8 (illus) Central Area
CN 20.03.1970 pp1,11 (illus) Central Area
CN 10.04.1970 p11 Central Area
CN 03.04.1970 p1,28 (illus) Dias and Co plan; Central Area
CN 11.12.1970 p1 Central Area rents
CN 08.01.1971 p15 Scotch St area
CN 15.01.1971 p1 Scotch St area
CN 12.03.1971 p1 (illus) Scotch St area
CN 07.12.1973 p10 (illus) Carlisle and District Civic Trust plan
CN 30.09.1977 p4 (illus) Plan of 1862
CN 10.02.1995 p1 Facelift adds to £11m budget
CN 24.11.1995 p5 Lottery has key to new theatre
CN 08.12.1995 p6 City leisure plan backed
CN 22.12.1995 p4 Boost for £14m gateway project
CN 16.02.1996 p13 Towards the Millennium
CN 23.02.1996 p1 £19m plan for MU signed
CN 10.05.1996 p6 Council eyes up business park scheme
CN 16.08.1996 p1 21st century city comes under attack
CN 23.08.1996 p1 Speed up plan to get firms on 14MU site
CN 13.09.1996 p1 (illus) Midland turns its back on Botchergate
CN 01.11.1996 p1 Doubts cast as Knighton schemes go to planners
CN 05.12.1997 p10 (illus) How Debenhams could change city’s face
CN 27.02.1998 p3 Millennium and leisure complex
CN 19.06.1998 p3 (illus) New pubs success; £8m boost for Botchergate
CN 26.06.1998 p1 175 jobs for 2 new developments
CN 14.08.1998 p10 2000 and one space oddity (Millennium)
CN 06.11.1998 p12 City of dreams - projects ets
CN 20.11.1998 p12 Urban warfare
CN 08.10.1999 p5 Shape of things to come
CN 14.01.2000 p1 (illus) City to be transformed
CN 08.12.2000 p3 3 superstores may be built and bowling alley in Botchergate
CN 12.01.2001 p1 Developers of Carlisle United land face planning problems
CN 02.03.2001 p13 Letters critisising recent developments in Carlisle
CN 20.04.2001 p9 Plans for new superstore on Lower Viaduct
CN 31.08.2001 p7 Retail development on London Rd site; planning victory
CN 21.12.2001 p5 (Plan) Plan for £11m business park at Rosehill
CN 18.01.2002 p13 Letter saying Rosehill development will increase traffic
CN 15.02.2002 p1 Shopping, leisure and housing develoment for London Road
CN 01.03.2002 p3 Council considers 3 sites for B and Q superstore
CN 08.03.2002 p3 Work starts on multi million pound development in Botchergate
CN 19.04.2002 p5 New shopping block planned in Scotch Street
CN 28.06.2002 p3 Golden era for Carlisle; new development at all corners
CN 05.07.2002 p13 Letter against proposed food store on Lower Viaduct estate
CN 12.07.2002 p13 Letter for new Tesco developmewnt on Lower Viaduct
CN 02.08.2002 p6 City Council guilty of maladministration on planning procedure
CN 06.09.2002 p5 Kentucky Fried Chicken and second Botchergate bar
CN 25.10.2002 p1 New house at Garlands doesn’t have planning permission
CN 15.11.2002 p10 Seeking compensation for house without planning consent
CN 29.11.2002 p5 Dalston Road/Morton Road parkland not for sale
CN 07.02.2003 p18 42-48 Scotch St to go in redevelopment
CN 02.05.2003 p3 Schemes in pipeline for city centre
CN 27.06.2003 p3 Tesco’s proposed Viaduct store ‘would be too big says MP
CN 05.09.2003 p1 Carlisle gets several new shopping developments; Lidl, Tescos
CN 20.02.2004 p5 Charlotte St business park development
CN 19.03.2004 p5 Creighton Rugby Clubs Carrs field to be housing; protests
CN 07.05.2004 p5 New Band Q superstore gets go ahead
CN 18.06.2004 p1 Builders plan 2,700 new homes around and in Carlisle
CN 04.02.2005 p1 Planning on hold as new assessment of flood risk taken.
CN 17.11.2006 p1 Proposed Sainsbury’s on Currock Rd
CN 29.12.2006 p7 Public enquiry over’ unacceptable’ plans for student flats in Caldewgate
CN 20.04.2007 p3 Planning enquiry over Tesco’s proposed Viaduct store
CN 13.07.2007 p6 Tesco development enquiry
CN 12.10.2007 p3 Tesco’s store on stilts turned down

CN 12.03.2004 p19 New estate agency opens

DEVONSHIRE GROVE, Warwick Rd, nera Brunton Place So named on 1901 census, row of 10 houses;on electoral registers under this name until 1903

DEVONSHIRE HOUSE SCHOOL Chatsworth Square; Castle St, Fisher St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p 136 -7 8 Chatsworth Sq; Misses Fairlie Sch
CD 1893-94 Ad p28
CP 07.02.1896 p8a Devonshire House, Chatsworth Square; principls the Misses Fairlie
CD 1902-03 Ad p284
CD 1905-06 Ad p179
CD 1907-08 Ad p205
CJ 11.05.1920 p5 Devonshire House School acquired by Carlisle Working Mens Club
CN 03.09.1976 p6
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p121 2 photos of pupils
CJ 27.05.1913 ‘Out and About’; mini-pageant; scenes at Carlisle Cross
CN 25.05.1990 p4 City’s private schools

DEVONSHIRE PARK Last soccer match played here was against Accrington Stanley 29.04.1909
CN 18.12.1998 p25 Soccer

DEVONSHIRE STREET Laid out in the 1820s; land belonged to the Duke of Devonshire
CIC p 23 photo of street in 1890s
CP 17.06.1854 p5 New shops,Italian style,south side Dvnshre St, east side Eng St
CP 10.07.1868 p1 Ad; Family residence no 9 Devonshire St to be let
CN 10.05.1957 p10 (illus) About 1907

DEVONSHIRE TERRACE One house in terrace dated 1832; land belonged to the Duke of Devonshire
CJ 21.07.1832 p1 Cornillon view of city taken from Devonshire Terrace
CJ 20.04.1833 p2 To let recently erected house
CJ 21.05.1842 p1 Dwelling house on Devonshire Terrace, newly-erected
CP 13.11.1857 To be let number 9 Devonshire Terrace
CP 31.05.1878 p1a No 6 Devonshire Tce for sale
CN 15.04.2005 p60 House for sale
CN 12.05.2006 p64 House on Devonshire Tce for sale; photos
CN 09.06.2006 p57 2 Devonshire Tce for sale; large photo

DEVONSHIRE WALK Laid out 1817 on land belonging to the Duke of Devonshire
B/CAR 333.333 Sale of Brown’s Dye Works; plan (acc. no. 3263)
Leading Traders of the City, circa 1909 p 25 view of Devonshire Walk
175 Years of Carlisle p63 view about 1925
CN 05.08.1950 p4 Boars Head Badge of Richard III
CJ 07.08.1960 p6 Illustration of Devonshire Walk
CN 31.08.2001 p5 Devonshire Walk car park superloo; huge cost of toilet

DEWAR, Mr Dancing Academy
CJ 21.03.1818 p2a Academy in Assembly Rooms
CP 25.03.1826 p2 Dancing classes; Assembly Room, Coffee House

DEWAR, James Mason, died 09.11.1832 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s Churchyard, the Cathedral; no 102]


DEWS AND CO West Tower St; Close St
CD 1952 Ad p395
CN 17.09.1938 Ad Waste materials merchants

CN 09.03.1990 p8 Ad
CN 14.04.1995 p14 The new Dhaka
CN 19.07.1996 p1 Fasten your seat belts

Jnl of the Lakeland Dialect Society No 39, 1977 pp 7 - 15 How they talk in Carlisle

DIAMOND LIL’S Botchergate
CN 31.12.1976 p1

DIAS AND CO Market St; Fisher St; Lowther St; Lonsdale St
Garage; Cycle Shop; Motor works
CD 1893-94 Ad p144
CD 1902-03 Ad p173
CD 1905-06 Ad p134
CD 1907-08 Ad p20
CD 1910-11 Ad p148
CD 1913-14 Ad p164
CD 1940 Ad p156
CD 1952 Ad p334
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p256
CD 1955-56 Ad p261
CD 1961-62 Ad p283
CD 1966-68 Ad p61
CN 17.09.1938 p17 CN 05.02.1938 p9 CJ 04.02.1938
CJ 04.02.1938 p5 Ad
CN 03.02.1978 p11 Merger with Appleyard

DIAS, James Warwick Road
Motor cycles
CD 1924 Ad p274
07.11.1928 Fire at Warwick Rd premises causes £28,000 of famage

DIAS, James P. Botchergate
Gents and boys tailor
CD 1952 Ad p84
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p265
CD 1955-56 Ad p15
CD 1961-62 Ad p35
CD 1966-68 Ad p268

DICK, Jessie Stuart School
CP 16.12.1870 50 pupils at George Street school

CN 04.03.1988 p1 Coffee shop’s plan for 350

Furniture shop
CN 18.11.1988 p14 Ad feature

CD 1952 Ad p124
CJ 05.01.1962 p1

DIGGLE ROAD This area of land formerly belonged to the Dean and Chapter; Bishop Diggle, Bishops Waldegrave and Percy and Chancellor Prescott are also remembered in this area

CN 27.10.1928 p8 The railway disaster
CN 27.10.1928 p16 Border train smash
CN 27.10.1928 p17 Victims of the disaster and photo of accident
CN 03.11.1928 p6 City in mourning
CN 03.11.1928 p12 Government enquiry at Carlisle

CN 11.06.1971 p15 Made redundant

CP 09.10.1819 p1a,b Rules and orders for new society

DIOCESE OF CARLISLE Diocese of Carlisle was founded by King Henry I in 1133; in 1856 a large district , the archdeaconry of Westmorland, was transferred from the Diocese of Chester to the Diocese of Carlisle. This meant that the new Diocese comprised the whole of Cumberland, apart from Alston which is in the Diocese of Newcastle, the whole of Westmorlandrland, apart from the parish of Firbank and that part of Lancashire which is north of the Sands [Kellys 1938 Directory p62]

CN 25.11.1994 p10 100 years ago citizens flocked...

City Minutes 1902-03 p165 and on; considerable increase in the number of cases
City Minutes 1913-14 p578 -581 57 notified cases and 9 deaths
Medical Officer of Health Annual report 1969 pp 38 - 42 Occurences 1890 on

DIRECT RAILWAY SERVICES Carlisle based; established 1995
CN 14.02.2003 p16 Ten new locomotives for BNFL owned rail hauliers
CN 02.06.2006 p14 Move into general freight market; employs 250 people

CN 17.11.1995 p5 Mucky streets

CN 27.02.2004 p8 Ad feature; new offices Kingmoor Park

See also H.K.Campbell School; Blind; Workshops for the Blind; James Rennie School
The first class in Carlisle for Physically handicapped Chlldren was started in 1908 in Denton Holme School; it moved to Newtown School on the opening of that building in 1916 and H
K.Campbell ‘open air school’ opened in May 1930 [City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 p25 1BC 370
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered, p58/59 illus Invalid motor car in 1945
CN 23.02.1990 p7 New support group
CN 15.03.1991 p11 Plea to speed cash for...
CN 16.04.1992 p7 Centre for disabled
CN 24.04.1992 p11 New centre for disabled is launched
CN 08.05.1992 p12 Ad
CN 04.09.1992 p10 Ad
CN 10.09.1993 p8 Ad
CN 17.06.1994 p3 No parking spaces for disabled
CN 13.01.1995 p13 Disabled to get free wheelchairs
CN 19.05.1995 p4 Shopmobility scheme grows
CN 25.04.1997 p8 (illus) Champagne opening of path for disabled people
CN 25.04.1997 p9 £90,000 plan to adapt church for the disabled is on course
CN 19.12.1997 p3 Post Office parking made into taxi rank
CN 13.10.2000 p3 Disabled access is adequate for disabled; Irishgate Bridge
CN 22.06.2001 p17 Carlisle may get Cumbria’s first playground for disabled
CN 13.07.2001 p3 Fine for disabled driver
CN 25.01.2002 p15 Disabled driver objects to new Lanes parking rules; letter p 13
CN 28.06.2002 p12 Disabled student Judith Holmshaw to meet Queen at party
CN 26.07.2002 p 6 Wardens told to go easy on disabled drivers; letter page 13
CN 13.02.2004 p1 Disabled pensioner has to drive wheelchair on road
CN 20.02.2004 p 31 letters concerning dropped pavements for disabled
CN 12.03.2004 p3 Disabled fishing plan for Rickerby Park

CN 14.05.1971 p2 CN 16.07.1971 p24 CN 03.09.1971 p15
CN 25.07.2003 p13 Letter concerning disc parking; no clear signage

DISPENSARY Abbey Street; then part of Tithe Barn; then Chapel St.; founded 01.07.1782 for the purposes of administering medical and surgical treatment with the supply of medicines to ‘such persons as are really necessitous’, without delay or expense, providing that they have a ‘letter of recommendation’ from a Governor [subscribing Ten Gunineas per annum, entitling him to recommend an unlimited number of patients] or a Subscriber of One Guinea [entitling him to have two patients constantly on the books] ‘In case of accidents.....proper objects will receive assistance, upon application, without a letter of recommendation’. Patients were seen at the surgery from 9 -11am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and those too ill to attend were visited in their homes. The first physician was John Heysham MD, Surgeon, Mr William Graham and Apothecary Mr Watson; circa 1805 carried out ‘in the entrance of the Abbey up a narrow passage’ [CP 19.09.1857] ; re-established 01.02.1810 in room over Abbey Gate; in the early years annual reports detail the recurring outbreaks of ‘Hooping-Cough’, Measels, Cholera, Smallpox and Typhus Fever. In 1825 moved into part of Tithe Barn; 1832 the Dispensary treated 371 cases of Cholera in the big epidemic which arose in this country after the arrival of a man with cholera who entered the British Isles at Sunderland from India; by 1855 conditions in the Tithe Barn had become unsatisfactory ‘The present site has a gloomy atmosphere with the associations of the burial ground of St Cuthberts’s churchyard, whilst the floor below is almost undermined by rats’ ; Chapel Street Dispensary dated 1857; foundation stone laid 17.09.1857, John Hodgson architect, Messrs Wright and Sons builders, edifice to be Prudham stone; Dr Stewart Lockie was appointed as the first House Surgeon in 1858, and for the first time a dentist, Mr Richard Duncan, was also appointed. Soon 3,000 - 3,500 were being treated annually of whom half required to be visited in the home; in 1900, 3192 patients were seen, 1779 being attended at home and 1413 outpatients; there were 160 cases of influenza, 102 of Whooping Cough, 71 of Measles, 11 of Scarlet Fever, 452 cases of Bronchitis and 28 of Tuberculosis; 212 cases of diarrhoea in children resulted in 11 deaths and Marasums in a further 4 deaths. Finances were a continual problem. By 1929 about 4,000 patients each year were attending the Dispensary or being seen at their home; renovated reopened 04.12 1934. 1934 was also the centenary of the death of Dr Heysham and celebrations were organised in the city. Dr Heysham being the founder of the Dispensary it was only natural that the Dispensary played an important part in the celebrations. The National Health Service heralded the end of the Dispensary, 5th July 1948 being the date on which on which the new Service began. From this date the families that attended the Carlisle Dispensary became regisatered patients of Dr Elizabeth McFarlane, who now rented the Chapel Street premises and practised as part of the National Health Service. The Dispensary remained in the hands of the Committee until it was sold in 1962. Meanwhile they continued to manage the funds which had accrued over the years, until 4th February 1963; on this date the Carlisle Dispensary ceased to exist and, through the Charity Commissioners, a new Trust was formed under the title of the ‘Carlisle Sick Poor Fund’ with all its monies invested in the name of the Official Custodian for Charities. For 166,000 the Dispensary had played an effective part in the medical care of the City. Over those years over 470,000 patients were treated and this had been made possible by money given by the citizens of Carisle
Hospitals of Cumberland A 841
CJ 26.05.1865 p4 CN 19.05.1934 CN22.02.1936 p4 CJ 23.02.1940p5
CN 24.02.1940 p3 CN 24.05.1957 p10
CPacquet 02.04.1782 p3 Meeting of the subscribers 10/04 to carry matters forward
CPacquet 16.04.1782 p2 Report of meeting
1810 Picture of Carlisle and Diretory p 115 list of staff
Jollie 1811 Founded 01.07.1782 in Abbey Street
CP 06.02.1819 p2 Annual meeting of subscribers; report; p4 report for year 1818
CP 08.05.1819 p3a Subscribers fall short of expenditure
CP 10.02.1821 p3 c-e Annual General Meeting
01.02.1825 Annual meeting
CJ 11.02.1826 p3c Annual meeting
The Citizen April 1830 pp641-3
1847 Directory p133-134
CJ 20.02.1847 p2c Annual meeting
Carlisle Examiner 22.09.1857 p4 Foundation stone of new Dispensary
CP 19.09.1857 Laying foundation stone; history of Institution to date
Carlisle Examiner 15.12.1857 p3d Building report
Carlisle Examiner 25.03.1858 p3a-c Opening report
Carlisle Examiner 17.02.1859 p2d,e Annual meeting
1901 Directory pp 876-877
CJ 19.03.1948 p3 National Health Service
CN 14.12.1990 p4 Dispensary cared for poor of city
CN 14.12.1990 p4 Doctor who proved the value of inoculations
CN 28.05.2004 p4 Doctor steps from Carlisle Sick Poor Fund, est 1782
V.White Carlisle and its Villages; drawing of property p 15

DISTRICT BANK (Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co) English St
CD 1920 Ad p30
CD 1924 Ad p86
CD 1927 Ad p94
CD 1931 Ad p112
CD 1934 Ad p124
CD 1937 Ad p242

DITCH The City Wall was surrounded by a deep ditch, access to the gateways being by drawbridge, the outer limits of the citch formed the city boundary;


DIXON, Miss English St
Dress and mantle maker
CD 1880 Ad pxliv

DIXON, George Woollen draper, aged 39, home address 79 English St, born Hesket [1861 census]

DIXON, Henry Rope maker, employing 2 men and 5 boys, aged 58, resident Newtown [1851 census]

DIXON, Henry Charles St
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p18 Engineer and millwright
1861 census Henry Dixon, millwright, aged 29, born Wigton, home Charles St

DIXON, J Lowther St
CJ 29.06.1962 p1

DIXON, James Auctioneer; died 20.11.1861 [Monumental Inscription 71/17]

DIXON, P.J.G. English St, Caledonian Yard
Coke, coal, lime and brick merchant
Guide to Carlisle C178 Ad
CD 1880 Ad pxlix
1882 Porters Directory Ad p54 office 25 English St; depot Caledonian Yard
CD 1884-85 Ad p259
CD 1902-03 Ad p9
CD 1905-06 Ad p262
CD 1907-08 Ad p86
CD 1910-11 Ad p10
CD 1913-14 Ad p8
CD 1913-14 Ad p70

DIXON, Peter and Sons Shadongate Mill; West Tower Street; Cotton spinners ; the firm of Peter Dixon and Sons was founded by Peter Dixon the elder. He was born on 23rd October 1753 in Whitehaven. In 1807 Peter moved to the Langthwaite Mill, Warwick Bridge, which had been built by three of his wife’s brothers in 1791. In 1809 Peter’s sons Peter and John joined their father in the Langthwaite Mill and the business became known as Peter Dixon and Sons. By the 1830s the Langthwaite Mill was inadequate for the increasing volume of work the company was doing. The business was already using warehouses in Fisher Street and West Tower Street in Carlisle so it seemed logical to build a new mill on the west of the city. in 1834 Shaddongate was selected. It was near the Canal Basin for cotton to come by ship from Liverpool and for finished cloth to be exported and close to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway for coal supplies. Richard Tattersall, a Manchester architect, was contracted to design and superintend the construction of a mill ‘to rival all the glories of Manchester and other places’. In February 1835 the foundation stone of the new mill was laid and on September 11th the foundation stone for the chimney was laid and the first brick was laid on 17th September by Richard Wright. Built in red sandstone the mill remains largely intact. The seven storey stone building [including the power transmission house] was 224ft 6 inches long with 22 bays by 56 feet 6 inches, three aisles, wide. The floors were heated by steam and well ventilated and each floor had a toilet and wash basin for the work force [CJ 03.12.1836]. The most significant structural feature of the mill was its fireproof construction. This comprised a cast-iron frame of two rows of 21 cast -iron columns clamps at the upper end by 66 longtitudinal beams and 42 transverse wrought iron ties. A shallow firebrick vault spanned each aisles.Documentary evidence indicates that the Manchester engineer William Fairbairn was involved in the design of the cast-iron structure at the heart of the Shaddon Mill. The mill is the earliest surviving example of a fireproof mill built using Hodgkinson cast-iron beam design promoted by 19th century Manchester engineer William Fairbairn.The three pitched roofs were supported by 60 wooden king post trusses built from Baltic pine. On the seventh floor upon the tie beams to bays 7,8,9,and 15 were markingsthat may well be associated with the Baltic timber ttrade of the late 18th and early 19th century.The floor tiles were stamped R.Ashton and Co, Buckley. At the western end of the mill was the seven storey, four bay, power transmission house. At the west end of this was the four storey engine house. The engine house contained two 80hp condensing beam engines built by Rothwell and Co of Bolton. At the west end of the engine house was the two storey boiler house. The boiler house contained four 8 ton boilers also supplied by Rothwell [CJ 03.12.1836] and were towed here on a barge from Liverpool to Port Carlisle and were installed during April and May [CJ 28.05.1836]. The tapered chimney at 305 feet high was believed to be the tallest structure in the world at the time. Mr Burgess of Water Street Foundry constructed a gas works to supply gas to the mill ‘which was nearly as large as the present Carlisle gas works’ [CJ 09.07.1836]. No exact figures survive for the cost of the whole complex but the City Council estimated in 1836 that it could be no less than 150,000 pounds [CJ 14.05.1836] . In 1847 it was estimated that the firm employed around 8,000 hands, although only around 700 were working at the Shaddongate Mill, many being handloom weavers. By the early 1860s the firm reached its peak. The American Civil War cut off cotton supplies. ‘The Carlisle cotton mills had been very reliant on the American market, since the plantation owners regularly place large orders for ginghams to clothe their slaves and to save expense seldom required the pattern to be changed from one order to the next. The emanicpated Negro naturally demanded a choice and it has been suggested that the golden age of cotton spinning in Carlisle ended when the Carlisle manufacturers failed to adept to the new world’. In 1871 the firm announced that it would stop using hand-loom weavers. About 600 new power looms were installed at Shaddon Mill and a further 229 at Peter Street. However the Carlisle Journal of 12.07.1872 reported that the firm was convening a meeting with a view to going into liquidation. The Carlisle Journal of 02.08.1872 announced there was a deficiency of 66,547pounds 6s 1d. The Carlisle Journal of 03.12.1872 reported that a joint stock company under the title of Peter Dixon and Sons Ltd was being formed. In February 1883 this firm had also passed into liquidation. Taken over by Robert Todd and Son in 1882
see also Shaddongate Mill
Bulmer, 1884, pp51-52 A23
Mannix 1847 p147 A21
Kelly’s 1873 p823 A28
Carleola no 76 July 1968 pp 8-10 An old Carlisle industry
CJ 01.11.1949 p2 CN 25.02.1950 p2 CN 28.07.1961 p10 CJ 18.10.1963 p1
CN 15.02.1985 p4
CP 18.10.1834 Tenders invited to build cotton mill in Shaddongate
CJ 21.02.1835 Laying foundation stone
CJ 02.04.1836 14 horses pulling boiler from Bolton for new factory
CJ 28.05.1836 Another boiler arrived pulled by 14 horses
CJ 09.07.1836 To manufacture own gas
CJ 20.04.1839 Dispute between architect and owner; Tattersal v Dixon
CP 18.12.1846 p2 Fire at Shaddongate
Carlisle Examiner 17.08.1858 p2f Dixon’s power looms - serious accident
CP 03.08.1861 p8e Letter; Dixon’s handloom weavers cannot earn 15s a week
CJ 24.10.1865 p2 Trouble with weavers
CJ 04.08.1871 Handloom weaving is being superceded by power looms
CJ 05.09.1871 p2 Dixon’s property on Fisher St and West Tower Street sold to Messrs Gilbanks and Sons, grocer
CP 09.08.1872 p2b Ad. for liquidation sale for Shaddongate Works etc
CP 30.08.1872 p3b Report on liquidation sale
CP 30.10.1874 p1 Ad; For sale Peter Dixon’s (Limited) West Tower St buildings
CJ 01.06.1888 p1 For sale. Two large houses on Fisher Street, warehouses, dyeworks etc to West Tower Street ‘the property formerly belonged to the late firm of Messrs Peter Dixon and Sons and was occupied by them as offices and warehouses and was recently occupied by John Hutton Gillbanks’

DIXON, Thomas Attorney at law; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1784

DIXON, William Boot and shoe maker employing 4 men, aged 38, born Carlisle, home address Wood Street near Crown St [1851 census]

DIXON, William Lowther St; furniture warehouse
1851 Ward’s North of England Directory; Ad p1; moved from Old Bush Lane

DIXON, William Cabinetmaker and furniture broker, aged 37, born Brampton, employing 3 men and 6 boys, home address 3 Hartington Place [1861 census]

DIXONS Electronic shop
CN 24.06.2005 p3 Shop in Lanes to close on July 9th

DIXON’S ARMS Botcherby; in local directory for 1855

DIXON’S CHIMNEY Built by Richard Wright of Carlisle for Peter Dixon’s cotton factory; architect R.Tattersall of Manchester; originally 300 feet high from ground level; height 320 feet and 6 inches from foundation; outside measurement at ground line 17 feet 4 inches; foundation stone laid 11.09.1835; last coping stone laid 25.10.1836; damaged by lightning 1931; reduced in height by about 12 feet in 1950; now (1977) assumed to be about 290 feet. (Tall Chimney Construction by R.M. and F.J.Bancroft, 1885)
See also; Shaddongate Mill
CN 05.07.1952 p5 CN 28.06.1957 p10 CN 05.07.1957 p8 CJ 14.04.1961 p4
CN 21.11.1975 p6 CN 14.11.1975 pp3,6 CN 16.01.1976 p6
CN 14.08.1970 p26 CN 25.09.1970 p1(illus) CN 04.09.1981 p10 (illus)
CN 15.02.1985 p5 ENS 14.02.1987 p4
CJ 29.10.1836 Laying of last stone
CJ 04.06.1895 Steeplejacks wished every chimney as safe
CJ 26.05.1931 Damaged by lightning
CJ 26.03.1937 p6 A climb up Carlisle’s landmark
CN 15.02.1947 p5 Shortening
CN 18.02.1950 p7 (illus) To lose about 12 feetand general history
CN 01.04.1950 Photo of top being taken off chimney
ENS 10.11.1960 p1 Flag (pyjamas) on Dixon’s chimney
CJ 18.10.1963 p1 (illus) And National Trust
CN 13.09.1968 p26 (illus) Struck by lightning
CN 20.06.1969 p26 Repairs
CN 22.08.1969 pp 1,12,26 To be shortened
CN 29.08.1969 p12 In 1836
CN 05.06.1970 p15 Appeal to save shortening
CN 26.06.1970 p12 Reprieve
CN 14.08.1970 p26 (illus) Repairs
CN 12.12.1975 p6 (illus) Mick Potts and workmen on top
CN 21.11.1975 (illus) Glass which survived 300 feet fall; inscribed on base
CN 20.11.1987 p23 Dixon’s chimney offered as free gift to city
CN 27.11.1987 p4 Bought by Steve Cochrane
CN 22.04.1988 p11 Tallest chimney for sale
CN 10.01.1992 p10 Golden memories of the great Border city
CN 24.01.1992 p5 Chimney in need of repairs
CN 14.02.1992 p3 Chimney daredevils revealed at last
CN 20.03.1992 p4 Early problem with chimney
CN 23.12.1993 p1 Sparks fly at Dixon’s Chimney
CN 01.07.1994 p1 Carlisle’s favourite landmark faces the chop
CN 08.07.1994 p10 The sky’s the limit (suggestions for Dixon’s)
CN 15.07.1994 p6 Scaling the heights (suggestions for Dixon’s)
CN 09.12.1994 p5 City to meet over future of chimney
CN 17.03.1995 p4 RAF examine chimney
CN 15.09.1995 p2 Historic city chimney saved
CN 04.10.1996 p1 The people’s chimney
CN 04.10.1996 p3 (illus) Pollution - busting Dixon’s chimney just a pipe dream...
ENS 18.06.1996 p9 (illus) Don’t pull it down
CN 14.03.1997 p15 Postcard photo circa 1913
CN 28.03.1997 p14 £400 chimney
CN 02.05.1997 p3 (illus) Shakes and ladder
CN 27.03.1998 p3 Chimney work to begin
CN 27.03.1998 p1 Chimney challenge
CN 22.05.1998 p1 Sir Chris gives heartbeat a lift
CN 20.11.1998 p5 (illus) Safe in her steel corset
CN 22.01.1999 p6 Trudy Whalley you’re a brick
CN 11.06.1999 p17 Article English Heritage
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p189 photo from Kendal St in 2000

DIXON’S SCHOOL Opened 26.09.1836 [Mannix 1847 p139]1836 adjoining the cotton factory in Shaddongate
CD 1844 p 27 Opened 26.09.1836
Mannix 1847 p139 Children pay twopence a week
CP 16.12.1870 Elementary Education in city; 273 on roll, attending 216

George Smith’s 1752 Map of the Soccage Lands of Carlisle calls the area which is today Corporation Road, Warwick Street and Dixon St Battle Holm and Hangmans Close. No houses are marked on Hangmans Close or Battle Holm The name Battle Holm is apparently meant to indicate battle in a judicial sense

A published map of 1815 of Carlisle shows an unnamed road extending from the southern end of the new Eden bridges, built 1812 – 1815, connecting to Finkle Street and so through Annetwell Street, Caldewgate and all points west.

Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle shows this road and names it the ‘New Road’. It was built across Corporation land, hence the later name. The 1821 map marks the land to the north of the New Road’ as ‘Properties of the Corporation’; that to the south of the road being owned by the Duke of Devonshire. An area around here is still called ‘Hangmans Close’ on the 1821 map. The 1844 Directory map still calls it The New Road and there are no buildings shown on it except at the elbow with Rickergate. By the time of the 1851 census the New Road has become Corporation Road

Peter Dixon had the Shaddongate Cotton Mill. Dixon expanded his textile works in 1849 and built additional works in the West Tower Street area. New streets were laid out. Warwick Street was laid out in 1855 [Dixon’s had a cotton factory at Warwick on Eden]. His name is remembered in the adjoining Peter Street, first noted on the 1861 census and Dixon Street, first noted in the Carlisle directory of 1858

The buildings on Warwick Street were demolished in 1939 to make way for the new fire and police stations which were opened on 16.08.1940 and 17.04.1941 respectively. On the south side of Warwick Street, opposite the fire station, were built attractive cottages for permanent members of the fire brigade. The main contractor for the two new stations was John Laing. The buildings are faced in Greenlaw stone from Northumberland and the architect was Percy Dalton.

In 1964 some of the houses in this area were declared unfit for human habitation, the Cumberland News of 08.05.1964 saying that inspectors had found some houses in the area were without internal water and inside toilets. There was a public inquiry and the Cumberland News in September 1964 reported that an appeal by property owners against demolition had been rejected by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and a total of 95 properties on Corporation Road, Dixon St, Dacre St, Solway Terrace and Clifford St were to be demolished

Castleway, part of stage two of the inner ring road, officially opened on 27.03.1974. The construction of the road was over parts of the west end of Corporation Road as well as what was Solway Street, Solway Terrace and Dacre Street. Dixon Street and Clifford although still there in name today lie under Castleway.
CJ 22.08.1865 p2 20 Freehold houses, Solway Tce, Dixon St, Clifford St; built about 13 years ago, knocked down to John Slack for £2,185

DMK Auto electrics
CN 30.06.2006 p4 obit of Dennis McKeating who founded the firm

DMS Kingstown Industrial Estate
CN 06.04.2001 p19 Ad

DOBINSON, Henry Attorney at law; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1784

DOBINSON, Thomas Attorney at Law; children died 1716 and 1721 [Monumental Inscription St Mary’s, Cathedral; no 521]

DOBINSON, William 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p 125, Solicitor, English St

DOBINSON ROAD Tom Dobinson was Chairman of the Housing Committee at this time
City Minutes 1933-34 p186 New street to be named Dobinson Rd

DOCKER, F.W. and Sons Peter St
Wholesale fruit and Potato merchants
CD 1952 Ad p358
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p240
CD 1955-56 Ad pxi
CD 1961-62 Ad p84
CD 1966-68 Ad inside back cover

16.04.1703 Bladder operation Bp Nicolson’s Diaries, CWAAS ns vol 46, p193
1754 Travelling doctor, Joseph Hodgson, buried in city; CWAAS OS Vol 2 p349
25.06.1757 Graham, J. Apothecary and surgeon died 25.06.1757; [MI St Cuth Yd]
CP 20.01.1837 Death of R.Harrington, MD [CWAAS ns vol 46 p116]
M.Edwards Our City Our People pp26-7 Memories of local doctors around 1900
CN 04.05.1990 p27 Surgery will help Raffles
CN 18.09,1992 p10 City medical group in new surgery
CN 17.02.1995 p8 Doctors surgery plan backed
CN 15.09.1995 p3 Doctors plan new surgery
CN 15.12.1995 p12 Traditional doctors shun new city setup
CN 25.07.2003 p6 Profile of Dr Jollie who came to Carlisle in 1948
CN 26.09.2003 p3 Obstetrician Dr Josephine Williamson dies; feature
CN 24.12.2003 p1 Surgery at 65 Warwick Rd closes list to new patients
CN 10.09.2004 p12 Typical day at London Road surgery

DODD, James Hosier of this city 20.07.1832; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard

DODD,Jas Fisher St
CD 1902-03 Ad p15
CD 1905-06 Ad p178

DODD, Thomas and Co West walls; Abbey St
CD 1952 Ad p326
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p253
CD 1955-56 Ad p256
CD 1961-62 Ad p15
CD 1966-68 Ad p278

DODD and CO Started in Carlisle in November 1981
CN 23.11.2001 p14 20 years for Dodd and Co
CN 06.05.2005 p14 Futuristic new £1.5m home on Montgomery Way
CN 07.10.2005 p15 To expand its Rosehill base
CN 18.05.2007 p20 Unveils 1.5m headquarters at Rosehill

DODGHSON, J and W Lowther St
CD 1893-94 Ad p182 82b Lowther St; late H.Andrews
CJ 20.07.1894 p3 Bankruptcy; other businesses as well
CJ 31.07.1894 p3 Bankruptcy
Carte de visite noted J and W Dodgshon late H.Andrews

DODGSHUN, Edward J FRIBA, Architect. Went into partnership with George Dale Oliver which continued until Mr Dodgshun’s retirement from bad health. Their firm known as Oliver and Dodgshun had offices in Carlisle and Leeds

DOG INN Bridge Street; in local directory for 1855

DOG AND BULL Peascod’s Lane; in local directories to 1902-03
1841 census; Old Dog and Bull, Francis Carrick, aged 55, publican
CP 02.07.1880 p1b
1891 census; John Green, publican, aged 34, born Cumwhitton
1901 census Joseph Heap, publican, aged 54, born Kendal

CP 04.11.1892 p7 Dog, Poultry and Pigeon Show; 3rd in last 10 years; last 1887
CJ 19.04.1938 p1 Annual dog show (Market Hall)
CN 14.06.1991 p5 Cleaning up dog dirt
CN 09.12.1994 p3 Mum’s fight to save danger dog
CN 09.12.1994 p1 Fat dog warning
CN 23.12.1994 pp1,8 Judge hits at £10,000 cost of death row dog
CN 30.12.1994 p1 Abandoned - an Xmas puppy
CN 13.12.1996 p1 (illus) Abused dog
CN 28.06.2002 p5 Dogs out of control on Botcherby estate

DO IT ALL London Road
CN 08.10.1993 p1 New doubt over Do It All

DOLAN’S Lowther St
CD 1940 Ad p156

CN 18.01.1947 p6 First held
CJ 17.01.1947 p1 First held

DONALD BROTHERS Cotton Manufacturers and Dyers; Denton Hill Works
1851 census, Matthewman Donald, aged 28, cotton manufacturer,hm Cavendish Pl
CP 28.07.1871 Col f Messrs Donald now only firm in city who employ handloom weavers
25.12.1885 Matthewman Donald, senior partner in company died

CJ 02.05.1807 p1 Ad for sale of premises on Caldew

City Minutes 1915-16 p322 Advertisement for demolition of houses in court

CP 23.02.1861 p5b Mill destroyed by fire
CN 30.06.2000 p9 Donald’s Willow Holme Mill

DON[N]ALDS PRINT FIELDS Marked at Willow Holme on Cole’s 1805 map

DONALDSON, William Abbey St
Furniture dealers
CD 1893-94 Ad p34
CD 1902-03 Ad p6
CD 1905-06 Ad p15
CD 1907-08 Ad p111
CD 1910-11 Ad p138
CD 1913-14 Ad p96
CD 1920 Ad p128
CD 1924 Ad p148

DONALDSON BROTHERS Palace Arcade, Botchergate
Cabinet makers and undertakers
CD 1913-14 Ad p80
CD 1920 Ad p164
CD 1924 Ad p52
CD 1927 Ad p52
CD 1931 Ad p140
CD 1934 Ad p128
CD 1937 Ad p110
CD 1940 Ad p50

Furnishers and Estate Agents
CN 29.04.1960 p1 CJ 09.02.1962 p1

DONELLY, Thomas Robert St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p152 Carter and general dealer
1891 census Thomas Donnelly, carter, born Wigton, home Currock Villa

DONNELLY, Michael Friars Court; Lowther St
Bill poster
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxlii
1882 Porters Directory Ad p130 Foot of Lowther St
CD 1884-85 Ad p264
1891 census; Michael Donnelly, billposter, 66, home 10 Lowther St, bn Carlisle
CD 1893-94 Ad p88

DONOWHOS COURT; Church St, Caldewgate; 1861 census James Donowho flour dealer, living here

DORMONT BOOKS 1561; contains oaths of office for various city officials and the bye laws of the city
Some Municipal records of the City of Carlisle A65 pp41 - 87
CWAAS OS Vol 6 pp297-304 An account of the ‘Dormont Book’
Topping, G and Potter J.J. Memorials of Old Carlisle p63
CAIH p16 (photo)
1158 - 1958 p3, p50 (photo of title page) 1BC 352
CN 16.04.1949 p5 (photo of title page)
CN 23.04.1949 p5 CJ 24.05.1949 p2

1851 Report of General Board of Health....Carlisle; R.Rawlinson 1BC 625 p51

DOUGLAS, Michael Automobile engineer
CN 23.02.1996 p12 Ad

DOVE, J.J. St Nicholas Yard; Founded 1869
Builders’ merchants
CD 1934 Ad p192
CD 1937 Ad p198
CD 1952 Ad p294
CJ 20.05.1966 pp15-18 (illus)
CN 30.06.1989 p1 Firm built on success

CN 14.10.1950 p4 (illus)

CN 28.02.1995 p12 Ad

DOW BECK Would appear to rise at GR 3694 5405 near Newhouse Farm, south west of the city, according to a personal observation by a member of the public it flows through a pipe into the Little Daldew under the Globe Public House; on Asquith’s 1853 survey it ran ulculverted into Caldewgate as far as Byron St
W,Farish Hamdloom-weaver p61 Brief description of open beck in Caldewgate
City Minutes 1926-27 p349-50 Approved repair to existing culvert
CJ 19.06.1966 p6 Covering in
CN 20.08.1993 p4 Memories of the Dam

DOWBECK ROAD On electoral register from 1938
CN 30.09.2005 p2 Hooded yobs of Dowbeck Road

DOWELL, John P. Botchergate
CD 1893-94 Ad p50
CD 1905-06 Ad p17
CD 1907-08 Ad back page
CD 1910-11 Ad p274
CD 1913-14 Ad p282
CD 1934 Ad page back iii

DOWELL, T and Son Crown St; Nelson St
Joinery works
CD 1931 Ad p116
CD 1934 Ad p232

CD 1902-03 Ad p179

CD 1902-03 Ad p4
CD 1905-06 Ad p129
CD 1907-08 Ad p135
CD 1910-11 Ad p142
CN 11.11.1960 p12 CN 26.01.1973 p6 (illus)
ENS 29.10.1960 p1 Closes

DOWNIE, R and Son John St
Betting shop
CD 1952 Ad p145
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad pii
CD 1955-56 Ad pvi
CD 1961-62 Ad pv
CD 1966-68 Ad pxii

DOWNS, Robert
City Minutes 1925-6 p44 Lincensed to operate bus to Great Corby

DOWTHWAITE, J 48 Lowther St
Carlisle in Camera 1 p6 Phoot of fruit and provision stores in 1877

13.10.1879 M,Tu,W
06.05.1880 Th,F,S
17.01.1881 M,Tu,W
27.06.1881 Week commencing
23.02.1882 Th,F,S
16.11.1882 Th,F,S
05.02.1883 Week commencing
11.07.1883 W,Th
20.08.1883 M,Tu,W
15.05.1884 Th,F,S
06.04.1885 week commencing
26.04.1886 week commencing
06.02.1888 week commencing
22.04.1889 week commencing
07.04.1890 week commencing
04.05.1891 week commencing
18.01.1892 week commencing
27.06.1892 week commencing
06.02.1893 week commencing
12.03.1894 week commencing
25.05.1896 week commencing
18.10.1897 week commencing
21.03.1898 week commencing
01.03.1920 week commencing
14.02.1921 week commencing
13.02.1922 week commencing
11.02.1924 week commencing
05.01.1925 week commencing
04.01.1926 week commencing
03.01.1927 week commencing
21.02.1944 week commencing
CJ 22.10.1897 D’oyle Carte Opera Co. in Carlisle; review

DRESDEN TERRACE Blackwell Rd; on voters list between 1896 - 1906

DRILL HALL Strand Road Built 1873, opened 1874; during WWI used as East Cumberland Shell Factory
CN 04.05.1956 p10 CN 11.05.1956 p10 CN 03.03.1967 p12
CN 17.10.1969 p15 CN 21.06.1974 p6
CJ 04.10.1966 p25 For sale

CP 14.04.1821 p3c Smuggled whiskey has vendor in every nook in city
CN 08.07.1916 Drunkenness in Carlisle
CJ 08.09.1916 p4 Decrease of drunkennes
City Minutes 1924-25 p 163 Number of people convicted of drunkenness 1915-24
City Minutes 1931-32 p4Chief Constables Annual report. Convictions 1916-1931
CN 14.12.2001 p12 Girl 13 found drunk in city centre; feature
CN 10.12.2004 p13 Letter; ‘seedy, violent, yobbish, drunken modern city’
CN 24.12.2004 p3 City bars offer free soft drink to ‘designated drivers’
CN 21.01.2005 p 12 Feature on proposed all day drinking
CN 12.05.2006 p18 Pubwatch covers all 85 pubs and clubs in city centre; currently 28 people on banning list
CN 06.02.2009 p3 Alcohol for under16s; mother acts to stop her daughter buying drink

Carlisle; Archival photographs p39 photo of 57 Castle Street shop
CP 25.10.1851 p1T.W.Drinkall removes to 28 Castle Street; in Carlisle for 10 years
1851 census T.W.Drinkall, 34, employing 11 men, born Hornby, Lancashire
1901 census; John Drinkall, bootmaker, aged 51, home St Ann’s Hill, bn Carlisle
CN 17.09.1938 p18 Ad

see also Lawson Memorial Fountain
Carlisle Examiner 23.07.1859p2c New fountain corner of Corporation Road

CJ 02.02.1937 p5 Drinking at social events

DROVE INN Rickergate; in local directories from 1848; closed by Central Control Board in April 1917
1861 census Eleanor Darling, aged 50, publican
1901 census; Ellen O’Neill, aged 25, custodian of inn, bn Longtown
Carlisle the Archive Photographs, p59 photo; William Hall tenant
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916 p110

DROVE INN Stanwix Bank Closed by the Central Control Board December 1917
Carlisle the Archive Photographs, p68 photo, tenant Mrs Noble
CN 12.12.1969 p14 (illus) CN 11.10.1991 p4
CJ 11.09.1813 Houses for sale at Mary Bushby’s, the Sign of the Drove of Cattle
1851 census Henry Dyer, engineer and Innkeeper; father of Jimmy Dyer
1861 census Edward Fairbairn, innkeeper and florist, bn Clapham, aged 43


CN 20.12.1959 p8 CN 03.01.1969 p12

DROVERS LANE This lane originally ran from Rickergate around the outside of the city walls to the Citadels; part of this lane was renamed Lowther Street; this lane built over with the north extension to the Lanes Shopping Centre, Debenhams opening on 26.10.2000
Carlisle in Camera 1 p14 photo of lane in 1920s
CN 01.08.1997 p10 (illus) When Drovers Lane brought the cowboys to Carlisle

CN 23.12.1988 p40 Drugs plot trio get 25 years
CN 28.01.1994 p5 Former addicts drugs lifeline
CN 19.08.1994 p13 Mayor joins in drugs crusade
CN 30.09.1994 p1 Desperate pleas of cough syrup addicts
CN 30.09.1994 p10 Rural junkies
CN 24.02.1995 p2 Police launch crackdown on heroin users
CN 14.04.1995 p11 Judge steps in to halt £2.50 drug case
CN 26.05.1995 p5 Last days of Steven Buchanan
CN 14.07.1995 p1 Cumbria drug curse reaches 12 year olds and rugby players
CN 14.07.1995 p10 Comment
CN 21.07.1995 p3 Youngsters get high on vets drug
CN 22.09.1995 p1 Pledge to keep county crack free
CN 01.12.1995 p5 Drugs event appeals to Diana
CN 25.09.1998 p4 ‘Reasonable’ addicts offered help in the last chance saloon
CN 29.10.1999 p1 Heroin - the people fight back (Botcherby)
CN 05.01.2001 p3 Legalise cannabis campaign; candidates for General Election
CN 16.03.2001 p3 Carlisle drugs rings smashed; Brian O’Neil given 7 years
CN 27.04.2001 p5 Carlisle drug dealer jailed for 18 months
CN 07.09.2001 p2 Two men accused of bringing heroin to Carlisle
CN 05.10.2001 p6 Five drug dealers jailed; caught at Durranhill distribution centre
CN 07.06.2002 p3 3 charged following £40,000 drug seizure in Border Gate Inn
CN 11.10.2002 p1 Carliosle drug dealer given 18 months
CN 25.10.2002 p2 Drug dealer jailed for two and half years; Steven Wood
CN 08.11.2002 p1 Drugs in schools; opinion page 12
CN 25.04.2003 p5 Couple convicted of pssesion with intent to supply
CN 19.09.2003 p1 23 charged in city heroin raid
CN 03.10.2003 p12 Feature on 3 Carlisle people using ecstasy
CN 23.01.2004 p2 Two Carlisle dug dealers get 3 years; G.McCabe and A.Young
CN 30.01.2004 p7 Teenage girl hooked on heroin since 13 gets last chance
CN 06.08.2004 p1 Aaron Giacopazzi, major drug dealer in area, jailed for 10 years
CN 17.06.2005 p1 Drug dealers who imported herpoin into city jailed
CN 24.06.2005 p1 £300,000 worth of heroin seized in Botcherby
CN 02.09.2005 p5 Heroin dealers jaiiled for 13 years; Thompson brothers
CN 28.04.2006 p1 Seven drug arrests in city
CN 03.11.2006 p3 City’s major heroin dealer put in court
CN 21.12 2007 p2 Drug gang gets 17 years

Carlisle Examiner 25.05.1858 p3e 19th aniversary dinner


Hosiery manufacturer
CD 1920 Ad p56
CD 1924 Ad p84

DUDSON, Charles Builder; City Council Minutes 05.08.1881 Approval for new street, Dudson’s Tce., Charles Dudson builder; builder of Black Bull on Annetwell Street in 1878/9 [S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916, pp90-92]; in Autumn 1892 Mr Charles Dudson of Carlisle began extensive excavations on the East side of the cutting through Gallows Hill, between the cutting and the Newcastle Railway, with a view to erecting something like 50 houses for artizans, in doing so he came across several Roman finds [CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp368-9]

DUDSON, N George St
Furniture saleroom
Guide to Carlisle Ad C 178

DUDSON, Mrs Nichol Swifts Row
Iron and brass bedsteads; furnishers
CD 1905-06 Ad p7
CD 1907-08 Ad p46
CD 1910-11 Ad p42

DUDSON, Trevor London Road
CD 1934 Ad inside cover
CD 1937 Ad page front i
CD 1940 Ad p196

DUDSON’S TERRACE London Rd; on 1884 directory; last electoral register 1979; demolished and came part of Cowans Sheldon site
City Council Minutes 05.08.1881 Approval for new street; Charles Dudson builder
City Council Minutes 18.11.1881 Approval for 32 houses

DUELS One fought August 1824 at Kingmoor between Captain Maxwell of the 1st Royal Dragoons, stationed in Carlisle and Captain Johnston R.N. of Edinburgh [Round Carlisle Cross 2nd Series pp148-9]
Caledonian Mercury 02.09.1824 Duel at kingmoor, both men missed
CN 11.03.1950 p5

DUFFY, Daniel Builder of this city 20.11.1832; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthbert’s Yard; 1851 census Daniel Duffy , aged 26, bricklayer employing 4 men, home address 6 Globe Lane, born Scotland

DUGDALE, T.R. 46 Lowther Street
Carlisle in Camera 1 p6 photo of shop in 1877

DUGDALE, Thomas Master draper with 3 apprentices, aged 31, home address Old Grapes Lane, born Dalston [1851 census]; James Relph took over the premises of the lateThomas Dugdale in English Street [obit J.Relph 29.05.1894]

CJ 23.12.1892 The Devonshire Carlisle estate; plans for development

DUKE OF WELLINGTON St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directories from 1834 to 1855
CP 23.04.1847 Ad; Duke of Wellington for sale
CJ 24.04.1847 p2b For sale

DUKE OF YORK Ferguson’s Lane; in local directories to 1869
1829 Directory p164 Rachel Huddert
1861 census Richard Carruthers, 36, innkeper, born Carlisle
CP 05.12.1873 p1; ad to let; lately temperance eating/lodging house

DUKE OF YORK Shaddongate; in local directories from 1897
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses, 2004, p47
CN 20.01.1978 p7 For sale?
ENS 21.10.1998 Landlord quits Duke after two years
ENS 25.01.2001 p10 Duke of York will be turned into private accommodation

DUKE’S HEAD Corporation Road; in local directories 1869 to 1902-03
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1896 - 1916 p112
CN 24.04.1992 p4 (illus)

DUKE’S HEAD Scotch Street; in local directories to 1848
1746 Baron Clarke’s Notebook p36 ‘ Adam Elliot at ye Duke’s Head in Carlisle’
Universal Directory 1793-98 p631 Kept by Sowerby
1821 New Guide to Carlisle p76 Margaret Snowden
1829 Directory p164 Margaret Snowden
1850 its exact position is shown on the fold out map in the back on Robert Rawlinson’s Report to the General Board of Health...Carlisle, 1850

DUKE’S ROAD Laid out on land owned by Duke Of Devonshire
City Minutes 30.03.1893 item 400 approval for lying out new street

CP 01.03.1834 p1a Ad For sale 24 four loom shops for sale....
1851 Report of General Board of Health....Carlisle; R.Rawlinson 1BC 625 p51
City Minutes 1902-03 p189 Insanitary condition of houses
City Minues 1920-21 p609 Land at Duke St owned by Mr Muncaster derelict
City Minutes 1927-28 p 700 35 council houses in progress of being built
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 14 houses completed
City Minutes 1928-9 p361 10 dwellings unfit for human habitation
CWAAS Vol 88, 1988 ‘Duke St, Carlisle, a street of handloom weavers’
ENS 23.02.1984 p1Street with two names

DUKE STREET READING ROOM Established 1846 (Whellan 1860 p131)
Carlisle Examiner 25.03.1858 p3d-f Annual soiree

DUNCAN, Richard 5 Crown and Anchor Lane
M442 p8 Business card for silversmith

DUNCAN’S HOTEL, Market Place
1861 Morris, Harrison and Co ad p12 Established 1853, Rennie late Duncan’s

CN 20.08.2004 p19 Opens at Junction Street

Morton Manor garden/ park was extensive. A narrow strip of woods extended down to opposite where Wigton Rd Catholic Church is situated today. In the park were cottages for the gardener and chauffeur. The building of Durranhill Drive by John Laing circa 1936-38 ended these woods [memories of A.F.S.Chance who was brought up at Morton]

DUNN AND CO English St
Gents outfitters
CN 16.03.1973 p9 (illus)

DUNN AND ROUTLEDGE 3 38 Annetwell St
M442 pp10, 20 Business card for cabinte makers

DUNN, John Kings Arms Lane
Blacksmith, locksmith
CD 1893-94 Ad p104

DUNN’S COURT, South John Street
Sanitary Condition for the City of Carlisle p64 Demoliiton of 8 houses

‘DUNROBIN’ Private engine of Duke of Sutherland
CN 25.03.1950 p4 At Kingmoor Yard on way to Museum

CD 1952 Ad p342

CN 13.12.1996 p18 Make Durdar Mechanical your automatic choice

DURHAM OX Rickergate; in local directories to 1907-08 [Stephen Davidson says that between 1847 - 1857 the name was changed to the Coachmakers Arms]
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p107, 117
1829 Directory p164; Joseph Barton
CJ 23.11.1839 p2e To be let
CJ 29.08.1856 Ad For sale, Coachmakers Arms formerly Durham Ox
1861 census Robert Irving, victualler, aged 40,
1891 census; Margaret Coulon, aged 46, innkeeper, born Ireland
1901 census; Margaret Coulon, aged 55, innkeeper, born Carlisle
CJ 17.12.1909 Late Durhamn Ox to sell

DURRANHILL So named in 1619
City Minutes 1929-20 p675 Renumbering of houses agreed
CN 15.09.1967 p1 New bridge
CJ 12.04.1968 p3 (illus) New bridge
CN 31.01.1969 p10 (illus) Opening of bridge; opened 31.01.1969
CN 30.07.1971 p18 (illus) Trading estate
ENS 13.03.1979 p7 Showpiece shambles
CN 25.01.1991 p9 Housing scheme
CN 26.06.1992 p16 City estate goes from strength to strength
CN 02.07.1999 p23 Golf course that became an army camp

DURRANHILL RAILWAY BRIDGE Over both the Newcastle and Carlisle and Settle to Carlisle Railways; the western portion of the bridge, over the S&C was demolished in the days before 25.09.2004 [personal observation]

Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p69 Photo of bridge under construction

Today this site is covered by Rosehill Trading estate. When the old Carlisle City Golf course at Durranhill was vacated in 1939 the military stepped in and took it over as Durranhill camp, [CN 28.09.1956]; when Col P.J.S.Watson died in 1956 the paper reported that he was on the staff of the Infantry Training Camp at Durranhillwhen the last war broke out [CN 06.01.1956 p1]; The paper in 1960 said that Gordon Grant enlisted with the Border Regiment and was one of the first recruits stationed at Durranhill camp and in 1941 he was commissioned in the Royal Scots Fusiliers [CN 23.12.1960 p8]; under National Service it became a Primary Training Camp, becoming 34 PTC; recruits to the Border, King’s Own, East Lancashire and Loyal Regiments were passed out of Durranhill and were sent to Hadrian’s Camp which became an ITC; the camp was vacated and discussions were held in 1949 about the camp’s future. The Secretary of State for War said the site was required permanently for military occupation, there was no prospect of release for civilian housing, ‘it was partly used by the Terratorial Army as a training centre and partly as an Army Education Centre and it was intended to establish married quarters at the camp as well’ [CN 06.08.1949 p5]; in February 1950 it became it became a Royal Artillery Depot, the 50th Heavy Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment moved in andby 1951 the married quarters had been built. They left in 1953 and were replaced by the 59th Heavy AA Regiment. There was a succession of regiments; in 1955 came the 32nd Medium Regiment RA, followed by the 39th Heavy Regiment RA and when they left in February 1960 the camp was deserted
ENS 20.08.1945 p6 Photo of 18 ITC marching from St Aidans; in 1961 the War Office special board met to decide the future of the camp and it was decided there was no further military use for the site; city officials considered the purchase of the site from the MOD in 1965. Further inspections were made in 1967. A scheme for housing and industrial development was formulated in 1968 and the city council finalised purchase that year for £67,000; the camp had an entrance on Warwick Road and within the perimeter fencewere a comlex of wooden huts, storage sheds and concrete magazines, around a modest parade ground
CN 02.08.1947 St Bees Cadets there for 7 days
CN 06.09.1947 34 PTC at home
CN 20.09.1947 Photo of laying up of colours
CJ 02.05.1950 p1 (illus) Unit chapel rededication by Bishop
CJ 02.05.1950 p2 Bishop dedicated chapel
CN 18.02.1950 p6 50th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment moved in
CN 03.12 1954 p8 Last day of NS 59 Heavy AA Reg., dress inspection
CN 14.11.1958 After two and a half years at Durranhill 32 Medium Regiment off to Hong Kong; 39 Heavy Regiment RA taking over
ENS 03.02.1960 p7 No army left in Carlisle
CN 05.02.1960 Photo of deserted camp
CJ 02.06.1961 p1 Durranhill Camp to be sold off
CN 30.09.1966 p22 Old golf course club house still there
CJ 09.02.1968 p1 Durranhill Camp - city offered £18,000
CJ 16.02.1968 p13 Council clash on private building
CN 27.09.1968 p1 City mart may switch to new site; camp recently bought by City Council ffrom MOD for £67,000
CN 09.11.2001 p4 (illus) Memories of 18th Infantry Training Centre

Sister of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
R.Clerkin A heart for others p63 1BC 282
CJ 19.01.1906 Sale of Durranhill House to nuns
CN 04.02.1966 p13 (illus) Extensions
CN 13.09.2002 p1 Nursing home to close next week after 96 years
CN 20.08.2004 p79 Conversion at ex convent; Waterton Court

DURRANHILL HOUSE Dated to 1811 for Richard Lowry
1811 Jollie p81 Durnhill-house....improving seat of Richard Lowry
1829 Parson and White Richard Lowry, gentleman, Durran Hill
19.09.1841 Richard Lowry Esq of Durran Hill House died after a fall from his horse aged 66 [MI in Wetheral Churchyard]
CP 28.01.1874 p1a To be let
CJ 19.01.1906 Sale of house to convent of nuns
CN 20.08.2004 p79 Conversion at ex convent; Waterton Court


CN 15.02.1936 p19 To close

DURRANHILL LODGE Mid 18th century inscribed over entrance REBUILT OVER 1870
CN 15.09.2006 p70 Durranhill Lodge for sale - illus

DURRANHILL, LOW William Brown, farmer 1829 [Parson and White]

CN 06.04.1990 p1 Vandals blitz nature site

Carlisle an illustrated history p93 aerial photo of estate in 1951
CN 30.07.1971 p18 (illus) CN 01.10.1976 p16 (illus)
CN 19.05.2006 p16 Durranhill trading estate welcomes £4.5m police cells

DURRANHILL VIEW So named on 1901 census

City Minutes 1929-30 p113 Trial of 56 dust bins for council tenants
CN 22.11.1968 p7
CN 26.04.2002 p6 History of refuse collection; dustbins introduced 1959

DYER, Jimmy Statue of itinerant fiddler unveiled in Lanes 21.08.1986; sculptress Judith Bluck;moved to new position outside Debenhams January 2005
ENS 07.08.1986 Statue vandalised hours after being put in place
CN 24.12.2004 p3 Removed for cleaning; back next month

Nickel and chrome replaters
CN 15.02.1947 p5