Citadel (cont) - Court and Henderson

CITADEL (cont)
CN 02.03.1956 p10(Illus of goal) CN 09.03.1956 p10 CN 09.08.1957 p8
CN 31.05.1974 p6
CJ 28.11.1865 p3 Alterations to gaol
City Council Minutes 12.05.1885 p5 Canon to be placed in Court House gardens
City Minutes 1925-6 p552 Reformation of prison site - 2 maps; arches on Englist St
CN 25.08.1928 p10 (illus) Gaol chimney demolished
CJ 29.12.1939 p5 Carlisle landmark
CJ 02.04.1949 p5 Alterations to gaol
CN 25.03.1950 Illustration of in 1855
CJ 22.04.1960 p8 Goal history
CN 07.07.1961 p10 Escapes
CN 14.07.1961 p10 Escapes
CN 19.03.1962 p12 (illus) Gaol in 1912
CN 25.11.1966 p12 Escapes
CN 13.12.1968 p16 (illus) Alterations to gaol
CN 20.02.1970 p12 (illus of demolition) Gaol
CN 01.05.1970 p14 Gaol
ENS 19.08.1970 pp4-5 Round towers that guarded the city
CN 05.02.1971 p14 Gaol (illus)
CN 31.05.1974 p6 (illus) History of the Citade;
CN 21.06.1974 p6 Gaol
CN 04.12.1987 p4 Award for restoration work
CN 02.12.1988 p4 Citadel never served its purpose
CN 31.07.1992 p4 New life planed for city landmark
CN 25.02.1994 p1 Cash aid for Citadel
CN 25.02.1994 p5 £1.4m needed to restore Citadel
CN 13.01.1995 p16 Courts revamp - thumbs up
CN 26.01.1996 pp1,10 Citadel in line for new development
CN 14.03.1997 p10 Hard times for prisoners
CN 27.06.1997 p10 Twelve strokes of the cat’o nine tails
CN 17.10.1997 p4 Lottery plan to turn city’s courts into a tourist Citadel
CN 17.10.1997 p10 (illus) How public pressure changed city’s courthouse scheme
CN 05.04.2002 p6 D Perriam; Smirke’s scheme never carried out in full

CITADEL CHAMBERS; English St Designs by Oliver and Dodgshun approved in 1903; ‘mock Tudor style’; built as Victoria Hotel; taken over by State Management in 1916; 1920 sold to E.F.Fairnbairn, Cumberland County Council taking up lease also in 1920, becoming owners of the property on 03.09.1948, shops at ground level, Counci offices elsewhere

CITADEL INN Peascod’s Lane; in local directory for 1858

CD 1961- 62 Ad front cover

CN 23.09.1988 pp14-15 Ad feature

CD 1940 Ad p204
ENS 09.02.1981 p1 £500 snatch

15.07.1772Mary Bell of Citadel Row, Carlisle died; Stanwix Parish Registers
CN 22.02.1957 p8 (illus)
CN 28.06.1947 p5 Mr Blakeney repairs sewing machines
CN 19.11.1993 p13 Traffic ban in Citadel Row


CITADEL TAVERN English Street; in local directories from 1920; site formerly occupied by the Wellington and Three Crowns
See also Annabel’s, City Diner
ENS 11.04.1964 p1 CN 27.02.1970 p1
CJ 23.12.1966 p1 Ghost who came in for a pint
CN 06.01.1967 p1 Reconstruction
CJ 13.01.1967 p15 (illus) Reconstruction
ENS 17.01.1967 p3 Removal threat to the Citadel
CJ 10.11.1967 p3 (illus) As it was in 1918
ENS 09.05.1968 p6 (illus) Restaurant - new look
CN 10.05.1968 p26 Reconstruction
ENS 19.06.1968 Supplement Birth of a new Citadel
CJ 21.06.1968 pp13-20 Reconstruction
CN 28.06.1968 p2 Reconstruction
ENS 15.12.1976 p7 (illus) Ghost

Carlisle the archive photographs p52 photo of hotel at top of Warwick Road

‘CITIZEN’ NEWSPAPER 1821 - 1827, 1828 - 1833
See Parson and White 1829 p145
See Bulmer 1901 p875
See Newsplan for the Northern Region 1A 072 p267
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 3 The passing of the ‘Citizen’ in 1831 pp 75-87
CP 20.10.1821 p2f G.Irwin will publish Citizen on 09.11.1821
CN 08.03.1968 p12

CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Founded 1938 by the Carlisle Council of Social Service; 1982 CAB became independent body
CJ 20.10.1939 p6 CN 18.05.1973 p15
CN 02.04.1949 p5 New and enlarged basis - move to Town Hall
CN 25.01.1991 p5 Advice bureau in cash plea
CN 05.03.1993 p17 Cash boost for CAB
CN 22.10.1993 p14 CAB may save your home
CN 30.09.1994 p7 Centre to close for £10,000 expansion
ENS 11.06.1996 p3 (illus) £180,000 lottery boost for city advice bureau
CN 23.04.1999 p1 A piece of Carlisle history (foundation stone)
CN 06.08.1999 p2 CAB spreads to the web
CN 15.02.2002 p1 Manager of Carlisle CAB suspended
CN 15.11.2002 p5 Suspended boss will not be back; Paul Holborn
CN 12.09.2003 p21 Carlisle and District CAB launches website
CN 09.01.2004 p2 Botcherby to get CAB office
CN 02.04.2004 p13 Letter; Cinderella service may be on move again
CN 21.05.2004 p3 Moving to Old Post Office Court

CN 23.07.2004 p3 Patrick Doyle; first citizenship ceremony in Carlisle

CJ 24.10.1939 p1 Citizens League gets under way
CN 14.08.1970 p12

CITY ARMS English Street/ St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directories to 1876


CN 06.10.1978 p17

CITY CINEMA English Street; opened 04.11.1915, closed 18.06.1960
CJ 09.02.1962 p6 (illus) CN 03.03.1972 p10 (illus) CN 11.11.1977 p4
ENS 20.06.1960 p1 City picture house - dismantling of sign at closure
CJ 29.10.1915 p4 Opening
CJ 05.11.1915 p7 Opening
CN 06.11.1915 p9 Opening
CN 13.05.1960 p1 Closure
CJ 21.06.1960 p6 (illus) Closure

CITY COMMERCIAL HOTEL English Street; in local directories 1873 - 1902/03

see also Council Houses; County Borough Status; Elections; Local government; Mayor; Motto, Poll tax
Carlisle is listed as one of the Cities and Boroughs of England and Wales regulated under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1882; City Minutes of 6th January 1913  resolved that application be made for constituting the City as a County Borough within the meaning of the Local Government Act, 1888; Carlisle County Borough Order,1913 came into operation on 1st April 1914; Carlisle Extension Act,  1950 says Whereas the city of Carlisle is a county borough under the government of the mayor, aldermen and citizens of the city of Carlisle. This act defines 'The 'Corporation'  means the mayor, aldremen and the citizens of the city of Carlisle. It also refers to local acts which may be jointly cited as 'Carlisle Corporatoipn Acts 1804 - 1950'; Cumbria Act 1982 refers to Cumbria comprising  the following areas before the passing of the Local Government Act 1972 ‘The county boroughs of Carlisle and Barrow in Furness...
CJ 26.04.1949 p2 CJ 03.05.1949 p2 CJ 10.05.1949 p2 CJ 17.05.1949 p2
CJ 24.05.1949 p2
CJ 16.04.1937 p8 Budget speech
CN 16.07.1949 p4 Evening meetings introduced
CJ 21.04.1950 p1 Shortest ever meeting of City Council
CN 30.11.1990 p3 Strike threat over jobs axe
CN 14.12.1990 p6 Jobs demo
CN 31.05.1991 p23 City goes for title
CN 14.06.1991 p1 Blunder lets in city Tories
CN 11.10.1991 p7 Empty homes scandal
CN 22.11.1991 p4 Battle to retain democratic council
CN 08.01.1992 p9 City to get tough as cap looms
CN 19.06.1992 p9 Taking council into the country
CN 19.06.1992 p14 City moves to country
CN 11.09.1992 p16 City owes £213,000
CN 27.11.1992 p4 Slanging match over councils (history)
CN 19.02.1993 p17 Cuts hit kids
CN 23.04.1993 p15 City scores first award
CN 04.02.1994 p5 Contracts save jobs
CN 22.04.1994 p3 Carlisle tests opinion in 17 wards
CN 22.04.1994 p17 500 want city to go it alone
CN 25.11.1994 p16 Keeping you informed; statistics
CN 09.12.1994 p1 City poised to write off £400,000 debt
CN 16.12.1994 p1 Debt written off
CN 24.03.1995 p5 City loses status battle
CN 13.10.1995 p1 Labour in bitter row over control of city roads
CN 15.12.1995 p13 Statistics
CN 22.03.1996 p3 City council told whoppers to get cash
CN 05.04.1996 p3 Next month elections - preview
CN 03.05.1996 p12 Council cleared of malpractise
CN 24.05.1996 p2 Steady as she goes in council’s new year
CN 24.05.1996 p6 Council leader astonished over attack
CN 02.08.1996 p3 City survey
CN 01.11.1996 p5 (Illus) Row looms as city sets aside £4,000 for mayoral gifts
CN 01.11.1996 p13 City council statistics
CN 14.11.1996 p5 Planning bid councillor’s judgement was faulty
CN 29.08.1997 p2 Council writes off bad debts but chases £500,000
CN 05.09.1997 p4 Candidates chosen for city council by-election battles
CN 31.10.1997 p15 City Council statistics
CN 14.11.1997 p6 Chose a councillor at the checkout
CN 12.12.1997 p5 Money,money everywhere and not a lot to spend
CN 09.01.1998 p11 Whatever happened to the airport study?
CN 01.05.1998 p5 18 council wards up for grabs
CN 15.05.1998 p3 City considers mail order vote
CN 15.05.1998 p16 Apathy at poles and results
CN 19.06.1998 p1 New cuts
CN 14.08.1998 p3 DSO profit helps housing account
CN 04.09.1998 p10 Mayors, cabinets and our new look local councillors
CN 30.10.1998 p21 Statistics
CN 23.12.1998 p10 John Burnet column
CN 29.01.1999 p1 (illus) City ‘logo’ pagan
CN 27.08.1999 p5 200 chase job of council boss
CN 03.09.1999 p5 74 apply for £71,000 job
CN 17.09.1999 p12 Mr Carlisle - Mr Bradbury
CN 01.10.1999 p1 Peter Stybelski new chief executive
CN 19.11.1999 p18 Statistics - performance indicators
CN 11.02.2000 p2 City share of council tax to fall by £5
CN 28.04.2000 p1 Chief to retire - Viv Dodds
CN 28.04.2000 p12 Keep it in the family - elections
CN 05.05.2000 p1 Verdict on Tories - elections
CN 12.05.2000 p4 5 new kids on the blocks - election results
CN 01.12.2000 p13 Letter concerning move to cabinet style local government?
CN 15.12.2000 p3 Suggested radical alterations to running of local government
CN 15.12.2000 p12 Opinion
CN 29.12.2000 p4 Council’s Millennium grants
CN 19.01.2001 p5 Poll rejects elected Mayor
CN 23.02.2001 p7 City opts for leader and cabinet
CN 30.03.2001 p7 City Council invites tenders for management of leisure services
CN 03.08.2001 p1 Audit Commission report highlights rift between city and county
CN 03.08.2001 p14 Letter; local government rift between city and county
CN 21.09.2001 p3 City Cabinet meets for the first time this week
CN 12.10.2001 p13 Letters concerning war between the city and council
CN 07.12.2001 p13 Letter concerning city and county councils failure of poor
CN 18.01.2002 p3 Report on low morale and absenteeism of council workers
CN 01.03.2002 pp8, 12 12 days each year sick leave for city council workers
CN 08.03.2002 p13 Letter; following report Are heads to roll at Civic Centre?
CN 05.07.2002 p3 Fears of shake up of staff after review. Tullie Hse head goes
CN 02.08.2002 p6 City council ignores own planning rules; maladministration
CN 11.03.2005 p3 Maggie Mooney appointed new chief executive
CN 10.03.2006 p6 Review into city council accounts
CN 12.01.2007 p13 Letters concerning proposed unitary authority;p13 feature
CN 03.07.1992 p1 £342,000 expenses for county councillors
CN 19.08.1994 p12 £75,000 expenses
CN 02.07.1999 p4 Expenses list
CN 14.09.2001 p1 City Council leaders 75% pay rise; opinion p12
CN 24.06.2005 p5 City councillors put in claims for £315,000
CN 30.10.1998 p21
CN 19.11.1999 p18
CP 09.04.1880 Carlisle Corporation plate and insignia
CN 20.07.1946 Silver cup with inscription ‘Corp. of Carlisle 1727 AD’
CN 31.10.1953 p8 First woman to stand in municipal elections 1911
CN 03.05.1987 p10 Women councillors

CITY CYCLE CO Botchergate
CD 1902-03 Ad p12
CD 1905-06 Ad p110
CD 1907-08 Ad p136
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection; p33 photo of City Cycle Co 1890s

CITY DINER English Street; formerly the Citadel
ENS 12.04.1986City diner take over

See also Cumberland Infirmary
Built 1863-4 as Union Workhouse (CAIH p44); under the Local Government Act of 1929, Boards of Guardians were abolished and the Fusehilll Institution was transferrred to Carlisle Corporation. The section of the Institution which were the sick wards were used more and more for general hospital purposes, and under powers contained in the Public Health Act 1936, the Corporation appropriated this separate building for hosptal purposes and gave it the name the City General Hospital. Thus within the same curtilage was the Fusehill Institution and the City General Hospital, both administered by the Corporation. First matron of the City Generalk was appointed in 1937. In June 1940, Fusehill Institution became an acute emergency war-time hospital catering soley for service and other war casualties; the chronic sick and non-sick cases in the Institution were transferred elsewhere. After the war the Institution resumed admission of the aged and chronic sick. In 1946 there was a greatly increased need for maternity beds in the area and the city council arranged for the ear, nose and thoat work and gynaecological work to be transferred from the City General to the Institution. The City General was then adapted for maternity cases and its name changed to the City Maternity Hospital; for a temporary period the name City General Hospital was not associated with any hospital building in Carlisle. The passing of the National Health Act in 1946 and the appointment of the Newcastle Regional Hospital Board resulted in both the Institution and the City Maternity Hospital being included in the group of hospitals placed under the control of the East Cumberland Hospital Management Committee whose administrative functions began on 5th July 1948. The change of control saw the disappearance of the title Fusehill Institution as the building was renamed City General Hospital; schemes of improvment were put in place and a decision to build a geriatric department, the Harston wards, on the Broad Street end of the site was made. Building work began on 1st October 1952 and work was completed on the 56 bed extension in May 1954, these additions raising the bed compliment to 200. Th Harston Wards were officially opened on 9th July 1954
ENS 10.07.1954
CJ 19.10.1937 p1 Alleged 70 hours work at Fusehill Hospital
CJ 20.06.1939 p1 Fusehill to be war hospital
CJ 23.06.1939 p12 Fusehill to be war hospital
CJ 04.04.1950 p1 City General hosital Reserve (Civil Defence)
ENS 01.01.1960 p2 City chest hospital closed
CN 20.06.1969 p14 City maternity hospital
Carlisle People and Places p57 Photo of City Maternity staff; 1960s
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p181 Photo of Matron,J.C.Harper
CN 07.06.1974 p8 Photo of patients and staff of City General in 1918
CN 09.11.1990 p25 Hospital closure petition
CN 22.01.1993 pp1,12 Blackout babies born by torchlight
CN 01.10.1993 p7 £55,000 hospital appeal
CN 17.02.1995 p10 Exposed security gaps
CN 13.03.1998 p1 College may buy hospital site
CN 27.11.1998 p5 Give us our room to grieve (childbirth deaths)
CN 24.03.2000 p8 How the palace of the poor became the City General
CN 14.04.2000 p3 Portrait of an end of era - closure of city maternity hospital
CN 26.09.2003 p3 Obstetrician Josephine Williamson dies; feature

CITY HALL Castle Street; Opening of reconstructed City Hall 26.11.1956. Premises originally auction rooms and were acquired by corporation in 1892 as an addition to Tullie House
CIC2 p13
CJ 02.11.1956 p6 CN 02.11.1956 p9 CN 23.11.1956 p1 (illus)
ECN 21.04.1888 p7e Opening of new City Hall, Castle St for Mr Dalton
CN 12.09.1958 p1 Alterations


CN 23.02.1946 p5

‘CITY OF CARLISLE’ Engine nameplate; Stanier Princess Coronation class Pacific no 46238 built in Crewe in 1939. Destreamlined 1947 and withdrawn from service in 1964. One nameplate in Tullie House, other nameplate in Crown and MitreHotel and sold at auction 09.12.2000 (ENS 29.11.2000 p14)
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p62 46238 photo of loco
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p62 Unveiling new City of Carlisle crest 1995
CN 08.12.2000 p13 Letter concerning sale of locomotive sign


See also LANES
CN 10.11.1972 p13 CN 06.12.1974 p6 CN 02.04.1976 p24

CD 1884-85 Ad p272 under new management of Mrs R Carruthers

CITY VAULTS INN Fisher Street; in local directories 1861 - 1921
City Minutes 1921-22 p 157 Closed 15.01.1921

CAIH p10
CN 17.01.1997 p10 When the walls that defended the city were breached

CIVIC CENTRE 135 feet high from ground, 11 storeys high, general contractor John Laing [Civic Affairs No 2 pt1]construction of reinforced concrete, externally clad in white mosaic and exposed aggregate panels of grey-green Kentish flint are under-scored with plinths of pink mosaic which are in keeping with the red sandstone theme of other buildings in the city [Team Spirit April 1964] ; Opened 12.03.1964, architects Charles Pearson, Son and Partners, Manchester
CJ 02.08.1957 p7 (illus) CN 02.08.1957 p6 (illus) CN 16.08.1957 pp1,6
CJ 13.03.1964 pp7-9 (illus) CN 13.03.1964 Special supplement (illus)
Civic Affairs No 2 p1 (illus)
Team Spirit November 1962 p8 (illus)
Team Spirit April 1964 pp4-5 (illus) Tower block 93 feet X 79 feet and 146 feet high
ENS 31.07.1957 p1 (illus) New Town Tall - winning design
ENS 23.09.1957 p5 Civic Centre criticism answered
ENS 28.02.1962 p5 Start on building (illus)
ENS 11.04.1962 p19 New view of skyline (illus)
Cumberland News Images of Carlisle p10 Photo of construction beginning in 1961
ENS 12.02.1963 p1 (illus) Civic Centre probe
ENS 19.10.1963 p3 Civic party climbs 230 steps
ENS 21.10.1963 p7 (illus)
ENS 11.11.1963 p1 May get local furnishings
ENS 12.03.1964 p1 Mayor opens Civic Centre
ENS 25.03.1964 p1 Coins in the fountain
CN 26.11.1993 p1 Efficient money
CN 10.02.1995 p5 Burglars grabs cash from Civic Centre
ENS 15.04.1996 p5 (illus) Para Andy shows off his nerves of steele
ENS 17.04.1996 p1 Fergies down and out
CN 19.04.1996 p1 Tax theft sparks Civic Centre review
CN 01.11.1996 p1 The building with 874 panes in the neck
CN 21.03.1997 p10 Foundations dig
CN 26.09.1997 p4 Bulldoze Civic Centre before they preserve it
CN 14.11.1997 p1 (illus) Flatten the Civic Centre
CN 14.11.1997 p10 High risks ahead
CN 21.11.1997 p3 Build the new Civic Centre HQ in Botchergate
CN 21.11.1997 p11 (illus) Bulldoze the Civic Centre, scrap the airport, forget ...
CN 28.11.1997 p10 Civic dissenters
CN 05.12.1997 p4 New Civic HQ could cost £11m
CN 23.01.1998 p12 Secrets that lurk beneath the Civic Centre
CN 22.10.2004 p3 Branded monstrosity by RIBA president
08.01.2005 Civic centre unundated by great flood
CN 04.02.2005 p3 Staff will return to Civic Centre next week
CN 21.04.2006 p5 reopens after floods

CN 13.08.1965 p10(illus)

CIVIC TRUST Founded 15.07.1965
CJ 16.07.1965 p1 CN 16.07.1965 p11 CJ 08.10.1965 p14
CN 09.06.1972 p1 Lanes
CN 30.09.1988 p1 Trust hits at DIY houses
CN 03.03.1989 p40 Project teams win Civic Trust awards
CN 12.01.1990 p11 Trust look at city area
CN 02.02.1990 p23 Civic Trust awards
CN 12.03.1993 p22 Co-tops Trust awards
CN 08.02.2002 p12 Civic Trust’s likes and dislikes on city buildings

ENS 06.08.1928 p2 Awards
ENS 07.08.1928 p2 Awards
CN 11.01.1991 p4 Right royal visit as city relived history

ENS 26.10.1959 p5 Mayor opens new HQ

CIVIL WAR Carlisle besieged by Parliamentary forces from October 1644 for 9 months; Scottish forces held the city until 1647; the city came under Royalist control for a brief period in 1648
See also Siege coins; Siege of 1644-45
Tullie, Isaac Siege of Carlisle
G.Topping Memories of Old Carlisle pp32-44
CAIH p30
CN 10.11.2000 p9 Cromwell’s Main Guard in Market Place

City Minutes 1927-28 p622 Licensed to operate Newcastle/Glasgow via city

Taxi cabs
CD 1920 Ad p146

CLARENCE STREET Appears on the electoral register from 1896-7

CLARK, D Waterloo Foundry, Water Street, west side of station [location 1851]; 1851 Ward’s North of England Directory p8 ad; late Thos.Burgess; 1851 census Daniel Clark, aged 38, iron and brass founder employing 12 men, born Kirkbride, home address Wood Street [near Water St]; Daniel Clark, aged 48, iron and brassfounder, aged 48, employing 16 men and 5 boys, born Kirkbride, home address Waterloo Foundry [1861 census]; Daniel Clark died 09.01.1880 [Mon. Ins 36/7]; 1901 Waterloo Foundry, St Nicholas Street [Bulmer 1910], the foundry moving there, and taking with it its name, following the enlargement of the railway station [CWAAS OS Vol 6 p430].The D.Clark name is still to be seen on many drain covers in the city. At the entrance to Burgh by Sands Church is a cast iron lamp post marked D.Clark, Carlisle [2007]. According to an advertisement I have seen the Exors of Daniel Clark were contracted to supply Cumberland County Council with metal guide and mile posts
CD 1931 Ad p304

CLARK, John Devonshire St
CD 1966-68 p290

CLARK,R. and C. Kingmoor Road
Strong lad wanted for strong lass; pp69 H.Davies memories of shop in 1950s
CD 1952 Ad p377

CLARK,R.N. Greenmarket
CD 1952 Ad p277

CLARK and Son Bank St
CD 1893-94 Ad p38

CLARK BROTHERS Seed merchants
Moved from Lowther St to Scotch Street in 1872
The Lanes Remembered pp16-17 memories of business in 1950s and photo of Scotch St shop front; also p21 photo
1891 census; William Clark, seed merchant, born Scotland, aged 48, home Chatsworth Square
CD 1920 Ad p12
CD 1924 Ad p8
CD 1927 Ad p10
CD 1931 Ad p48
CD 1934 Ad p40
CD 1937 Ad p40
CD 1940 Ad p40
CD 1952 Ad p344
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p262
CD 1955-56 Ad p266
CD 1961-62 Ad p94
CD 1966-68 Ad p297
CN 14.08.1964 p10 (illus of 1875)

CLARK DOORS Willow Holme
CN 21.03.2003 p5 Wins contract for doors for Welsh Millennium Centre
CN 28.11.2003 p 18 Firm established 1973; bought out by management team 1991
CN 04.06.2004 p14 Last minute order for Greek Olympic games this summer
CN 21.01.2005 p 13 Feature on business devastated by flood
CN 04.11.2005 p14 Annual turnover 4m; Hong Kong order

CLARKE, Robson Bleaching concern, St Cuthnert’s Lane [Jollie 1811 pp 83, xi]

CLARKE, Thomas Carrier, aged 43, employing 6 men and 1 apprentice, home address 7 the Crescent, born Sebergham [1851 census]

Slee, M Older Carlisle (illus) p9

CLARK’S FIELD, Scotland Road
CN 16.01.2009 p9 Part of sports field may be built upon for medical centre

Motor repairs
CD 1931 Ad p315

CLARKSONS Motorcycles
CN 15.05.1992 p16
CN 03.09.1993 p14 End of road for city bike business

CN 11.09.1987 p6 Ad

CLASSICS, Castle Street
CN 16.01.2009 p6 Shop to close

CN 12.09.1997 p12 New gym
Cumbria Life March/April 1999 No 63 2A 9

CLAY DAUBBINS 1820 see G.Topping Memories of Carlisle pp133-4 for mentions of clay daubbins

City Minutes 1933-34 p 70 Worked out clay pit behind Henderson Rd given to city by Laings

CLEGG and Sons 22 Scotch
Wallpaper shop
CD 1966-68 Ad p290

CLEMENT PLACE, Blackwell Rd Noted between 1891 - 1906

City Council Minutes 1896/97 p 170 Approval for 6 houses

CLEMENTS,J Castle Street; Castle Street shop demolished 1925 to make way for new St Mary’s Gate
Carlisle in Camera 1 p55 60 Castle St; photo of shop in 1902
CD 1902-03 Ad p53

CN 18.01.2002 p3 Firm closes after 115 years; founded 1887 in Castle St

CLEMITSON, Thomas Silk mercer and draper, aged 32, employing 5 men, born Cargo, home address 28 English Street [1851 census]

CJ 17.06.1938 p7 Diocesan conference
CJ 27.09.1946 p5 List of vicars and clergy in Carlisle Diocese and District
CN 07.06.1991 p5 Service makes history
CN 21.02.1992 p10 Crisis for the clergy
CN 21.02.1992 p5 Cash call in recession hit church
CN 16.04.1992 p7 Making vows again
CN 08.04.1994 p20 Two women priests for citys largest parish
CN 04.10.1996 p4 Clergy rally to end women priests
CN 19.02.1999 p1 Catholic priest bans ancient throat blessing ceremonies

CLERK, John and Co Cotton manufacturers; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1784

CLERKS OF THE PEACE John Nanson 1877-1891; A.H.Collingwood 1892-1929; F.G.Webster 1930-1944; H.D.A.Robinson 1945-1968; W.Hirst 1969-71

CLIFFE, Henry Cliffe and Co, Damside, Spinning mill, [A Picture of Carlisle and Diretory, printed for and by A.Henderson, in the Market Place, 1810, p116] Cotton twist mill and muslin manufacturer, West Walls [Jollie 1811 pp 83, xi]; took over works from his father in law William Wood about 1807; business closed in 1817 [CN 14.04.2006 p11]
CJ 13.08.1817p1 To be sold cotton mill on English Damside lately occupied in succession by Mr Wood and Mr Henry Cliffe

CJ 22.08.1865 p2 20 Freehold houses, Solway Tce, Dixon St, Clifford St; built about 13 years ago, knocked down to John Slack for £2,185

CLIFTON STREET On 1908-09 voters list
City minutes 1909-10 p531 Approval for 9 houses

City Minutes 1893-94 p 331 Approval for laying out new street
City Minutes 1898-99 p96 Approval for 6 houses
City Minutes 1933-34 p372 Permission for 10 houses

See Penfold ‘Clockmakers of Cumberland’ 1B 681
CN 07.12.1990 p4 Aussie’s county link

CLOCKS, Public
See also Town Hall Clock
CN 12.10.1973 p6
CP 16.10.1903 p6 Dedication of new tower clock in Stanwix Church
CJ 17.11.1933 p5 A novel invention
ENS 27.11.1999 p13 (illus) New MM clock; Our Lady and St Joseph’s
CN 04.04.2003 p7 Citadel clock fitted with radio receiver and automatic regulator

CJ 24.09.1948 p2 CN 08.01.1965 p1 (illus)
1811 Jollie’s Directory pxii John Dalton clog maker
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p53 ‘clogger’ Graham in 1930s, Denton Holme
CJ 08.04.1938 p8 Clog making
CJ 09.03.1943 Potters, Watsons, Sproats
CN 21.07.1989 p4 Clog shop
CN 14.01.2005 p18 Thoughts on clog wearing in city; D.Perriam

CN 21.01.1994 p15 Spy camera bid to beat crime
CN 24.06.1994 p12 Secirity fact finders on camera
CN 28.10.1994 p15 Citys security award
CN 16.12.1994 p7 Work starts on spy cameras
CN 27.01.1995 p5 Car park camera plan
CN 03.02.1995 p3 Spies switched on
CN 02.06.1995 p1 Camera scheme
CN 17.11.1995 p7 Long eye of the law reaches further
CN 02.02.1996 p8 Private firm wants spy camera tested
ENS 02.05.1996 p5 Spy cameras cut shop crime by half
CN 18.10.1996 Cameras set to catch court vandals
CN 25.10.1996 p6 Villages may get spy cameras and security guards
CN 21.03.1997 p5 In court
CN 07.03.1997 p4 Rural and city communities to benefit from CCTV grants
CN 04.08.2000 p3 Camera success at crime troublespot - Five Roads End
CN 17.11.2000 p5 Call for CCTV cameras at crime hit Kingstown complex
CN 16.08.2002 p12 Does CCTV cut crime? Carlisle has 38 cameras

CLOSE STREET Two streets Tait Street and Close Street recall two of our Deans [CJ 05.05.1914]; first named in the 1880 Carlisle Directory
CN 19.01.2007 p75 8 new appartments for sale, opposite church at west end

THE CLUB see A.F.S.CLUB, Victoria Rd

CN 30.04.1971 p15

CLYDESDALE BANK Bank Street; built for Clydsedale Bank in 1878 by Messrs Charles Armstrong
CJ 31.03.1874 p2 Sale of site of
CJ 24.04.1875 p5 Scottish banks in England
CJ 14.03.1879 Progressing; great ornament to Bank St
CN 25.12.1948 p5 (illus) Coat of Arms
CJ 24.02.1950 p3 Clydesdale and North of Scotland bank coat of arms
CN 03.02.1995 p9 Banks £1m deposit
CN 13.10.1995 p9 Clydesdale £1m deposit`
CN 20.10.1995 p7 New manager appointed
CN 27.10.1995 p11 Bank branch rolls out the service
CN 03.11.1995 p15 £1m bank branch offers £1m loans
CN 16.02.2001 p14 Clydesdale Bank on move to English Street
CN 27.04.2001 p16 Opening of new premises on English Street on 23.04. ad p19
CN 06.10.2006 p18 Official opennig of new branch at Kingstown


CMD Ltd Heads Lane, Shaddongate
Milk distributors
CD 1952 Ad p330

CN GROUP Media group
See also Cumberland News
CN 13.04.2001 p17 Group takes over two more radion stations
CN 13.05.2005 p18 CN Radio owns 8 commercial stations across UK

1829 Directory p 163 Joseph Hall
1861 census Mary Willis, innkeeper, aged 42, born Wigton
1891 census; James Barker, 31, innkeeper, born Sheffield
1901 census James Barker, innkeeper, aged 41, born Sheffield
ENS 02.11.1916 Closure

COACH AND HORSES INN Kingstown; new building completed 10.08.1929 to the designs of Harry Redfern; builders J. and R.Bell of Carlisle
1901 census; William Bainbridge, 49, bn Ccrosby on Eden
CIC2 p60 Photo of old pub
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection; p96 exterior of new pub
Renaissance of the English Public House p68 layout plan new pub; opp p76 photo
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 p142-5
Spectator 20.09.1930 ‘Charming old brick innwith a small garden of stocks, gladiolas and roses’
CN 18.10.1991 p4 (Illus)
CN 16.07.1976 (illus) p 27 Ad feature
ENS 05.09.1979 p3 Pub toasts local legend Jos

CN 24.01.1997 p12 David’s new link in food chain

CJ 08.03.1949 p2

COACHING First mail coach to run into Carlisle 1785; last mail coach ran from Carlisle to Hawick 31.08.1862
CN 13.03.1948 p5 CN 15.08.1958 p8 CN 07.02.1975 p6
CPacquet 16.05.1780 p1New post coach Carlisle, Leeds,London; in three days
CPacquet 16.05.1780 p1New post coach Carlisle, Doncaster, London; three days
CPacquet 07.12.1785 Arrival and despatch of mails
Universal Directory 1793-98 p630-1 List of mail and stage coac; fareshces
1810 Picture of Carlisle and Diretory p 117-8 List of mail and post coaches
1811 Jollie’s Directory pvi list of various coaches departing city
CP 08.05.1819 p1b Ad for the Regulator toLiverpool and Manchester
CP 20.11.1819 p2b New coach ‘The Royal Pilot’ to Manchester, London, Liverpool
15.11.1820 died J. Johnston, Guard London Mail, Mon Insc St Mary’s [Cathedral];
CP 24.11.1821 p3a Carlisle to London now with only one night out of bed
CP 01.12.1821 p3b Mail coach leavesCarlisle 11am arrives Newcastle 7.30pm
1821 New Guide to Carlisle pp72-3 Arrival and departure of the Mails; list
CJ 08.03.1949 p2 Coach guards
The Philatelist August 1950 Vol 16 no 11 Carlisle Mails - history
The Philatelist September 1950 Vol 16 no 12 Carlisle Mails - history
CN 28.02.1986 p4 When city was centre for mail coaches (Crown and Mitre)
CN 30.12.1988 p4 Coaching trade that lost to railways
CN 27.10.1989 p4 Memories of city mail coach kings

CN 10.01.1975 p6 07.02.1975 p6

COACHMAKERS ARMS Rickergate; in local directories 1847 - 1855 [Stephen Davidson says this was the Durham Ox, both before and after these dates]
CJ 29.08.1856 Ad for sale, Coachmakers Arms formerly Durham Ox

CN 24.04.1970 p1

CN 21.06.2002 p3 Thompsons closes after 150 years; very few shoe repair shops

COBDEN STREET Radical sympathisers named this street after Richard Cobden MP [CAIH p49]

CD 1893-94 Photographer 32 English St

CJ21.09.1833 p1b Printing, bookselling, bookbinding and stationery

COCK FIGHTING /PIT 1785 Sir James Lowther erected cockpit in a court on the west side of Lowther Street, where it stood until 1876. Cockfighting banned nationally in 1835 and 1849
see Burgess and Hayton
Newcastle Courant 29.01.1725-26That a mjain of 31 cocks will be fought 1st - 4th March
CWAAS OS Vol 9, 1888, p377; p380 references to modern references
CN 18.01.1930 p9 CN 05.04.1952 p4 (illus) CN 05.12.1953 p8 (illus)
CPacquet 25.06.1782 p3 Ad for cock fight at Grapes Pit, Carlisle
CN 04.03.1977 p6 (illus)

COCKPIT YARD; Lowther St 1851 Report of General Board of Health....Carlisle; R.Rawlinson 1BC 625 p52 pigsties and innumerable nuisances

First Cocoa Room opened in Botchergate June 1878
CP 11.11.1887 p7 Opening of
CN 26.03.1970 p15

CN 02.12.1994 p5 City goes expresso bonkers


CN 01.10.2004 p3 Silver coins struck in city 900 years ago found in French hoard

COLEDALE HALL Newtown Road; built 1810 for Henry Fawcett MP for Carlisle
Carlisle an illustrated history p52 modern day photo of house
CJ 29.04.1921 p11 CN 16.05.1936 p6
CPacquet 10.10.1809 p3c ad Cowdale Hall estate, Newtown Road for sale
CJ 26.05.1810 p4 Laying of foundation stone of Cowdale Hall
CJ 06.03.1819 p2 Coldale Hall for sale; newly erected mansion
CP 13.03.1819 p1 Newly erected Coldale Hall for sale; Joseph Ferguson, tenant
W.Farish Handloom Weaver p17 Rev J.Wilson’s School at Coaldale Hall, 1829
1834 Pigot’s Rev.Jonathan Wilson, Caldale Hall; gentleman’s boarding school
CJ 28.02.1846 Internal alterations
1847 Directory p 153 George Mould Esq of Coldale Hall
CP 28.09.1850 p2b To be let or sold; recently enlarged; chequered marble floor
Manchester Guardian 11.06.1851 Ad p1For sale on 23rd June; detailed description
1861 census Jonathan Dodgson Carr, biscuit maker, bn Kendal
31.10.1873 David William Fairlee, aged 14, died Coledale Hall [MI 35/4]
08.01.1901 James Fairlee died Coledale Hall [MI 74/4]
1901 census Elizabeth Carr, aged 66, bn Carlisle
1918 Electoral Register Frances and Tom Armstrong
16.11.1919 Tom Armstrong died Coledale Hall [MI 46/60]
City Minutes 1925-6 p96 Application for use of hall for Friendless Girls
ENS 11.01.1926 To be home for friendless girls
CJ 16.05.1939 p3 Public learning to appreciate...
CJ 26.03.1943 p3 Extension opened
CN 27.03.1943 Opening of St Mary’s Home by Bishop on 24.03.1943
CN 03.04.1998 p6 Chequered history
CN 24.01.2003 p6 Girls home opened 1926; previous existence St Mary’s Home
CN 06.02.2009 p32 George Mould, railway contractor lived here for 7 years from 1845. He made many improvements

1901 census; Thomas Gillespie, farmer, aged 50 bn Bewcastle
14.11.1914 Elizabeth Gillespie died Coledale Farm, Newtown [Mon.Ins 102/37]
1918 Elecoral Register James Telford Coledale Farm Cottage
Carlisle The Archive Photos p105 1923 photo before demolition in 1924

CN 20.06.1997 p13 Aerial view

CD 1952 Ad p326
CD 1955-56 Ad p258
CD 1961-62 Ad p279

COLEMAN, Thomas Gunsmith
Flourished in Irishgate 1790 - 1810
Jolie’s 1811 Directory p xi armourer, irishgate

COLLEGE OF ART Founded 1856 in Finkle St [but roots may be said to go back to 1823 when Academy of Art founded in Finkle Street, see Finfle Street Museum, Academy of Art], moved to Tullie House 1893, moved to Homeacres, Brampton Road, in 1951; new buildings officially opened 09.10.1963; famous students at college include Winifred Nicholson, John Bratby and Conrad Atkinson
see also Art School
Finkle Street Museum; Academy of Art
CJ 18.11.1949 p5 Compulsory purchase of Homeacres
CN 19.11.1949 p7 Compulsory purchase of Homeacres
CN 22.10.1949 p7 Illustration of Homeacres
ENS 10.10.1950 Photos inside after move of Art College
CN 13.07.1956 p1 Centenary
CN 07.12.1956 p1 (portrait) Mr Skelton to leave
CN 04.10.1963 p15 (illus) Extension
CN 11.10.1963 p15 (illus) Extension
CJ 11.10.1963 p12 (illus) Extension
CN 17.04.1970 p5 Joint advisory committee
CN 12.11.1971 p8 (illus) Activities
CN 09.11.1990 p9 Squeeze on at Art College
CN 19.04.1991 p9 College offers a new course
CN 26.07.1991 p11 Art College crisis is averted
CN 03.07.1992 p17 Magazine bid to cut sex risk
CN 09.10.1992 p9 City college is going up market
CN 16.10.1992 p16 College is growing by degrees
CN 29.01.1993 p17 Part time posts to go at College
CN 01.10.1993 p23 College of Art is 500 not out
CN 18.02.1994 p11 Profile of principal David Vaughan
CN 06.10.1995 p8 (illus) Art students live in college
CN 05.04.1996 p4 College new music course
CN 25.10.1996 p4 College wing £400,000 for computer class
CN 17.01.1997 p1 (illus) College to be Cumbria’s own university
CN 24.01.1997 p5 (illus) Media cry out for Cumbria trained animators
Cumbria Life May/June 1997 issue 52 pxii (supp) 2A 9
CN 06.03.1998 p1 £4.5m College expansion
CN 07.07.2000 p1 College bans student art work as porographic
CN 27.07.2001 p9 £5m development finished; now 1,200 full time students
CN 22.04.2005 p5 £800,000 ceramics centre planned in old Stanwix Reformatory
CN 06.04.2007 p6 Review of Art College history back to 1822 when a Society for the Encouragement of Art was founded in the city
CN 13.07.2007 p33 College to be absorbed into new University of Cumbria next month; display of work by old students
CN 02.08.2007 pp1,5 Amalgamation of St Martin’s College, University of Central Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of the Arts to form University of Cumbria

COLLEGIATE SCHOOL Removed Bank St to Castle St 28.05.1882
1882 Porters Directory Ad p98 AD 1881; John N.Bissell

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

COLLIER, Thomas Green Market
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p18 Bookbinder, paperruler

COLLIERS LANE So named Collers Close in 1610; probably derived from a personal name; the name of Colier, who was tenant of a parcel of land in this area, survives to this day in Colier’s Lane [CWAAS OS Vol 6 p147, 143]; Colliers Tower on the west curtain wall, a little north of the English Gate, the name survives in Collier’s Lane, which before the Court Houses and Station continued much further north than at present [CWAAS OS Vol 13 p188]
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p74 Photo 2001

COLLIN, George and Sons English Street
Carlisle People and City p113 Side view of shop
CD 1905-06 Ad p9
CD 1920 ad p8
CD 1924 Ad p44
CD 1927 Ad p48


CJ 21.11.1879 p5 Collingwood St , plans for laying out in 1879

CP 07.02.1896 p1a No 2 for sale; Mr De Ville tenant

COLLINS English Street
CD 1952 Ad p124

COLLINS,J Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p387
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p280
CD 1955-56 Ad p287

COLLINS, James Denton St
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p23 hairdresser in 1920s

CN 22.07.2005 p3 Parent company goes into liquidation; 37 employed in city
CN 12.08.2005 p 18 Factory set to close with lose of 37 jobs

COLLIN V.C.MEMORIAL SHIELD FOR RUNNING Schoolboys 100 yards handicap for Silver Shield in memory of Lieut J.H.Collin, the Carlisle VC , open to boys attending day school, aged between 7 and 16, residing with a radius of 6 miles of Carlisle
Carlisle an illustrated history p85 Photo of shield with 1950 winner, B.Davison
CN 10.07.1970 p4 (illus) ENS 11.08.1923 ENS 07.08.1926
ENS 05.08.1919 Report of first running and who paid for shield
03.08.1929 Run at Carlisle Annual Sports
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p97 photo of 1971 winner Ian Johnstone

COLMORE STREET On 1910-11 voters list

CN 18.12.1992 p9 Ad
CN 05.02.1993 p9 Colorvision deals can’t be beaten

COLVILLE STREET On the 1894-5 voters list
City minutes 1890-91 item 61; approval for 15 new houses

COLVILLE STREET NORTH On voters list from 1901-02

COLVILLE TERRACE First on 1897-98 voters list

CN 28.07.2000 p21 Ad feature
CN 05.09.2008 p19 Secure internet system developed by Stanwix firm

1851 Ward’s Northern Directory Ads p3 established 1843; R.Duncan; by Post Off.
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p Cowin’s City Commercial; next Post Off
Carlisle; history and celebration M.Constantine p10 shows location


MW 1847 p 141
CP 27.05.1854 p5 Meeting to secure newroom; present premises to be demolished

CD 1966-68 Ad p303

CD 1893-94 Ad page back pink

COMMON, Ann Milliner and dressmaker, employing 3 girls, home address Rosemary Lane, born Carlisle [1851 census]

see also Lowther House
1850 General Board of Health Enquiry. R.Rawlinson pp56-7 Forcing bed for vice
City Minutes 1904-05 p167 list of four houses in city

COMMONS, K.J. Warwick Road
CN 19.10.2001 p20 Ad for opening of new law firm in city

CN 22.06.1990 p4 Empire Day

COMMUNISTS Someone recalls that in the 1950s they had their HQ in Globe Lane and used to paste up in the window today’s issue of the Daily Worker for people to read.
CN 24.10.1942 p7 Stall in the market

CJ 15.01.1937 p8 CN 16.01.1937 p17 CN 11.07.1969 p11 (illus)
CJ 19.03.1937 p5 Currock House
CJ 30.07.1937 p7 Currock House
CJ 03.08.1937 p5 (illus) Currock House
CN 30.01.1981 p36 Closures
CN 06.02.1981 p10 Closures
CN 13.02.1981 p1 Closures
CN 20.02.1981 p32 (illus) Saved
CN 07.02.1992 p1 Yewdale Centre opens today


CN 17.09.2004 p3 Due to start in city on Monday
CN 04.02.2005 p 12 Feature on Community Support Officers in Carlisle

CJ 02.07.1948 p1 CJ 06.07.1948 p3 CJ 09.07.1948 p1 CN 08.05.1948 p5

CN 25.04.2003 p7 Tom Robinson opens chocholate shop

CN 03.06.1994 p18 Ad opening
CN 01.07.1994 p9 Ad
CN 08.12.1995 p1 Traders livid as crash firm re-opens


City Minutes 1898/99 p374 Approval for houses

See also Charlotte St Congregational Church, Lowther Street Congregational Church; Cecil Street Evangelical Church
CN 19.03.1949 p5 Fusion with Presbyterians
CN 23.04.1993 p4 Celebrating 150 years

CONGRESS GROUND/ HALL Warwick Road, just east of St George’s Church First hall erected in 1864; new building erected in 1880, with a seating capacity of 2,500; hall let to circuses and later used for the Church Congress held in city in 1884
B/CAR 333.333 For sale 23.07.1924
City Minutes 1925-6 p175 Proposal to erect 4 shops on Congress Hall site
CN 06.02.1970 p12
CN 26.09.2003 p7 Story of the circus ground/ Congress Hall

Car hire
CD 1934 Ad p44
CD 1937 Ad p160
CD 1940 Ad p162
CD 1952 Ad p382

CN 11.07.1997 p10 (illus) Neighbours from heaven

CONKEY, George Shoemaker, aged 50, emloying 6 men and 2 boys, born Carlisle, home address Botchergate

Cumbria Life no 69 April 2000 p44 2A 9

CONNELL, John Merchant, died 20.11.1815; [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

CONNELL, Messrs 23.11.1836 bank failed
1829 Directory Connell and Co, Bankers, Fisher Street
Newcastle Courant 26.11.1836 p3a Following the failure of Forsters bank MessrsConnll announce they are able to meet all demands
CP 26.11.1836 p2 Suspension of payment last Wednesday. Messrs Connell have proved that atfer paying every shilling of liabilities , they still possess a considerable surplus so no loss can accrue from their suspension

CONNELL, Messrs and PATTINSON Brewers; Wood’s 1821 map shows their Brewery below West Walls

CJ 24.11.1939 p1 CJ 28.11.1939 p3

See also Carlisle Preservation Society;Carlisle Amenities Committee
CN 24.08.1990 p9 Guiding city to greener future
CN 19.10.1990 p11 Cost of a green look for the city
CN 19.10.1990 p17 Conservation plan on the right lines
CN 21.12.1990 p7 Cash for green group
CN 28.02.1992 p3 City proves its backing green
CN 27.11.1992 p5 Going green is good business
CN 19.10.2001 p17 Friends of Engine Lonning set up to protect haven
CN 25.01.2002 p13 Letter; streets awash with unsightly traffic poles
CN 12.01.2007 p16 Problems for environmentalist who wants to put up wind turbine on house on Jubilee Rd

See also Primrose League
CN 28.11.1975 p1 Agent for Carlisle and Penrith and Border - Noman Dent
CN 14.02.1992 p7 Silent Tories under attack
CN 01.05.1992 p4 Earl’s view on Tory colour
CN 10.11.1995 p1 Split looms as Tory opens fire on leader
CN 17.11.1995 p1 Rebel hauled over coals
CN 24.11.1995 p1 Rebel city Tories demand ‘no confidence’
CN 01.12.1995 pp1,10 Tory chief to survive rebellion
CN 09.02.1996 p6 Ward tells rebel Tory, you’re only man for us
CN 08.03.1996 p1 Rebel Tories set to return to fold
CN 05.04.1996 p5 David Maclean’s new spokesman rejoins Conservatives
CN 10.03.2000 p1 Pressure mounts to name net-porn Tory
CN 28.04.2000 p1 Councellors fly free on Haughey’s plane
CN 12.05.2000 p1 Free flight Tories cleared
CN 19.05.2000 p1 City Tories get tough on crime
CN 09.05.2003 pp1,12,13 Local Tories infighting following lose of control of council
CN 02.04.2004 p13 Candidate for next Parliamentary election now rejected
CN 09.04.2004 p1 Rejected Kevin Newton hints at conspiracy theory
CN 28.05.2004 p1 Tory leader, Michael Howard, in city
CN 08.12.2006 p15 John Stevenson chosen as prospective candidate

CONSERVATIVE CLUB 78 Lowther St ,on 1891 census

City Minutes 1922-23 p138 Club registered on 6th January

CONSERVATIVE CLUB Spencer St; opened 28.01.1966
CN 30.04.1965 p3 Illustration of artist’s impression
CN 21.01.1966 p13
CJ 28.01.1966 pp 9-11 (illus)
CN 04.02.1966 pp10-11(illus)
CN 04.03.1988 p4 Comfort in club was Tories aim
CN 11.12.1992 p20 Conservative Club is one of the best
CN 17.09.1993 p1 Tory club faces axe
CN 14.04.1995 pp1,12 Club set to ditch Tory name
CN 22.09.1995 p1 Tory hopes to save club
CN 23.05.1997 p12 New look for Conservative Club
CN 25.06.1999 p3 Resignation of steward after mystery thefts
CN 05.11.1999 p10 Half a year is a long time in pubtics

CJ 22.06.1948 p1 To be moved from Cathedral to Fratery after 180 years
CN 21.01.1972 p14 (illus) Lowther seal

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

CONSTABLE STREET Denton Holme; named in honour of Mr Constable, former master at Holme Head School and Works Manager at Fergusons [Denton Magazine of Robert Ferguson School 1964-65 p5]; first mentioned in 1901-02 electoral register
City Minutes 1900-01 p117 Approval for 11 houses

CONSUMERS’ ASSOCIATION Formed 03.10.1962.dissolved August 1966
CN 05.10.1962 p22 CJ 26.08.1966 p3

CJ 19.12.1950 p2 Visit to city

CD 1952 Ad 369

CN 15.06.1990 p4 City girl was resistance go-between

CN 16.04.1992 p50 Ad

COOGAN CLOSE On electoral register from 1997-98, Mr Coogan was a city councillor and alderman

COOK, Thomas Travel agents
CN 23.03.1990 p18 Ad

CJ 12.03.1937 pp8-9
CJ 19.03.1937 pp 8-9 Record rush to demo

COOKSON, John 33 Botchergate
1882 Porters Directory Ad p44 Grocer, tea dealer
M.Edwards Our City Our People p22 Short memory circa 1900

COOP BUILDINGS 1901 census so named, adjacent to Cobden St

COOPE, James Lowther St
Oil merchant
CD 1893-94 Ad p142

CO.OPERATE Lancaster St; Carlisle business for people with mental health problems
CN 19.04.2002 p6 Lottery lifeline for carlisle business

Opens in Carlisle 30.05.1887

CO-OPERATIVE COURT, Bridge Street on 1918 Electoral Register

COOPERATIVE SOCIETY Constitution drawn up 25.03.1861; 05.06.1861 first shop opened on Botchergate; new store opened Botchergate 1869; Upperby Cooperative Society formed 22.08.1829
28.09.1867 Died 62, George Barnes, 28 years South John St Coop agent [MI 91/4]
CD 1905-06 Ad p12 South-End Co-operative Society
CD 1913-14 p142 Ad with photo of Botchergate store
CN 28.04.1961 p13 CN 07.04.1966 p10 (illus) CN 15.04.1966 p10
CN 18.09.1970 p18 CN 14.01.1972 p12 CN 30.06.1972 pp12-13
Over the Garden Wall p 67 Col. drawings of interior arcade and exterior
Carlisle The Archive Photos p 99 photo of South End Coop, Blackwell Rd, 1896
City Minutes 1899-1900 p283 Approval for new shop on Beaconsfield St
Amalgamated Soc. of Railway Servants 1911 Souvenir pp 38 - 47 History to 1911
The Producer July 1929 vol XIII no 7 pp167-9 Details of history of Upperby Coop
08.06.1938 Approval for plans for Cumwhinton Rd Coop CRO E4 architect A.W.johnston
16.04.1937 died Joseph Brockbank, manager South End Coop 1923-37 [MI 47/57]
M.Forster; Hidden Lives p168-description of Botchergate Coop in 1940s
CJ 03.10.1944 p2 Upperby store established 1829
Over the Garden Wall; photo pp27, 31, 32 of 1950s Botchergate facade
ENS 06.01.1957 pp5-7 Botchergate Coop - 1st self service
CJ 14.08.1959 p4 and special supp
CJ 28.04.1961 p4 Illustration of 1903
CN 10.12.1965 p9 Change of name
CN 15.12.1967 p10 Illustration of 1894
CN 31.07.1970 p1 Merging societies
CN 14.08.1970 p9 Merging societies
CN 21.08.1970 p1 Moving to Lanes?
ENS 16.04.1977 p1 Blaze drama, Botchergate
CN 14.08.1987 p3 Coop Superstore Warwick Road - government go ahead
CN 01.12.1989 p4 Coop venture keeps going
CN 21.01.1994 p4 How the first Coop came
CN 21.01.1994 p15 Animal free food on Coop’s shelves
CN 28.10.1994 p15 Coop handy bank pulls out of city
ENS 01.04.1996 p1 18 jobs go as Coop closes
ENS 02.04.1996 p1 Four years for teenage armed robbers
ENS 16.04.1996 p5 (illus) Mystery surrounds fate of sold Coop site
CN 04.10.1996 p5 Cumbrian Coop boss moves on and hands over healthy .........
CN 24.01.1997 p1 County Coop shuts down city HQ
CN 20.06.1997 p3 Makes way for pub
CN 25.07.1997 p1 Coop blaze; firemen look again at arson
CN 15.05.1998 p10 From a co-operative past to a Woodrow Wilson future
CN 01.12.2000 p7 New Co-op plans for a supermarket at Morton
CN 02.09.2005 p8 History of early coperatives in city
CN 26.04.1991 p6 Ad
CN 16.06.1995 p1 Food Giant up for sale
CN 16.06.1995 p10 Death knell of a store
CN 18.08.1995 p1 New shops hope
CN 14.01.1994 p17 Ad
CN 16.10.1998 p9 Ad
CN 04.06.1999 p11 Ad

COPELAND, M Etterby Road
CD 1952 Ad p308

Watchmaker and jeweller
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p282
CD 1955-56 Ad p289

CN 13.11.1987 p3 Milestone for a city firm
CN 08.09.1989 p10 New HQ a launch pad
CN 22.06.1990 p27 Jobs as firm moves
CN 18.01.1991 p7 Take over

CORBETT, John Home address Warwick St; whitesmith employing 2 men, aged 28, [1861 census]

CORBETT, John Corporation St
Heating engineers
CD 1880 Ad pxxxi
CD 1952 Ad p315
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad inside back cover vi
CD 1955-56 Ad p292
CD 1961-62 Ad pxxv
CD 1966-68 Ad p293
CN 17.09.1938 p20 Ad

CORBETT, T Lonsdale St
Glass and china merchant
CD 1893-94 Ad p140

CORBETT, Thomas 56 Lowther Street
Ward’s North of England Directory 1851; ad p10 Whitesmith, bell hanger; Thomas Corbett, whitesmith and bellhanger, aged 38, employing 6 men and 4 apprentices, home address Spencer St, born Carlisle [1851 census]; aged 48, whitesmith and brass founder, employing 8 men and 4 boys, home address 4 Spencer St, born Carlisle [1861 census]
1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p19 56 Lowtherv St Bell hanger

CORBETT, Thomas Lonsdale St
Marble and monumental mason
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1884-85 Ad p265
CD 1893-94 Ad p128

CN 03.10.2008 p11 Laurie and Jenni Scott retire after 18 years. D.Ogden and Liz Hardwick take over

CN 13.02.2004 p16 Sold; The Coggans take over from the Fishers

CORN EXCHANGE English St; Victoria Viaduct
CN 21.07.1961 p10 CN 09.01.1976 p6

Cumberland Pacquet 04.08.1795 p2 Rises caused riot; p3 advert

Dr Robert Elliot to 31.12.1882; 01.01.1883 - August 1898 John Hewetson Brown; H.R.Lonsdale 1899-1901; H.B.Lonsdale 1902-1914; Thomas Slack Strong 1915-1947; Thomas S. Strong 1948-1983 [from 1974 post title coroner for North East Cumbria]; Ian Hugh Morton 1983-
CN 30.06.200 [1/2/3] p12 How A coroner weighs the evidence - Ian Morton
CN 24.12.2003 p3 Corner Ian Morton moves office to Portland Square
CN 02.12.2005 p5 Ian Morton retires
CN 06.10.2006 p15 Plans to axe North Cumbria Coroner; currently David Osborne
CN 20.10.2006 p3 Row over proposed closure of Carlisle Coroner’s office
CN 06.04.2007 p18 Carlisle now likely to retain Coroner’s Court; at least on part time basis
CN 27.04.2007 p5 Coroner’s office will cease to exist in carlisle from Monday; letter p13

CN 02.06.1989 p4 Rival seaside concerts


CORPORATION BAY AND DAMCOURSE So named on Cole’s 1805 map of Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 11.11.1858 p2d

CORPORATION MILL So named on Wood’s 1821 map of city on what was to be site of Citadel Station

George Smith’s 1752 Map of the Soccage Lands of Carlisle calls the area which is today Corporation Road, Warwick Street and Dixon St Battle Holm and Hangmans Close. No houses are marked on Hangmans Close or Battle Holm The name Battle Holm is apparently meant to indicate battle in a judicial sense

A published map of 1815 of Carlisle shows an unnamed road extending from the southern end of the new Eden bridges, built 1812 – 1815, connecting to Finkle Street and so through Annetwell Street, Caldewgate and all points west.

Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle shows this road and names it the ‘New Road’. It was built across Corporation land, hence the later name. The 1821 map marks the land to the north of the New Road’ as ‘Properties of the Corporation’; that to the south of the road being owned by the Duke of Devonshire. An area around here is still called ‘Hangmans Close’ on the 1821 map. The 1844 Directory map still calls it The New Road and there are no buildings shown on it except at the elbow with Rickergate. By the time of the 1851 census the New Road has become Corporation Road

Peter Dixon had the Shaddongate Cotton Mill. Dixon expanded his textile works in 1849 and built additional works in the West Tower Street area. New streets were laid out. Warwick Street was laid out in 1855 [Dixon’s had a cotton factory at Warwick on Eden]. His name is remembered in the adjoining Peter Street, first noted on the 1861 census and Dixon Street, first noted in the Carlisle directory of 1858

The buildings on Warwick Street were demolished in 1939 to make way for the new fire and police stations which were opened on 16.08.1940 and 17.04.1941 respectively. On the south side of Warwick Street, opposite the fire station, were built attractive cottages for permanent members of the fire brigade. The main contractor for the two new stations was John Laing. The buildings are faced in Greenlaw stone from Northumberland and the architect was Percy Dalton.

In 1964 some of the houses in this area were declared unfit for human habitation, the Cumberland News of 08.05.1964 saying that inspectors had found some houses in the area were without internal water and inside toilets. There was a public inquiry and the Cumberland News in September 1964 reported that an appeal by property owners against demolition had been rejected by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and a total of 95 properties on Corporation Road, Dixon St, Dacre St, Solway Terrace and Clifford St were to be demolished

Castleway, part of stage two of the inner ring road, officially opened on 27.03.1974. The construction of the road was over parts of the west end of Corporation Road as well as what was Solway Street, Solway Terrace and Dacre Street. Dixon Street and Clifford although still there in name today lie under Castleway.
CJ 14.11.1846 p3 Matthew Reid died Corporation Rd
WO 44/195 26.04.1849 Corporation Rd being sold for building plots
CN 02.09.1966 p8 Reminiscenes of about 1910 onwards
CN 12.01.2007 p5 Corporation Rd resident won’t budge because of proposed Renaissance plan

CORRIE, Henry New Market St
CD 1907-08 Ad p125
CD 1952 Ad p162

CORRIE, Joseph Master tailor, aged 46, employing 4 men, born Wigton, home address Ramshays Lane, Botchergate [1861 census]

CORRIE, Joseph 36 York St and Canal Station
1882 Porters Directory Ad p156 Coal merchant

CORRIE, Pultney Rickergate
Cycle agents
CD 1893-94 Ad p172
CD 1902-03 Ad p226

CORRIE’S COURT, Milbourne St; John Corrie, proprietor of houses lived here [CWAAS ns vol 67 p218]; in the 1858 directory and listed until the 1954 electoral register

CORRY, David Pawnbrocker, Fisher St, died 14.01.1882 [Monumental Inscription 7/15]

CORRY, John Augustus Architect and surveyor, aged 42, home address 3 Abbey St, born Great Yarmouth [1861 census]

COSMO, The Harraby; opened 1962; (previously Argyll Cinema, then roller-skating arena). The ‘Cosmo’ was played by many famous groups including Jerry and the Pacemakers, George Fame and the Blue Flames, Deep Purple, Mud and the Kinks
CN 04.05.1979 p23 CN 11.05.1979 p9 CN 01.06.1979 p8 CN 13.10.1978 p7
CN 24.07.1970 pp12-13 (illus) CN 06.08.1976 p1 CN 18.11.1977 p9 (illus)
CJ 04.11.1960 Cosmo rink opened
ENS 15.12.1976 p9 Development
ENS 16.12.1976 p4 Development
CN 20.05.1977 p32 Supermarket?
CN 10.06.1977 p17 Supermarket
CN 24.06.1977 p21 Supermarket
CN 01.07.1977 p3 Supermarket
CN 25.05.1979 p1 (illus) Closure
ENS 01.11.1988 p15 Closed
CN 31.08.1990 p6 Nightclub firm bust
CN 14.09.1990 p13 Where to stroll for a drink in style
CN 05.02.1999 p6 Revellers night of nostalgia
CN 04.05.2001 p5 Avenue for sale; been in hands of ; £93,000 bid
CN 24.01.2003 p3 Cosmo building faces demolition
CN 28.11.2003 p 8 To be demolished 08.12.2003 [but not] and houses built on site

COSSACK INN Watergate/ Water Lane; in local directories to 1844
CP 31.03.1821 p3d William Edgar for allowing late drinking

COTTON SPINNERS ARMS Caldew Brow; in 1829 directory

COTTON TRADE First Carlisle industry Abbey Mill, fulling Mill and dyehouse, which was taken over by the Guliker brothers in 1724, going bankrupt in 1740, local parish registers refer to factory man, factory child [CWAAS vol 85, 1985 pp 187 - 191]; 1772 ‘Considerable manufacture of printed linens and coarse checks....’ [T.Pennant; a tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1772]
See also Handloom Weavers; Weavers
CJ 31.05.1817 p1 Cotton Mill at Water-Gate Lane, erected in last 14 years containing 24,480 Mule spindles, six storeys
CJ 13.08.1817p1 To be sold cotton mill on English Damside lately occupied in succession by Mr Wood and Mr Henry Cliffe
1829 Directory p152-3 Details of history of cotton industry and present state
CN 22.03.1924 p9 18th century Carlisle
CJ 01.11.1949 p2
CN 14.02.1992 p4 Depressing days of trade cutback
CN 14.08.1998 p10 Threads of evidence point to Carlisle cotton printing

COULTHARD, George English St
Yeast merchant
CD 1880 Ad pxiv
CD 1884-85 Ad p277
CD 1893-94 Ad p74

COULTHARD, George 18 English St
Tea and coffee dealer
CD 1893-94 Ad p102
CD 1902-03 Ad p9

COULTHARD, Mrs Jane Anne 25 Nelson St
Carlisle in Camera 2 p55 Photo of shop front in 1909

COULTHARD, John Rickergate; Old Market Place
Glass, china, hardware
CD 1893-94 Ad p174

COULTHARD, William Castle St; Lonsdale St; Crown St; moved to Durranhill in 1947
Engineers, plumbers
CD 1893-94 Ad p209
CD 1902-03 Ad p17
CD 1905-06 Ad p144
CD 1920 Ad p280
CD 1927 Ad p172
CD 1931 Ad p228
CD 1934 Ad p190
CD 1937 Ad p196
CD 1940 Ad p202
CD 1952 Ad p269
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p229 and spine
CD 1955-56 Ad p227
CD 1966-68 Ad pvi
CJ 14.05.1937 see Coronation news
Cumbria August 1975 p247
CN 19.02.1988 p4 Firms 100 years
CN 18.03.1988 p4 Founder of firm
CN 28.05.2004 p16 Order for lubricant systems for Soviet pipeline. £5m turnover

City Minutes 1929-30 p650 5 dwellings unfit for human habitation

COULTHARD’S 41 Castle Street
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p37 Photo of shop facade; china, glass

COULTHARDS LANE East off Scotch St; so named on Cole’s 1805 map


COUNCIL HOUSES First purpose built council houses completed in 1900 at Barwise Nook (CIC p43); council housing stock transferred to Carlisle Housing Association in 2002
See also Housing; Carlisle Housing Association
City Minutes 1899-1900 pp 364-367 Regulations for workmen’s dwellings
City Minutes 1915-16 p98 Details of housing for Boustead Grassing; size, rooms
City Minutes 1916-17 pp320-324 Provision of post war housing; report
City Minutes 1919-20 pp42-43 Report of construction of 24 houses in Denton St
Carlisle an illustrated history p89 Plan of housing for Longsowerby in 1919
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1920 p 91-98; overcrowding, unfit housing
City Minutes 1920-21 pp 204-207; Tenders for Longsowerby site; Stanwix scheme
City Minutes 1921-22 p 43 Only 92 of 952 condemned housing rendered fit
City Minutes 1921-22 p428 report on progress at Longsowerby and Stanwix
City Minutes 1922-23 p60 Sanction for 60 houses at Blackwell Rd estate
Sanitary Conditions for the City of Carlisle 1922 pp61-2 Houses built in year
City Minutes 1923-24 pp78-79 Prepare plans for 50 concrete bungalows in town
City Minutes 1923-24 p 690-703 Housing programme for next 2 years
Sanitary Conditions for the City of Carlisle 1923 p61 -65 Houses built in year
City Minutes 1924-25 pp700-01 Applications for council housing; analysis
Sanitary Condition for the City of Carlisle 1925 pp23-6 700 houses needed
Sanitary Condition for the City of Carlisle 1925 p82-4 Crown St slums; stats
City Minutes 1925-6 pp61,120,180,322,456,540,664 Progress report on estates
City Minutes 1926-7 p100 216 houses in progress at Raffles; pp 450, 519, 585, 655
City Minutes 1926-7 pp 220 46 houses at Longsowerby; pp 450, 519, 585, 656, 718
City Minutes 1926-7 p717 Approval to buy land for erection of houses at Botcherby
City Minutes 1927-28 p130 112 houses in progress at Raffles
City Minutes 1927-28 p130 Work commence in Botcherby immediately in New Year
City Minutes 27.02.1928 p267 32 houses in progress at Botcherby
City Mins 1927-8 p700 Progress on houses Duke St (54 houses),Longsowerby (30)
City Minutes 1927-28 p456 1262 live applicants on register; analysis
04.04.1929 2,000th council house officially opened by Sir W.Robinson
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 Nos of houses built
Sanitary Condition for the City of Carlisle 1929 pp24-5 Nos of new houses built
City Minutes 1929-30 p297 112 more houses begun at Botcherby; 138 at Raffles
City Minutes 1930-31 p642 2,699 Corporation houses, housing 7,338 adults and 4,994 under 16s
CN 07.07.1934 p4 Carlisle slums
CN 14.07.1934 p12 Housing
CJ 26.03.1937 p7 CN 27.05.1960 p12
CJ 24.09.1937 p1 Petteril Bank opening
CJ 24.09.1937 p10 Central Hall speech
CJ 14.01.1939 p3 Quit notices for tenants in arrears
CJ 17.02.1939 p4 City housing and Harraby rents
CJ 14.04.1939 p4 City council’s dilema
CJ 12.05.1939 p4 Houses in town
CJ 30.05.1939 p5 Re-housing in the city
CJ 13.10.1939 p1 Housing slowdown
CJ 12.12.1939 p1 134 houses to be completed
ENS 16.06.1960 p9 (illus) Sheer neglect - Eskdale Av and Windermere Rd
ENS 18.12.1963 p9 Council houses rents
ENS 07.11.1964 p1 Super council houses planned for city
CN 18.12.1987 p4 First council houses forced on city
CN 09.12.1988 p23 Tenants told; Watch out for yuppies
CN 15.12.1989 p1 Repair tenants to pay out of rise
CN 15.12.1989 p21 City council lumbered with houses
CN 15.12.1989 p21 £150,000 bill to brighten estate
CN 12.01.1990 p23 Carlisle rents up
CN 19.01.1990 p23 Council rent rise blow
CN 01.06.1990 p1 Home repair work sparks anger
CN 13.07.1990 p1 Rents set to rise
CN 03.08.1990 p1 Yob tenants crackdown
CN 03.08.1990 p12 Get tough but only if you dare
CN 03.08.1990 p1 Yob tenants’ crackdown
CN 24.08.1990 p29 Council gets thumbs up
CN 01.02.1991 p15 Council rents to rise
CN 12.04.1991 p6 Repairs delay
CN 11.10.1991 p7 Empty houses scandal
CN 14.02.1992 p15 Council rents rise
CN 20.11.1992 p21 New landords worry for tenants
CN 20.08.1993 p17 Homes £10m not enough
CN 15.10.1993 p7 Tenants under threat
CN 15.10.1993 p15 Grants cut force up city rents
CN 03.06.1994 p13 Flushed away
CN 30.09.1994 p9 Task force chases rent dodgers
CN 09.12.1994 p5 Don’t let my baby freeze to death
CN 03.02.1995 p3 £6m deal for council
CN 10.02.1995 p13 Home repairs need £20m
CN 16.06.1995 p1 Raffles re-vamp
CN 17.11.1995 p13 Empty houses cost city £238,000
CN 15.12.1995 p12 City council sells less houses
CN 05.01.1996 p1 Repairs held as £50,000 goes to Raffles
CN 19.01.1996 p3 Carlisle’s £650,000 rent arrears
CN 26.01.1996 p3 Council U-turn on Raffles repairs
CN 09.02.1996 p5 £200,000 council tender waste
CN 12.07.1996 p1 Revamp snub for Currock and Upperby
CN 02.08.1996 p13 Tenants owe £1m back rent
CN 20.12.1996 p3 Spending cuts set to spell end of road for council houses
CN 03.01.1997 p2 Council row over homes sell off fear
CN 10.01.1997 p11 Who’s really to blame for council housing repairs crisis?
CN 07.03.1997 p5 (illus) Protest over transfer plans for 9,000 homes
CN 03.10.1997 p1 Homes facelift cash
CN 14.11.1997 p1 Council house boost
CN 17.03.2000 p3 Tories vow to takle rent dodgers
CN 08.09.2000 p1 Call for crackdown on ‘filthy’ tenants
CN 08.09.2000 p12 Opinion concerning ‘filthy’ tenants
CN 10.11.2000 p6 Housing surgeries set to close
CN 24.11.2000 p3 Future of council homes put to vote; complete sell off of stock
CN 22.06.2001 p13 Letter; transfer of housing stock to housing association fears
CN 27.07.2001 p12 The wastelands of Raffles; 123 houses demolished in 2000
CN 24.08.2001 p1 Ballot of council homes over sell off
CN 31.08.2001 p1 Problems with transfer of council houses to Liverpool charity
CN 12.10.2001 p6 Campaign against sell of of city’s 7,700 council houses
CN 30.11.2001 p3 Standard to properties to be let is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’
CN 07.12.2001 p Riverside Housing Assn criticised; proposed take over group
CN 21.12.2001 p13 Letter in support of the Riverside group
CN 29.03.2002 p1 125 houses to be bulldozed in July or August
CN 05.07.2002 p5 Threat to evict family of 10 following disruptive behaviour
CN 05.07.2002 p13 Two letters against take over of council houses by Riverside
CN 26.07.2002 p13 Sale of council houes not a giveaway; letter
CN 23.08.2002 p1 214 majority for sell off; leaflet unfair campaign; opinion p12
CN 06.09.2002 p5 Mother and 9 children to be evicted from home in Raffles
CN 20.08.2004 p1 Sale of council houses fuels husing crisis


CN 23.10.1992 p9 Warning over council tax
CN 04.12.1992 p1 Tax won’t go through the roof
CN 04.12.1992 p5 City roof tax no cheaper
CN 04.12.1992 p25 Council tax move to save costs
CN 11.12.1992 p7 Call not to worry over homes tax
CN 11.12.1992 p25 Compromise on tax collection
CN 08.01.1993 p23 Planning the new tax collection
CN 12.02.1993 p1 Budget blues for Cumbria
CN 17.12.1993 p1 Roof tax set to rise
CN 29.11.1996 p1 Council tax rates set to soar by up to 7%
CN 07.03.1997 p4 Council taxpayers to fork out up to 10% more
CN 05.12.1997 p4 Council tax bills to soar despite services cutbacks
CN 11.02.2000 p2 City share of council tax bill to fall by £5
CN 01.12.2000 p2 City council tax bills could raise by £30 - £90
CN 09.02.2001 p5 Carlisle council tax jumps by 6.73%
CN 23.02.2001 p13 Letters protesting against concerning rise in council tax
CN 15.02.2002 p5 Predicted bills for Carlisle
CN 07.02.2003 p1 Council tax bands announced
CN 30.01.2004 p1 Taxbands for 2004-05
CN 27.02.2004 p13 letters against increases in council tax
CN 12.03.2004 p1 Pensioner protest at increased council tax
CN 23.12.2005 p1 Council tax ready to soar by 5%
CN 13.01.2006 p1 Police handcuff 79 year old gran over council tax debts
CN 17.02.2006 p1 Council tax increase 4.8%

CD 1952 Ad p366
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p274
The Lanes Remembered p20 photo of cafe
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p21; Exterior view
ENS 15.12.1931 p1 Ad opening 16.12.1931
CN 26.03.1976 p1 Closure

COUNTRY HOUSE Lonsdale Street
Outdoor clothing
CN 29.10.1999 p6 Ad

CN 01.06.1979 p21 Fire

Carlisle is listed as one of the Cities and Boroughs of England and Wales regulated under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1882; City Minutes of 6th January 1913  resolved that application be made for constituting the City as a County Borough within the meaning of the Local Government Act, 1888; Carlisle County Borough Order,1913 came into operation on 1st April 1914; Carlisle Extension Act,  1950 says Whereas the city of Carlisle is a county borough under the government of the mayor, aldermen and citizens of the city of Carlisle. This act defines 'The 'Corporation'  means the mayor, aldremen and the citizens of the city of Carlisle. It also refers to local acts which may be jointly cited as 'Carlisle Corporatoipn Acts 1804 - 1950'; Cumbria Act 1982 refers to Cumbria comprising  the following areas before the passing of the Local Government Act 1972 ‘The county boroughs of Carlisle and Barrow in Furness...
CN 03.04.1964 p8
CN 29.10.1965 p10 (plan)

Kelly 1921 p70 Formed 1869, opened 1870 in Devonshire St; then to Lowther St

CN 01.11.1991 pp16-17 Three into one will go
CN 03.03.1995 p1 Late Xmas party

CJ 29.07.1938 p7 New offices in Gaol site
CN 12.12.1997 Supp

COUNTY COURT Held at Citadel January 1833; moved to Rufus House, Castle St 22.08.1966
CN 05.08.1966 p11 (illus) CN 09.09.1966 p14
CJ 15.05.1847 p3a First of new county courts for debt recovery in Town Hall

CN 15.12.1995 p14 Ad
CN 08.11.1996 p14 Furniture firm set to shut

COUNTY GARAGE CO LTD Botchergate; Court Square; Collier Lane; Mary St; Lowther St; Dukes Road; Harwicke Circus; After WW2 Ford were taken to court by H.Ferguson who accused them of stealing his patented 3 point linkage tractor invention. Ferguson won his legal action and decided not to share a dealership with Ford. After this date there were no dealerships with Ford and the Ferguson connected Standard Triumph. So County Motors came into being in 1948, selling Standard, Triumph and Alvis cars as well as Fergusons tractors. Mr William Dobinson was the first Chairman and I.H.Dickson was Managing Director of County Motors. The latter had previously been joint Managing Director with County Garage, which had held the Ford and Standard dealerships. He had joined them in 1909. June 2003 demolition of premises on Harwicke Circus.
CN 17.09.1938 p18 CJ 19.10.1962 p12 CN 07.07.1978 pp1,5 (illus) CN 24.07.1981 pp28-29 (illus)
Leading Trader of the City p60 Ad A616
CD 1910-11 Ad p150
CD 1913-14 Ad p78
CD 1920 Ad p54
CD 1924 Ad p236
CD 1927 Ad p248
CD 1931 Ad p252
CD 1934 Ad p306
CD 1940 Ad p168
CD 1952 Ad p304,333
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad back cover
CD 1955-56 Ad xv
CD 1955-56 Ad p263
CD 1961-62 Ad p284
CD 1966-68 Ad p283
CJ 14.06.1907 p5 Operate bus service Carlisle to Brampton; new premises Mary St
CJ 14.05.1937 see Coronation news
CN 29.11.1968 pp 11,15 (illus) Truck Centre opened at Kingtown
CN 06.11.1970 p17 (illus)Wins award
CN 14.04.1978 p1 Expansion
CN 09.10.1987 8pp ad feature
CN 05.07.1991 p6 Open day at County Garage
CN 03.11.2000 p1(illus) Harwicke Circus site for sale
CN 07.02.2003 p5 Dealership on move to Kingstown; CG at Circus since 1923
CN 04.03.2005 p1 CG Ford sold to Midland company GK Group

COUNTY HALL Court Square; part of County Hotel
CJ 16.09.1949 p1

COUNTY HOTEL, Botchergate see RED LION

COUNTY HOTEL; COUNTY AND STATION HOTEL Court Square; dated and inscribed 1852 GHH (George Head Head); 1866-68 extension; renamed Cumbrian Hotel 08.03.1974. In 1988 the Botchergate side of the building was refurbished and named County Hotel; Cumbrian Hotel renamed Lakes Court Hotel
See also Cumbrian Hotel; Lakes Court Hotel
CJ 28.09.1962 p1 CN 14.06.1968 p11 (illus) CJ 14.06.1968 pp12-13 (illus)
CN 15.11.1968 p14 CN 05.01.1973 p1 CN 15.03.1974 p15 CN 29.03.1974 p6
CD 1934 Ad pii
CD 1937 Ad pii
CD 1940 Ad pii
M442 p8 Business card for hotel superintendent Mr Gosling
CJ 20.12.1851 Building of the new hotel in Court Square let to tender
1861 census William Gosling manager, aged 45, born Clapham, Surrey
1891 census; Robert Koster, hotel manager, aged 42, born Germany; 12 visitors listed along with 62 live in staff,
1901 census Robert Kosler, manager, aged 51, naturalised British
CP 19.07.1907 Provision of new lounge
CN 16.04.1938 p11 Re-opening
CN 18.11.1939 p7 No restaurant bar
ENS 20.10.1962 p1 Offers accepted
CN 17.12.1965 p1 Extensions
ENS 24.05.1966 p10 (illus) New Grill Room Bar
CN 15.11.1968 p14 Dummies
CN 07.11.1969 p1 Face lift
CN 22.11.1971 p14 (illus) Dummies
CN 29.01.1971 p12 Dummies
CN 12.02.1971 p12 Dummies
ENS 02.07.1986 p10 (illus) Blaze ballroom reopens; old County Ballroom
CN 27.05.1988 p4 North’s premier hotel - history
CN 01.07.1988 p1 Hotel opens - see above
CN 22.07.1988 p14 Ad feature
CN 04.11.1988 p20 Ad feature
CN 11.11.1988 p25 New bar launched in style
CN 15.03.1991 p16 Hotel does it in county style
CN 05.02.1993 p1 Receivers called in
CN 19.02.1993 p4 City hotels of long ago
CN 09.02.1996 p14 Ad
CN 04.10.1996 p3 (illus) Hotel heritage to be restored after missing tiles retrieved

COUNTY HOTEL AND WINE COMPANY Court Square founded 1864
CD 1880 Ad pxl
CD 1884-85 Ad p277
CD 1927 Ad pii
CN 05.10.1962 p1
CJ 25.11.1864 p5 1st general meeting
CJ 16.05.1865 p2 Alterations
CN 17.09.1938 p18 Advert
CN 05.01.1973 p1 Improvements

CD 1924 Ad p166
CD 1927 Ad p204 For 30 years family laundry
CD 1931 Ad p92
CD 1934 Ad p92
CN 29.03.1974 p6 (illus)

COUNTY MEWS off Lowther Street
County Hotel Stables
B/CAR 333.333 acc no 3263 For sale 25.02.1919
CD 1880 Ad pxx
1891 census; John Graham, cab proprietor, aged 31, born Carlisle
1901 census; John Graham, aged 42, cab proprietor, born Carlisle
CD 1913-14 Ad p10
CN 25.01.2002 p8 County Mews opened 1871

COUNTY MOTORS LTD Botchergate, opposite Caledonian; Rosehill; then Fiat dealership at Kingstown. After WW2 Ford were taken to court by H.Ferguson who accused them of stealing his patented 3 point linkage tractor invention. Ferguson won his legal action and decided not to share a dealership with Ford. After this date there were no dealerships with Ford and the Ferguson connected Standard Triumph. So County Motors came into being in 1948, selling Standard, Triumph and Alvis cars as well as Fergusons tractors. Mr William Dobinson was the first Chairman and I.H.Dickson was Managing Director of County Motors. The latter had previously been joint Managing Director with County Garage, which had held the Ford and Standard dealerships.
CD 1952 Ad p335
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p258
CD 1955-56 Ad p262
CD 1961-62 Ad p286
CD 1966-68 Ad p285
CJ 18.03.1949 p5 CJ 19.10.1962 p13
CJ 17.10.1950 p2 1,000 tractor presentation
CN 06.08.1971 Supplement Kingstown
CN 16.06.1972 pp11-15 New showroom at Botcherby
CN 07.05.1993 p7
CN 20.05.1994 p9 Top car firm on move

CD 1934 Ad p240

CD 1952 Ad pp222,235, 400
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p288



CN 26.11.2004 p8 Started in 1894; bankruptcy 1903

CN 07.08.1998 p8 Model T Fords Carlisle connection

CD 1952 Ad pp ii,106
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p28
CD 1955-56 Ad p28
CD 1961-62 Ad p304
CD 1966-68 Ad pix

COURSING; Caldewgate
CN 14.07.1967 p12

COURT, H. and R. Crown Street
Joiners and builders
CD 1884-85 Ad pxi

COURT, William Princess St
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p7 Joiner, builder and undertaker

CD 1893-94 Ad p58