Border Reiver - Byron Street

BORDER REIVER Opened 23.07.1971
CN 07.08.1970 p1 (illus) CN 22.01.1971 pp1,15 (illus) CN 16.07.1971 p2
CN 25.09.1970 p28 Proposed
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p134 photo of interior in 1971
CN 14.05.1971 p1 New pub
CN 23.07.1971 p12 (illus) Opening
CN 28.08.1998 p13 Time gentlemen for a lick of paint

CD 1931 p240 Ad
CD 1934 Ad p140
CD 1937 Ad p160

CN 26.01.1996 p3 20 real ales on tap
CN 31.01.1997 p5 They’re only here for the Leg Over...

CN 29.09.1995 p1 Paper folds after 5 issues

CN 23.02.1990 p3 (illus)

BORDER TELEVISION Harraby Started transmission 01.09.1961
See Mary Scott-Parker Border Television, 1999 1A 384.554
CN 06.05.1960 p1 Border Group gets new ITV contract
CJ 04.08.1961 p10 (illus)
ENS 01.07.1964 p1 Border TV go on (after strike)
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p175-6 photos of early days in 1960s
Cumbria March 1965 pp508-512 (illus)
CJ 23.09.1966 p28 Extensions
CN 28.08.1970 p13 Colour transmissions
CN 27.08.1971 p16 Colour transmisions-but not for local programmes
CN 01.09.1972 p15 Colour transmissions
ENS 13.11.1978 p1 (illus) Dispute blocks out Border
ENS 15.11.1978 p1 (illus) It’s a blank outlook for Border
ENS 21.12.1978 p1 TV row - now Border hit
CN 09.06.1989 p10 Save our station
CN 15.12.1989 p1 ITV stays tuned on to region
CN 23.03.1990 p16 Border video boost
CN 24.08.1990 p3 Border denies axe rumours
CN 07.09.1990 p1 Border region still on screen
CN 07.09.1990 p10 TV on the border line
CN 08.03.1991 p1 Borders Tyne bid
CN 17.05.1991 p8 No bids
CN 05.07.1991 p17 Cash boost
CN 18.10.1991 p13 Border Television booster
CN 06.12.1991 p7 Border TV celebrates a great double
CN 20.12.1991 p19 Border TV profits rise
CN 24.07.1992 p5 Border TV profit up
CN 05.03.1993 p27 (illus) Border collects award
CN 23.04.1993 p9 Border TV’s radio bid D Day date
CN 11.06.1993 p22 Border TV to handle royal firm
CN 16.07.1993 p17 Border TV profits on the up
CN 30.07.1993 p3 Hunter backs Border
CN 22.10.1993 p3 Border TV secures future
CN 19.11.1993 p3 Scottish news safe
Cumbria LIfe July/August 1994 no 35 pp 4-5 2A 9
CN 24.06.1994 p3 Border praised
CN 12.08.1994 p9 No wide screen TV for Border viewers
CN 14.04.1995 p3 Border praised
CN 05.01.1996 p4 MP fears rivals could swallow up Border TV
CN 16.02.1996 pp1,17 Border Television promotion
CN 10.01.1997 p12 Border for grabs?
CN 07.03.1997 p5 (illus) Border TV pick four films out of 100 for homegrown drama
CN 24.01.1997 p12 Border broadcasting director to leave in March
CN 24.01.1997 p14 Border boss quits
CN 14.03.1997 p5 Changes at top for Border News
CN 13.06.1997 p5 Border biased towards Scots
CN 01.08.1997 p3 Border stays solo
CN 10.10.1997 p3 Border TV tunes into Scots only opt out
CN 18.12.1998 p1 Four new faces
CN 25.06.1999 p7 TV news loses viewers
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p188 new digital control room 1999 - photo
CN 17.03.2000 p1 5 more buyers in queue
CN 24.03.2000 p3 Keep Border TV independent
CN 31.03.2000 p2 Trust us says man who wants Border
CN 14.04.2000 p1 Border bosses back sale to Capital Radio
CN 21.04.2000 p1 Bullough plans new city TV
CN 30.06.2000 p16 Directors go following takeover by Capital Radio
CN 06.04.2001 p18 Programmes praised by Independent TV Commission
CN 25.05.2001 p14 Border TV owners (Capital Radio) face profit fall
CN 03.08.2001 p5 New bosses at Border after £50m takeover by Granada
CN 14.09.2001 p14 Border TV ‘safe with Granada’
CN 26.09.2008 p1 End of the line for Border TV’s programme ‘Lookaround’
CN 20.02.2009 p5 Final Lookaround regional news programme aired next Tuesday. The following day the local news will be aired from Gateshead. Fifty jobs gone ande closure of Border’s Durranhill Studio
CN 27.02.2009 p10 Here is the local news, aired from Gateshead; letters p 13

BORDER TERRIER Public house opened 06.08.1967
CJ 17.01.1967 p8 (illus) CN 23.06.1967 p7(illus) CJ 11.08.1967 p6 (illus)
CJ 18.08.1967 pp9,20 (illus)
ENS 16.02.1987 £100,000 fire rips through pub

Watch and clock specialist
CD 1952 Ad p395
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p282
CD 1955-56 Ad p291

BORDER TRANSPORT (Robson’s Border Transport)
See B.Tuck Robsons, 1990 1BC 388.1
Cumberland Direc tory 1954 piv
CD 1955-56 Ad piv
CD 1966-68 Ad p274
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p50 Photo of Stan Robson; started firm 1925 - sold 1980
CN 07.11.1980 p3 Sale of
CN 22.02.1991 p10 Stan’s model T...

CN 02.04.2004 p14 New manager; set up in 1982, employs 160 people

CN 16.01.2004 p17 Pledges to keep presence in Carlisle

BORDERWAY MART Opened 23.08.1974
See also Shepherd’s Inn; Rosehill Estate; Harrison and Hetherington
Carlisle an illustrated history p93 Photo of Willie Whitelaw opening mart
CN 02.08.1974 p13 CN 16.08.1974 pp13-17 CN 23.08.1974 p36
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p49 Aerial view of mart
CN 17.09.1993 p11 City sells £1m mart site
CN 10.02.1995 p1 Mart hits back at cruelty claims
CN 24.02.1995 p4 Mart’s safety switch
CN 23.08.1996 p1 Sarah’s shears cause a snip
CN 09.10.1998 p3 Mart expansion scheme gets go ahead
CN 23.10.1998 p1 Crisis as MD and chairman resign
CN 13.11.1998 p1 Rebels poised
CN 20.11.1998 p1 Mart staff morale hits new low
CN 30.10.1998 p1 £800,000 slump in mart firm profits
CN 13.11.1998 p1 Rebels poised for a coup
CN 27.11.1998 p3 Shareholders call for details
CN 04.12.1998 p1 Trading Standards probe
CN 23.12.1998 p3 Mart banks on new man Trevor Hebdon
CN 12.03.1999 p1 Settlement likely...
CN 27.08.1999 p24 Harrison and Hetherington 25 years at Borderway
CN 31.03.2000 p3 Revamp
CN 07.12.2001 p19 First screen sale of livestock at mart
CN 22.02.2002.p 22 First live sale at Mart last Monday since closure by F&M
CN 08.03.2002 p22 Hundreds of farmers for first sale for a year
CN 29.03.2002 p6 Tree planted in memory of Foot and Mouth suffering

BORLAND AVENUE Councillor Borland represented the Greystone Ward and was a member of the housing committee; street on Carlisle electoral register from 1930

BORLAND’S Townhall
ENS 01.12.1977 p10 Ad
CN 27.05.1977 p11 (illus)

BOROUGH MILL Water Street/ Wood Street
Named on the 1860s 50 inch OS survey of Carlisle. It is called the Borough Mill (Corn) and
is located on the north of Wood Street
CP 20.08.1869 p1 Ad; Corn Mill for sale; comparatively new

BORTHWICK,T.W. 59 English Street
Hatter, hosier and gentleman’s mercer
CD 1884-85 Ad p267
1891 census; Thomas Borthwick, home London Rd, 41 hatter and hosier, bn Scot.
CD 1893-94 Ad p90

CN 31.12.1992 p3 Refugees say thanks
CN 22.01.1993 p9 Bid to aid Bosnians launched

BOSTOCK and WOMBWELL’S CIRCUS Visited Carlisle 16.09.1905 and 1888
CN 01.05.1954 p10 CN 31.10.1969 p14

City Minutes 1922-23 p 453 Street formation
City Minutes 1925-26 p537 Change of name to Boston Avenue

BOTCHERBY So named Bocherby in 1170; became a part of city in November 1912; a neolithic stone axehead was found at Botcherby in 1934 [CAIH p3]; 24.04.1879 Coffin of Roman date found at Botcherby [CWAAS OS Vol 12 p373]
see also Wood St
CN 19.06.1970 p3
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 63 Botcherby Floods 16.09.1918
City Minutes 1926-7 p324 River Petteril to Durranhill Rd land for sale from Mr Casey
City Minutes 1926-7 p717 Approval to buy land for erection of houses
City Minutes 1927-28 p130 Work commence in Botcherby immediately in New Year
City Minutes 27.02.1928 p267 32 houses in progress at Botcherby
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 130 houses completed in year
CJ 02.03.1928 Photo of work in progress on new Botcherby estate
City Minutes 1929-30 p297 Contract for 112 more houses at Botcherby; 24 begun;
City Minutes 1929-30 p601 Tender of J.Laing’s for 100 houses be accepted
City Minutes 1930-31 p 102 Contract for 112 houses nearing completion
City Minutes 1930-31 p642 456 Corporation houses in Botcherby , housing , 980 adults and 675 under 16s
Images of Carlisle p136 Photo in 1937; Coronation Party Ennerdale Avenue
ENS 10.10.1962 p11 By-pass
CN 27.09.1963 p12 About 1912
CN 25.08.1972 p6 (illus) Tollgate
CN 18.12.1992 p3 Estate gets £2m Xmas boost
CN 11.12.1998 p1 Teddies and tears in the rain- Paul Nixon
CN 10.06.1944 p3 Early history
CN 31.05.1991 p7 Oil slick hits city suburb
CN 17.07.1992 p3 Bid number 2 for cash to revamp estate
CN 28.01.1994 D-Day for estate
CN 04.02.1994 p2 Botcherby estate people power
CN 27.01.1995 p10 You have been framed
CN 12.04.1996 p6 Tony hopeful listed as ‘housewife’
CN 29.11.1996 p11 Botcherby’s hidden past; a bird’s eye view
CN 25.07.1997 p5 Estate homes will have a warm glow after £3m facelift
CN 15.08.1997 p1 Overworked police wind down kids cycle training
CN 14.08.1998 p1 Caught on camera
CN 23.10.1998 p18 Botcherby remembers its golden years
CN 29.10.1999 p1 Heroin - the people fight back
CN 19.11.1999 p10 The good folk are frightened to speak
CN 27.04.2001 p9 Grant to help Botcherby estate; worst burglary hotspot in city
CN 09.01.2004 p2 Botcherby to get own CAB office
CN 23.01.2004 p9 Botcherby Healthy Living Initiative launched today

Cumbrian Industrialist, Vol 3, 2000 p51

BOTCHERBY BRIDGE Botcherby Bridge is marked on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle; new bridge completed June 1932 (plaque)
CP 09.02.1822 p3 After flood Botcherby Bridge, built 1817, needs rebuilding
City Minutes 1930-31 p322 Tender of Matthew Muir, Kilmarnock, accepted for widening
CN 23.02.1968 p10
CN 30.06.1961 p3 (illus) New bridge

CJ 12.01.1968 p10
CJ 28.01.1938 p13 Turning Botcherby Schools into community centre
CJ 09.12.1938 p1 City mothers take action
CJ 16.12.1938 p1 Fathers support
CJ 29.09.1967 p9 (illus) Community centre
CJ 03.11.1967 p3 (illus) Community centre
CN 24.11.1967 p1 Community centre
CN 24.10.1969 p3 Community centre
Civic affairs October 1970 Youth wing opened 13.10.1970
CN 11.09.1998 p7 Centre is new base for Duke of Edinburgh Awards

ENS 29.10.1981 p16 (illus)
CN 26.01.2001 p3 Centre destroyed by blaze ‘not arson’
CN 14.12.2001 p5 Plans to rebuild family centre are to be put before council
CN 23.05.2003 p5 Family centre reopens

CD 1880 Ad pl Botcherby Gardens and Nursery Grounds, office no 5 Green Market, Thomas hamilton and sons

1891 census; Thomas Barton, coachbuilder, aged 58, bn Carlisle

CN 29.03.1996 p6 Ad

CP 07.10.1887 Botcherby Hall to be let or sold
1891 census; John Yeates, living on own means, bn Hensingham
1901 census; Ann Turner, aged 74, head, widow, born Wigton
1918 Electoral register Esther and Henry Musgrave
CN 17.10.1931 City purchase (illus)
Ca/C3/497 Urban Sanitary Authority Box 44 - conveyancing bundle 1931 (CRO)
City Minutes 1931-32 p186 12.01.1932 Sale approved to Dr de Mello

1891 census; Henry Jessop, locomotive engineer, 43, bn Leicester

BOTCHERBY MILL Mill stood on this site from at least 1644; Botcherby Mill marked on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle; new mill built November 1771; by 1934 a motor engineering company established at mill; 1995 derelict buildings burnt down[Linton Holme a Suburb of Carlisle pp 5 -7 ]
CP 09.02.1822 p3 Mr Waugh of Botcherby Mill lost 3 pigs in floods
1829 Richard Irving miller [Parson and White]
1834 Pigot’s Directory Richard Irwin, miller
1847 Directory p154 W,Robinson, manager, Botcherby Mill
1861 census Elizabeth Rayson, one of her servants ‘corn miller’ and 2 apprentices
CP 19.09.1863 p1 Ad to let Mill; present tenant Mr Robinson
1901 census; Thomas Johnston; dairyman, aged 45
1918 Electoral register Thomas and Jane Ann johnston, Botcherby Mill

For sale see B/CAR 333.333 acc no 3238

BOTCHERBY POST OFFICE; Inside newsagents on coner of Wood St and Victoria Rd
CN 21.03.2008 p3 Botcherby and Denton Holme Post Offices to close
CN 20.06.2008 p19 Botcherby PO only one saved

BOTCHERBY SCHOOL Stone dated 1900; opened 19.03.1900 (Kelly 1906 p267)
CN 29.01.1938 p19
City Minutes 1925-6 p734 Proposed closure of school
City Minutes 1928-9 p188
City Minutes 1929-30 p107 Suggested reopening of Botcherby School
CN 02.11.1929 p12 Botcherby school re-opening
City Minutes 1932-33 p610 Agree to reopen for younger children for winter term
CJ 02.06.1939 p5 Botcherby school controversy
CJ 09.06.1939 p1 400 sign petition
CJ 23.06.1939 p1 Still not satisfied
CJ 23.06.1939 p6 Botcherby school to be reopened
CN 24.06.1939 p4 Why it was decided to reopen Botcherby School
CN 28.01.2000 p9 The old Botcherby School celebrates century

BOTCHERBY WAR MEMORIAL Corner of Victoria Road and Warwick Road
Carlisle an illustrated history p84 Photo of Beattie worker carving memeorial

BOTCHERGATE Up to 1800 what is now called English St was called Botchergate: at first Botchergate simply, then Botchergate Within (the city); the modern Botchergate barely existed in 1746 [CWAAS OS Vol 6 p147]
1820 see G.Topping Memories of Carlisle pp133-4 for description in 1820
CN 27.05.1960 p1
ENS 05.01.1960 p1 Chaos feared in Botchergate
ENS 21.12.1959 p5 (Illus) Mr Botchergate (Santa)
ENS 28.05.1960 p1 Band draws crowd to Botchergate
ENS 04.02.1971 p1 Court St demolition
ENS 10.08.1994 p1 ‘Botcher’ blues for top hotel
CN 01.03.1995 p2 Auctioneer sued
CN 04.08.1995 p11 Put people first (letter)
CN 09.08.1996 p1 Botchergate auction looks at closure
CN 13.09.1996 pp 1,10 Midlands turns its back on Botchergate
CN 25.01.1991 p23 City battle to save sub Post Office stepped up
CN 05.08.1994 p14 Down your way
CN 23.05.1997 p9 Botchergate’s hidden treasure
CN 24.10.1997 p19 (aerial view) The way the Romans marched...
CN 06.03.1998 p1 Portland properties goes bust
CN 25.09.1998 p5 Botchergate the golden mile
CN 23.10.1998 p1 Call for more excavation work at cinema
CN 06.11.1998 p7 Aerial view
CN 31.10.2003 p1 Threatened closure of Botchergate post office

CJ 14.08.1903 (illus)

See also Gaumont, Odeon
CJ 30.07.1915 p6a First advert for New Picture House
CJ 01.04.1938 p13 Cinema fire
Memories of Carlisle, Chapter 1 Photo of facade circa 1955

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

BOTCHERGATE CONSERVATIVE CLUB Formerley the Albert Hotel; opened 28.08.1893
CP 04.02.1898 p7
CJ 14.07.1903 Club struck off the register for drunkeness on premises

ENS 12.09.1959 p1 Blitz in Botchergate - reconstruction scheme
CJ 14.10.1966 p3 (Illus) Development plan
CJ 06.01.1967 p11 Development plan abandoned
CJ 01.03.1968 p12 Development plan
CN 08.03.1968 p3 Development plan revised
CN 09.12.1988 p4 Sweeping changes in a main city street
CN 23.03.1989 p1 City facelift for problem area
CN 11.05.1990 p7 Aiming to give street a new look
CN 30.11.1990 p15 Facelift talks
CN 22.05.1992 p17 Plan to give street new life
CN 16.10.1992 p18 Trust study city area
CN 29.10.1993 p3 Plan to spruce up streets
CN 05.11.1993 p7 Facelift planned
CN 19.11.1993 p1 (map) Revolutionary plan to make Botchergate into walkway
CN 26.11.1993 p1 £1m Botchergate go ahead
CN 26.11.1993 p14 (illus) Slump St lifeline
CN 14.01.1994 p3 Backing Botchergate
CN 04.02.1994 p25 Surveyor attacks Botchergate plan
CN 25.03 1994 p13 City shops homes plans
CN 01.04.1994 p15 £700,000 for Botchergate face lift
CN 12.08.1994 p3 Blue print for a bright Botchergate
CN 12.08.1994 p12 Tatty street hitting hotels trade
CN 07.10.1994 p5 Facelift first steps
CN 27.01.1995 p1 Million £ revamp
CN 10.02.1995 p5 Botchergate plan will be £1m white elephant
ENS 14.05.1995 p10 Botchergate blueprint gets a cool reception
CN 08.09.1995 pp1,10 People power backs Botchergate revamp
CN 29.09.1995 p1 Botchergate gets seal of approval
CN 22.09.1995 p5 Botchergate stalled
CN 06.10.1995 p1 Joy as Botchergate revamp is put on ice
CN 10.11.1995 p3 Botchergate protesters will ask government to drop plan
CN 08.12.1995 p1 (illus) Beautiful Botchergate scheme unveiled
CN 15.12.1995 p2 Labour feud hits plans for Botchergate
CN 29.01.1996 p5 Resign call over revamp
ENS 03.04.1996 p5 Botchergate revamp wait sinks pet shop
CN 06.09.1996 p4 Ask the public
CN 20.09.1996 p3 (illus) Council earmark £70,000 to smarten up street
CN 08.11.1996 p6 Campaign man welcomes new street plan
CN 06.12.1996 p1 New multi million pound scheme for Botchergate
CN 17.01.1997 p3 Support stopped
CN 17.01.1997 p5 Planners set to rule on £25m new Botchergate
CN 07.03.1997 p13 Rats in Botchergate
CN 16.05.1997 p3 Public thumbs up to Botchergate show
CN 20.06.1997 p3 Going for £10m
CN 25.07.1997 p1 Botchergate not forgotten
CN 15.08.1997 p16 Brightening Botchergate
CN 22.08.1997 p5 (illus) £325,000 city facelift is nearly over
CN 24.10.1997 p5 (illus) End in sight for chipboard city...
CN 21.11.1997 p3 Build new civic HQ in Botchergate
CN 21.11.1997 p11 (illus) Bulldoze the Civic Centre, scrap the airport...
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p186 photo of redevelopment
CN 13.03.1998 p3 Man who holds key to Botchergate work
CN 10.04.1998 p1 Airport mastermind eyes up Botchergate again
CN 24.04.1998 p1 Traders confront city bosses
CN 19.06.1998 p3 (illus) New pubs success inspires £8m boost to Botchergate
CN 31.07.1998 p1 Botchergate will rise from the ashes
CN 14.08.1998 p16 Bulldozers prepare to move
CN 11.09.1998 p1 Tycoon involved in deal
CN 02.10.1998 p6 Rebirth of Botchergate begins
CN 16.10.1998 p2 (illus) Set to be ‘Royal Mile’ of Carlisle
CN 18.12.1998 p3 Pizzas in the piazza?
CN 18.06.1999 p2 Scaffolding collapse
CN 11.02.2000 p1 Scaffolding collapse firms in court
CN 02.03.2001 p2 Plans to build a new hotel, shops, offices in Botchergate
CN 13.04.2001 p7 Pland revealed for Botchergate
CN 01.06.2001 p5 New nightclub planned for Botchergate
CN 08.03.2002 p3 Work starts on Monday on multi million pound development
CN 13.09.2002 p3 (illus) Steel work of Botchergate’s new skyline rises
CN 07.02.2003 p5 Multi million pouns transformation near completion this summer
CN 02.05.2003 p1 Planning permission for 15 flats; South Henry St corner
CN 08.08.2003 p14 £2m Ibis Hotel opens
CN 31.10.2003 p3 Botchergate development of pubs, bars almost complete
CN 19.12.2003 p3 Australian bar open; other attractions planned
CN 10.06.2005 p6 (illus) Plans for Botchergate development; numbers 149-59
CN 12.05.2006 p22 Plans to make Botchergate a pedestrian area on Saturday night
CN 04.01.2008 p11 Gates for Botchergate will mean no traffic on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights [fear of drunks being run over]

CJ 23.07.1937 p7 CN 20.05.1977 p17 CN 24.06.1977 p21 CN 13.09.1974 p7 CN 24.09.1976 p1 CN 03.09.1976 p1 CN 13.05.1977 p32 (map)
CN 20.05.1977 p17 CN 03.03.1978 p19 CN 14,10.1977 p7
ENS 14.09.1978 p10 (illus) ENS 01.04.1982 pp16-19
CN 13.05.1977 p32 (plan),p17,p8 (opinion)

CN 01.11.1957 p10 CN 08.11.1957 p10 CN 22.11.1957 p12
CN 29.11.1957 p10
CP 16.02.1850 p1 Ad; For sale various properties ‘in improving part of Carlisle’
CJ 09.06.1863 p3 State of in 1863
Our City Our People p20 on Description of shops about 1900
CN 15.12.1972 p6 (illus) About 1900
CN 17.05.1974 p6 History
CN 10.06.1944 p5 Name and early history
CN 04.04.1985 p4 History
CN 06.01.1990 pxiii supp. Street that saw the rebels off to the gallows
CN 18.10.1996 p10 From a green field to a palace
ENS 13.05.1976 p7 (illus) In the steps of Roman legions
ENS 13.05.1976 p8 (illus) Botchergate is steeped in history
CN 09.10.1998 p1 Carlisle’s Romans went to Botchergate
CN 06.11.1998 p9 Botchergate comes full circle
CN 22.01.1999 p12 Banks etc
Memorials of Old Carlisle Topping and Potter p27 Derivation of name
CN 25.10.1957 p10 About 1850
CN 03.03.2000 p12 All change in life and times of Botchergate

See also RIOTS
CN 05.05.1989 p11 City police heroes are honoured
CN 29.04.1988 p10 Editorial Public disorder
CN 15.04.1994 p1 New vandalism outbreaks
CN 27.05.1994 p10 Street of shame
CN 25.07.1997 p1 (illus) Co-op blaze; firemen look again at arson
CN 29.05.1998 p10 Boozergate
CN 07.08.1998 p1 Bulldozers to flatten arsonists playground
CN 16.02.2001 p1 Pint and punchup culture

ENS 08.07.1970 Supplement p16 Busy Botchergate is shoppers paradise
ENS 13.05.1976 pp 10-12 (illus) Something for everyone in this area of Carlisle
ENS 31.01.1980 pp14,15 Shopping supplement
CN 18.11.1994 p18 Top stores keen
CN 30.07.1993 p1 Shops chain boost
CN 15.09.1995 p1 Big name on way
CN 29.09.1995 p3 Boutique business man quits Botchergate
CN 13.06.1997 p3 Anger of cafe pair forced out
CN 03.04.1998 p1 Traders in despair
CN 29.03.2002 p7 Mayblins closes after nearly 100 years

CJ 21.07.1939 p3 £50,000 by-pass
CN 17.06.1994 p3 No parking spaces for disabled
CN 02.12.1994 p13 Relief road gets go ahead
CN 13.01.1995 p16 Scrap road plan call
CN 28.07.1995 p4 Call for rethink on road plans
CN 03.11.1995 p1 Doctors fight city route plan
ENS 07.05.1996 pp1,3 £224,000 cost of doomed relief road
CN 01.08.1997 p11 Bid to block traffic trial scheme fails
CN 08.08.1997 p5 Green light for city traffic plan
CN 03.10.1997 p1 Botchergate traffic
CN 21.11.1997 p3 Delay traffic scheme until you see development plan
CN 16.07.1999 p10 Traffic plan will make things worse
CN 14.06.2002 p9 Bus and cycle lane to be removed

CN 15.05.1998 p10 From a co-operative past to a Woodrow Wilson future
CN 19.06.1998 p3 (illus) New pubs success inspires £8m boost for Botchergate

BOTT,W York House, London Road
Leading Trader of the City A616 Ad p62
CD 1905-06 Ad p169
CD 1907-08 Ad p182
CD 1910-11 Ad p95

CN 27.12.1974 p10


BOUNDARIES Boundaries extended by Carlisle Corporation Act of 1887 which came into effect from 15.05.1887; from 09.11.1912 parts of Belle Vue, Cummersdale, Stanwix, Upperby, Harraby and Botcherby were added to Carlisle municpial borough
CAIH p54
CN 12.10.1946 p5 CN 26.10.1946 p5 CN 10.01.1948 p3
CP 15.04.1898 p6c Incorporating Stanwix with Carlisle
1930 City of Carlisle Yearbook p46 City boundary points on main roads [L168]
CN 28.09.1946 p5 Map showing 3 constituencies, Carlisle...
CJ 21.07.1950 p4 Extension of Carlisle city boundaries
CN 05.11.1949 p9 Plan of proposed extension
CN 22.10.1971 p16 Extension of 1903
CN 15.10.1993 p2 Accusations fly in boundaries row
CN 21.07.2000 p26 Suggested changes by Boundary Commission
CN 19.01.2001 p7 Public inquiry into suggested changes to Carlisle Constituency
CN 22.06.2001 p5 Boundary changes to Carlisle constituency; Wetheral to city

CN 22.11.1947 p3 CN 29.11.1947 p5 CN 06.12.1947 p3
CN 13.12.1947 p5 CN 20.12.1947 p5 CN 15.08.1969 p12
CN 05.09.1969 p12 Lists positions

BOUNDARY TERRACE; Upperby So named on 1901 census

CN 21.01.2005 p 6 Run by Kay Kyle

CN 11.03.1988 p6 Playing in Carlisle

BOUSFIELD LANE Scotch Street; so named on Woods 1821 map of the city
The Lanes Remembered p27 Photo
1891 census; 23 people living in lane
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 No 5 unfit for human habitation

BOUSTEAD, James English Street
M442 p2 Business card for tea, coffee, chocholate and cocoa dealer

31.01.1765 Died Thomas Boustead of Carlisle, Attorney at law [Stanwix registers]

BOUSTEAD, William Donald’s Ct, King’s Arms Lane
1882 Porters Directory Ad p170 Whitesmith, locksmith and bellhanger

CP 16.11.1833 p1 Ad Boustead’s Grassing to be sold
City Minutes 1915-16 p98 Approval for 24 houses; details of size and nos of rooms
City Minutes 1919-20 p 131 Work commenced on houses on 20th January1920
Sanitary Condition of the City of Carlisle 1928 p24 32 houses completed
CN 06.08.1999 p2 Residents protests at new homes

City Minutes 1899-1900 p344 Estate to be named Bower Street
City Minutes 1900-01 p 326 Approval for 8 houses
City Minutes 1933-34 p167 Plans approved for 8 houses; owner J.Millar

BOWES STORES 137 Denton St
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p32 Mary Ann Bowes outside shop; pp19-20
CD1952 p116 Ad
Cumberland Directory Ad p35
CD 1955-56 Ad p35

BOWES, Bill Crosby St
CN 01.12.2006 p15 Firm closes; started in 1953

CPacquet 15.08.1797 Ad; to be let a nice bowling green; Spring Gardens Lane
CJ 14.11.1801 p1d Spring Garden Bowling Green to let; fruit trees and green
Carlisle an illustrated history p82 1880s photo of Springs Gardens bowling green
CP 09.04.1897 p5 Opening of Carlisle Subscription Bowling Green Myddleton St
CP 29.04.1898 p5a Meeting to form new bowling green at Edenside
09.07.1919 International Tournament Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p92
City Minutes 1924-25 p397 Advert for green keeper for Currock Bowling Green
City Minutes 1927-28 p829 Income and players at municipal greens; 1927 and 28
CN 01.05.1970 p28 SMS to open indoor rink?
CN 15.03.1974 p36 Indoor rink
CN 16.06.1972 p1 Indoor green on Viaduct Estate
CN 17.11.1972 p1 Indoor green on Viaduct Estate
ENS 19.01.1976 p5 Indoor bowling green opened
CN 23.01.1976 p13 Indoor green - Viaduct Estate
CN 28.04.1978 p16 (illus) Edenside Bowling Club
CN 02.06.1989 p4 Bowling club of long ago
CN 15.12.1989 p4 Still bowling along
CN 28.03.1991 p6 Bowlers to lose greens
CN 08.10.1999 p12 Days that prisoners destroyed a bowling green inside prison

BOWLING GREEN INN / HOTEL Lowther Street; in local directories from 1837 until State Management sell off when it became a probation hostel; forerunner of this pub was the Shakespeare Tavern
See also Bowling; Probation Hostel
Carlisle an illustrated history p82 photo of rear of inn and bowling green
1891 census; Andrew Tait, aged 61, hotel keeper, bn Scotland
CD 18.02.1898 p5c Dinner to the city police
ENS 01.04.1971 p6 The pub has lost its bowling green but retains its name
CN 21.02.1992 p4 (illus)
CN 08.10.1999 p12 (illus) Day rioting prisoners destroyed a bowling green

BOWMAN,Edward Denton Street
CD 1920 Ad p68

BOWMAN, George
ENS 03.09.1958 p2 Ad supplement

BOWMAN, John W. 139 Denton St
CD 1955-56 Ad p233
CD 1961 -62 Ad p19

BOWMAN, Robert Tower Buildings
Watch and clock repairer
The Lanes Remembered p79 Photo of shop, 21 Scotch Street
CD 1952 Ad p395
CD 1954 Cumberland Directory Ad p82
CD 1955-56 Ad p82

BOWMAN,T 61 English Street
Berlin and fancy repository
CD 1880 Ad p xxii
CD 1884-85 Ad p263

BOWMAN, Thomas Dealer in fancy goods, aged 31, born York, home address 34 Cecil Street [1861 census]

BOWMANS, Edward 139 Denton St
CD 1920 Ad p68

CN 16.06.1995 p4 Ad

BOWMAN’S CLOSE Botchergate
See also Fusehill Street
City Council Minutes 09.02.1886 p9 Sale of Charity Field

Chemists and druggists
CD 1920 Ad p40

Started in 1857, closed Sept 1971
Carlisle a photographic recollection; J.Templeton; photo of facade p19
CN 24.09.1971 p8 CN 26.11.1971 p14 (portrait)

BOWMAN STREET In vicinity of field called Bowman’s Field [CN 17.09.2004 p6]; street first noted in 1880 directory

BOWSON, Benjamin and Co Merchant; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

BOX, Gordon
CN 07.09.1990 p8 Boom firm that’s Boxing clever
CN 23.01.1998 p15 Coach companies merge

D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered p92 Last prize fight in city
CJ 03.07.1934 p4 Open air
CN 15.11.1971 p11(illus) At the Cosmo
CN 19.02.1988 p4 Border prize fight drew 15,000 crowd; city fighters made history
CN 03.03.1989 p4 City fight made the headlines
CN 26.09.1997 p21 I was close to quitting but in I knew I’d be the champion
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p100 Photo of C.Shepherd boxing in city
CN 19.10.2001 p26 (illus) Carlisle Villa Boxing Club
CN 01.03.2002 p25 Charles Shepherd opens boxing gym on Raffles estate
CN 10.10.2003 p24 Currock House Boxing Club gets grants
CN 23.02.2007 p26 Feature on Carlisle Villa Boxing Club, Currock; formerly called Christus Rex

BOYD, Thomas Grocer and druggist, aged 37, employing 5 men and 8 boys, born Burgh by Sands, home address 16 Spencer St [1861 census]

BOYD, William G, and Son 26 Blackfriars St
Signwriters, decorators
CD 1952 Ad p350

City Minutes 1931-32 p289 nos. 2,4,6, unfit for human habitation

CN 21.07.1995 p1 Tension mounts over boy racers
CN 12.01.1996 p4 Gates and bollards spoil boy racers

BOYS BRIGADE Started in Carlisle in 1892
CP 27.05.1898 p5d CN 13.10.1967 p13 CN 27.10.1967 p10
CN 03.11.1967 p5 (illus), p13 CN 24.11.1967 p14 (illus)
CJ 22.04.1921 p7d Stanwix Boys Brigade
CN 13.05.1921 p8 St James Company
CJ 26.03.1943 p3 Ist Battalion - Jubilee celebrations
CN 27.03.1943 1st Battalion Diamond Jubilee
CN 16.09.1966 p12 Boys Brigade Institute demolished
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News pp116,7 Boys Brigade parade in 1969, 1970
CN 23.09.1988 p3 Rose Ann is just one of the boys
CN 10.11.1989 p4 Boys Brigade came to city century ago
CN 18.10.1991 p11 Calling all ex city Boys Brigade members
CN 13.12.1991 p11 Keeping Boys Brigade flag flying after 100 years
CN 18.12.1992 p19 A new spirit for the boys clubs
CN 26.03.1993 p4 Happy days in Boys Brigade
CN 09.07 1993 p4 Photograph
CN 29.10.1993 p14 One club as effective as 10 police

CN 25.02.1911 Baden Powell’s visit of 18.02.1911
CJ 07.05.1937 p5 New company site
CJ 14.09.1937 p5 Man of many eyes
CJ 27.01.1948 p3 40 years celebration
CN 31.01.1948 p5 (illus) 40 years celebrations
CJ 13.07.1948 p1 Baden Powell Guild (old scouts)
CJ 21.07.1967 p6 (illus) new headquarters in Abbey street
CN 28.07.1967 p11 new headquarters
CN 04.06.1993 p4 Photos of Holy Trinity Scouts and Holy Trinity Cubs


BRADLEY,A 3 Kings Arms Lane, Peascod’s Lane
Painters and decorators
CD 1952 Ad p351
CD 1955-56 Ad p272

BRADLEYS (Chester) Ltd 19 English Street
Outfitters opened in Carlisle June 1966
CN 24.06.1966 p9 (illus)

BRAMPTON ROAD; originally known as the Military Road was formed between 1749 - 1757. Numbers 3-9 were built in 1905, replacing thatched cottages on the Bank. The adjoining houses East date from the 1840s/50s
City Minutes 1929-30 p728 Approval for 26 houses by John Laing
CN 26.11.1949 p5 Port. of cottages at junction with Scotland Road

BRASH, E.G. 6 Paternoster Rd
1882 Porters Directory Ad p96 successor to John Williams; iron and wire worker

CP 15.04.1898 p3c Competition

CN 27.06.1997 p7 (illus) Bravery award policeman tackled garage knifeman

BRAY,C.H. Devonshire Walk
CD 1893-94 Ad p214 late J and R Richardson’s

CN 23.07.1999 p19 Ad


BREARLEY, James Stockbrokers; opened in 1988 closed 2002
CN 14.06.2002 p18 Stockbrokers to close

ENS 23.06.1960 p9 Machines will tell whether you are fit to drive
ENS 25.06.1960 p7 Chief Constables differ on value of pub reactor meters


BRENNAN’S SHOP Scotch Street
CN 27.02.1976 p6 (illus)

see also Carlisle Old Brewery; New Brewery, Connell and Pattinson, Daniel, Hall, Haugh, Iredale, Pattinson, Peattie, Queens Brewery,Theakston (formerly Carlisle Old Brewery), State Management, West Walls Brewery
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894-1916, 2004
CN 22.09.1951 p4 CN 29.09.1951 p4 CN 06.10.1951 p5
CN 13.10.1951 p4 CN 17.11.1951 p4 CN 21.10.1960 p12
CN 09.02.1968 p10 CN 14.11.1975 p10 (illus) CN 22.11.1974 p8
CN 13.12.1974 p1 CN 18.08.1972 p1 CN 19.01.1973 p1
CN 26.01.1973 p1 CN 02.02.1973 p1 CN 16.02.1973 p9
CN 27.07.1973 p1 CN 03.08.1973 p1
04.09.1762 Christening St Mary’s Parish regs; George Irwin,the Brewery, Maltster
CD 1905-06 Ad p87 Carlisle New Brewery, Shaddongate
CN 01.09.1928 p9 In the 1860’s
ENS 12.03.1968 p1 Walk out shuts State Management Brewery
CN 24.09.1971 p16 Carlisle State Brewery
CN 28.09.1973 p40 For sale?
CN 03.05.1974 p17 Carlisle Brewery bought by Theakston
CN 15.11.1974 p5 Old Brewery, Rome Street
CN 28.07.1978 p11 Expansion of Theakston
CN 16.10.1987 p9 Former state management brewery Theakston closes
CN 11.12.1987 p1 Hotel planned as brewery is sold (ex Theakston)
CN 27.01.1989 p3 City brewery plans unveiled
CN 06.07.1990 p4 Link with former city brewery
CN 07.12.1990 p9 Veto for brewers
CN 13.01.1995 p13 Beer fanatics look forward to top class drinking
CN 03.03.1995 p10 Ales brewed in Carlisle could be found in the colonies
CN 26.01.1996 p3 20 real ales on tap
CN 17.03.2000 p12 Rise and fall of Carlisle Brewing business
CN 11.08.2006 p11 City breweries at and after the 1916 State Control takeover

BREWERY ROW So named because of its proximity to the New Brewery; in local directories from 1834 and in voters list until 1973
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p117 Photo of street in 1937
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p29 View of Row in 1959

Carlisle Examiner 23.10.1858 p2c


BRICKLAYERS ARMS John St, Caldewgate; in local directories from 1880; closed by Central Control Board in October 1916; in 1894 the owner is given as Thomas Lister who was also a builder, hence the name? The pub may previous to 1880 have been called the Sportsman’s Arms Inn and previous to this the Weavers Arms; building demolished 2001
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p114 Photo of pub in 1902
S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses, 2004, p44
ENS 02.11.1916 Closed October 1916
CN 02.08.1991 p4 (illus)

CAIH p88
1711 Son of W. Reay, Carlisle brickmaker, adm to Gra.Sch.; Gra. Sch. Reg. p55
1717 Son of R Railton, of Carlisle, brickmaker, adm to Gra.Sch.; Gra. Sch. Reg. p62
1746 Brick kilns marked on G.Smith’s 1746 map of Carlisle near King Moor
Cumbria Industrialist, vol 3 G.Brooks Cumbrian Brick Works:North Cumbria, 2000
CJ 24.12.1813 Sell, rent or let a field at for making any quantity of bricks
CJ 16.04.1814 Field at Newtown well adapted for brick-making. Excellent clay over whole field. Two small kilns
CJ 11.03.1826 p1a Bricks for sale now standing at Botcherby
CJ 15.04.1826 p1c Bricks for sale at Stanwix
CJ 30.01.1847 p2b To be let brickfield at Botcherby
CJ 14.07.1854 Newly erected brickworks at Murrell Hill
CN 24.11.2000 p8 The clay that built the bricks that built our city

BRICKYARD, Fisher Street
CN 21.03.2008 p10 Faces winding up order

CN 27.02.2004 p4 Owner Deborah Dixon xloses to concentrate on tiaras

BRIDE AND GROOM Wedding hire
CN 22.11.1996 p17 Bride and Groom create a fairytale wedding

BRIDGE INN Solway Street; in local directories 1858 - 1858
CJ 29.01.1858 Ad; Beerhouse to be let
1861 census; Robert Irving, 43, bn Longtown Innkeeper, no 3 Solway Terrace

City Minutes 1931-32 p220 Nos 2,4,8, unfit for human habitation

see also Railway Bridges, Botcherby Bridge, Brunstock Beck Bridge, Caldew Bridge, Crown St; Denton St; Durranhhill Railway Bridge, Durranhill Road Bridge, Eden Bridges, Etterby Railway footbridge, Harraby Bridge, Irishgate Bridge, Maryport Cottages Railway Footbridge, Nelson Bridge, Port Road Railway Bridge, Roman Bridges, Rome Street Bridge, Upperby Bridge, Victoria Viaduct, Millennium Fund (for Hadrian’s Bridge), Wigton Rd
ENS 21.11.1960 p11 Stainton Road bridge - 2 big bangs
CN 11.09.1992 p1 Bridge steel appeal (Crown St railway bridge)
CN 11.11.1994 p18 £15,900 to revamp city bridges
CN 04.10.1996 p1 £2m lottery cash for new Eden bridge
CN 07.11.1997 p1 Architects battle for new Eden bridge
CN 12.12.1997 p5 Young architects bridge designs to go on display
CN 23.01.1998 p4 (illus) Millennium bridge
CN 26.06.1998 Repair work to start on danger bridge (Waverley)
CN 28.08.1998 p9 Builder Ormistons viaduct
CN 04.06.1999 p1(illus) Millennium Bridge faces hugh overspend
CN 18.06.1999 p11 Why build bridges just revive one - letters
CN 03.09.1999 p5 search for mole who leaked bridge figures
CN 05.11.1999 p1 Hadrians Bridge - lottery blow
CN 10.12.1999 p1 £300,000 extra for bridge
CN 23.12.1999 p3 Hadrians Bridge - city opts for original design
CN 31.03.2000p7 Giant crane to lift new bridge
CN 07.04.2000 p1 (illus) Midnight move (Irishgate)
CN 14.04.2000 pp1,11 (illus) Civic Trust slates bridge (Irishgate)
CN 19.07.2002 pp1,5 Longest Eden bridge as part of projected Northen bypass

Carlisle in Camera 2 p29 View prior to 1894

BRIDGE TERRACE Holme Head; built 1852-53 for Ferguson Brothers, originally 16 houses now 11, architect John Hodgson; the new bridge at Boustead Grassing is referred to in the Carlisle Journal of 04.01.1840; coffee tavern and reading room provided for Ferguson workers opened January 1882; nearby recreation ground and bowling green laid out in 1881

City Minutes30.03.1893 item 400 Approval for laying out new street

BRIGGS BROTHERS West Tower St, 1 and 2 Market St
House furnishers
CD 1880 Ad pxiii
CD 1884-85 Ad p272
CD 1893-94 Ad p148 Esrablished half a century, 1 and 2 Market St
CD 1902-03 Ad p13
CD 1905-06 Ad p101
CD 1910-11 Ad p98
CD 1913-14 Ad p70
CD 1920 p116

BRIGGS, James Carpentar, aged 40, employing 5 men and 2 apprentices, home address Gibbons Court, Scotch St, born Scotland [1851 census]

BRIGGS, W and Co 84 London Road
The Tyre Hospital
1954 Cumberland Directory Ad p281
CD 1955-56 Ad p287

CN 27.07.2007 p22 Independent film production firm established in city

BRIGHT STREET Radical sympathisers named this street after MP John Bright [CAIH p49]
CN 14.12.2007 p57 12 Bright Street for sale; 1850s mid terraced property - photo

BRISCO, James William Had a basket making business in Old Globe Lane for over sixty years, circa 1900. For a period he taught blind men in Lonsdale Street the art of basket making. He grew an acre of willow for the baskets [CN 19.06.1970 p14]; 1931 Directory lists John W Brisco, basket and bedding manufacturer, 51a Castle Street

City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus service to Currock, Blackwell...
City Minutes 1926-7 p628 Licensed to operate bus service to Currock....

CN 29.09.2000 p3 (illus)Carlisle wins top award
CN 03.06.2005 p3 Carlsile will not take part this year; silver last year

BRITANNIA INN Irishgate Brow; in local directories to 1848
CJ 25.04.1846 Ad; to be let a public house

CD 1952 Ad p322

Carlisle Examiner 06.01.1859 p4a Visit to Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 05.03.1859 p2c Arrangements for meeting in carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 26.07.1859 p2c Society in Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 30.07.1859 p2c,d,e,f, p3a,b,c,d,e Society in Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 02.08.1859 p2e,f p3a,b,c,d,e p4b,c Society in Carlisle
Carlisle Examiner 06.08.1859 p4c Society in Carlisle

CN 28.10.1950 p5 Television comes to Borders
CN 14.09.1956 Top floor of Bulloughs, Castle Street, acquired for BBC Studio
CN 03.07.1987 p6 Switch of BBC news from Newcastle to Manchester
CN 06.11.1987 p6 Letter concerning above
CN 13.11.1987 p12 Editorial concerning switch
CN 18.12.1987 p6 Letter concerning switch
CN 22.01.1988 p1 Switch back say parishes
CN 05.02.1988 p11 MP in top talks

CJ 16.12.1947 p2 Visit to Carlisle

CN 15.12.1995 p12 Bid to keep HQ in city
CN 23.02.1996 p8 Deaf HQ shutdown - 20 jobs

BRITISH FIELD PIECE INN Caldew Brow; in local directories from 1844 - 1848

CN 09.12.1994 p12

CJ 23.04.1937 p4 Carlisle HQ
CJ 03.09.1937 p1 (illus p5) Opening of HQ
CN 11.01.1947 p7 Dedication of the new standards
CN 23.07.1999 p5 Flying flag for Carlisle
CN 08.11.2002 p10 Letter concerning British Legion’s leaving Tory Club
CN 18.10.2002 p6 Stanwix branch can no longer have AGM in Conservative club
CN 07.11.2003 p8 Victor Busby President of Carlisle Branch; feature
CN 28.03.2008 p17 Stanwix and St Ann’e branch closes after 60 years

CN 10.01.2003 p3 Party to fight May elections in city
CN 28.05.2004 p BNP chief Nick Griffin to visit city

BRITISH RAILWAYS CLUB Gillford Park Opened 12.11.1963
CJ 15.11.1963 pp6-7 (illus)

see also Eden Restaurant; Petteril Restaurant
CN 16.10.1992 p4 Coping with wartime food rationing


Lancastrian School first founded 1811 in a large room in Watergate (Whellan 1860 p 125); new building Mary St 1834 (Mannix and Whellan 1847 p138) ; so named on Studholme’s 1842 survey of city; closed 07.10.1885; demolished 1973
1834 Pigot’s Directory, Lancastrian School, Water Lane, Timothy Powell, Master
CP 27.12.1862 p5
CP 16.12.1870 Elementary School Returns; 242 on roll 170 attending
CP 08.01.1886 p1a Ad; Former British School, then Board School, for sale
CN 13.07.1973 p6 illustration of foundation stone
CN 20.07.1973 p6
CN 16.09.1988 p4 Danger in school as ceilings fell in

CN 26.06.1992 p12 Standards of excellence

CN 29.03.2002 p5 124 job losses as BT call centre closes in city

BRITISH WORKMAN INSTITUTE Temperance Society pened in former Gleaner public House in November 1875 [CN 16.01.2004 p6]

CD 1893-94 Ad p24

Ice cream manufacturer
CD 1893-94 Ad p170

BROADGUARDS Shaddingate; so named on Wood’s 1821 map of city
City Minutes 1931-32 p70 Nos 2,3,4,5,7, 8 and 9 unfit for human habitation

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

BROAD STREET The city plan of 1821 shows a Broad Meadows in this area; no Broad Street on 1871 census but on 1881 census
CP 23.06.1899 p6d 43 Broad Street sold; house leased for 200 years from 1877
ENS 10.04.2003 p3 (illus) E.Pigram’s 99 year association with Broad St house

M442 p48 Business label for tea dealers

BROCKBANK, Ellwood Timber merchant, aged 54, employing 20 men and 10 boys, home address 6 George Street, born Ulverston [1851 census]

BROCKBANK,I.G. 26 Devonshire St
Hatter and Gents Mercer
CD 1905-06 p98
CD 1907-08 Ad p98

BROCKBANK, John Timber merchants
1861 census John Brockbank, timber merchant, aged 31, employing 29 men and 10 boys, home address 6 George St, born Carlisle
CP 28.10.1870 p1 For sale premises in James St lately occupied by J.Brockbank

In Carlisle September 1915
CJ 03.09.1965 p6

BRONZE AGE Bronze age earthenware was found in clearing the ground at the Garlands Hospital in 1861; for an illustration see Carlisle an illustrated history p3; plough marks, around 2,000 BC, associated with the early bronze age have been found during the Castle Green dig [Carlisle Millennium Project; excavations in Carlisle 1998 - 2001 p6]
CWAAS ns vol 56 3 unpublished collections of Bronze age pottery at...Garlands...
CWAAS 3rd series Vol 5, 2005 Bronze age burnt mound at Garlands Hospital

BROOKFIELD GARDENS London Rd; on electoral registers from 1897

BROOKS Market Arcade, Scotch St, Botchergate
1891 census; James Brooks, tobacconist, Botchergate, born Cummersdale, 54
CD 1920 Ad p260 Established over 50 years
City Minutes 1928-9 p216 No 1 Arcade formerly occupied by Mrs Brooks to be let
CD 1952 Ad p162 (J.Brooks)

So called on Asquith’s 1853 plan of city, road leading to Greystone; a few houses being built at the Botchergate end of the road. A stream passes under the road at the Botchergate end, hence the name? The 1st edition OS map shows no signs of this stream
City Council Minutes 1892-93 pp133-138 Erection of 193 dwelling houses
CWAAS OS Vol 13 p251-2 Find of Roman tiles in Brook St on 03.07.1894
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p165 Photo of flooded street in1967
CN 26.03.1999 p9 A store of goodies

BROOK STREET SCHOOL Brook St Infants School opened 12.10.1891, architect T.Taylor Scott; Brook Street Boys school opened 25.07.1892; Brook St Girls School and extension to Infants school opened 04.08.1896; Brook Street Infants renamed Brook Street Primary School 31.08.1982
Linton Holme a suburb of Carisle p35 Photos
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p120; photo of girls class
Carlisle an illustrated history p47 iIlustration of architect’s design
City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 pp 22,24 Photos of schoold in1924 p 39 1958 photo
Over the Garden Wall; life of Donald Scott p12 Memories of school in 1940s
CN 30.03.1990 p5 (Illus) Yesteryear
CN 28.11.1997 p4 Pupils create their own garden
CN 15.10.2004 p13 Photo of infants in 1930s

CN 04.03.1994 p14 Ad


BROUGH, J.T. 1 Market Place
1882 Porters Directory Ad p66 Tea dealer

CN 07.12.1979 p36 Move to Carlisle
CN 14.12.1979 p9 (illus) Move to Carlisle
CN 25.05.1979 p1 Move to Carlisle

BROWN, A.C. 21 English St
Hatter, Hosier and Gents Mercer
M.Constantine Carlisle a history and celebration 79 Photo of shop front
CD 1893-94 Ad p78 late J.Barnett
CD 1902-03 Ad p283
CD 1905-06 Ad p66

BROWN, Miss A.J. 56 Castle Street
1891 census; Alice Brown, dressmaker, aged 48, home 56 Castle St, bn Carlisle
CD 1893-94 Ad p26

BROWN, A.P. and J Builders
CN 27.06.2008 p25 Founded 30 years ago; now at St Nicholas Yard

BROWN, Andrew Nelson Street
Carpet and furniture
CD 1966-68 Ad p268
CN 09.09.2005 p4 Obituary of Andrew Brown

BROWN, Chris Joinery
CN 16.12.1988 p17 Ad
CN 21.02.2003 p18 Ad feature; formed 1982
CN 16.11.2007 p16 Ad Feature on Netwown Rd Industrial estate firm

BROWN,G.F. and Co 6 Lowther St , 14 Devonshire St, 25 English Street
Ironmongers, established 1840
Established by John Brown and carried on by his brother, Mr George Brown, until his death in 1875; then passed into other hands before being purchased by G.F.Brown, so bringing the business back into the family
Descriptive Account of Carlisle Illus, circa 1893; 4pp supp; 3 photos; B/ CAR 91
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered pp114-115 (illus)
CN 02.10.1959 p12 (illus) CN 09.10.1959 p10 (illus)
CD 1880 Ad pxix
CD 1905-06 Ad p78
CD 1910-11 Ad p106
CD 1920 Ad p182
CD 1924 Ad p224
CD 1927 Ad p224
CN 15.01.1993 p4 Shop steps into modern ways

BROWN, George 1 Brown’s Lane
CN 03.06.1977 p6 1912 Tech College Finance

BROWN, Gilbert Mary St
Wholesale Warehouseman
The Lanes Remembered p 107 photo of business in Lanes
CD 1893-94 Ad p140

BROWN, James Cork cutter, employing 1 boy, home address Lowther St, born Carlisle [1861 census]

BROWN, James Lowther St, Victoria Place Established 1860
Footwear specialist
Leading Trader of the City A616 Ad p52
CD 1902-03 Ad p178
CD 1920 Ad p16
CD 1927 Ad p224
CD 1931 Ad p116
CD 1934 Ad p232
CD 1937 Ad p154
CD 1940 Ad p46
CD 1952 Ad p263
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p225

BROWN, John Grocer, died 27.01.1804 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

BROWN, John Tinsmith, aged 56, employing 2 men and 2 boys, home address 11 Mill Street, born Scotland [1861 census]

BROWN, John 61 English Street
M442 pp 8, 47 Business card for tea dealer and grocer

BROWN, Joseph Shoemaker, died 27.01.1804 [Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard]

BROWN, Reg Driving School instructor
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p179 1950s photo of R.Brown and car

BROWN, Thomas and Co
Furnishing, textile manufacturers
CJ 07.01.1939 p10 Paragraph in Local Trade in 1937

BROWN, W Castle Street
Steam Dye Works
CJ 30.05.1856 Advert for new dyeing establishment at 65 Castle Street
1861 census; William Brown, home 85 Castle St, aged 27, born Whitehaven
1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p5 85 Castle St
Carlisle Diocesan Calendar 1869 Ad; established 1856
1891 census, William Brown, 57,dyer and cleaner, home Victoria Pl, bn Whitehaven
1901 census; William Brown, dyer, aged 68, home 23 Howard Pl, bn Whitehaven
CP 28.05.1909 Death of William Brown, aged 75, father dyer at Whitehaven
CN 01.03.2002 p 6 (illus) History of Brown’s the dyer

BROWN,W. and Sons 16 Bank St, 17 Devonshire Walk
Dyers, laundry,cleaners
Leading Trader of the City A 616 Ad pp28-29
Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.Templeton p39 photo
Guide to Carlisle C 178 Ad p290
CD 1902-03 Ad p174
CD 1905-06 Ad p2
CD 1907-08 Ad p62
CD 1910-11 Ad p152
CD 1913-14 Ad p76
see B/CAR 333.333 Devonshire Walk Works for sale 16/04/1918 ,acc 3263 (Alternative 2BC9 acc 17923)
CN 01.03.2002 p6 (illus) History of Brown’s the dyer

BROWN, William Cabinet maker in this city 24.03.1850; Monumental Inscription St Cuthbert’s Yard; 1851 census has a William Brown, joiner and cabinet maker, living in Corporation Road, aged 39, employing 6 men, born Scotland

BROWN,William S. 35 Bank Street
Tea merchant
CD 1884-85 Ad pviii

BROWN and BROWN 75 Scotch Street
Printers and stationers
The Lanes Remembered p47 photo
CD 1952 Ad p362

BROWN and PATTINSON South Street
Upholstery manufacturer
CD 1952 Ad p393
CD 1955-56 Ad p288

BROWN and STEWART 62 Castle St Clothes shop
CP 07.02.1896 p8g Successor to T.Rome

BROWNE, William Barrister at Law, aged 38, living at 5 Victoris Place, born Bridekirk, Cumberland [ 1851 census]

BROWNS 60 Lowther Street
Shoe shop
CD 1955-56 Ad back page iv
CD 1961-62 Ad back page xxxvi
CD 1966-68 Ad p62

BRS PARCELS LTD Petteril Bridge Station
CD 1966-68 Ad p273

The Lanes Remembered p78 Photo of facade of shop of Scotch Street
Carlisle in Old Picture Postcards; view 64 circa 1904 of icecream cart

BRUMELL, BARTON AND CO Calico printers; Bailey’s Northern Directory, 1781 and 1784

CN 07.12.2001 p13 (illus) New Brunstock Beck bridge in place; letter against

BRUNSWICK HOUSE Corner Brunswick St
CP 03.08.1866 p1 Ad; to let Brunswick House, lately occupied by Miss Tapley
CP 30.03.1883 p1 Ad To be let; specially built for ladies school

CN 18.09.1992 p10 City medical group in new surgery

BRUNSWICK HOUSE SCHOOL Brunswick St corner and Cavendish Place
1901 census Lydia Jefferson, aged 48, School Principal, 9 borders, 11 teachers
CP 13.01.1905 p1 Ad Boarding and day school for girls; prep school for boys
CN 13.03.1931 p14 Bruswick House School; Music Festival winners photo
CN 25.05.1990 p4 City’s private schools

Food specialists
CD 1952 Ad p212
CD 1955-56 Ad p93
CD 1961-62 Ad p273

BRUNSWICK STREET Street named in 1841 census
see also Brunswick House
CP 19.09.1863 Dwelling house in Brunswick Street to let
CP 03.08.1866 p1 Ad; to let Brunswick House, lately occupied by Miss Tapley
CP 05.01.1872 p1 Ad; no 11 for sale - ‘comparatively new’

City Minutes 1923-24 p49 Permission for 6 houses
M.Daley The Carlisle Flood; one story. Concerns 2005 flood in Brunton Avenue

BRUNTON CRESCENT On the voters list from 1929
City Minutes 1932-33 p 729 Permission for 4 houses. Owner E.J.Hill
City Minutes 1933-34 p 167 Permission for 14 houses. Owner E.J.Hill
CN 14.01.2005 p12 Brunton Crescent and the Great Flood

BRUNTON HOUSE Warwick Rd; John George Halstead died Brunton House, 259 Warwick Road, 23.01.1923 [Grammar School Memorial Register p189]

First Carlisle United game played here 02.09.1909
CN 26.09.1969 p14 CN 17.10.1969 p14
City Council Minutes 1908/09 pp95,102 proposed new football ground
CJ 03.09.1909 p7 First game at Brunton Park
CJ 05.04.1939 p1 No betting license for greyhound racing
CN 21.01.1950 p5 Youth International soccer match to be played on Feb.4th
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p88 1953 photo of stand that burnt down
ENS 02.05.1956 p1 United plan shelved (covered area)
ENS 07.07.1960 p1 To get extra covered terracing
CN 12.09.1969 p12 Purchased
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p169 Jan 1982 flooded and frozen - photo
CN 08.09.1989 p1 I would sell Brunton Park
CN 14.12.1990 p8 United’s club rooms top of the table
CN 10.09.1993 p4 50 years ago - aquisition of ground
CN 01.07 1994 p14 New scheme for Brunton Park
CN 10.09.1994 p4 50 years ago - acquisition of ground
CN 21.07.1995 p1 Brunton Park safety pledge
CN 17.08.2001 p9 History of Brunton Park before football ground
CN 18.06.2004 p24 Improvements at Waterworks end
CN 23.07.2004 p37 Feature on groundsman Ted Swainson
08.01.2005 Great Flood puts ground out of Action
CN 29.07.2005 p 28 Sunday unveiling of Hughie McIlmoyle statue
CN 09.09.2005 p13 Photo of unveiling

Would appear to now be the block nos 239-273 Warwick Road; no 247 has a plaque inset into gable end with the date 1847; Nancy Irving died at Brunton Place 06.05.1851 [Christ Church Memorials no 27] ;all this block appears on Asquith’s 1853 map of the city ;1891 census lists Petteril Bridge Inn as number 1Brunton Place

1861 census Annie Thompson, aged 21, born Carlisle
1891 census Agnes Thomson, aged 79, living on own means, bn Scotland
1901 census; John MacIntosh, clergyman, Church of Scotland, bn Scotland
City Minutes 1923-24 p116 Widening of Warwick Road; payment to D.Thomson

BRYDEN,S and Sons Clothing wholesalers
CJ 23.04.1948 p1 New premises
CN 24.04.1948 p7 New premises

BRYSON, Alexander Murrell Hill
1882 Porters Directory Ad p104 Joiner and builder

BS 5750
CN 26.06.1992 p12 A positive way to better business


Travel agents
CN 23.06.2000 p8 Ad feature

BUCHANAN STREET Named after Councillor Mrs E.S.Buchanan

BUCK, Robert and Sons Mr Robert Buck was born in Yorkshire at Skipton in 1822. Took an appointment with Messrs Joseph Pattinson and Co, Wigton by whom he was taken into partnership. In 1863 he began business in Dalston, combining cotton and marino spinning with the manufacture of fancy flannel shirtings. He took into partnership his sons Edward Robinson and Joseph Pattinson [who left to establish himself in Manchester] and a Mr Bleasby. Purchased the Atlas Works in Nelson Street and moved there in 1883. After moving into the city two other sons, Alfred and F.W. were taken into partnership; Robert Buck was also involved with the business Messrs Thomlinson and Buck, which subsquently was floated as the mains manufacturing Company, and was still carried on at the time of Mr Buck’s death in December 1897 [CJ 07.12.1897]; in 1953 the Cumberland News reported that the firm in a year manufactured at least 400 different tartans and about 70,000 dozen scarves, as well as shirts and pyjamas. The firm then employed about 550 people. Closure in the mid 1980s
CJ 07.01.1939 p10 09.05.1953 p6 (illus) CJ 26.06.1964 p1
Carlisle an illustrated history p36 interior view of finishing room pre WWI
M.Constantine Carlisle a history and celebration p60 Interior with woman worker
CJ 03.08.1928 Messrs R.R.Buck and Sons
CN 04.07.1958 Supplement (also B/CAR 791.6) ‘Bucks go back to Elizabeth 1st’
CN 13.08.1949 p5 (illus) Increased production
ENS 07.01.1960 p7 Extension
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p42 interior view of women at work
CD 1952 Ad p373
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p218
CD 1955-56 Ad p218

BUCKBARROW, David Mon. Insc. St Mary’s Church [Cathedral] No49; died 31.03.1784, merchant of this city

CJ 07.11.1801 p1a Houses in Buckbarrow Lane, Scotch St to be sold

BUCK HOUSE, Newtown Road 1861 census

BUCK INN 1 Corporation Road; in local directories 1848 - 1858; on 1861 census, Stephen Sharp, innkeeper, born Castle Sowerby

BUCK INN Irishgate;
CJ 21.02.1818 p1e Ad; to be sold or let

BUCKLE, J.A. South Henry Street
CD 1952 Ad p330
CD 1961-62 Ad p 282
CD 1966-68 Ad p280
CN 22.03.2002 p6 Taken over by J.A.Buckle two years ago

CN 29.03.2002 p3 Buddhists group to open centre in Aglionby Street
CN 06.09.2002 p3 Uma Buddhist centre of Aglionby Street
CN 04.03.2005 p40 Day in the life of Buddist nun who runs centre in Upperby

BUFFALO BILL Visit to Carlisle 15.09.1904
CN 27.02.1954 p8 CN 06.03.1954 p8 CN 13.03.1954 p8
CN 20.03.1954 p8 CN 12.11.1954 p12
CN 10.03.1989 p4 When the Wild West came to Carlisle

E.Nelson Arouns Carlisle p60 photo of their band

CD 1952 Ad p145
CD 1955-56 Ad p 230

CP 22.07.1881 Current building projects in the city
Renaissance of the English Public House pp57-79 State Management pub design
CN 31.10.1971 p4 Post war building
ENS 24.09.1973 p3 Carlisle architectural sick joke say City Preservation Society
ENS 31.05.1986 p4 Demolition
CN 27.10.2000 p9 Where building stone came from for various buildings
CN 08.02.2002 p12 Civic Trust comments on Carlisle’s architecture
CN 22.10.2004 p12 Feature on architecture in city; Civic Centre ‘monstrosity’
CN 26.08.2005 p13 Letter on new Rosehill Toby Carvery; ‘sameness of buildings’

ABBEY, The Customary name for the Cathedral Precinct. Number 1 the Abbey, Prebendal house, probably late 17th and 18th century with extensive alterations, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers; Number 2 the Abbey, Prebendal house, 1670 with early18th century extension; 1888 alterations and additions; Numbers 3 and 6 the Abbey,Prebendal house, late1685 with early 18th century additions; 1857 and late 19th century extensions; handmade bricks in English garden bond
ABBEY STREET Number 3 late 18th century or early 19th century; number 13 late 18th century; numbers 17 and 19 late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers; number 26 late 18th century; numbers 28 and 30 late 18th century with painted Flemish bond brickwork; number 34 late 18th century; numbers 40,42 and 44 late 17th century with 18th century alterations; number 48 late 17th or early 18th century
CASTLE William II built first timber castle in 1092; Keep begun in 1122 by Henry I and completed by David I of Scotland, third floor added in 16th century for canon; Captains’s Gatehouse (Inner Gatehouse) built in 1160s; Outer Gatehouse (de Ireby’s Tower) built around 1167; Half Moon Battery built in 1542,
CASTLE STREET Numbers 6-12 late 18th century with later alterations, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers, the 19th century lettering DYE WORKS refers to the business of William Brown established in 1856; numbers 14 and 16 late17th or early 18th century and late 18th century with later alterations, no 16 with Flemish bond brickwork was two houses, each with a single bay, number 14 is the older house and projects into the street; numbers 13 and 15 and number 2 Paradise Court mid or late 17th century; number 17 dated 1798 on shared rainwater head; number 19 1798; number 21 late 18th century, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers;number 42 and 9 Paternoster Row late 18th century; numbers 77-83, including 1 Greenmarket, late 18th century, an inscribed plaque over the central windows says ‘Sir Walter Scott was married from this house Dec 24th 1797’
CATHEDRAL Henry I founded an Augustinian priory in Carlisle in 1122. In 1133 the priory church became St Mary’s Cathedral. In 1541 it became the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity; early 12th century with various rebuildings until the early 15th century; 1652 alterations to west end; minor 1764 alterations
CITADEL Built in 1541 as a independent fortress at the vulnerable southern end of the city walls, part of a national system of defence designed by the German engineer Stefan von Haschenperg; 1809 - 1812 alterations and additions by Thomas Telford and Robert Smirke
CROSS Market Cross, Carel Cross Built 1682 (dated and inscribed Joseph Reed Mayor 1682 ); circular flight of 5 steps [6th now buried] from the centre of which rises a pillar surmounted by a lion sitting holding a scroll with the city arms; sundial faces on top of piller; mason’s marks on the main sundial face ‘ATM” and has Ordnance Survey bench mark on the top step; on site of earlier medieval market cross; Denis Perriam suggests that the lion represents the Royal authority granted through charters for the City to hold markets
DORMITORY; ruins of the dormitory for the Priory of St Mary’s; mid or late 15th century
ENGLISH STREET Number 11 late 18th century with later alterations
FISHER STREET Numbers 31-33 dated 1776 on oval firemark of the Newcastle Fire Insurance Company, with later alterations; numbers 35-37 late 18th century with later alterations; number 18 late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork, originally two houses of the same build, the sixth bay forming par of a separate house being entered from Long Lane; numbers 19 -21 late 18th or early 19th century with later alterations, Flemish bond brickwork, formerly a house now two shops; number 23 dated 1776; Carlisle Working Mens Club dated about 1800
FRATRY Built 1465-1490 for Prior Gondibour; circa 1690 alterations; 1809-11 restoration by Robert Smirke; 1880-81 restoration by G.E.Street; the crypt has been dated to 1300, but the Prior Gondibour monogram on two of the roof bosses suggest that he rebuilt it from the level upwards. The Fratry was refrectory of the priory where the canons ate in commmon as their rule required
GREEN MARKET Where vegetables were sold; Number 1 late 18 th century,numbers 3 and 4 mid or late 18th century with later alterations
GUILDHALL Built as a timber-framed house for Richard de Redness at the beginning of the 15th century with later alterations and restorations. The medieval gargoyles are plaster casts of originals in Carlisle Cathedral, first placed here in 1844; all except one on the facade are 1978 replacements. Inside some of the dividing walls are of wattle and daub; Guildhall Museum opened 19.09.1978
HEADS LANE; Sportsman Inn; early 18th century with later additions;
PATERNOSTER ROW Number 3 early 18th century; number 7 late 18th century; number 9 and 42 Castle St late 18th century
PRIOR SLEES GATEHOUSE For Prior Slee; dated 1528
PRIORS TOWER/DEANERY Late 15th century Tower and hall with 17th century extensions and alterations; further 1853 extensions by James Stewart;
1949-51 alterations; the whole now Deanery, meeting and flats
REGISTRY; The Abbey Former Cathedral Library; dated 1699 Thomas Carliol [Thomas Smith, then Bishop of Carlisle]
SAINT ALBANS ROW Numbers 4-16 4 houses in a terrace now shops, early to mid 18th century with later alterations; the front of number 4 is hidden by the 1717 extension to the Old Town Hall, but the ground floor shop window is visible through the archway under the extension
SAINT CUTHBERT’S CHURCH Demolition of old church commenced 01.01.1778; rebuilding commenced 13.01.1778; opened about 22/23 September 1779;
SCOTCH STREET Numbers 36, 38 and 40 late 18th century with later alterations; number 60, Blue Bell Inn, late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork, building completely gutted in 1976 leaving only the front wall; number 70 late 18th century with later alterations; house is really a continuation of St Albans Row but its gable end projects into Scotch St
TITHE BARN Built by Prior Gondibour in the 1470s, with later alterations and restored 1969-1971; square blocks of sandstone, some with masons’ marks; the northern side was originally thought to be open, so this was glazed in the restoration; the west gable collapsed in 1875 so this was replaced with painted breeze blocks in the 1969-71 restoration
TOWN HALL Built 1668 - 69 on site of medieval Town Hall; 1717 (dated) extensions; 19th century alterations and additions
TULLIE HOUSE Dated 1689 on lead rainwater head for Thomas Tullie, later Dean of Carlisle; mid 18th century alterations and additions
WEST WALLS and NORTH WALL BESIDE CASTLE Built between 1122 - 1200 with later extensive repairing and refacing

CN 20.05.1960 p10
J.Robinson and S.Gilpin Wrestling and Wrestlers pp 223-226

BULLOUGH and Co Castle Street; founded in 1910 by Arthur Bullough; 1944 Arthur’s son John took over and he was joined by his sons Ian and Michael in 1962; Ian retired in 2003, leaving his son Edward to take over the reins; 2006 acquired by up market chain store Hooper’s
CN 16.07.1976 pp5-7 (illus)
Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p10-11 Interior of shop in 1910
M.Constantine Carlisle, a history and celebration, p43 Photo of building shop 1930s
CN 17.09.1938 p17 Ad
CJ 13.04.1956 p6 Extension
CN 13.04.1956 p7 and supp (illus)
CN 03.06.1966 Supplement
CN 13.03.1970 p11 Ad (illus)
CN 02.10.1987 p10 Ad feature
CN 18.11.1992 p13 Pat on back for city store
Cumbria LIfe Sept/Oct 1994 no 36 pp 16-17 2A 9
CN 07.02.1997 p1 Fights competition
CN 14.01.1997 p3 Branches out
Cumbria Life Nov/Dec 1998 no 61 pp16-17 2A 9
Cumbria LIfe March/April 1999 no 63 pp52-55 2A 9
CN 14.07.2000 p14 Fourth generation of Bullough family joined firm
CN 10.11.2000 p12 The next Mr Bullough; Edward Bullough
CN 24.01.2003 p17 £1m makeover for store
CN 12.12.2003 p5 Ian Builough to retire from day to day running
CN 03.06.2005 p5 Edinburgh Wool Mill take over one third ground floor
CN 17.02.2006 p3 Sylvia Mason retires after 45 years of dressing windows at Bulloughs
CN 23.06.2006 p7 Hooper’s buy store; store to change name in a few months
CN 08.09.2006 p31 Feature on new manager of Hoopers
CD 1910-11 Ad 128
CD 1913-14 Ad p120
CD 1920 Ad p164a
CD 1924 Ad p6
CD 1927 Ad p6
CD 1931 Ad p6
CD 1934 Ad p6
CD 1937 Ad p6
CD 1940 Ad p6
CD 1952 Ad p98
Cumberland Directory 1954 pxxii
CD 1955-56 Ad pvii
CD 1966-68 Ad p279

BULMAN, James 24 St Cuthbert’s Lane
Fruit and potato merchant
CD 1880 Ad pxxviii

BULMAN, James 81 and 83 Castle St, Green Market
Basket warehouse and wicker furnishing depot
CD 1884-85 Ad p263; est 1850

BULMAN and POLLARD Estate agents
CN 31.05.1991 p8 A good deal to offer
CN 28.09.2001 p16 Philip Bulman, 25 years in house business

CN 03.05.2002 p9 Closed lasy Saturday; lettings business continues

CN 12.11.1976 p6
CN 19.09.2008 p34 D.Perriam’s history of the house. Built circa 1778 by John Milbourn

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

BUNYAN’S LONNING, Botchergate George Topping ‘Memories of Carlisle, 1922, p133 has the following description of Bunyan’s Lonning from an 1820 description ‘ There was another stone wall, and finally Bunyan’s Lonning - on one side a ‘clay daubing’ with a thatched roof and its gable end fronting the street; on the other, the last house, belonging to Robert Bunyan, the builder; the 1837 directory lists a Ann Bamford, Bunyan’s Buildings, Botchergate; the 1884 Carlisle Directory p21 says Bunyan’s Lonning now known as South Henry Street.

BURGESS AND HAYTON, Lowther St Iron and brass founders; ‘Cockpit Smithy’, occupying the site of the old Lowther St cockpit; in 1826 the firm was called Burgess and Insall and they in 1826 cast the Sebergham church bell [CWAAS OS Vol 9 pp256-7]; Burgess and Hayton cast the Hayton Church bell dated 1830, Christ Church, Carlisle, bell dated 1830 [CWAAS OS Vol 8 p528, details of Christ Church] and Wetheral bell, dated 1833, by which time firm moved to Water Lane; [Mr Hayton returned to live in Sebergham, where he died on 26.02.1882];1837 directory lists Thomas Burgess, iron founder, Water Lane and 8 Botchergate; Mr Burgess of Water Street Foundry constructed a gas works to supply gas to the Shaddongate Mill ‘which was nearly as large as the present Carlisle gas works’ [CJ 09.07.1836]; the Water Lane premises was known as the ‘Waterloo Foundry’, which eventually passed into the hands of Daniel Clark [CWAAS OS Vol 6 p430]; 1847 Directory Thomas Burgess Waterloo Foundry
Bulmer, 1884, p52 A23

City Council Minutes 1883 - 84 01.12.1884 Number on roll 1835 to 1884

CP 13.01.1905 p1 Ad Boarding and day school for girls; prep school for boys

BURLINGTON PLACE Now a part of Victoria Place after opening of Georgian Way
City Minutes 1890-91 item 793; formed in 1855 and made by Duke of Devonshire
CP 30.04.1864 p1 Ad; No 6 Burlington Place to be let; 5 bedrooms
CP 31.12.1869 p1 Ad; 9 and 11; modern dwelling houses
No 5 and 7 for sale 25.06.1917 see B/CAR 333.333 acc no 3238
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p21 Demolition of houses for Castleway

CN 19.07.1991 p6 Old soldiers to parade through city
CN 26.07.1991 p13 Recording VJ day in poetry
CN 16.08.1991 p11 Veterans of Burma on parade
CN 26.08.1994 p27 Forgotten army remembers VJ day
CN 22.03.1996 p5 Burma veterans upset at medal sale
CN 14.03.1997 p29 Cathedral gift...
CN 26.04.2002 p12 Carlisle Association closes; standard laid up in Cathedral
CN 16.08.2002 p5 Carlisle branch winds up on August 15th; 30 year old branch

BURNETT ROAD, Harraby First appears in the Carlisle Directory for 1940.

BURNETTS Solicitors Victoria Place
CN 05.10.1990 p1 Legal eagles club swoop
CN 21.04.1995 p11 Ad
CN 21.07.1995 p4 City lawyers start ‘no win no fee’ system
CN 12.01.2001 p6 Article about partner John Morris
CN 19.12.2003 p14 Expansion; firm now has 125 staff
CN 30.12.2005 p14 Legal advisers to further education section

BURNS, Robert Painter, glazer, paper hanger, and photographer, 8 Crosby St [1861 Morris Directory]

BURNS, W 5 Grapes Lane
Bill poster
CD 1893-94 Ad p172

CJ 28.01.1938 pp5,7 Annual dinner

BURNS COURT, Burns Street. POETS CORNER; Local name for area in Caldewgate; Byron Street, Milton Street, Burns Street and Scott Street; all demolished in slum clearance and industrial development, save for one house on Byron Street (March 2001).
City Minutes 1933-34 p77 no 5 unfit for human habitation

CN 01.10.1993 p14 Cashing in on Burns

CP 23.01.1819 p2 Ad for celebration in honour of birthday

BURNS STREET; POETS CORNER Local name for area in Caldewgate; Byron Street, Milton Street, Burns Street and Scott Street; all demolished in slum clearance and industrial development, save for one house on Byron Street (March 2001).
City Minutes 1933-34 p77 nos 1-5 unfit for human habitation

BURNS TAVERN St Cuthbert’s Lane; in local directories to 1837

BURROW, James Master carpentar employing 2 men, home address Chappel Lane, near Jane Street, aged 32, born Dalston [1851 cnsus]

BURROW,Thomas and Son Drapers founded 23.07.1954
CN 16.07.1954 p9

see also Style Union
Carlisle in Camera 2 p58 photo of facade in 1930
CN 27.05.1994 p3 New image


see also Bush Hotel
City Minutes 1932-33 p589 New roadway be named Bush Brow
CJ 23.02.1943 p2 Makes way for the viaduct

BUSHBY, Joseph Buildre, aged 55, employing 8 men and 2 boys, born Sebergham, home address 42 Cecil Street [1861 census]

CWAAS OS Vol 8 pp269-279 The Carlisle Bushel

BUSH HOTEL / INN Victoria Viaduct / English St; demolished to make way for new Victoria Viaduct; new Bush Hotel reopened 1878
Round Carlisle Cross 5th Series p25 The Bush - famous Carlisle hostelries
CIC pp26-27 Photos of new and old hotels
Carlisle an illustrated history p77 engraving of new hotel designed by CJ Ferguson
CN 20.09.1952 p6 (illus) CN 10.01.1958 p10 (illus)
CN 24.01.1958 p10 (illus) CN 01.09.1967 p12 CN 05.12.1969 p14 (illus)
CN 09.02.1970 p12 CN 10.01.1975 p6
14.07.1714 Bishop Nicolson dined at the Bush CWAAS NS Vol 5 p1
02.03.1716 Thomas Pattinson of the Bush Inn married Catherine Read
1725 Sign of the Bush; Rept manuscripts of Duke of Portland pp129-32, HMC
1746 Baron Clarke’s Notebook p38 “Saw him at the Bush in Carlisle’
Newcastle Courant 08.03.1766 p2 Joseph Wootton announces he has taken inn
Newcastle Courant 11.06.1768 p3a John Garthwaite from the Fighting Cock, Bishop Auckland, has taken the Bush Inn
Newcastle Courant 18.06.1768 p3a Joseph Wooton; my bad state of health and loss of wife oblidges me to leave this business
1770 Six months tour through the North of England, Vol IV, p591 Bush, J.Garthwaite. Good. A broiled chicken, with mushroom sause, a plover, a plate of sturgeon, tarts, mince-pies, and jellies 1s 6d a head
CPacquet 02.01.1777 p3 William How entered into Bush Inn; lately Gawthwaite
Mon. Insc.St Mary’s [Cathedral] No24 Barbara Garthwaite d 06.01.1777, of the Bush
15.12.1789 William Howe late of Bush Inn died [Mon. Inscript. St Cuthbert’s Yard]
Universal Directory 1793-98 p631 Kept by Fairbairn
CJ 03.01.1801 p1 Ad; Bush Inn to be let
1810 A Picture of Carlisle and Directory, p116 Mr Wilson
Jollie 1811 p 82 Kept by Mr T.Wilson; mail and other coaches depart
1821 New Guide to Carlisle p75 Thomas Wilson
CP 25.08.1821 p1a To be let; established many years
CJ 09.03.1822 p3b Ralph Holmes Innkeeper
1829 Directory p163 Ralph Holmes
CJ 20.07.1839 p2g Bush Inn for sale
1841 census; Thomas Jackson, aged 60, Hotelkeeper
1847 Directory Bush Hotel and Posting House, Breach and Jeffrey
1851 census Benjamin B Breach, aged 38, Hotelkeeper
CJ 02.12.1853 Ad; refurnished; patronised for over 50 years by principal families
1861 census John Cowx, aged 48, hotel keeper
CJ 24.05.1878 New Bush Buildings; detailed description
CP 02.07.1880 p1f Change of manager
CD 1880 Ad pli
CD 1884-85 Ad p279
1882 Porters Directory Ad p76 A.C.Kirkpatrick manager
1891 census; Johnson Carr, victualler, aged 50 born Liverpool
1901 Bulmers Directory ; Robert Clarke Manager, Johnson Carr proprietor
1901 census; Robert Clarke, manager, aged 54
City Minutes 1918-19 p92 Licensed premises closed
CN 05.04.1991 p4 Pubs of yesteryear
CN 19.02.1993 p4 City hotels of long ago
CN 18.03.2005 p8 D.Perriam; history of Bush

BUSH TAP/ VAULTS Blackfriars St;
1861 census William King innkeeper, born Bampton Grange, Westmorland

BUSINESS (Carlisle)
CN 19.05.1995 pp1,10 To cash in on cable TV
CN 08.05.1998 Supp Business exhibition
CN 02.07.1999 p21 Good credit risk
CN 17.09.2004 p1 Booming city short of at least 1,000 workers
CN 01.04.2005 p2 Business still show effects of January flood

see also Carlisle Business Development Company
CN 17.05.1985 p8
CN 22.04.1994 p3 Agency gets new image

CN 21.06.1991 p3 Michelle’s firm is a prize winner

BUSKERS Lonsdale St
Night Club
CN 22.07.1994 p1 I’ll be back vows Busker Ged
CN 12.08.1994 p5 Club ‘yes’
CN 07.10.1994 p3 Opening date
CN 14.10.1994 pp1,14-15 Buskers re-opens doors
CN 28.10.1994 p15 Night club trial date
CN 10.11.1995 p17 Buskers bid for space
CN 05.07.1996 p14 Ad Buskers branches out
CN 07.02.1997 p3 Under 18s on city
CN 02.05.1997 p3 Angry Buskers neighbours vow to continue their fight
CN 18.07.1997 p3 Monday D-Day for popular city nightclub
CN 15.08.1997 p1 End is in sight for Buskers noise row
CN 23.01.2004 p2 Buskers closes; owner Ged Crooks to sell
CN 05.03.2004 p2 New owners to change name to The Village; plans outlined

See also Horse buses
see also Blair and Palmer; Caledonian Omnibus Co; Horse Buses; Park and Ride, Ribble; Stagecoach Bus Company; Stanwix Omnibus, United; Wallis,J.J.; Western SMT
First bus service operated from June 1907 Carlisle to Brampton, service finished about 1910; first regular motor omnibus service into Carlisle established by Cumberland Motor Services 30.05.1921; first suburban route Bert Evered’s route to St Ann’s Hill started 20.02.1922
CN 11.03. 1955 p10 CN 15.04.1955 p8 CN 13.05.1955 p10
CN 10.01.1958 p10 CN 01.11.1963 p12 CN 02.08.1974 p5
CN 30.08.1974 p19 CN 22.11.1974 p17 CN 29.11.1974 p15
CN 13.12 1974 pp1,15 CN 03.01.1975 pp1,13 CN 10.01.1975 p5
CN 24.01.1975 pp4,5 CN 24.01.1975 p28 CN 14.02.1975 pp 4,7,36
CN 21.02.1975 p5 CN 28.02.1975 pp 5,16 CN 07.03.1975 pp4,7
CN 14.03.1975 p36 CN 21.03.1975 pp1,15 CN 27.03.1975 p9
CN 11.04.1975 p9 CN 18.04.1975 p8 CN 25.04.1975 p7
CN 02.05.1975 p11 CN 23.05 1975 o17 CN 13.06.1975 p7
CN 04.07.1975 p1 CN 11.07.1975 p21 CN 18.07.1975 pp 13,19,36
CN 01.08.1975 p1 CN 15.08.1975 p7 CN 22.08.1975 p1
CN 29.08.1975 p1 CN 29.08.1975 pp3,32 CN 05.09.1975 p11
CN 12.09.1975 p9 CN 19.09.1975 p11 CN 26.09.1975 pp 11,36
CN03.10.1975 p4 CN 10.10.1975 p9 CN 17.10.1975 p3
CN 31.10.1975 p40 CN 07.11.1975 pp 8,15 CN 21.11.1975 p7
CN 05.12.1975 pp 8,36 CN 19.11.1976 p40 CN 30.01.1976 p32
CJ 14.06.1907 p5 Commencement of bus service between Carlisle - Brampton
City Minutes 1923-4 pp587-9 Vehicles, routes and proprietors licensed to operate
City Minutes 1926-7 pp627-33 Vehicles, routes and proprietors licnesed to operate
City Minutes 1927-28 pp 621-28 Vehicles, routes and proprietors licensed
CN 22.10.1927 p7 Beginning of daily bus service between city and Newcastle
City Council Minutes 1930-31 pp27 32LIst of bus operators operating into and in city
CJ 14.02.1939 p4 Increased frequency
CJ 29.09.1942 p1 Alterations in city bus stops
CJ 26.03.1954 p1 92 Carlisle drivers win safety award
Memories of Carlisle, chapter 8 photo of bus conductress at Market Cross
CN 01.11.1963 p12 Old Bert and Bill Bus Service
CJ 25.06.1965 p6 Why city council lost
CN 01.02.1991 p9 En route to a city bus row
CN 29.11.1991 p2 Bus delays end soon
CN 28.02.1992 p9 £2.5m cash boost for city buses
CN 04.09.1992 pp1,12 All change on the buses
CN 16.10.1992 p11 £750,000 spent on new buses
CN 23.10.1992 p25 New look for bus service
CN 11.12.1992 p2 MP snubs new buses hand over
CN 18.12.1992 p21 £3.5 m boost for city bus fleet
CN 08.01.1993 p11 Better service on the buses
CN 01.04.1994 p1 Shot fired at Carlisle bus
CN 08.04.1994 p1 New missile attack on bus
CN 27.05.1994 p1 Disarming PC rides shotgun
CN 22.09.1995 p9 Fury as buses switch streets
CN 23.05.1997 p5 On the buses
CN 17.04.1998 p3 Pensioners in front line
CN 23.10.1998 p3 Better buses? you’ll have to wait
CN 11.02.2000 p3 Sex attacker strikes twice
ENS 02.09.2000 p4 London Road - signalled bus gate
CN 26.01.2001 p7 London Road bus stop removed and not replaced
CN 16.02.2001 p17 New bus operator between Carlisle/ Langholm and Edinburgh
CN 28.09.2001 p1 City Driver shortage;Carlisle buses run local services in Annan.
CN 28.12.2001 p5 Stagecoach reply to suggestion that they are reducing service
CN 22.02.2002 p13 Letter complaining about revised Stagecoach timetable
CN 02.08.2002 p7 Botchergate bus lane taken up last Sunday
CN 04.10.2002 p5 Stagecoach to introduce 15 newer buses in Carlisle
CN 15.11.2002 p1 £738,000 to improve city bus services
CN 15.11.2002 p2 Bus driver assaulted
CN 06.12.2002 p2 Bus driver attacked by angry passenger
CN 19.11.2004 p9 Buses to have CCTV to combat vandalism and violence
CN 21.01.2005 p 1s Feature on business devastated by flood; 59 buses lost
CN 11.02.2005 p5 85 flooded buses scrapped; buses drafted in from Hastings etc
CN 15.04.2005 p3 CCTV and police on board late weekend night buses planned
CN 29.04.2005 p21Late night weekend bus service starts from Crescent
CN 01.07.2005 p2 39 new Citi Stagecoach buses unveiled by Barbara Windsor
CN 18.11.2005 p1 Plands to give pensioners free off peak travel from April
CN 09.12.2005 p2 CCTV promised after attack on driver

FARES CJ 14.05.1937 p8 Bus fares to be reduced
CJ 11.06.1937 p8 Bus fares to be reduced
CJ 23.07.1937 p7 Bus fares to be reduced
CJ 11.01.1949 p1 State buses higher fares?
CN 19.05.1989 p23 City works could push bus fares up
CN 12.02.1993 p20 Anger over city fares rip off
CN 05.03.1993 p3 OAP rips up bus pass
CN 06.03.1998 p1 U turn call on OAPs fares
CN 20.03.1998 p5 Union joins wars on bus fares cuts
CN 03.04.1998 p3 Pressure mounts on bus fares
CN 01.05.1998 p6 D-day next week (OAPs)
CN 12.06.1998 p1 Council pledge to restore old folks bus fare cuts
CN 09.02.2001 p4 Disbaled concessionary fares; ad p18 for details

CN 19.01.1952 p5 Carlisle - Brampton bus (illus)
CN 07.04.1955 p8 Best and Bill bus (illus)
CN 16.07.1965 p10 Hodgson’s buses (illus)
CN 07.06.1974 p6 Transport from theatre in 1920s
CN 12.08.1988 p4 Rivalry in early city bus routes
CN 24.11.1989 p4 Horses pulled first bus service in city

LONSDALE STREET BUS STATION/ DEPOT; immediately east of Lowther Street-Lonsdale Street Bus Station. The Caledonian Omnibus Co acquired this property from local bus company J W Hodgson and built a depot/ station there which opened in 1938; Western SMT also used this station.

LOWTHER- LONSDALE STREET BUS STATION Site acquired by Ribble 1932; demolition and rebuilding autumn 1934, opened 07.06.1935 by Ribble; north side leased to Cumberland Motor Services; SMT used station for Edinburgh service, Western SMT used station for London services from 16.07.1935; Caledonian Omnibus built a bus station/ depot in Lonsdale Street, adjacent to rear entrance of Ribble Bus Station, which opened in 1938
CN 23.09.1960 p10 Central bus station
ENS 13.10.1960 p6 Proposed new bus station
CN 11.11.1988 p1 £2m plan for city bus station
CN 12.05.1989 p1 New bus station timetable
CN 14.07.1989 p13 Go ahead
CN 08.09.1989 p11 Bus site sale a mystery
CN 03.11.1989 p10 City bus station costs rise
CN 20.07.1990 p3 A blasting for city bus station
CN 20.07.1990 p12 One stop short of perfection
CN 28.09.1990 p15 Anger over bus facilities delay
CN 09.08.1991 p7 Portaloo plan for depot
CN 24.07.1992 p5 Firm ends hope of bus station loos
CN 27.11.1992 p29 Trust plea rejected
CN 17.03.1995 p3 Travel centre opened
CN 13.02.2004 p13 letter; waiting room/ enquiry office now closed


SCOTCH STREET BUS STATION Opened by United in 12.09 1938; 06.03.1971 remaining ‘United’ services transferred to Lowther St station [United services transferred to Ribble 05.01.1969]
The Lanes Remembered p 77 photo
CJ 07.01.1939 p1 United Bus station
CN 05.03.1971 p9 Scotch Street bus station to close
CN 19.03.1971 p28 City council to purchase bus station

CJ 14.09.1948 p2 Proposal
CJ 29.07.1949 p1 New bus shelters at Saint Nicholas
CN 22.05.1992 p3 Counsellors bus shelters bust up
CN 16.03.2001 p5 Call for shelters on Lowther street

CN 20.03.1987 p4 Bus tokens

Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle marks the Butchers Market linking Fisher St and Scotch Street
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p37 Photo of 1920s butcher’s shop
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p 16 Butchers Xmas window in 1930s
A Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, pp54-55 Butchers trade in the 1930s
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p50 Photo of Pioneer shop in Fisher St
CN 15.03.1996 p5 Last of the few
CN 23.04.2004 p4 Obit. of Caldewgate butcher Joe Pearce

See also GUILDS
CJ 12.01.1940 p7 (illus) Silver plate

CN 15.07.1994 p10 150 years ago


BUTLER, Pauline Solictor
CN 22.08.2008 p6 Closed down after accusations of irregularities

CN 23.11.2007 p22 Moves into Warwick Rd business Park; started 6 years ago

CD 1893-94 Photographer, 43 Bank Street

BUTTERFIELD,J Union Court, Scotch St
Joiner and shopfitter
CD 1952 Ad p327

CJ 27.05.1921 p4

Solicitors and estate agents
CN 08.10.1999 p19 Ad
CN 02.07.2004 p18 Expanding overseas property sales

BUTTIFANT, John Carver and gilder, aged 40, employing 1 man and 1 boy, home address English St, born Norwich [1861 census]

BYERS BROTHERS John St, Caldewgate
Sheetmetal workers
CD 1952 Ad p398
CD 1955-56 Ad p290
CD 1966-68 Ad p297

BYERS,J Iredale Yard, Currock St
Motor engineers
CD 1952 Ad p338
CD 1955-56 Ad p262
CD 1961-62 Ad p285

CJ 20.07.1962 p2 CN 12.11.1965 p13 CN 18.10.1968 p1 CN 18.12.1970 pp1,8 CN 10.07.1970 p1 (illus) CN 16.10.1970 p1
CN 27.11.1970 p1 (illus) CN 18.12.1970 pp1,8
CJ 21.07.1939 p3 Cecil Street-Brook St
ENS 10.10.1962 p11 Botcherby by-pass
CN 12.10.1962 p9 (plan) relief Road
CN 30.07.1965 p3 plan
CN 24.01.1964 p1 (diagram),p8
CN 12.03.1965 p1 (illus) General
CN 28.06.1968 p9 Starting
CN 11.12.1970 Special supplement
CN 19.05.1989 p1 Priority for £6m by - pass round city
CN 26.05.1989 p11 MPs efforts attacked
CN 16.06.1989 p3 By-pass will miss villages
CN 17.11.1989 p10 Short sighted
CN 06.04.1990 p3 MPs fury over by-pass report
CN 20.04.1990 p9 Tories attack by-pass delays
CN 04.05.1990 p5 By-pass will hit city communities
CN 01.06.1990 p11 City talks on by-pass
CN 07.09.1990 p5 City by-pass options report
CN 07.12.1990 p8 By-pass pressure boost
CN 15.03.1991 pp10,11,44 Labour tactics not democratic
CN 28.03.1991 p11 Village joins in by-pass battle
CN 17.05.1991 p3 Anger as city by-pass put back
CN 06.09.1991 p7 South by-pass likely
CN 24.04.1992 p5 Northern city by-pass push is on
CN 02.07.1993 p22 New city by-pass plans show
CN 09.07.1993 p3 Southern by-pass is best for city
CN 16.07.1993 p3 Villagers welcome by-pass
CN 30.07.1993 p3 County’s reply to transport chiefs
CN 13.08.1993 p9 Backing southern by-pass
CN 17.09.1993 p12 By-pass over my dead body
CN 29.10.1993 p27 North needs relief road
CN 05.11.1993 p1 Protest show
CN 04.02.1994 p15 Changing Carlisle
CN 10.06.1994 p1 City by-pass push
CN 16.09.1994 p2 Southern by-pass will reduce traffic
CN 02.12.1994 p13 Relief road gets go ahead - Botchergate
CN 30.06.1995 p5 Stanwix residents to protest - letter
CN 29.09.1995 p3 New call for Stanwix by-pass
CN 19.01.1996 p4 City by-pass tops the list
CN 26.01.1996 p13 County backs north relief road scheme
CN 21.06.1996 p1 Relief road back on agenda
CN 28.06.1996 p1 Residents split over by-pass
CN 28.06.1996 p10 Dream home turns into relief road nightmare
CN 01.05.1998 City needs roads
CN 22.01.1999 p5 Battle lines drawn over relief road
CN 12.03.1999 p3 Road rage petition
CN 12.03.1999 p1 Road rage petition
CN 20.08.1999 p1 Hope of relief road
CN 17.12.1999 p1 Put on back burner for 12 months
CN 31.03.2000 p33 (illus) Plans unveiled
CN 04.08.2000 p13 Letter Northern Development Road
CN 01.09.2000 p1 Professor condemns plan for city bypass and homes
CN 01.09.2000 p12 Opinion concerning western bypass
CN 01.09.2000 p13 Letter concerning western bypass
CN 22.09.2000 p5 (plan of proposed route) Protest against western bypass
CN.29.09.2000 p1 By-pass objectors bid to block road in court
CN 15.12.2000 p1 (plan) £24m Western bypass gets go ahead; further protests
CN 15.12.2000 p6 Western bypass; protestors’ hopes; opinion p12
CN 22.12.2000 p11 Letters concerning Western bypass and Northern Route
CN 02.02.2001 p10 (plans) Northern development route - pros and cons
CN 09.02.2001 p1 Western bypass go ahead after legal challenge dropped
CN 09.02.2001 p13 Letters concerning bypass
CN 16.02.2001 p13 Letters concerning Carlisle Northern Development route
CN 23.02.2001 p3 Council argues case for Public Finance Initiative funding
CN 26.10.2001 p1 Northern development route delayed 5 years
CN 19.07.2002 pp1,5 Eden’s longest road bridge on long awaited northern bypass
CN 06.09.2002 p3 Funding approved for Western bypass
CN 06.12.2002 p1 Northern Development route step closer; western bypass
CN 13.12.2002 p13 letter; correct name Western Bypass; no chance to object
CN 06.06.2003 p3 Bypass go ahead-Newby West to Kingstown; works start 2005
CN 10.10.2003 p5 Bypass Newby West to Jtn 44 begin in summer 2005
CN 05.03.2004 p3 Western bypass to open in 2007; Newby West to M6 Kingstown
CN 21.01.2005 p5 Nitrogen Oxide exceeds limits on polluted Scotland Rd
CN 29.04.2005 p13 Map showing outer Ring Rd, Northern Development Route...
CN 06.05.2005 p13 Letters concerning above map; environmental impact
CN 09.09.2005 p1 Bypass delayed for a year as costs soar to £100m
CN 20.01.2006 p1 Western bypass could be scrapped after spiralling costs

BYRON STREET [POETS CORNER] Local name for area in Caldewgate; Byron Street, Milton Street, Burns Street and Scott Street; all demolished in slum clearance and industrial development, save for one house on Byron Street (March 2001)]. On the census from 1851
CN 14.01.2005 p11 Byron St and the Great Flood of 08.01.2005