Abandoned Children - Ayris,H E

CWAAS OS Vol 2 p353 Baptised 1784 found in cloister of Abbey, supposed two or three days old

see Slaughter House

ABBEY, The Customary name for the Cathedral Precinct. Number 1 the Abbey, Prebendal house, probably late 17th and 18th century with extensive alterations, Flemish bond brickwork with light headers, [D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History pp112-3]; Number 2 the Abbey, Prebendal house, 1670 with early18th century extension [D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History pp113--4]; 1888 alterations and additions, during which time 2 fragments of crosses were found [CWAAS NS Vol 1 p292]; Numbers 3 and 6 the Abbey,Prebendal house, late1685 with early 18th century additions; 1857 and late 19th century extensions; handmade bricks in English garden bond [D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History pp114-5]; New Number 4 built about 1859, 7 and 8 The Abbey later subdivisions of this house [D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History pp115]; Number 5 [D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History p103]; North East Lodge, built circa 1890, became SPCK bookshop in 1996 [D.Weston Carlisle Cathedral History pp116-7]


CJ 3.11.1950 p2 800th anniversary

CN 19.03.1971 p8 (illus) Opening

ABBEY GATE. Restaurant, Abbey St,
CN 24.6.1988 p18 Ad feature
CN 27.7.1990 p15 Eating place up for sale

ABBEY GATEHOUSE. Carlisle Cathedral
see CATHEDRAL;Prior Slee's Gateway

ABBEY MILL, Fulling mill and dyehouse on mill race held on permanent lease from the Dean and Chapter, 1715 John Richardson, the dyer, occupied the Mill, lease taken over by Christian and Frederick Guliker in 1724 going bankrupt in 1740 (CWAAS 1985 vol 85 pp187-91, including map showing location of Abbey Mill)
CN 17.7.1998 p13 Wedding solves riddle of 2 Forsters.

CN 22.4.1960 New offices in Devonshire Street.

ABBEY SINGERS Founded 1962 by Andrew Seivewright, Master of Music at Cathedral
Lakescene, Dec 1975 p51
Cumbria Lake District Life, Vol 37 pp546-547
Cumbria, Oct 1992 p30 Transatlantic celebrations.
CN 15.9.1995 p5 Jane sings for £700 prize
CN 24.09.1999 p25 Music for Millennium
CN 19.04.2002 p31 Singers 40th anniversary
CN 06.39.2002 p15 Singers celebrate 40 years

ABBEY STREET Number 3 late 18th century or early 19th century with later alterations; number 13, Herbert Atkinson House, late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers, purchased by the Corporation on 06.11.1934, through the efforts of Councilor Herbert Atkinson, opened as an education cantre in 1956; numbers 17 and 19 late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers; number 26 late 18th century; numbers 28 and 30 late 18th century; number 34 late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers; numbers 40,42 and 44 late 17th century with 18th century alterations; number 48 late 17th century or early 18th century with later alterations
1933 Carlisle in Camera 1 Photo of east side of street
CWAAS 1988 Before Tullie House
CN 27.5.1994 p5 Sparks fly (ill) nos. 1-3 Abbey Street
CN 3.6.1994 p3 City to foot study bill
CN 16.9.1994 p14 Down your way
CN 20.1.1995 p5 £40,000 to save eyesore
CN 23.5.1997 p5 Old corner shop back with new look
CN 15.8.1997 p16 Council's blueprint for £8.5m 'house of history'
CN 8.5.1998 p12 Sumptuous city home (no. 32)
CN 28.8.1998 p5 Pizza plan for a slice of historic Carlisle
CN 08.03.2002 p14 Shop on corner of Abbey St and Annetwell St may soon have tenant

CWAAS Third SeriesVol II , 2002, pp 217- 230

CP 03.06.1854p1 To let comprising 8 bedrooms

CP 28.10.1870 p1 For sale house in the occupation of Mrs Atkinson

CP 28.10.1873 p1 Ad For sale family evidence of late Miss Cust
CN 16.07.1954 Demolition and history of no 11

ABBEY STREET. No 13 HERBERT ATKINSON HOUSE, Abbey St, late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers; purchased by Corporation on 06.11.1934 through the efforts of Concillor Herbert Atkinson; became an education centre in 1956

ABBEY STREET 17 and 19 Late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers

CP 27.06.1840 p2c Miss Jackson sets up ladies seminary

ABBEY STREET, No 26 Late 18th century

ABBEY STREET, Nos 28 and 30 Late eighteenth century with painted Flemish bond brickwork

ABBEY STREET. No 32 Built circa 1817 for Christopher Hutchinson of Temple Sowerby; became County Police HQ
CN 08.10.1954 p3 Historical detail

ABBEY STREET. No 34 Late 18th century with Flemish bond brickwork with light headers
CN 20.04.2007 p76 For sale 36 and 38

ABBEY STREET, No 38 [Opposite rear entrance to Tullie House]
CN 13.10.2006 p53 For sale; three floors and cellar - photo
CN 20.04.2007 p76 For sale 36 and 38

ABBEY STREET.No 42. Eaglesfield House; late 17th century with late 18th century alterations
see also Hannah's Academy
CN 1.2.1947 CN 8.2.1947
CP 16.12.1870 Nos attending at Elizabeth Murphy’s School, Eaglesfield Hse=18
CN 17.09.1954 Dr Waugh’s own private house...which he leased in 1730

ABBEY STREET. No 48 Late 17th century or early 18th century with later alterations. When a school in the 19th century Thomas Bouch, the engineer and designer of the ill fated Tay Bridge, was a pupil here

ABBEY STREET. Police Station see POLICE STATION; Abbey Street

CN 1.5.1992 p8 Ad

Abbot, Rachel Milliner , aged 46, employing girls, home address 6 Lowther St, born Maryport [1861 census]

see Lonsdale Cinema

ENS 30.09.1944 p3 Lady charged with procuring abortion


see Finkle Street Museum


ACE FIXINGS Unit 5, James Street
CN 04.05.2001 p9 Ad feature

CN 20.11.1987 p18 Ad Feature

see Thomas ARMSTRONG Construction

ADAIR, Sydney Motor bus services
City Minutes 1923-4 p587 Licensed to operate bus between Town Hall to Raffles
City Minutes 1926-7 p628 Licensed to operate bus between Town Hall to Raffles

The Lanes Remembered, p39 photo
ENS 15.03.1978 p1 Workmen yesterday pull down shop after collapse

ADAMSON, A. Haxton Abbey Street
Pharmacist and optician
CD 1920 Ad p56

ADELAIDE STREET I think, when associated with Melbourne Road, just around the corner, suggests an Australian connection. It wasn't uncommon to name streets after places in the Empire. In 1920 further streets were planed in this area, but never built. One of them was to be called Sydney Street. [see map at back of 1920 Carlisle Directory]The street was never built
City Minutes 1898/99 p371 Approval for 11 houses

City Minutes 1898/99 p 374 Approval for houses


B.Graham Nineteenth Century Self Help in Education; the Carlisle Working Men’s Reading Rooms, 1983 p53; 1811- 1900 Percentage who signed marriage registers in parish of St Mary’s
CN 26.03.1976 p10 CN 05.09.1980 p3
CN 09.07.1993 p11 Signing the pledge for literacy


AEROPLANES First in Carlisle in July 1911
CN 12.07.1957 CN 16.07.1957 CN 04.08.1961
CN 16.05.1997 p13 Crane your necks
CN 22.09.2000 p2 Metal from sky remains a mystery

CN 20.09.1996 p1 David's guide to life...

A.F.S. [Auxilliary Fire Service] Club Rooms in Swifts Row
CJ 16.01.1940 p1 CJ 19.01.1940 p5 CJ 16.02.1940 p3
CN 19.05.1989 p4 City AFS men scored first with club
CN 18.07.2008 p17 Ex AFS club in Victoria Rd restored and run as The Club

CN 07.06.1974 p10 CN 12.09.1980 p8
CN 16.09.1988 pp5,7 Age Concern's best ever year
CN 27.10.1989 p 56 Old folks fight for safer road
CN 19.01.1990 p9 Pensioners take fight to London
CN 26.01.1990 p3 Backing for old folk
CN 21.09.1990 p11 Pupils will help bridge age gap
CN 28.09.1990 p22 Special day for old folk
CN 23.11.1990 p1 Hands off bus passes
CN 07.12.1990 p9 Pensioners in talks on bus passes
CN 21.12.1990 p7 Opening delayed
CN 11.01.1991 p12 Fare comment
CN 18.01.1991 p11 Winter warmer campaign
CN 26.07.1991 p13 More pop-in centre fun
CN 10.1.1992 p7 Old folks scheme wins top award
CN 16.04.1993 p7 Taking day care out to the country
CN 25.02.1994 p1 Age Concern fears
CN 06.12.1996 p1 'Nit picking' claim in row over home care
CN 26.09.1997 Supplement
CN 02.06.2000 p7 Age Concern thanks its helpers
CN 25.04.2003 p8 Profile of Age Concern Team Leader Jean Feddon
CN 27.01.2006 p1 5 jobs threatened in Carlisle Age Concern

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

CP 06.03.1874 p1 Ad; For sale no 10 Aglionby Street; now occupied by William Baines
CP 18.05.1883 p1 To let new house Aglionby Street
1887 Cecil St Primitive Methodist Church purchases 88 Aglionby Street as their minister’s house. [Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit p 58] The 1934 directory lists Rev W.H.Campbell, Methodist minister at this address


AGRICULTURE, Royal Agricultural Show 1880
CP 16.07.1880 pp 6-7 and supplement
CP 09.07.1880 pp4,6

AINIO, Charles Maker and vender of thermometers
CJ 05.10.1816 Native of Italy, well known in this city for many years
Monumental Inscriptions of St Cuthberts entry 78 Charles Aiano, barometer maker, who dies September 29th 1816, aged 56. As a tribute by his cousin Charles Aiano

CN 04.02.1977 p4
CN 20.06.1997 p6 Refuge urgent

Carlisle an illustrated history p91 Photo of Aidanvision Studio at Morley St in 1976
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p83 Photo of students using television equipment
CN 29.04.1977 p19

CN 03.09.1993 p15 Aids helpline opens in city
CN 29.11.1996 p17 Cumbrians fly the Aids red ribbon

AIKIN, John Bootmaker employing 8 men, aged 48, born Scotland, home address Kings Arms Lane [1851 census]; aged 60, employing 8 men, born Dumfries, home address English St [1861 census]

CJ 27.04.1948 p3 Renamed

AIR CIRCUS: Sir Alan Cobham 30.07.1932 Orton Grange
CN 23.09.1988 p4
CN 27.08.1993 p4 Air show was a first for city (illus)


AIRPORT - CROSBY ON EDEN Site requisitioned 1940; airfield constructed by John Laing; airfield and camp opened 20th February 1941; 07.12.1960 purchased by city council; official opening day of municipal airport 15.06.1961
see also Kingstown Aerodrome

B/CAR 387.736 Carlisle Airport; a history of Crosby on Eden Airport 1941-1991
WW2 memories see 920/DUN Flying Start by H.Dundas pp 81 - 84
Cumberland Review July - October 1971 pp43-44 (illus)
Cumbrian Airfields in the Second World War pp52-80, Martyn Chorlton, 2006
CJ 12.01.1962 p7 CJ 16.07.1965 p1 CN 05.11.1965 p16
CN 12.11.1965 p1 CN 10.12.1965 p15 CJ 25.02.1966 p7
CN 06.10.1967 p13 CN 20.10.1967 p1 CN 03.11.1967 p1
CN 17.11.1967 p2 CN 24.11.1967 p5 CN 26.01.1968 p1
CN 16.02.1968 p1 CN 26.03.1970 p1 CN 05.06.1970 p1
CN 24.07.1970 p1 CN 11.09.1970 p1 CN 04.12.1970 p32
CN 26.11.1971 p1 CN 24.12.1971 p24 CN 31.12.1971 pp1,20
CN 29.09.1972 p32 CN 06.10.1972 p1 CN 15.12.1972 p1
CN 16.03.1973 p24 CN 27.04.1973 p32 CN 14.09.1973 p1
CN 21.09.1973 p4 CN 21.12.1973 p1 CN 15.02.1974 p5
CN 08.03.1974 p1,11 CN 10.05.1974 pp1,5 CN 05.07.1974 p1
CN 20.09.1974 p1 CN 04.10.1974 p3 CN 28.02.1975 p15
CN 18.04.1975 p1 CN 09.05.1975 p1 CN 27.06.1975 p7
CN 24.10.1975 p18 CN 05.12.1975 p9 CN 24.09.1976 pp3,8
CN 05.11.1976 p9 CN 17.11.1976 p4 CN 14.01.1977 p17
CN 02.09.1977 p7 CN 03.02.1978 p3 CN 24.02.1978 p36
CN 31.03.1978 p36 CN 24.11.1978 p17 CN 14.01.1977 p17
CN 25.08.1978 p21 CN 12.01.1979 p17 CN 19.01.1979 p1
CN 09.02.1979 p7 CN 16.02.1979 p1 CN 23.02.1979 p3
CN 23.03.1979 p5 CN 01.06.1979 p3 CN 08.06.1979 p11
CN 15.06.1979 p1 CN 29.06.1979 p11 CN 06.07.1979 p3
CN 03.08.1979p1 CN 07.09.1979 p11 CN 28.09.1979 p1
CN 03.04.1980 p9 CN 20.06.1980 p9 CN 25.07.1980 p1
CN 20.02.1981 p1 CN 06.03.1981 p1 CN 23.10.1981 p1
CN 06.11.1981 p36 CN 04.12.1981 p1
CN 03.11.1945 p5 Suitable sites
CJ 05.03.1948 p6 Crosby to be closed
CN 06.03.1948 pp3,4 Lack of air transport services
CJ 26.03.1948 p1 Future of Carlisle’s airport
CN 15.01.1949 p5 Transformation of an airport
CN 08.03.1957 p1 Crosby Airport- the future
ENS 15.12.1959 p4 Crosby will be the civil airport
ENS 07.12.1960 p1 Key of new city airport formal handed over
ENS 10.12.1960 p1 First plane to land after 1947
Carlisle an illustrated history p83 photo of official opening day on 15.06.1961
ENS 10.04.1962 p1 New air service for city
CJ 04.12.1964 p11 End of British Midland Airways
CN 23.07.1965 p11 Stop-over from London?
CN 08.10.1965 p1 London service?
CJ 28.01.1966 p8 Plans for joint control
CN 16.09.1966 p1 24 hour service
CN 30.06.1967 p12 Memories of Isle of Man Service
CN 11.08.1967 p1 Training pilots
CN 18.08.1967 p11 As a training centre
CN 27.10.1967 p10 Editorial
CJ 05.01.1968 p3 Autair
CN 19.04.1968 p8 (illus) As a training centre
CN 08.11.1968 p3 Cumberland County Council to pull out
CN 01.08.1969 p1 British Air Services
CN 09.02.1971 p1 General
CN 26.03.1971 p8 (illus) The future
CN 26.01.1973 p9 Removal of Hastings Transport plane
CN 13.04.1973 p9 More areas ‘should help’ run airport
CN 10.05.1974 p21 Oxford Air Training School
ENS 29.11.1977 p3 New cash crisis
ENS 23.01.1978 p1 Ban on flights
ENS 24.01.1978 p1 Go-ahead
ENS 01.02.1978 p3 Stay grounded
ENS 23.02.1978 p17 Atom flights D Day
CN 24.02.1978 p36 Transport of nuclear fuel
ENS 27.02.1978 p1 Clear for take off
ENS 28.02.1978 p1 Flights nearer to take off
CN 17.03.1978 p21 Transport of nuclear fuel
CN 23.03.1978 p13 Transport of nuclear fuel
CN 31.03.1978 p36 Transport of nuclear fuel
ENS 07.08.1978 p1 £1m deal boosts airport hopes
ENS 21.08.1978 p5 (illus) Is Carlisle Airport a flight of fancy?
ENS 24.08.1978 p1 City airport future looking up
CN 01.12.1978 p9 Crash - two dead (illus)
CN 07.09.1979 p11 Hush hush talks over airport
CN 03.04.1987 p10 Editorial on axing link to London
CN 16.04.1987 p5 ‘Firm set to take on city air link’; Malin Air
CN 27.11.1987 pp 10,21 Keep on flying
CN 22.01 1988 p3 Airport decision soon
CN 29.01.1988 pp1,3 Airport faces crunch choice
CN 12.02.1988 pp3,10 Take over hope for crisis hit city airport
CN 15.04.1988 p1 Rescue deal for airport
CN 15.04.1988 p8 Museum piece revives
CN 05.08.1988 p1 Airport set for lift off (Ogden Allied Aviation Service)
CN 21.10.1988 pp1,12 Airport has 10 weeks
CN 28.10.1988 p9 Privatise airport says MP
CN 04.11.1988 p12 We must all back airport - editorial
CN 16.12.1988 p3 Airport battle
CN 17.02.1989 p1 Top pair for city airport
CN 17.02.1989 p10 Back this council
CN 03.03.1989 p9 Airport move
CN 17.03.1989 p12 Here's the good news
CN 12.01.1990 p3 Airlines city link interest
CN 19.01.1990 p9 City flights bid backed by MP
CN 19.01.1990 p10 Let's have lift off
CN 02.02.1990 p15 New air link hope
CN 04.05.1990 p11 Deal seals future of city airport
CN 13.07.1990 p3 Air link nearer
CN 25.01.1991 p1 Airport set for lift off
CN 25.01.1991 p10 This time we must get it right
CN 12.04.1991 p3 Airport waits for London link
CN 12.04.1991 p12 Don't give up
CN 03.05.1991 p19 Trouble in the air
CN 07.06.1991 pp1,10 Secret probe
CN 28.06.1991 p13 Paris air link on way
CN 26.07.1991 p3 Counsellors want low down
CN 13.09.1991 p5 Flights plan
CN 08.11.1991 p23 Businessman slams airport management
CN 08.11.1991 p3 Near miss claim
CN 13.12.1991 p12 More than a flight of fancy
CN 13.12.1991 p28 Airport's big loss
CN 17.1.1992 p1 Lift off for air service
CN 17.1.1992 p13 Airport seeking the high fliers
CN 31.1.1992 p1 April lift off
CN 31.1.1992 p7 Backing a city air link
CN 14.02.1992 p16 City flight plans get a boost
CN 28.02.1992 p5 Cash hiccup in air link plan
CN 28 02 1992 p6 Contract may be lost
CN 10.04.1992 p29 City airport show plan taking off
CN 01.05.1992 p6 Air link delayed
CN 08.05.1992 p1 £90,000 city lift off
CN 26.06.1992 p13 It's chocks away for big air show
CN 14.08.1992 p1 N Cargo takes off
CN 14.08.1992 p2 Airport delay
CN 04.09.1992 p5 Atom flight safety fears
CN 25.09.1992 p57 Airport used in exercise
CN 25.09.1992 p4 Air shows went well from the early days
CN 02.10.1992 p29 Plutonium flights ban called for
CN 15.01.1993 p25 Cancelled warning on N. flights
CN 19.02.1993 p15 Airport take off
CN 26.02.1993 p15 City air service set for take off
CN 16.04.1993 p1 City air service all set for lift off
CN 28.05.1993 p9 Heathrow links up
CN 02.07.1993 p9 Taunt over city air firm crash
CN 09.07.1993 pp3,6 Airport needed - BNFL
CN 23.07.1993 p15 City air link taking off again
CN 30.07.1993 p19 Crosby decision off yet again
CN 15.10.1993 p12 Wing and a prayer
CN 12.11.1993 p1 Carlisle air link firm faces probe
CN 19.11.1993 p3 Tories airport crisis
CN 17.12.1993 p1 Quit notices for airport staff
CN 23.12.1993 p3 Tory call to close airport
CN 30.12.1993 p3 Airport options
CN 28.01.1994 p1 Auditors concern at airport payments
CN 28.01 1994 p12 Comment
CN 04.03.1994 p18 Airport at battle stations
CN 01.04.1994 p14 Fools gold - comment
CN 01.04.1994 p18 American space agency to buy Carlisle airport
CN 08.04.1994 p4 (illus) Charity status set to save aircraft museum planes
CN 22.04.1994 p5 Nuke flights...
CN 20.05.1994 p1 Carlisle - London 55 minutes
CN 20.05.1994 p3 Carlisle gets new flight plan
CN 29.07.1994 p7 Trial runs planned for city air link
CN 09.09.1994 p1 Airport is doomed as airline is pulled out
CN 23.09.1994 p3 Labour takes flak for latest ills at airport
CN 25.11.1994 pp1,10 Farmers consult lawyers over calf flights
CN 06.01.1995 p5 Air firm pulls out
CN 13.01.1995 p3 Airport lands new RAF Cadet contract
CN 13.01.1995 p17 Airport under closure threat
CN 27.01.1995 p5 Flights to return
CN 03.02.1995 p4 Airport talks deferred
CN 10.02.1995 p3 City airport saved
CN 16.06.1995 p1 Airline scraps Jersey flights
CN 23.06 1995 p3 Carlisle airport set to be seized in military exercise
CN 23.06.1995 p12 Airport can still fly high
CN 07.07.1995 p5 The battle for free Cumberland
CN 14.07.1995 p1 The war is over
CN 17.11.1995 p5 £10,000 grant for city airport
CN 08.12.1995 p5 Depot plan for airport cash
CN 15.12.1995 p6 Historic finds at airport road plan site
CN 19.01.1996 p1 Digging for bronze
CN 19.01.1996 p3 Airport deal for model club
CN 16.02.1996 p1 Freight firms short list airport
CN 08.03.1996 p9 Airport could get of ground
ENS 04.04.1996 p15 City airport lands atop race
CN 12.04.1996 p1 Fog on the Tyne brings planes to land
CN 04.10.1996 p1 City may run daily flights to London
CN 06.12.1996 p3 Prospects not good for air service to London
CN 07.02.1997 p1 £50m airport plan
CN 21.02.1997 p1 The visionary behind Carlisle's £50m airport
CN 21.02.1997 p10 The sleeping giant spreads its wings
CN 14.03.1997 p1 Key role forecast for airport
CN 21.03.1997 p1 Residents have say on project
CN 18.04.1997 p5 Teeside rival - no threat
CN 13.06.1997 p7 MP David steps into nuclear flights debate
CN 27.06.1997 p3 Secrecy over airport deal raises fears about flights
CN 01.08.1997 p5 Airport cargo plan gathers momentum
CN 29.08.1997 p3 Combined call to ban nuclear flights
CN 31.10.1997 p1 Pilot Neil launches Carlisle air taxi
CN 16.01.1998 p1 Airport weary locals dismiss latest 'pie in the sky'
CN 23.01.1998 p5 Airport runway heads for John Prescott
CN 10.04.1998 p1 Eyes up Botchergate again
CN 22.05.1998 p12 The war game and how we learnt to love the RAF
CN 10.07.1998 p5 Villagers pour scorn on latest scheme
CN 17.07.1998 p12 Ready for rake off?
CN 14.08.1998 p9 Kart track revs up
CN 19.03.1999 p1 14MU
CN 21.05.1999 p5 Royal Mail to get pledge on airport
CN 01.10.1999 p3 Airport blueprint
CN 15.10.1999 p2 Experts doubt sale of airport
CN 22.10.1999 p3 Firms shows interest
CN 03.12.1999 p8 Ban danger cargoes (BNFL)
CN 10.12.1999p3 12 groups express interest in buying airport
CN 21.01.2000 p4 12 would be buyers
CN 09.06.2000 p1 Haughey faces rival airport bid
CN 16.06.2000 p2 Residents’ new fears over plans for airport
CN 16.06.2000 p2 Carlisle Chief Executive statement concerning council’s current policy
CN 23.06.2000 p12 Too late to gripe over airport plan - letter
CN 07.07.2000 p3 Haughey set to win city airport bid
CN 21.07.2000 p3 Haughey’s plans for city airport (illus)
CN 15.09.2000 p8 Nuke flight fears over airport sell off bid
CN 15.12.2000 p1 Plan for city flights to London and Paris - Lakeland Air
CN 15.06.2001 p1 Haughey plans to develop airport; opinion p 12
CN 22.06.2001 p13 Letter; Haghey must not allow flights carrying nuclear materials
CN 29.06.2001 p2 Haughey de-recognises staff’s union
CN 10.08.2001 p4 Haughey is spending up to £2m on upgrading airport
CN 21.09.2001 p1 Gill Airways, the airline providing Royal Mail flights, collapses.
CN 12.10.2001 p1 Airport to launch scheduled flights from Carlisle ‘in weeks’
CN 11.01.2002 p3 (illus) £2m transforms Carlisle terminal
CN 17.05.2002 p3 Managing Director of airport resigns; Colin Pollard taken over
CN 26.07.2002 p5 Cautious welcome to government plans which could see one million passengers
CN 11.07.2003 p1 Hope for scheduled flights to London; North West Devel. Agency commissions study
CN 08.10.2004 p1 Airport manager, John Barnes, leaves; flights grounded for day
CN 26.11.2004 p1 Delays in starting sceduled flights to London
CN 17.12.2004 p1 Scheduled jet flights to London by next summer
CN 24.03.2006 p12 Feature on Andrew Tikler who has bought Carlisle Airport
CN 23.06.2006 p1 Airport in last trading year to July 2004 made £1m loss

CJ 05.04.1938 p5 ARP volunteers needed
CJ 27.10.1939 p1 Where to find shelters

AIR SHOW 92,93 94
CN 26.06 1992 p13 It's chocks away for big airshow
CN 25 .09.1992 p49 Show flying high despite weather
CN 07.05.1993 p3 Lift off for all action air show
CN 28.05.1993 p9 Flying visit prepares for air show
CN 18.06.1993 p3 Air show hotline opens
CN 02.07.1993 p17 All the fun of the fair for the airhsow
CN 09.07.1993 p19 Another air show challenge for high flyers
CN 23.07.1993 p19 Silent flight attraction at air show
CN 13.08.1993 p1 Hitting heights at our air show
CN 27.08.1993 Supp.
CN 03.09.1993 p25 Air show thrills 30,000 crowd
CN 26.08.1994 p3 Chocks away
CN 26.08.1994 Supp
CN 02.09.1994 p5 Air show rains falls mainly on planes
CN 24.02 1995 p13 Lack of sponsors cancel air show

AIR TAXIS (Cumberland) Ltd 14-20 Lonsdale Street, Naworth Castle, 54 Lowther Street
CD 1955-56 Ad p3

Round Carlisle Cross Vol 2 The Albert 1841-1893 pp 103-14; meeting of 05.10.1841 founded club

ALBERT FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL Botchergate; In directories from 1855, closed 1892, becoming the Botchergate Conservatice Club [S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p78]
Guide to Carlisle C178 a

ALBERT HALL Chapel Street
City Minutes 1903-04 p266 Auction room with one entrance onto Chapel St

ALBERT HOUSE, Albert Street
CN 01.02.2008 p34 History of Albert House; built circa 1851-52

ALBERT PLACE, Stanwix On 1861 census and still so named on 1924 OS map. That part of Brampton Rd today which starts from Stanwix Bank

ALBERT SQUARE; West Walls [directly opposite Highland Laddie Lane]; so named on 1841 census and Askews 1853 survey

ALBERT STREET Off Victoria Road; houses built 1852-54
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection p 118; photo of street in 1905
CJ 28.05.1852 Finding of Roman remains in digging foundations
CP 07.02.1896 p5a Street first formed in a substantial manner by the Duke of Devonshire and his lesees about the year 1853 and public sewerage carried out 1854-5
CN 01.02.2008 p34 History of Albert House, Albert Street; built circa 1851-52

ALBERT TAVERN/ HOTEL Botchergate; in directories between 1855 - 1893/94; 1891 census Thomas Hilton, aged 30, innkeeper, bn Carlisle

ALBION HOTEL/ TAVERN Botchergate/ Portland Place; newly built February 1859;
became the Border Rambler circa 1992/93
1861 Morris, Harrison and Co p42 Joseph Tiffin ‘Albion Hotel’
1891 census , John Pender, aged 30, hotel keeper, born Scotland
ENS 05.10.1916 Extensive alterations to be made
07.06.1917 re- opened

ALBION WORKS; London Rd Brown, Tran and Co operated as a textile manufacturer on this site; previously called the Mains, it was later taken over by Bendall’s sheet metal manufacturing works [Linton Holme; a suburb of Carlisle by Marie Dickens p11-12]

ALDERSON, C.T. Confectioner and Pastrycook
Bridge St, Denton St, Lowther St, Brook St
CD 1903 - 03 Ad p286
CD 1905 - 06 Ad p7
CD 1907 - 08 Ad p80
CD 1913 - 14 Ad p62
CD 1920 Ad p236

CN 02.07.1993 p3 Stores go - ahead angers residents
CN 24.03.200 p5 Plan for second city store

M.Constantine Carlisle a history and celebration p70 Photo of street circa 1930
City Minutes 1890-91 item 193 approval for laying out new street
City Minutes 28.04.1893 item 475 Approval for erection of 36 dwellings

ALEXANDRA ROSE DAY First held in Carlisle June 1914
CN 31.08.1973 p6

ALEXANDRA SAW MILL Byron St Founded in 1830 by Robert Creighton in Byron St and traded under the name of J&JR Creighton, after 100 years the company was sold to the forebears of current shareholders
Carlisle in Camera p46 Photo across saw mill
24.08.1929 Fire causes £25,000 worth of damage at saw mill
CN Industrial Supplement 14.04.1960 p6 2B 600
CN Review of Trade and Industry 19.12.1953 p2 1 BC 609
CJ 07.01.1937 p10 Local Trade
CD 1952 Ad p384
Cumberland Directory Ad p278
CD 1955 - 56 Ad p285
CD 1961 - 62 Ad p300
CD 1966 - 68 Ad p301
CN 24.06.2005 p20 Ad feature; Founded 1830 by Robert Creighton; 175 years old

ALEXANDRE, Tailors of English Street
CJ 26.02.1965 p9 (illus) Rebuilt

CN 09.01.2004 p 9 Review of Greek Restaurant

ALGY'S CIRCUS, Botchergate, site of Palace Theatre; Mr Algie applied on 21.11.1900 for permission to erect temporary building of wood and corrugated iron; Circus remained on site until 31.05.1902; second circus constructed on corner of Collier Lane and Crown Street
CAIH p79 Illus of second circus
City Council Minutes 1903-04 p 401 1 year permission to continue on Collier Lane/ Crown St site
CN 03.06.1950 p4 CN 06.09.1957 p8 CN 13.09.1957 p10
CN 27.06.1958 p10 CN 22.01.1960 p10 CN 17.05.1974 p6
CN 07.06.1974 p6
CN 15.10.1982 p4 Algie’s Circus
CN 14.03.1986 p4 Algy's Circus
CN 29.12.1989 p4 Circus days popular with city
CN 12.01.1990 p4 Eye witness account of city circus
CN 16.05.1997 p10 How Mr Algie scooped the Royal Funeral
CN 08.07.2005 p6 Denis Perriam article on Algie, aka Albert Comley

CN 25.04.2008 p3 Toy museum opened in Long Lane

ALL BLACKS, New Zealand rugby team
CJ 28.10.1924 p5 'All Black' visit to Carlisle

CN 10.02.2006 p14 Builders opens estate agency on Warwick Road

ALLAN,J.J. and SON, Wedding and Funeral Furnishers
58 Port Road
CD 1952 Ad p382

Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p 109 Photo of Pat Allan in 1972
CN 26.08.1994 p10 Supplement
CN 02.09.1994 p7 School plans 65 year celebrations
CN 17.03.1995 p15 Stepping out to success
CN 23.06.1995 p9 illus What's got 160 legs...
CN 07.06.2002 p14 Wendy Allen School of Dancing; mother Pat Allen taught before her
CN 24.09.2004 p4 celebrates 80th aniversary next year

CN 24.03.2006 p9 Alleygates; call for 100 locations in city to beat crime
CN 07.07.2006 p9 First alleys to get gates designated
CN 20.04.2007 p7 Alleygates scheme to reduce crime
CN 06.02.2009 p9 Crime goes up after alleygates installed

CN 22.12.1972 p18 (illus) Opening

CN 27.07.1990 p14 ad


ALLINSON, W.H. Devonshire Street
CJ 01.05.1847 p2b Wine and spirit business of late W.H.Allinson for sale
1861 Morris, Harrison and Co p12 bought by Joseph Hope

ALLISON, John Shoemaker, aged 72, employing 4 men, home address Scotch St, born Bothel [1851 census]

ALLISON, R Market Place
CJ 28.03.1818 p1c Advert

CN 03.02.1917 p4
CJ 13.01.1939 p1 Allotments for Carlisle unemployed
CN 23.01.1954 p1 Lack of allotments at Harraby
CN 09.10.1998 p5 Allotments in line for an image make-over
CN 16.07.1999 p3 Gardeners on the barricade
CN 11.05.2001 p7 History of allotments
CN 06.07.2001 p3 Dispute over land near Dykes Terrace; petition supporting Compulsory Purchase
CN 10.08.2001 p5 Dykes Terrace row goes to the county court
CN 28.05.2004 p3 91 year old still digging at her allotment; plot since 1947 at St Aidans

ALMA INN Rickergate; in directories between 1858 - 1861
1861 census Mary Wren, victualler, aged 45, born Workington

1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1. See Northern History Vol XX, 1984]

ALMOND,L and SON, Butcher
2 Botchergate
CD 1952 Ad p84

CN 10.08.1990 p3 (illus) Marking special day

ALTERNATIVE, Lonsdale Street
CN 01.05.1987 p8 Ad feature
CN 28.04.1995 p19 Ad Feature

City Council Minutes 10.06.1881 Laying out of new street approved
City Council Minutes 1890-91 item 130 approval for laying out new street called Alton St
CN 16.02.2007 p68 Alton House for sale

CN 18.01.1991 p5 Farm firm closing depot in cutback
CN 25.01.1991 p7 Depot's closure secrecy row

CN 16.03.2001 p16  Moves into premises in Cecil Street two years after forming
CN 05.12.2003 p 34 Julie Hendy and Sue Rymer partners

City Minutes 1932-33 p425 Footpath from Stoney Holme over Ambrose Holmes

AMBULANCE SERVICE 1909 Ambulance Service introduced as part of fire service
City Council Minutes vol XX, 18.12.1908 pp107-08 Resolved to provide horse ambulance
City Minutes 1909-10 p192 Horse ambulance arrived 17.09.1909; replaced by motor ambulance 30.12.1915, City Minutes 1915-16 p150
Memories of Carlisle, chapter 9 phoot of two ambulances in 1948
CN 08.08.1958 p8
CN 27.10.1989 p7 Support call for ambulance crews
CN 10.11.1989 p5 Give 999 crews pay rise - MP
CN 10.11.1989 p12 A deserving cause
CN 24.11.1989 p1 Hopes rise in mercy dispute
CN 01.12.1989 p3 Mercy men pay dock protest
CN 29.12.1989 p3 Public back mercy crews with cash
CN 26.01.1990 p5 Mercy crews in bid for support
CN 02.02.1990 p6 Public join ambulance pay demo
CN 16.03.1990 p19 A high bill for dispute
CN 16.08.1991 pp1,10 A true angel of mercy
CN 01.05.1992 p5 More jobs on ambulances
CN 09.10.1992 p1 Green light for mercy service trust
CN 04.06.1993 p4 Early city ambulance was a gift
CN 01.07.1994 p3 Ambulances score low
CN 28.04.1995 p2 Mayor opens new ambulance HQ
CN 05.01.1996 p1 Ambulance staff busiest Christmas
CN 15.03.1996 p4 Mercy workers 20 years service rewarded
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p162 Photo of interior view of control room in 1997
CN 02.01 1998 p4 Business as usual at Christmas for the emergency teams
CN 02.01.1998 p11 Death and glory and a lot of TLC
CN 09.01.1998 p3 Ambulance plan sparks fear of trust take over
CN 28.01.2000 p3 MP demands extra cash for service
CN 04.02.2000 p9 999 crews roadshow
CN 11.02.2000 p9 On the roadshow to recovery
CN 29.09.2006 p19 Threat to move ambulance HQ from city to near Preston

CN 25.08.1967 p10

AMERICAN FOOTBALL see Carlisle Kestrels

CN 07.01.2005 p5 Golf shop to open on Botchergate on February 19th

CN 25.01.1991 p16 Anchorage is a haven
CN 03.05.1991 p11 Old folks centre plea
CN 12.07.2002 p13 Letter supporting the centre but fearing for the future of centre

CN 03.06.1977 p11 New flats

ANDERSON,E Auctioneer and appraiser
Devonshire St
Guide to Carlisle C178 Advert
CD 1880 Ad pvi

ANDERSON,E Builder and Contractor
St Nicholas Street
CD 1952 Ad 267

ANDERSON,Lisa Interior Design Studio
CN 23.04.1999 p6 Ad

10 Bridge St, 2 Balfour Road
CD 1952 Ad p87

ANDERSON, W.B. Wholesale fruit and potato merchants; firm founded in 1898 by brothers William and John Anderson; wholesale fruit and veg. busness sold off to West Cumberland farmers in 1976, the property side of the business being retained by the family [CN 16.03.2007 p4 Obit of John Anderson]
77 West Walls
see Memories of Carlisle 2 BC 9 ,4pp
Carlisle from the Kendall Collection ; photo p13 West Walls warehouse
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p48 photo of office staff in 1952
CD 1952 Ad p298

ANDERSON'S, Timber merchants; prior to 1850 the business was in the hands of Messrs Thomas Walker and Co and from that date it was carried on by Messrs Armstrong and Graham until 1862 when it was sold to Mr James Graham. In 1870 Mr Thomas Anderson entered into partnership with Mr Graham who subsquently went to live in Newcastle and the business was in the hands of Thomas Anderson from 1885 - 1897 when he was joined by his eldest son Robert M.Anderson and in 1902 Mr Arthur W Anderson also became a partner in the business. 1904 great fire that gutted the whole saw mill [CJ 05.08.1932]
Denton Holme
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p42 photo of wood yard
1901 Directory p897 Anderson and Sons, timber and slate merchants, Denton St
CJ 02.12.1913
CJ 03.10.1924 p7 Obit of Thomas Anderson
CN 17.09.1938 p18 Ad
CN 21.12.1973 p1 Merger
CN 10.04.1998 p7 Ad
CN 26.06.1998 p8 Ad
CN 14.04.1960 p6 Industrial Supplement 2B 600
CD 1952 Ad p385
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p280
CD 1955 - 56 Ad p286
CD 1961 - 62 Ad p300
CD 1966 - 68 Ad p30

ANDREW MARVEL Botchergate; in directories 1847 - 1852; previously called Isaac Newton and afterwards Golden Quoit [S.Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houes 1894- 1916 p77]
CP 16.02.1850 p1 For sale; the Andrew Marvel

ANDREWS, H 46 Sheffield St; Devonshire Buildings, Lowther St
Carlisle an illustrated history p74; copy of photographer’s carte de visite
Cartes de visite noted with addresses 46 Sheffield Street and also Devonshire Buildings, Lowther Street, opposite the Post Office. 46 Sheffield Street was also the address of the photographer J.Warwick
Carte de visite noted J and W Dodgshon late H.Andrews
Slater’s 1876-77 Directory 46 Sheffield Street
1880 Directory 82 Lowther St, home 46 Sheffield St
1884 Carlisle Directory , photographer, 82 Lowther Street, res Scotch Street

ANGEL INN, English Street; from 1893-94 also called Bewsher’s; closed 1916
1634 Inne ye Angell in the Market Place ; Jefferson History of Carlisle p47, 1838
CJ 19.06.1802 Death of John Mulcaster landlord of the Angel Public House
New guide to Carlisle p77 1821, John Mitchinson, Angel Inn, Castle St
CP 18.03.1843 p1 Aaron Martin opened above establishment
CJ 03.02.1844 Ad; anniversary of the opening of Angel Inn and London Tavern
CJ 08.10.1858 Angel Inn and London Tavern; ad Tom Fleming enters above Inn
CN 19.04.1974 p1 illus. of emblem; threatened demolition
CN 14.06.1974 p10 letter; history
ENS 03.07.1975 p5 Old inn demolished; inn burnt down in 1841
CN 06.12.1991 p4 A landlady who was no angel; Walter Brand stayed here in 1634

ANGLERS INN Shaddongate; in directories 1858 - 1913/14
1861 census Thomas Pollard, aged 39, publican, born Gaitsgill
ENS 02.11.1916 Closed October 1916

ANGLING ASSOCIATION,CARLISLE Inaugural meeting 17.12.1852
See E.Cave The Carlisle Angling Association B/CAR 799.1
Walter Graham Carlisle Angling Association; a 150th Anniversary. 2005
Carlisle Examiner 30.12.1858 p3c Annual meeting
Carlisle Examiner 12.03.1859 p2e Adjourned annual meeting of Carlisle Angling Association

CJ 28.08.1863 p6 The citizens rights
CJ 04.09.1863 p6
CJ 11.09.1863 p7

CJ 28.11.1944 p1 Visit to HM Theatre

CJ 30.01.1945 p1 Visit to Carlisle

CN 23.05.2003 p8 Ad feature; plasterer

ANGUS,R.F. Cleaning services; established 1980
CN 20.07.1990 p8 Sweeping all before them
CN 16.06.2000 p19 Ad feature

ANGUS HOTEL Scotland Road
CN 03.10.2003 p61 For sale; 14 beds
CN 26.11.2004 p19 Sold to Martin and Rachel Perry by G.and E Webster

ANIMAL FRIENDS SOCIETY, Carlisle. In 1925 Alfred Brisco called an inuagural meeting of what was to become the Carlisle Animals’ Friends’ Society. When the Northern branch of the National Equine Defence League was founded the Animals’ Friends’ Society was incorporated with it. In 1936 Mr Brisco was elected to the League and later became director of the whole league

ANIMAL REFUGE, Blackwell Road In 1964 the National Equine Defence League built home in Blackwell Road
CN 27.01.1967 p8
Cumbria 04/1978 pp37-38 illus

ANNABELLE’S Lowther Street; opened November 1986, formerly Citadel Tavern
ENS 04.07.1988 New boss of Carlisle nightspot says business as usual

CN 18.01.1985 p24 illus

ANNE, Princess
CN 28.04.1972 (illus )Visit to Carlisle
CN 01.07.1983 p40 ilus

ANNET SQUARE, Annetwell St So called in 1837, on voters list to 1946
City Minutes 1928-9 p665 6 houses unfit or human habitation

17.01.1799 Died Elizabeth Barnamont of Annetwell Street; Stanwix Parish registers
1877 Photo of west end; Carlisle in Camera 2 p4
CJ 12.01.1923 History
CN 07.09.1956 illus of about 1926
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p14 Two photos of street about 1961
CN 03.09.1971 p14 Derivation of name
CN 26.11.1971 p1 Married quarters
CN 03.12.1971 pp1,16 Married quarters
CN 06.04.1973 p6
CN 27.05.1994 p5 Sparks fly...crumbling bike shop
CN 03.06.1994 p3 City to foot study bill

ANNETWELL STREET CHAPEL In 1778 a small company of Scots resident in Carlisle invited the Associate Presbytery of Edinburgh’s Kelso Church to send to Carlisle a minister to preach, in 1780 the Rev Waugh was appointed as supply in Carlisle and in 1781 Lady Glenorchy purchased from the Rev Waugh a small chapel on Annetwell St; so named on Wood’s 1821 map of city; 19.03.1843 congregation moved to Lowther Street; property taken over by John Blaylock, who manufactured ticket machines here; demolished between 1875-77 when occupied by Nicholson, china and glass merchants
see Lady Glenorchy and her churches 1 BC 285.5 p45
CWAAS 3rd series, Volume 4 pp 201 - 220
CJ 14.03.1818 p2d Annual meeting of Sunday Schools belonging to Annetwell Chapel
CJ 14.03.1818 p3b Comment concerning annual meeting - 400 children
CJ 31.05.1912
CN 12.05.1967 p12 illus

ANNIE OF EDENSIDE, Play by Charles Vynne
CN 23.09.1950 p5

CN 08.06.2001 pp1,3 In Carlisle 06.06; £1 painting is worth £15,000

CN 25.10.1996 p9 illus Hard-core apple lovers

APPLE TREE Lowther Street; first time in local directories 1869; present building completed and opened May 1927, to designs of Harry Redfern; built by John Laing, joinery work J.H.Reed; Lena Brown and C.H.Lawrence have been doing mural paintings on the new model tavern, the Apple tree, the subjects are ‘The Gardens of Hesperides’ and ‘Atalanta’s Race’ [Carleola no 54, July 1930 p58]; renamed Pippins 1987/88
Carlisle the archive photos p53 photo of old pub managed by T and J Minns
Renaissance of the English Public House pp 63,64 layout plans; photo opp. p68
Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 pp123, 125, 128-32, 134 for illustrations
ENS 19.12.1960 p1 Gaoled for damaging two Carlisle pubs
CN 10.07.1992 p4 How Apple Tree has blossomed
CN 29.09.2000 p15 Pubs plans to demolish history; destruction of staircase

see also Graham and Roberts
see also Dias
ENS 11.06.1968 p1 Merger with Graham and Roberts
CN 03.02.1978 p1 Merger with Dias

CN 24.02.1951 p4 CN 03.03.1951 p5



CD 1961 - 62 Ad p272


See also Romans
CN 10.01.1975 p1 CN 30.05.1975 p1 CN 05.09.1975 p14 CN 07.04.1978 p5
CN 18.07.1953 (illus) Ancient Carlisle unearthed;l Castle Street pre Elizabethan buildings
CN 15.10.1976 p1 Roman Wall
CN 18.03.1977 p1 Mediaeval
CN 13.05.1977 p1 Blackfriars Street
CN 03.06.1977 p1 Blackfriars Street
CN 15.07.1977 p1 Blackfriars Street
CN 23.09.1977 p10 Blackfriars Street
CN 28.10.1977 p11 Blackfriars Street
CN 07.04.1978 p5 Blackfriars Street
ENS 26.04.1978 (illus) Blackfriars dig; skeletons
CN 28.04.1978 p9 Lanes eventual redevelopment dig
CN 03.08.1979 p32 Lanes
CN 05.12.1981 p3 Tullie House site
Cumbria Vol 34 pp 400 - 401 Stanwix 1984
CN 06.01.1989 p5 Exciting find in city centre dig (gold coins)
CN 04.05.1990 p7 City find is unique in Roman history
CN 18.12.1992 p13 City dig; lucky strike finds iron age site
CN 23.01.1998 p12 Secrets that lurk beneath the Civic Centre
CN 08.09.2000 p1( illus)Roman Fort find on Castle Green
CN 08.09.2000 p13 Letter concerning possible destruction of site

ARCHBOLD, John Scotch Street
CP 02.07.1842 p1b Commencing business in gunmaking business
[not listed in 1858 Post Office Directory]

ARCHITECTS see ARCHITECTS PLUS; Thomas Cox, Edward J. Dodgshun; Henry Higginson, John Hodgson; JOHNSON and WRIGHT; Matthew Johnstone; Paul Nixson; George Dale Oliver; James Stewart

CN 19.08.1988 p2 Having designs of their own
CN 22.12.2000 p12 Four of staff made into associates


See also Muniments
CN 10.12.1965 p8 CN 02.12.1966 p8 illus
Cumbria November 1977 pp457 - 458
CN 23.04.1993 p12 Todays events tomorrows history
CN 01.04.1994 p7 Inglewood's plea for historic 'raw materials'
CN 30.10.1998 p12 Digging up the family tree
CN 18.02.2005 p6 Possible transfer of Archives to Petteril Bank
CN 14.04.2006 p3 £4.79 grant to move to Lady Gillford’s at Petteril Bank
CN 09.01.2009 p7 Work on new archive centre to begin on 19th January
CN 16.01.2009 p10 First sod cut

CN 30.07.1971 p30

ARGYLL CINEMA, Harraby; opened 23 July 1956; closed 07.11.1959; building to be demolished on 08.12.2003
see also Cosmo
CJ 26.06.1958 CJ 04.11.1960 p7 CJ 09.02.1962 p6
CN 25.11.1955 being built
CN 20.07.1956 p8 Ad Argyll to open on 23rd July; ‘Carousel’ first film
CN 10.08.1956 Memories of early cinema in Carlisle triggered by opening of new cinema in Harraby
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News pp24,25 Interior view and view of queue of youngsters
ENS 03.09.1958 p2 illus
CN 06.11.1959 p1 Cinema to close due to lack of business
CJ 06.11.1959 p6 (illus) To close tomorrow evening
CN 21.10.1960 p7(illus) Converted to roller skating rink
CJ 05.06.1964 History of building

CN 13.08.2004 p71 Ad for new houses on site of old Argyll Cinema

CN 06.12.2002 p1 Owner fears his shop will be closed by City Council
CN 13.12.2002 p3 Pet shop can stay open; letter p13

ARMISTEAD, Christopher Grocer and provision dealer, aged 30, employing 4 men and 1 boy, born Lupton, Westmorland, home address Princess Street [1851 census]; Christopher Armistead, grocer, aged 47, employing 1 man and 3 boys, born Wigton, home address London Road [1861 census]

CN 10.11.1978( illus) CJ 14.11.1939 p1
175 Years of Carlisle p51 Three photos of 1918 Armistice Day in city
CJ 12.11.1937 p1 (illus) Service
CJ 15.11.1938 pp1,5 (illus) Services in Carlisle
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p115 photo of 1966 service at Cenotaph
CN 11.11.1988 p4 Armistice Day at Cathedral
CN 28.10.1988 p4 Armistice brought paid holidays
CN 14.10.1988 p4 Poignant memories of Armistice Day
CN 17.11.1989 pp16-17 Poignant return to Flanders
CN 16.11.1990 p23 Crisis casts shadow over day
CN 18.11.1994 p6 Thumbs up for court poppies
CN 03.11.1995 p13 Appeal for silence
CN 10.11.1995 p1 Stores fall silent
CN 17.11.1995 p8 Nostalgic Armistice Day gift for Fred
CN 13.11.1998 p16 Armistice Day
CN 19.11.1999 p18 Big turnout

ARMS OF CARLISLE New arms for city drawn up and became official in September 1924; these are the present arms; the shield in the arms is surmounted by a mural crown which indicates that at one time Carlisle was a walled city; the red cross on the shield probably originated from the Carlisle family who bore these arms in feudal times; the red roses are almost certainly in honour of the Virgin Mary whose emblem is the red rose and to whom Carlisle Cathedral is dedicate; the wyverns supporting the shield shows the links between the the Celts of Cumbria and those of Wales; the motto comes from Wolsey’s speech to Cromwell in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII
see K.Smith Carlisle pp 75-76
see also Motto
CWAAS OS Vol 6 pp1-14 Armorial Bearings of the City of Carlisle
Civic Affairs January 1961 pp 2,4 History 2BC 352
City Minutes 1922-23 p 525 City arms not officially registered; design of no authority; new arms
CN 23.04.1949 p5
CP 15.10.1880 (illus) Armorial bearings of the city of Carlisle
CJ 12.09.1924 City Arms

ARMSTRONG, Charles and John Builders; Victoria Hall , Clydesdale Bank , Denton Holme Schools, Charlotte St Congregational Church, St Mary’s, St Paul’s and St John’s, LNWR goods shed, Caledonian Railway engine shed at Kingmoor, Midland Waggon repairing shops, restoration of nave of Cathedral, Caledonian bridges over the Caldew - all Carlisle
1851 census Charles Armstrong, house builder, aged 49, bn Dalston, home Chapel St
CJ 30.10.1857 p5 Charles Armstrong to be interred, died aged 56, 35 years in business
CJ 04.12.1857 p4d Charles and John Scott Armstrong suceed to business
1861 census Charles Armstrong, aged 28, builder, employing 13 men, born Carlisle
CJ 11.11.1873 Contract for new Victoria Hall to Messrs C and J Armstrong 6,798 pounds
CJ 16.04.1886 p5 failure of business
CJ 30.04.1886 p6 Full report on business failure
CJ 11.05.1886 p2 Further report on failure of builders
CJ 17.09.1886 p7 Bankruptcy of Messrs Armstrong
CJ 15.10.1886 p6 On going bankruptcy
CJ 08.04.1887 p1 Sale notice of Kingstown brickworks
CP 26.09.1890 Charles Armstrong fellow apprentice with Thomas Nelson in 1822
CJ 04.04.1916 p4f Death of Charles Armstrong; obit; firm founded 1820
CN 27.10.2000 p9 Brothers helped create Victorian Carlisle

ARMSTRONG, Edward Nailor employing 2 men, aged 64, born Penrith, home address Forge Green, James Street [1851 census]

ARMSTRONG,Etta Ladies outfitter
43 Bank St
CD 1955-56 Ad p270
CD 1961-62 Ad p290

Denton Garage, Thomas St, Lancaster St
CJ 29.03.1963 pp6-7 illus
ENS 20.03.1963 pp12-13 Ad
CN 13.06.1952 p3 illus 2 seater coupe
CD 1952 Ad p335
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p258

ARMSTRONG, John Grocer and confectioner, aged 40, home address Rickergate, born Carlisle [1861 census]

ARMSTRONG, John Electrical engineer
West Tower St
CD 1905-06 Ad p82

CP 15.10.1825 p2 Entered into grocery business in Scotch Street, recently occupied by W.Bell

ARMSTRONG,Robert Silk Mercer
67 English St
Guide to Carlisle C 178 Ad p153
CD 1880 Ad p100
CD 1884-85 Ad p147

ARMSTRONG, Robert and Albert Denton St
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen, p23, description of fishmongers in 1930s

ARMSTRONG, T Church Street
Carlisle the Archive Photographs p 109 View of shop facade; painters and decorators, 1925

ARMSTRONG, Thomas 20 Lonsdale St, Belah and Moorville nurseries
1882 Porters Directory Ad p92 Nurseryman and fruit merchant

ARMSTRONG,Thomas Builder
CN 22.03.1991 p10 Tried and trusted
CN 28.03.1991 p16 ad
ENS 11.07.1963 p6 Ad

ARMSTRONG, Thomas and Co
M442 p5 Business card for whip and thong manufacturers

ARMSTRONG,Tom and Son Fish and poultry dealer
42 Denton St
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p36
CD 1955-56 Ad p36
CD 1961-62 Ad p271
CD 1966-68 Ad p266

ARMSTRONG, W.T. Draper, aged 28, employing 2 apprentices, home address Irish Gates, born Carlisle [1861 census]

ARMSTRONG,Walter Joiner and builder
14 Botchergate
CD 1884-85 Ad p265

ARMSTRONG, William 17 King’s Arms Lane
1882 Porter’s Directory p134 Glass, chine and earthenware; late M.A.Baxter

CP 05.12.1873 p1d; ad, for sale 15 tenements, rooms etc

see Memories of Carlisle 2 BC 9 4pp
CN 19.02.1988 Ad feature pp14-15
CN 30.08.1991 p23 Firm on the move
CN 13.09.1991 p25 Accountancy firm expands
CN 23.06.2000 p16 New look for Armstrong Watson - dropping the ‘Co’
CN 12.10.2001 p14 Fined over audit delay
CN 11.07.2003 p18 Ranked as 28th largest accountancy firm in UK in survey


ENS 25.11.1959 p1 Reopened

ENS 28.03.1983 p2 Home for mentally handicapped former criminal refuge

ARRIVAL Clothes shop
Devonshire St
CN 05.02.1999 p1 (illus) Closing down

ARROL, Archibald and Sons Brewers
City Hall Buildings, Lowther Street
CD 1880 Ad pxxxvii

ARROYO ARMS Public House Harraby; opened 23.06.1958 by Major John Gibbon in the company of the Border Regiment; in memory of battle Arroyo des Molinos at which the 2nd Battalion of the 34th infantry regiment, later part of the Border Regiment, fought. During the battle the band of the 34th French Regiment along with their drums and drum major was taken prisoner. The Arroyo pub sign used to be a painted model of a drummer boy
CJ 13.08.1965 p1
CN 27.06.1958 p2 Opened
ENS 17.06.1971 p6 Drummerboy sign greets customers
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p134 Photo of pub sign
October 2007 Boarded up


CN 22.01.1993 p4 Hunt for art
CN 24.03.1995 p3 Art boom
CN 31.03.1995 p3 £70,000 arts plan
CN 01.08.1997 p3 Lottery funding is just the ticket for arts projects
CN 11.06.1999 p27 (illus) Crowds stream to rail art show


ART DECO BUILDINGS IN CITY; Lonsdale Cinema; SMT Garage on Viaduct; Electricity Works extension James Street best seen from Nelson Bridge, including that part of the extension on the bridge [with clock]; Woolworth buildings; Earl Grey pub in Botchergate [for details of steel tubublar chairs, chrome doors...see Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme. 2007 pp 162 - 165]; Coop on Cumwhinton Road, near junction with London Road; Argos building on Lowther Street [former David Thomson building]; facade of Marks and Spencer has Art Deco motifs; St Barnabas Church and Vicarage; Cavaghan and Grey building on London Road, at junction with Petteril Bank


ARTHUR,King and his association with Carlisle
Cumbria Sept 1959 p158
John Peel Jottings May 1960 no 18
Carlisle and Cumbria;Roman and Med. Architecture,Art and Archaelogy; pp63-72 A. Wheatley King Arthur lives in Merry Carlisle

ARTHUR, James Bookseller, Rickergate
CP 09.01.1822; Storm and flood; two references to Mr Arthur being flooded out
1829 Directory p160
1847 Directory 28 Rickergate, booksellers
CN 02.01.2009 p26 James Arthur, bookseller; died 09.08.1877 aged 87; D.Perriam

ARTHUR, T.W. Printers
71-73 English St, 32 Rickergate
CD 1880 Ad pxxxii, xlvi, xxi, p282
1851 Ward’s Northern Directory; ad p22 28 Rickergate
1861 census Thomas Arthur, aged 33, bookseller and printer, employing 2 men and 8 boys, bn Carlisle
CD 1880 2nd last page advert for A. B Moss, successor to T.W.Arthur

City Minutes 1895-96 p 322 Approval for 25 houses
CN 27.05.1960 p13

ARTISANS DWELLINGS Broadguards, Caldewgate
Voters list 1891 - 1960


Magpie Inn built in Arts and Crafts style

CN 12.11.1970p1

ART SCHOOL Formed from the defunct Carlisle Academy of Art on Finkle Street in 1854; became Carlisle Museum in 1877; since January 1894 School of Art transferred to Tullie House; September 1894 Sciences Classes commence in Tullie House
See Finkle Street Museum;Academy of Art
See CAIH p51
See also Finkle Street Academy of Art; College of Art
Carlisle Examiner 09.11.1858 p2f Annual meeting of subscribers
Carlisle Examiner 16.04.1859 p3d Carlisle School of Art; Finkle Street Exhibition
Carlisle Examiner 03.12.1859 p2d Carlisle School of Art; annual meeting of subscribers
Carlisle Examiner 08.10.1859 p2d Carlisle School of Art; annual distribution of medals
CJ 18.12.1863 p6 Annual meeting
CJ 26.01.1864 p2 Government grants
CJ 29.01.1864 p4 Government grants
CJ 24.11.1865 p5 Annual meeting
CJ 28.11.1865 p3 Exhibition of work
City Minutes 1928-9 p596 present accommodation of Art School in Tullie House; proposals
CJ 05.09.1941 p5 In Tullie House
CN 21.06.1985 p4 Early history
CN 26.03.1999 p9 Long struggle for Art College

CN 13.06.2003 p1 Discovery of asbestos at Cumbria Industries for Disabled closes factory
CN 11.11.2005 p5 Legal action over death linked with exposure to asbestos
CN 25.07.2008 p1 Asbestos fear in ex council houses

ASBRIDGE,W and Son Devonshire Walk
CD 1952 Ad p355

ASCENSION DAY A major occasion for the city. The Chamberlains and Guilds accounts show show that the celebration focused on a circuit of local boundaries. All occupations joined the mayor and corporation in a riding of the boundaries of Kingmoor. From 1593 to 1635 payments are frequently entered for entertainment on this day, variously the trumpeters, waits, musicians, a fool, a fiddler, a juggler [Records of Early English Drama; Cumberland, Westmorland and Gloucestershire, 1986 p26]
CPacquet 16.05.1809 p3 Ascension day in city; band and colours of guilds proceed to Kingmoor
CP 08.05.1819 p2c Ad Ascension Day breakfast, races at Kingmoor
CP 22.05.1819 p3 b Half column description of Ascension day celebrations
CP 02.06.1821 p3d Ascension day celebrations; Carlisle Freeman’s day
CJ 12.05.1950 p5 Procession of guildsmen
CN 20.05.1977 p6 Guilded festivals

ASDA STORE Opened 16.03.1987
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p54 Photo of exterior
CN 26.09.1975 p1 CN 21.11.1975 p8 CN 04.12.1981 p21
CN 06.11.1981 p9 CN 20.11.1981 p1 CN 29.09.1981 p7
CN18.09.1981 p1
ENS 04.03.1987 p10 Set to go
CN 06.03.1987 p1, Ad 13
CN 13.03.1987 supplement
CN 09.07.1993 p25 Superstores £3m vamp
CN 24.09.1993 p15 Superstores £3m new look
CN 29.07.1994 p18 ASDA - where customers always come first
CN 31.05.1996 p4 ASDA's smart scheme to cut down on crime
CN 07.05.1999 p12 Staff shares windfall
CN 25.06.1999 p3 Wal Mart
CN 18.01.2002 p3 Asda and Tesco plan extensions to stores
CN 09.08.2002 p3 £1m revamp brings 70 jobs

ASHBURNER, T.W. and B Grocers, 5a West Tower Street [where Tyson’s electrical store is, 2009]
CN 03.02.1945 Obit of Banks Ashburner, aged 72, grocer and provision merchant. In 1895 he joined his brother, Tom Wills Ashburner, in the West Tower Street business where he remained until 1941. Bank’s two sons, Tom and Banks junior, carried on the business after Banks senior’s death. Tom died in August 1969 and the business closed a few months later [details from a family member]

ASH HOUSE, PortRoad 1861 census; Isaac Bell, timber merchant, aged 55, bn Walton

ASH LEA STREET INFANTS/ BOYS/ GIRLS SCHOOL Ash Lea Street Infants School opened 08.04.1890; Ash Lea Street Boys School opened 13.05.1895; Ash Lea Street Girls School opened 07.10.1895; Infants School closed 01.09.1988

Memories of Carlisle, Chapter 5 Photo of 1959-60 football team
CN 05.07.1968 p1 (Illus) Closing

CN 03.07.1998 p13 Ad feature new premises
CN 26.07.2002 p5 Sex discrimination claim
CN 02.08.2002 p6 Practice denies discrimination claim
CN 06.12.2002 p14 Employees sex discrimination claim dismissed.

City Council minutes 25.02.1887 19/983 Approval for laying out Ashley Street
City Council minutes 25.03.1887 20/016 approval for 4 houses in Ashley Street


ASHMAN CLOSE On electoral register from 1998-9, Alan Ashman was a former manager of Carlisle United

ASHTON, Joseph George Street
Hat manufactory
CJ 10.06.1826 p2b Manufactory to be let
Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle marks Mr Ashtons Hattery at the head of George Street

ASKINS and LITTLE Stonemasons
CN 29.04.2005 p39 Profile of partner John Little


Abolished in December 1971 to become Crown Court; Judges from the central court went on a circuit throughout the country; serious crimes were dealt with at these courts
Round Carlisle Cross Vol 6 Some Assize Memories pp 60-68
02.08.1681 Guns fired for judges coming CWAAS OS Vol 13 p192
15.08.1682 Guns fired for judges coming CWAAS OS Vol 13 p192
14.08.1683 Guns fired for thejudges coming CWAAS OS Vol 13 p192
06.08.1684 Judges received with 15 guns; Bishop Nicolson’s Diaries; CWAAS ns vol 1, 1901 p15
CWAAS ns vol 61, 1961 pp 223 - 237 Description of Assizes in 1731 in Carlisle
CPacquet 13.08.1782 p2 Report on Carlisle Assize
CJ 08.08.1807 p3,b,c, Cumberland Assizes
CJ 27.08.1808 p3 Cuberland Assize
CJ 03.09.1808 p3 Cumberland Assize
CPacquet 01.08.1809 p2d Prisoners sent for trial before Sir Alan Chambre
CP 08.08.1809 p2 Lunch and procession to meet judge
CJ 08.09.1810 p3 Summer Assizes
CJ 31.08.1811 p4 Cumberland Assize
CJ 07.09.1811 p4 Cumberland Assize
CJ 27.08.1814 p4 Cumberland Assize
CP 15.08.1818 p3 Carlisle Assizes
CP 04.09.1819 pp1,4 Carlisle Assizes
CP 03.03.1821 p2 Spring Assizes
CP 01.09.1821 p2f,p3 Cumberland Assizes open
CJ 09.03.1822 p2a-e Spring Assizes
CJ 11.03.1826 p4 a-e Spring Assizes
CJ 05.08.1826 p2d-f,3a-d,4 b-f Summer Assizes
1829 Spring and Autumn Assizes , about second week of March and third week of August
CP 11.08.1832 CJ 11.08.1832
CJ 14.03.1835 p4 Spring Assizes
CJ 03.08.1839 p2f Cumberland Assizes
CJ 10.08.1839 p3f-h,p4a-d Cumberland Assizes
20.02.1841 Cumberland Assize
19.07.1842 Midsummer Assizes
CP 17.03.1843 Spring Assize
05.08.1844 Cumberland Assize
21.02.1846 Cumberland Assize
CJ 27.02.1847 p4a-h Cumberland Lent Assizes
CJ 07.08.1847 pp2,3,4, Cumberland Assizes
CP 12.08.1848 Supp p3 Summer Assizes
CP 03.08.1850 p3 Summer Assizes
CP 09.08.1851 p2 Summer Assizes
CP 06.08.1853 p5 Cumberland Assizes
CP 11.08.1855 p5 Summer Assizes
CP 09.08.1856 p5 Summer Assizes
CP 02.03.1861 p6 Spring Assizes
CP 25.02.1865 p7 Spring Assizes
CP 24.07.1868 p6 Summer Assizes
CP 23.07.1869 p7 Cumberland Assizes
CP 21.02.1873 p6 Cumberland Assizes
CP 23.02.1877 p6 Assizes
CP 29.06.1877 p6 Carlisle Assizes
CP 15.03.1878 p6 Spring Assizes
CJ 13.04.1880 p2 Assizes
CJ 29.10.1880 p5 Winter Assizes
CP 04.11.1881 p6 Autumn Assizes
CP 21.04.1882 p6 Carlisle Assizes
CP 18.01.1884 p6 Carlisle Assizes
CJ 17.04.1885 p17 Spring Assizes
CP 22.04.1887 p6 Carlisle Assizes
CP 08.07.1887 p6 Carlisle assizes
CJ 10.07.1888 p 5 Summer Assizes
ECN 24.11.1888 p6a-c Carlisle Assizes
CP 04.03.1892 p6 Assizes
CP 11.03.1892 p7 Assizes
CP 08.07.1892 p3 Carlisle Assizes
CP 15.07.1892 p3 Carlisle Assizes
CP 18.11.1892 p6 Winter Assizes
CP 19.02.1897 p7a-c Carlisle Assizes
CP 02.07.1897 p5c,d Carlisle Assizes
CP 09.07.1897 p7a-c Carlisle Assizes
CP 05.11.1897 p7g Winter Assize
CJ 21.01.1913 Assizes
CJ 06.06.1913 Assizes
CN 05.06.1920 p11 Summer Assizes for Cumberland
CN 30.09.1955 p10 (illus) 1914 Assize
CN 07.10.1955 p10 (illus) 1915 Assize - first in motorcar
CN 21.10.1966 p12 (illus)
CN 24.09.1971 p19
CN 08.10.1971 p8 (illus) Last Assize
Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p162 interior photo of last Assize Court

CN 10.11.2000 p14 Kingmoor arrival


CN 05.09.1997 p5 (illus) Parents launch appeal fund to honour memory of Abbe

ASTI, D Bridge St
E.Nelson Around Carlisle p92 Photo of ice cream seller

ATHENAEUM Lowther Street Opened 28.04. 1840; designed by Arthur and George Williams of Liverpool; contained large lecture room capable of seating 1,000 people and was until 1851 the home of the Mechanics Institute and Library; inside remodelled into extension for adjacent General Post Office which opened on 26.01.1874; inside designed by J.H.Martindale and opened as Savings Bank 09.07.1929; interior entirely gutted 1988; 2004 home of Lloyds TSB Bank
see Mannix and Whellan 1847 Directory p140
see Carlisle an illustrated history p76 engraving of exterior
see also Trustees Savings Bank, Post Office
CJ 02.02.1839 Records death of Thomas Aikin, contractor, who was constructing this building
CJ 02.05.1840 Building approaching completion
CJ 18.01.1845 Part of roof gave way in August
CP 07.01.1854 p1 Mrs Thurnam exhibits at Athenaeum 3 painting by John Martin
CN 12.02.1960 p10 (Illus)
CN 14.04.1995 p12 150 years (up for sale)
CN 05.03.1999 p13 (illus) Carlisle Athenaeum

ATHLETICS TRACK; SHEEPMOUNT see Sheepmount Running Track

ATKIN, Thomas Eden Place
M442 p16 Business receipt for builder and dealer in bricks
1834 Pigot’s Directory; Thomas Atkin, Stanwix, builders and brickmakers

ATKINSON and DAVIDSON Coach builders established in 1869 by James Atkinson
Cathedral Court, Castle Street
D.Perriam Carlisle Remembered p115
Carlisle in Picture Postcards view 35; photo of facade
CJ 30.06.1885 Fire at premises; Ad concerning reopening and details of fire
CJ 07.05.1920 p7 Devonshire House School; sold to client. The house at one time town house of Joseph Ferguson MP and his son J.C.Ferguson, from whose representatives it was purchased by the late Messrs Atkinson and Davidson, coachbuilders
CN 29.12.1967 p8
Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p261
CD 1955-56 Ad p260

CN 22.05.1992 p1 Law firms merge
CN 03.04.2009 p4 David Ward retires from Atkinson Ritson. He joined Hartson and Atkinson in 1959 and became a partner in Atkinson and North

ATKINSON and WOOD English St
General drapers, Ladies and Gents Tailors
CN 09.11.1956 p10
CD 1893-94 Ad p86
CD 1913-14 Ad p6
CD 1920 Ad p316
CD 1924 Ad p253

ATKINSON, Amos Shoe Shop English Street
see also LANES collapse of building in 1978
CN 06.03.1970 p9 (illus)
CN 23.03.1978 p32 Atkinson’s shop will have to be demolished after collapse of shop next door

ATKINSON,H West Tower Street
Plumber, Gas fitter, Glazier
CD 1905-06 Ad p82
CD 1907-08 Ad p129
CD 1910-11 Ad p98
CD 1913-14 Ad p62

ATKINSON,Jas Town Hall
1858 Carlisle Directory Ad at back for James Atkinson, under the Town Hall Clock, tailor
CD 1880 Ad pxlix
CP 18.11.1892 p3c Bankruptcy of James Atkinson, 49 English Street

ATKINSON, James and Co Brewers; Bailey’s Northern Directory 1781 and 1784

1810 Picture of Carlisle and Diretory p 120 M.Atkinson and Co, Milliners, Rickergate
M442 p33 Ad for hat manufacturer

ATKINSON, Samuel Attorney at Law; Bailey’s Northern Directory 1784

ATKINSON, William Painter, aged 41, employing 13 men, home address Abbey Street, born Carlisle [1851 census]

ATKINSON CRESCENT Harraby; named after counsellor Herbert Atkinson
Voters list from 1946-47 on

Carlisle; Archival photographs p44 photo

ATKINSON’S OF BOTCHERBY Market gardener who specialised in rhubard; garden just this side of the Magpie, now new housing [Cumbria Gardens Trust, Occasional Papers Vol 2, 2004, pp 50-51

CN 15.11.1991 Ad p13

CD 1880 Ad piii

ATLAS HALL Denton Street
Demolished 1966; originally a chapel built circa 1881

ATLAS WORKS Denton Holme
Atlas Works built by cotton manufacturer John Thomlinson; Grammar Sch Memorial Register p119
CP 22.03.1878 Building in Carlisle; new mill in Nelson Street near completion
CN 13.12.1991 p5 Business enticed by rent free premises
CN 14.02.1997 p4 Trip to jungle - Dan Russell

AUCTIONEER, The Restaurant/pub
CN 14.05.1993 p6 Ad
CN 27.06.1997 p9 Restaurant expands to beat the queues
CN 26.09.2003 p8 Ad Feature; opened 1974


CN 29.11.1996 p8 Auctions firm hopes to build new salesroom
CN 28.11.1997 p3 Dr Johnson comes to the aid of the hospice

CN 14 .02.1997 p8 My life as an au pair in the USA

AUSTIN,J Agricultural mart, Botchergate
CD 1937 Ad p280

AUSTIN FRIARS - Nazareth House; run as orphanage by Poor Sisters of Nazareth from 1925 until property sold to Augustinian Friars in 1951
See ‘It Isn’t Always Raining ‘ by S.Gray-Wilson, 2000 1A362.715
Denton Holme Childhood, B.Cullen p54 Sisters call for meat at Cullens butcher in 1930s
ENS 06.05.1978 p8 illus A home from home for the lucky lads in one huge happy 'family'
CN 16.07.1993 p1 Scandal of city's 'Botany Bay' orphans
CN 23.07.1993 p1 Orphans plight untrue says MP
CN 23.07.1993 p15 Harrowing tale of family torn apart
CN 06.08.1993 p7 Letter about Nazareth House
CN 06.08.1993 p11 Tearful call to find her relatives
CN 13.08.1993 p3 News brings about a reunion
CN 20.08.1993 p11 Tears flow as years come back
CN 03.09.1993 p4 (illus) Recalling boys in the band
CN 22.07.1994 p5 Thank you everyone for my lovely new house
CN 20.03.1998 p1 (illus) Lawyers probe child abuse
CN 27.03.1998 p3 More charges against nuns

AUSTIN FRIARS SCHOOL founded 1951; building completed 1892 for girls school for Order of the Sacred Heart; foundation stone laid 16.04.1891; school moved in 1903 to Newcastle; building then used as Chadwick Memorial Industrial School until 1923; Sisters of Nazereth took over building as orphanage in 1925; see also AUSTIN FRIARS - Nazareth House
See also Saint Monica’s
See also Chadwick Industrial Memorial School
See also Sacred Heart Convent
see Memories of Carlisle 2BC 9 3pp
CD 1952 Ad p369
CD 1955-56 Ad p282
CD 1966-68 Ad p296
CJ 06.07.1951 p5 Opening
CN 07.07.1951 p5 CN 08.07.1966 p13
CN 11.11.1955 p10 History of the building
CN 25.11.1955 p10
CJ 12.07.1957 p4
CN 21.02.1964 p12
CN 25.10.1963 p2 Public school
CN 27.09.1964 Chapel re-opened
CN 02.10.1964 p12 (illus) Chapel re-opened 27.09.1964
CN 28.05.1965 pp1,5 (illus) Extensions
AUSTIN no 5 1966 pp33-36 History
CN 30.06.1967 p11 (illus) Extensions
CN 07.07.1967 p6 (Illus) Extensions
CN 03.04.1969 p3 (illus) Figures for chapel
CN 17.09.1976 p10 Silver jubilee
CN 22.02.1991 p23 New block for school
CN 15.03.1991 p44 Calling back the old boys
CN 07.06.1991 p44 A £300,000 face lift for school
CN 19.07.1991 p13 Work starts on £300,000 school block
CN 17.07.1992 p12 Top school is changing with the times
CN 28.05.1993 p4 Girls were first on school site
CN 17.12.1993 p5 Lay head takes charge of Friars
CN 09.09.1994 p4 First lay head for city catholic school
CN 16.08.1996 p1 Drink drive head quits
CN 22.03.1996 p16 Imposing history of city school (job review)
CN 21.06.1996 p3 25 years in priesthood for fathers
CN 26.03.1999 p16 Ad
CN 01.10.1999 p13 Another successful year
CN 18.02.2000 p15 New head rows in
CN 30.06.2000 p12 Inquest on school girl who fell down school stair well on 09.03.1998
CN 21.07.2000 p12 School children assaulted on trip to France
CN 29.09.2000 p8 (illus) New Headmaster Nicholas O’Sullivan
CN 02.03.2001 p16 Unites with Saint Monica’s School
CN 27.07.2001 p22 (illus) New nursery to open January 2002
CN 04.04.2003 p16 Headmaster, Nick O’Sullivan, to leave at end of term
CN 13.06.2003 p17 Becomes a charitable trust alongside St Monicas
CN 04.07.2003 p4 Christopher Lumb becomes new head
CN 14.05.2004 p18 Fr O’Connor unveils plaque to teaching members of Augustinian order
CN 29.04.2005 p2 New science block plans; school has 470 pupils aged 3-18; term fees £1,380-£2,869
CN 15.07.2005 p1 Last Austin Friar, Bernard Rolles, leaves school
CN 05.05.2006 p3 plans for £2.4m junior school
CN 24.08.2007 p22 3.1million pound extension to St Monica’s almost ready

Carlisle Examiner 27.05.1858 p4b Emigrants letter to Carlisle

City Minutes 1924-25 p348 Proposed visit to Carlisle on 02.05.1925

ENS 11.06.1982 p4 Locations for books

see also Simonacco
ENS 08.05.1957 History

AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION Castle St office opened 1967
CJ 21.03.1947 p2 New Carlisle office opened


AUTOVOLKS Willow Holme
CN 18.11.2005 p16 New management team of Barrie and Carol Barnes


AVENUE,The Public House see COSMO

CN 06.04.1990 p9 Taking hi-tech look at farming and rust

City Minutes 1901-02 p 249 Renamed St Aidans Road

CN 21.07.2006 p20 Plans to close Lowther Street branch in September

AYRIS, H.E. Architect. Came to Carlisle to work for G.Dale Oliver. On Mr Oliver’s retirement in 1919 he took over the practice. The 1938 Kelly’s Directory lists him as FRIBA at 68 Lowther Street