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CN 11.06.1999 p16 Ad
CN 09.05.2003 p14 Move to new premises; firm set up 1997

CN 10.06.1988 p8 Ad

CN 28.04.1995 p6 Ad

CP 09.07.1880 p7b-d

CN 05.12.1997 p16 (illus) Writers’ group publishes first book

The Lanes Remembered pp14 memories of club in Lanes in 1940s

CN 17.05.1996 p5 New office

CN 23.07.1993 p3 Young musicians hit high notes

CARLTON GARDENS, Stanwix. Land owned by the Duke of Devonshire and developed by his gardner Joseph Paxton; gates originally stood across the entrance to Cavendish Terrace. The Devonshire private estate ran up Stanwix Bank to Etterby Street, down Etterby Street to Etterby Terrace and back to Cavendish Terrace; street names show the family’s noble connections
There are no houses on Carlton Gardens on the 25 inch OS map surveyed in 1899. The 1902-03 Carlisle Directory lists a Dr Stewart Lockie in Carlton Gardens, but no house numbers are given. In the 1905-06 Directory the houses are numbered 1-11 consecuitvely. In the 1960 Electoral Register the houses are still numbered 1-11. The City Minutes of 21.10.1960 p445 agree to the renumbering of Carlton Gardens, number 10 now being no 20
Joseph Mayson of Carlton Gardens died 16.07.1906 [Stanwix MI 139/1]
CN 05.11.2004 p57 No 22 for sale; illus

CARLTON TERRACE, Botcherby So named on 1901 census, adjacent to Wellington Place; so named in 1884 directory; on the voters list to 1931, when became Victoria Rd

CARLYLE, N 19 English St
CD 1880 Ad pxxiv; established 30 years

CARLYLE, W.H. 6 Union Court
CD 1902-03 Ad p287

CARLYLE COURT Off Fisher Street
CN 01.12.1989 pp14-15 Ad
CN 13.07.1990 p10 Bringing that touch of class to the city
CN 23.11.1990 p8 (illus) It’s off with the old
CN 29.11.1991 p16 Small is beautiful
CN 28.03.2003 p65 Shopping centre acquired by London based company Gort
CN 19.09.2003 p14 Addition of glazed roof and first floor shops planned

CARLYLE LANE Off 39 Castle Street; first mentioned in 1837 Directory
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p37 View of entrance
CJ 04.07.1835p2 To sell house and two front shops and dwellings behind forming north side of Carlyle’s Lane. Apply Mr Carlyle, artist

CARNABY,John Plumber/ lead worker
1711 Son of J.Carnaby of Carlisle, plumber, adm. to Gra. Sch. Gram.Sch. Reg. p55
Jefferson,S; History and Antiquities of Carlisle, 1838, p83 Taken down about 1790
CN 13.10.2000 p9 The plumber, his folly and the city centre shambles

CARNABY HOUSE Marked on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle at Kingmoor


See also Disc parking; Park and Ride; Traffic schemes
CJ 13.04.1937 p4 Unilateral parking
CJ 14.05.1937 p8 Parking
CJ 11.06.1937 p8 Parking
CJ 10.05.1938 p1 Proposed parking
CJ 13.05.1938 p4 Proposed parking
CJ 20.05.1938 p1 Proposed parking
CN 14.02.1975 p4
CN 29.07.1964 p1 Illustration
ENS 04.04.1977 p3 Driven away by charges
CN 17.11.1989 p9 Dearer car parks
CN 12.07.1991 p3 Motorists clobbered on parking
CN 28.02.1992 p3 More space for city parking
CN 30.12.1993 p1 New car park (East Tower St)
CN 15.04.1994 p1 Pay and park (East Tower St)
CN 24.03.1995 p13 £60 a year to park scheme
ENS 06.04.1996 p7 Way out of a parking nightmare
CN 27.09.1996 p4 (illus) Parking fees hike would be suicide
CN 18.10.1996 p4 Police problems for parking plan
CN 13.06.1997 p3 Fear of pollution
CN 28.11.1997 p1 Residents only parking set for massive city expansion
CN 09.01.1998 p3 (illus) Illegal parkers clog up Cathedral grounds
CN 02.10.1998 p3 Parking charges to rise by 40%
CN 11.06.1999 p1 Plan to make drivers pay on city centre streets
CN 18.06.1999 p1 Retailers fight new parking charges
CN 26.11.1999 p1 Carlisle slashes 3 hour parking charges
CN 04.08.2000 p3 Protest over plan for parking spaces over Stanwix graveyard
CN 01.12.2000 p7 City set to increase all-day parking fees
CN 27.04.2001 p16 Parking shortage blow to Carlisle’s shopping success
CN 21.09.2001 p3 New car parking arrangements in the Lanes
CN 16.11.2001 p3 City coucncil writes off £95,835 in parking fines
CN 24.05.2002 p3 Rarking charges; MP shoppers driven out; rubbish claim
CN 12.07.2002 p5 Paddy’s Market car park and 3 others to be sold
CN 29.11.2002 p3 Woman in court following car park rage
CN 31.01.2003 p1 Car parking charges ot be introduced on Sunday
CN 02.05.2003 p5 Scheme to show drivers where parking spaces are launched
CN 12.09.2003 p5 Consultants say Carlisle needs another multi storey car park
CN 02.01.2004 p2 Existing car parks to be expanded to cope with demand
CN 11.11.2005 p7 Car park charges could rise

CD 1966-68 Ad p304

City Minutes 1913-14 p261 Letters HH assigned to city by order of 14.01.1914
CN 11.05.2001 p15 Letter concerning ending of local registration letters HH,RM,AO

CARR and Co see CARRS

CARR, Arthur Jeweller
CD 1966-68 Ad p304
CN 04.08.1972 p9 (illus) Move to English St
CN 14.09.2007 p15 A.Carr to close shop on corner of Lowther Arcade and English St; started in 1913 by Jack and Mary Lockhart in Lowther Arcade; passed to their son Arthur and became A.Carr. Also had a shop, Treasure Trove, at the Lowther Street end of Arcade

CARR, J Lowther Arcade
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p282
CD 1955-56 Ad p289
CD 1961-62 Ad p68

CARR, Thomas Bank St
CD 1893-94 Ad p14

CD 1952 Ad p336

CARRICK, David Bankers; location shown on Wood’s 1821 map of city; 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p124 David Carrick and Sons, bankers, Scotch St; became Messrs David Carrick, Sons and Starbuck; David Carrick died in 1829; by 1834 the bank had become John Wakefield and Sons; 01.03.1837 taken over by the new Carlisle and District Bank with John Wakefield as the largest shareholder. The bank at this stage was still in Scotch Street. Moved to new premises in Bank Street in 1851; 1866 John Wakefield died; and in 1896 became the Carlisle City Brannch of the London and Midland Bank and then in 1898 the London City and Midland Bank [CN 20.07.2007 p34]
Jollie 1811 pxi Bankers, Scotch St
CN 20.07.2007 p34 History of HSBC in Carlisle back to David Carrick in about 1809

CARRICK, James South Henry St
Aerated waters
CD 1893-94 Ad p184

CARRICK, John C Hat manufacturer, aged 38, born Carlisle, home address Cavendish Place [1851 census]

CARRICK, T and Co Timber yard, Annetwell St [Jollie 1811 p83]

CARRICK, Thomas Irishgate
M442 p11 Business receipt for chemist and druggist

CARRICK, Thomas Hat manufacturer of this city died 13.06.1840; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthbert’s Yard

CARRICK, William and Sons Norfolk St
Hat manufacturers
See M442 4 examples of hat labels
Established 1790 (3BC 609 - trade catalogue)
1811 Jollie Carlisle Directory pxi Hat manufacturers Caldew Brow and English-gate
CN 23.03.1973 p6
CD 1952 Ad p313
CJ 18.06.1814 p1a Ad Removed to new shop in English Street; hat retailer
1851 census William Carrick, 47, bn Carlisle, home address 17 Lowther Street
CJ 12.04.1867 p9 Hatters strike
CJ 02.06.1876 Hat factory absorbed by Citadel Station, new site Denton Holme
CJ 03.08.1928 An old Carlisle industry

Universal Directory 1793-98 p631 List of carts and waggons
1811 Jolie’s Directory pvii list of carriers and waggons
1821 New Guide to Carlisle pp 73-75 List of common carriers
1829 Parson and White Directory p168 list of carriers

CN 11.09.1992 p13 City jobs blow

Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p248
ENS 20.05.1986 p1 Closure
CN 30.09.1988 p18 Ad feature
CN 09.11.1990 p16 Top quality - Ad
CN 31.01.1997 p12 £1.25 m facelift for Carrow
CN 25.07.1997 p12 (illus) Wine and dine in style
CN 23.02.2001 p3 Carrow House to get a 60 bed extension
CN 27.07.2001 p7 To become a 40 bedroom Travel Lodge; reopen in November
CN 31.08.2001 p6 Work on redevelopment underway; to be called Border Gate

CARRS Caldewgate, Flour mill - Silloth
Biscuit manufacturers; founded by Jonathan DodgsonCarr who began a bakery in Castle Street in 1831; three years later he built a flour mill in Church Street, in 1841 he received a Royal Appointment from Queen Victoria; by 1848 he had established a London outlet; in the 1840s J.D.Carr began experimenting with machinery. This led to him eventually to design and instal the first biscuit cutting machine; Carr was a Quaker with a sense of social responsibility and his factory had a school room, library and reading room and a bath 14 feet square supplied by hot water from the steam engine; J.D.Carr died 06.04.1884 [Monumental Inscr. 136/13]; in 1879 at the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, the British troops fought the Zulus from behind a barricade made of Carr’s of Carlisle biscuit tins; the next three successors were Henry, Theodore and Harold Carr; Theodore Carr was a brilliant engineer and invented the Baker-Carr icing machine; Co split into Carr and Co Biscuit Manufacturing and Carrs Milling Industries in 1908; in 1910 Carr’s purchased Rakusen Brothers of London who made Kosher Biscuits and Passover Cakes and a company was formed called Bonn and Co under the chairmanship of Theodore Carr; 1927 trading profit of £66,359; Theodore died in 1931 and he was succeeded by his brother Harold; at Christmas 1934 the company announced the factory would go on a five-day, 45 hour, week; Harold died 1937 and control passed to Ronald Carr, grandson of the founder; 1954 trading profit of £479,000, the highest trading profit reached; Ronald retired in 1959 and R.Allen Carr, great-grandson of the founder took over who was thirty three years with the company and a Director for twenty eight; 1964 bought by Cavenham’s and then by United Biscuits on 04.07.1972; biscuit lines made in Carlisle in 2006-Carrs Table Water Biscuits, Ginger Nuts, Custard and Bourbon Creams, Boasters, Fruit Shortcake and Gold Bars [CN 06.10.2006 p4] October 2006 United Biscuits taken over by the Blackstone Group and PAI Partners [CN 27.10.2006 p3]
See staff magazine ‘Topper Off’ M...
See Guide to Carlisle 1902 pp 15-23,25-26 C 469 illus
See Fell Fine Baker; the story of United biscuits 1BC 338
See M.Forster Captains Thins and Rich Desserts; family and their times 1831-1931
Carlisle People and Places pp 114-116 Photos of works and staff; p126
See CAIHp71
CN 16.08.1949 p2 CN 20.04.1979 p1 CJ 07.01.1938 p10
CN 24.02.1978 p15
CD 1902-03 Ad p289
CD 1913-14 Ad p136 (biscuits) Ad p 68 (flour mill)
CD 1920 Ad p317 (biscuits) Ad p4 (flour mill)
CD 1927 Ad back page i (biscuits) Ad p30 (flour mill)
CD 1934 Ad back page i (biscuits) Ad front page iii (flour mill)
CD 1937 Ad back page i (biscuits) Ad front page iii (flour mill)
CD 1940 Ad front page iii (flour mill)
CD 1952 Ad piii Ad p296 (flour mill)
CD 1955-56 Ad p243 (flour mill)
CD 1961-62 Ad p272 (flour mill)
CD 1966-68 Ad p282 (flour mill)
CJ 02.07.1831 p2 Ad showing J.D.Carr has set up business on Castle St
CJ 23.07.1836 Tenders invited for corn mill, bake house in Caldewgate
CJ 17.12.1836 For sale land left over after above development
CJ 06.05.1837 Ad Nearly completed extensive premises....newly invented machine
CJ 08.08.1840 p1c To be sold dwelling houses and front shop row occupied by J.D.Carr, baker, Sarah carrick confectioner, Thomas Fisher, hairdresser. Mary Sutton of Warwock Rd owner
CJ 12.08.1843 p1 Good house and shop in occupation of JD Carr; formerly used as a bank
CJ 30.05.1846 Additions to Caldewgate Mill; ‘biscuits famous all over world’
CJ 15.05.1847 p2a-b Ad. patent for unfermented bread
Chambers’ Edinburgh Jnl 09.09.1848 Working conditions,4pp (see Fell Fine Baker)
CP 19.09.1873 p4 Fire at Carrs
CP 10.12.1880 p1b; Ad; for sale or let their Castle St premises
CJ 17.04.1885 p7 Embezzlement by Carrs commercial traveller
CP 02.10.1892 p5d Fatal accident at Carrs Biscuit Works
CP 04.11.1892 p5d Inquest on Carrs worker Thomas Ratchford
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p 111 Photo of factory 1907/08
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p101 1912 photo of works band
08.06.1916 Fire causing £350 worth of damage
21.02.1920 Fire at Dukes St building; completely destroyed; £30,000 damage
CN 13.05.1921 p5 (illus) New chocolate factory in operation
CJ 13.05.1921 p5 (illus) Extensions
CJ 14.06.1921 p2 Flour mills
02.01.1925 Fire Brigade pump out Carrs after severe flooding
CJ 27.07.1937 p5 By the Way
CJ 10.12.1937 p10 Annual meeting
CN 17.09.1938 p19 Flour mills
CJ 06.06.1939 p6 Carrs Mills £12,556 profit
CJ 12.02.1943 p3 Cease making Vitamin B
CJ 24.09.1946 p2 Started from a bread shop
CN 21.02.1948 p3 Biscuits to be made in Bulawayo
CJ 30.03.1948 p1 Retirement of Chief Buyer
CN 14.08.1948 p5 (illus) Exports
CN 08.01.1949 p5 Story of Carrs biscuits
CN 08.04.1950 p5 Royal appointment from Queen Victoria
CN 19.08.1950 p5 (illus) Production increased through work study
CN 23.12.1950 p7 (illus) Extension to factory
CN 02.05.1953 p6 (illus) History of the firm
CN 21.11.1953 p1 Carrs report a higher profit
CN 23.08.1957 p8 (illus) History of the firm
CN 28.02.1958 p1 City biscuit firm is 127 years old
CN 04.07.1958 p12 Supp. Carrs export to 80 countries
CN 02.01.1959 p10 (illus) Fire in 1920
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p111 1960s view of factory
CN 03.06.1960 p1 (illus) Automation
CN 29.12.1961 p1 New plant at Silloth
CJ 25.10.1963 p14 (illus) New plant at Silloth
ENS 22.09.1964 p1 Mystery take over bid
CN 02.10.1964 p1 Take over by Lyons
ENS 10.10.1964 p1 Carrs report tough 6 months
CN 30.10.1964 p1 Take over by Lyons
CN 06.11.1964 p1 Take over by Cavenham Foods
ENS 12.11.1964 p1 Take over bid successful
CN 13.11.1964 p3 Take over by Cavenham Foods
CN 27.11.1964 p1 Take over by Cavenham Foods
CJ 01.10.1965 p8 Last of the Carr family
CN 10.11.1967 p12 Oven boys strike
CN 26.01.1972 p10 (illus) Decorated tin boxes
CN 07.07.1972 pp 1,9 Sold to United Biscuits
CN 14.07.1972 p3 Take over by United Biscuits
CN 02.11.1973 p6 Premises on the Viaduct
CN 13.06.1975 p1 Threatened closure
CN 28.11.1975 p6 1st biscuit tin
ENS 26.04.1976 p1 £200,00 cracker for Carrs
ENS 22.02.1978 p1 Biscuit boom
CN 24.02.1978 p15 Extension
CN 15.04.1978 p1 Just the job for Carrs
CN 15.05.1981 p36 (illus) Historical
CN 10.07.1981 p9 (illus) Ad
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p30 Drawing of works in 1987
CN 03.06.1988 p1 Carrs unwrap 300 jobs boost
CN 31.03.1989 p9 First hand look at life down on the farm
CN 28.04.1989 p5 Five in one plan for county firms
CN 05.05.1989 Biscuit boss is stepping down
CN 20.10.1989 p1 250 jobs cracker by city firm
CN 27.10.1989 p4 (illus) Biscuit machinery
CN 03.11.1989 p4 Biscuit machinery
CN 03.08.1990 p4 Carrs brought up to date
CN 10.08.1990 p4 Magnificent response on choirs
CN 17.08.1990 p4 (illus) Moving in
CN 21.06.1991 p7 Jobs boost
CN 10.01.1992 p6 Pictures from the past
CN 04.09.1992 Supplement
CN 07.01.1994 pp8,10 Profile of Malcolm Little
CN 21.01.1994 p4 100 years ago - Limited Company
CN 13.05.1994 p11 Biscuit makers record feet
CN 04.11.1994 p1 and comment p10 UB test planners
CN 18.11.1994 p1 Carrs bumper run
CN 09.12.1994 p17 Biscuit plants £17m expansion plan
CN 16.12.1994 p7 McVities scraps Tory cash
CN 06.01.1995 p1 Carrs shares soar
CN 13.01.1995 p16 Carrs in merger talks
CN 20.01.1995 p3 No crumbs for Tories
CN 10.03.1995 pp1,10 Biscuit firms £10m investment
CN 17.03.1995 p9 Profits go up to £134 m
CN 05.05.1995 p4 £400,000 sale
CN 05.05.1995 p13 Profits up as Carrs sell coffee houses
CN 09.06.1995 pp1,10,12 Jobs boost, 200 extra staff
CN 28.07.1995 Supplement
CN 25.08.1995 p16 Malcolm Little
CN 15.09.1995 p1 No jobs to go
CN 22.09.1995 pp1,12 Firm battles on
CN 17.11.1995 p19 Takeover hunt by Carrs
CN 24.05.1996 p1 Row erupts as ballot papers are destroyed
CN 14.03.1997 p12 UB back in black
CN 06.06.1997 p1 Survived closure threat
CN 06.06.1997 p14 £600,000 deal with Metal Box
CN 29.08.1997 p1 McVities workers say no to strike
CN 12.09.1997 p1 Biscuit firm cooks up a £45m profit
CN 18.04.1997 p1 Lights on,doors locked, Wembley exodus
CN 10.10.1997 p10 (illus) Biscuits in the blood
CN 28.11.1997 p3 City looks west for workers as food firms struggle to meet Xmas...
CN 16.01.1998 p10 (illus) Biscuit maker Carr, the man who put the Car in Carlisle
CN 20.11.1998 p3 Saucy Dena gives Carrs a plug
CN 18.12.1998 p1 McVities staff angry at Xmas blackmail
CN 11.02.1999 p1 McVities deny sugar sabotage
CN 26.02.1999 p1 Staff to give boss ‘Scrooge’ trophy
CN 12.11.1999 p1 4 treated for shock in McVities explosion
CN 26.11.1999 p3 Takeover talk fuels biscuit shares
CN 17.12.1999 p1 US giant front runner in takeover
CN 23.12.1999 p3 BAttle for fim to carry on
CN 21.01.2000 p3 McVities reveal major changes
CN 25.02.2000 p2 Biscuit takeover daga over soon
CN 07.04.2000 p5 Battle nears its end
CN 21.04.2000 p3 McVities takeover on hold
CN 28.04.2000 p3 New twist in saga
CN 05.05.2000 p3 Ex worker wins payout
CN 01.12.2000 p1 McVitie’s urge workers to agree to New Year shut down
CN 08.12.2000 p5 Staff agree to new mini shutdowns
CN 26.01.2001 p1 Slump hits McVitie’s; unpaid leave urged
CN 11.05.2001 p16 £44,000 staff training project
CN 11.05.2001 p16 McVitie’s staff asked to take holidays as demand slumps
CN 20.07.2001 p1 Biscuit slump threatens short time and lay offs
CN 31.08.2001 p1 Carrs Titanic water table biscuit up for auction
CN 28.09.2001 p6 Titanic biscuit sold for £3,500
CN 07.06.2002 p16 McVities invest £600,000 to improve data capture
CN 25.06.2004 p1 £5.1m investment; 90 new jobs
CN 14.01.2005 p3 Great flood closes Carrs; will it reopen?
CN 21.01.2005 p1 McVitie’s battle to reopen two biscuit lines in a month
CN 11.02.2005 p1 McVities brings back 900 workers
CN 01.04.2005 p2 Two production lines open
CN 05.08.2005 p19 Output back to 80%; but 33 jobs go as a result of flood
CN 06.10.2006 pCN Celebrating 175 years of baking; Mark Duffy new manager in city
CN 27.10.2006 p3 United Biscuits taken over by the Blackstone Group and PAI Partners

CN 19.03.2004 p5 Creighton Rigby Clubs Carrs field to be housing
CN 26.03.2004 p11 Letter; biscuit works sold the ground

CN 28.05.1999 p4 Ad

CARRS MILLING Carrs Co split into Carr and Co Biscuit Manufacturing and Carrs Milling Industries in 1908; Parent owns Bendalls, Keytor and Hinds
ENS 18.07.1996 p1 Carrs Milling buys Bendalls
CN 17.11.2000 p14 Carrs profits lifts industry gloom
CN 04.05.2001 p1 Carrs chairman atacks government handling of Foot and Mouth
CN 16.11.2001 p14 Done well in difficult year; own Bendall, Keytor and R.Hind
CN 03.05.2002 p20 Financial results for 6 months
CN 05.07.2002 p5 Share price jumps after report of strong trading
CN 04.10.2002 p5 Sainsburys and Asda now stocking specialist flour
CN 15.11.2002 p17 Carrs profits soar by 74%
CN 10.01.2003 p16 Expects profits to rise sharply this year
CN 11.04.2003 p17 Profits up 21% at £2.36m
CN 14.11.2003 p14 Profits soar by 13.1%; Chairman David Newton
CN 09.01.2004 p14 Good start to financial year
CN 23.04.2004 p14 21.5% increase in half year profits
CN 07.05.2004 p1 Ian Carr dies, last member of Carrs family
CN 05.11.2004 p20 poised to acquitre Meneba UK Ltd for £10m
CN 12.11.2004 p20 Record rise in profits
CN 14.01.2005 p25 Share price soars to 527.5p
CN 22.04.2005 p 20, 21 sales for 6 months to March1st = £78.42m
CN 22.07.2005 p18 Carrs Billington firm jointly owned by Carrs Milling
CN 25.11.2005 p15 Profits jump by 76%; £192m sales
CN 17.11.2006 p20 8th successive increase in annual profits
CN 08.06.2007 p20 Opens new brown flour plant at Silloth
CN 11.04.2008 p20 Carrs Milling profits up 45%

CARRUTHERS and KENT Rickergate
CD 1931 Ad p304

CARRUTHERS, George Hairdressser, perfumier, aged 59, home address 49 Castle St, born Carlisle [1861 census]

CARRUTHERS, George Tea Dealer
CJ 15.12.1891 p2 Deatiled description of shop on 53 Castle Street

CARRUTHERS, Greenwell 1 Warwick Road
Food specialists
CD 1961-62 Ad p106

CARRUTHERS, H.B. 19 English Street
M.Constantine Carlisle a history and celebration p79 Photo of shop front

CARRUTHERS, J Shane’s Yard, Caldewgate
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered p105-106

CARRUTHERS, James Clockmaker born Langholm 28.06.1788, moved to Carlisle 1833 to set up business at 73 Scotch Street [CJ 22.06.1833]; died 27.11.1849 and buried at Stanwix [Trans Dum.Galloway Nat.His.Soc., 3rd ser. vol 36 pp123-131]

1861 Directory Morris, Harrison and Co Ad p 18 Stone mason

CARRUTHERS, James Lowther St
Carlisle Grammar School Memorial Register p152 son of Jardine Carruthers, see below; James died 07.10.1910
Leading Trader of the City Ad pii A616
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p30 Photo
CD 1893-94 Ad p148
CD 1902-03 Ad p6
CD 1905-06 Ad p7
CD 1907-08 Ad p11

CARRUTHERS, Jardine and Son Scotch St, Rickergate Brow Jardine Carruthers born in Rickergate 18.08.1827 and founded business of Jardine Carruthers and Sons, 10 Scotch St; he was the son of the clockmaker James Carruthers; died 04.10.1891 and the business was carried on by his two sons James and Thomas, the business being carried on until 21.09.1938, shortly before Thomas’s death on 21.11.1938; premises disposed of to the Corporation and pulled down to make way for the new Fire and Police Station[Trans Dum.Galloway Nat.His.Soc., 3rd ser. vol 36 p129]
Guide to Carlisle Ad C178
CD 1880 Ad pxxxi; established 1852
1882 Porters Directory Ad p62 10 Scotch Street
CD 1884-85 Ad p277
CD 1893-94 Ad p160
CD 1920 Ad p176
CD 1924 Ad p144
CN 26.02.1993 p4 Reminder of old city firm

CP 04.01.1851 p1a Advert for Watch and clock makers, 32 Scotch Street
Trans Dum.Galloway Nat.His.Soc., 3rd ser. vol 36 p128 John Carruthers son ofJames Carruthers, clockmaker, emigrated to USA in 1851

CARRUTHERS, John and Co 48 Castle St
1861 Morris, Harrison and Co ad pp13, 15 Salt, butter, stoved; manufacturers

CARRUTHERS, T and J 24 English St
M442 p18 Business receipt for woollen and linen drapers

CARRUTHERS, Thomas 156 Botchergate
1861 Morris, Harrison and Co ad p16 Wine and spirit merchant


CD 1920 Ads p68
CD 1924 Ad p96
CD 1927 Ad p102

CN 02.05.1958 p10 CN 25.04.1969 p14 CN 13.06.1975 p6

CARTMEL, Isaac Tanner, aged 36, employing 5 men, home address Finkle St, born Carlisle [1851 census]

CARTMELL, J Lancaster St
Potato crisps
CD 1952 Ad p254

CARTMELL, Jane Straw hat manufacturer
CJ 10.01.1818 p1a Ad

CARTMELLS Solicitors
CN 30.04.1971 p15
CN 05.05.1989 p5 Ad. Cartmel Shepherd - putting law into action

CARTNER, R Scotch Street
CP 17.11.1821 p1 Ad; tea dealer entered into business

CARTNER’S LANE; Botchergate; so named on 1841 census; Thomas Cartner, saddler, living here

CASA MIA Chapel Street
CN 01.09.2000 p16 Out of Africa into Cecil Street

CN 22.11.1991 Ad p9

CN 23.08.1996 p2 Sweet news
CN 14.11.1997 p11 (illus) Pasta masters are numero uno - that’s official

CN 14.12.1990 p12 Ad
CN 08.02.1991 p11 License granted
CN 31.01.1992 p14 Centre destroyed by fire
CN 15.08.1997 p13 Blaze club boss vows to sue county for £9m
CN 13.03.1998 p5 Leisure battle family will ‘fight to end’
CN 01.05.1998 p5 Appeal not ruled out in leisure centre case
CN 16.10.1998 p18 Boss claims victory in legal battle
CN 03.09.1999 p5 Blaze club row smulders on

CN 03.03.2006 p6 Casino on cards for city following relaxation of gambling laws
CN 07.04.2006 p9 Carlisle amongst 68 local authoriries bidding for casino
CN 26.05.2006 p14 Carlisle fails in casino bid

CASTLE William II built first timber castle in 1092; Keep begun in 1122 by Henry I and completed by David I of Scotland, third floor added in 16th century for canon; Captains’s Gatehouse (Inner Gatehouse) built in 1160s; Outer Gatehouse (de Ireby’s Tower) built around 1167; Half Moon Battery built in 1542, surrounding inner moat filled in in 1827, reexcavated 1917-19; Arroyo Block 1804, with 1908-12 extension and 1937-38 rear gymnasium ; Master Gunner’s House/ Arnhem Block, later garrison hospital, rebuilt 1804-03; Magazine built 1827 but could be 1850s replacement; Gallipoli Block built 1829 and extended 1876; 1834-35 Queen Mary’s Tower demolished; Garrison Cells built 1832; Ypres Block built 1836; Officers Mess built 1876; Militia stores built 1881; Alma Block 1932
see MacCarthy, M Carlisle Castle; survey and documentary history, 1990
see Topping,G and Potter,J Memorials of old Carlisle pp 13-23
see John Peel Jottings no 45 Ghost
CN 27.04.1979 p13 (illus) CN 23.06.1978 p10 (illus)
CP 30.10.1819 p3b Discovery of bones of woman and child
CP 06.11.1819 p3c Letter from Dr Barnes saying bones not human
Carlisle Examiner 30.09.1858 p2c New garrison; 3rd Reg. West Riding Militia
Carlisle Examiner 28.05.1859 p2c Cat o’nine tails at Castle for deserter
Carlisle Examiner 10.09.1859 p2f Flogging of soldier at Castle
CJ 17.02.1865 p5 Use of Castle
CJ 08.09.1871 Canteen in garrisons abolished
The Builder 28.02.1874 Account of the castle; plan page 169
CJ 26.03.1875 letter complaining of alteratios at Castle
CJ 30.03.1875 Letter concerning complaints against alterations at Castle
CJ 04.02.1876 Gallipoli Block extension; contractor T.Nelson
18.01.1890 Fire at Carlisle Castle;Carlisle the Archive Photographs p49 photo
01.04.1932 Contractots of Alma Block J and R Bell
CJ 18.08.1944 p3 Important historical dates
CJ 04.09.1945 p1 Re-opened after war
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CN 05.02.1949 p5 (illus) Use of Castle
CN 23.07.1949 p5 Engraving of 1783
CN 07.11.1958 p12 Future of Castle
CN 24.02.1961 p1 Future of Castle
Cumbria December 1964 pp370-72
CN 06.08.1965 p10 Tank at entrance
CN 09.09.1966 p15 Gatehouse
CN 04.02.1972 p13 BBC filming for comedy series
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ENS 16.12.1976 p6 Ghost
CN 25.10.1991 p56 Castle with 1,000 years of history
CN 10.01.1992 p1 Castle’s high note
CN 14.02.1992 p1 Birthday (900th) concert for city
CN 16.04.1992 p1 Castle birthday tune
CN 01.05.1992 p10 Celebration 900
CN 26.06.1992 p9 Celebration 900
CN 03.07.1992 p3 Castle concert a sell out success
CN 10.07.1992 p10 Brolly good show
CN 14.08.1992 p3 Stepping back in time
CN 21.10.1994 p10 2000 AD
CN 26.07.1996 p 1 Castle ghost haunts tourist video
CN 30.08.1996 p13 Blast of civil war comes to castle
ENS 15.04.1996 p5 (illus) When Kinmont Willie leaped back to life
ENS 30.07.1996 p8 Shivering ramparts
ENS 01.08.1996 p8 Riddle of scorched cross on city park
CN 07.02.1997 p10 When Cathedral was used for repairs to Castle
CN 19.09.1997 p1 Hopes of buried treasure
CN 02.10.1998 p13 Behind the Castle walls
CN 30.10.1998 p9 How the Castle became a monument as well as barracks
CN 12.11.1999 p14 When castle guns fired in anger
Cumbria LIfe August 1999 issue 65 p8 supp
CN 14.04.2000 p1 (illus) Face to face with ancient past - stone head
CN 02.11.2001 p8 Campaign to save steps behind castle north wall; 100 years old
CN 23.11.2001 p6 Steps behind Castle are a right of way
CN 06.06.2003 p13 Letter complaining trees have been planted on Castlegreen
CARVINGS/ GRAFFITTI CWAAS ns Vol 37 pp 13-23 Top story of keep; 15th century not 1745 as attributed; attrubuton by costume worn by carved figures
CN 01.02.2002 p6 Filling in and excavation of half moon battery
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp
39 - 62 J.Goodall The Great Tower of Carlisle Castle
LICKING STONE An Abrahams picture postcard of the inner dungeon says this
alongside the photo ‘This is over 800 years old and is a gruesome chamber. It is pitch dark. The narrow slit pierces a 12 foot wall and supplies the only air. The
‘Weeping Stone’ [arrow] is always moist and is worn 2 inches deep by prisoners
tongues. The doomed were chained by their necks to the left wall and stood on the
ledge, often stepping there from to end their misery’. This is a popular legend perhaps going back into the 19th century and beyond. However in the September
2002 issue of Heriatge Today David Sherlock, Inspector of Ancient Monuments,
says. ‘The Carlisle Castle ‘licking stones’ is just one of a score of legends that have
attached themselves to old buildings over the years. The legend has certainly been there longer than English Heritage and we do not know how or when the legend
originated. We have another ‘licking stone’ - in the dungeon of Dunstanburgh
Castle, Northumberland - not associated with Scottish prisoners. The stone ‘weeps’
because of buried springs and may well have been a source fo water for prisoners,
but their erosion is indeed due to natural weathering of the masoonary’
QUEEN MARY’S TOWER So called for having been the prison of Mary Queen of Scots in 1568; demolished 1834-35
CP 04.07.1835 p1ad Sale of old materials from Queen Mary’s Tower
WELL - ROMAN; Drained 08.05.1953
Topping, G and Potter, J Memorials of Old Carlisle p22;

CN 15.11.2002 p16 50th anniversary of club

CD 1961-62 p277

CN 19.11.1971 p1 Call for demolition
CN 03.12.1971 p1
CN 17.12.1971 p3

V.White Carlisle and its villages, p8 1985 drawing

CN 19.11.1976 pp16-17

CASTLE MILL[S] Devonshire Walk; location shown on G.Smiths 1746 plan of city called Castle Mills [3 separate mills shown in same area]’; shown on Wood’s 1821 map of city
CP 13.01.1821 p3b Castle Mill broken into
Carlisle Examiner 10.02.1859 p2d Smoke nuisance
Carlisle Examiner 13.08.1859 p2d Castle Mill and dam courses
1861 census Walter Irwin, miller, aged 27, born Carlisle
City Minutes 1898/99 p515 Purchase of Castle Mill property

Cumberland Directory 1873 Ad p44 A28

CASTLE STREET Numbers 6-12 late 18th century with later alterations, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers, the 19th century lettering DYE WORKS refers to the business of William Brown established in 1856; numbers 14 and 16 late 17th or early 18th century and late 18th century; numbers 13 and 15 and number 2 Paradise Court mid or late 17th century; number 17 dated 1798 on shared rainwater head; number 19 1798; number 21 late 18th century, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers;number 42 and 9 Paternoster Row late 18th century; numbers 77-83 including 1 Greenmarket, late 18th century, an inscribed plaque over the central windows says ‘Sir Walter Scott was married from this house Dec 24th 1797’
CN 29.03.1956 p8 (illus) CN 06.07.1956 p10 (illus) CN 20.08.1965 p19 (illus)
CN 09.04.1965 p1 CN 26.03.1965 p12 CN 18.03.1966 p14 (illus)
CJ 04.07.1835p2 To sell house and two front shops and dwellings behind forming north side of Carlyle’s Lane. Apply Mr Carlyle, artist
CJ 08.08.1840 p1c To be sold dwelling houses and front shop row occupied by J.D.Carr, baker, Sarah carrick confectioner, Thomas Fisher, hairdresser. Mary Sutton of Warwock Rd owner
CJ 12.08.1843 p1 Good house and shop in occupation of JD Carr; formerly used as a bank
CJ 16.04.1852 p2 Removal of James Creighton and Son from Lowther Street to Castle Street, opposite Cathedral
CJ 06.10.1865 p5 Demolition of buildings near Cathedral entrance
CJ 17.07.1885 p1 53 Castle Street for sale; now occupied by Messrs J.Gillbanks
March 1892 demolition of house projecting into Finkle St; Carlisle In Camera 2 p12
CJ 10.10.1890 p8 Tenders invited to pull down and alter building premises in Castle street for JR Creighton
CJ 23.01.1891 p5 Creighton’s Building, Castle Street; accident to workman
CJ 31.07.1891 p5 improvements in Creighton’s Building, Castle Street
CJ 19.01.1892 p1b Newly erected shop on Castle Street [Bulloughs site]
CP 28.02.1902 p5 Castle Street improvements
CJ 10.07.1903 p1 53 and 55 Castle Street for sale; Messrs Johnstone, opticians, one of tenants
CJ 06.11.1903 p5 53 and 55 Castle street purchased for #3,700 by Robert Creighton, an adjoining owner
CN 26.02.1949 p5 (illus) Old potato market
CJ 17.07.1953 p6 (illus) Excavations
CN 18.07.1953 p1 (illus) Excavations
CN 23.03.1956 p10 (illus) Early Castle St
CN 19.07.1963 Demolition of building on Castle St proposed - Rufus House site
CN 15.01.1965 p1 Re-development
CN 19.03.1965 pp9,12 History
CJ 13.08.1965 p3 Re-development
CN 25.02.1966 p12 Chimney
CN 18.03.1966 p14 Fire of July 1885
CN 25.03.1966 p9 Inquiry
CN 27.01.1967 p10 Conversion - Civic Trust Award
CN 20.08.1971 p7 (illus) Gardens in Castle St
ENS 11.12.1976 p11 Development
CWAAS 1988 Before Tullie House
CN 06.01.1995 p10 Down your way
NUMBERS 6 - 12 Late 18th century with later alterations, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers, the 19th century lettering DYE WORKS refers to the business of William Brown established in 1856
NUMBERS 14 - 16 Late17th or early 18th century and late 18th century with later alterations, no 16 with Flemish bond brickwork was two houses, each with a single bay, number 14 is the older house and projects into the street
NUMBER 13 - 15, Mid or late 18th century with later alterations. Flemish bond brickwork with light headers. The extreme righ headed archway leads to Paradise Court
NUMBER 17 Dated 1798 on shared rainwater head which is shared with no 19 and is inscribed J&MF. Joseph Forster married a Mary Robinson on 11.12.1785 at St Mary’s Church, Carlisle, so it is possible they are the J&MF. The house next door was owned by the Forsters, a Carlisle banking family whose business collapsed in 1837
NUMBER 19 Dated 1798 on shared rainwater head with 17, further rainwater head is inscribed C&AF 1898, which probably commemorates the centenary, facade is completely early 19th century and may be compared with original facade of no 17, house of the Foster family of bankers whose business collapsed in 1837; building later used as the Carlisle Liberal Club and was later the office of the Carlisle and District State Management Scheme until about 1972. For illustration of no 19 in State Management days see Olive Seabury The Carlisle State Management Scheme, 2007 p4
CJ 13.04.1839 House for sale after bankrupcy
NUMBER 21 Late 18th century townhouse, flemish bond brickwork with light headers
CJ 12.03.1965 p1 (illus) Preservation
CN 12.03.1965 p12 (illus) Preservation
ENS 21.06.1966 p1 Illustration of no 21
CJ 24.06.1966 p3 No. 21 to be preserved
CN 24.06.1966 p10 cartoon Preservation of no 21
CN 22.03.2002 p6 (illus) £250,000 restoration
NUMBER 26,28,30 1823 terrace of 3 houses for architect Paul Nixson
175 Years of Carlisle p85 1975 photo of houses
CP 05.07.1823 Houses now in the course of erection
CP 09.07.1880 p6e Claim by Crown Commissioners
NUMBERS 77 - 83 and No 1 the Greenmarket
Late 18th century, an inscribed plaque over the central windows says ‘Sir Walter Scott was married from this house Dec 24th 1797’
Slee,M Older Carlisle and round about (illus) pp8,9

CASTLE TAVERN Corner of Castleway and West Tower Street
CN 07.11.1986 Advertising feature
ENS 26.01.1987 Up for sale a few months after opening

CASTLEWAY Inner ringroad stage 2 Official opening 27.03.1974 (plaque)
CN 21.10.1994 p1 Castle road tunnel
CN 17.08.2001 p7 New underpass linking castle and city centre opened
CN 12.09.2008 p12 Feature on Castleway. Castleway opened 25.11.1973

CATHEDRAL Henry I founded an Augustinian priory in Carlisle in 1122. In 1133 the priory church became St Mary’s Cathedral. In 1541 it became the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity; early 12th century with various rebuildings until the early 15th century; 1652 alterations to west end; minor 1764 alterations; 1846 by Thomas Nelson and1853-57 restoration by Ewan Christian; 1950s restoration
David Weston Carlisle Cathedral History, 2000
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp73-88 J.Franklin Augustinian Architecture in the Twelfth Century; context for Cathedral
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CJ 06.07.1962 p6 CN 07.07.1967 p10 CJ 13.07.1962 p6 CJ 20.07.1962 p6
Times 07.02.1895 Note on the Norman remains at Carlisle Cathedral
CP 17.01.1896 Severe gale; Cathedral suffered considerable damage
CN 08.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CN 15.09.1928 p9 In the 1860s
CJ 21.05.1937 p7 New vestries
CJ 01.06.1937 p5 Costly repairs
CJ 04.06.1937 p10 Preserving the Cathedral
CJ 12.07.1938 p9 Friends of the Cathedral
CJ 07.07.1939 p5 Cathedral friends form advisory council
CJ 20.07.1943 p2 How it was in 1540
CJ 17.07.1945 p3 Dean Cooper memorial placed in sanctuary (3 chairs)
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ENS 02.09.1959 See of Carlisle celebrates 800 years
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Cumbria ,January 1972 pp 494-6 (illus)
Cumbria Vol 38 p209 Art exhibitions
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CN 23.03.1989 p14 Contemporary but not inaccessible
CN 14.09.1990 p1 Molly hands over art show
CN 21.09.1990 p9 Wrapping up a Cathedral in ribbon
CN 21.09.1990 p5 Cathedral hits high note
CN 02.11.1990 p4 Such strange goings on...
CN 05.04.1991 p7 Cathedral on hunt for guides
CN 07.06.1991 p5 Service makes history
CN 07.06.1991 p10 A sign of hope for the future
CN 16.08.1991 p1 Fortune for church
CN 20.09.1991 p3 Cathedral art in spotlight
CN 15.11.1991 p1 Handy book
CN 06.03.1992 p13 A £200,000 problem at Cathedral
CN 20.03.1992 p7 Sowing brass for future
CN 13.03.1992 p9 Cathedral gift
CN 27.03.1992 p52 Cash windfall for Cathedral
CN 18.09.1992 p7 Rallying to Cathedral cash plea
CN 09.10.1992 p14 Songs sacred in a setting so divine
CN 31.12.1992 p1 Booking in for cash
CN 26.03.1993 p1 Grubs up
CN 09.04.1993 p1 Cathedral cameras focus on vandals
CN 08.10.1993 p1 Dean prays for butterflies
CN 05.11.1993 p3 Ambassadors appointed
CN 21.01.1994 p25 Cathedral stars in morning worship
CN 11.02.1994 p13 (illus) Ecumenical birch tree
CN 22.04.1994 p9 Cathedral cash cut by 10%
CN 17.06.1994 p1 What’s the crack in the Cathedral
CN 19.08.1994 p4 Cash strapped Cathedral goes commercial
CN 07.10.1994 p5 Cathedral link forged with University
CN 07.10.1994 p7 Xmas cards on sale
CN 18.11.1994 p3 Cathedral’s still doing well
CN 27.01.1995 p2 Council turns down Cathedral grant appeal
CN 10.03.1995 p12 Cathedral cash safe
CN 05.05.1995 p2 (illus) Momento cuppa
CN 29.09.1995 p5 (illus) Landowners offer trees to give Cathedral roof a lift
CN 06.10.1995 p5 (illus) Stonemason Peter saves a sacred arch
CN 21.06.1996 p10 Civil war of words
CN 23.08.1996 p4 Cathedral handymen call
CN 08.11.1996 p10 (illus) Inquest that solved the riddle of the Cathedral
CN 13.12.1996 p10 Pilgrim’s Progress sometimes ended in Cathedral graveyard
CN 07.02.1997 p10 When Cathedral was raided for repairs for castle
CN 29.08.1997 p5 Facelift starts on Cathedral Education centre
CN 19.09.1997 p1 Cathedral train
CN 19.09.1997 p5 Cathedral tribute to ‘England’s Rose’ Diana
CN 03.10.1997 p5 (illus) Cathedral pomp and circumstance marks royal anniver.
CN 23.01.1998 p18 Cathedral project will undo centuries of grime
CN 12.06.1998 p3 Candlelight vigil (breast cancer)
CN 08.01.1999 p1 Full house greets new Dean
CN 05.02.1999 p7 (illus) Landmark may become car park
CN 11.02.1999 p13 Cathedral that hid behind a pub
CN 26.02.1999 p4 Music appeal launched
Cumbria Life no 64 p9 Supp.August 1999 2A 9
CN 16.07.1999 p12 (illus) Momento for Millennium
CN 12.01.2001 p3 Lottery grant for west walls of the Abbey
CN 16.02.2001 p7 Sculpture of man in chains on display in Cathedral
CN 23.02.2001 p7 Geophysical survey reveals foundations of unknown buildings
CN 08.03.2002 p15 New display in Cathedral Treasury
CN 17.05.2002 p5 Wiring condemned; £240,000 bill for new work
CN 09.01.2004 p 5 Non replacement of canons possible in savings proposals
CN 11.02.2005 p3 Feature on missing and found relics from Cathedral
CN 30.06.2006 p5 Scaffolding erected to save crumbling masonary
CN 31.08.2007 p3 Eastern exterior statues of Peter, Paul, James and John taken down for
CN 05.10.2007 p3 Aidan Hart icon for the Cathedral
ABBEY, The Customary name for Cathedral Precint.
BELLS Bells in Cathedral from as early as 1292
D.W.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History, 2000, pp80-82
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CP April 1874 Inscriptions on the Cathedral bells
CN 14.11.1925 2 memorial bells added
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CN 11.08.1989 p4 Bells have a chequered history
CN 31.01.1997 p9 £100,000 scheme for bells to go like the clapper
CN 03.04.1998 p18 For 1999
CN 09.04.1999 p7 Catherdral’s bells fall silent
CN 16.04.1999 p20 New bells will ring in millennium
CN 14.05.1999 p8 Warned city of danger
CN 30.07.1999 p1 (illus) Cathedral bells
CN 20.08.1999 p16 New bells make debut
CN 30.12.1999 p3 (illus) Ding dong merrily
CN 24.11.2000 p7 (illus) Two new bells at Cathedral
CN 22.07.2005 p5 13th bell to be added next week, Sharp Second
CN 18.08.1945 p5 Victory Service
CJ 04.11.1949 Dedication
CJ 08.11.1949 p2
CN 24.11.2006 p7 Plaque unveiled to VC holders
CWAAS OS Vol 13 p143 Brass of Bishop Bell of Carlisle; illus
CWAAS OS Vol 13 p 150 Brass of Bishop Robinson of Carlisle; illus
CN 07.12.1979 p37 Move to Carlisle Cathedral
CN 14.12.1979 p9 (illus) Move to Carlisle Cathedral
CN 25.05.1979 p1 Move to Carlisle Cathedral
CN 24.09.1954 p10 Last burial?
CAPITALS Seasonal carvings executed about 1350
CWAAS OS Vol 2 pp 280 -296 Seasonal representations
CWAAS 3rd series vol 5, 2005 carvings of labours of month pp115-
CN 08.05.1970 p14 Ceiling restoration in 1853
CN 05.02.1971 p1 Ceiling repainting
CN 09.07.1971 p8 (illus) Ceiling repainting
CN 13.06.2003 p5 New chalice in memory of Rt Rev Bulley
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 2 Chorister life in the early 1860s pp 9-20
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered pp24-25 Memories of chorister 1925
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered pp75-76 Memories of chorister 1918
CN 27.05.1977 p3 Choir school proposed demolition
CN 01.07.1977 p3 (illus) Proposal to demolish choir school
CN 21.11.1980 Choir school £900,000 ‘club’ opens doors
CN 26.02.1988 p4 Choir school petitioned for holidays
CN 16.06.1989 p5 (illus) Cathedral choir of 40 years ago
CN 30.10.1992 p15 On the track of Cathedral choristers
CN 02.07.1993 p3 Choir is still chasing £6,500 for Norway trip
CN 17.09.1993 p13 Cathedral choristers in spotlight
CN 09.09.1994 p1 Discord over girls joining choir boys
CN 28.10.1994 p7 Cathedral choristers Xmas cracker
CN 28.06.1996 p3 Anyone change of a tenner?
CN 13.12.1996 p6 (illus) Cathedral choir makes Xmas CD
CN 20.03.1998 p5 On look out for youngsters
CN 19.06.1998 p3 Choir trip hits high note
CN 25.05.2001 p15 91 year old former chorister Arthur Butcher
CN 05.11.2004 p13 Photo of choir and letter
CN 10.02.2006 p9 Girls allowed in for the first time in 900 years
CN 17.02.2006 p56 Feature on Cathedral Youth Choir
CN 26.01.2007 p1 First female head chorister
CN 09.02.2007 p13 Letter and photo of 1929 Head Chorister William Underwood
COMMUNION RAIL see M.Slee Older Carlisle and Round About p12
CN 28.12.1946 p5 Crib dedication
CN 19.12.2003 p9 Yew figures by sculptor J.Stamper unveiled
CWAAS ns vol 7 pp 185-204 Notes on the Deanery
CN 25.06.1965 p1 Decay
CN 16.07.1965 p1 Decay
CN 11.03.1966 p13 (illus) Repairs
Carlisle Examiner 17.06.1858 p3e
Carlisle Examiner 05.08.1858 p3c Meeting
CN 11.11.1950 p9 Recent decorations
DORMITORY; ruins of the dormitory for the Priory of St Mary’s; mid or late 15th century
CN 01.06.2001 p9 Earliest engraving 1715 engraved by Kip
CWAAS OS Vol 15 p423;illus; suppose Bishop Barrow died 1429
CN 09.05.1953 p7 Excavations at Cathedral
CN 30.05.1953 p7 Excavations at Cathedral
1985 Excavations at Cathedral. CWAAS 3rd series, Vol 8, 2008
FRATRY Built 1465-1490 for Prior Gondibour; circa 1690 alterations; 1809-11 restoration by Robert Smirke; 1880-81 restoration by G.E.Street; the crypt has been dated to 1300, but the Prior Gondibour monogram on two of the roof bosses suggest that he rebuilt it from the level upwards. The Fratry was refrectory of the priory where the canons ate in commmon as their rule required
See also Library
See Topping Memorials of Old Carlisle p9
CWAAS OS Vol 5 pp132-5 Masons Marks
CWAAS OS Vol 15 p14 Ceiling painted; date 1507
CN 07.10.1977 p4 Pair of horns in Fratery
CN 19.06.1987 p4 3 panels commemorate 3 Deans
CN 26.02.1988 p9 Archeological dig
CN 01.04.1988 p3 A mint discovery
CN 13.05.1988 p25 Dig unearths baby’s tomb
CN 10.06.1988 p9 Found ! crucifix of 800 years
FRESCO See also Paintings
CWAAS NS Vol 8 pp234-5 Vanished wall painting; illus
Carlisle Examiner 01.12.1857 p3b Gaslight in cathedral
GATES - officially opened in 1930; restored 1989
CN 23.12.1988 p13 Cathedral Gates £17,000 facelift
CN 22.06.1990 p4 Opening access to Cathedral grounds
CN 29.07.1988 p4 Cathedral strange sightings
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp 175-98 Stylistic antecedents of Gondibour Screen
CN 28.04.1995 p5 Hidden message of 400 years old graffiti
GRAVEYARD Small and Great Graveyards closed 01.05.1854
CJ 01.08.1919 p7 Unveiling memorial
CWAAS OS Vol 2 pp337 - 347 The Carlisle Horns
CN 16.08.1947 p3 (illus) Creighton memorial lectern dedicated
CJ 15.08.1947 p1 (illus) Creighton memorial lectern dedicated
CWAAS OS Vol 2 pp312-336 The Chapter Library of Carlisle
CN 03.08.1962 p10 Fratery Library
CN 26.08.1994 p31 Cathedral library books rescue
CN 04.10.1991 p1 Lowry art left to Cathedral
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Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp 106-126 J.Alexander Construction of Carlisle Cathedral....Masons’ Marks
1985 Excavations at Cathedral. CWAAS 3rd series, Vol 8, 2008 pp50, 60 Masons’ marks
CN 20.07.2001 p6 (illus) Plaque unveiled to Dr Wadeley and others
MAUNDY SERVICES - 30.03.1978
CN 23.12.1977 p19
CN 17.03.1978 p7 Timetable
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p138 Photo of Queen
175 Years of Carlisle p 88 Photo of Queen in Cathedral
CN 23.03.1978 (illus)
CN 31.03.1978 pp1,3,5,19 (illus)
MISERICORDS There are 46 misericords in the Cathedral and there is disagreement as to their date; dates between 1399 and 1420 being offered
by different experts. All however agree that they were installed under Bishop William Strickland (1400 - 1419). It is believed that the carvers were
Norman -French. The subject matter of the carvings include, angels, wildmen, demons, dragons, griffins, elephants, mermaids, eagles, pelicans and hybrid
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp103-4 Carvings on the Misere Stalls
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J.Dickinson Misericords of North West England; their nature and significance
2008, pp 52 - 65
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CN 23.08.1991 p12 Perfection personified
CN 06.09.1991 p12 No flight of fancy
CP 08.05.1819 p3a Monument to Hugh James erected
CN 28.11.2003 p11 Memorial to RAF Mountain Rescue leader
CP 04.10.1895 Letter concerning destruction of nave; C.J.Ferguson
CP 11.10.1895 Letters concerning destruction of nave
CP 19.06.1896 Letter concerning the nave; C.J.Ferguson
CN 07.07.1934 pp9,10 Building of new nave?
CJ 25.01.1949 p2 Destruction of nave in 1645
CN 23.06.2000 p19 Seal shows what east end of nave looked like
CJ 18.06.1946 p1 Ordination of deacons and priests
CN 20.03.1987 p13 Ordinations of 5 women deacons
CN 13.12.1991 p14 8 new canons set record at Cathedral
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 2 Dr Ford Cathedral Organist pp 86-95
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 9 Cathedral Organ and Organists pp 24-42
Carlisle Examiner 06.10.1857 p3c Organ cleaned
Carlisle Examiner 24.06.1858 p3e Organ blown by water power
Carlisle Examiner 22.02.1859 p2c Cathedral organ water power
CJ 15.08.1865 p2 Decorating organ
CJ 03.11.1865 p5 Bought by Hexham Abbey Church
CN 17.06.1960 pp1,3 (illus) Needing rebuilding
CN 24.06.1960 p10 History
CJ 09.02.1962 p11 (illus) History
CN 09.02.1962 p1 (illus) History
CN 28.09.1962 p1 (illus) History
CN 09.11.1962 p12 History
CN 24.02.1989 p4 Long service by organists
CN 14.09.1990 p7 New organ gift to Cathedral
CN 28.12.1990 p4 Cathedral heads for a record
CN 04.01.1991 p4 Dashing hopes of Cathedral record
CN 20.09.1991 p9 New master of music
CN 14.02.1992 p13 Cathedral tribute to an organist
CN 28.02.1992 p4 Long service by organist
CN 05.07.1996 p17 Cathedral stalwart to get facelift
CN 02.08.1996 p5 £60,000 repairs
CN 20.12.1996 p6 (illus) All keyed up for Yuletide
CN 14.03.2003 p31Assistant organist David Gibbs; feature
PAINTINGS; see also Fresco
Carlisle Cathedral History by D.W.Weston pp67 - 72
CJ 04.06.1946 p1 First pilgrimage
CN 28.05.1948 p5 Erection
CN 28.04.1989 p9 Poets corner launched
CN 17.08.1990 p15 Cathedral place for nuns poem
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 2 Some Cathedral preachers pp 50-58
CN 02.04.1993 p14 Welcome to Prior’s Kitchen
CN 09.08.1996 p4 Recipes out of Priors
CN 14.02.1997 p17 (illus) The burger with a bit of a kick
PRIOR SLEES GATEHOUSE/GATE TOWER OF SAINT MARY’S PRIORY For Prior Slee; dated 1528; at the top of Abbey St, this was the main gate from that street into the Priory, now the Cathedral grounds
CWAAS OS Vol 5 pp132-5 Masons Marks
CN 13.10.1995 p17 Beware of 18th century limbo dancers
CN 07.06.1996 p9 Staircase found during renovation
CN 18.10.1996 p4 Plans for drawing of 470 year old gatehouse
CN 13.12.1996 p3 (illus) Underneath the arches
CN 13.12.1996 p10 Pilgrim’s progress sometimes ended in...
PRIORS TOWER/DEANERY Late 15th century Tower and hall with 17th century extensions and alterations; further 1853 extensions by James Stewart;
1949-51 alterations; the whole now Deanery, meeting and flats
CWAAS OS Vol 5 pp132-5 Masons Marks
CWAAS ns Vol 7 pp 185-204 Notes on the Deanery
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp222-31 Ceiling design and paintings
Cumbria, February 1978 pp 609-10
CN 22.01.1999 p15 New tax on tipping helps restore tower
CN 02.04.1999 p12 Tower of strength
CN 29.05.1948 p3 Proposal for a new one
CJ 28.05.1948 p2 Proposal for a new one
CN 22.05.1964 p8 (illus) New pulpit
REGISTRY; The Abbey Former Cathedral Library; dated 1699 Thomas Carliol [Thomas Smith, then Bishop of Carlisle]
D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History p116
CN 12.03.1999 p9 Registry to be centre for visitors
CJ 14.07.1967 p12 Murrell Hill Gardens; bulldozers move in to reveal ruins which were once part of the original fabric of Carlisle Cathedral; suggested ‘ruins’ came here after 1846 Cathedral restoration; picture
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp 232-238 Archibald Campbell Tait...1850-56, and Ewan Christian, Architect
22.06.1856 Cathedral reopened after renovation
CN 03.02.1940 p9 Repair and scaffolding
CN 18.06.1949 pp4,7
CN 29.06.1956 pp1,3 (illus) £100,000 Restoration fund appeal
CN 09.02.1962 p1 (illus) Roof restoration
CN 19.08.1966 p8 (illus) Restoration work, mason’s marks
CJ 17.03.1967 p28 (illus) Restoration work, mason’s marks
CN 11.06.1971 p15 Restoration completed
CN 10.12.1971 p32 Restoration completed
CN 17.03.1972 p1,28 (illus)
CN 26.11.1982 (illus) Restoring city’s mediaeval glory
CN 28.04.1989 p9 Cathedral fund nears £1m
CN 27.10.1989 p3 Cathedral fund reaches £1m
CN 01.12.1989 p1 It’s a million
CN 01.12.1989 p13 Cathedral says thanks....
CN 08.12.1989 p3 Cathedral appeal duo honoured
CN 11.12.1992 p3 Appeal takes off
CN 28.07.2000 p7 restoration of windows in 19th century
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp127 - 145 G.Simpson The Chancel Roof of Carlisle
Cathedral; its architecture and historical context
Cumbria Vol 32 p661 Restoration of
CN 23.06.2000 p19 Seal that shows old cathedral
CWAAS NS Vol 8 pp 9 333-4 Dispute over seats with Miss Waughs
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp 214-222 Choir stall paintings
CN 21.06.1974 p6 Redesigning the choir stalls
CN 31.08.2007 p3 Eastern exterior statues of Peter, Paul, James and John taken down for restoration
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 6 pp 91-101 Carlisle Cathedral Statutes
CN 15.09.1989 p7 Tapestry depicts Cumbria’s work
CN 07.02.1969 p9 (illus)
CN 28.02.1969 p12
Cumbria Vol 38 pp 208-9
CN 04.03.1988 p11 Cutting first sod
CN 10.11.1989 p3 Treasure of the church
CN 07.09.1990 p5 A royal debut for treasury
Cumbria Life Nov/Dec 1994 issue 37 p66 2A 9
CN 12.01.2001 p3 Lottery grant for Treasury
CN 19.07.2002 p3 New Treaury Museum opened next Monday
CN 26.07.2002 p14 (illus) New Treasury opened
CN 16.03.1990 p5 (illus) Cathedral branch line
CN 20.12.1996 p6 Cathedrals sycamore trees pushed out of....
CN 24.01.1997 p11 Why fell these trees at the Cathedral
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 2 Carlisle Cathedral Vergers pp44-50
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 8 Old Cathedral Vergers pp85-99
CN 12.03.1976 p1 Head Verger appointed - G.Robinson
CP 10.01.1873 Memorial to late bishop placed in cathedral
WALL Wall surrounding Cathedral in Paternoster Row rebuilt 28.07.1808; photo of Wall in 1930 prior to demolition in that year Carlisle in Camera 1
CN 15.06.1990 p1 Salute for the bride
WINDOWS East Window contains medieval glass in tracery head, the lower glass having been removed in 1764, was replaced with present plain glass in 1862
CWAAS OS Vol 2; The East Window pp 296 - 312
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy pp 146-174 D.O’Connor The 14th century doom in the East Window of Carlisle Cathedral
Carlisle Examiner 02.07.1859 p2f Bishop Percy window; proposal
CP 11.02.1898 p5a The Carlisle Window
CN 13.11.1992 p7 £10,000 target for Cathedral window
CN 24.07.1987 p23 Smashed window costs thousands
CN 02.04.1993 p3 Cathedral window work on schedule
CN 18.06.1993 p7 East window repair appeal hits target
CN 22.10.2004 p6 East window dated to 1340-50; origins of glass
CN 07.11.2008 p34 East window glass; D.Perriam
CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp 234 -42 On 2 sculpted figures from Cathedral?
12.03.1965 p12 Woodwork
CN 11.06.1999 p21 Eagle eyed guide solves mystery

CJ 04.08.1939 p10 Carlisle’s first nursery school


CJ 31.08.1945 p3 Canteen and restroom for servicemen closed

CN 14.04.1989 p27 Cat rescue group makes homes plea

CN 08.10.1971 p16 (illus) Badges
CN 15.10.1971 p14 Badges

CJ 12.09.1865 p2 At Stanwix
CJ 12.12.1865 p2 In Botchergate
CJ 19.12.1865 p2 In Union St
CJ 22.12.1865 p5 Cattle to be buried at Kingstown
CJ 26.12.1865 p2 Cattle to be buried at Bousteads Grassing
CJ 29.12.1865 p5 Cattle to be buried at Bousteads Grassing
CN 26.08.1988 p4 Backyard cattle gave city a big headache
CN 23.09.1988 p4 Cattle plague system was a county first
CN 19.04.1991 p4 Problems posed over milk supply

CAVAGHAN AND GRAY LTD Company formed 1912 by Tom Ray Cavaghan and Jonathan Gray at Harraby premises; about 1995 firm taken over by Northern Foods
CD 1931 Ad p236
CD 1952 Ad p257
CD 1955-56 Ad p223
CD 1961-62 Ad pxxiii
CD 1966-68 Ad p281
CN 18.09.1964 p19 (illus) ENS 21.09.1967 p7 (illus) CJ 26.04.1968 p24 (illus)
CN 05.03.1976 p1 CN 23.12.1977 p1 CN 16.11.1979 p15
City Minutes 1918-19 p80 Fire damage woth £1,000 on 05.04.1918
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p42 interior photo in 1960s
CN 02.06.1967 pp1,17 (illus) Extension
CJ 26.04.1968 p24 (illus) New pie factory opened by Fred Peart
CN 15.06.1973 p1 Expansion proposed
CN 17.03.1978 p9 Safety award
CN 04.12.1987 p1 Cavray boom with 200 jobs
CN 17.06.1988 p25 £1m plant will create more jobs
CN 24.06.1988 p6 Cavray smell too much to stumach - letter
CN 28.07.1989 p1 Cavray takes over fish farm
CN 18.08.1989 p7 Tasty time for fund
CN 29.06.1990 p3 Helping hand
CN 26.07.1991 p17 Cooking up jobs
CN 16.08.1991 p1 City firm gets the cream
CN 04.10.1991 p7 City jobs boost
CN 03.01.1992 p11 Food firm new HQ move
CN 11.09.1992 p1 Food firms £3.75 m buy
CN 31.12.1992 p1 European cash for food plant
CN 21.05.1993 p13 Food firms farm boss steps down
CN 29.07.1994 p10 M&S boss visits city food company
CN 23.09.1994 p7 Bulk milk plan could put our kids at risk
CN 30.09.1994 p1 Cavaghan and Gray in Virgin food bid
CN 30.09.1994 p3 New jobs at dairy plant
CN 30.09.1994 p7 Driver loses sacking claim
CN 09.12.1994 p5 Cavys jobs hope
CN 30.12.1994 pp 1,8 Bosses join production line
CN 13.10.1995 p17 Cavys may get float via Dellipak...
CN 10.11.1995 p1 Takeover will bring security
CN 01.12.1995 p5 Merger may mean permanent summer jobs
CN 01.03.1996 p5 Food firms plan to entice bosses
CN 17.05.1996 p3 Virgin contract
CN 02.08.1996 p1 Cavys £1.7m loss blamed on BSE
CN 16.08.1996 Supplement
CN 22.11.1996 p3 Cavy’s main man is ex-bricky boy
CN 29.11.1996 p3 Rachel,16, takes on Cavys over pay rate
CN 13.12.1996 p3 (illus) Vital minutes that make Carlisle’s food firm the cleanest..
CN 10.01.1997 p12 Gourmet baby food still crawling
CN 10.01.1997 p10 From cave dweller to Cavaghans
CN 31.01.1997 p12 Cavaghan in profit after weathering BSE storm
CN 25.04.1997 p1 C&G wins M&S vote of confidence
CN 18.07.1997 p5 Cavaghan and Gray plug sausage hole
CN 05.09.1997 p1 Funeral shutdown - Princess Diana
CN 07.11.1997 p1 Firm set for growth
CN 28.11.1997 p1 Marks and Spence - oz
CN 29.01.1999 p3 Tat’s farewell after 50 years
CN 09.07.1999 p3 Yoghurt made in Carlisle - Manchester United
CN 28.07.2000 p20 Setting up of works councils
CN 04.08.2000 p1 Cavray £5.5m factory ‘ to be built next year’
CN 16.02.2001 p14 Work starts at Cavray factory; Durranhill
CN 01.06.2001 p16 Northern Foods, parent company, announces profits
CN 22.06.2001 p14 Cavray loses Virgin Atlantic airways contract
CN 11.01.2002 p16 New Managing Director, Martin Phillips
CN 18.10.2002 p1 60 Portugese workers brought in for Christmas rush
CN 01.11.2002 p1 Cavray face truck drivers strike
CN 06.06.2003 p16 Jobs at risk if planners fal to approve changes to factory
CN 21.11.2003 p14 Employs 1,650; feature on personnel director Sarah Bettess
CN 02.01.2004 p14 New Babylicious product line on sale in Sainsbury’s
CN 16.04.2004 p14 Using bacteria to ‘eat’ foot waste; cut landfill costs
CN 21.05.2004 p1 Cavray looks abroad for 120 temporary staff
CN 04.06.2004 p14 Cavray boss Howard Sims leaves after 33 years
CN 10.09.2004 p1 Managing Director Martin Phillips goes; management shakeup
CN 01.10.2004 pp1,3 660 workers to lose jobs as Northern Foods aim to cut costs
CN 19.11.2004 p20 Northern Foods announce 6 month loss of £39.5 m
CN 31.12.2004 p1 £3m move for vegetable range to Eastren Way site

CN 24.12.2008 p13 New road named after business that was on this site

CP 20.01.1821 p2c Invitation for tenders to erect barracks

CAVENDISH HILL Cavendish Terrace; built circa 1850
1934 Directory George Eaglesfield
CN 04.04.2008 p64 Cavendish Hill, Cavendish Tce for sale
CN 01.08.2008 p64 Cavendish Hill for sale at 825,000 pounds


1901 census James Nicholson Carr, biscuit manufacturer
1918 Electoral register Margaret Carr
1934 Directory Dr Duncan Cameron

CAVENDISH TERRACE Land owned by the Duke of Devonshire and developed by his gardner Joseph Paxton; gates originally stood across the entrance to Cavendish Terrace. The Devonshire private estate ran up Stanwix Bank to Etterby Street, down Etterby Street to Etterby Terrace and back to Cavendish Terrace; street names show the family’s noble connections. No 1, Cavendish Hill, built 1849
CP 10.12.1880 p1d Ad; Sell or let Lorne House, Cavendish Tce
CP 07.02.1896 p1a For sale house on Cavendish Terrace recently belonging to late H.J.Halton, esq
CN 19.10.2001 p3 Most expensive house in city; Arundel for sale at £325,000
CN 04.04.2008 p64 Cavendish Hill, Cavendish Tce for sale
CN 01.08.2008 p64 Cavendish Hill for sale at 825,000 pounds

CCH ENGINEERING Kingstown Industrial Estate
CN 11.09.1998 p9 Ad

CN 06.05.1988 p8 Ad

CN 08.06.1990 p7 A treat below the street

CJ 04.11.1949 (illus)
Carlisle Examiner 19.07.1859 2c Foundation stone laid
Carlisle Examiner 06.12.1859 p2d New chapel blown down in storm
Carlisle Examiner 10.12.1859 2 letters concerning storm damage to chapel
1913-14 Carlisle Directory; Congregational Church, between 46 - 48 Cecil Street  , Rev
1927  Carlisle Directory; between 46 - 48 Cecil Street  - Congregational Church, Rev
1940 Carlisle Directory;between 46 - 48 Gospel Meeting House; Cecil Hall contact E.P.Brown, Stancroft, Brampton Road
On 23rd January 1950 the Carlisle City Council agreed to raise the restriction on the Cecil Hall for use only for religious purposes and permit the premises to be used as offices and other limited business purposes
Alf Mitton formed Refrigeration (Mitton) Ltd in 1950 - 'operating from the church premises which the firm still owns in Cecil Street, Carlisle' [1999]
1952 Carlisle Directory; Cecil Hall; basement of - Refrigeration

Foundation stone 06.10.1851; opened 21.05.1852, congregation moving from Willow Holme; last service 12.06.1966, demolished Dec 1966
see M1133 - photo of church
Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit Past and present 1807-1907 p36 M760
CJ 19.06.1863 p6 Enfranchisement of site
CJ 15.01.1864 p6
CP 15.01.1897 p5c Primitive Methodist Church reopened after extensive work
CN 10.06.1939 p8 Extension to a Sunday school
CN 16.12.1966 p1 (illus) Demolished
CJ 09.07.1965 p1 Methodist Church to be demolished
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p15 photo, p16 photo of last service

CN 01.09.1995 p16 Ad
CN 03.11.1995 p15
CN 06.02.2004 p16 Moves next door into former Clydesdale Bank
CN 05.03.2004 p8 Ad feature for new shop

CN 30.10.1987 p8 Ad

CN 22.04.1977 p1 Expansion

See also below
A hoard of Bronze Age earthenware urns used for cremation purposes was found when clearing ground for the Garlands Hospital in 1861 [CAIH p3]; Roman cemeteries developed along the roads into the town [CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp 365 - 74] , burials being found at Murrell Hill, London Rd and Botcherby, a photo of a Roman tombstone of a lady with a fan found at Murrell hill in 1878 can be see in Carlisle an illustrated history p 5 and Carlisle; history and celebration M.Constantine p18; A 10th century Viking cemetery was found immediately adjacent to the west end of the Cathedral; Excavations in Blackfriars St revealed a cemetery associated with the Blackfriars Friary, the remains of over 200 people being discovered;

CEMETERY AND FUNERALS 3 Municipal cemeteries opened following the closure of various city graveyards; Richardson Street cemetery, first burial 27.05.1855; Upperby cemetery opened 188, being an extension of the parish cemetery, and Stanwix cemetery on Kingstown Road in 1887
see also Crematorium
Local Government Brochure 1158-1958 pp71-73 1BC 352
CAIH p58
CJ 10.12.1803 Need for a new graveyard in city
CP 01.05.1819 p 3b Report of military funeral and unseemly scenes
CP 25.12.1819 p4a Crowded and decayed state of city graveyards
CJ 09.01.1847 p2a Hearse with ostrich feathers may be hired
CP 07.09.1850 p2c Looking for land at cemetery
1850 General Board of Health Enquiry. R.Rawlinson p86 Nos of burials and where
CJ 30.09.1853 p4 Proposed and reports on state of burial grounds
CJ 27.06.1856 p5 Description of Richardson St cemetery
Carlisle Examiner 14.07.1857 p3 Number of burials first six months
Carlisle Examiner 21.07.1857 p3 Barn on urns; Mr Whitridge’s memorial denied
CJ 12.11.1858 p1a Hearses at cemetery
CJ 04.03.1859 p4b Contract for painting railings and accounts
Carlisle Examiner 04.06.1859 p2e Number of burials in first quarter of 1859
1861 census Cemetery Cottage, William Grierson, 47, curator
08.08.1861 W.Grierson died, Curator of Cemetery, appointed 18.05.1855 [MI 81/1]
CJ 18.04.1862 p8c Brick walls at cemetery
CP 21.08.1868 Row over proposed words on tombstone; ‘Not lost but gone before’
CJ 10.11.1871 p6 Workhouse funeral; letter
CJ 05.03.1875 p5 Memorial erected to John Worthington [died 10.07.1874]
CJ 15.08.1882 p3 Vandalism of gravestone
Our City Our People, M.Edwards, p11 Description of funeral in 1890s
CJ 30.08.1901 p5 Desciption of Stanwix stone for Chancellor Ferguson
03.01.1911 Died William Veitch, 30 years Curator of Dalston Rd [Mon Ins 217/27]
CJ 10.06.1913 Out and About; dates of closure of churchyards in city
City minutes 1918-19 p50 To advertise for designs for memorial for war dead
City Minutes 1918-19 p 217 Design and tender accepted
City Minutes 1920-1 p197 Purchase of land for extension of Upperby Cemetery.
CJ 12.11.1937 p9 Carlisle looks 100 years ahead
CJ 06.06.1939 p3 Extension to city cemetery
CN 04.02.1950 p7 Sportsmen’s funerals
CN 29.09.1951 p4 Cross of Sacrifice
CN 06.10.1951 p5 (illus) Cross of Sacrifice
CN 28.09.1956 p10 Refusal to consecrate in 1856
CN 19.07.1991 p17 Extending funerals
CN 12.11.1993 p4 (illus) A break from toil at breakfast time
CN 26.11.1993 p10 City conducts first ‘green’ funeral
CN 15.04.1994 p1 New vandalism outbreak
CN 02.09.1994 p11 Plan to use city's old graves
CN 09.09.1994 p1 (illus) Promotional coffin in United’s colours
CN 09.09.1994 p8 Our blue heaven
CN 16.09.1994 p1 Jolly 400 hold very grave discussions
CN 02.12.1994 p3 Coffins in DIY funeral
CN 07.04.1995 p4 Bigger burial ground
CN 02.07.1997 p4 Ban on dogs
CN 28.03.1997 p1 Easter celebrations
CN 02.01.1998 p3 (illus) Carlisle’s woodland burials take root down under
CN 25.06.1999 p4 Babies graves desecrated
CN 14.07.2000 p13 In search of DIY burial - letter
CN 24.11.2000 p3 (illus) Wooden horse carved from ancient tree; Dalston Rd
CN 13.04.2001 p17 Carlisle shows way with new national guidelines
CN 22.06.2001 p4 (illus) Ken West, Bereavement Officer, leaving after 18 years
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p36 View of Yew House [now 2004 burned down]
CN 14.05.2004 p13 Letter concerning conservation work at Stanwix Churchyard
CN 21.05.2004 p9 New closing time after spate of vandalism
CN 02.12.2005 p7 Tree planting ceremony at cemetery to relacetrees lost in Jan.
CN 09.12.2005 p5 Photo of tree planting ceremony at Cemetery
CN 20.10.2006 p5 Cemetery voted best in country
CN 05.10.2007 p6 Dozens of graves declared unsafe; unsightly plastic tape and warning signs
CN 19.10.2007 p11 Cemetery names best in country; 3rd time in 10 years

City Minutes 1928-9 p442Cemetery Rd to become continuation of Richardson St

City Minutes 1932-33 p 234 Agree to request that Cemetery Road, Upperby be renamed Manor Rd

CENOTAPH Unveiled by Lord Lonsdale in Rickerby Park 25.05.1922
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p78 Photo of unveiling ceremony
CJ 02.07.1920 pp6,7 Proposed
CJ 29.06.1920 p5 Sketch of proposed Cenotaph
CN 09.12.1955 p10 Unveiling of Memorial
CN 16.12.1955 p 10 Unveiling of Memorial
CN 27.12.1963 p8
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p115 photo of 1966 Remembrance Day
CN 21.10.2005 p5 Shabby state of cenotaph in Rickerby Park
CN 11.11.2005 p3 Cenotaph refurbished

CN 16.04.1971 p14 Early census (1871 - )
CN 22.10.1993 p15 Key facts from city census
1841 Census
CJ 27.03.1841 p4d Payment offered enumerators
1946 Census
CN 30.11.1946 p6 1946 census figured
1971 Census
CN 16.04.1971 pp1,28

CENTRAL AVENUE On electoral register from 1956
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p30 View of shops about 1956
CN 02.09.1994 p14 Down your way

CENTRAL CAFE Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p367
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p15
CD 1955-56 Ad p15


CENTRAL CLINIC Victoria Road; New Central Clinic officially opened 08.11.1968
Medical Officer of Health Annual Report; 1968 p32
Civic Affairs January 1969 p1

CD 1910-11 Ad p273


CENTRAL HOTEL Victoria Viaduct; opened 02.07.1881; built as Great Central Hotel; architect Mr Birkett of Carlisle; developer Mr Westmorland, the owner up to his death in 1901; 1916 taken over by Central Control Board; renamed Central Plaza
Carlisle an illustrated history p64 engraving of hotel
CD 1952 Ad p 316
City Minutes 1903-04 p267 Great Central Assembly Hall
CJ 05.07.1881 p2 Opening
CP 08.01.1881 p7 126 rooms of which 76 bedrooms
1891 census; Hannah Gregory, aged 47, hotel manageress, born London; 18 live in staff, 6 guests
1901 census; Andrew Frey, manager, aged 30, born Germany
ENS 15.03.1966 p1 (illus) The Dive - public bar
CN 07.08.1987 p4
CN 17.06.1988 p8 Ad
CN 01.10.2004 p6 History of hotel

CENTRAL PLAZA HOTEL Victoria Viaduct; formerly Central Hotel
CN 07.02.1992 p8 County living in the heart of the city
ENS 03.07.1992 p19 ‘Dive’ bar refurbished and renamed Brando’s
CN 19.09.2003 p14 Central Plaza for sale at £1.3m
CN 10.09.2004 p18 To close at end of next month; owned by David Byers
CN 08.10.2004 p1 Hotel closes today; Mr Byers owned since 1988
CN 02.06.2006 p7 May become a Hotel again after standing empty since closure
CN 20.07.2007 p7 1.8 million not enough to buy former hotel which has been standing empty since closure

CENTRAL SCHOOLS Built on West Walls in 1812; buildings taken over by Fawcett School sometime before 1884
See also Higher Grade Schools
CN 02.05.1936 pp 13,16 CN 15.05.1937 p7 (illus) CN 29.05.1937 p12
CN 29.01.1938 p4 (illus) CJ 22.02.1938 p 4 CJ 25.02.1938 p11
CN 26.02.1938 p5 CN 07.05.1938 p4 (illus)
CP 09.06.1821 p1 Report of Committee
CJ 12.08.1826 p1c,d Carlisle Central School; 14th Annual Report
1834 Pigot’s Directory; National Sch. West Walls; J and E Irving, Master/ ress
CJ 17.08.1839 p2d 27th annual report
1847 Directory; Central Sch (National) Joseph and Charlotte Irving, teachers
CP 16.12.1870 Elementary education in city; school 339 on roll, 222 attending
City Minutes 1919-20 p 226 Sanction for sale of Central Schools on West Walls

CN 04.03.2003 p24 New Rugby League team will kick off in city on May 3rd

CN 25.10.1974 p10 CN 15.11.1974 pp10,18 CN 06.12.1974 p36

CENTURY THEATRE Fisher Street Opened 11.11.1964
CN 23.10.1964 p1 CJ 13.11.1964 p9 (illus)
CN 14.03.1975 p16 At Devonshire Walk
CN 18.04.1975 p10 (illus) At Devonshire Walk

CFM RADIO Started broadcasting April 1993
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p177 Photo celebrating 1st birthday
CN 03.08.2001 p16 Scottish Radio Holdings takes over CFM
CN 02.11.2001 p3 Phone in host Mike Charlton sacked
CN 18.07.2003 p1 DJ Ken White sacked
CN 25.07.2003 p1 Fans protest at sacking of DJ
CN 03.10.2003 p5 John Myers back
CN 30.01.2004 p1 Sold earler this month, now owned by Emap
CN 20.02.2004 p6 Profile of Managing Director Cathy Kirk
CN 03.09.2004 p33 Profile of CFM DJ Robbie Dee
CN 17.02.2006 p15 Smaller audience share; owned by EMAP radio

CHADWICK AUXILLIARY HOSPITAL [Later Austin Friars School] Etterby Scaur
opened 25.03.1915 closed 07.03.1919
The War Work of Auxiliary Hospitals..of Cumberland..., 1921, pp36-38 [F52]
CN 02.03.1979 p12 (illus)

CHADWICK INDUSTRIAL MEMORIAL SCHOOL St Anne’s Hill; Reformatory run by Community of the Presentation Brothers of Cork from 1903 - 1923
See also Austin Friars
CP 15.03.1907 p5 CN 21.02.1964 p12 CN 18.07.1969 p12
CN 22.08.2003 p8 Run as a reformatory for Catholic boys

CHAIR INN St Albans Row; in local directories 1829 - 1834

CN 05.09.1953 p6 W.Phillips of Paternoster Row

CP 18.02.1898 p6c,d Agriculture Holding Act

CN 14.03.1975 pp7-9 CN 18.06.1976 pp 7-9
CN 12.02.1988 p7 ‘Join us’ call by Trades president

Toy dealers and hardware
CD 1952 Ad p388

CHAMBERS Castle Street
Guide to Carlisle Ad C 178

City Minutes 1929-30 p650 One house unfit for human habitation

CHANCELLORS OF CARLISLE DIOCESE; Charles James Burton 1872 - 1887; Richard Saul Ferguson 1888-1909; John Eustace Prescott 1910-1920; Herbert Ernest Campbell 1921-1930; Harry Bevir Vaisey 1931-1934; Humphrey Hastings-King 1945-1950; Robert Hugh Mais 1950-1971; David John Stinson 1971-1991; Francis John Aglionby 1991-2002; Geoffrey Frank Tattersall 2003 -

Hotel and Club Suppliers
CN 01.11.1991 p15

CN 03.04.1998 p18 Do not adjuct your set-Channel 5

CN 22.12.1989 p1 City gets nightride rail link
CN 09.03.1990 p10 We must not be forgotten
CN 09.03.1990 p23 Hopes of a Chunnel link are dashed
CN 25.05.1990 p19 New bid to link with Chunnel

CWAAS OS Vol 12 pp9 - 21 Chapbooks printed in Carlisle

CN 23.12.1950 p4 Origin

CHAPEL LANE, Willow Holme First noted in 1844 directory

CHAPEL ROW Denton Holme; on voters list to 1913; site of row built over by Ferguson’s office and warehouse extensions
Holme Headings, No 8 May 1951 p17 View with Row in distance

CHAPEL STREET Street laid out in 1824 to reach new Catholic Chapel
CN 16.10.1959 p12 CN 08.07.1960 p10
ENS 28.06.1960 p1 Skeleton found
ENS 29.06.1960 p1 Skeleton found
CN 16.01.1970 p14 (illus) Roman Catholic Church and Rectory

City Minutes 1928-9 p361 No 1a unfit for human habitation
City Minutes 1933-34 p596 1 - 21Compulsory purchase order

CN 14.06.1985 p8 (illus) Opening
CN 02.12.1988 p20 Ad Dine with the stars at Chaplins

House furnishers
CN 18.09.1987 pp8-9 Ad
CN 16.02.2007 p20 Robert Chapman, who still retains an interest in the runnnig of the Carlisle and Newcastle stores, joined the Viaduct shop in 1937. The firm was founded by his great grandfather and the Siesta trademark was registered in 1930.

CN 01.07.1960 p10 (illus)

CWAAS ns Vol 2 pp356 -8

CN 04.10.2002 p3 17 charity shops in city

CP 15.12.1871 p1 Ad; Sale 6 newly erected houses in Charles St and Edward St
CP 24.12.1874 p1 Ad; Houses for sale; recently erected by Mr Howe
July 1878 Roman carved head found at Charles St [CWAAS OS Vol 12 p372]

CN 16.08.1963 p1 (illus) CN 16.08.1963 p1 (illus)

CHARLOTTE STREET So named on Asquiths 1853 survey of city; Charlotte Dixon was wife of John Milbourne Dixon who owned land in this area [CWAAS ns vol 67 pp212
Charlotte Street Redevelopment see Inner Ring Road
CJ 22.02.1867 Denton Holme Estate; Charlotte St laid out in 1852
1919; A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p48 photo of street peace celebration
CN 07.07.1972 p6 Carved heads on buildings
CN 21.07.1972 p10 Carved heads on buildings
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p36 1973 view before demolition
ENS 11.03.1976 p10 (illus) Mystery men
ENS 01.11.1976 p1 Charlotte St life line
ENS 17.11.1976 p4 Charlotte St life line
CN 19.11.1976 p40 (illus) Demolition
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH see H.Smith ‘High minded men; the story of the foundation of the Charlotte Street Congregational Church’, foundation stone laid 30.04.1860; built by Messrs Charles Armstrong; opened
03.05.1861; extension dated 05.08.1878
CJ 13.02.1940 p2 CN 10.02.1940 p3 CN 17.02.1940 p9
CN 10.01.1958 p11 CN 31.01.1958 p8 CN 07.02.1958 p9
CN 12.05.1967 p12 CN 22.05 .1970 p10 (letter)
CN 13.10.1978 p40 (letter)
CJ 07.05.1861 p2 Opening
CJ 10.02.1948 p1 90th Anniversary
CN 09.04.1976 United Reform Church for sale
V.White Carlisle and its Villages p27 drawing in 1986
CN 17.11.2000 p6 (illus) Bought by Carlisle Christian Fellowship

CP 16.12.1870 Elementary Education in city; school has 121 on roll, 111 attending

CHARLOTTE TERRACE, Botcherby So named on 1891 census
Carlisle an illustrated history p68 Photo of night soil men in back lane in 1904

CHARNDOWN Traffic Management Systems
CN 29.01.1993 p10 Charndown keep the traffic moving

CN 08.09.1989 p22 Ad

CN 01.08.1997 p4 County organisations queue up for an excellence award

CHARTERS, Edward 41 Lowther St
1882 Porters Directory Ad p126 Machine printer

CHARTERS First Royal charter 1158
Topping,G and Potter,J Memorials of Old Carlisle pp 47,51,60,61,63,67,70,82,86
CAIH p11 City charters
R.S.Ferguson The Royal Charters of Carlisle, 1894
CWAAS OS Vol 6 pp319-327 Initial Letter of a charter of Edward II to Carlisle
CJ 14.02.1949 p2 CJ 17.05.1949 p2

See also Radical Reformers
see June Barnes Popular Protest and Radical Politics Carlisle 1790-1880 2BC 9
W.Farish Handloom Weaver pp49
CJ May - September 1839 passim
CJ 25.05.1839 Chartists meeting on Sands; 10,000 present
CJ 20.07.1839 Collection for Chartists Prisoners Defence League
CJ 14.07.1838 Visit of Feargus O’Connor to Carlisle on 09/07/1848
CP 10.08.1877 Death of James Arthur, leading local chartist; full obituary

CHATSWORTH HOUSE Chatsworth Square; vicarage for St Paul’s dated 1870; declared redundant 1978 and sold
1901 census; John Harrison, agrucultural auctioneer, livingat Chatsworth Hse
CN 11.05.2001 p39 Ad (illus) for 21; former parsonage to St Paul and St Mary’s

CHATSWORTH SCHOOL Opened by Rev Davidson, first in Chiswick St then Chatsworth Sq
1882 Porters Directory Ad p120 Head Rev Alexander Davidson; Chiswick Sch
1891 census; Compton St, Chatsworth School, one boarder aged 12 listed
CD 1893-94 Ad p86
CP 13.01.1905 p1 Ad Chatsworth Boys School
09.07.1910 Died Rev Alex Davidson, Chatsworth Sch; Monumental Insc. 25/26

CHATSWORTH SQUARE This area of housing has street names associated with the Duke of Devonshire; first noted on the census for 1871
CJ 08.02.1876 p2 Laying out of Chatsworth Sq gardens
CN 11.05.2001 p39 Ad (illus) for 21; former parsonage to St Paul and St Mary’s
CN 18.04.2008 p34 D.Perriam article
No 3 CP 07.02.1896 p1a No 3 for sale. Mr Castiglione tenant
No 17 1884-5 for William Hudson Scott; architect G.D.Oliver; converted to
private school called Red Gables; called Red Gables on 1901 census
Building News 13.11.1885 Illustration of design
CJ 18.01.1907 William Hudson Scott dies here
CJ 01.05.1885 Acceptance of design for Royal Academy exhibition
Nos 22,23 Dated 1889 on rainwater head; CN 18.06.2004 p63 no 23 for sale

CHATTERY Carlyles Court
CN 29.11.1996 p20 Ad

CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST Mon. Insc. St Mary’s Church [Cathedral] no 92 Edward Lofthouse, druggist, Fisher St, died 10.07.1812; no 93 Henry Lofthouse, chemist, died 01.07.1796
see also Martindale; Sawyer

CHERTSEY HILL, Harraby Built for John Bewley Atkinson in 1882; Denis Perriam says built by James Atkinson in 1880, his initials being on the south side of the building
CP 01.08.1902 ; House for sale; A.N.Bowman tenant; reserve £2,500
1918 Electoral Register Ellen Hilton, James McCulloch, William Thomlinson
CN 14.09.2007 D.Perriam; history of house

CHERTSEY MOUNT formerly Berlin Terrace; name changed 1917 (City Minutes 1916-17 p203)
CJ 30.06.1967 p10
CN 13.10.2006 p68 For sale; development at Chertsey Mount, including Thorncliffe

CHESS There was a club at the Mechanics Institute organised by theLibrarian Mr Morrison in the 1850s, probably the first club in the city [CJ 07.01.1902 p2]

CHESS CLUB formed in 1870; T.C.Durham first President
CJ 07.01.1902 p2 Carlisle Chess Club Dr Walker main promoter in 1870s; history
CN 26.04.1947 p5
CJ 01.01.1946 p3 75 anniversary

CN 13.01.1995 p17 £5,000 gum clean up

CN 17.09.1954 p10 (illus) In Agricultural Show 1907

CHICOS Cecil Street
CN 12.05.2000 p3 Portugese cuisine

CHICPAK LTD Willow Holme Trading Estate
CJ 17.03.1961 pp 7,15 (illus)
ENS 02.05.1962 Supplement


See also Health Visitors; Westrigg Road Childrens Home
Sanitary Condition for City of Carlisle 1919 p 61-64 Feeding of infants
Sanitary Condition for City of Carlisle 1919 p70 Babies Welcome and School for
Sanitary Condition for City of Carlisle 1925 p16 Clinics and infant welfare centres
CN 09.01.1998 p1 Why I’m having a baby for my friends, by surrogate mum
CN 09.01.1998 p4 (illus) New Year, new babies, and baby there were a lot of them


Farish, W. Handloom Weaver pp10,11,17-8 Schooldays in 1820s for a poor child
CJ 06.04.1839 Accident at mill; 15 year old girl killed by fall into machinery
Our City Our People, M.Edwards, pp8-9 Description of St John’s school in 1890s
Our City Our People, M.Edwards, pp10,14 Description of Christ Church Sc in 1890s
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen; Life in the 1930s in this area
Over the Garden Wall; life of Donald Scott pp 7-20 Childhood in 1930s and 1940s
Strong lad wanted for strong lass;H.Davies memories of growing up in 1940s/50s

CN 14.06.2002 p20 Set up last year

CN 26.01.1961 p10 First in Carlisle 20/04/1909

CN 09.10.1987 p4 Children’s games of 60 years ago

CN 05.11.1993 p12 Juggernaut running out of control
CN 12.11.1993 p1 Martlew calls for scrapping CSA
CN 12.11.1993 p10 Mums left holding the baby
CN 19.11.1993 p10 They’re ruining my life
CN 03.12.1993 p13 Child support groups link up
CN 10.12.1993 p28 We’ll fight on say parents
CN 23.12.1993 p1 MP attacks agency
CN 08.04.1994 p4 Angry dads keep fight alive
CN 08.04.1994 p10 Comment

CN 11.09.1992 p3 Chiming in with new city group

CN 25.08.1928 p10 (illus) Gaol demolition
ENS 30.10.1963 p1 Lakeland Laundry chimney
CN 24.10.1975 p1 Lakeland Laundry demolition
CN 18.12.1992 p3 NIckys stack of money (Fergusons)
CN 22.01.1993 p13 Charity grows as chimney falls

see Hugh Bass
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p22; photo of Joe Clark at work
CP 17.01.1818 p2 Meet to adopt patent chimney sweeper; replace climbing boys
CN 15.09.1989 p4 City concern for chimney sweep boys
CN 17.11.1989 p4 Kidnapped by chimney sweeps

CN 23.01.2004 p5 Carlisle’s Chinese Assn to celebrate year of monkey

Also called Ornamental Gardens,Italian Gardens
CJ 22.12.1933 p8 Opened
CN 18.07.2008 p10 Chinese gardens could be in for major facelift
CN 23.01.2009 p6 Restoration of Chinese Gardens

CHISAM’S HOTEL Botchergate Closed 24.03.1968
CD 1952 Ad p82
CN 01.03.1968 p1

CHISWICK STREET Only six houses shown on Asquith’s Survey of Carlisle 1853; deeds for no 20 dated 1869
B/CAR 333.333 acc 3238 Sale of no 10 Chiswick St 24.06.1919
CP 20.12.1872 p1 House on south side of Chiswick St; occupied by R.Ferguson
CP 03.12.1875 p1For sale 22 Chiswick Street; 200 year lease dated 02.08.1858
CP 09.03.1877 p1a For sale no 43
CP 08.04.1892 p1a 31 Chiswick for sale
CN 11.12.1998 p5 Plan to revive days of grandeur
CN 25.01.2002 p13 Letter; Chiswick St awash with aluminium poles


CN 12.05.1995 p12 It’s 50 not out

CHIVERS, G.T. Morton Street
Motor car trimmers and upholsterers
CD 1952 Ad p338
CD 1955-56 Ad p262

CN 10.08.1990 p4 Magnificent response on choirs
CN 17.08.1990 p4 Conductor of choir

CHOLERA July 13th - Nov 18th 1832 448 cases and 265 deaths from colera
W.Farish Handloom Weaver pp13-14 Description of cholera outbreak 1830s?
1832 the Dispensary treated 371 cases of cholera in the big epidemic which arose in this country after the arrival of a man with cholera who entered the British Isles at Sunderland from India
CN 11.09.1970 p14 In 1832
CN 18.09.1970 p16 in 1832
CN 25.09.1970 p14 In 1832

CHORAL SOCIETY Founded February 1854
M1045 pp1 onwards - cuttings
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 1 pp82-90 Carlisle Choral Society
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 8 Carlisle Choral Society pp 99-108
CJ 03.11.1865 p5 CN 24.10.1953 p8
Carlisle Examiner 15.04.1858 p3d Fourth annual meeting
CN 04.01.1947 p5 Proposal to form Choral Society
CN 29.09.1951 p5 Dr Wadely resigns
CN 25.08.1989 p4 Making music for more than 130 years

Foundation stone 26.09.1828 (MW1847 p131); building finished 11.09.1830; consecrated 21.04.1831; architect Messrs Rickman and Hutchinson, builders Messrs Bennett and Robinson of Preston; dimensions 80 feet long, 60 feet wide with a spire attaining 132 feet, seating 2,000 hearers; constructed of white freestone, from Chalk Quarry near Dalston [Architect and dimensions exactly the same as Holy Trinity Chuch, Caldewgate, these being originally Chapels of Ease of St Cuthbert’s and St Mary’s] first vicar to 1860 Rev Benjamin Ward; graveyard closed 01.08.1864; extensive repairs and alterations 1887; new vicarage in Warwick Square bought October 1896; church reseated 1898; Clock given by corporation 1899; Windows reglazed, new altar February 1902; electric light, oak chair stalls, January 1903; chancel screen and lectern January 1905; churchyard gravestones removed 1920; war memorial crucifix in churchyard unveiled 26.07.1921; in 1932 church was united with St Aidans; closed July 1938, demolished 1953
CWAAS OS Vol 8 pp528-9 Burgess and Hayton bell dated 1830
CWAAS NS Vol 4 p126 Plaster medallion of Dean Close
CP 17.03.1899 p6 CN 02.08.1952 p5 ENS 08.08.1952 CJ 29.08.1952 p5 (illus) CN 08.02.1963 p10 (illus) CN 15.02.1963 p12
CWAAS Vol 55 pp311-316
CJ 04.10.1828 Laying foundation stone
CJ 02.10.1830 The new church; vestry meeting
CJ 31.03.1865 p5 Dean resigns incumbency [Dean Close was vicar from 1861 - 1865, in accordance with his custom to accept a Dean and Chapter living until such time as he could present it to a man suitable in his eyes! ]
27.11.1895 ‘Rev J.Butterworth becomes Vicar and the distinctive Catholic teaching with which Christ Church has ever since been associated, began’
Feb 1897 meeting held to consider improvement of church
CP 12.03.1897 p6c Objectionable religious ornament; consistory court
16.10.1898 Christ Church reopened after seating and improvement
CJ 08.07.1938 p9 Closing of 2 city churches
ENS 05.08.1952 p6 Two photos of interior and article
ENS 09.09.1952 p1 Photo of demolition in progress
City Council Minutes Vol LXIV pp578, 530 gardens
ENS 08.07.1970 Supplement p10 A quiet park where Christ Church stood
CN 12.04.2002 p6 Close and history of Christchurch graveyard

CHRIST CHURCH NATIONAL SCHOOL; Established by subscription in Crown Street in 1842 (Whellan 1860 p125) and in 1846 a new school house erected ; boys school on Close Street erected in 1869; Girls and infants schools on Lancaster Street
CP 16.12.1870 Elementary School Returns; 738 on roll, 632 in attendance
Our City Our People, M.Edwards, pp10, 14 School in the 1890s

CN 04.03.1994 p4 A rum do, christenings...

Movement founded in Carlisle about 1909
CJ 03.04.1964 p5 New church for Christian Scientists
CJ 07.08.1964 p10 They claim cures by faith
CN 01.12.1967 p14 (illus) History

Carlisle Examiner 29.12.1857 p3d,e Christmas time in Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 21.12.1858 p2c Christmas celebrations in city
Carlisle Examiner 27.12.1859 p3b Workhouse festivities, Mechanics Institutes...
CJ 29.12.1868 p 2Christmas entertainment, beautiful tree at Brunton Place
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p107 Photos of Christmas Day 1924 at Infirmary
Carlisle an illustrated history p65 Photo of McGlassons 1924 with Xmas poultry
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p16 Xmas butcher’s window in 1920s
CN 22.12.2000 p10 Life for a policewoman, footballer and Jehovah at Xmas

CN 27.10.1995 p3 Xmas switch on by invader
CN 21.11.1997 p5 Countdown to city’s Christmas sparkler
CN 28.11.1997 p5 (illus) Xmas shoppers leave it late
CN 06.11.1998 p5 Tycoon Haughey gives £6,000
CN 27.11.1998 p15 (illus) Sants and Pudsey
CN 04.12.1998 p5 Haughey switches on in 99
CN 19.11.1999 p2 City set for big switch on
CN 26.11.1999 p17 Noel makes sure glory shone around
CN 24.11.2000 p7 12,000 people turn up to see switch on by Vera Duckworth
CN 16.11.2001 p5 Countdown to lights switch on
CN 22.11.2002 p19 Light switch on
CN 14.11.2003 p 9 Jan Leeming switches on lights
CN 05.12.2003 p7 Seasonal lights and paper sculptures
CN 26.11.2004 p3 Light switch on

See also Vynne Dinner
CN 26.12.1991 p4 Cheerless Xmas for city poor
CN 30.12.1993 p4 A touch of festive cheer
CN 15.12.1995 p10 Xmas cash headache
CN 13.11.1998 p7 John has city nativity scene all figured out
CN 12.11.1999 p3 Parks department dreaming of a green Christmas

CHRIST THE KING Roman Catholic Church, Harraby; foundation stone laid 22.08.1954; first mass 21.08.1955; official opening 25.09.1955
Carlisle and Cumberland Herald Vol 2 No 5 January 1956 pp 1-3
CJ 30.08.1963 p6 Church Hall
CN 17.04.1970 p10 (illus) Church

CHRISTY MINSTRELS founded about 1862
CJ 24.10.1865 p2

CN 30.12.1977 p4 (illus)

CN 21.11.1980 p19 (illus)

CHURCH CONGRESS Opened in Carlisle 30.09.1884

CHURCH COURT Aglionby St; proposed named for housing redevelopment of Baptist Church [CN 23.01.2004 p3]

CJ 11.11.1952 p3 Opened

CN 05.03.1971 p13 No seats for the poor

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY founded in Carlisle 1817
CN 20.08.1954 p8
CP 13.11.1819 p4c-f Report of second anniversary meeting
CJ 13.11.1819 p3a Report of 2nd anniversary meeting
CJ 01.04.1826 p2e Carlisle Church Missionary Assn; 8th AGM
Carlisle Examiner 22.04.1858 p4a Annual meeting

CJ 19.06.1863 p6

CHURCH OF SCOTLAND Chapel St; meeting to establish church 15.11.1832; opening 28.12.1834; reopened after structural changes 14.09.1979
CN 16.10.1959 p12 CN 27.04.1979 p4 CN 21.09.1979 p15 (illus)
CP 23.07.1880 p4f Choice of new minister; Rev James Mackie
CP 30.07.1880 p5a Choice of new minister; Rev James Mackie
CN 14.11.1975 p9 Merger with United Reformed Church, Fisher St
CN 13.02.2004 p10 Union with Longtown St Andrews; photo
CN 09.02.2007 p 22 Celebrated 175 years of worship in city; 495 present members
CN 06.07.2007 p19 175 year celebration; Moderator of General Assembly attends
CN 21.09.2007 p21 New minister; Rev D.Pitkeathly

CHURCH STREET; Caldewgate Took its name from Holy Trinity Church; so named in the directory of 1834
175 Years of Carlisle pp69, 72 views of cottages in front of Carrs

CHURCH STREET, Stanwix So named on the 1851 census
Old Vicarage, now private house, 1809 incorporating part of 18th century vicarge for Rev Joseph Hudson

CN 11.04.1969 p12 Duties of in 1827 ( as police)
CN 20.09.1991 p4 Church Wardens checked on pubs

See also, Lonsdale, Studios, Botchergate, Argyll, Public Hall, Rex, Palace, Gaumont, Odeon, City Cinema, Star, Stanley Hall, Regal, Village Cinemas
See Popular Leisure in the Lake Counties pp215-6, 1D 790
CJ 19.01.1897 p2a and e The cinematograph - Her Majesty’s Theatre
CJ 05.03.1940 p1 Sunday cinemas - city council to decide
CJ 08.03.1940 p4 Sunday cinemas - city council to decide
CJ 15.03.1940 p3 No Sunday cinema
CJ 19.03.1940 p1 City cinemas and safety
CJ 17.04.1942 p5 Sunday entertainment
CJ 03.07.1942 p1 Local managers views on Sunday openings
CN 10.08.1956 p8 Memories of early cinema in Carlisle
CJ 09.02.1962 Feature on closing cinema
CN 30.04.1971 p8 (illus)
CN 25.02.1972 p10 Early cinema
CN 12.08.1994 p13 £8m cinema plan
CN 19.08.1994 pp1,10 Movie giants spectacular leisure plan
CN 02.09.1994 p7 Leisure plan better in city centre
CN 25.11.1994 p10 100 years ago - Myriorama and Diorama
CN 28.03.1997 p6 New cinema plan
CN 02.05.1997 p10 The cinema strikes back
CN 08.08.1997 p1 Life of leisure on the way to city
CN 23.10.1998 p1 Cinema plans
CN 19.02.1999 p1 Mobile phones banned from city cinemas
CN 15.02.2002 p 14 American films blamed for juvenile crime; 1920s
CN 31.10.2003 p7 Stanwix Hall used as early cinema

CIRCLE BAR Lowther Arcade
CN 03.01.2003 p3 Carlisle’s latest bar-cafe

CJ 12.09.1801 F.Jollie - If books are nor returned library will cease

See also Wombwell’s Menagerie
CJ 30.06.1810 Bannister and West Equestrian Troop
Carlisle Examiner 12.09.1857 p3b Cooke’s Circus
Carlisle Examiner 24.06.1858 p3e Hengler’s
Carlisle Examiner 24.06.1858 p2d Howe’s and Cushings Circus to appear 08.09
Carlisle Examiner 07.09.1858 p4c Howe’s and Cushings
Carlisle Examiner 11.09.1858 p2c Howe’s and Cushings
CJ 16.08.1861 p8f Hengler’s
CJ 27.08.1861 p2c Hengler’s
CJ 12.05.1863 Jem Mace’s Circus in city
CJ 25.09.1864 Newsome’s
CJ 22.08.1865 Sangers Circus
CJ 25.02.1869 Swallow’s
CJ 17.08.1880 Cooke’s
Carlisle People and Places p67 Photo of elephants going down Scotch St
Carlisle in old picture postcards view 29 elephants on Scotch/ English St
ENS 11.10.1938 p4 Royal Bengal Circus
CN 01.05.1954 p10 Bostock and Wombwell in Carlisle 16.09.1905 and 1888
ENS 26.09.1956 Circus comes to town - supplement
ENS 17.04.1957 Supplement
CN 31.10.1969 p14 Bostock and Wombwell in Carlisle 16.09.1905 and 1888
CN 20.05.1988 p23 Anti-circus campaign is stepped up
CN 03.06.1988 p3 Protest at city circus
CN 15.07.1988 p4 Circus that met with approval in Carlisle (Algie’s)
CN 10.03.1989 p4 When the wild west came to Carlisle
CN 29.12.1989 p4 Circus days popular with city
CN 12.01.1990 p4 Eyewitness account of city circus days
CN 21.08.1992 p3 Circus acts petition for council
CN 26.06.1993 p5 Humans only circus appeals
CN 27.08.1993 p4 Air show was a first for city

See also Courts; Gaol
Assizes originally held in Guildhall; in the summer of 1811 they moved to the reconstructed Citadels. Gaol closed 31.03.1922, pulled down 1931; County Court moved to Castle St 22.08.1966. New Crown Court opened in Warwick Road 1992. Built in 1541 as a independent fortress at the vulnerable southern end of the city walls, part of a national system of defence designed by the German engineer Stefan von Haschenperg; 1809 - 1812 alterations and additions by Thomas Telford and Robert Smirke ; English Street archways proposed under Gaol site improvement [see City Minutes 1925-6 p552 -3 Proposed reformation of prison site - 2 maps]
CWAAS NS Vol 16 pp 91-96
CWAAS NS Vol 70 pp 205-220 Building of the County Courts 1807-1822
CWAAS NS Vol 78 pp 129-140 The dating of the County Gaol, Carlisle
CAIH pp22,25
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 3 Carlisle Gaol chaplain’s journal
CN 28.01.1949 (illus)CN 10.11.1951 p4 CN 24.11.1951 p5 CN 14.05.1954 p10